Real Housewives of Atlanta Trailer is Out!


The RHOA trailer is up. HUGE shout out to Straight From The A for this trailer that does not auto start. She’s the best. Check out her site!  She’s a great mentor and friend of the site.

I’m going to let you guys tell me your thoughts this time. What is the most shocking part? I’m going with Kenya and Phaedra going all Thema and Louise.

I am surprised they are going to show all of Matt’s unhinged behavior this season. I hope Kenya has changed all the locks.



I forgot to mention Sheree is acting like Chateau Sheree is finished. It is not. Not even close. See most current photo above, and check out links below.

Chateau Sheree 



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43 responses to “Real Housewives of Atlanta Trailer is Out!

  1. KK

    Two thoughts: Can’t wait for TT recaps and Yet another vag rejuvenation by Bravo!

  2. GayFriendInYaHead

    The trailer has drama there’s no doubt about it but we really were expecting something fresh. The fact that Bravo, Andy and Carlos doesn’t give the viewer’s a chance to make judgement on the wives they choose to pick and not pick is crazy. I think it’s wrong how Lena has spent seasons trying to get on this show and filmed for months and was cut out like it was nothing. She at least deserved a FOH role but couldn’t even get that, I love Sheree, Kenya, Kandi, Cynthia and Phaedra on the show but Lena didn’t deserve that I’m sorry. I’m looking forward to Beverly Hills because there gonna bring it like OC and RHONY is but RHOA? smh, and for the people saying Lena and Maryam were too boring, they couldn’t have been no worst than Kim Fields.

    • It could have been worse – they could have just shown a single scene to make her look like Robyn on RHONJ the other night or Tammi last season on RHOA. Those women were screwed.

      • Minky

        @GFIYH A really good friend of mine was a true social butterfly and threw great parties back in the day. I was almost always in attendance, and every single time she would invite somebody that she knew everybody at the party absolutely hated.

        One time I pulled her off to the side and asked “Why the hell did you invite HER?!!! She’s the most annoying person alive!” My friend, with a sly grin said “No, this is perfect! Now everybody at the party has something to talk about!”

        I think Bravo/Andy/Carlos are doing something very similar. They’re giving everybody something to talk about. And it’s kind of working. I just wish there was no threat of violence.

  3. Khirssy

    Question is the really Sheree house on the inside? Is she living in there yet.

    It must be in their contracts for them to be friends because Kenya and Phadrea after everything from season 6- till now. Kenya is a better woman then me.

    I think Kenya and Matt will have a happy ending they were together in Miami a few weeks ago so clearly they still together he just needs counseling and anger management. I don’t think he’s a bad guy. Jmo

    I’m not here for Porsha but I do want to see her and Kandi go at it.

    So Lena doesn’t have a peach. GOOD

    Cythina seems boring like always

    Phadrea doesn’t have a storyline so zzzzzzzzz

    Nene Who ?????

    • Khirssy

      Oh and the trailer is always more exciting than the season seems to be. We might get 7 good episodes. I’m just watching for Kenya can’t wait to see Moore Manor

    • tamaratattles

      Kenya and Matt are not together.

      That is the foyer of Sheree’s house, it is not finished. She is not living there. It has at least another 6-8 months before she can even think about getting a certificate of occupancy.

      There is no way to tell if Lena is FOH or not. Last I heard they are still filming her wedding.

    • Matzah60

      IMO, if the man you are dating is a cheater, verbally abusive and has anger management issues, it’s not going to get better if you get married. Indeed, it will just get worse. If you’re with a man like that, run away from him as fast as you can. Change your locks and your phone number and don’t ever look back.

  4. Tmc

    I was going to say Chateau Sheree actually being finished…. looks like that bubble’s been burst.

  5. Omg. Omg. Omg. Where donI start? It looks amazing! Now I’ve never been team Kenya, so I mind my p’s and q’s and respect my audience around here, but I got a little teary eyed that her dream man has turned into a nightmare. I think she did open herself up to him. Hopefully though they have some embryos because what does crazy matter when the kid would be so damn good looking!

    I cannot believe they are ‘going there’ with all the tea and blinds we’ve been hearing. I didn’t hear anyone bring up Porshas pussy for purses project – but we are going to drag Kandi through the mud for being a freak? I think it’s cool Kandi and Todd have a hot sex life and I would rather see their kids and mama Joyce.

    I’m going to be saying ‘he was going to blow you the fuck up’ for months 😝

    • Meredo

      So it looks like they are going to go there with Kandi and her being a sex freak. I don’t like them doing that. Even though I have always got the impression she was a super freak when it comes to sex, I like how she handles herself in other ways. I like her having the upper hand over Porsha, Phaedra and Nene ( at least in my eyes she does because she’s more successful than all three of them put together) and is not afraid to to speak her mind to any of them. At the end of the day, (lol) what Kandi does in the bedroom is her business and overall she’s pretty likeable every season. I just don’t think calling her out on her sexual activities meshes well with her being a new mom… I’d rather focus on that, js.

  6. Miguel

    Thanks, TT & let the rumpus begin!!! I’ll definitely be in for the hilarity that’s sure to ensue! :) :) :)

  7. I got got to say Tamara – your RHOA tea has all been spot on – even when you had to speculate a little! This is THE place for RHOA tea ☕️

  8. Rach

    The reason I love this website is because TT already told us every single storyline featured in this trailer months ago. Thank you so much for always serving the best tea. This season looks good and I can’t even deal with Sheree teasing Kenya about her home being unfinished. And Chateau Thelma has made my week. Can’t wait

  9. JRPR1088

    Cynthia is visiting Claudia Jordan..that’s her bf that answers the door. Wish Marlo would’ve gotten onto the Bravo website and been included in a promotional shoot with Lena as well…but overall the trailer looks good! Wonder if they’ll scrap material mid season and film a bunch of Nene stuff last minute again? Hopefully NOT!

  10. Was that Phaedra and Kenya pretending to be friends…I need a defibrillator…

    • Minky

      Welp, it looks like Phaedra’s so desperate to stay on the show that she’s stooped to being civil, even friendly, towards her arch nemesis.

      This season should be quite something.

  11. Char

    Is it just me, or does it look like Porsha has a pee-pee??!!??

    • Meredo

      @Char, no it’s not just you, I noticed the same thing. What the heck is going on down there? Lol!

      • tamaratattles

        Well you know, some people have pointed out that Arsenio Hall and Porsha Williams have never been in the same room together…

      • RealE

        TT – now THAT is a theory!

      • Minky

        I remember watching the wonderful Ru Paul on a talk show once, years ago. The topic of discussion was 101 ways to hide your “business”.

        Porhsa needs Ru to counsel her. He could help with hair, makeup, wardrobe, etc. I wish RU was on RHOA. It would add a much needed touch of class.

    • RealE

      I scanned the comments to see if anyone else said anything… I mean whats going in down there is more than some men have going on. Maybe this is Andy’s reason for his fascination with porsha?

  12. T D

    Ancient ruins are found in Athens modern at Chateau Shambles.

  13. Sandra

    I didn’t think Sheree was telling the truth. I wonder though, if there is any truth to Sheree’s mom being on that house. Lmao @ Kenya calling it Chateau Thelma. It’s Probably where Porsha got her grand idea.

  14. Melissa

    I’m stuck on Kandi and sex dungeon.

    Say what now? There is freaky and then there is freeeeakkkky.

    If Porsha made that up, she’s got an incredible imagination.

    • tamaratattles

      She didn’t make it up…

    • BKSweetheart

      I don’t think so. The rumors about Kandi and Todd being into threesomes has been out for a while – with Shamea being the third party (allegedly). It will be interesting to see how far down the rabbit hole they’re gonna go with that one.

      I love Kenya but I’m so tired of seeing her fight with people. She’s been through the ringer enough, I wish she would just take the high road.

      • LisaPat

        I just don’t think she has much of a marriage . I’m sorry, live and let live, but if you are going to watch as your husband has sex with other women , that is basically cheating with your consent. No woner we haven’t heard about Todd cheating yet – he gets it all in with his wife in the room. I keep hearing C-list celebs talking about about “horny housewives” and “bi housewives” and now every time I hear this, in my mind I think it’s Kandi !

  15. LisaPat

    This season looks explosive. I was shocked about Matt breaking windows and was wondering if that was in the script or if it was real. I was also shocked that Kandi’s sexcapades are part of the storyline. I knew she was off the rails in the bedroom from reading here but I thought she’d try to keep it on the low. I was shocked to see Phaedra called Porsha stupid because I thought they were close. I was surprised to see Sheree and Kenya fighting again, unless Sheree was told to BRING IT this year now that she’s full time. I was shocked to see Kenya and Phaedra in a convertible talking and laughing like old friends! It was all shocking!! I can’t wait. Best part is no Nene.

  16. The Shadiest Grove

    Wow this season is a mess and I’m hear for it however I don’t like the Matt thing. I’m not here for abusive men and for some reason Kenya is the one on the receiving end of these lunatics. The part where Matt is following Kenya up the stairs gave me chills. Praying for Ms. Moore, The Queen of Twirl seems happy these days. I’m hoping she finds her prince charming and happy ending. I hope the Twirl baby or babies is on the cards soon cause time is really ticking. One of my favourite parts is Kenya twirling on Sheree, she’s so thirsty. Clearly, Kenya has bigger fish to fry. I don’t think Kandi and Porsha will ever be cool, that was lowdown and dirty. Linnethia is somewhere throwing darts at the cast

    • Minky

      If Linnethia is gonna throw darts at any picture, it should be at one of herself, because she has no one but herself to blame for her current plight.

      I suggest she start with a photo of herself in the ramen noodle wig, with the word “bloop” as a caption.

      I’m looking forward to Kandi giving Porsha her just deserts. It’s about damn time.

  17. bria

    Wow, this is soo goodt…..I can’t wait to indulge. What’s going on with Phaedra & Kenya? 😨😢😩
    Nene, please do not show up mid season .

  18. So Kandi’s being asked if she’s a lesbian?

  19. Lisa j

    I swore off Wendy Williams and thought I deleted her off my DVR, just walked into the room and hear this trailer so I sit and OMFG, the hateful things she said about Kenya made me want to write a letter to her sponsers! So cruel and unnecessary, she’s deleted for good this time. No idea what has gotten into her crawl but the rude attitude isn’t cute or shade, it’s just hate.

    • tamaratattles

      Wendy was absolutely disgusting today. She as saying the most vile things and didn’t even get things matched to the right housewife. If she keeps this up, this will be her last season/

      • TD

        I hope Wendy’s show gets cancelled. She was nasty to LuAnn the other day, now Kenya. She’s so ignorant of her “facts” and it’s absolutely painful everytime she tried to read something off a card.

      • Minky

        Youse know how much I love going all conspiracy theory on this stuff. So please don’t label me as a loon, because I’m just speculating.

        What are the chances that Wendy is doing all of this deliberately? Why in the Wide, Wide World of Sports would she behave so oddly? She must know that she looks horrid. Right? Unless her delusion and egotism have reached Frenkel levels.

        Is she doing this to make the HWs look bad? Is this her way of getting back at Andy? Is there some kind of reverse psychology going on here? I’m so confused.

  20. I don’t like Kandi. I find her so insincere and no one from her squad can every do any kind of wrong. She comes across as a little self righteous. However, I am looking forward to the ‘Riley and her dad’ storyline.

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