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It’s been a dreadful week. Everything that could go wrong has gone wrong. I probably shouldn’t say that because I suppose it could be worse.  As I was typing the last post I heard a male voice outside making a loud groan. Looked outside and saw nothing. Both Banjo and I are super jittery today.  And just like Below Deck,  my Married At First Sight recording seems to have stopped and restarted. So let’s see what I’m working with today. I really wish I had a really good bloody Mary.

Lilly and Tom

Things are still sunshine and lollipops for these two. Pastor Calvin goes to meet with the couple together.  Tom talks about Lilly’s focus on the future and how he is not really wanting to prepare for the future. Basically, Tom seems like he doesn’t want to plan for the future until he is sure there will be one.  Basically, both of them are nervous that the other will leave them. Tom says that Lilly putting him in the same category as her father (who left her) is not fair.

He asks them to take each other to a location that is special for them.  They do not get a wedding album.

Apparently, Tom has been hiding a secret talent. He can cook. He makes chicken Marsala for Lilly. Tom talks about never really knowing his father. I like how these two can open up to each other in a natural, easy way.

Tom squeezes the toothpaste from the middle just to freak Lilly out. And it works. Tom takes Lilly to the beach near his bus.  He thinks of it as his back yard. It’s his happy place. He talks to Lilly about his ex. It seems like she dumped him because he didn’t want to plan for the future and planning for kids.  Ut. Oh. This beach is gorgeous and deserted. Tom says he is ready to commit now. But is he?


Sonia and Nick

Last week ended with Sonia justifiably moving out of the marital home with Nick, and taking off her wedding ring after she hears him drunkenly telling the producers that he is just not attracted to her. And the commenters went wild raging on Nick.

Nick says that sometimes he gets overwhelmed and says things that should not have been said. He really believes that there should be no work involved in relationships. The pastor shows up.  Nick tells the pastor a very odd version of events. He said he told Sonia he was attracted to her, but the attraction level was not where he thought it should be at this point in the relationship.  He doesn’t mention screaming at the top of his lungs that he is NOT attracted to her and probably will never be attracted to her. Nick only admits to kissing Sonia.

Pastor tells Nick that it is his job to support Sonia emotionally. He is riding Nick hard and says “Marriage ain’t for punks!” I don’t think he knows yet that Nick believes that relationship should not require work.

Pastor goes to get Sonia’s side of the situation. Sonia says that she is hurt that Nick could treat her so badly since they have been having sex. Not just once, but regularly.  I’m going to need details. Were they drinking? What happened right afterward? Was there foreplay? Did they cuddle afterwards? We actually really need to know these things. Were there any malfunctions on his part? We do not get this information.  Sonia is really pretty. Sonia feels tricked.

Pastor meets with the two of them together. They do not greet each other. Sonia looks like she is near tears. Nick continues to lie about their sexual activity. Apparently, they agreed not so say they had sex because they wanted to keep it quiet. Nick apologizes. Sort of.  Pastor isn’t really doing much to mediate things.  Sonia accepts his apology but also expects him to correct his behavior. Pastor asks them both to take each other to some place that has meaning to them and explain why it is an important place for them.  He gives them their wedding album. Pastor still has faith in these two. I’m not sure there is enough time left.




Sonia and Nick laugh together going through the wedding album. Nick cracks lots of jokes. In his confessional says that he knows his family thinks very highly of Sonia. He’s willing to give it another shot. Sonia takes Nick to her favorite neighborhood restaurant in Little Cuba. I am surprised that Nick likes to try new foods. This makes me question my diagnosis of mild asperger’s. At lunch Sonia says she misses the dogs. She says she might want one. Nick says if she had her own dog she wouldn’t mind it sleeping in her bed. She says she would. I agree. Banjo isn’t allowed on furniture or on the bed. He couldn’t get on my bed if he tried without a step, and I rarely sleep in it.

Nick takes Sonia to his high school baseball field. Sonia asks if his parents would come see him play. He says he used to think his mom was bad luck. So when she came she would hide somewhere and watch.  His dad was the coach. They seem to be getting along. Sonia is not ready to move back in. Nick thought the homework was very beneficial. Nick wants Sonia to move back in. But he is willing to give her the time she needs.


Heather and Derek

I could care less what Heather thinks. Or about the stupid letters of positivity they had to send each other.

Derek and his friends go out to shoot pool and catch up. He tells them that he has to go meet with Heather one more time.

When these two meet with the counselor, Heather still bitches about Derek, while Derek talks about missed opportunities.

Next week: More issues with Nick and Sonia and Tom is frustrated by the amount of time Sonia has to spend working.


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28 responses to “Married At First Sight: Naked Truth

  1. What a sham this whole season has been. Terrible match-making and now they’re encouraging people to stay together, or at least drag things out, for the sake of the show. For a couple like Lilly and Tom, who seemed to hit it off right from the start, there is still a huge disconnect between them. Plus, who matches a successful realtor with a guy who lives in a bus? I think there’s more to them than meets the eye. Nick and Sonia are nothing short of deceitful – all along, the big deal has been that he wouldn’t have sex with her, and all the editing pointed to that, when in reality they were having sex regularly. He said he denied it because he was being a gentleman? When is it wrong to have sex with your wife? When he yelled out that he wasn’t attracted to her, and that was the truth, he acted in the unkindest way possible. It was even worse if they had really had sex, because to say he’s not attracted just means that the chemistry wasn’t there, but to say that after you’ve made love is nothing short of cruel. He’s saying that he had her and he didn’t like it. What a complete and total asshole. Derek and Heather were a mismatch from the beginning – his smoking and gambling weren’t her cup of tea, and she was immediately disenchanted. She seems like a cold person, but maybe she just won’t go along with bullshit. He seems like a nice enough guy but he’s wasting his time with her. The so-called experts are useless and, if the show is renewed, they should bring in new ones.

    • Teresa

      I totally agree with everything you said.

    • Dracht

      What’s confusing me the most about the new season is the expert’s failure to pick up obvious personality disorders and serious issues in the people they’ve chosen. Heather is a complete and total narcissist. Derek really lucked out, even though that poor guy doesn’t know it. Heather said she didn’t mind someone who occasionally smoked. Then she acted like a 16-year-old girl and wouldn’t say what was really bothering her. Then when she finally said she didn’t like the smoking guess what Derek did? He completely quit smoking. She’s that woman that gives all women a bad name. You couldn’t pay me to be friends with her. Nick is equally disgusting. Saying your mom can’t come to your games because she’s back luck is completely telling. How horrible. His mom and stepdad seem like the nicest people but they aren’t the ones being matched… that boring, possibly homosexual, cold individual was. He’s a terrible match for that sweet woman. I get that it’s a show and they want it to be sensationalized. The past two seasons I just felt like they picked one couple that sucked and the other ones were good. Not this season. Now it’s just obvious they just can’t figure it out. I could be wrong but I don’t think the Nick and Sonia sex thing was all editing, but I also don’t think that it was his desire to keep it private for Sonia. I just think he didn’t want to admit he had sex with her because, again, he has major issues.

  2. Cat

    What a depressing show. I don’t know how you can stand watching it. It’s hard just reading about it.

  3. Dawn Brasher

    DON’T MESS WITH MY SONIA, NICK! I love me my Sonia. I know she really wants this process to work, but the question mark is Nick. She’s a hopeless romantic, is he just “hopeless”. I tune out with Tom & Lily. Boring…seems like they have to look for ANY drama. Lastly, I hope the available women in FL are tweeting Derek for some rebound loving!

  4. jilly7 Jill Hodgson

    Colluding to create a false storyline about not having sex ….. really? Why go on a “reality show” ?Seems the counselors didn’t know, I wonder about the producers.
    I thought it was interesting in the pre show warm up they gave us that info on a good result for the couple that couldn’t film but met up anyway, because we can all see there’s a desperate need for validation here. Perhaps instead of their scientific matchup, whatever, they should just give the audience a vote on it. We couldn’t do any worse.

  5. Teresa

    Nick and Sonia’s interaction seems so uncomfortable. It makes me uncomfortable. It feels like Sonia is not really being herself most of the time, which even though I am not defending Nick, may be part of what is making him unhappy. If they both can’t just let their guards down and be themselves this marriage will not work. I can’t even imagine what sex was like as closed off as they both are.

  6. PiaPill

    I don’t watch the show and only read TT’s recaps which are very good. But from reading the recaps, it seems as if Nick is not that comfortable being around or engaging with women (not just Sonia). Is this accurate or am I reading more into the recaps? 😕

    • Well, he likes his mom. Nick is a bore. Sonia laughing at his lame jokes seems false, like more of a nervous outlet than humor. I hope they split.

    • tamaratattles

      Nick is very socially awkward. He has a lot of difficulty communicating effectively. He is now on a show where he is expected to be very open, very quickly and he is struggling.Because he has a difficulty time communicating his emotions, and is now in an environment where his wife, three therapists and a multitude of producers are constantly prodding him to OPEN UP! It’s very frustrating to him because it not something he has experience with and doesn’t understand.

      “My conversational difficulties highlight a problem Aspergians face every day. A person with an obvious disability—for example, someone in a wheelchair—is treated compassionately because his handicap is obvious. No one turns to a guy in a wheelchair and says, “Quick! Let’s run across the street!” And when he can’t run across the street, no one says, “What’s his problem?” They offer to help him across the street. With me, though, there is no external sign that I am conversationally handicapped. So folks hear some conversational misstep and say, “What an arrogant jerk!” I look forward to the day when my handicap will afford me the same respect accorded to a guy in a wheelchair. And if the respect comes with a preferred parking space, I won’t turn it down.”
      ― John Elder Robison, Look Me in the Eye: My Life with Asperger’s

      • Observer2

        Excellent point Tamara.

      • Observer2

        Excellent point Tamara!

      • amisteree

        Wow–that is an amazingly well “spoken” glimpse into an Asperger’s experience. I want to find that book (?) and learn more.
        Isn’t that applicable to many invisible disabilities, i.e. depression, anxiety, agoraphobia, etc. ? Thanks Tamara!

      • tamaratattles

        You can get the book on Amazon, the author is Augusten Burrough’s brother (AB is one of my favorite authors, YMMV) The book is fantastic even if you have no interest in Aspergers. It’s non fiction but reads like a novel at times. He used to torture poor Augusten a lot. It’s sad and funny all at once. I highly recommend it and used to gift it to first year teachers.

      • tamaratattles

        For Nick, when he is prodded to say what he thinks, he states facts as he processes them. He is not in love with Sonia. He is not as attracted to Sonia as he should be. His initial attraction is lessening not growing. He means no harm he is answering the questions about the relationship.

        I had a similar problem in the workplace. For example we would be asked about our thoughts on the new textbooks. I would say, things like, “It doesn’t really matter what we think, the district is going to pick whoever wines and dines them the best, and overall we really don’t rely on the textbooks as we are told to teach very specific standards on a very specific timeline which none of the books are aligned with. So really, none of this matters and I could be better spending my time planning lessons. Since you asked, those are my thoughts.”

        EVERYONE thought the same thing. However, I was told by all the people that agree with me that “You can’t say that.”

        I don’t find my answers “brave” “unprofessional” “confrontational” “rude” or “risky.” If you ask me what I think, and sometimes even if you don’t, I’m going to tell you.

        /shrugs I got written up a lot.

  7. Observer2

    This was a weird week for Nick and Sonia. It made no sense why they would be getting along so lovingly after she moved out because of the awful things he said to her. The only thing I can imagine is that he’s relieved that they don’t have to lie about their sex life anymore. Just weird – perhaps they edited too much out?

    Same thing with Tom and Lilian, they’ve been getting along great and then this week Tom is suddenly having problems with talking about their future together?

    Hopefully this will be the last week that we have to watch Heather. Okay Derek, you’ve told your Mom and friends it didn’t work out. Now it’s time to take the ring off.

  8. Yeah, Nick is definitely one hopeless romantic waiting for his white Princess to sweep them both off into a galaxy far, far away.

    (he also reminds of a sloth)

    (and that picture of him in his wedding clothes…pa – thet – ic)!

  9. Nila

    Nick is a dick. I think we all wanted him to be this strong silent nervous thoughtful guy who may be a little on the spectrum but instead he’s just a dick. If I had had sex with someone, more then once and they chose to scream that they didn’t find me attractive, I’d leave too! My question is were the dogs present? Was Nick’s hands stroking and petting the dog the entire time? Why lie about it? They were given advice on how to be more intimate when they were already intimate, makes no sense at all. I can’t stand Sonia’s voice, it grates on my nerves but she does not deserve to be treated this way. Nick saying he doesn’t feel like they should be getting emotional or talkin about deep things, they should just be having fun, um you’re married dumbass, in a few weeks you need to decide if you’re staying married, now is the time to go deep. How bad were the other 30000 people that he got picked for this?

  10. RENOB

    This episode was definitely uneventful in my opinion. It did confirm that Nick may not be homosexual after all but I am still skeptical… something is definitely off with him. He seems to only be able to communicate or flirt with Sonia if he is DRUNK and we all know what else he is capable of drunk – evil outbursts. I don’t think they are a match and I definitely think they need to divorce. I am glad that Sonia stuck up for herself. She needs to go with her gut on this one, not her mind… her hopeless romantic mind. Any time I have not went with my gut, it has been a mistake. Probably goes the same way for many women. Your intuition/gut is always right. Any man who thinks a relationship should not be work is not a man. He is a child, a selfish spoiled brat with no regard for her feelings. I don’t see that changing and for that, I don’t see Sonia ever feeling fulfilled in that relationship. I think the Preacher should have been way harder on Nick.

    Tom/Lily – snooze fest. Tom does not want kids any time soon. Maybe THAT is why they chose such a young wife. Again, I stress, what is the point of being married if you are not going to procreate? Just date and run when you are ready.

    Derek/Heather – WHY? Him wearing the ring was gross and depressing. Time to move on Derek. Heather, go back to being queen of Ice Island by yourself.

  11. Celestine

    Keep your chin up TT. Whenever I get down in the dumps, I remind myself that it could be worse…I could be a Syrian refugee. Nobody wants to trade places with a Syrian refugee. So anyway, (((HUGS))) from VA!

  12. Deirdre

    The experts picked the right candidates – just wrong pairings. Heather/Tom (not money driven), Sonia/Derek (lovers), Lilly/Nick (entrepreneurs)

    • Teresa

      That is so funny because that thought crossed my mind too. And I agree with your pairings except I would just switch Derek with Sonia and Nick with Heather. I think Lilly and Tom are a good match except that they are both too young for marriage, especially Lilly.

    • tamaratattles

      I think Sonia and Derek would have worked perfectly.

  13. Stacy

    Obviously all these couples have had major problems with finding someone they can be with or they would never have opted to go to this extent. The problems is no matter how much the experts do to match individuals up they have to be willing to grow, change, conpromise, accept their partners as they are and work hard to make a marriage work. Divorce is an easy out and as a society we know longer look at it as a lifetime commitment. One has to make a decision to love even if they are not in love. I,e. Be kid, compasionate, selfless, etc..

  14. I still don’t like Nick, Aspergers’ or not. Dennis Rodman is diagnosed with it, too.

  15. Rose

    I still have hope for Sonia and Nick but Nick needs to do some serious making up to her and she needs to continue speaking up for herself. Tom and Lilian have annoyed me since last episode and this episode was no different. Heather and Derek…. why? Just let sleeping dogs lie.

  16. Sonia

    Such a disappointing season. I wish they would put Derek and Sonia together. The other two are just a waste of TV time. Nick is a self centered ass, and no offense if he was as great as he thinks he is, he wouldn’t be on this show.

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