EXCLUSIVE RHOA Filming Tea: It’s Time For The Big Cast Trip TO MAUI!

Trying on bikinis for my trip and I LOVE THIS CROCHET itty bitty teeny weeny one. THANK YOU @modaglamboutique 💛🌴 #CornBreadFed

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The housewives are heading out on their big cast trip tomorrow. I know where they are going… Should I tell you? Here is Porsha with the first clue… Here is Porsha getting some free swimwear. It looks fantastic on Twitter but…

Onward Christian Soldiers...

Onward Christian Soldiers…

Will it look like this on the show with no Instagram filters?

Guess where the ladies are going. I’ll answer 20 YES OR NO questions tonight…. and maybe I will spill…




Congrats to Khrissy who guessed correctly in the first comment! The ladies are headed to Maui tomorrow (er…today!) Are you excited? Or are you bummed they are not going internationally? The scoop is … someone didn’t have a passport. I’ll let you guess who…



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77 responses to “EXCLUSIVE RHOA Filming Tea: It’s Time For The Big Cast Trip TO MAUI!

  1. Not Andy Cohen


  2. Not Andy Cohen


  3. Dalton Tannehill

    Please tell me it’s outside the United States.

  4. WestCoastFeed

    Is it bigger than a breadbox?

  5. Kiyoshigirl

    What is the name of the closest ocean? That should narrow it down.

  6. tamaratattles

    Kids today. They don’t know how to play 20 questions… so sad.

  7. Kristen

    Cuba? Wouldn’t that be something…

  8. Ericzku

    Will the Housewives need their passports?

  9. Ericzku

    Is their destination an island?

  10. WestCoastFeed

    Do the natives speak English?

  11. WestCoastFeed

    Is the destination a US Territory?

  12. Rac

    Is it in South America?
    Do the natives speak portuguese?

  13. Paparazzi25


  14. Happy gal

    Are the majority of the residents bi lingual

  15. Sandra

    On second thought your Yes(ish) answer for “Do they speak English” makes me think maybe Virgin Islands.

  16. Karen

    My first thought was that Porsha didn’t have a passport, but perhaps it’s Sheree? One can be obtained in about a week in DC, so is that really the reason for a US destination trip or something else?

    • Minky

      Maybe Porsha’s finally being investigated by the feds and isn’t allowed to leave the country? Wishful thinking? Haha!

      Porsha’s look in the running-on-the-beach photo reminds me of “Mambo Man” with John Leguizamo. “Guacamole hips and Arroz con pollo thighs.” 😂

      • Minky

        Shit! I meant, maybe Phaedra is being investigated by the feds. Those two have basically become the same person in my mind now. Argh!

  17. Psylocke

    Omg I legitimately thought there was a wiener dog in the bottom corner of that bikini picture until I realized it was the distorted reflection of her thighs.

  18. JustJenn

    Porsha’s body actually doesn’t look photoshopped here. However her free bikini is bleeding all over her skin. And that mirror behind her leg is looking a little carnival.

    Do you need a passport to go to Hawaii? I’ve never been, but it’s still in the USA?

  19. Sliceo'pie

    We’ve summered there for years – so curious where they’re going!! We just rent a condo (much cheaper, bigger and has a kitchen) – I’m sure they’ll be in a large hotel – probably in Kaanapali or Wailea. Can’t wait till it airs!
    It’s the most beautiful of the Islands – I’m fairly certain the picture above is taken in South Maui and the mountain in the picture is in West Maui.

    • LisaPat

      I think Kawaii is the most beautiful !!

      • Sliceo'pie

        It’s definitely very beautiful too! We stay in a place where there aren’t a lot of people – that’s partly (mostly) why I love it.
        Dunno if I’ll make it next summer – it’s a crazy time but I’m scheming and planning so I can take my son back. It’s our one constant.

    • Jane Grey

      I am in Wailea right now, so I sure hope they are in Kanapali!

      • Minky

        Aaah! You lucky duck! That sounds like a lovely vacay.

        Do let us know if you see any RHOA fuckery. Maybe they’ll have a fracas at a luau, or Bob and Peter will put on grass skirts and coconut bras and do the hula?

      • Jane Grey

        If they are in Wailea and I knew what resort they are at I would totally go do some reconnaissance. I have been searching their instagrams for clues and all I have found is that Kandi and Todd got kicked of The Hawaiin Airlines flight because Kandi started a fracas which she denies.😭🐬

  20. Maya

    They all have passports since they all went to Jamaica, but Kandi. However, Kandi went to South Africa. Perhaps sombody’s passport expired…

  21. GayFriendInYaHead

    My baby boo Lena better be on this cast trip and I was gonna say Marlo but she’s been in and out the country all year so I have no clue about who’s passport.

  22. Miele

    Shereé must be the one sans passport.

  23. Iprefermyteaunsweetend

    I’m guessing it’s Phaedra who can’t get a passport. Hmmmm?
    What I’m really wondering is why NeNe didn’t get a peach.
    And why Porsha did. And it looks like Bobs cameo in Jamaica won him some camera time too. This season looks like it’s going to be AHMAU. (A hot mess as usual)

  24. Iprefermyteaunsweetend

    Let me correct that, I’m guessing it’s Phaedra that may have been told not to leave the country…

  25. Mark

    I can see Porsha not understanding that passports need to be renewed.


    *kicks someone from production, lies on floor like toddler kicking and screaming*

  26. Jaded

    I love Maui! Yay! I spent 3 months on Oahu and only two weeks on Maui but Maui is my favorite!

  27. Cat

    Never been to Maui, but Hawaii is fabulous.

    The black sand beaches are amazing. And they have the best coffee, too. (Kona)

  28. Rach

    They all went to Jamaica last season so maybe a passport expired? I’m guessing Porsha. Kenya and Cynthia both travel outside of USA regularly. If Marlo is included she was here in London not too long ago. Kandi was in Mexico a few months ago. Or maybe the new girl? Ooh I’m stuck

  29. Sandra

    Isn’t t there a popular island right there in Georgia? I’m pretty sure there is. We all know how cheap Bravo is getting with the cast trips Lol.

  30. Moe

    Porsha was in Dominican Republic but I think ms Whitfield didn’t have hers lol

  31. lavidaLinda

    Just curious, why does any U.S. Citizen require a passport for Hawaii, last time I checked it was a State…you can fly within all US States and Territories with a photo ID. So. Unless one of them is not a US Citizen it doesn’t matter.

    • More Tea Please!

      You might not have understand…they are travelling to Hawaii in the USA because one of the castmembers did not have a valid passport, negating the possibility of international travel. Last I hear you could still walk or rush a passport renewal through in regional passport offices.

  32. Sandra

    Only thing left is Maui.

  33. T D

    CornBreadFed = HoeCake. She is what she eats.

  34. Hi kitty

    F*ck, I’m in Kauai for my honeymoon and headed to Maui tomorrow. Where are they staying, any idea? I hope I don’t run into them (it’s a big island so unlikely) but if I do I will make sure to send you any scoop! My husband hates the housewives shows, lol, it’ll be funny to tell him mwahaha

  35. PeachyKeen

    My guess is a resort on the east side of Island.. No doubt they will do a Haleakula bike trip.. They will be far from Kalpalua and Kanepali Beach…

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