Don’t Believe Sheree, Chateau Sheree is FAR From Complete!



I don’t understand why anyone would believe Sheree Whitfield. She can proclaim that Chateau Sheree is finished all she wants but that is not the case at all.  Here is the last Chateau Sheree update from September 8th. It was part of a post with other filming information that I posted here the first time on September 8, 2016. Around September 6, workers arrived to put up railing on all the wobbly looking balconies on the what Kenya is calling Chateau Thelma. Actually it hasn’t been Chateau Thelma for years. It’s Chateau Blu Management last I looked. With all those liens and debt collectors, Sheree can’t keep things in her name.  And apparently she can’t spell “Blue” either.

Here’s the Chateau Sheree part of the post that some of you missed.

Sheree Whitfield on the other hand will be given a peach. This is the source of a LOT of anger on behalf of Nene. Because had Nene returned, Sheree would have remained an FOH. This explains why Nene, who had mended fences with Sheree at the end of last season, is back to shading her on Twitter.  Sheree has no real storyline, but she was seen filming at the Chateau Sheree construction site the week before the holiday weekend with her mother. My exclusive source there says there is at least 8 more months of interior work there. Her floors are not all in nor was all the sheet rock. Her kitchen appliances have been sitting in the garage for quite a long time according to my exclusive sources. She finally had railings installed in the back of the house where all of those patio type places are. (see new photo, right) There is no way there will be a Christmas gala at Chateau Sheree in 2016.

In the comments we discusses how it’s clear that the columns have shifted and no longer line up leaving major questions about the structural safety of the building and making a Certificate of Occupancy seem quite uncertain. In addition to the notable external issues,  Sheree is suing someone once again because of extensive water damage that occurred in the interior. 

chateau-sheree-railingsThere have been long periods of no construction at the construction site and apparentlyin January of 2014 a pipe burst or something and it took neighbors finally calling someone. because water was cascading of the balconies seen at right, for Sheree to find out about it. That sounds like something that would cause a major mold problem to me.  Also the warranties are expired on the HVAC, framing and plumbing meaning those contractors can no longer validate the structure making a certificate of occupancy highly improbable at this point, allegedly, in my opinion.

Not to mention that Kenya was all over social media laughing about Chateau Sheree after the women apparently gathered there before going on their recent camping trip. I can’t imagine Sheree letting them go inside past the foyer. Which is a shame because the great room really is pretty great. It’s the only decent room in the whole institution. The other rooms are almost all round rooms in turrets. Round rooms are a decorating nightmare when there is one, but when the majority are like that?  I really think this place will end up being a teardown. So decorating all those round rooms will never become an issue.

The photo at right is a picture taken again on September 6, 2016 or thereabouts when the railing were being put up.  That grass is also sort of an optical illusion. There is very patchy grass in the back yard and this grass may actually be the neighbor behind her houses grass as her house if built very close to the property line pretty much all the way around. There is some back yard that she wanted for swing sets for her two kinds.  It’s unclear if the rolling rink and the lieberry are still part of the blueprints inside, because those kids are around 35 or something now.


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46 responses to “Don’t Believe Sheree, Chateau Sheree is FAR From Complete!

  1. NancyAtl

    I pass by her house all the time, nothing has changed in months. I saw Sheree and a couple friends walking Chastain park the other night so she must rent something in the area.

    • tamaratattles

      last I heard, and admittedly that was a while ago, she had an apartment in Cobb County…and parks her car in a storage unit, allegedly to keep it from being repoed, at the time. So I’ve heard, as a rumor, how would I know…allegedly. :)

  2. PiaPill


    Maybe Sheree has redefined the word “complete”; I too, think she might have a problem getting a certificate of occupancy just due to the shifting pillars alone (but there will probably be a whole host of issues in getting the home eventually cleared since it has been sitting so long!!! (My opinion only) 😆

  3. ZenJen55

    My first thought was Dwight saying “Oh Lawd, Honeychild”! As he shakes his head in disbelief.

  4. cheychey

    I can’t for the life of me figure out why all these people with small families want these huge houses. Her kids will probably be done with college by time she’s done, so it will just be her in the humongous dungeon monstrosity.

    • Dexter

      I always wanted a big house. I bought a beautiful 1890 mansion. I live alone and have 8 bedrooms. While it has been nice, and I’ve had some great parties, I can’t wait till I live in an apartment again.

  5. Joanplus2dogs

    Darn!! Can you imagine having to live next door to that? Waiting for it every day to slide down that hill into possibly your home. At least with Halloween next month it is the perfect scary house.

    • Stephen

      Joanplus2dogs. The house next door is new construction. But I wonder how long it will take to sell. The home across the street sold after 555 days on the market. The guy that bought is owns an appraisal company here in Atlanta. I’m almost tempted to ask him his thoughts on the place and what he would appraise it for just by looking at it.

  6. jen

    That house is awful. What a waste of money and time. She is definitely not all there in the head…

  7. Kiyoshigirl

    After we had built our house and happily moved in, the neighbor directly next door to us began to build his home. He took almost 4 years to complete his build and I thought THAT was too friggin long. I totally empathize with Sheree’s neighbors. Our neighbor said it was taking so long because he had to let shoddy workers go. Our patience began to wear thin so we started talking to the rare contractor we’d see coming and going. Most of them were stopping by to give quotes. One after the other told us the guy was cheap and wanted them to finish work other contractors had walked away from for nonpayment. The owner eventually moved in and lived there for about 6 months before we heard a loud crash out our bedroom window. Turns out the posts/pillars holding up his high, splendiferous deck weren’t strong enough (too cheap) to hold the structure. The fool put a 350 gallon hot tub on the faulty structure. It all came crashing down, three stories, to the ground. Sheree’s got a shit load of problems coming her way.

    • Sliceo'pie

      I can’t even imagine Kiyoshigirl – that would drive me to distraction. We have no control over our neighbors and admittedly, I tend to be a bit of a control freak. It bums me out that my neighbor to my right doesn’t take great care of his beautiful home or tend to his lawn. He has the money, he’s just cheap-he admits it.
      On the left, they’re the exact opposite – they are obsessive – every detail of the home is restored to perfection – their house is from the 1770’s one of the oldest homes NJ. The floors are original! Can you imagine!

    • Stephen

      I don’t know what’s bigger than a shit load but she has got more than a shit load of problems coming her way.

  8. Sandra

    I remember that post with the pics where everything looked like it was leaning. I was wondering if I had missed something and the chile had hit the lottery or pulled off a moiricle in the last 3 weeks. She is slower than I thought if she is continuing to put money into a house she will never own.

  9. Karen

    Wouldn’t it be more cost effective to tear the place down at this point, then plan a smaller version of the home when she gets passed the lawsuits? It’s crazy trying to keep this travesty going.

  10. Minky

    My, my. Chateau Sheree. The house that delusion has not quite built.

    I’ve already compared it to the House of Usher. I can just see Vincent Price lurking about in there and haunting Sheree, if she ever does move in for real.

    Like, who was her architect for this disgrace of a building project? I.M. She-Can’t-Pei?

    • WonkyTonk

      Lol yeah delusion is right. I think she sees it as a point of personal pride to complete the damned thing, but really it just doesn’t make sense to keep going with it from my perspective. Judging from how badly that exterior requires a power wash I can’t even imagine what the interior requires after the flooding.

      How many years has this been going on now? I seem to remember years ago her talking to Andy and insuring him it was gonna be done like within months I believe she said at the time.

      • Joanplus2dogs

        I believe it has been about 5 yr when she bought it. Not sure of when actual work started on house. It has definitely been going on for way too long. Think about all the money she has spent on having to live elsewhere – rent, utilities, insurance, etc.

      • WonkyTonk

        Thanks JoanP2D

  11. Jrleaguer

    I’m most states, and I am believe the same is true for Georgia, as long as the inspectors have not “red tagged” the site, then work can continue. Her neighborhood HOA must not have anything concerning never ending construction in the covenants.

  12. Iprefermyteaunsweetend

    Even if she does finally move in, who gon write the check for the light bill, boo? Tee-hee!😂


    In the photos the house has always looked oddly disproportionate in it’s exterior design.
    Not a good look really.

  14. tampafan

    Speaking from experience – the appliances delivered and not installed is a problem. Warranties have started. This is a big deal on AC units, too. 5 year warranty becomes 1 yr, then big service bills begin.

  15. Rach

    How does Sheree think she can get away with lying about her house being completed? I just don’t get how anyone can be so dumb. It’s on the TV for heavens sake. i just cannot with sheree

  16. X Jerzy chick

    Stop being so mean Tamara Tattles. Sheree is building this for her KIDS who are now adults.


    I’m kidding. Please continue to report on this. Please find out if any books will be in the lieberry.

  17. tamaratattles

    I received some new information today. Sheree has apparently gotten a Bravo check recently and is on a big push to get things finished “because of a show deadline.” There have been two new subcontracters hired and there is a big push to get the floors in. There are just about four to five weeks of filming left. I don’t see how she can get anything finished in time for any interior filming. However I should have more photos from inside the house soon. I have not been posting those because Sheree seems to think I leave my house all the time and when I do, I spend all my spoons hanging out on her construction site. I am dying to hear if the kitchen appliances have gone in. She bought new cabinets months and months ago and at the same time was trying to sell some old ones. I assume that was back around the time of the water damage.

  18. LisaPat

    Sheree is probably hauling arse because she will look like an idiot if it’s not finished .. I imagine it to be something out of the movie “Duece Bigelow , Male Gigelow” when they super glued the fish tank and as soon as one fish moved, the whole thing shattered into a million pieces. That’s what I see happening to the Chateau.. it’s all going to look in place for filming and if someone moves 1 brick or slams 1 door , the whole thing is going to collapse like a house of cards!

  19. Kimoe

    I figure completed or not Sheree will have filming at her chateau. Why? Because this is the woman who had a fashion clothing launch with no clothes.

  20. Nurse Kimmy

    Does anyone remember the movie The Money Pit! This farse has gone on for far too long!

    • Minky

      Okay, I just thought of something: Why is this monstrosity standing at all? From the looks of the photos it looks like it could just topple over like a game of Jenga at any second. Who in their right mind would want to live there? I wouldn’t be able to sleep a wink.

      Unless…it was built precisely so it would topple over. Sheree is pretty obviously hard up for money and hasn’t the funds to do this building project correctly.

      Maybe we missed something along the way because we find her and that stupid house so annoying. I’m surprised she hasn’t burned the place down herself so she could finally save some face and get some money out of it to boot.

      What was the REAL deal with that flood? Does she have insurance? Did she get some kind of payout?

  21. O.O

    “Because the kids are 35 or something ” that is it . I’m going to bed . Goodnight . You are too much and you may want to try your hand at a comedy tour,

  22. Pamela nichols

    This chick loves living beyond her means !

  23. MARC

    Hopefully the air mattresses on the floor can be repaired when that roof caves in ! Chicken Little the sky is falling ! She by Shree should spend some coins on a volume of children’s literature specifically Little Red Hen # tryingtosaveadoolah

  24. Keinon

    I wonder how much editing production had to do to make chateaunosheree look like something

    • tamaratattles

      Well last season they CGIed grass on to the dirt.

      • Wonky Tonk

        Really? Wow. Maintaining the charade of wealthy housewives across the franchise, for some of these ladies, especially on that iteration, has got to be a full time job for some unlucky individuals.

  25. T D

    Add the columns to the list of crooked things brought to you by a network with a warped sense of reality.

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