Below Deck: Sierra Needs A Trigger Warning

It was another dramatic evening around here last night. And for some reason, Below Deck did not tape at 10 and the 12:30 showing seems to have only picked up about 47 minutes of the show. This is kind of infuriating because I am hoping once again that the end will be Trevor receiving his ticket home and this is all I have been waiting for all season. Let’s hope the missing minutes come at the beginning.

It looks like I did loss from the front of the show, I’m starting with the normal deck hands doing some polishing and talking about Trevor. It appears they are going to be working the charter without Trevor. Perhaps he has been confined to his quarters again? Ah. It is On Demand. I will be able to see the first part after all.

We start with everyone trying to get home and Trevor being a dick. Trevor says he has a Marine with PTSD for a Bosun. He says that no one cares about his friends that died in the military because they signed up for the military.  They top the bus they are taking back to the boat. Kelly tells Trevor to go get a hotel room because he is not coming back on the boat.

The next morning everyone is still drunk. Captain Lee can’t find his radio. Kate is going to break the news to Captain Lee that Trevor is not on the boat. Oh, actually, Kelly is going to tell him. Captain wants to interview everyone about what happened before making a decision. Everyone tells him the same thing. Ben seems to think he deserves one more chance. No way. Trevor arrives and tells the Captain that basically the problem is “them figuring out I was a hair model.” Captain Lee fires him.  Trevor apologies to Ben and Kelly and does some exit interviews where he says he has no idea who could possibly replace him. It was not nearly as dramatic as I had hoped.

This sign was placed at the entrances to the presidential debates to warn the delicate Hofstra students they may hear some opinions they disagree with during the debate. It includes numbers to call for counseling if needed.

This sign was placed at the entrances to the presidential debates to warn the delicate Hofstra students they may hear some opinions they disagree with during the debate. It includes numbers to call for counseling if needed.


The guests this week Internet entrepreneurs with pretty much every stupid food request anyone can have. There is basically nothing everyone in this group eats. So of course they want a twelve course tasting menu. I would say the courses would be air and water but one idiot has specified a ph level for her water.

Sierra is a nutjob who is into gluten-free vegan crap and amazingly she is sort of helpful with helping Ben get some um, nutty ideas. Nuts are gluten free right? Sierra claims to have a juicing business, yet she needed someone to show her how to use a juicer.

Right away the cruise is starting with high winds. This boat really is gorgeous. Much nicer than any previous season. Kate describes the guests as “D list Quentin Tarantino characters.”  Normally, I hate when they rag on the guests; however, these people are more than a little bit odd.  One of the guys tells Emily(?) she has a nice smile, and if his wife dies, he might be interested.

Nico accidentally overfilled the hot tub. Kelly jumps right in to help with cleanup and is very understanding. I like this season Kelly.  Captain Lee wants ALL the toys out. He told Kelly “If it floats I want it behind the boat.” This is the worst job ever for the deckhands. I keep forgetting Kelley has an extraneous ‘e’ in his name. #SorryNotSorry Kelley and Nico are waging a friendly competition over Emily.

Sierra is being put on Carolina duty. She is the one that doesn’t eat anything. She has already eaten conch because she didn’t know it was a shellfish.  I hope she’s just picky and not allergic. Do they have epi pens on the boat? Ben is overwhelmed and Sierra is not a lot of help. Because, Sierra. Even Lauren is chipping in a bit. Sierra hasn’t taken the salad out for Carolina and the others are three courses in. When she does, Carolina is mad she is not getting twelve courses like everyone else. Really?

As the tasting menu they asked for approaches the third hour the guests are getting full and sleepy.  Ben coddled Sierra’s useless self like a toddler. And yet, Sierra’s butt hurt about something. In confessional she cries and says she just wants to go home. I’m all for that. I think that Sierra went to one of those colleges with safe zones. Perhaps, if Ben had put a trigger warning sign up and the Captain had a team of counselors on hand if she need therapy she would not be having such a stressful time.

Next week we get a new deckhand. I’ve seen four seconds of him and he’s a no.


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41 responses to “Below Deck: Sierra Needs A Trigger Warning

  1. Allison

    I was so glad to see Trevor go-by cross eyed booger eater!! He was atrocious. Sierra is a pretty girl but that spacey smile is disconcerting to me, like is she going to snap? She’s trying though, bless her heart.

    Those guests are aw-ful. Carolina, who had oh-so-specific requirements down to her water ph seemed to be put off that they didn’t think she’d be joining in the gluten-shellfish-meat tasting. Idiot. And the awful wookie that needed a nap and was talking about ordering women-it’s clear his only experience with women is with the rented kind. The back hair….
    Money can’t buy you class.

  2. Ben was pretty nice to Sierra overall, considering how he breaks down over making toast.

    What fool asks for a 12 course dinner to start at 8:30pm?? And then complains that he’s tired?
    And Carolina ate conch twice in one day, so she’s not allergic, just an asshole.

    • Not even just 12 courses, but more like Ben was expected to make 24 courses because one of the diners wanted her own food restricted 12 course experience. I thought Ben was going to go off but he kept cool for the most part. No way can I be friends with anyone that only consumes Ph water and greens. People like that are not to be trusted.

  3. I have the biggest crush on Nico. He’s adorably sexy.

    • Amy

      OMG isn’t he the best!! I love him. Very level headed. I also like Lauren and Kelley. Your right… Not sure about the new guy they briefly showed. God do I misslooking at Eddie! However I think Kelley will do fine. I hope he doesn’t F up.

  4. Marsha Marsha Marsha

    Thank you for the recap Tamara. The 12 course meal looked wonderful. Ben did a terrific job considering he was cooking in a galley and not a big restaurant kitchen. Sierra needs positive energy around her to be happy. What the heck is positive energy? I think she means she needs happy people .. I need to win the lottery to make me happy ,that would be my positive energy. Glad Trevor is gone. I think he needed some positive energy too, maybe he can go back to hair modeling.

  5. Sierra has that Blake Ramsey nervous smile. I doubt she will last much longer. I thought Ben really kept his cool this episode. Trevor being fired was kind of anti-climatic but so necessary. That PTSD Marine statement was disgusting. Twerp.

  6. SLM

    I was laughing so hard when Trevor told Captain Lee that the crew hated him because he was a HAIR MODEL!! Bwahahaha hahaha! Oh heavens above with that Carolina and all her food restrictions. And she kept eating the conch!!!

  7. Heidi

    I think it’s interesting that The Main asked for a 12 course tasting menu not realizing that it is generally a three+ hour endeavor. Idiot. I’m gonna have to Google the specific ph water deal, don’t get it.

    Did anyone else think that Carolina was the Portuguese girl from Love Actually? I swear it’s her.

    What did you think of the new deck hands arm in the clip for next week? What the heck did he do to it? That was uncomfortable to watch.

  8. Heidi

    Also, couldn’t believe that Kelley didn’t lose his SHIT on Trevor when he was saying those nasty things about Marines. My hubby is a Marine and he’s quite gentle/passive, but holy moly, that would not have sat well with him. I’m actually quite surprised that Kelley didn’t have much of a reaction. I hope Trevor has some kind of consequences for those comments. It’s just unbelievable that drunk or not, someone could make those deplorable comments about service members.

  9. T D

    Trevor needs a three month vacation, all expences paid at that exclusive luxury resort located on Parris Island. They don’t model ere hair everyone’s rocks they’re hgh and tight. The concierge, his name is sir, loves when guests talk back.

    • raynidaze

      LOL, I love your comments. My nephew is a Marine and I can just imagine a DI (the concierges on Parris Island) giving Trevor the chewing out he so deserves. vbg

  10. Happy gal

    I love how Captain Lee quickly heard from Kelley and a few others what happened then made the decision to fire Trevor – no keeping him around and trying to coddle him like Danny on the Med series. This is whAt Captain Lee so fantastic ! He commands respect and does not tolerate his crew being douch bags

  11. Margarett

    I love Captain Lee. The guests made the crew look great.

  12. therealdeb

    People like that Carolina make me insane, they expect the world to cater to them and their strange little fetishes. I had a friend like that, not as extreme but similar and i decided it was too much work to be their friend. Trying to have any meal whether dining in or out was a chore. Back hair dude was just nasty… Trevor, oh Trevor, hair model… really? Please, stop now. Sierra was attached to the little Trevor bitch I think and tha tis why she was so bummed out.

    • tamaratattles

      I hate going out to eat with picky eaters. It’s never enough that they have insane requests of things on the side, omitted and cooked differently, so that the waiter and chef hates the entire table, but they have to pontificate over all the reasons they choose not to eat this, that and the forty third thing while you are trying to enjoy your meal that includes those items.

      • therealdeb

        yes! Too much effort.

      • SaraSally

        Easily solvable. Instead of a big salad, they could have easily made a deconstructed salad & served it, broken down along with the other courses. It was Ben’s suggestion to make a salad.

      • Erica

        I have food intolerances (haven’t been to the dr. yet for testing) – and Im with you even tho I’m now one of those people!

        But I typically just try to find something – even if I have to order a bunch of sides – that don’t require the chef to change anything.

  13. Aerin

    That black haired guest was so terribly awkward to watch/ hear. I want to assume he was just talking about having items brought when he was dreaming about having all these women to service him, but I doubt it.

  14. WonkyTonk

    “Let’s hope the missing minutes come at the beginning.” Lol that’s frustratingly never how it works of course, but it was funny reading that sentence.

  15. CoBe

    I would guess Sierra’s disappointment comes from getting a chance to show her stuff on national TV and instead sort of bombing it. That would upset me as well.

    It was an opportunity missed and if Ben hadn’t been so busy, it seems like it would have been in his nature to help her out a bit. It would have been a great springboard for her in her future endeavors.

  16. RENOB

    Great recap despite the technical difficulties! I hate that messing up my TV time! This is the best reality show on right now and I am glued. Captain Big Balls Lee firing Trevor made me quiver! That little twerp had it coming. The way he looked at Trevor with a blank stare after the hair modeling tale was PRICELESS. I cannot believe Kelley kept his composure during Trevor’s tirade about Marines. Karma. Trevor will get punched in the face for saying those things, I hope someone catches it on video!
    What a lame charter of guests. Kate hit the nail on the head with her assessment! I laughed when they gave the complainer/attention seeker Conch and she gobbled it up and even enjoyed it. What a complete whiny wench. She had a lot of nerve expecting a 12 course meal considering she doesn’t eat anything. Ben should have dressed up a single piece of lettuce for each course for her. Ben was surprisingly calm in that sh*t storm. And then my eyes… I cannot believe that total beached whale wouldn’t even bother to shave himself before a yacht adventure… GROSS. All I could think was Bigfoot does exist….
    If Sierra was stressed about that, she definitely won’t make it through the entire season. Whoever said she has that Blake Ramsey smile was right on. Eire. Nikko – oh so dreamy. Kelley in the laundry area WOW. I would have dropped my panties right there Emily. As usual, I cannot wait for the next show and the new Bosun… Oh Boy. Thanks TT.

  17. Kimoe

    Why is it when people get a bit of money they start acting like ‘oh I MUST have water at a certain PH level’ kinda crap? I get it an alkaline PH body decreases the chance of cancer but surely there is a way to increase the PH of a glass of water by yourself if it’s that important. Also her wanting 12 courses for herself………maybe if SHE was laying tens of thousands for the boat they would’ve all had to eat her quirky menu……now that would’ve been fun to watch.

    The creepy guy with the natural sweater…….he’s got a wife? Well you know what they say…..’for every pig, there’s a pig f$&*ker.’

  18. Trevor is a drunk frat boy and Kelly is a by-the-book simpleton. In my opinion, both are obnoxious. Kelly demanding Trevor to say PLEASE was unnecessary. He shouldn’t have been so engaged in the nonsense Trevor spouted out. Also, the way Kelly looks at the women and struts his muscles is douche baggy. Any who, Trevor’s arm contortions to Capt. Lee in an earlier episode made his stay well worth it to me.

  19. Bugg

    The info about the trigger sign is my trigger. Ugh!
    I’m not certain but with Trevor gone it appears Nico may have some douchebaggery coming to light. Maybe his was just overshadowed by Trevor’s. Hopefully I’m wrong.

    • Amy

      I saw a little blurb how Nico tries to kiss a couple of the girls the same night… I say who frickin cares !! He seems so far as a pretty good guy with a good work ethic and personality. Much better than jacktard Trevor

  20. PeachyKeen

    Glad Trevor gone.. however gives Nico no free pass to hit on Emily.. SHe will be happy in whichever she decides to do.

  21. MARC

    Trevor needs to visit the O.C & rest his feet up on Vicki G’s couch & let Ryan & karma take care of him ! The PTSD comment was alarmingly ugly.

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