Vanderpump Rules Teaser is Out! Needs More Kristen.



The Vanderpump Rules teaser is out. And if I were awake, I’d love to talk to you about Lisa Vanderpump’s bizarre tone and demeanor as she officiates Tom and Katie’s wedding.

Was she trying to sound like someone on a horror show?

PumpRules Kristen


I find it interesting that James and Lala are both back. I could have sworn they were both grousing about not being on the show.

Lala posted on Instagram last night that “Jax and Kristen” cut her out of the main show. Do those two really have that much power?

What do you think of the trailer?

Season premieres Monday, November 7th at 9.  If you are like me that seems like a long way off. However, last night I had to run from Wal Mart to Home Depot on an exhausting mission.  It was full blown Christmas in Wal Mart. Four aisle of stuff was missing and filled with holiday decorations.  At Home Depot it was Halloween with life-sized zombies and other giant scary things. This did not make the trip any easier. Despite it being 90 degrees still, the county schools are out for Fall Break this week. Fall Break!  So what I’m saying, Pumpkids, is that November will be here before you know it. Merry Christmas.


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26 responses to “Vanderpump Rules Teaser is Out! Needs More Kristen.

  1. Lala was saying on Instagram that Jax and Kristen but her out of the cast picture when they posted it on their Instagrams, not that they cut her out of the show itself. Apparently, rumor has it that she quits the show mid-season but I’m not sure if that is true or not.

    • tamaratattles

      Thanks Michael, I’m just waking up from sleeping for the first time in two days, still groggy, and interpreting Lala was not what I had planned to do at the moment in time.:)

  2. Can’t wait for Vanderpump Rules! One of my favorite Bravo shows..To clear a little something up… Lala was upset that Kristen & most of the “stuck-up bitchy girl cast” posted the #VPR cast photo and chopped her & James out of it! Yes she “may or may not ” have left the show but remains to be seen & according to her “Not everything is as it seems” She really just wanted to be liked. I like her!
    The one thing I hope I don’t see this season is “Scheana’s hand claw” .She spent most of last season holding it up in the air ( to show us she is still married) or pulling at her hair. Either way she looked like cartoon character most days anyway.
    So glad Stassi is back full-time! This should make for some really good Jax & Stassi story lines, and apparently the “Stuck-up bitchy girls” start to see what Ariana was trying to tell us all last season…Scheana is all about herself and her perfect little world! Can’t wait for her to be finally taken down a few pegs.. Still not a fan of that little wanna-be LVP who says’ It was 7 (or more now) years ago when I was fucking your husband while you were pregnant Brandi…Get over it!” & “BTW Lala ..we can hang with you b/c you try to get with our guys” #WTF Hypocrite much!
    Looking forward to another great season!

  3. NeverBeenJaxed

    Social media was all aflutter over the weekend with the teaser. I can’t wait!!!!!!!

  4. KatCall

    Off subject, I know, BUT what is with these reality personalities, or for that matter most anyone that has their photo taken nowadays, and the fish kiss pout lips? It’s beyond irritating anymore. Can’t anyone just smile? Oh, and someone should inform the ‘more mature’ reality personalities that when they do the fish kiss pout lips, they look REDICULOUS (Yolanda, Kyle, Ne Ne, Tamra, Porsha – can ya hear me?)

    • Dee

      Those lips look ridiculous . Funny, as they age they will all have smokers lips. Does Swartz really want to be married? Can’t wait to watch, thanks!

  5. Lolita

    Hello Tamara. I have been worried about you. Glad to hear you got some sleep. Question: Do you think Leeann Rhimes watches this franchise? Curious if she is inquisitive about the “other” girl that Eddy cheated with.

  6. Happy gal

    I am an LVP fan but she looked terrible in that clip of the wedding. Her hair, her makeup all of it – she looked terrible and totally not glamorous and I was so disappointed

    Jax girlfriend looks as if she has gained a good deal of weight and since Jax is very shallow I can see him perhaps cheating

    I thought Lala and James would be back – they need the craZy and I too need more Kristin the crazy Kristin not the self aware zen version that is not fun to watch

  7. Miguel

    Merry Christmas, TT!!! :) :) :) So glad you & your wickedly-timed repartee’s back!!!

  8. T D

    Kinda an ominous homily. Why do the wedding bells sound more like hell’s bells? Knowing something scary must be about to occur didn’t prepare me for Stasi’s horrorfying lace up shirt.

  9. Bridgett

    Cannot wait for VPR!!

  10. Well this is exciting I supposed. I’m kind of over this whole gang but I’ll still watch.

    I also hate Bravo’s previews for wedding special shows. They always make it seem like it’s a possibility that they won’t actually make it down the aisle. Starting watching Ryan and Emilia’s wedding show and the same thing (BTW TT – do you think you can recap this pretty please??). It’s like oh please. Such manufactured drama.

    • Genevieve

      I agree. I can’t make it through that whole special. When they start acting like they have no idea what they are doing planning the wedding and then the dad expects them to move back to Greece….that lost me…

      • BKSweetheart

        I know right?! She’s whining about her giving up her friends and family and career for him and complaining he works too much. It’s like did this just now occur to you to discuss these things a few months before the wedding? And they haven’t even sent invites out?

        I am going to try to watch it. I’m mostly just looking forward to seeing Corfu.

  11. WonkyTonk

    Did I just see Tom Schwartz scrunch his face all up when asked if he promised to take … til death they do part? Poor Katie. He’s seriously one of my favorite characters on that show, but man cringing at that point has got to be rough on Katie if that’s what really happened.

    I can do without Stassi I’m not even sure why they bring her back, since she brings so little to the show.

    I love me some Kristen but something tells me her redemption is complete and we won’t be seeing that deliciously delightful evil character we saw a few seasons back, which is kind of sad really.

    Also I can do without seeing Scheana.

    Looking forward to this season.

    • I thought those two married fifty years ago, and it was other tom getting married. All these boys are gay or fluid with their sexuality at least.

      • WonkyTonk

        Yeah, I think the two Tom’s are closer to the center of the scale with Schwartzie being farther on the gay side. Jax comes off as more the gay for pay type.

  12. Genevieve

    Katie says to Tom “Talk about how your dick doesn’t work anymore.”

    For 2 people that seem to have zero intimate interaction, I can’t imagine getting married.

    TT IS RIGHT WEDDING BY BRAVO!!!! They aren’t boning each other so maybe next season will be who they are cheating on each other with…just a thought.

    I think we all have ideas why his dick might not work any more…sniff sniff

    I hope Tom and Ariana’s desperate cry for attention didn’t lead them to this pitiful body fruit spread that we see.

    Lets get this season started!

    JAX will mess up!!!!!

  13. OmgOmg

    God I love this show.
    So funny TT, just what I needed.
    Not Christmas decor nor Walking Dead screaming displays, it’s 102 here. bwahhhh 😪😥😩

  14. Microop

    Happy New Year. I kind of would prefer no LaLa and James. I like the dynamics the way they are. It’s more authentic.

  15. Karen

    I kinda thought Jax’s GF would be a full cast member by now…

    I think the music for the trailer might be leading to Lisa’s voice sounding creepy in some way, but I think she sounds calm and hopeful.

  16. Devil in da hood

    Katie and Toms relationship is so fake. I mean … really? Are they legally married now?
    Is this whole show fake? Help me understand

  17. Stephanie

    Lala quit and posted a tweet about quiting the show. I’m unable to paste onto the site for some reason. So I’ll do it old school and type. Her tweet said “I have decided to part ways from the show. Thanks Bitch.” Lala followed her tweet with another formalized tweet “I made the decision to leave the show. I realized it isn’t for me. IT WAS COMPLETELY MY DECISION.” I for one am glad she is gone and I hope that clears up any confusion for you guys. There was more to it, but like I said I can’t paste on here. Sorry

  18. T D

    Fashion tip for Arianna, who is the smartest person she knows, an apple in her mouth would be her first bite from the tree of knowledge. If she can’t digest it holding it in her mouth would have created a better tablescape by drawing attention away from that grapes of wrath vine growing out her rear end.

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