Real Housewives of Orange County: Muddy Waters

RHOOC Cast Season 11
It’s past time for the RHOOC  episode.  Due to an emergency at Tamara Tattles Headquarters yesterday, I was unavailable. You can read all about that in my day long meltdowns at the end of comments here.  We have comedy in the initial post and doom and despair in the comments.  Now on to the show!


Shannon is moving and worried about rat poop and feng shui. I had my eyes on the TV and my ears were working but I tuned out completely. I assume I didn’t miss much other than Shannon hates the rental. I had a really cool dream last night and I keep thinking about it. Sorry. I’ll try to focus.

For some reason we need a montage of memories in the house. Mostly about the affair of course. Later, David and Shannon go to dinner. David looks pained in every scene. David tries to make it clear that he is not supporting her mother’s outburst. Shannon has a smug smile when David tells her that he told his mother she had to respect Shannon or she could not be around the family.  Shannon orders ribs and then complains because they are messy.


Eddie takes Tamra out for dinner. I am not sure what kind of place they are at, but Tamra breaks her training diet for sake. So I’m thinking it’s going to be one of those bait shops folks in California like so much. But then they start eating hot peppers.  Just crunchy hot peppers. Weird. And then the sashimi comes. Which, as I understand it is bait that they sort of cook but not really. I could be wrong. Or maybe all of California is wrong.




If we have to put up with Kelly and Michael to get to see this beach house, I’m fine with that.  As someone who has to do all the home fix it shit herself, I’m pretty sure I would not bitch at whoever came to do mine. And then I remember the last guy who tried to do helpful home fix it stuff, and remember, they totally have no idea how to do anything really.  I don’t find this fight believable.

Who told the OC Housewives that middle aged women need to wear trucker hats? Kelly and Michael still have marital problems.  Kelly’s mom talks with her about Tamra’s custody issues with Simon.  Kelly seems like she is afraid to divorce because she’s worried she could lose her kid.

rhooc vicki


I can’t believe what I am seeing.  I am at a loss for words. Vicki is still lying? Why does she think this is a good idea? I try to stick by Vicki, the real OG of all housewives, but my God. She doesn’t know when to sit down and regroup. By the way, when I was teaching I always bought the cancer policy. On the Affordable Healthcare choices I had, there was no option for a cancer supplement.


Meghan is officially the designated fake owner of a store for RHOOC. I hate these fake store storylines. The store is beautiful though.

Jim is actually in town to go to the OB with Meghan. They find out there is just one baby. Meghan is devastated. I actually feel sorry for Meghan. This was a super sad scene.

Tamra’s Cabana Day

The Glamis four, as Tamra calls them, are having a spa day thrown by Tamra to celebrate the fact that she didn’t actually kill anyone.  They have a Club Mud which is a giant hot tub with a mud turtle they use to rub mud all over themselves. Heather points out the play on words because clearly she is the only one who gets it. Or at least that is what she thinks.

They fill Heather in on the drama with David’s mom. David’s mom was quite fond of David’s mistress. Apparently, the relationship was deeper than we thought. David and his sidepiece would go to family dinner at his mom’s house. The mistress was also friend with David’s sister. His family was allegedly pissed he didn’t divorce Shannon. A lot of this information is coming from Heather and Vicki. Great friends they are. Vicki makes it seem like Donn had an affair, but wasn’t it her that cheated at or maybe both of them?

Kelly and Vicki talk about Kelly’s marriage. It was her ten year anniversary. Vicki tries to counsel Kelly to stick it out. Kelly is crying and she tells a story where Michael screamed at her to shut up. Look, I’ve never been married, but I imagine there are plenty of time a married couple might raise their voices and tell the other to shut up. And when it comes to Kelly, she has a history of screaming at everyone. It’s reasonable to assume she has screamed at Michael. In case you missed it, she recently had a meltdown at PUMP.  In other news, it was a couple nights ago, Kelly and Shannon were going nuts on Twitter. I’m not sure exactly what happened but Shannon also randomly struck out at Gretchen and Lizzie telling them both they are not relevant and that is why neither of them are on the show. There have been so many bizarre fights on Twitter lately I could spend all my time recapping those.

At lunch Kelly cries some more about Michael ignoring their anniversaries.  Tamra says in confessional that now she understands why Kelly has a such a short fuse.  Tamra also suggests that she not divorce because they (guys like Michael and Simon) will just make life even worse.  Kelly says her mom says she needs to get divorced. That is not at all what I saw her mom saying.

I am so ready to get to Ireland where Tamra has her annual international meltdown.


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136 responses to “Real Housewives of Orange County: Muddy Waters

  1. I found that whole scene with David’s Mother very suspect. How did she know to approach Kelly, who up until very recently, Shannon’s worse nightmare? She had supposedly never met her, but she starts talking to her about deeply personal family issues. So odd. I also find it very strange that David went running home to his family with the new woman in his life and then boom he and Shannon are working it out. Something is very fishy.
    I also can’t believe Kelly is calling out her husband on being a narcissist, she displays the same kind of behavior that he does in that regard. They both drink like fishes and act like little children. Neither of them can stand being criticized. If she is so worried about her child why is she letting all this play out on a television show?

    I also felt bad for Meghan last night. I know it is great she is having one child but it was kind of heartbreaking. If she is planning on being married to Jim, this could be her last shot. She was so sure it was twins. It was nice to see him be so supportive and loving though.

    The most interesting thing was the upcoming shows! Looks a little crazy.

    Hope you are well TT!!!!!

    • Matzah60

      Agree with most of what you stated so well above. I think producers invited the mother and sister. The mother was clearly holding a phone which makes me believe producers were texting her. They had her speak to Kelly because Shannon and Kelly hate each other and probably in earshot of Tamara because she can’t keep a secret or keep her mouth shut. Although it all seems questionable, fact is often stranger than fiction. I have seen DIL and MIL go head to head ruining marriages and relationships between mother and sons. David is a grown man, we’ll sort of and it’s none of her mother’s business what goes on in their marriage. Sabotaging your child’s marriage will not endear you to your son or DIL.

      I actually think Kelly came on the show to videograph the plight of her marriage and how ‘horrible’ her husband is to her. While she is probably unaware, it has backfired. She is the one who looks like a narcissist as well as an alcoholic. I don’t believe she is worried about not seeing her daughter. IMO, she is afraid she won’t receive enough money to continue to live in the manner she is accustomed to. Although I don’t know the back story, I have more compassion for her husband who seems to be on the receiving end of her vile, derogatory comments.

      I’m with you Tamara. I never heard Kelly’s mom say anything remotely close to advising her daughter to get divorced. I loathe liars, ergo, I have a hard time dealing with some of the egregious lies told by Kelly, Tamara, and Vicki. As an aside, I can’t stand Heather at all this season. What a sanctimonious, condescending woman.

      • ingrid

        I think Kelly is rightly worried about losing custody of her daughter, with all of her poorly controlled behavior and drinking, courts do not take lightly to that, and it is possible her husband may demonstrate to be the more stable parent.

      • Minky

        Why does it feel like we’ve been down this road before with the housewives? This OC Kelly is the second unstable Kelly we’ve had in the HW franchise, that I can remember. The first one was NY Kelly.

        What in sam hill is going on with this show?

      • Matzah60

        Unless you are a drug addict and/or have sex in a department store window, there is very little chance of losing custody of your child. At worst, she might have supervised visits for a year or less, but the courts go out of their way to keep both parents in close contact with their kids.

        My divorce attorney told me the top two reasons a husband states on court documents for the reason for divorce is 1. His wife is mentally ill 2. My wife refuses to have sex with him The courts and Judges are well aware of the accusations made in acrimonious divorces. Most are false or highly exaggerated.

      • tamaratattles

        I agree, ingrid. Kelly continues to display erratic behavior off camera and on Twitter.

        And she and her exes new chick have been in a hostile war in and out of courts for restraining orders for ages.

        It would be very easy for Michael to get custody. I think he is probably the more stable parent, narcissist and all.

  2. Nila

    Did David and Shannon spend time a part during the affair? Or I mean after the affair was discovered? That is the only time I could see someone bringing their mistress to family dinners..either way, David is a total douche. You don’t like your wife? Then get it out but don’t humiliate her all over tv and your town. I don’t late for Shannon anymore but David is scum. Sorry, I have a lot of resentment still when my ex husband did this. We went to dinner and everyone there knew he had a mistress because she was at breakfast that morning with them. It’s been years and I still feel humiliated thinking about me sitting there like a fool in front of these people.

    I don’t understand selling your home and having no where to live especially if their home has been in escrow many times before.

    Sounds like Kelly has some skeletons that would come falling out during a custody battle…still she needs to clean up her act and get out. I would not take advice from Vicki or Tamara about marriage.

    I just feel like Meghan is too young for this show. She should have been on Bravo’s There Goes the Motherhood. I also find it interesting that her step daughter is never shown now, I wonder who’s choice that was. I’m glad Jim showed up and did look interested and comforted Meghan, there might be some hope there.

    • Miguel

      Hahaha, Nila – I wouldn’t take marriage advice from them, either!!!

    • Happy gal

      Somewhere I think I read that Shannon said David left her for a few weeks and even gave his wedding ring back to her. Btw his mistress was also married and she and her husband have apparently stayed together. So if he was bringing his mistress around his mom and sister they were really risking a lot.

      I googled her and she is a successful business woman and very attractive as is her husband. She is way more attractive in my opinion than Shannon and maybe she has more to talk about than enemas and nasal sprays

    • Cheryl B.

      Thought I remember David got an apartment, and it lasted a year.

    • Matzah60

      Nila, I understand your feeling of humiliation. The wife is the last to know, at least I was. Be assured you have no reason to be humiliated. I can bet that no one at that dinner table had an ounce of respect for your husband or the way he treated you. Your ex is the only one who should be humiliated.

      Lol…Like you, I wouldn’t take advice from Tamara or Vicki on marriage. Funny how you don’t hear about Vicki’s NEW boyfriend anymore. I think she is still seeing Brooks on the down low.

  3. Nila

    I also wanted to add the whole he told me to shut up was pretty ridiculous. This woman has a terrible fowl and that offended her? I kept waiting to hear what terrible thing he did..and it never came.

    • Swizzle

      Thought that was funny. She has screamed fowl, nasty things at people and she loses it because her husband tells her to shut up?

      • Matzah60

        Right! I thought Kelly was going to tell us her husband called her a cunt! Lol

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        I thought it must have been in front of their daughter and her friend. She said it happened when her daughter had her friend over…in that case I’d be pretty upset too!

    • Minky

      Terrible fowl? You mean like Donald Duck? Haha! No shade hon, but I just could’t resist.

      And seriously, even if you’ve never experienced matrimonial bliss, most of us look back at our parents to know that a lot of married people have arguments, sometimes very, very bad ones. “Shut up” is actually kind of civil, depending on how angry he might have been.

      If I were to list all of the names my parents have called each other over the years, you all might just die laughing. Two-legged live stock, old horse, goatess, hog, pig, sow, swine, pussy (both my parents call each other that one. in our culture it has more to do with being stupid, rather than being weak or feminine per se), mule, kretin, turkey, ass, slob, mouth-crapper, etc., etc., etc… As you can see, a lot of farm animal allusions. They’re from a rural/country sort of community.

      BTW, they’re still married and actually get along great. I believe that having a good blow up every now and again helps clear the air and maintain a certain equilibrium in a relationship. Fights are fine, but the key is fighting back, and fighting fair.

      Kelly sounds like a big ol’ cry baby to me. And someone who can dish it out but can’t take it. Boo hoo, so he told her to shut up. No big whoop. Maybe she was talking too damn much? Haha! 😂

      • Swizzle

        I was thrown off by her duck lips. Her fowl mouth shouted foul things.

      • TBD

        I just tuned in on this piece, and need to catch up…. But two-legged live stock dropped me. lol.

        Btw, I feel that same way. Kelly seems to be the one always dishing it out to him.

        However, a real NPD is really impossible to live with easily. I dated one (rich) diagnostic NPD and it was the best lesson of my dating life. It realigned my “don’t want” priorities real quick. All the money in the world would not have made it ok for me. The control factor is indescribable, and excoriating.

      • AmyinLasVegas

        He opened a beer bottle with his teeth! Nooooo! Omg my nerves are frayed watching that.

      • Mark

        Haha so true. My grandparents, happily married for 60 years. So much so when my grandmother died, my usually emotionless grandfather broke down like a child having it’s mother ripped away from him.

        Her favourite phrase? “FUCK off, Dan.”

    • SJ

      He told her shur up in front of their daughter and it sent her over the edge. She is not a “healthy” person in many ways but I think she is in that cage her husband created for them and can’t get out of it because of something in her past.

    • AshK

      I think she was more upset because he did it in front of her daughter’s friend – not him just yelling at her to shut up.

  4. JennLovesAndy

    Shannon is awful. Her talking heads complaining about moving are so ridiculous. Most folks doing some packing/ getting rid of unwanted items before they have hours to vacate their sold homes. I guess she was too busy coming with her dead pan one liners that are so funny. Fucking eye roll. Complain, complain… damn that makes good tv!

  5. Danny

    Kelly asked her freeloading mother, “Are you upset WE sold YOUR house in Arizona?”

  6. Miguel

    Extra special thanks for the recap, TT, especially given recent events!!! Although I didn’t actually see Meghan’s scenes (still fast forwarding her entirely), I feel… sorry for her disappointment…nothing! Thanks for filing me in on what I missed!!!

    Spot on with the David-Shannon dinner scene; otherwise, I couldn’t keep my finger off the fast forward button. Once again, much thanks!!! I couldn’t believe Heather’s loose lips; whereas, there’s obviously no love lost between Vicki & Shannon! I can’t wait to see THIS play out on the Reunion 😉

    Like you, I’m finding Vicki’s neverending lie hard to defend #teamvicki!!! Vicki, please please stop – Michael was trying to give you a lifeline & you still chose to perpetuate the fraud! WHHHHHHYYYYYYYYY!?!?!?!

    I hope this week is uneventful, TT – a bit selfishly – as I can’t wait for your synopsis of Tamra’s annual meltdown!!! :)

    • Minky

      Seriously, I wasn’t expecting any recaps for at least a couple of days. TT needs a good long break. In the destination of her choice. I suggest somewhere nice and cold with good food and hot men, where there are no varmints of any kind. Be it the four or two legged variety, as my mama would say. But apparently TT has the resolve of a Navy Seal. I salute you Tamara!!!

      I wish I could get a job where all I do is complain and gossip and have drunken, melodramatic tantrums in exotic locales or beach houses in Southern California! Where do I sign up for that shit?!!!

      From now on, every time I see or hear Tamra and Vicki, or any of these delusional HW heifers, mentioning Jesus, I’ll be reminded of crack head lady from my work. I’m a’scurred to go back tomorrow. Heaven help me!

      • tamaratattles

        “I wish I could get a job where all I do is complain and gossip and have drunken, melodramatic tantrums in exotic locales or beach houses in Southern California! Where do I sign up for that shit?!!!”

        If you remove the exotic locations, I have that job. The pay is not as good as a housewife, but it’s a liveable wage, when and if the morons are not violating their contract. :) So I better be back at recapping, because if I miss a day the views suffer for about a week.

      • Cat

        I’m with Minky.

        Hopefully, the situation has resolved.

  7. Tamra’s annual international meltdown. . .
    That should be the title of the show that features it.
    I wonder what happens. Any tea?

    • Melissa

      I’m dying to know as well.

      Hypothesis: Maybe Tamra called Kelly’s ex-fiance — we saw something about that on Twitter. And Kelly found out. Which would explain her screaming at Tamra in the restaurant and leaving in a huff. And then to make Kelly feel better, Vicki told her some serious dirt about Tamra’s parenting or relationship with her estranged daughter. Kelly, being Kelly, got drunk and screamed the revelation to Tamra. Vicki was the only one who knew about this dirt, so clearly she was the source.
      Cue Tamra’s rage.

      (I’m trying to lure TT here. I am 99.9% sure I am flat out wrong. Let’s hope she corrects me and gives the actual story. Because we KNOW she knows. She knows everything!)

      • Ha, Melissa! I like your conjecture. I guess we’ll have to watch what happens.

      • tamaratattles

        Not about OC I don’t Melissa. Sorry. My west coast sources are usually about Pump Rules or SOMETIMES RHOBH if I get any tea at all. LA people, even sources are not fond of OC for some reason.

      • OmgOmg

        Maybe it’s because for some reason LA County people look down their nose at the OC. I think SoCal people view it as a different world. May as well be San Diego.

      • I don’t know Melissa, this sound like a plausible scenario to me! Something close to it. Those previews looked pretty crazy scary. That picture of Shannon holding someone on a bus I guess, I had to keep looking I couldn’t believe that was Tamara. I thought there was a little Linda Blair something or other going on there.

      • Melissa

        Thanks guys. As TT probably knows by now, I tend to overthink these things.

        And TT, I am not surprised that your sources aren’t fond of the OC. The OC women may have money (except for Tamra), but they take classless to another level. Even Heather comes off as tacky IMO.

        As far as Tamra — I have been doing armchair analysis of her for years now. And when she loses control like that, and becomes physically threatening (screaming “f you” literally 1 inch from Vicki’s face is physically aggressive IMO), it is because whatever someone said was true. Tamra doesn’t like anyone to rub her nose in facts. She has a long history of raging on anyone that exposes her. Tamra likes to spend her seasons deflecting attention by focusing on someone else’s flaws — Jeanna, Gretchen, Lizzie, Alexis, Vicki. And when the person points the mirror back in Tamra’s face — she loses control. She throws things at them, she screams obscenities, she runs away, she goes into “attack mode” and basically lives to destroy them from that point forward.

        So, it is either something about her estranged daughter. Or, it could be about her cheating with Eddie before she left Simon. The latter seems likely b/c it would be relevant to the current SL about infidelity.

        Whatever it was, I truly believe that the current Vicki v. Tamra battle is legit, not the “made for SL” drama that they acted out in prior seasons.

    • Reallymortified

      Oh the irony of Dr. Tamra psychoanalyzing Kelly and stating that happily married people do not come unglued in public. She said, “Trust me, I know” – in an obvious attempt to show us how self aware she has become. Then in the previews they show Tamra SCREAMING F**K YOU” within an inch of Vicki’s face.

  8. Happy gal

    I really really Blake Vicki but that was the dumbest idea she has to date – spokes person for the cancer charity or the cancer insurance or whatever it was she was trying to do.

    Sometimes you just need to be quite and let people forget ! This is one of those times!

    On the other hand I really enjoyed Vicki spilling the tea on David and his mistress at the mud fest and heather co singing it ! For Vicki that could not have played out any better

    • raynidaze

      IDK how Vicki can look in the mirror after all of the lies she’s told and continues to perpetuate – and then to top it all off she thinks setting up a charity for cancer (in itself is a great cause but…) and then is going to profit off of it by linking it to sell cancer insurance policies. That scene made me ill and thinking about what she’s doing.

      Does she have no self awareness or does she simply not see anything questionable about what she’s doing? SMH with her going on and on about being at Brook’s test and treatment appointments, even with her son trying to bring her back to the truth, and she just doesn’t seem to see the issue. Or, does she get it but is she just so hell bent on making money off of this cancer scam that she doesn’t care? Either way, I can’t stomach her anymore; I guess I’ll be fast forwarding thru her scenes now.

      • Patricia's martini glass

        Raynidaze- I can’t understand when she said that people can buy insurance to help them get back on their feet – how is that a charity? Isn’t that selling insurance?

    • SaraSally

      Upon reflection of [POS’s x 2] Heather and Vicki’s conversation at the the spa regarding David’s affair with the other woman, it dawned on me why, of course, Shannon couldnt stay in the OC. Heather said that it was common conversation in OC that the affair was going on. For me, it would be highly embarrassing to live in a community knowing everyone knew your personal business & marriage infidilities. David seems to have flaunted his miscreant ways in several public places. No matter where Bedoers would go…the scuttlebutt followed how David pissed his business all about town. It must be highly embarressing for the entire family, especially since it spilled over into the girls’ school & extracurricular activities. So, they up and move from their beloved home, pull the children out of school, and start anew. Only problem is …the saga continues, she’s on national TV & continues talking about it in her neurotic way. Go figure.

      • David said the move would be great for them financially so I think they were house poor before and getting out from under that mortgage is a good thing.

      • Nila

        I don’t think they ever said they pulled the kids from their school. I’m assuming they go to private school and where you live wouldn’t matter since you pay tuition.

      • Leelee

        Uh, yeah. CDM is still in Newport, just a 10 min drive from Newport Coast, where they previously lived. It’s just a different area. Newport is not that big.

      • Reallymortified

        I suspect that Shannon confided a lot of that information about David’s mistress to Vicki when they were friends, which makes Vicki an even bigger POS. When she joined the show, I thought Heather was the only OC HW with a soul – but I was mistaken. If Terry cheated on control freak Heather do you think she would appreciate the details being discussed among the HWs? She would expect Shannon to shut it down – and I think Shannon would.

  9. Sharon

    Just an FYI -Lizzie came to Kelly’s defense on Twitter after Shannon made snarky comments toward Kelly. Then Shannon shot back at Lizzie and Gretchen chimed in defending Lizzie and Kelly. Pretty crazy!

    • JennLovesAndy

      Thanks. I am on twitter but only follow our TT and rarely look at it. Seems like an odd social media outlet so I just peek out from my rock occasionally. We needs blogs about this- this may be more real that what is sold to us as reality.

  10. Cheryl B.

    The only thing I retained from the episode, which I watched this morning, is Kelly mom did not say she should get a divorce, I thought I misheard. Glad you seem to be having a better day TT.

  11. I see Vicki is still trying to make a buck off the cancer scam by what else! – cancer insurance under the guise of being charitable. She figures everyone is stupid but her. What a POS she is. Absolutely HATE that vile disgusting women. She makes Teresa Guidice look like a saint.

    Hey Vicki, your Mama won’t protect you from karma.

    • Swizzle

      When I think Vicki can’t get any lower. Wow. How can anyone actually support that woman any more? She seriously went on TV and discussed how she was going to create insurance business by creating a charity. She’s dumber than I thought. If you look at the Kill All Cancer site now, it’s a mess. Vicki should let Michael take over. He appears to have a brain.

    • Yes, karma comes for us all and she is certainly no exception. She’s really racking up the bad karma points, though. Like to the point where it’s shocking. She’s a total embarrassment.

  12. Margaret Shepard

    I know Kelly says she is Mexican so I am thinking her father must have been. Her Mother certainly isn’t. Shannon really gets on my nerves a lot. Her whining that the rental won’t have hospital grade air etc, boo-hoo. Why does David put that gel or whatever in his hair? Its just greasy looking. Their kids are cute but I don’t care for their parent’s.

  13. Kate Gates

    I love the way you write, Tamara! Sorry your week has been so hectic! I have cronic sinus issues and my physio taught me to massage the pressure point between your thumbs and first finger. It hurts when sinus is congested but releases a bit of pain in your face. I think Tamra is TV gold and I love Meghan and feel sorry for her. Don’t shout but I think her husband loves her and they are going to make it. Bitch Heather was such a jerk re David and I think she spoke up because she was still pissed that Shannon didn’t go to the hospital. Vindictive people get vindictive. Vikki needs a case study done on her personality and how her brain works. I think she’s fascinating, slightly evil, but fascinating none the less and I would love to read it. I think Kelly would be a loveable person if she wasn’t so miserable and medicating with booze. She has shown glimmers of kindness. Oh and off topic but previously I said house wives of New Zealand was amazing. Completely retract that statement.

    • tamaratattles

      Kate, I have recaps for all of Auckland so far. I am holding on to them to see if we get the series here. If not, I will post them eventually. I haven’t read them, one of my Aussie friends is doing them. I did overhear that things got ugly. I hope we get to see the series at some point!

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        Oooh! That excites me. I’m going to watch it online :) Fingers crossed for the recaps!

      • AmyinLasVegas

        How can we watch Auckland without waiting on Bravo please? I googled but nothing came up. Is it on Netflix or Hulu or something?

    • Vicki better buy herself some of that cancer insurance. Her Karma has got to suck at this point.

  14. Toddy

    Damn, a mother in law must despise a daughter in law/despise what she’s done to her son if she’s advocating splitting up her grandchildrens’ home. Allegedly.

  15. Just checked out the Kill All Cancer website. What a horrid job–did Vicki have an unpaid intern build it? Font is hard to read & grammar wasn’t checked. To me it is clearly a front for selling insurance, even at this early stage. I may be a bit critical because I actually run a charitable foundation, but if this is Vicki’s way of making amends for being part of a cancer scam, she’s not sorry enough yet.

    • Maybe you could offer her your professional opinion. Oh never mind, she doesn’t listen to anyone.

    • Swizzle

      It’s a mishmash of shit. In one place it says they won’t raise funds directly, but be a gateway to direct you to reputable charities. Then on another page it says they are raising money to cure cancer…oh, but you can only buy two bracelets. It was clearly a front to sell insurance, and now they are trying to cover that up. The woman is a moron.

    • I actually was a little surprised that a reputable charity would want Vicki involved in a cancer raising organization. Whether they honestly watched the show or not….after her disclosure I would tell her we would get back to her and do myself a little binge watching. It would be one thing if she had come forward to the public and said blah blah blah. Instead she continues to act a victim. I was ready to start all over with her too, but no more.

  16. Jrleaguer

    I was really touched by how tender Jim was with Meghan. That is a tough spot for a husband to be in. #TheGrinchGrewAHeart

  17. Cat

    I’ve always liked Vicki, and gave her the benefit of the doubt concerning Brooks. But if what I’m reading here in comments is true, I’m disappointed.

    It makes me think of that nasty couple that is no longer on RHONJ. Sad.

  18. cheychey

    Just an opinion but I wonder if maybe David’s family dislikes Shannon for good reason. She seems to be a miserable person most of the time. She talks to him like her child and treats him in a very demasculating way. I’m sure this didn’t just start because she was like that with him before she knew of the affair. I ponder about how much she also holds over his head her family’s money. Non of these things would be attractive to inlaws of a person. They have probably seen him miserable for years with her. Certainly that would cause animosity between them.

    • Shannon said they never liked her. I can see why, but once there are children, most MILs would keep it quiet for the grandkids’ sakes.

    • Microop

      I don’t care if they never liked her, she is the source of David’s success and more importantly the mother of their grandchildren. You put disdain aside and don’t encourage affairs.

    • Jomama

      Thank you, I thought I was the only one who sees the situation this way. The way I see it, David will eventually be pushed completely over the edge by Shannon’s weird OCD control related personality defects. I am ready to not hear the “poor me, I was cheated on in the middle of my perfect marriage” victim rants.

      • Shae

        OCD is not a personality defect. Also, I’m sure David has some of his own flaws/issues that bring complication to the marriage. I hate this idea of a woman “driving” a man over the edge, to cheat, etc. You know who you married, their flaws, your flaws, you deal as adults or you don’t. It makes it sound like a man is a hapless victim to his wife’s “issues” lol.

    • Shae

      Shannon said the mother said at their wedding, during a toast, that Shannon was taking her “rock” away from her. That does not bode well and I doubt Shannon could’ve done so much already for her to have legit reason to hate her. David explained his dad cheated on his mom and left her, she probably was overly attached to David- even as he was an adult- and resented the shit out of Shannon. Something is just not right with a woman who bad mouths their grandkids’ mom to her grandkids and spills family business like that to complete strangers. Shannon might be neurotic at times, but her emotions make sense to me. I do not trust a woman who comes in crying to a rock show and blathers on to strangers about her evil daughter in law who won’t let her see the kids…but oh wait, pushed her son to cheat, but oh wait…I wanted him to lol

      Also disgusting for a mother and sister to spend time with his mistress. I don’t care if you like her better, you should never encourage your family member to cheat. If they’re unhappy, they should leave and do it right- not sneak around. It’s just gross they encouraged and tolerated DAvid’s bad behavior. that adds a whole other level of hurt to it for Shannon, I assume. i don’t know wtf I’d do if 1) my husband cheated for a year and 2) his family was in on it, encouraged it and approves of her more than me. How the hell do you heal that?

      • Dandy Lion

        Yes, agree! If David’s father cheated on his mother you would think Donna would have zero tolerance for cheating and gain compassion for Shannon.

      • Kika

        Why would the mother and sister encourage David in an affair with a MARRIED woman! Am I correct in thinkiing this woman was married? Why would she get involved with the family of her lover? Was she in an open marriage? Was her husband aware of all of this?

      • Sliceo'pie

        Spot on Shae-I really dislike Shannon but her MIL has serious issues.

  19. Jrleaguer

    A marriage really has to be in the crapper for a guy to take his side piece out for meals with his family and the family be okay with it. Their daughters have been exposed to way too much regarding their marital issues. I still think that David is blinking out “Help Me!”

    • Jane

      Hate your daughter-in-law, FINE, stay out of her life. Supporting your son in an extramarital affair is a bitch move. Marriage vows mean something. Want something more than what your getting from your marriage, file for divorce. Want your son to have a better partner, support him in filing for a divorce. Entertaining your son and his new f*-buddy is a crappy thing to do to your grandchildren. Encouraging your son to put your grandchildren through the hell of having to choose sides in an extramarital affair divorce is only done by a self-serving, immature, needy, narcissistic mother. David’s mother deserves every bit of the public beat down she is receiving.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        I’ve never seen someone be so blatant about their own dysfunction. She seems to lack any degree of self awareness. If she is a narcissist she seems to be a very low functioning one.

      • Something Clever

        @ Jane – Amen!!!!

  20. cc101

    Anyone else notice that Shannon cannot mention the vow renewal without also mentioning that David planned it ‘all by himself’? The constant need to repeat this information has only affirmed for me that this was not the case.

    • Jrleaguer

      @cc101 If I recall correctly, Vow Renewals by Bravo does not have a good track record….OC Vicki…NY Ramona.

    • SLM

      Funny 8ypu should say that @cc101, because I thought the same thing. Really – I thought it was all a sham from moment one and Shannon planned the whole thing with David and they pretended it was a surprise by him to make it look super romantic. This is just my opinion, but I think they are MISERABLE together, but Shannon is determined that no one is leaving that marriage ever.

  21. Rach

    The drama with them on twitter was so strange and it wasn’t Shannon that dragged Gretchen and Lizzie into it, it was Kelly and Vicki, Vicki was with Gretchen at the time in Dallas and then Lizzie started tweeting Shannon defending Kelly. It got sooooo messy.

    David and his mistress going to his family home for dinner when they were both married sickens me. And any mother that condones that needs help no matter how much they dislike his wife.

    Vicki is still pedalling this lie and is defending Brooks to the bone on twitter so I assume we get to hear more about the “cancer” later on in the series.

    The scene with Meghan was so sad. I’m liking Meghan this season which is odd because last season I despised her completely.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      Why did I not care at all about Meghan’s one baby? Am I a cold hearted bitch!? She seemed ungrateful to me. You get to see your baby’s heartbeat for the first time and all you do is cry about there only being one? She knew going in that was very likely to happen, and even that maybe neither one would take. I thought she was being totally obnoxious.

      • Kika

        I agree with you but as she was lying there crying I figured that she probably thought this was her one and only chance to have her husbands children and that was what she was why she was sad. Hard for me understand as I have never had any children.

      • tamaratattles

        Yes, TAFKAY you are in fact a cold hearted bitch. This can’t possibly be news to you, can it?

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        I’ll take it, TT. I’m just not warming up to Meghan and find her very annoying still.

        Kika, I suppose that makes some sense. I just thought she should have expected that it’s lucky if even one takes, you know?

      • tamaratattles

        I’ve never been knocked up in even the conventional way, but that doesn’t keep me from having compassion for a woman who hoped she was carrying two babies and one didn’t make it. Dead babies, or even just embryos I thought were sort of a universal area of agreement where women would feel compassion for other women. Generally, one is not callous about a miscarriage, or a failure to launch when it comes to a woman desperately seeking a child.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        TT, it’s not that I don’t think she should care about it. I’m currently pregnant and remember seeing my baby’s heartbeat for the first time as a joyous occasion. I’m sure Meghan WAS happy and maybe Bravo chose to only show her crying about the lost embryo. I’d rather remember that as a happy moment rather than having the disappointment overshadow it.

  22. Microop

    Unless they were officially separated (I don’t believe they were) it is completely messed up he brought the side piece around his family, and equally messed up they supported it. David is an asshole, with a family who doesn’t care enough about his children to give him unselfish advice. Shannon needs to leave him. She’d be happier.

    • Agreed!

      What a pickle Shannon is in. If its true that David regularly brought the other woman to his parents house, if I was Shannon, I would never want to be around his parents. But, at the same time, I wouldn’t want David going over to visit his mom alone, because nobody in that family can be trusted. So, she’s forced to go interact with them.

      No wonder she is nuts.

      • Microop

        Ugh. I seriously think he is the absolute worst now. He had sex with his mistress in their home, had sex with her the same day he had sex with Shannon, and brought the mistress around his family. On top of it, he continually plays the victim. This is the father of three daughters. I don’t care how annoying Shannon can be, I am now of the belief that she’s in a relationship with an emotionally abusive selfish person. I can see making a marriage work after infidelity or an affair, but he took the disrespect of an affair to another level.

      • Miguel

        Thanks, limebrain; I can get this perspective!!! Maybe, I’ll stop fastforwarding Shannon and, for that matter, Meghan & watch them with less “judgy” eyes 😉

  23. Lisa j

    Kill All Cancers mission statement says that each of them have had someone in their life who had cancer and cancer won. Hmmmm. Vicki you’re not winning anything here, a hiatus this season followed by a sincere apology and butt kissing was in order nor publicizing a hoax while trying to make yet another buck, despicable. Hated hearing the gossip of Shannon’s marriage. She and David have decided to make it work and you’re simply being unnecessarily cruel. Hope the second half of the season is better than the first. Also Kelly still isn’t gaining my sympathy. Your daughter is watching what goes on in your house and certainly has Internet, be a role model she can look up to. Tamara told the ladies in one of the first episodes she has little to no relationship with her daughter so this has to be something bigger than that causing the international breakdown. #BestLineEver TT

  24. Meghan is starting to grow on me and I think she one of the realest moments, on screen, My heart ached for her.

    Tamra has no storyline, unless she is pot stirring.
    Shannon- so miserable and negative about everything. Esp moving from one mansion to another…rich people problems. Boxes everywhere, oh my!
    I thought it was interesting that Heather co signed everything Vicki said, but I bet only Vicki will be called out on it.
    Kelly is Tamra 2.0 She too can fin Jesus and weight training.

    The comment Shannon said Lizzie was a nobody on Twitter, said so much about her; Lizzie was one of the nice ones to her when everyone else scattered & thought she was a loon.

    The show needs a shake up. Heather, Tamra, Shannon need to go.

    Wait, did David have an affair?????? How many years must we constantly hear about this.

    Hope you have been able to get some sleep Tamara and that your barriers work!

  25. Shae

    Vicki is full of shit with the cancer nonsense. Her story has changed 300 million times. Initially she swore she had no idea he didn’t have cancer, she admitted he didn’t, then she denied he didn’t, then she admitted to lying, then she denied lying. Bullshit. Now she’s acting like she’s convinced the man was sick? No wonder her son looks at her like she’s batshit insane. What needs to occur for her to be convinced he lied? more fake medical documents?

    Regardless of any of that, as a person who was deeply embroiled in a “fake” cancer scam/scandal she should know to steer clear of any cancer related events or charities involving herself. Talk about tone deaf. That looks highly insensitive. Really poor choice.

    I can’t even deal with Kelly. Clearly, she is a nag and has her own control issues and it seems like she came back to her marriage for bad reasons, but her husband seems borderline abusive. Threatening someone with getting sole custody of their kid for no other reason than to be spiteful? That’s evil, that’s not loving. That is a dangerous person. Their relationship seems more like a hostage situation- she’s there because she thinks leaving would be worse and she’s scared of what he’ll do to her. That’s really sad. I don’t like Kelly at all, but I feel badly for her.

    • Something Clever

      @Shae – Bam! You nailed it on the subject of Kelly. She is back with her husband out of fear of him, not love of him. I can’t stand her, either, but the crazy situation makes it difficult to determine who was initially the bigger asshole in the marriage. It just r emendation me of that saying – she who marries for money eventually earns every penny of it. What fucking misery,

  26. I want to invest money. Who do I ask for advice? I know, a high school graduate insurance agent with no background in finance who will try to sell me life policies and annuities. Or, I want to start selling cancer insurance, what do I need to be successful? I know – I’ll get someone who participated in a cancer fraud to be my spokesperson..

    vicki is not smart. She just works hard. Insurance is not a smart person’s game, Show up and you are half way there to success. Hard worker – yes. Smart – no.

    • Miguel

      Ouch, dexterpie – that’s really judgemental, harsh & overgeneralized! Vicki no more represents all insurance people than she does all women/ blondes/people from OC!!!

  27. Lindsay

    I love how Tamra refers to them as the “Glamis Four” in the same manner as “SEAL Team 6” or the “West Memphis Three.” Like falling off a dune buggy is akin to a special ops mission or false imprisonment lol.

  28. PaganChick

    RE: Vicki and Donn. They both cheated. Donn had a mistress for 10 years during their marriage, Brianna confirmed that a few seasons back. It is feasible that Vicki cheated with someone prior to Brooks, but Brooks is the only affair that Brianna confirmed that Vicki had while married to Donn. It also came out after the the divorce that Donn was into swinging and public sex. So I am surprised that their marriage lasted as long as it did.

    • SLM

      I heard the same rumors about Donn @PaganChick and let me just say I am still trying to fight the PROFOUND nausea the thought of that induces in me LOL

    • Sliceo'pie

      I wager to say most mother’s don’t discuss their sex life with their daughters. I believe Brianna found out about Brooke’s from reading text messages on Vickie’s phone. I wouldn’t be surprised if Vicki had more than one affair – especially if Don was frequently stepping out. I wouldn’t use Brianna as a reliable source re’ her mother’s sex life.

      • SLM

        I don’t know, slice, Vicki seems to overshare intimate details of her life with her kids all the time…do you recall the discussion she had with Briana about how she wanted to put out an ad for a fuck buddy because she hadn’t had sex in so long? It actually wouldn’t surprise me if she did tell Briana or Michael LOTS of stuff they probably don’t want to know. And I STILL like Vicki….although it’s been hard lately especially now that she KEEPS trying to make us believe that MAYBE Brookes really did have cancer somehow, someway, so she wasn’t TOTALLY wrong.

      • Jane

        I believe Brianna stated she saw emails between Vicki and Brooks while she was working for her mother’s insurance company. This was while Vicki was still married to Donn.

  29. PeachyKeen

    Never could keep track of V’s previous husbands and or “lovers” I always thought V had a higher “freak” factor than Tamara. If Donn had a mistress for 10 years? WHy did Vicki stay?

    • SLM

      From what I could gather (just my opinion), Peachy, Vicki was allegedly free to see other people when she was with Donn, and did so. It’s always been my thought that she just wasn’t interested in the hassle of another divorce (and she did lose HALF her money to Donn in their divorce) so they just lived separate sex lives. From what I remember her later talking about with Tamra and Briana, she only chose the divorce route when she thought Brookes (who she was maybe somehow murkily involved with while she was still married to Donn) was recovering from some illness and wanted to BE with her full time. I think it may have been intimated that Brookes saying he was ill then was also a lie. Allegedly.

      • PeachyKeen

        I appreciate your comments and in the end she gave Donn a ton of bucks..Brooks been there
        and #killAllCancer.. makes me want to do a “fake” Vikicki” earp on any any HWOC show. IMO

      • SLM

        I’m with you, Peachy – I don’t want to imagine Donn or Brookes or any of them in any configuration, and Brookes’ fake cancer ploy was sickening. And I’m not at all sure what the Kill All Cancer deal is, but it sounds hinky.

  30. PeachyKeen

    Cancer is a major issue..A lot of us have dealt with it. My dear friend died of brain cancer. I know the hospice that took care of her…. I donated money.. They helped my mom who didn’t have cancer.. but was hospice.. It truly makes me angry to see anyone trying to link up or profit from any disease.. Vicki is worse than anyone. IMO

  31. Adèle

    for me, kelly gets the award for most annoying cast member. her standng in the garage bellowing ‘did you tape, did you tape?’ and chastising her husband for never doing a good job, complimenting herself for always taking the time to do the job right while rolling on paint exasperatingly close to an unremoved light plate. being around people like that make you insane.

  32. Cat

    Sorry, but to suggest that someone gets cancer because it’s “karma” is absurd.

    I didn’t do anything to anyone.

  33. Something Clever

    Shannon’s MIL is one nasty piece of work. I don’t care what happened before their wedding – once they are married, and especially after the couple had *three* kids, the only excuse of breaking up a marriage is actual abuse. If her MIL wanted to look like an asshole on national tv, she sure succeeded.

    As for David, he sure looks like an asshole for bringing his paramour to family dinners. It sure looks like the affair was more than a secretive fling, as initially portrayed. No wonder Shannon is so emotionally fragile. How devastating.

  34. Sliceo'pie

    Kelly’s situation with her husband hit a little close to home for me so it was a bit painful to watch – I thought I’d have some empathy for her, but I had trouble mustering up any. She has a terrible temper and lacks any insight into her problem. Her reactions are almost child-like. She lashes out- apologizes and then freaks if people don’t accept her apology immediately. Unfortunately life doesn’t work out like that. People usually need time to process the apology. (Especially if the friendship is new!) People are under no obligation to accept an apology- You can put it out there and hope for the best.
    Kelly, (like all the housewives) has a sense of entitlement a mile long. For what it’s worth, it’s become apparent to me, over the last few episodes, she’s not the brightest bulb in the chandelier. ; )

  35. OmgOmg

    I have a sport spot for RHOOC because they seem like real people and the storylines seem real and not scripted like the others — there’s so much drama!
    Vicki – meh, everything she does is boring me this season but she looks really good.
    Tamra– I always root for her but she’s a hothead.
    Heather– an enigma, she’s like shallow wrapped in a smart person’s personae.
    Meghan– couldn’t stand her previously, felt sooooo bad sweet scene with her husband.
    Kelly– a child, impulsive and reactive. Maybe some brain cells missing. Really beautiful though IMHO.
    Shannon– used to be my favorite now I find her uber annoying. Is she crazy or what? Your husband is that far out the door, that level of betrayal– you’re done. Everything about them screams disingenuous. I feel blank from him — makes me think he’s lying or he’s emotionally flat. Maybe they have regrouped as a couple I don’t “feel” it and fast forward their scenes. You can’t read him so therefore I don’t trust him. However– I love Jeff Lewis and Jenn and if they are good friends of hers she must be a good friend IRL.
    Drama next week? It looks awful and really, really ugly. I’m going to guess its about Eddie, maybe? Idk.

    • PeachyKeen

      I agree with most of your comments. Kelly is pretty in “still” photos.. Can’t quite understand her penchant for wearing halter backless dresses? A narcissist also perhaps? Can’t imagine Eddie
      creating an issue? But..As for Shannon.. maybe she will mellow out in Corona Del Mar…David.. never would have been my choice for a hubby.. but to each their own. Three lovely girls..
      Am not looking forward to hear Vicki screaming in Ireland….WIll pass on that episode.

  36. Arizona

    I am Arizona’s daughter. My mom died of cancer last week. Her brother died of cancer five years ago. Lymphoma. Same kind Vickie and Brooks pretended he had. Let me tell you something…when somebody has lymphoma and is getting chemo you KNOW it. You can’t live with somebody who has lymphoma and not know it. These people make me sick. There is no “uh, well i thought he was getting chemo” bullshit. They are disgusting human beings. There is no mistaking a medical report. And you certainly dont put your chemo on “pause” and drink some anti aging juice. Brooks and Vicki are the lowliest of low. Disgusting filth of humanity. I watched my favorite uncle and my mother DIE from lymphoma.

    My mom loved reading your recaps TT and she loved her tea. Thank you for giving her that. I might check in every now and then.

    I might just pipe in when i see the crap about vicki and brooks’ cancer scam. I hope they see this. Cancer is real. It kills. Fuck cancer. And fuck Vicki and Brooks.

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