WWHL With Jac Laurita & Mark Consuelos

Mark Consuelos is there to sit there and look pretty for tonight’s show.  That is always a good thing. He’s also publicizing his new show Pitch. The bartender immediately says he did not like Robyn on tonight’s show. Jac points out that she was laughing at her to whole time, well most of the time really. I really do think that people’s blind hatred of Jac has them overlooking that this Robyn chick came for her on the bus before they even got going defending Teresa in the war on Kathy and Rosie. Frankly, I was thinking, “Who is this new chick and why is she such a loud mouthpiece for Teresa?” Teresa is plenty capable of screaming for herself, and she already has Melissa to be at her beck and call, does she really need another solider?

Mark Consuelos laughs at Robyn freaking out about being called a soldier. Then he does his Juicy impression. It’s not as good as I assume Kelly tells him it is.

I was still hoping for a decent photo from WWHL and looking on social media but there was nothing there.  Jac said that she and Siggy were just trying to have everyone get along for once when it came to Kathy and Rosie. They were both very hurt by Teresa’s choices. She also says things were going on behind the scene that were not shown that caused the issues with her and Teresa.  I knew there had to be something because they were went from fine to fuck you over two episodes.

MarkConsuelosA caller wants to if Caroline and Dina will ever be back together. She doesn’t really know. She is fine with Dina and they tweet occasionally but she hasn’t seen much of her since she moved.

I was bored, but now they are playing Bravowood Stars. It’s the only good game they have. Jac won with only three questions. So much for my favorite game.

The only good reason to watch this show was Mark Consuelos, he looked hot as usual.  At the end Kim D. came out with the gay shark and Andy did his whole “Dance Party!” routine.

Photo is one I had of Mark on a trip with Andy somewhere.



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39 responses to “WWHL With Jac Laurita & Mark Consuelos

  1. Blahblahblogeh

    Unpopular opinion alert: I think Jacqueline seems to be taking her edit much more in stride than she did in the past.

    And does Andy literally have to ask every single guest if they have “taken a dip” in the lady/man pond?

    • Bridgett

      Especially when he has not…unless he considers making out with Tamra Judge as a dip.

    • Lolita

      I know, and it’s getting old. This show needs some new material, or its done. I rarely keep the TV on for the entirety. The last time I watched until the end was Carol Burnett. Andy appears bored and irritated.

      • tamaratattles

        I just got around to watching the Carole Burnett one last night. Andy has ZERO respect for her or has no idea how to treat her respectfully, one or the other.

        I was cringing on her behalf the whole half hour. AND SHE’S BEEN ON TWICE!

  2. TT, didn’t know if you caught it or not, Jax saying Robin had been arrested recently for fighting. Maybe Bravo is finally putting their foot down on fighting. Let’s hope Porsha is next.

    Jac comes off phoney to me getting choked up about Kathy and Rosie. The whole five years was spent with Kathy and Rosie trying to get into Teresa’s good graces. Enough is enough. Not a Teresa fan but leave her alone.

    • LisaPat

      The fight wasn’t recently involving Robyn’s arrest.. but Jac has had many instances of fighting in her past, including assaulting her sister in law and ex-husband. Jac always conveniently forgets her brushes with whatever it is she is being hypocritical about in that moment.. just like pointing the finger at Teresa for bankruptcy fraud whilst she and her brood are in the middle of their own bank fraud trial, including charges of money-laundering, siphoning funds from a the Komen Foundation to pay for plastic surgery for Jacqueline, not that it did a bit of good. The hypocrisy is so out of control – it’s almost like a Seinfeld episode. Jac has not changed this year.. it wasonly a few episodes ago that she blamed Nick for financial troubles. They cant ask her the same question in every talking head in every episode. If they could, she would answer the same blaming it all on Nick. It was also just a few episodes ago that she woke Nick up and got him overstimulated to such sympathy out of the viewing audience for her mental issues. I think some people forget that she is the same ol’ Jacqueline because they aren’t asking her the same questions in every episode. If they were, you would hear the same answers!!!

      • Spunky2015

        Lisa Pat: Jac also hit a guy with a stiletto but Bravo made it go away. Chris and Gorga were also involved.

        Funny when Jac says Ashlee is such a good mother – what has it been a week!

      • Jacs reason for punching Caroline was she had PPD. If you’ve ever had it like I have you would understand. She gave the story at the reunion.

      • Kimoe

        I don’t think Jac was blaming financial troubles ON Nick. It’s not like he was on trial for a crime and they had to pay for a defense. I think she was stating a fact. It’s expensive getting the best care for a child with chronic issues. I have a child with chronic issues and understand our financial issues ARE due to that but it’s a fact, not blame. Life is what it is and we do our level best for our kids.

      • Sliceo'pie

        I’m not a fan of any of these people but I still think their, “crimes” are pretty different.
        At the end of the day – beyond all the other shit the Guidice’s pulled with the banks, I think of all the small business they hurt and the “lower income” families that Joe Guidice ripped off. After Storm Sandy decimated the NJ Shore, he signed on as their General Contractor (actively soliciting their business – going door to door with flyers) he took their insurance checks, promising to fix their homes and performed extremely shoddy work-or no work at all. These are not sophisticated people – they were left in the lurch with no money to fix their homes.

        Re’ siphoning funds from the Komen foundation – I understand they are listed as a, “creditor”-but where’d you get the info Jaq used the money to fund her plastic surgery?
        Don’t want to nit pick but that sounds like a rumor someone started and people have run with it..how would anyone possibly have access to that information? No offense but I sorta hate it when people toss shit out like that just to see if it sticks and no one will refute it.

  3. Sali

    I might be tarred and feathered for this, but I don’t hate Jaclyn. A little wacky? Yes? A terrible person? I don’t see it.

    • tamaratattles

      I would love to tar and feather you for this but I feel stuck on team Jac myself this season. I don’t feel like I have a choice.

    • Lisa j

      Ditto on team Jac. She needs the paycheck and I think her concern made perfect sense. How many years did we suffer at the hands of Gorga V Gorga with everyone trying to make peace and now when Kathy and Rosie want it the Bobsy Twins shut them down? I miss Rich, Kathy’s cannoli and Rosie, perhaps the Gorga clan is a bit envious of their new beautiful home sans beavers? Something really is missing here.

  4. LisaPat

    I don’t find Mark Consuelos even remotely attractive. I could snap his little body in half.

  5. Coco

    I keep saying I’m finished with this Housewives series, but I just can’t stay away. Thanks for the wonderful recap, TT. I understand Jacqueline trying to make everyone zen this season, but she’s going about it the wrong way. She knows how Teresa is about her family, so Jacqueline should just leave it alone. I think Jacqueline should focus on her own beautiful family and give Teresa a break. I refuse to give any energy to Robyn. She’s trying to be this season’s Daniel Staub.

  6. Jane

    Have been a HW show watcher for years and always thought the “teams” were stoopid. Until this NJ season. Geez, Jac is getting hosed and I think she is handling it all very well. So far. A first for me ….. Team Jac here too.

  7. LisaPat

    The reason she dug her stiletto heel into Johnny the Greek’s temple is “stress” over her son’s diagnosis and the reason she’s giving for the fight next week is that she got her period that morning. Thanks for explaining the reason she assaulted her sister-in-law was PPD. God help Jersey if she ever gets the flu. Someone may be chainsawed.

  8. Margaret Shepard

    I think Jac is only amped up for the paycheck, which I believe they desperately need. Sick of the whole Rosie, Kathy Teresa crap. Enough already. Still watching for Teresa having to pay her tax lien’s lose the home while Juicy pumps iron at camp err PRISON.

  9. Lisa j

    I’m a little defensive of the comments about how jac pimps out her son for sympathy. My sister has a son w severe autism and not only is it costly but you mourn the loss of what could’ve and should’ve been your child. Yes you’ll try moon juice or decompression chambers, anything to get your child back. My sister has devoted her life to autism now and spent a Yolanda amount of Lymeopause money trying to find the perfect mix for her child so I really really understand Jac. She does seem to have a lot of Twitter time on her hands and she really messed up with Ashley but because this is something I’ve seen in my own family, I get her. I’m not speaking about her other financial dealings, I’m truly only talking about her fighting for her son and the money that can go into that. And in my opinion, she’s been a stellar friend to Tre and Melissa when neither seemed to return the favor. Sorry for the rant.

    • Sali

      Sending good thoughts to your sister and her son. ❤️
      I’ve never felt as if Jac was pimping out Nick. I think she wanted to use the platform for good, but she didn’t go about it as well as I wish she had. I agree with you that she has been a good friend to both Tre and Melissa.

  10. gapeachinsc

    I kinda think Jaq is deeply troubled. It has nothing to do with Nick – I think she’s been troubled for a very long time. Emotionally stunted even, like she’s stuck in a teen aged frame of mind. At any rate, Chris seems to truly love her a lot and and that is good for her.

    • minimogul

      I agree. The woman is not well. She thrives in the drama. Mind your business, leave things alone. Robin allowed Jac to bait her in….what a rookie mistake. Jac is very manipulative and delusional. What Chris and his partner did with Signature Apparel is criminal and Jac knows it. The whole Jersey crew is a bad bunch….but Jac is seriously not well.

      • gapeachinsc

        Yep, we both see it the same way, minimogul. How she has the audacity to call Teresa a criminal is laughable. She is completely delusional. We constantly hear Jaq demanding apologies and accountability from Teresa but she seems to feel what she and her family did is beyond reproach, The whole crew IS a mess, but she is not well. I wonder if she gets help? I find it doubtful. Her family is probably thankful she has Chris, For that, she is a lucky woman.

  11. minimogul

    LOL at the idea that Jac is getting a bad edit. Jac is being the same Jac from season 1, a manipulative pot stirrer under the guise of a caring friend. Jac goes dark and ugly too quickly, she’s the first to hit below the belt in a nice tone then claim that she was just stating facts, or trying to explain something. She appears to be obsessed with any Teresa family drama. In no world would a “friend” have that confrontation on her porch that she had with Teresa…..a friend would not do that. That’s when I lost all respect for her. When Melissa and Kathy joined and the show became the “we hate Teresa Show…it was disgusting to watch “friends and family” behave in that manner….I was a Tre fan…then with her and Joe’s massive fraud…I was done. I like the Siggy and Delores…I like that Tre and Melissa are playing nice….Jac is acting like a 15 year old….as usual.

    • Nila

      I agree with you. I would be team Jac if she gave me something to respect. She is too animated and too child like. I don’t understand her obsession with someone else’s family/life. She claims for years she just wanted Melissa and Tre to get along, now they do but Jac doesn’t think it’s sincere, who cares? Fake or not fake, their families are getting along & that’s a good thing.

  12. Mm in OC

    Worried about our tamara. Hope all is well!!

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