Teen Mom: Wedding Is Off, The Non Engagement Is Off Too

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Once again Farrah is going to drag a fake boyfriend to her TV therapist Dr. Jenn.   That season of Couples Therapy with Farrah was the worst Dr. Jenn has ever looked on TV. And that is saying something.  She coddled her despite the fact she knew she hired a fake boyfriend so she could be on the show. And even when he bailed on her before filming, they still had her on!  Didn’t the producer last year tell Farrah she could not be on The Mother Daughter Experiment because it was too close to what they do on the show? And now they are literally having her meet with the Couples Therapy Therapist?

Dr. Jenn begins by asking what lie they are supposed to be pretending this week. So are you together or not? This time Dr. Jenn points out what a self-centered bitch she is.  Farrah goes on to a new topic. She wants to talk about how she designed and purchased an engagement ring for herself and she can’t understand why he didn’t propose. She whisper cries that she is so annoyed she can’t go on and runs to hide in the restroom. Farrah realizes that filming is going on without her and no one is coming to comfort her so she rushes back to the therapy couch.

I should point out that Farrah is having trouble keeping her boobs in her sequined  disco jumpsuit she chose for therapy. It seems she finally pinned it at some point. Dr. Jenn turns her focus on Simon, because there is no point in talking to Farrah. Dr. Jenn told them to keep Sophia out of the relationship. Simon is not happy with this but seems to understand. The truth is his relationship with Sophia is the best one either of them have. It seems they were told to restart the relationship from the beginning with no expectations.

Teen Mom OG Cast


Amber and Matt have found a house to buy. Amber is super nervous she is not going to get it. She’s also very happy to be a homeowner. She said she didn’t grow up in a nice place and she’s worried about the neighbors and that she won’t fit in in a nice neighborhood. That’s kind of sad. They get the house.  I wish she was not buying it with Matt. And she will need to train her zoo not to shit everywhere in the new place.

Meanwhile, it sounds like Gary is going to spring a surprise wedding on his girlfriend. Why do guys feel that is okay? At least it is on the beach. Ah she wears a white dress and the kid shoves a bouquet in her hands. Not a surprise at all.  Oh it’s a vow renewal. Even worse. The kiss of death for marriages.


Maci has decided that she is not wanting to pay $20K for the Florida venue. That venue is very sketchy anyway. She needs to hope she doesn’t get it.  Maci and Taylor are fine with a courthouse wedding. It seems this wedding is for their parents. I think they should double check with the parents about that.  Cut to Ryan who is very excited about the wedding because it will be open bar. These two decide to postpone the wedding. Then the venue calls and offers them a much lower price. So it’s back on. Less money for them to lose I suppose.  They are inviting 200 guests.


With Catelynn in rehab, Tyler is doing all the parenting and working. He’s living life as a single dad.  They play sad dramatic music for this.  Tyler is also working on the new house. He is going to visit Catelynn  fora three-hour visit at the treatment center. It’s only been two weeks. Is that time well spent? Oh, and he is bringing the baby. Catelynn calls crying. She is embarrassed about her situation. Shouldn’t they have talked to her about that over the past two weeks?

Tyler talks to Catelynn’s therapist who tells him to be super reassuring that he is not leaving when he visits.  Cameras were not allowed in the treatment center. Things went well. Or so he said at the time. But when he talks to his mother later he has a big breakdown. We have scenes of Nola eating of the floor and crawling on furniture during the scene.

UPDATE: I was concerned about Nova wandering around eating things off the floor and crawling into the entertainment cabinet while Tyler and his mother were shooting a scene.  I wondered why neither of them was holding her. It seems the crew was concerned too, as they gave the scene the “Leah Child Abuse” edit.

I decided I was a bit overly concerned. Until someone sent me this tweet. It actually does look like it could have been a pill. I check to see if Tyler or Catelynn had a reaction to any comments people might have made and found nothing. But apparently, Catelynn got a medical marijuana card while in rehab, for pot addiction.

Are we still watching this? I’m losing interest.


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30 responses to “Teen Mom: Wedding Is Off, The Non Engagement Is Off Too

  1. lori

    I know. I’m a bit bored and annoyed with this season. Just a few weeks ago I was so excited and ready. I don’t know what happened. I think it’s time for them to all get off of tv and go on with their lives. I’m having a hard time watching.

  2. Twilly

    I’m still watching! I truly can’t figure Farrah out. She is such a mean, condescending bitch but plays the victim role so well. She has no communication skills and I feel like watching her fucks with my head! Cate needs to get over feeling like a failure and a bad mom because she has depression. She’s been saying that the whole time. Focus on getting well not feeling sorry for yourself! The fact that she’s getting treatment shows she’s a good mom.

  3. Miguel

    I suspect the “Teen Moms” are on their last legs, with respect to reality TV. I wish them all the best in life, even Farrah & Jinelle – for the sake of their kids, if nothing else!!!

    P.S. I’d completely understand if you stopped these posts, altogether. It’s my guilty pleasure – noone I know watches it & this is the only place I cop to it!!!

  4. Chloe

    I still think Simon is paid to be her boyfriend. I don’t think he has much of a relationship with Sophia. I think Sophia wants a daddy Simon but I don’t know if there’s any real relationship with him either…just momma’s boyfriend.

  5. Daintyfeets

    I’d be disappointed if you stopped the recaps. I watch this show and have since the beginning. Catelyn is the way she has always been. I’m glad she is getting help. 30 days isn’t going to do it for her though. I hope she continues therapy in the relationship world. I used to like Maciej but she jumped the shark with me with that ridiculous am I fat storyline. I think her fiance is a double. I like Amber and wish her the best. She needs to dump the stanky freeloader though.

    Farrah is why I watch. The words that come out of her mouth and her behavior are fascinating to me. Watching her is like watching a train wreck. Can’t look awat.

    Thanks for doing the brunt of the work with the recaps. I can at least fast forward.

    • Daintyfeets

      Apologies for all the autocorrect mistakes. New phone and it types and autocorrects faster than me. I’m embarrassed. :(

    • Amanda

      Dainty, I just watched Farah’s 16 & Pregnant episode again. It was so fascinating to watch it now. Her parents gave her everything she desired, they were close, and they dotted on her. I think everything changed because she is jealous that Sophia is now getting the attention she used to get. Just my opinion, but I recommend watching for sure.

      P.S. The only mention of “Daddy Derek” is when she changes her phone number so he can’t contact her. She refused to even tell him she was pregnant. I thought it was so cold how she never gave him a chance to be a father.

  6. SabrinaToo

    I really hope Amber has some sensible business advisors or at least a sensible parent to tell her not to put Matt’s name on that house. I cringed when he said “WE deserve this.” Ugghh.

    • Daintyfeets

      I Bieber Amber’s father passed away a few years ago. She has no relationship with her mother. Fortunately, she has an older brother that she is close to. I hope he isn’t fooled by Matt and I hope he looks after her.

    • Daintyfeets

      Amber’s father passed away a few years ago. She has no relationship with her mother. Fortunately, she has an older brother that she is close to. I hope he isn’t fooled by Matt and I hope he looks after her.

  7. Noellemybelle

    I still watch the show and read the recaps, but it wouldnt hurt my feelings if you didnt recap. Im going to watch until someone accurately diagnoses Farrah.

  8. Lori

    Do any of the “Teen” Moms have real jobs?

    • Noellemybelle

      Teen mom jobs:
      Amber: Real Estate Investor (house flipping)
      Caitlyn: stay at home mom. Tyler ??
      Maci: she had an office job, but also runs the t-shirt company (entrepreneur)
      Farrah: sex toy line, author, pasta sauce company with her mom, Mommy and Me Bath product line with Sophie, satellite radio show, paid for club appearances.
      And of course they get those Teen Mom checks!!

  9. I also am a closet watcher of teen mom and teen mom 2 from the start. Just when I think the girls are making progress they take 10 steps backwards. It all is so sad. The money they get paid seems to have bought them a house and that is a good thing. Thank you for the updates and your perspective on their lives. I have always wondered if Farrah had some sort of trauma in her childhood or if she was just born the way she is. She is also the main reason I watch. I keep waiting for her to have a moment of clarity…and waiting and waiting. Maci thinks the viewers are stupid and are buying the crock of balcony she is selling about her pregnancy. Amber is trying, she needs a partner who has her best interest at heart. I am worried about her choice of Matt, I hope I am wrong. Caitlyn and Tyler are boring and haven’t made real progress in their relationship. I actually don’t think adoption was the best choice for Caitlyn but for Tyler it was. She has a very sad air about her and that breeze of sadness touches everyone around her. I hope she gets the help she needs before that breeze turns into a storm of destruction.

  10. Holly

    Definitely still watching. Love Maci & Taylor, cute to rival the K Biermans. With all the junk, crap, low-life bitching, catty shit of reality TV people, it is nice to see these two couples actually happy. Shockingly, even Ryan is becoming half sane. Absolutely adore Ryan’s parents. They have been the saving grace in all of this. ~~ Who knows about Matt, but Amber growing up and putting her old behavior behind her is quite nice to see. A 25-year-old appreciating her youth was remarkably insightful for her. Watching her as a complete train wreck beating up Gary was actually a guilty pleasure, but over the years I have actually come to want to see her succeed. Renovating houses and seeing a life beyond Teen Mom is so much more than we ever could’ve expected from her at the beginning. ~~ Poor Caitlyn, one can only surmise how bad her childhood must’ve been to end up feeling so negatively about herself. Thank God she has Tyler. ~~ All that being said, the entire season could have been titled, ” Farrah is a complete and total bitch”. She is absolutely one of the most rotten horribly spoiled reality personalities ever. Does she watch the show and see what a fucking narcissistic self absorbed tool she is. She is such a mean girl, thrashing about and kicking the teeth of everyone around her. It is amazing that one person can be surrounded by so many enabling people. Why in God’s name does Simon stay with her when she has not one single redeeming quality? Never mind the horrible way she speaks to him, what sane girl thinks she can produce an engagement ring and force a guy to give to her… and if she DID find a pathetic guy to go along with that insanity, who would want him. She is absolutely beyond pathetic and that quiet crying just sends me over the edge. Someone in her life needs to slap her silly. Worst of all, the apple hasn’t fallen far from the tree, and Sophia appears to be turning out exactly like her. Not anything the world needs… A mini Farrah. Barf x 2.

  11. Nila

    Farrah is the most insecure girl I have ever seen. She is so defensive all the time she has no idea when someone is being kind to her. She wants a husband so badly I don’t think she cares who it is. Her behavior is always too strike out even when the other person isn’t doing anything to her. Simon said she acts completely different on camera which makes me wonder if she enjoys playing the part of a bitch.

    Catelynn..ugh. I just want to yell at both her and Tyler to go get a life! Get a job, take a shower, dress your baby, be thankFul you have what you have and please do something with it!

    I think Amber knows what Matt is and she’s okay with it, for now. I am proud of her and never thought I’d say that! It’s good to see a teen mom thinking of her future. I felt sad that she felt like she didn’t belong in that development:(. I appreciate Gary making the effort to coparent better.

    I adore Ryan’s parents. Ryan seems to be maturing, very slowly. Maci seems overwhelmed, which is understandable.

  12. Spunky2015

    Farrah and Ryan’s parents are enablers. Farrah’s Dad is weak and didn’t show United front on disciplining Farrah. Now they just enable to be on TV and see Sophia. Ryan’s parents are nice people but too nice. Kick his ass out of their home. They are doing Ryan a disservice in the long run.

  13. misti wilde

    Ryan’s parents make me sick ,babying that big douchebag. EW

  14. RealE

    Teen Mom is a long time guilty pleasure of mine that I would almost never really cop to. I love your recaps. This season is slower and is a step back to the contrived, set-up seasons. I loved last season with the producers involved and it seemed so real.

    Farrah is trying so hard this season to come off nicer and more fair, and I find it amusing that she can’t pull it off. In any given scene you can slowly see her deteriorate until the veins on her neck are popping, and through gritted teeth she says “okkkkay mommmm” “whattttevvvver Simon” “sure Micccchael” with a serial-killer-I-will-make-you-slowly-pay-for-this death stare.
    She really is the villain of all reality villains.

    I feel so bad for Catelyn and, no matter what others say, I really like her and Tyler together. This episode really shows how much he loves her.

    Macy… This episode was just more Macy lies and fakery. I used to like her so much. I wonder if she just got a good edit in the past or if Taylor has influenced her.

  15. tamaratattles

    Commenting so Teen Mom fans can see I left a comment. Check out the update above.

    • Bugsy

      I certainly hope that’s an oyster cracker!

    • RealE

      I consider myself a great mom. My daughter never ate things off the floor never put things in her mouth. My son is obsessed with it! Literally we walk in somewhere and he scans the floor looking for things, the grosser the better to this kid. So I watch him like a hawk elsewhere. At my house I feel more safe with this issue, even though I still watch. My 2 kids make a mess when they eat. I first have to clean the baby in sink or tub, post eating since he is new to feeding himself. Then I help daughter clear her food and she washes herself up. Then I clear his stuff and try to clean highchair and floor because oh crap (literally sometimes) he needs a diAper change and its already nap time and so I start with him and then her.

      And maybe if it was Cheerios that dropped I clean after they go to nap or maybe I rush and miss one. And you know who finds that one piece of old food every… Single.. Time… Yep! And if it’s a day old cheerio, I confess, that I shrug and I don’t try to rip it out of his mouth. I have to pry that mouth open enough to get the things that matter.

      I share this very personal story just to say.. Damn it.. Let’s all judge a little less. I know I need to! They were in their own home and it looked clean to me and she grabbed something off of ground in dining room. When I originally watched it did not look like a pill but in that clip.. It’s hard to tell?
      TT, you are right on that they gave it the Leah edit. But Tyler is no Leeah. Those girls were starving and eating off floor. That situation was so concerning. This seemed much more like a normal parent situation with like you say TT .. An edit to make it seem neglectful.

      … Flip side is that I think it’s nice that people (strangers) watch a reality show and care so much about these kids and their well being. It’s actually a nice thing too.

      • RealE

        As if I haven’t shared enough thoughts:

        And what about production. They ask these reality stars to sit down and talk about something and then when parent is discussing things they see kid do something possibly dangerous and film and say nothing? At one point, are we just human? Shou don’t they have an ethical responsibility to speak up.. Which is also want also makes me think it was probably nothing concerning she picked up. I watched a teen mom special and Tyler and Catelyn talked about how the crew is family and a producer is godmother to baby. So would seem they would have the baby’s best intention at center and wouldn’t let it eat a pill. Then again….. Leeah!

      • RealE

        Grr I spell checked the previous post but not that one. Sorry

  16. Christina

    Wait. I’m just reading random post for entertainment, I come here for Catfish stuff mostly, but Caitlyn is in rehab for POT?? IN MICHIGAN? Why waste all that money on rehab and get the medical card. I’m just always baffled at people in a rehab for POT, I’m a recovering heroin addict….done rehab several times.
    I get that she’s got serious depression issues and I wonder if a stay in a facility for mental health would have been a better fit.

    • tamaratattles

      It was a mental health facility. The pot stuff was more of an afterthought. She’s still smoking pot daily.

      • Bravocueen

        Hopefully she isn’t. She is on zoloft and I believe her doctor told her that pot has a weird affect on that drug. (or vice versa)

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