Real Housewives of New Jersey: Rage On My Ass!


Tonight on RHONJ we actually get to the Vermont trip.  We probably won’t get to the part that gets Robyn kicked off the show, and losing her housewife spot tonight. I imagine this trip will be strung out for three episodes. Because everyone was talking about it right after it happened.  It’s a couples trip, but Juicy can’t leave the state.

Jac stops by to see Kim D. Siggy shows up to shop also. Kim D. tells the ladies that the guy, Derek, that works at Envy for Melissa is the guy who sold the video of Teresa selling her books for cash that she allegedly was not reporting. He is being accused of selling stories about Teresa to tabloids this season. That would not surprise me. Now we see how Jac manages to piss everyone off and nearly get kicked out of the cast while in Stowe. I can’t believe they are only four hours from Stowe and have never been there. I once took an old bus to Stowe from Atlanta with a bunch of crazy college friends. It was fun. The driver owned the bus to shuttle river rafters. We stopped for booze and potty breaks like twice an hour. It was a very long trip.

Did we know that Chris and Teresa went on a date once? Siggy and Jac talk about Kathy and Rosie and saying they are glad the door is open. Teresa says the door is not open and they are done. Robyn can’t stand Rosie. Robyn and Rosie used to be friends and they had a big falling out. Rosie won’t speak to her. Jac really doesn’t like Robyn.  Jac and Melissa get into it on the bus as well. Melissa tells Jac if she wants to tell Kathy and Rosie the door is closed, more power to her. Jac doesn’t know when to shut up. Why is there so much hysterical screaming. Teresa says, “I just want to focus on Teresa Giudice and no one else.” That may be the first true thing Teresa has said.



Apparently, it was an eight-hour drive. Still worth it for Stowe. It’s beautiful and the people there are amazing. For some reason all the women, who packed enough clothes for three weeks decide to all go to dinner with their white hotel bathrobes over their clothes. Why?

The girls, still in their bathrobes head outside to the fire pit. The first topic to come up is Derek, the 21-year-old guy with no experience managing Envy despite selling stories to the tabloids. Melissa says she trusts him. She wants to go inside because they are outside in winter in Vermont in bath robes.

Robyn, Christina, Jac and Siggy stay out by the fire. Chris and Joe walk out and see the arguing. Chris says “Patterson (Dolores) is out there so I’m not worried about it.” And they go back inside where it is warm like normal people. Robyn and Teresa are having a major fight about why they don’t like each other. I am not following it. Robyn asks someone to go get Teresa. Jac says that Robyn is just one of Teresa’s soldiers and she doesn’t know why she needs her to come outside. Robyn says, “You calling me a soldier makes me just want to rage on your ass!”  Jac screams back mockingly, “Do it! Rage on my ass!”   Then they both start screaming “Shut the fuck up!” at each other.

I don’t think this is Robyn’s first scene and she should know better than this. Jacqueline gets up and goes to sit on Robyn’s lap and has to be pulled off by numerous people. It’s a screechfest. Robyn makes a lot of threats but no one comes to blows.  Robyn and Christina make it 24 hours before being thrown out by production.

Sidenote: Milania makes perfect pancakes. And she is extremely mouthy with her father.



Time for dog sledding. That morning Jac and Chris refuse to get out of bed for filming. We gets nasty talking heads from Teresa who did not witness the altercation blaming everything on Jac and saying she is playing the victim. I have a feeling that confessional is about the fight that gets Robyn kicked off that I believe she will witness.  At breakfast they have a “chef” in the kitchen that is serving them food in styrofoam containers. STYROFOAM! Don’t get me started. There is hardly any snow in Stowe. It was March so I guess it was kind of late in the season.

Dog sledding looked like lots of fun. Jac texted Dolores that there was nothing wrong, she’s just spending quality time with her husband. The others go for a fall or ten on the bunny slope.  How is it possible none of them know how to ski? Also why are Teresa and Melissa  suddenly so anti Jac now? Melissa was just pushing for Jac to be let back into the fold. what happened to that?  Teresa’s confessionals were all super vicious toward Jac.  I’m not surprised Teresa turned on her, it just seems so sudden. Is it really all about the Kathy and Rosie thing?

Jac wants to go back to Jersey with Chris who has to head back early. Dolores and Siggy are not happy that Jac is leaving them alone with Teresa, Melissa and the fairly hostile Robyn and her wife.  Will those two jump ship when Jac is exiled by Melissa and Teresa for the rest of the season? 

Dolores and Siggy approach Jac with an idea. They say it is not good for Teresa to be around someone as violent and unpredictable as Robyn. They want to send Robyn and Christina home and keep Jac there.  Dolores is going to ask Melissa to ask send Robyn and Christina home.

Next week: The fight we have been hearing about for six months goes down.


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  1. I only got to watch about the first 10 minutes of the show. I’m not sure if I heard right but when Jacky was in the store with Kim D, did she say something about a tape and Melissa bring a stripper, because she was a stripper?

    Also, why does every single housewife franchise have to bring up vaginal rejuvenation? How much is the vagina industry paying Bravo to bring it up? Jeesh!

    • J Stone

      Robyn’s wife is gorgeous!!

    • J Stone

      Tre is right Jac is calculating. She antagonized Robyn for a reaction. She was never planning on leaving early with Chris (that would mean less camera time = less pay). She used Siggy and Dolores to fight for her to stay vs Robyn. Ultimately alienatimg Robyn as a potential “FOH”. Her loathe for Melissa is growing now that Melissa and Tre have a good relationship, whether genuine or not. Hi Haterz!

      • Is Jaq on a pay for play type of arrangement this season? I didn’t know any of the main cast had that type of deal with Bravo. I know it’s common with the “friends of” and the contract hold outs. If Jaq is paid only for the scenes she’s in that could make a big difference in how she acts and what she does to stay relevant.

      • Rolly

        I agree! Jac is evil. She’s very manipulative & I was done with her for trying to get her “friend” Tre to confess her crimes on national tv before trial. Once Tre wouldn’t do it, she drug her for filth with anyone who’d listen, including Tre’s family. Kathy is that hating cousin who used hee unattractive husband to dog Tre on TV. Rosie went along for the ride. However, just comes to show you Tre has ALWAYS BEEN THE SHOW. Even Melissa & Joe are now realizing after a year without the income. They all thought they could sink Teresa and failed miserably. The only reason Tre is accelerating back to the top so fast us because she was never meant to not be on top. Say what you want but the proof is on your tv.

      • Sliceo'pie

        Teresa and Jaq are both horrible – for different reasons.

        What, “Haters” wasn’t good enough? Now adults are using, “Haterz”? What’s with the, “Z”?

        Jesus, people have to get a grip – it’s a TV show. Having a different opinion doesn’t make one a, “Hater”

  2. J Stone

    Tre is right Jac is calculating. She antagonized Robyn for a reaction. She was never planning on leaving early with Chris (that would mean less camera time = less pay). She used Siggy and Dolores to fight for her to stay vs Robyn. Ultimately alienatimg Robyn as a potential “FOH”. Her loathe for Melissa is growing now that Melissa and Tre have a good relationship, whether genuine or not.

  3. Noellemybelle

    Jac comes off so immature and almost child like in all of her arguments. Not like there is really a mature way to have a screaming match on these Housewives shows, but she reminds me of a grade school kid fighting…”do it, do it” then sticks her tongue out. She seems jealous and insecure all the time, i dont see how Chris tolerates her.

    Siggy and Dolores just mind your own business/find your own storyline.

    My favorite scenes hv Milania in them.

    • Robin

      THIS. I couldn’t take the screeching. WTF?

    • So true. Did you see when Robyn said Jac is never direct, Jac turned to the side and said whatever HS response she said. Who knows? It was not direct, that’s for sure… she’s so basic. Not even HS Basic, Jac is MiddleSchool basic . Lord help us all having to watch this womanchild.

      Siggy getting taken in or being “professional” lmaoo

      Milania knows how to soften her Pops.

      Melissa got the memo on keeping a lid on family business…finally.

      Chris adores his Jac and that’s all there is to that.

      I can feel Joe’s dark energy through the TV screen. Good luck with that. Jail is a bad place from what I see on, 60 Days In. Hope prison is better and safer.

      Kathy and Rosie are collateral damage from the worst RHW husband, Richie. Teresa is just done with him. I would be too. I have seen his tweets. Goodbye Richie and please know you ruined it for everybody else. Skedaddle, nobody wants to see your face or hear your terrible chat. You are TheWorst.

      Teresa be a force to be reckoned with now. She has been to a place… a camp, no one from there has been to and she is different, stronger now. She has shed that attempt to be light. Teresa is the one I want to see… always. Hope they don’t shred each other at the reunion. 😀

  4. Toni

    Jac was behaving like a child by that fire. She got in Robyn’s space with her fingers in her face and then sitting on her lap. Jac kept the insults going long after Robyn retreated. How on Earth do they come to the conclusion that Robyn was the problem?

    Having said this there’s something unlikable about Robyn…can’t put my finger on it exactly but I don’t think the show is missing anything with her being edited out of the show.

  5. Blondesense

    I knew the Tre/Melissa love fest wouldn’t last. To me, the most telling behaviour is the utter lack of interest or bond Teresa and Juicy have in the Gorga kids. Melissa and Joe always show interest in the Giudice girls – they are affectionate, they have pride in their eyes and know what the girls are into and up to – I bet Juicy doesn’t even know the names and ages of the Gorga kids. I am a mother and an aunt – and nieces and nephews are as close to having your own child as you can get. You can enjoy and spoil them but don’t need to discipline or be there when they are sick or naughty – it’s wonderful!

    Sorry, that’s been bugging me for a long time. I have completely erased any memory of Robyn from my mind – off to search TT 😊

    • pdt090

      I don’t get this comment – Melissa and Teresa got along this episode and look like they have each other’s backs next week.

      I have to say, they’re both way more likable getting along than they are fighting.

      • Sharon

        Blonds else and pdt090-TT made slight mistake in recap saying Theresa’s confessionals were extremely vicious towards Melissa. Thinking she meant towards Jac?

      • tamaratattles


        It still doesn’t make much sense unless you read some of the back story in the links. And even then, it was really poorly edited. It’s very hard to remove an entire housewife from the show after the whole season has been filmed more or less.

        THen there was the whole debacle where Jac refused to come to the finale event…

      • Blondesense

        Oh ok, thanks for clearing that up. I am in Australia and my streaming service airs episodes anywhere from the same time as the US or a day late. I usually reserve my comments until I have viewed the episode, however I stand by my belief that the Gorga/Giudice truce is fake. I think Tre just wants her brother on deck to do man stuff around the house and Melissa around to control. I know they are BFF on Twitter too – I’m just not buying it.

      • Sharon

        Thanks for your very quick response in fixing this T.T.! The links you provided are very good and helped me making some sense of this episode. Thinking that we will probably see more confusing episodes as they edit out Robyn and her girlfriend.

    • SJ

      IMO Tre and Joe could never forgive Melissa and Joe for having the first grandson. A Grandson holds a special place in Italian families. Remember when Joe G.’s dad offered money to his children for having a Gudica grandson?

      • I think the whole “first grandson” thing is about carrying on the Gorga name. Tre and Juicy’s kids would not have that last name. That’s why it is so important to Juicy’s dad to get a grandson. I think the biggest issue between Tre and Melissa is that Tre is jealous that her little brother has someone else in his life.

    • Jaded

      How and Teresa have taught their daughters to have complete disregard for Melissa. The scene where Milania was imitating Melissa three years ago was very telling. No child of that age should have been allowed to speak that way. You could tell she was repeating things she heard from her parents. Teresa and Joe thought it was hilarious instead of realizing Milania was putting a mirror in their faces.

  6. Lisa j

    What’s the back story on this Robyn girl? She does seem hostile to me and Bravo cut so much out like just what did she say about Jac when they first met? I’m 100% sure she was brought on as a Tre hugger, no doubt about it. That flip sure was quick between Tre and Jac. Dear Bravo, fill us the F in!

    • Jane

      Ha! Love Tre Hugger! Much better description than soldier.

      • Sabrina

        I agree- and sorry to not know, but where are the links that make this make more sense? The editing really left holes and left the entire episode feeling contrived and just build up to these big moments- as the entire season has been.

        Even Jac’s attempt to appear calm and in control are overtaken by the clear lack of ability to respond to anything genuinely or openly. She seems to think she should find a way to be friends with Teresa, but just the previews plus their first dinner at her house show-Jac’s need to call Teresa a felon and celebrate the fact that she was found guilty is far too forward in her brain. She feels far superior and is very proud of that- finding Teresa a lesser being she can put down. Jac has some very serious issues as she can’t decide between the fake tears and the need to have the audience feel sorry for her and her need for revenge/superiority/whatever it is. When she and her husband are in fact so guilty of similar if not much worse offenses- stealing from a cancer program, for example.

    • swizzle

      Apparently Robyn and Jac were friends before too, and Jac tried to recruit her as an ally but when Robyn stayed loyal to Teresa, she went ape shit. That’s the most logical explanation I’ve heard. That whole Teresa’s soldiers thing was so odd. What was she even doing that made her a Teresa soldier? Nothing we saw. Editing of the entire season sucks.

  7. GayFriendInYaHead

    Tonight’s episode was good but again, you can tell they cut some of Robyn’s parts down. This season would have been epic with the first gay full-time housewife, and on top of that she brings the drama and can draw in viewers with her storyline effortlessly. Robyn is what this season needed alongside Siggy and Dolores because we’re tired of the storyline with Teresa , Melissa and jac. Jaqueline talks all that ish but made sure Robyn was removed from the show, punk ass. Imagine Danielle and Robyn together, jac would quit.

    • pdt090

      I’m find losing Robyn – she came off as trying way too hard in her scenes here. It is puzzling that she got fired though because Jaqueline came off as way more aggressive in what we were shown.

    • Sliceo'pie

      I don’t follow this show as much as NY/Beverly Hills/Orange – anyway – Isn’t Robin responsible for responding to Jaq like a thug? Threatening to punch her in the face? Didn’t she threaten something after that as well?
      I understand Jaq was baiting her but Robyn’s response was to physically harm her. Not acceptable in my book.
      On the other hand- Jaq did sit on her -which was most likely highly unpleasant!

      I guess I missing some back story?
      Geez, I’m all over the place – feel free to correct me.

    • Dex

      Delores is unnecessary if you have Ziggy and vice versa. One is enough.

  8. Jac is ridiculous. Don’t know what the Kathy look a like did, but willing to say I don’t care in advance, lol. Chris and Joe even being there is pathetic. Love the Juicy scenes!

  9. Swizzle

    Jack is so out of line. Just trying to create drama. I wonder what really happened, because the way this was edited doesn’t make sense.

    I’ve been to the Topnotch Resort. It’s lovely. Relaxing. The spa is amazing. I feel bad for any other guests there with these crazy people.

  10. Minky

    Okay, good. So most of the episode was just a bunch of screaming. They can so totally miss me with that shit. From what I’ve read in the recaps it just sounds like they’re building up a a lot of faux tension that never amounts to anything. When is this show finally gonna leave the tarmac?

  11. tamaratattles

    Links in posts can be very enlightening. But you have to actually click on them.

  12. Ruthie

    This episode made no sense to me. I can’t figure out the issues. Maybe I should lay off the Pinot Grigio. Lol!

  13. Ruthie

    Knowing a lot from TT’s blogs, I get it but they left so much out as Jersey usually does. It makes no sense unless you read about it. Piss poor job for production and editing. Okay. Done rant. 👍

  14. Sandra

    I have to catch up with this episode but, wanted to say I totally agree about Stowe. I love it there as well. Snowflake Mountain Spa and Resort is lovely and you’re right, everyone was amazing. The holidays were over when I went but, the lights were still up in the town and it was so beautiful.

    I’ve only been once but, would love to go back around Thanksgiving or Christmas with a handful of friends and stay in a cabin……Cooking, drinking by the fireplace and light snow activities..
    And that’s coming from a girl who thought she only loved beach vacations.

    • Ruthie

      I guess I’m not that enthralled because I’m born and bred in the northeast. It’s just regular. Regular people go to Stowe. Not very “rich” at all. Pedestrian. BH went to Dubai. The jersey peeps have got to be jealous of that. I would be. 👀

      • Sandra

        Your description is exactly what I loved about Stowe. It’s regular, small town and cozy. I absolutely loved it.

        Dubai is fascinating and very gaudy – totally different experience. Thankfully, I get to experience a lot by way of travel so I’m not worried about missing out on the “rich” places. I love it all.

      • tamaratattles

        Exactly, Sandra. The beauty of Stowe is that you won’t find any pretentious twat teetering around in Loubs and carrying purses that cost as much as a car. When we went, we would walk back to the B&B were were staying at and anyone who came by pick us up and drop us down the rad. At first we were nervous about riding with strangers but out hostess assured us it was fine. Everyone was so nice. The natural beauty the far surpasses Dubai.

      • Sandra

        I totally agree and great call-out. Stowe is all natural beauty. Most of Dubai’s beauty is manufactured.

        Awesome story about the rides from town. We drove up from NYC so, I didn’t get to experience that but, I’ll remember it for future reference. Beautiful town and good people. I look forward to going again.

      • Ruthie

        You guys make really good points. I guess I just take it for granted as I’ve lived in New Enland all of my life except for a time I escaped to Texas for a few years. Ive traveled a little bit over seas but never anywhere exotic. I guess that’s where I was coming from.

  15. I’m in Australia so the ep hasn’t aired yet but…. the preview of Joe Gorga crashing into the trees has got the be the funniest thing I’ve seen on any franchise in like, forever…. I can’t breathe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Jrleaguer

    The only thing I can say about tonight’s episode is that Milania makes beautiful pancakes.

  17. I see that Jacqueline is copying Bethenny’s hustle by putting bags of her Autism Popcorn on the table for Siggy & Delores to munch on. They were eating it straight out the bag. SMDH.

  18. Lu

    I have always liked Jac, she’s bat-shit crazy at times but always honest and she wears her heart on her sleeve. I have no idea where Tre’s soldier got it from that Jac never says what she means or she beats about the bush. Joe proved on the bus ride that there were clearly mixed messages during the visit between Tre, Rosie and Kathy. Clearly what Tre said and what the sisters said translated into Tre being dishonest and the sisters being taken for a ride. Cause clearly they meant ‘ come over and borrow a cup of sugar’ and Tre meant ‘you are evil cancer and I want nothing to do with you’. And Jac clearly hit the nail on the head. Use your words and say exactly what you mean so as to not have any uncertainty with what the expectations are. And what happened with Melissa? What an evil two-faced woman. When she was on the outs with sister Tre, Rosie, Kathy and Jac had to listen to and help fix her relationship. And now that she is up Tre’s b-hind she discards the others. And then she has the nerve to want to call Jac out!

  19. Rach

    How come it’s okay for Jac to be friends with Kim D again but when Teresa was friends with Kim D the Manzo Clan gave her hell. Jac meddling and getting so involved with this thing with the cousins made her look so stupid on the bus. chris explained the situation like an adult.

  20. raynidaze

    Does it bug anyone but me that no one on RHNJ or even Andy on WWHL will say the word “prison” when they talk about Joe? Everyone uses the phrase “he’s away” and it makes me wonder why everyone seems to have agreed to tiptoe around the subject. Did Tre threaten them with quitting the show or that she’d flip tables again if they mentioned it?

    • Nila

      I don’t understand why everyone cares so much about what she calls it? She went to prison, spent 11 months away from her children, I could care less what she refers to it as. Andy has asked guests what they thought of her calling it “camp” and I remember Jeff Lewis saying he didn’t care what she called it.

  21. I live near Vermont. At least 4 hours closer to Stowe than the NJ ladies. Top Notch looks like a place I want to visit for a few days with my lady friend. Good job, product placement! For anyone looking to visit New England, I recommend New Hampshire too. The food in Concord and Portsmouth is phenomenal.

    • swizzle

      Topnotch is lovely. I stayed there in the fall. Spend a day at the spa. You can also rent bikes and ride a lovely (mostly flat) trail into Stowe. And even though these HWs made it ratchet, the fire pits are a great place to have a glass of wine and make a s’more. And no one runs around in robes except if they are coming from the spa. Those women looked like idiots in their robes at dinner.

  22. Jane

    Confusing episode.

    I thought Jac handled herself very well against Robyn. I was cracking up at her telling Robyn to go ahead and rage on her ass, then sitting in her lap – giving her a lap dance. LOL! Jac deciding to remove herself from the crap Robyn was bringing was smart move. As Tamara has stated in her previous blog, hard for me not to like Jac’s behavior this season.

    Teresa and Melissa’s commentary on Jac was far too harsh. I am now convinced they conspired pre-shooting to make Jac the “crazy one” this season. They unnecessarily pick at every little thing she does, no reason to do this as HW’s tend to show their ass just fine on their own.

    Previews show big fight next week. I’ll be watching closely to see who instigates it all.

  23. Nila

    I sure hope there was a ton of this fight we didn’t see because otherwise Siggy looks ridiculous sitting on the floor outside of Chris & Jac’s room.

    I thought it was quite funny how they all gathered at Jac’s to find out what happened at the lunch with Tre. Why are they all so invested in this situation? None of them seem to have any story line except for their relationship with Teresa. Do something ladies! I find it weird that Jac went the extra mile to probe Teresa on what she said donate could understand had nothing to do with Jac!

    I can’t comment on the Robyn stuff because I don’t quite understand who she is and what her former interactions were. It seems like her anger came out of no where.

    Jac screaming and yelling is what turns me off of her. She is very animated and child like. I feel like she plays up so much for the camera that it’s hard to like her. She reminds me a little bit of my ex husband when she’s fighting. She brings up random hurtful crap that has nothing to do with the argument at hand, it’s a way of deflecting. Melissa’s nose job..yelling that Tre is a felon, I don’t see the point in saying all that. I think she’d be more likable to me if she stopped doing that.

    I had high hopes for Siggy & Delores but now Delores bores me and Siggy is too much of a busybody. Siggy’s husband I assume doesn’t want to be on the show? Odd for two men to come along in this trip lol.

  24. Lolajanegyrl

    I wish we had seen more of Robyn so that any of this made sense. I have so many questions.
    How long has Robyn been married? Did Robyn ever date Rosie? Was there competition for a past girlfriend or current wife? Is that possibly where part of the tension is from? Her passion about Theresa and Rosie and etc. seems like it could be coming from something unrelated to Theresa.

    Why on earth is no one speaking to or interacting with Robyn’s wife at all? Did anyone hear her speak during the entire episode? I never even heard her name!

    Robyn’s comments to Jac around the fire pit were certainly inappropriate. However, Jac’s the one who went at Robyn. Jac’s the one who put her hands in Robyn’s face. Jac’s the one who went over and sat on Robyn. Robyn would have been totally within her rights to push Jac at that point and didn’t do so. I’m not clear as to why everyone is acting like Robyn was the only one in the wrong.

    Lastly, does anyone have any idea how much time Robyn and her wife spent with the group before this? Because, the way Siggie (who I honestly like) and Delores are treating Robyn and her wife feels overly familiar to me. As a married lesbian, I’ve lived that “we’ll ignore you because we think it’s creepy that you’re gay, but we’re too polite to say it out loud thing”. Maybe that’s not what was going on at all. But it sure as hell looked familiar.

    • Nila

      I dont think they are anti gay or weirded out by lesbians, they are both good friends of Rosie it seems. I think they just edited it so weirdly. I was wondering if her wife was there at all and kept looking for her in scenes. I think the editing by Bravo made this episode a hot mess.

    • Toni

      Robyn’s wife (can’t remember her name) was trying to mediate at one point on the bus. The others drowned her out with their yelling

      I could see Rosie and Robyn as friends and then frenemies, they have a similar disposition and seem to think the louder you get, the more accurate your point. Kinda weird that Teresa is befriending a former friend of her family. Hypocritical behavior or intentional payback?

    • Robyn and her wife were filming pretty much full time ever since production started for this season. She was supposedly going to be a fully credited opening credits housewife with a tagline and all then this all went down in Vermont. For some reason all the fans seem to be blaming Jac for this fight but regardless of who started what Robyn was canned for her behavior on this trip and most of the footage she and her wife shot was left on the cutting room floor. It’s one reason that the storyline seems so strange since we’re missing huge chunks of the backstory. We saw them once briefly in an earlier episode at one of Teresa’s parties and then last night they showed a little clip that we hadn’t seen before where she and Rosie had words at Teresa’s book signing but that’s about the extent of what we’ll see of them after this trip is over. I doubt we’d be seeing them at all except that the fight she and Jac had this week and continuing next week is what led Jac to have the huge upcoming argument with Teresa and Mellisa. Whatever she did on this trip led to Jac threatening not only her but Bravo with legal action so with all the crazy behavior that Bravo has allowed on the other shows in the franchise she must have done something really extreme to get the boot.

  25. Margaret Shepard

    The best part of the show was Milania cooking and mouthing off to Joe lol. She is the son he never had. Mini- me.

  26. Can I ask something? Am I the only one who noticed that “Law-abiding..cough”… Teresa was NOT wearing a seat belt on the ride home from the “sit-down” that crushed any further dreams of Rosie & Kathy ever being on the show again? (Can she blame editing, production, Andy,her sadness, Joe going away.. etc….for airing that “mistake”….lol
    Showing Kim D’s store & talking about that Derek kid….#SoShady ,Teresa saying “Girls you get to spend time with your Daddy”…#Crickets ….Bwahahaha & Milania a.k.a. Joe jr. with an open flame & cooking spray…Yikes! She will be the only one of the girls who will miss him…that’s sad
    I agree with Kim D. who was once one of Teresa “soldiers” She may know the truth of how Teresa really feels about Melissa.. Please someone write a book about what is REALLY going on behind RHONJ doors #BestSeller For Sure!!
    Another episode of crazy Jac screaming at all & very loudly (much of which I can’t understand) I believe she …like most of us…has had it & is so frustrated with the “We love each other now Fake Melissa & Teresa show”! Teresa decides who shall be forgiven, when & for how long. Then she lets Andy know that they are forbidden to film. Again Tre-huggers I like Teresa alot ( and feel for her after what she has been through) but I just don’t think she has changed or cares about anyone unless they obey her & (PLEASE that love-fest & honesty kick in her book)..#SuchBullshit
    I mean who else does Teresa have on her side anymore (other then Andy & a few others until they realize what she wants from them)… No one! Yes she loves her brother but it is sooooooooo obvious Melissa is her beck & call girl!
    Teresa- “Melissa go help my brother! (notice she didn’t say “your husband”) &
    when Melissa is sitting beside her & it looks like she is always afraid that she will say or do the wrong thing to piss her majesty off.
    I like Dolores & Siggy & they need to stay in their lane before the Queen has them fired
    I can’t with whoever this Robyn is…She over-worked her audition as another Teresa supporter, soldier, mouthpiece etc… or Teresa realized this girl is trouble “get her away from me” “Andy she’s fired”
    Thanks as always TT for another great blog! xo

    • Nila

      I think you’re nit picking a little bit brother or your husband, what does that matter? I use to get annoyed because my sister inlaw would say “Joe’s dad” (my brother) instead of your dad when telling a story. It irritates me because we have the same damn father then I realized I was just picking at her and had to let it go, she meant nothing by it.

  27. Allison

    Joe Gorga is the worst skier on the planet, and that was hilarious.

    I think that Robyn is a complete Teresa ass kissing bitch. Good riddance.

    Jac has lost it. I think the show has become too much for her and she needs a “break”. She was so sweet in the beginning….I don’t think she’s inherently an asshole but I think the show is bringing out the worst in her and she needs to step back.

    Teresa is always going to be the same. If prison didn’t bring her clarity and down to earth, nothing will.

  28. SabrinaToo

    When Joe Gorga skied himself into the woods I couldn’t stop laughing. That was hilarious!

    • Toni

      I laughed my ass off at that too – especially after all his bragging about being an Olympic skier. I love the lighthearted fun stuff. bravo seems to reward the negative dark drama, I tune in to see the lavish homes, vacations, and dumbass behavior.

  29. Does anyone else think that Dolores would be better suited for an advertisement for depression meds?? This woman appears to be severely depressed & it’s just not entertaining. I know she has been through a lot but needs some help JMO

  30. Sackem

    WARNING: Conspiracy theory… after this episode and referenced to protecting Teresa from a legal slip… how funny would it be if Delores was Teresa’s Probation officer??? 😂😂 I know we’ve seen her earlies in the franchise but I keep thinking imagine being “undercover” a la Miss Congeniality on a Housewives show… Yes, inventing a story for a year derailed by editing due to the whole Robyn debarcle.

  31. Twilly

    Melissa’s hair cut is terrible. No shape at all. She could have gotten a really cute bob instead of that.

  32. Jrleaguer

    I was really expecting Delores to adopt that sled dog on the spot. They really bonded.

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