60 Days In: I Got My Eyebrows Tweezed By A Meth Head!

60 Days In Brian
I can’t believe I’ve been missing all of these 15 minute shows before the show. They are listed as “a preview of an upcoming show” so I just ignored them because I was about to watch and recap the upcoming show.  On the other hand, Tami and Barbara are still idiots. We are apparently still pretending Tami is a cop.

I’m expecting a huge big riot this episode. But they set us up for this every week.

C- Pod

Dion and Quintin are getting closer, but neither has figured out the other is in the program yet. Dion asks Quintin how he would fix the problems if he were sheriff. That should give Q a huge clue.

Dion, like many of the participants, tells producers they are losing a sense of self. He says he is about ready to fight. Being treated like an animal makes you believe you are one, he says.  He calls his girlfriend, Ashlee, for support.  She tells him she wants him out of there too. They are both ready for this to be over.

The race riot once again doesn’t happen and they have stopped mentioning it. Tensions are high, but compared to D-Pod it’s a cake walk in there.

60 Days In Ryan


Brian is wearing the white towel.   Daffron, who claims he is in for attempted murder, has been sexually harassing him relentlessly. I can understand why it’s time for him to drop out. Unfortunately, it’s Sunday morning and taking him out now would raise a lot of suspicions.  He might be stuck for a while.  He seems to be the only one up, and has likely been up all night. And then Daffron appears.  And a CO shows up to tell him to grab his shit and go. Brian agreed to go to seg until they could get him out on a weekday and not alert the staff.  He is offered the option of going to C-Pod. You remember C-Pod, it’s where a race riot is brewing.  Frying pan. Fire. I am glad he ultimately decides to go home. I want them all to tap out except maybe Q. He seems like he can handle himself.

When Brian debriefed with the Sheriff, it seemed like the most important thing he said was, “Gee, the guards should actually enter the pod from time to time.” I’m hoping that when the sheriff thanked him for his invaluable insights and said he would be making changes, that there was a lot more that they didn’t want to advertise on camera.

This leaves Ryan alone in D-Pod. Daffron is the pod boss. He handles all disputes within the pod over trades. Some dude name Mingus has smoked to big a hit off someone’s e-cig or owes money for one or some other major offense. Daffron rules him guilty. The punishment is 20 lashes. There is no appeal. Actually, the debt was owed to two people so he gets a total of forty lashes. That was disturbing to listen to. He left with a bloody back.

Another day, another court date with the murderer. This time, inmate Brian, is being called in because Daffron thinks he is a plant.  Brian is a former marine. People think he told on someone for having a knife in his cell while he was in segregation. They all stomped on him, mostly his head. Miraculously, a CO comes. He calls for a lockdown and the dude tries to get back to his cell. He is stumbling. He clearly has head injuries.  For the first time, Ryan is scared.

60 Days In Sheri


Despite the COs actually showing up last week in the pod and smelling all the smoke, they returned the troublemakers in about five minutes. Things are right back to status quo. It’s apparent that in order for things to change, an inmate is going to have to do something or else, the downstairs will just have to shut up and deal with it.

Tonight the little 19-year-old bitch is going to tattoo someone.  Apparently, this requires  burning newspapers and magazines. Which leads to the question, where are they getting the matches/lighters from? I’d be trying to find those and hide them. Are there no smoke detectors in there? Is it legal not to have smoke detectors?

A guard comes in and there is literally a fire in the pod and he says, “Who’s smoking?”  one of the firestarters says they burnt some noodles an hour ago. He leaves saying he is coming back. Because, fuck it. It’s just a fire.  They never come back.  Or if they did we didn’t see it.

One day, a guard rolls into the pod and says they are getting noise complaint about the all night screaming from “next door” which would be the other side of a concrete wall, if the comment is taken literally.  They are threatened with loss of commissary if they don’t stop.  Who the hell is “next door?”  The druggies of course do not stop.

The sheriff is worried that Sheri is going to tap out. So he brings her husband in for a secret visit. Why doesn’t he just do something that would make a guard check the pod at night? Is he “next door?”

The meeting with her husband is hysterical. She looks like shit. She says, “I got my eyebrows tweezed by a meth head!” He says, “They look pretty.”  She says, “I know, they’re pretty hot!”  I love this relationship. The camera guy scans down to her feet to show one orange shower shoe and one green one.

Ashleigh misses he baby so much.  She tries to call Zac. He always seems to make it worse. She’s ready to tap out. She will probably lose her stipend if she does. Or at the very least they told them that going in. Monalisa’s bunkie shares her background and it’s a lot like Ashleigh’s. This seems to give her some inner strength to push through.

Next Week: A dozen or so guards storm D-Pod and remove Daffron and his thug friends, presumably to be taken to seg.


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33 responses to “60 Days In: I Got My Eyebrows Tweezed By A Meth Head!

  1. Rose

    I howled when she told her husband a method head did her brows! Kangaroo court is no joke – I felt bad for Mingus and Brian. Is Brian the Marine Zac befriended last season? Zac seems to treat Ashleigh like crap every time they talk…I thought he would be more sympathetic since he knows first hand what is like. Glad Brian tapped out instead of opting for C Pod.

    • Jujue

      I think Brian the marine is the same guy that befriended Zac. I remember that in one of the pre shows to this season, Zac said that it had come out that Brian made up his marine stories and injuries. Remember last season his drug problem was blamed on combat injuries.

      • tamaratattles

        OMG! I think you are right. I could not believe that a Marine would be getting his ass kicked like that, even in prison.

        I looked through some season one recaps and I think you are right.

        I had not heard that Brian turned out not to be a Marine. But that makes sense.

      • Cheryl B.

        I recognized Brian right away, then remembered that this is only 10 days, well now about 24, since the first batch. I never heard that he wasn’t a marine, sad since Zach said he was gonna try and stay in touch with him. It really got disturbing watching him after the “verdict”

      • Rachael

        Has anyone else thought Brian might have gotten beat up because Zac was the one who actually told about the knife? I mean we know that Zac told them there was a shank, then they showed them raiding and finding a one. So either ANOTHER knife was found in between the very short time between season 1 and 2 ( I’m not positive but didn’t Zacs wife say it was a matter of days between when he got home and she left?) We know they said they taped season 2 also before 1 was shown. Because I’m pretty sure if a knife was found while any of the cast from 2 was in there they would of shown that. So we know Brian obviously knew about the shank that he got jumped for and being Zacs roommate he probably knew about the one Zac told about. So couldn’t it be the same shank and Brian just got jumped for it? I can’t remember if Brian was in there when Zac left but even if he was, who don’t know how long it really took them to go search for it after Zac told so Brian could have been in the hole when they went searching for it. Which if they think he snitched he had to already been in hole when it was found.

      • tamaratattles

        Oh wow. I bet you are right. The plot thickens.

  2. hannahkingrose

    I felt so bad for Brian. I’m sure he had not slept since he was put into the pod. I know that I wouldn’t have been able to sleep. Glad he tapped out because being afraid like that has to be terrible especially with no end in sight. Wonder why they didn’t take Daffron out before and let Brian know they were going to do that. He might have stayed.

    The fact that the COs don’t check the pods any more often than they do amazes me especially when they keep smelling smoke in the women’s pod.

    The kangaroo court seems just that. Nobody will ever be found innocent.

  3. RealE

    This season is so much crazier than last season. It makes last season look like summer camp.. You know, like where Theresa went for a year. 😜

    Daffron’s obsession with Brian was so strange. At first I thought Brian was being Weak when he wanted out earlier but stayed. Then he went on to tolerate a lot from Daffron. My opinion of him really changed and I think he gave it his all. I would have left too. Daffron wanted to terrify Brian and got off on it. Who knows how far it could have gone.

    On one hand I think Zac is being cold and unsupportive to Ashleigh, but then I think of how he was on his season and realize he really can compartmentalize his feelings and keep emotions at bay. It seems he expects her to do the same. In their phone conversations you can hear his general surprise at the things that upset her and that she is having a hard time. He expects her to just deal with it like he did. I wish he would listen to her pleas for support and her distress at how hard this is for her. I feel bad for her and don’t understand why she is doing this. I know there has been mention of money issues but this is a time in her life and her babies she will never get back and she clearly feels that way.

    TT – I thought the same as you: that the “next door” reference was the sheriff getting involved. Maybe from production telling him it was pushing the girls too far and fears of them quitting.

  4. Cindy stodolski

    I cannot understand why the participants were so upset and angry.. They have a life! They have a job! They have a place to live! They are on TV! The other people that are in the gym for real or on drugs.. They live in the street.. They have no future.. Hello!

    • Sleep deprivation can play with your mind. I’m embarrassed to say that I get fearful and sick when dropping off supplies at the homeless shelter. The urine smell gets me every time, and that’s assuming I make it past all of the broken liquor bottles and beggars in the parking lot.. I don’t get the impression that any of the current group did this to be on TV.I would have a lot of guilt for putting myself if the program if my kid was mad at me for missing her birthday like Sheri’s daughter did. Just listening to Zac sounds like he feels put upon having to take care of the baby 24/7 and where’s his dick attention time?
      I have to read TT’s recaps first, so I know when to look away or I get too stressed out watching this. I like the show. As a parent it gets to me how many people got messed up as kids. Daffron got messed up in the juvenile system. Stephanie’s father started her on heroin. I don’t see any calendars. Do the participants know they will be out in exactly 60 days? I think this has gotten more real than any of them imagined when they signed up.

  5. Pam

    I watched the first 60 days in and wasn’t interested in a repeat,,,,i have no plans on understanding the underbelly of JAIL. lol seeing my sons a cop….I am not interested at all with the hidden agendas of jail mates…etc it made me appreciate nk policy on jail???? or any other 3rd world country>our criminals have waaaay too much time on their hands.

  6. AKA Riley

    So if the15 minute shows are not about the upcoming show, then what exactly are they about?

    • Cheryl B.

      Just curious myself, so the latest is Tammy and that other girl talking about the current episode (just checked out #6), Dan Abrams asked them their thoughts. I think they got off easy compared to this season. Can’t stand Tammy, ugh

  7. Cheryl B.

    Maybe she wants to be on Rookie: the first year :)

  8. Brittany

    I cannot even imagine Barbara as a police officer and Tami looked at her like she was a fool.
    The beatings in C are so hard to watch. It really seems that Daffron should be in a closer custody situation. Where are the Correctional Officers??? They really need more help. It seems that they have good training, just maybe not enough help.
    I love Sheri. She is just too funny and she looked like total death in the scene with her husband. He was so great to tell her not to worry.
    Dion is still fine. And I mean that in the “Dion’s hot” way. I want to see Quentin out some people in their place.
    So glad Brian went home!!! He wasn’t anything like Robert from last season. I think he was upfront and honest and tried to remain.

  9. I don’t know what rights prisoners have, but I would suggest to the sheriff that they put cameras behind those curtains where all the beatings happen. As slow as the officers are to respond, the beatings are still going to happen, but at least they would know who to charge.

  10. T D

    This sounds much safer than tormenting a sudafed head to the degree that they wish a Brazilian body tweezing upon you and all your ancestors.

    • tamaratattles


      • T D

        I’m feeling you regarding the relief it brings, but having a slight hyperactive energy, can’t take it. It makes me do the naked macarena.

      • tamaratattles

        I am a slug. I only move to pee (which i do fifty times a day) and to scavenger for something to shove down my pie hole. I need the hit.

      • T D

        And I roll with Bounty. A kleenex is only good for trying to alert someone to the fact that you’re standing on a chair in hope of something to stop the pulse in your teeth.

  11. Blondesense

    I am pretty sure Zac said Brian lied about his injury and service record – but he was a marine. Zac said Brian’s fellow marines confirmed he was not injured, not that he was never a marine.

  12. Joanplus2dogs

    It is good to hear the background from couple of female addicts to get a perspective as to how drugs entered their lives. Can only hope the one who went to rehab is able to follow Ashley path in staying clean & moving forward with her life. As for the noise I wonder if the sound is being carried thru duct work. Or the other ladies complained enough times, they decided to take some action. I thought about smoke alarms also.

    In the men unit it does seem we are seeing more of how the units are really run. Will be interesting to see who steps up if COs do remove Daffron from unit for a significant amount of time.

    • raynidaze

      I don’t think (just guessing tho) there are smoke alarms/detectors in the jail like we have in our homes. It’s probably like the systems in stores or public buildings where it’s a fire sprinkler system that goes off when it detects heat/fire and when the system goes off to put out the fire, it triggers a call to the fire department.

      • tamaratattles

        They must have edited out the whole alarm going off, the firemen coming and the lighters and matches being taken out of the room after THEY STARTED A FUCKING FIRE IN A CELL then. How did we all miss that?

        Perhaps the thick smoke and everyone coughing having trouble breathing was all just really good acting. Or maybe we missed the sprinklers dousing everyone.

        Thank God we have you here to guess the real story for us.

      • Joanplus2dogs

        Whatever system the jail uses needs to be repaired, replaced or adjusted if it isn’t registering that smoke. A fire threatens everyone life especially the folks locked up. All too easy for fire or smoke to go from minor to major problem. Not to mention the physical & mental health of all the other inmates having to breathe in whatever crap they are burning.

  13. Noellemybelle

    Sheri looked at Hot Ass Mess when her husband came to visit, just as i would expect and inmate to look. Its hard for me to look presentable with all the amnenites of my nice middle class lifestyle. Some mornings I show up to school drop off looking like Sheri. Whats my excuse?? But I have never had the pleasure of being tweezed by a meth head. I will stick with the nice Asian at the nail salon in the mall.

  14. Cindy stodolski

    Is it my eyes?! Or did I see a cell phone in there.. Or tablet..? Did anybody else see that?

  15. we enjoy this show but would like to see it done within another jail. This jail is not typical of jails that I have visited as an attorney. I would like to see their recreation room and their law library.

    • tamaratattles

      As an attorney, I’d think you would know the difference between a JAIL (which is what this show is set in) and a PRISON.

      Further, the producers have been looking for another JAIL that would be suitable for season three.

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