RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars: Revenge of the Queens


By The Lady Cocotte

This week RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars doesn’t mess around. We’re right back in the middle of Phi Phi O’Hara’s rant about Alyssa Edwards when the four evicted queens show up in the mirror. Now, production originally planned huge drama from the shock of seeing the supposedly eliminated queens back in the workroom. But Phi Phi flipped the script when she went off on Alyssa while Alyssa was hidden but in full earshot. Oops! These days it’s incredibly rare to get non-producer driven drama like this. It was pretty spectacular. RuPaul must have flooded her basement when she heard about it.

No wonder Phi Phi had a meltdown on Twitter last week. She knew the vilification of Phi Phi was only going to get worse.In case you missed it, Phi Phi lost her damn mind on the interwebs, accusing RuPaul and Drag Race of setting her up and saying she was going to boycott the reunion. She replied to just about every internet troll out there, trying to justify her behavior and blame editing. She even went so far as to claim a particular judging was falsely edited and when someone (cough, production, cough) leaked the uncut footage it supposedly proved that Phi Phi lied. Then RuPaul unfollowed Phi Phi and the drag world imploded. I find the whole thing pretty sad. I know Phi Phi expected this season to be her redemption but I wish she wasn’t so sensitive about her dark side. Sure, she’s shown being shady on the show. A lot. And she gets defensive when she feels threatened. But she’s a drag queen. And a human being. I like Phi Phi, flaws and all. We don’t need her to be nicey nice to like her or respect her. What we need from her is an ability to rise above her personal pain and slay on stage. Which she does often enough to have earned her place on All Stars. No one deserves death threats over a tv show. That is never ok. But Phi Phi should know that troll’s opinions do not represent most of the viewing audience. To quote Alaska, “Be nice, for fuck’s sake. It’s just drag.”



Back on the show, the eliminated queens get to make an entrance in their quick change costumes. Coco Montrese obviously didn’t get the full memo because when she removes her vest her dress looks exactly the same. Oh, I guess the vest had a peplum. Still not impressed. Tatianna starts out in a short black number that flips down to reveal a crop top and long skirt (think Scheana’s wedding dress in black). Ginger Minj has a silver top and black skirt that transform into a long silver a-line. Alyssa gets to do her poof to camera-whore metamorphosis again. Most of the top five are pretending to be happy to see them, cheering and ooh-mama-ing but Phi Phi looks shocked to her core. I think we’ve all been there, caught talking about someone behind their back. It’s pretty humiliating. And on top of that, she doesn’t know how this is going to affect her chances of winning. Ackward. Well, Alyssa isn’t going to pretend it didn’t happen. She confronts Phi Phi but Phi Phi is too rattled to adequately stand up for herself. So she lashes out. Interestingly, the biggest issue Alyssa wants to clear up is Phi Phi’s assertion that she threw Roxxxy and Katya under the bus. When Phi Phi claims she’s trying to play the victim (!) Ginger jumps in to scrap with Alyssa over Ginger’s eviction. Drama! They go back and forth for a while until Ginger drops a bomb: she wouldn’t have let Katya go home if she was evicted. Huh? Alyssa sums things up in her talking head. “So, are you basically saying you wanted me to choose Katya to go home and then you would nominate yourself to go home instead of her? I smell a stunt.” Yeah, we all do.


The next day things have calmed down a little. RuPaul finally explains the “revenge.” The maxi-challenge is a stand-up comedy show. Each eliminated queen will be paired with a current cast member (like they did with Conjoined Queens in season seven) and they’ll perform in front of a live audience made up of past Drag Race contestants (you know, all the girls they beat out for All Stars). The top two returning queens will lip-sync for $10,000 and a spot back in the competition. They’ll also eliminate one of the bottom queens. So a previously eliminated queen will kick off an uneliminated queen. Dun dun dun. That’s a lot of power. Phi Phi is shaking in her boots. The returning queens get to pick their partners. Alyssa Edwards grabs Alaska (again). Ginger Minj picks her bestie, Katya. Tatianna chooses Detox. She says it because Detox is funny, and she’s not Roxxxy or Phi Phi. Choices. Coco Montrese gets final pick and she goes with Phi Phi. Which leaves Roxxxy all alone (they obviously didn’t plan on someone dropping out and creating an odd number). Since she’s solo, Roxxxy is going to be the emcee.


Coco is going to revive RuPaul’s cousin from the Brewster Projects, her winning character from season five’s roast of RuPaul. Phi Phi decides to go ghetto chola as a counterbalance. Alyssa doesn’t hold any malice towards Alaska for kicking her out in the previous challenge so they form a strong team. Alaska wants to play to Alyssa’s strengths (ie: off the cuff buffoonery). She’s a smart one, that Alaska. You’re only as strong as your weakest link. And then they do a ridiculous, real life, not for the show routine that proves Alaska’s point. “I might have my Clef notes.” “Cliff’s notes. Like the person’s name is Cliff.” “Who told you that?” Brilliant. Detox checks in with Roxxxy. She’s glad she’s working alone because she doesn’t want anyone outshining her like last week. Katya and Ginger meet with Ross Matthews and comedian Chelsea Peretti for a coaching session. Katya is hysterical in her Russian whore character but Ginger is kind of falling flat. No! She’s the most talented of the returning queens. Why isn’t she showing it in All Stars? Ross and Chelsea give them good advice and they seem pretty confident. Come on, Ging! We’re counting on you! Detox and Tatiana are playing bizarre ladies who lunch. It’s pretty funny. And kind of dirty. Ross and Chelsea seem nervous for them. Uh oh. Coco and Phi Phi are kind of a mess. Ross is a little nicer with his criticism than I am. “Okay, that’s great. But you have to make it funny.” Yeah, I thought it was missing something.


Finally, Phi Phi and Alyssa have the talk. It’s a lot of back and forth. I’m already sick of the whole thing. I just can’t transcribe it. I just can’t. Then Alyssa sums up what I was trying to say (but much better than I did): “I think Phi Phi is so talented. But she is spending so much time second guessing everything she does. Is it gonna be liked? Is the fans gonna receive it? Is she getting the redemption story? Girl, breathe and let it go. ‘Cuz all that matters is you just be you and showing your creativity.” Can I get an amen? They agree to disagree and squash the beef. Whew. That was stressing me out.


RuPaul is wearing my least favorite outfit of the season. She looks like Honey Mahogany in a caftan (sorry, boo). Michelle Visage, Carson Kressley and Todrick Hall are joined by guest judge Ross Matthews. I wonder if they’ll let Todrick speak this week. The audience is packed (packed!) with Drag Race alums.

Roxxxy Andrews opens the show by bombing. The audience grimaces say it all. Then it’s time for Coco and Phi Phi. They’re not funny but Phi Phi’s costume is amazing. Those ten inch nails are everything. Then Roxxxy is back as Tasha Salad from season five’s Draggle Rock. She’s still not funny. Hopefully Alaska and Alyssa can turn this show around. And they do. Alyssa kills it by being Alyssa but Alaska doesn’t take a back seat. She gets quite a few zingers in herself. The crowd enjoys non-forced laughter for a change. Then we get more of Roxxxy bombing. The audience doesn’t even muster up a fake laugh this time. Katya and Ginger are adorable. They’re pretty funny but I think they’re both better than this set. Except when Ginger calls Katya “Balki.” That was pretty good. And this time around Roxxxy actually gets heckled. Yikes. It’s not looking good for our girl. To close things out we get Detox and Tatianna. They’re even funnier than in the coaching session. Detox’s accent is so ridiculous and perfect but it makes it a little hard to understand her jokes. So there were some hits and some misses but I think everyone can agree that the biggest star of the night was Porkchop’s stank face (she is over it).



Unsurprisingly, Roxxxy doesn’t get a good critique. I mean, come on, she bombed. Carson praises Coco’s makeup and Todrick loves Phi Phi’s “Sheneneh” nails. They’re pleased to hear that but wasn’t this a stand-up challenge? Phi Phi explains they were going for a SNL skit type of thing but Michelle says it turned into an after school special. Carson thinks Alaska and Alyssa worked the best together as a team. And he loves that Alyssa thing. Ross praises Alaska for not letting Alyssa steal the show. Ginger Minj looks like she thinks she won this. I only wish that were true. While Michelle acknowledges there were some funny lines, Ross wishes they weren’t so focused on the competition aspect and showed some actual joy. Carson tells Detox and Tatianna that they made his face hurt from laughing and smiling (pretty impressive thru all the botox). Everyone gushes over them. The only negative feedback was about Detox’s strong accent garbling the words.

Top queens: Alyssa (and Alaska) and Tatianna (and Detox)

Bottom queens: Roxxxy and Phi Phi

Neither Roxxxy nor Phi Phi think they need to have one on ones with the winners. Roxxxy thinks their work should speak for itself. Phi Phi shoves her foot in her mouth by saying she won’t beg to stay. That really pisses off Tatianna. She doesn’t understand how explaining why you should stay is begging. “That’s ego.” When she sits down with Alyssa, Phi Phi doubles down on her not begging thing. Even though she’s being overly defensive, Alyssa tells Phi Phi that she appreciates her drag and doesn’t hold a grudge. Why can’t Phi Phi hear the positive instead of always focusing on the negative? Phi Phi, you’re your own worst enemy. At least Roxxxy did worse than she did tonight. Roxxxy cries to Alyssa. Alyssa ends up giving her a pep talk. When Phi Phi sits down with Tatianna she’s still pretty defensive and it doesn’t seem to sit right with Tati. She kind of makes a case for herself but it seems like Tatianna is over it. And then Phi Phi starts ripping into Detox’s performance during the stand-up. Oh no. Tatianna already thinks Phi Phi is a schemer. She just doesn’t know when to leave well enough alone. Phi Phi, you’re fucking this up for yourself!



Alyssa and Tatianna perform Shut Up And Drive by Rihanna. These two are great performers. Alyssa is wearing a black bodysuit and thigh high boots and Tatianna is wearing the same outfit in white. It’s like they choreographed the whole thing. It’s pretty amazing. They’re both seriously slaying.They’re dancing, they’re mugging, they’re battling to get back in the game.  I have no idea who will win. RuPaul is in heaven. She’s just cackling the entire performance. Crazy. Tatianna wins! She’s back in the competition. Alyssa is heartbroken. She gave everything she could. There wasn’t anything else she could have done. The other queens are shocked. Alyssa also wins! Oh, Ru, you sneaky bitch! I guess they can thank Adore Delano for this. They have to share the tip but they’re both back. Then Ru says they both get to eliminate one of the bottom two. Huh? Are Roxxxy and Phi Phi both going home? No, just Phi Phi. Once again, Roxxxy survives even though she had the worse performance. Phi Phi hugs Roxxxy but waves Alyssa away when she tries to hug her. The judges are kind of shocked. She hugs the other girls and Tatianna runs over and forces a hug on her. Alyssa just stands there awkwardly.




Next week: The queens design drag-influenced products. And FYI, there are only three more episodes this season! It’s going by too quickly…

Hmmm. I wasn’t able to find this week’s RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars Behind the Scenes. I’m wondering if this has anything to do with the Phi Phi controversy. We’ll update if anything changes. (This is tt! I couldn’t find it either. :( )


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17 responses to “RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars: Revenge of the Queens

  1. misti wilde

    Alyssa makes me happy! Glad she’s back and hope she steals the crown.

  2. Margarett

    Poor little PhiPhi. I just adore her and I hate that she is too afraid to take the risk of letting the game play out. (That’s my guess at why she sabotages herself.)

    Too bad Ginger didn’t do better at stand up. She seems naturally funny to me.

    Boy, this has been a fast season! Will the next one be regular instead of all stars? I think I like that a little better…maybe not so serious/uptight. I’m pretty new to this program, so I’m prepared to be wrong about everything! 😉

    • Yeah, the next season will be regular Drag Race. I think they’re filming now (or already filmed). There are a lot of blog posts about who might be on season 9 but I don’t really pay attention. I like to be surprised!

  3. MrPrez

    Great recap! This was by far the best episode to date! Everything that I wanted to happen, happened! No more Phi Phi! Tati and Alyssa are back! If only Roxxxy had been eliminated then that would’ve been the cherry on top!

    • I love Roxxxy but she should have gone home several episodes ago. And I think Ginger Minj is one of the most talented drag queens out there but she didn’t really bring it to All Stars. I’m actually super excited that Alyssa & Tati are back (which surprises me because I wasn’t too keen on them joining All Stars in the first place).

  4. LisaPat

    Can I just brag for moment and tell you that Alaska lives in my hometown ? When she won, they had a big party for her at a local bar in Lawrenceville. Her and her love, Sharon, were both in attendance.


    I’m not necisarilay a fan of Phi Phi’s . I don’t watch her original season so I don’t hate her per say. I think her twitter meltdown last week was a bit sad. In saying this,I’d like to point out that alyssA’s “method” for eliminating “based on consistency ” failed when it came to Phi Phi. Phi phi was robbed. And his season is rigged. If Alyssa doesn’t come out as the winner or even second place I will literally be super surprised.

    • Both Alyssa & Tatianna chose to eliminate Phi Phi & they were both wrong. Roxxxy was clearly the worse performer (overall & in that particular challenge). It was personal.

      But I highly doubt Alyssa will win. Alaska will win, Katya will get 2nd & Alyssa might get 3rd (which is a lot more than I originally expected). This is just my personal theory, though. I haven’t even seen the supposed top 3 that Alaska’s ex-bf spoiled (AND I DON’T WANT TO).

  6. hannahkingrose

    Well Alaska is kicking ass and taking names this season. In her words “Be nice for fuck’s sake. It’s only drag.” She did her best to showcase herself and play on Alyssa’s strengths as well. Smart move. Phi Phi said that this was going to be her comeback season to prove she wasn’t the shady queen from her season but it looks the same to me. Roxxy’s performance was terrible but with the exception of Phi Phi’s nails and outfit the whole skit routine was pretty bad. The decision to send her home may have been personal but Phi Phi shot her own self in the foot. Not everyone has to be Miss Congeniality but the way Phi Phi acted when she lost was ridiculous. Have some couth for goodness sake. Show some sophistication and self respect rather than giving people the same impression of a jealous and selfish person.

    I was thrilled that my favorite Katya was safe and disappointed that she and Ginger didn’t do better. They are comedy queens and should have had that one in the bag.

    I’m am not an Alyssa fan. I think there are several queens that are much better than she is but I do understand part of her and Tatianna’s reasoning for sending Phi Phi home. People are putting this all on Alyssa but Tatianna chose her as well.

    Detox wasn’t one of my favorites at the beginning but she is making great decisions and showing growth in her drag. She’s got my attention now.

    I hate that there are only 3 more episodes. Why do they seem to shorten the seasons of my favorite shows. That sucks. Hope the next season will be closely following this one since Lady C said they are either filming right now or possibly finished.

    Again Lady C, thanks for your perfect recap. So glad to have someone who enjoys the show as much as I do recapping. You’re a gem.

    • I forgot about Detox! I’ve never been a fan but she is killing it this season. She would definitely be in my top 3 (but the judges are favoring Alyssa so my original theory about top 3 stands).

      Also, All Stars is always a short season. Hopefully season 9 will be around 14 episodes. Unfortunately we have to wait til Spring 2017 to find out.

      And thanks for all of the love! Being able to share with other fans (you all) makes it even more fun.

  7. Marsha Marsha Marsha

    Thank you for the great recap Lady. I have watched Drag Race from the very beginning, including when Sharon Needles won. I thought Phi Phi was a strange bird back then and still do. I don’t care for her and I’m glad she is gone. Phi Phi makes me sad, Alaska makes me glad and I hope Alaska wins. I keep hearing how great Ginger is but as a viewer I think she is nice and talented and everything but.. I just don’t get her ( love Sling Blade). I love watching the show and I wish all of them the best.

  8. Pentastic

    Alaska did suuuch a great job. Alyssa was lucky to pick her first, I think anyone paired with Alaska would have been in the top. She’s a smart cookie

    I wish Ginger and Roxxxy had swapped places. I don’t feel like Roxxxy is offering anything new or exciting or even entertaining. But she keeps getting through! She’s the Dida Ritz of this season.

    Not really sure what to make of the Phi Phi situation. It’s actually pretty hard to watch a queen be so bitter. It makes me think of the times I’ve been a bitter asshole and glad that no one was filming it. No wonder she was showing up to all the promotion stuff out if drag.

  9. MachineParts

    I lol’d when Alyssa’s one word to describe Michelle was “BEAST!” The shade of it all!

    In other news, Phi Phi is furking terrible. Her drag is boring, her personality is venomous, and she’s a bitter person who holds grudges for freaking ever. She may be my least favorite of all time. Glad to see her go. Bye Philicia!

    Now, let’s all just sit back and await Alaska’s inevitable coronation.

  10. Sara

    Phi Phi has been schemeing, and Tatianna called her on it. About time someone did. Editing may have highlighted the incidents of Phi Phi’s actions. But those words did come out of her mouth. Why did she have a hard up on Alyssa? Notice when Phi Phi tries to convince Alyssa that her accent is getting in the way of her snatch game persona. Alyssa blows her off and doesn’t buy it. She’s the only one shown, shrugging off Phi Phi’s manipulations. I think that action represented a real threat to Phi Phi. Cause ever since Phi Phi’s been gunning for Alyssa more than any other Queen on the show.

    Beside her schemes. Her well let say, what is shown of her personality is unpleasent. Yes Phi Phi’s drag has gotten bettter. But she can’t sing and should have been sent home episode 1 for that performance alone. She isn’t funny. No nails do not a perfoirmance make. Her acting skills have gotten better. (shrug) Not a complete package (well rounded performer) and not a nice person. Good ridence.

  11. WOW at how angry & uncomfortable PhiPhi was after the surprise reveal and when Alyssa & the other Queens were arguing with her. Her eyes were darting all over place, jaw clenched, facial muscles spazzing out, and veins popping. That Queen was PISSED.

    Also Lady C thanks for recapping PhiPhi’s twitter meltdown. She was so extra salty that Mama Ru is like “PhiPhi who?”

  12. BD

    Thank you for the recap. i felt bad for Phi Phi and was on her side in many ways. I do think Alyssa changed the game sending Ginger home. And I agree the judges are unfair in judging Alyssa. But, Phi Phi is doubling down on the hate and the smack talk, blaming everyone else but herself. I think this reality competition is like many others….it is really a competition with yourself. If the queens focus on themselves, be themselves….they will walk out stairs whether they win or not. It’s when the queens try to bring someone else down to raise their own odds is when they untimely lose. When a performer tries to play mind games and bring others down, It proves they don’t have the confidence in thier own talent to be a true star.

    I’m actually appalled by Phi Phi’s rant on RuPaul and the show. This show has provided a great forum to all the drag stars and has made drag more acceptable — especially in the gay community!

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