Drama in Dallas As More Poop Throwing Goes Down On Twitter!

RHOD Leeanne
Just when the poop show that was Real Housewives of Dallas was but a distant, vexing memory, a bizarre Twitter war brings it all back. I’d been ignoring rumors that the series that began with poop on a hat and ended with pooping in a basket had the potential to be renewed for a second season.  The first season ended with Leeanne Locken threatening to gut Marie Reyes like a fish and Marie returning home to get a restraining order because Leeanne would not stop texting her threats, The show barely hit a million followers the first night and never did again. And yet, the shit is hitting the fan again and it’s all about who will and won’t be on season two.

Pretty much the only person I found amusing on the show was Marie. She was the last one in a string of ladies that Leeanne took because Marie knew where all of Leeanne’s bodies were buried. And yesterday, Marie dug up a few of them. Marie has a blog and on that blog she mentioned a meeting that she had with Rich Bye, the owner of Goodbye Pictures and Producer of the Real Housewives of Dallas,  The two met because he wanted her back RHOD season two. Because apparently, they really are going to shoot another season.

rhod-marieMarie mentioned that she didn’t exactly have the best experience the first time with the death threats and restraining orders and tag team insults from Leeanne and Tiffany. She mentioned to him that Leeanne had a history of violence with knives and she really would not be comfortable being around that again.

I told him I would not be participating because I felt like he, Goodbye Pictures, along with NBC Universal, and Bravo, didn’t care about my safety or the safety of the other cast members last season. Their collective failure to have an assistant producer spend the night in Stephanie Hollman and Brandi Redmond’s lake house with the cast members or at a minimum provide on-site cameras or security for the cast members, was outrageous and intentionally willful, and at worst, grossly negligent.

Marie also mentioned that potential new housewives are being told not to worry about Leeanne Locken’s violent behavior because…… I bet you can see this coming….. Leeanne has gone to Bravo Anger Management.  I have no idea why Bravo thinks this filmed anger management charade will hold up in court as their attempts to address the issue of continuing to employee people who have attacked their cast mates. Sometimes multiple times.  Speaking of Porsha, she suggested to men on her Instagram that if they tried talking to her and she didn’t respond they should try again because “she thought she had something.”  For a minute I thought whatever she had must have cleared up. The I surmised that she must have found out about her fake boyfriend.  I actually hope she takes Matt out of Kenya’s hair. They seem to have a lot in common.

Oh yeah, you’re waiting on the dead bodies to be unearthed.  How about this one. Marie let us know that back in 2008 Leeanne’s then boyfriend, a guy named Hubert Sebanc, called 911 from her house because she was in a jealous rage, and she was chasing him with a knife. Was she trying to gut him like a fish? Maybe. Fortunately, he was cowering behind a locked bedroom door as she stabbed the other side of the door repeatedly!

According to the Dallas Police report posted by Marie,  the couple had been “out to da bar,” as we say, for a while when Leeanne became enraged by Hubert’s interactions with another female at the bar.  For reasons unknown, they both returned to her place and when they got inside, she struck him with a hand full of sandpaper and chased him around with a large kitchen knife  while making psycho cutting motions. That’s when Hubert locked himself in the bedroom and called the police. While he was talking to the 911 operator, he  held the phone up to the door so the dispatcher could hear her stabbing away at the other side of the door!  Once Leeanne realized he was on the phone with the police she stopped the stabbing and began to sand over the hole left by the knife stabs. Because, crazy.

When the sandpapering stopped, he attempted to make a break for it. He peeked out the door and started to escape but that is when Leeanne popped out of nowhere and clocked him in the head with the sandpaper leaving abrasions near his right eye, the police report stated. Hubert retreated back to the safety of the bedroom and locked the door. Eventually Locken left the premises and she was not there when the police arrived. Hubert also told the police that she has slashed his tires and stolen his car keys and his ID.  Apparently she took the knife with her when she left to slice up his tires. By the way, it takes quite a bit of force to slash tires.  To make matters worse, this knife wielding spree happened in the month when we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ our Lord! Should any self respecting carnie be filling the world with the hope and peace of our savior? Did nobody think about baby Jesus lying in a manager at all?

Leeanne RHOD
The Dallas Observer contacted Leeanne for a response. Remember how Leeanne denied literally everything she did on camera on RHOD? Well, this is no different.

Locken says Sebanc declined to prosecute because his report was untrue. “If you look at that record you will see that the person who filed it said no prosecution, which means he recanted all of it,” she says. “So have I ever been in a relationship that got ugly and the person got completely dramatic? 100 percent. Sure. Have I ever gone at someone with a knife? No. That’s ridiculous.”


Remember how Leeanne didn’t make a lot of sense after a couple of drinks? Some things never change.  Hubert ended up filing a affidavit of non-prosecution at some point after he was attacked. This is a piece of paper that is usually filled out by a tearful abused wife asking the prosecutor not to press charges because her husband is really a great guy and he didn’t mean it. It really holds no weight at all the prosecutor does whatever they were going to do anyway. It doesn’t negate the police report, it doesn’t mean anyone recanted anything. In this case it probably mean  Hubert didn’t want anything at all to do with her or to have to go to court with a crazy woman. I’ve been to court with a crazy woman and I’d try to avoid it too if I were Hubert. 

“I get Marie’s and [husband] Angel’s anger toward me,” she says. “They want to blame someone for the position that was taken toward them. But the reality is, karma exists. I don’t have the power to make anyone a Housewife or not make anyone a Housewife, obviously. Especially if I’m not even going to be on season two.”

Actually, I think she is just blaming the person who said she wanted to gut her like a fish after harassing her all season for being a cunt.  Marie is doing God’s work if she can have a voice at Bravo to convince them to stop allowing violent attacks on women on their reality shows. If she can get their attention and let them know that a made for TV single anger management session is not sufficient protection for the other cast mates or a legal get out of free card for gross negligence by putting the female talent they employ knowingly in harm’s way, that will be a commendable accomplishment.

Leanne with the hands trying to push everyone's words back.

Leanne with the hands trying to push everyone’s words back.

So, you want one more body? Well this one was not exactly unearthed by Marie herself but my source is a tweet that she retweeted from Pam Martin who you may or may not remember from Big Rich Texas.  I’m in the not group because lymeopause. I remember that I watched it. And there was a Halloween party. But that’s about it. Anyway, Pam wants us to know that the year before the knife wielding psycho behavior happened, Hubert got in a week bit of trouble himself. Here is what A Coppell Gazette Story from 2007 reported about Leeanne’s forme boyfriend.

An estimated $75,000 worth of narcotics were seized from a Coppell residence on the 200 block of Tanbark Circle.

Hubert Mathew Sebanc, 32, was arrested on March 19 on 11 felony drug distribution charges, including 10 first degree felony charges and one third degree felony offense. The Coppell Police Department’s Organized Crime Unit executed a search warrant at Sebanc’s residence on March 19. The search was in reference to an ongoing narcotics investigation.

More than 4,200 grams of anabolic steroids were found in the residence, as well as 1,132 grams of [liquid] Gamma Hydroxybutyrate (GhB)[the “date rape” drug], 180 grams of MDMA (Ecstasy), 0.6 grams of methamphetamines, 3.3 grams of Alprazolam and 1.99 grams of cocaine. Lt. Steve Thomas, the Coppell Police public information officer, said the steroids alone were worth approximately $65,000.


Also found in the residence were 43 firearms and $3,946 in cash. Thomas said the money was taken, because law enforcement sees it as a profit from the sale of drugs, and the money will not be returned unless  Sebanc can prove otherwise.

Even for Texas, 43 guns in one house is kind of a lot. Anyway, apparently Leeanne is threatening to sue Marie for libel because Marie wrote a blog on libel laws. Marie claims that the person who files a defamation lawsuit and loses has to pay all court costs. It really should be that way everywhere. If it were the Fishy Vagina Lawsuit would never have been stinking up the Miami Dade Court System this long.

And that’s the latest poop out of Texas.


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35 responses to “Drama in Dallas As More Poop Throwing Goes Down On Twitter!

  1. Theresa

    I forgot about these women. I remember Pam and loved Big, Rich Texas. It was trash and social climbing at it’s finest. So there is a season 2 and it won’t have Leanne?

    • Lindsay

      It was incredible! The lady with the niece or goddaughter or whatever…they were way cray and I loved it. Are Whit and Booger still together?!

  2. Snowflake

    I heard something from the mouth of a “member” regarding Season 2. I’m I allowed to post it here?

  3. Cherry Bomb

    What Bravo should do is gather up all the crazy and violent housewives and put them in a “therapy ” house all together and start a new show. Can you imagine Leanne, Brandi and Porsha all under one roof ? Adriana from Miami… Maybe even Kim Richards with Kingsley, Kelly from the OC… OMG I’m getting really excited about this show that’s not even a thing (Yet ).

  4. Observer2

    I guess Bravo won’t learn until they have a major lawsuit against them in the event something happens – which imo will only be a matter of time.

    Ladies, don’t plan on Bravo giving you footage of it, you need to get out your own personal cell phones and get video of it yourself. Don’t use the iPhones Bravo gives you with your script on it, as I’m sure everything on it is their property.

  5. More Tea Please!

    Ugh, Bravo is scraping the bottom of the barrel with this show!

    • Margarett

      These heifers may be under the darned barrel, More Tea Please. I swear I haven’t met women like these and I’ve been a Texan for a very long time.

      Bravo should apologize ’cause this show would be bad no matter where it was set. Allegedly…in my opinion.

  6. Maggie

    You know, I like the first year of each RH show. Before they get wise to storylines and made up drama. I think each cast should get two seasons and then move along to a new city. I liked RHOD ~ using the word “Charity” as our drinking game made for some hilarious good times. But I don’t think there’s much more there to see and it will just get to be contrived and silly like RHOC . . . and the rest of them too.

  7. Coco

    Thanks for the tea, TT! This show was such a trainwreck from which you couldn’t look away. Leeanne needs to sit down this season and return after her one anger management class. LMFAO

  8. SB

    wow I had completely forgot this show ever aired until this post! I’d give the second season a shot, mostly because I don’t have a life.

  9. Dan

    I’m really hoping for season 2, which sounds like it’s basically all but officially confirmed. Leeanne is Dallas’ Danielle Staub, who I loved (for reality tv viewing purposes only), so I can get down with the crazy that is Leeanne. I just feel bad for the women that have to film with her.

  10. Isn’t Leeanne’s boyfriend a cop? Wtf? As a Texan, I can tell you that these women ARE NOT the actual rich, high society housewives in the lonestar state. The ACTUAL wealthy society women wouldn’t be caught dead on one of these shows. And we are talking oil dynasty wealthy… Lots of them live in Texas.

    There is an actual social registry here where the real “old money” established ones are listed. (Kind of like DARs) Not wasting my time to look to see if any of these bimbos are listed. But, my educated guess would be that none of them are on it, nor are there husbands. I also would go out on a limb to say there are no carnies in the registry LOL. I stopped watching RHOD after the second episode. I have no need to add yet another group of ratched wanna-be fame whores on my DVR.

    In my opinion. Allegedly.

    What a bunch of shit that this show was renewed. (Pun intended)

    • Georgina

      YOU ARE EXACTLY CORRECT! In fact, I know a bit about Dallas society-Just sayin’, and these women have NO real connection to the real wealthy or classy. I know some of the women that were approached, and I too know one of the ladies on the show that wanted me to do an episode. However, NO ONE, including myself, in their right mind would ever go on that show. As far as “poop” is concerned (LOL), The show stinks. Why don’t they try Houston? That would be SO much better! They have more old $$$.

  11. JoJoFLL

    I’m only watching if they cast Kelli Rasberry.

  12. BKSweetheart

    Wowowowow damn that was a lot of tea. Just the mental image alone of a deranged Leanne maniacally stabbing a door over and over is f-cking insane!! The sad (and scary) part is that it sounds 100% believable. She’s seems batshit cray enough to do something like that.

  13. Miguel

    Loving the tea, as always, TT!!! Moreover, it should be noted by all the “neigh-sayers” that Tamara almost ALWAYS presents both sides to a story WITH her opinion! Notice, she may not be Leeanne’s biggest fan; HOWEVER, she also gives us the dish on Hubert! BTW, to the “stable people,” this is how it’s done & kudos to TT!!!

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      Gotta agree Miguel TT is mostly fair even to HW she doesn’t like. It’s the reason I’ve abandoned all other gossip sites :)

  14. Kika

    I will never watch this show again nor will I bother with a Tamara recap as as I just can’t, uggh!
    Talk about TV trash, this is it.

  15. Billie_bee

    Bring the Housewives of DC back. I’d rather watch that or Miami before Season 2 of this literal shit show.

  16. Happy gal

    I would pay per view for a trip w bravo all stars with the most manipulative bitches and then the most likely ones that could actually deal w them like Erica

    It would have to be an extended trip maybe three weeks ?

  17. Toddy

    Where’s Xanadude? I’d love to hear his thoughts on Marie’s scoop.

  18. Opela88

    Both Leanne and Heidi appeared on Big Rich Texas! I hope Dallas doesn’t return, I’m still bitter about Miami being cancelled and I actually really liked the Miami franchise. Dallas cast was not good and the plot lines were awful. Plus, Leanne is nuts, not funny nuts like Danielle Staub..

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