Daily Tea (Open Forum): My Drug Deal Gone Bad

Libyan tea with nuts seems appropriate here.

Libyan tea with nuts seems appropriate here.

Drugs are everywhere here in the ghetto. If I wanted to buy meth, there are probably five meth houses within walking distance. I imagine, if I so desired, I could drop by any one of them while out walking my dog, and both Banjo and I would be welcomed in.

“Hi! I would like to buy some of the meth you are making in there. I’m Tamara, this is my dog Banjo, he’s kind of aggressive so keep your distance.  May we come in?”

In my mind, the meth dealer would say, “Of course, selling meth is my business. I can tell by your back fat that you are a new user. We’d love to have you as a customer. Have a seat and I’ll tell you all about meth, how we make it, and show you an array a packages you can choose from. We even have some free samples.”

He would offer Banjo a treat that I would decline on his behalf, because Banjo is on a wheat-free, grain-free, gluten-free, taste-free colorless diet infused with 20 superfoods and heavy on greens. At least theoretically. I’m guilty of enabling him with cheese, peanut butter, bacon, pork, cheese burgers and McDonald’s french fries once they get cold and gelatinous. Anyway,  I’m confident I could leave the meth house in a reasonable amount of time with my meth, a happy customer.

Now let’s talk about buying pseudoepinephrine, as it was my drug of choice this week. Pseudoepinephrine is the active ingredient in Sudafed. The name makes sense now right?



First I should point out that I am against drugs. All drugs. Except cocaine. I really, really like cocaine. I haven’t had any since the 80s, but if I ever decide to be a drug addict, I’m going to be a cokehead. If I knew that next month, an asteroid would crash into earth wiping out all life forms except cockroaches and school administrators, I’d be wandering the ghetto with a sign like people needing tickets outside a concert.  NEED TEN GRAMS!   But I do not take anything from Big Pharm unless I have strep and need penicillin.  Penicillin has been safely used since the 1940s. At no point have you seen class action suits against penicillin. Big Pharm makes no money off penicillin so they keep reinventing the wheel making things that are “better for different bacterial strains.”  It’s hit or miss. There are plenty of class action suits there. I also take aspirin. Safe since the 1890s. No class action suits. And I only take one. One works. You don’t need two. I’ll stop because I am getting all Rainman.

I’ve been having a rough time with mood swings lately. I really thought I was past that, but I was wrong. So I went to the Publix yesterday or the day before, I don’t know. I also have no concept of time. But I went to the Publix to get some minor things and I happened to notice that there was no line at the pharmacy.

I have been needing Sudafed because my sinus glands on my face tend to get blocked and make my teeth hurt. In the past, I bought pseudoephedrine at CVS and it was a disaster.  They kept selling me huge white pills full of who knows what that is supposed to keep the methheads from making meth.  Apparently, the government’s plan is to make the entire population of Americans with sinus problems take unknown shit and see what it does to us so that meth can’t be made. So far, this doesn’t seem to be cutting down the meth business at all.

So I bought the shit with unknown shit in it and went home. Then I needed more. They sold me the shit with Advil also in it. I don’t need Advil, I don’t take Advil and I didn’t know there was Advil in it until I got home. So I went back. I told the idiots that I needed the kind with no NSAIDS or anything in it. I got home and the new box had Tylenol, and of course the mystery substance.  PISSED! I went back and said I specifically asked for the kind with no NSAIDS and was reminded that Tylenol is not an NSAID. The bitch was trying me. Then they said they don’t have anymore of the random kind but…..wait for it…. all they had was Sudafed. Name brand Sudafed. Not extra mystery shit. Tiny round pills of sweet, sweet pseudoephedrine. The shit I had to buy four times was $12. The Sudafed that was not mentioned ever to me, was $5 and had twice the pills. PISSED.

So there I was at Publix, at the pharmacy I used to use a lot back when I had medical care before Obama fucked it all up for us leaving me sitting here needing surgery I can no longer get after depleting my entire savings on Affordable HealthCare and causing me to be living check to check for quite a while before recovering. I said, “I’d like a box of Sudafed.” Because now I know what to fucking ask for.  The idiot brings me back 24 hour release capsules that are 120 mg. While this is a meth makers dream, I would be jumping out of my skin on that shit. Normal dosage is two 30mg tablets.  I take ONE tablet. Because why? Repeat it with me, “You don’t need two.”  Unless you have been taking two because Big Pharm suggests it all your life. In that case, hell you probably need the 120 mg shit. I don’t. I  would just please like some 30 mg pills of motherfucking pseudoephedrine please.

At this point I should point out that these drugs are not just behind the counter but back where the shithead pharmacist is. Let’s call her SHP.  I can see the top row of the two rows of products that include pseudoephedrine I ask the counter idiot, let’s call her CI,  to bring me a box of all the Sudafed choices. She looks like I have asked her to strip naked, stand on the counter and do the macarena.  I just want to see the motherfucking boxes of the motherfucking Sudafed.  SHP, who has no customers and nothing better to do, dithers around with CI staring at the boxes.


Okay, now I am sounding like a meth addict. But it’s not my fault. They are idiots. SHP starts collecting boxes and walks out of my range of sight. CI stands staring at the Sudafed boxed completely dazed and confused.  CI comes out with more Sudafed. All time release. No Bueno. I now say, Just bring me one of all the choices. She stammers that this is all the Sudafed. I say, no, bring be all the boxes on those two rows that are for sinus infections. The SHP says to give them just a minute or something that makes me think she is bringing all boxes she made off with. But no. That never happens.

So then, and I might have been a bit crazed at this point, I go and get one of the chairs that people wait in for their prescriptions. I drag the goddamn thing in front of the GODDAM COUNTER and STAND IN IT.  All three tons of me teetering around while glaring into the forbidden zone. Is this a good time to pint out that I am a obsese woman who is PROBABLY NOT A FUCKING METH ADDICT!  Though clearly I am having some sort of psychotic break while trying to get pseudoephedrine while standing on a chair in the pharmacy section of Publix. So, there is that.

Not knowing what else to do to get the fat lady off the chair and out of their pharmacy, CI is suddenly capable of showing me all the assorted options for pseudoephedrine.  Funny how that works.  There are actually about six different sizes of the product t choose from. I buy a box of 96!!! NINETY SIX!!!! for $12. The cheapest I had purchased the shit for previously was $5 for 12 pills. BECAUSE THEY WON’T LET YOU SEE THE OPTIONS!  I am trying to buy a pig in a poke when I can’t see the poke, let alone the fucking pigs!

I now have enough to last me three years. Or perhaps I’ll become a damn drug dealer and sell them on the street. I know I’d rather buy it from a street dealer than have to ever go through that again.

P.S. I was amazed to find images related to this issue. It really does seem easier to buy meth and convert it back into Sudafed than to deal with a fucking actual pharmacist.  Also, there are a lot of cartoons about Pharmacists whining about shit. This made me hate pharmacists even more.

So, how is your weekend going? As you can see, mine is just peachy. This is an open forum for your good news or rants. My misadventures of drug buying are simply my contribution.


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  1. Minky

    Yep. That’s the way it goes when you’re buying pseudo ephedrine. They always, and I do mean ALWAYS, look at you like your a meth cooker, even if you’re just buying one little box. A pharmacist should know better than that, shouldn’t they?

    On top of that they’re required by law to ask for your ID. Is this how stupid out nation has become?!!! What happened to the good old days when you could buy straight up amphetamine over the counter and no one batted an eye?!

    Also, when people get on their soap box and rant about the obesity epidemic they always forget the former black beauty/bomber epidemic and dextrim tablets that actually worked. Grrrrrrrr!

  2. Daintyfeets

    Your day sounds like a nightmare. The world is going crazy or has gone crazy, I’m not sure which. I’m anxiously awaiting the debate. I’ve followed very little this election year other than what I see in the headlines and what my smarter friends share with me. It creates major anxiety for me. I will watch with my 3 friends, VA, li and um. I just drove 2k miles to taos nm because my mother wanted her ashes strewn in a mtn stream there. I drove with my 2 brothers. I was the chuck wagon/gear hauler. They drove their motorcycles. It was the best vacation of my life, mostly because my mother wasnt around, except for her ashes. I now have a box with leftover ashes in my trunk. I sprinkled some in my garden and will sprinkle some in her favorite park, around a lilac bush. I think I will still have so.easy left over. Not sure what to do with the remainder.

    I said to my brothers “I wish I could live my life as happy as I am now. I feel fulfilled, content, serene and happy.” I’ve been back 4 days and my life sucks again. Finito

  3. Katherine 2.0

    I’m sorry, but that shit was hilarious. Puts me in mind of Network’s infamous scene.
    Too bad no one filmed your pharmacy caper. I would be standing on a chair applauding you while watching it on youtube.
    Because you know it would go viral. You’d be a legend and a hero.
    You’re on a roll lately, TT. Good stuff!

    • Sliceo'pie

      So sorry you had to go through that TT, but agree with Katherine – I thought of you standing on the stool screaming, “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!” .

  4. Kiyoshigirl

    Our government’s efforts to curtail various drug issues fall nothing short of idiotic. Always, and I mean always, the general public is forced to pay for the sins of the assholes. Sorry to hear you’re still struggling with mood issues Tamara. I have no advice you probably haven’t already heard, so I’ll just pass on my sympathies. This weekend the assholes I’m dealing with are fruit flies. It’s that time of year and these bastards are trying my last nerve. I have a wonderful Honey Crisp apple tree, but it’s too close to my front door. Apples drop to the ground faster than I can gather and dispose of them and the squirrels and chipmunks feast on them which means I have dozens of half eaten apples lying around and that’s a big fat welcome for fruit flies. Anyhoo…I hit my limit last night and devised the Ball jar traps with cider vinegar and a paper funnel. The idea is that the flies are so attracted to the vinegar that they fly or crawl down the funnel and then get stuck in the jar. I’m happy to report that the traps are working, but the little fuckers are still landing on my skin and stinging me. It’s no solace to me that my friends and neighbors also experience this problem during the month of September. The pest control guy comes on Wednesday for the quarterly treatment, so I’m hoping the supposed “natural treatment” will kill these pricks too!! So that’s my weekend. End rant.

  5. When I worked part time at CVS you had to sign for them! I guess someone was in charge of saying who was buying too much and turning them in.

  6. iloveearlgrey

    I laughed my ass off reading this. I’m sorry for you that you had to go through that, but I’m so happy for me that you shared. Thank you and feel better.

  7. tamaratattles

    Also, I’d like to point out that the fucking thing you have to sign that the CI fills out DOESN’T ACTUALLY GO ANYWHERE! There is not a big server somewhere that holds all the names, addresses and drivers license number of people with allergies in case they are needed for a huge drug sting,


    The plan is to make the process of buying sinus medicine so difficult you just stop buying it.

    Okay, still a bit ranty here. I’ll get off my soapbox….er….chair.

    • Cat

      I’m lucky. My grocery store has a $1 aisle. I get my allergy meds there. The cheap stuff is the only thing that works on my allergies.

      Ugh. By the way, Christmas is coming up. I’m allergic to Christmas…big time. Pines and Evergreens, etc.

      • Cat

        Oh, wow. I just looked at the box. It’s generic Sudafed PE, made by the company that makes Sudafed.

      • tamaratattles

        what exactly is the active ingredient? Oh I Googled that is the on the shelf replacement for the real thing for people who don’t want to stand on a chair while pointing and shouting to get actual Sudafed.

      • Cat

        Active ingredients: Chlorpheniramine maleate 4mg, Phenylephrine HCI 10mg.

        24 tablets $1. Take one tablet every 4 hours.

      • Cat

        These are in the $1 aisle at my store. I take them right off the shelf. No pharmacist or chair-standing required. I can buy as many as I want. They have other generics, too.

      • tamaratattles

        Yes, that stuff doesn’t work for me. It’s not the real Sudafed. It is what they put on the shelves after the real stuff had to go behind the fortress.

      • Cat

        Oh. OK. It works for me. Guess that’s all that really matters. Makes me sleep, too.

    • Sliceo'pie

      No shit! I always assumed it went on your, “Permanent Record” and was stored on a big server somewhere to be used against you someday if you were caught buying too much.
      That’s insane. What’s the freaken point?

      I remember on, “Breaking Bad” they called the people who purchased the Sudafed for meth, “Smurfs”.
      (Worthless info taking space up in my addled brain I feel compelled to share.)

      • SamT

        Here in IL you must also show them your license to buy Drano, and Nyquil. Is drain cleaner also used to make meth? I don’t know. What I do know is I had to dig out my license so the 17 year old Target cashier could scan it.
        If I knew the world was ending my drug of choice would be Hydrocodone. It just makes you slightly sleepy and not give a fuck about anything. Had some after a recent root canal, but threw the remainder away to avoid temptation. I believe that’s one of the drugs that leads to heroin use.

      • OMG – really!!! I have been suffering through the worst pollen year we’ve had in a very long time without my Sudaphed because I know guy who once talked to the niece of a person who cooked meth in his mother’s shed in Mississippi, allegedly. I am going to Walgreens on my break and I am going to demand Sudaphed and I’m not leaving without it. I’ll hand over my driver’s license and sign the paper, now that I know I’m not going to jail for it. Thank you TT.

    • Dee

      Thank you! This was hilarious! I’ve had same experience. Its ridiculous what you have to go through for real Sudafed. Lol. I hope you’re feeling better.

  8. Panda

    Aw Tamara, thank you for the laugh. Are you feeling better?

    I was working in Uganda last year and caught an awful cold. A coworker left me with one little pack of sudafed and it was heavenly help.

    • Minky

      Sudafed, the good stuff, is the only thing that really clears up my sinuses in any meaningful way. All that other stuff is pure horse pucky.

      And it’s always those old doctors who tell you to get real sudafed. These younger ones don’t know what’s going on, bless their hearts.

      Do seasonal allergies happen in the fall or just springtime? Because I am having a hell of an ordeal lately with my post-nasal drip. I just did a bump of flonase, but I don’t think it really works for me.

      • Miguel

        This fall, in particular, a lot of people are suffering from allergies & some are even developing them, like me, Minky! I’ve been attempting to muddle through, because the antihistamines are making me dopey. So, this post couldn’t have come at a better time – I’m trying Sudafed, stat!!!!!!!

  9. blaine

    Ever try just a snot pot (Nettie pot) with a salt water flush? That’s what we swear by for our whole family’s sinus infections. Add salt and a pinch of baking soda, lean over your sink and have at it. Its gross but effective. And no drugs required.

    • tamaratattles

      Oh for the love of god. Really? Do your family members often tell you about your “advice”? Are you my ever so fucking helpful brother posting here?

    • Lawstangel

      I agree! I used to get a lot of sinus infections! I eventually has sinus surgery. After surgery I had to “flush” out ,my sinuses daily, while I did not used the “nettie pot” I had something similar. Whenever I have a cold or congestion, I go back to the flushes. They work quite well.

  10. Margarett

    Hilarious, TT! Thanks.

    Kiyoshigirl, here in Houston we had a gnat infestation earlier this summer. After trying everything we could find, we stumbled across a small indoor bug-zapper called a “Stinger”. It worked great for gnats so it might do the same for fruit flies. BTW, those are some lucky squirrels at your house. Honey Crisps are wonderful.

    • Kiyoshigirl

      Yes Margarett, they are wonderful apples, and in about another week they’ll be ready for picking and I’ll be handing bushels out to everyone. In the mean time, yes the squirrels and chipmunks are very happy scavengers. If the problem doesn’t resolve itself soon (I’ve stopped buying bananas and keep all other fruits in the fridge, which ruins the taste, but what else can you do, right?) I’ll have to look into that gnat stinger, cuz I’m used to the usual September, but this time I feel like I have an infestation. Thanks for the suggestion.

    • BeetsWhy

      HoneyCrisps…yummmmmmm. They just might be my yearly cereal cheat…or PB Capn Crunch. Thanks so much!?!

      • Margarett

        Ah, BeetsWhy, I’m so sorry to ruin your cheat. We were talking about a variety of apples called honeycrisp. They’re so good you won’t even want cereal!

  11. PiaPill

    I bet your picture is now posted in the back of the Pharmacy under the “Beware” List! 😊

    • tamaratattles

      Yeah, I am pretty sure I can never go there again. And they will probably bring in those rows of chairs that bolt to the floor. I mean really, I alerted them to a security issue. Basically, I WAS WAY MORE HELPFUL THAN THEY WERE!

      • SLM

        I’m so sorry you had to go through that ordeal, TT, but your recounting of it made me HOWL. As in I was CRYING I was laughing so hard. Just the beginning image of you and Banjo hypothetically visiting a local meth house and being offered superior customer service….bwahahaha! Your Sudafed Sojourn was HORRIBLE. I hope after you finally got the Sudafed you got some relief for your sinuses!

      • Minky

        Tamara, girl! Go back as often as you can! Don’t you dare be ashamed of yourself. THEY are the ones who should be ashamed. With their incompetent ass, slack-jawed, good-for-nothing selves.

        Next time you go, you should also have an attitude about it. Say to them: “Hey y’all! Remember me? I’m back! Are you gonna do your job right this time? Or do I have to get back up on that chair?”

        Yes. I am serious. You’re a human being, goddamit, and you have the right to be treated with common courtesy. Perhaps the pharmacist and assistant (SHP & CI) should read some Emily Post or something?

      • Miguel

        Ha-snort, TT & thanks for the myriad of posts, lately! Please, please take care of you & Banjo, especially with the overtime!!!!!!!

  12. Tamara! To say you have a way with words is the understatement of the century. Thanks for another good laugh – actually it was about a two-minute laugh! Enjoyed every word of this blog (or whatever it’s called). Love ya, girl! Keep it up…

  13. Judith Vance

    As an over the counter enthusiast, my experiential advice is two Benadryl taken with two extra strength Tylenol is a delight but two Benadryl taken with two Aleve is a mistake.

  14. Nothing I could possibly post about my lame-ass life can compare to that drugstore cowboy story. Seriously, that was fucking hilarious! 😂

  15. ZenJen55

    Well since this is a weekend forum, the house was full watching the Tennessee Vols break a 11 game losing streak against Fla! We sung Rocky Top so loud I’m hoarse!
    TT, I’ve only experimented once with Cocaine, allegedly 😇 (I prefer pot) but you know what? If I was going to do a night of recreational Cocaine, please God let it be with you! I couldn’t think of anyone I’d love to stay up all night partying with other than you! It just went on my Bucket List

    • tamaratattles

      Please don’t mention football. Or Tennessee. We are going to get our ass kicked AGAIN next weekend. I have no idea what is wrong with my Dawgs. New coach, young team, over ranked…

      Also, cocaine makes me the smartest most beautiful woman in the room. And I never shut up. There is a small non drug addled part of my brain screaming, “FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, JUST STOP TALKING!” But I never listen.

      • tamaratattles

        Oh and I tend to forget the part where my heart rate goes insane and I am sure I am about to stroke out or die of a heart attack. They whole “nearly died” part made me quit while I could, but in the dreamy reminiscing, I tend to block the whole near death experience part out.

      • BeetsWhy

        I felt the same way with cocaine in the early nineties, I felt so smart and interesting while dying of a stroke/heart attack at the same time as you mention below. Guess that’s why the “habit” lasted about three months? Cigs taught me I had an addictive personality so that helped me not explore any farther. N

      • tamaratattles

        yeah, in truth a only tried it a handful of times. It is increasingly less pleasant and more dying of a stroke/heart attacky each time. Which fortunately made it easy for me to quit. I was young and dumb and immortal at the time and even then I had the idea I’d die if I ever got near the stuff again.

        But three decades out… the memories are dreamy.

      • ZenJen55

        They are playing at Georgia so anything is possible! If you’ve never experienced a game at Neyland Stadium its indescribable. Its so loud! I’m an alumni
        I root for the Bulldogs too and Ole Miss.
        Sorry for the football rant esp when your at the top of your game with the above post. I can see you now standing on that chair. I literally peed cause you know aging….

    • joanne

      Last night’s second half was absolutely soul-sucking for this old (really old) Gatorette. But after decades of heart-breaking losses in crucial games, I just upped my self-medication with a lovely herb and another large goblet of crisp white! (Please don’t hate me, TT, I’m terrified of the Dawgs, too! Plus I was born into this legacy.)
      I loved your pharmacy story and thanks for reminding me about Sudafed. Bendryl puts me to sleep, so I only can take it at night, and I never could tell if the one-a-day dosage of Claritin really worked. With the rain trees in my yard starting their wonderful fall displays, my sinus issues are showing their early symptoms. Time for a face to face with my Winn Dixie pharmacist. Hope I don’t need to stand on a chair, I’m afraid I might fall and break a hip, not to mention the whole getting up and getting down from it part.
      I hope your and Banjo’s end of weekend will be un-stressful and enjoyable.

  16. Teresa

    The last time I tried to buy Sudafed, key word being “tried”, the clerk at the Pharmacy could not sign on to something on the register that they have to use to sell Sudafed. She tried several times, went and spoke with the Pharmacist, came back and said “Sorry, someone must have changed the password. I can’t sign on so I can’t sell you the Sudafed”. I stood there for a minute not believing my ears.! Then she suggested that I try the drugstore down the street. She seemed really sorry and embarrassed and of course my always nice ass says, “That’s ok!” Even though it wasn’t!

  17. Sounds like my last quest to buy just “sudafed”. The Pharmacist kept trying to get me to buy all the stuff with the other stuff in it and I only wanted the original brand… I finally told him as best as I could with my head starting to blow up to just forget it I will go elsewhere. The stupid (yes, I do mean stupid) guy looked at me and told me he was going to “flag” me in their system. I said really… You have no idea who I am as I haven’t even given you my license yet. I went elsewhere.

    • tamaratattles

      Oh my. I hope I am not “flagged in the system” BWAHAHAHAHHAHAH.

      They don’t realize that we probably feel like shit if we are attempting to deal with them at all. I meant to buy Theraflu and other stuff I will need for winter while I was feeling decent. But after the whole standing in a chair episode, I thought it best I left before the men in white showed up with their butterfly nets.

  18. Pitypat

    Yes, those tiny red Sudafed pills! So small you didn’t need water and one would dry everything thing up almost immediately. Also loved the cockroaches and school administrators comment.

  19. Happy gal

    I was laughing so hard I woke up my two dogs !

    I am dealing w a mole that is making my entire yard feel like I am walking on sand. I don’t want to poison him as the rabbits and cats might get into that so I guess I will just deal Mr mole and the havoc he is making of my yard until he moves on

    I miss the days when codine was in cough syrup and it actually worked. There used to be an independent pharmacy that if you showed ur ID he would give u a bottle of codine cough syrup every ten days ! When u have a bad cold it is a Miracle but alas people abused it and he stopped.

    Seems like they could put the face of the empty boxes out so people could see the damn choices and then someone could say being me number two from behind the counter to purchase please but I guess that would make it too easy for the customer

    • Ruthie

      They actually used to do that. I remember when they first took it off the floor you could grab some kind of a card located near the empty box which identified which one you wanted. You just handed the card to the pharmacist. Also, codine cough syrup was liquid gold! Lol!

  20. BeetsWhy

    And just where did this happen? I’m outside philly and I remember codeine being a fabulous cough and cold med when I was younger…the bonus was I would get a solid night sleep. I’m in Turks and Caicos right now and wish I had balls to get a decent sleep aid off property 🤔 But I’m also the chick who thought the black market was like Target with a black bullseye logo 🤓

  21. Lately there has been a skinny young stray cat at my back door meowing constantly. Made the mistake of feeding her once. Well after 4 days and 12 cans of food later I decided to see where she goes after I feed her. I followed her to the neighbors bushes to find her FOUR newborn kittens.

    Not sure if she belongs to the neighbors or is just a stray that ended up there. I left them notes on their door to contact me about their cat & kittens. After two days they haven’t responded, and I see the assholes coming and going from their house all the while I’m still feeding this cat even more food because I realize she is nursing.

    Well now I have an extra large kennel on my porch with four adorable 3 week old kittens and the Mama cat. I can’t bring them inside because I have 2 indoor cats and these cats have fleas and god knows what else. I’ve been trying to find a foster home to take them all. It’s been a lot of work caring for them. I gave each of the kittens a hand held bath with Dawn soap to reduce the fleas.

    God help me and them because I can’t keep/care for them long term. The rescues that I contacted either say no more intakes or they don’t answer the phone or reply to my emails. A few people have responded to a Facebook post and a post in my local neighborhood civic club but nothing certain yet is happening…l have a friend that lives on a big property (20 acres) in the country that I’m trying to convince he needs cats to eradicate all the mice.

    In the meantime just call me Cat Daddy UF.

    • Margarett

      Oh you are so incredibly wonderful, UrethraFranklin!!

    • tamaratattles

      I hate cats.

      But cats love me.

      I used to live pretty much on a highway in Greenwood, SC. where I taught briefly. A cat decided it lived on my back stoop. I didn’t go out there much, and when I did I very politely told said cat to fuck off that I was not in any way interested in his or her presence. Yet the cat remained.

      I don’t know why but at some point I threw some tuna in the general direction of the fucking cat.

      At some point I might have left it some water. When my mother came, she mocked me about having a cat. She knew I did not like cats.

      Perhaps a few times I might I have bought some cat food. There may have been a paper plate or perhaps a dish involved at some point.

      I don’t recall ever naming the cat. When I moved, my mother asked, “What are you going to do with the cat?”

      That cat probably stayed right there for several more people moving in and out of that house.

      I don’t know what that has to do with your dilemma. Other than I think you may have some yard cats whether you want them or not.

      • Pam

        rofl…..sucker!!!! yeah,i have 2 cats for 12 yrs…patiently waiting for them to die off. lol uhm, they live 20 yrs or more

      • Pam

        yeah, I got the stupid cats fixed….I didn’t want a colony of unwanted cats. my hubby….jesus…..he might poison them before the 20yr

      • Lou

        We just had to put her cat as 20 years down this morning. She had a stroke and then went blind on the car ride to the vets… it was horrible but it was over pretty fast thank God.

      • Margarett

        Oh, Lou, that is so hard. Be gentle with yourself. I am so sorry for your loss.

    • Cat

      You have a good heart, Cat Daddy!

      I adopted my two via a Facebook post. It was quite an ordeal, but I was happily surprised how people were willing to jump in and help raise the funds to transport them here (since I couldn’t afford the cost of transport).

    • JustJenn

      That’s so sweet of you! Tell your friend that cats also kill snakes. My recused barn kitty has left me two dead snakes in the last week. Although it could have been the same snake that he just brought back as I majorly freaked out the first time I found it and he seemed quite pleased with himself..asshole cat :)

    • Katherine

      Aw, Urethra. That is so very sweet of you.

    • AnnaBanana

      See if you can get some ‘Revolution’ drops. They really work on the fleas, and I think there’s even a formula for the kittens. Kills the fleas immediately, and keeps them away for a month.

      Also, when the kittens get old enough (8 weeks or so), maybe take pictures of them and put them on CL, for free to good homes. I did that when my cat had kittens and I had them all adopted in a little over a week. It’s a lot. But you’re doing a good thing.

      • Cat

        Be careful posting animals on Craigslist. Lots of weirdos there that do awful things to animals.

      • Erica

        They have to be older to do the revolution type drops… and about 3 pounds. I’ve rescued a feral and her kittens – it is toubh to socialize them, so you are incredibly lucky they let you hold them!!!

        Call your vet and ask if young cats can have Capstar. They kill the fleas for a day or so – with it being fall, you could give it to them and wash their bedding and it might reduce the numbers as well. If we could be sure that our half wild cats wouldn’t eat double the amount (by stealing a siblings dose) wewe’d try that.

  22. Cat

    I have great news! I will try not to turn this comment into an organ recital…I promise!

    I made a fabulous discovery today. I stumbled upon a series of videos (very boring, but informative) on CIPN (Chemo Induced Peripheral Neuropathy).

    You see, I have been suffering from some kind of Post Chemo PTSD for the last 2 1/2 years. I knew I had CIPN, but my team of doctors never gave me the full story. I thought it was limited to the numbness in my hands and feet, and loss of balance.

    So, Everytime I had another symptom, like dizziness or digestive issues, I panicked, and was convinced I had cancer again. The last thing I want is to be a hypochondriac. I saw my oncologist every 3 months, and told him my symptoms…and he simply logged it into the computer. No advice. Not. One. Bit.

    Yeah, the guy saved my life, but he was no longer helping me. I felt like all I was doing was paying for his new speed boat.

    But, in this series of videos, I learned that the CIPN also explains ALL if my other symptoms. ALL OF THEM! You have no idea what a relief this is!

    The videos also talk about treatment. Since the stupid Physical Therapist I was supposed to go to ignored requests for an appointment (We tried for THREE MONTHS to get an appointment, they never answered the phone, and never returned messages), I can now Google whatever exercises I need to do to get stronger.

    It turns out that the reason I was having trouble doing daily walks was because I live on a hill, and the incline was too much. I need to start slowly, on a flat surface.

    Anyway….Now, I have a glimmer of hope. Knowledge IS power!

    • tamaratattles

      This is great news, Cat!

      I say this as I am facing my nightly numbness in the right hand that will be followed by numbness in the right foot when I finally lay down. I’m also frequently losing my balance lately. I think my numbness is from Carpal tunnel from blogging and scrolling 12 hours a day in my hand and the foot is a knot of cartilage on top of my ankle from spraining my ankles eleventy billion times in my lifetime.

      • Cat


        When I first got Carpal Tunnel, I was driving home from work, and about a block away, my right arm went numb all the way to my shoulder. I thought for sure I was having a stroke.

        And I have a similar problem with my left leg. Multiple injuries over 3+ decades.

        With anxiety, people like us tend to panic whenever we feel something out of the ordinary. At least, I do. If it’s any consolation, you are not alone.

        I wonder why things like this are worse at night?

      • tamaratattles

        When I used to wonder about such things, people would say it’s because we are busy with work and life during the day, and at night is when we finally calm down enough to know we don’t feel good.

        However, I work MORE at night than during the day and days like today I didn’t wake up until 430 pm after going to bed at 7 am. And I still have the numby stuff at normal people’s night. However, overall, I feel better at night which is why I often stay up getting shit done until the wee hours.

      • Cat

        I don’t work anymore, so daytime and nighttime are pretty much the same to me. But it seems at night, my symptoms are worse.

        Holy cow, last night, my nervous system had a meltdown! I was twitching and jerking like a stupid marionette. I thought I was having some kind of seizures. I had NO control over it.

        It lasted until just about sunrise. Then, it stopped as suddenly as it started. So weird.

        Tonight, no twitching or jerking. These videos suggested massage, so I tried that today. It seemed to work. Maybe it’s the massage, maybe it’s psychosomatic. I don’t care. So long as I get positive results.

      • Cat

        Have you tried wrist braces? Those help. But sometimes, they make typing awkward.

      • Erica

        Is the numbness around your pinky or more around your middle finger?

        Middle fingers – carpel tunnel. Pinky – pinched nerves, probably at the wrist if you are like me. I have to stick my elbows out to type instead of hugging them to my side (because of my big boobs) So my wrists are sharply bent so my fingers line up with the keyboard, if it is a standard keyboard. Had this problem when I worked a government job – my pinkies got so numb I had a hard time typing!

        They brought someone in – after adjusting my screen height, etc. she suggested an ergonomic keyboard and a better mouse (Logitech I think). That ergonomic keyboard saved me!!!

        In fact, I am thinking of getting one for home to use with my laptop.

    • Cat

      Here’s a little tip, if you can’t find or afford wrist braces. Use a spoon, with the spoon part in your palm, and the handle across your wrist. Wrap it with an ace bandage.

      From my experience, the only thing that helps with Carpal Tunnel is ice, support, and rest.
      Unless you opt for surgery. But that’s a scary option.

      • joanne

        Cat, I had the surgery on both hands (about a month apart) fifteen years ago and it was a positive experience. Walk-in surgery center, twilight sleep, about 30 minutes, minimum discomfort post-op and the results were amazing. I was misdiagnosed for decades (there was no ‘carpal tunnel’ in 1974!) and had radiating nerve pain in both arms when it was really bad. After the procedures I was pain free for the first time in years. (I did have an acupuncturist for a couple of years who could relieve my symptoms, but I moved and could never find another good one.)
        My condition originally sprang from years of working with my hands, as an artist, hobby-seamtress, many detail oriented activities that involved manual dexterity. Now, I’ve noticed certain symptoms, again, related to my art and too many hours clicking, scrolling and typing on this time-sucking device!
        Good luck, if you decide to go with the surgery. I highly recommend it.

      • Cat

        I do have Carpal Tunnel in both wrists from working, but right now my issue is peripheral neuropathy from strong chemo. No surgery for that, unfortunately.

        I almost had surgery years ago for the Carpal Tunnel. But Disney rejected it as not work related. (Disney rarely admits to fault in anything.) In a way, I was glad, because the doctors said I had a 50/50 chance of losing all feeling in my hands.

        Weird.That’s exactly what the peripheral neuropathy did. I guess it was my fate all along?

    • Miguel

      Congrats, Cat; such wonderful news – I’m truly happy for you!!! And, happier still that you beat cancer!!!!!!! :)

    • Dandy Lion

      Great news, Cat! Thank you so much for sharing it with us! May you continue strong and healthy.

    • tamaratattles

      usually whole hand, whole right foot. also having big issues with walking at all. worried.

    • Dee

      Cat, I’m so very happy for you, great news!

  23. Pam

    I use Nyquil when I get sick and I also get free inhalers from my father in law who has all kinds of health problems but doesn’t like inhalers. They work wonders for me. I use ibuprofen waaaay too much and I drink. alcohol. a. lot. Or at least on the weekends. Nyquil puts me to sleep. not the same as vodka peeps. lol rarely get sic though

  24. Ericzku

    I’m trying to hold it together between moments of sheer panic and disconsolation.

    I received the glad news yesterday (Friday) that my roommate got a job in another state and is leaving town. THIS FRIDAY. Well I’m fucked now, since it’s his apartment (I’m not on the lease) and he’s not going to ne paying for next month. He doesn’t care about the lease – he’s leaving regardless. I am very underemployed and am barely scraping by as it is…in fact, I wasn’t exactly sure where I was going to find my share of next month’s rent already.

    So it basically boils down to this: I need to find a super-cheap place to live or a well-paying full time job. BY THE END OF THIS WEEK. I think either is as likely as a blizzard in Miami. I guess I’d better find a comfortable stretch of sidewalk to get used to sleeping on.

    • Pam

      well, prayers for you this weekend…hope it gets better. really. YOU WON’T END UP ON A BENCH.

    • Miguel

      Please start a crowdfund immediately, Ericzku & ask for three months living expenses to give you a buffer! You’d be amazed at people’s generosity & how it CAN snow in Miami!!! My thoughts & prayers are with you!!!!!!!

    • Ericzku

      Thanks very much, you guys. I hope you’re right!

      The thing that I forgot to mention is that I am utterly alone here in Miami. I mean, my nearest family member is 1,000 miles away…there’s no network of friends/family that I can lean on. I only occasionally feel that distance, but at times like these I feel every inch of it constantly.

      • Miguel

        I figured you didn’t hav any family close by, as you’ve never struck me as a hysteric! And, please hurry up with the crowdfund, Ericzku!!! :)

      • Katherine

        Sounds like you need your family. Go home. Regroup. Don’t sleep on a bench. You are too smart and funny to sleep on a bench. Sending positive vibes down south.

      • I always enjoy your posts and wanted to let you know that I’m sending positive thoughts your way that everything will work out. I wish I could offer something better, but I can’t, other than saying let them evict you. Being given 1 week to find a new place is ridiculous even under the best of circumstances.

      • Shae

        Ericzku, I am sorry you’re in this spot. I wish I knew or had connections In Florida so I could help you. The only people I know work in the recovery community/treatment and I doubt that’s your field. Look into cheapie air BNB until you find a spot, you’d be surprised how cheaply you can get a room for just a temporary time. I’ll be keeping you in my thoughts!

    • JustJenn

      I’m so sorry that you are going through this, but I agree with Miguel and limebrain. Start a Go Fund Me and let them evict you. Once a person moves things into a residence they have just as much legal right to the place, and if your roommate is moving out without notice and breaking the lease then he is probably forfeiting the deposit which would cover the month you stay there after the landlord gives you the eviction notice.

      Also I would contact temp agencies about work, that way you can have income coming in, but not be stuck at a shitty job that you don’t want long term. Anyway good luck and I really hope that everything turns out good for you!

      • lavidaLinda

        Ok, the above is bad advice….if your roommate moves out and you are not on the lease you are trespassing if you stay….you have zero rights to anything if youre not on the lease. ….doesn’t anyome watch Judge Judy? I suggest you speak to the landlord and see if you can work something out. He may be willing to put the lease in your name and let you sublet the other half (much like your friend did with you). Plus that makes you an upright human being as opposed to a nasty squatter trying to get one over on the man. Good luck, my friend, but good things happen to good people and I believe in you!

    • Margarett

      I hate that you’re going through all that stuff, Ericzku! Since I don’t have any words of wisdom and there have been some great suggestions here, I’ll just tell you that I care. I love reading your comments and feel as if I sorta’ kinda’ know you. Wishing you all the best.

    • Sliceo'pie

      Oh Jesus, I’m sorry Ericku, that really sucks – I’m constantly amazed by people’s self-centeredness. I know that feeling feeling of panic all too well-the anxiety. It’s scary and especially hard when you’re alone. I hope writing here and getting support gives you some strength and comfort.
      I’ve had a number of challenges lately and feel over-whelmed – I find breaking everything down into, “increments” helps. If I look at it all at once I freak!. I take it in steps – what can I do first, than second..so on.
      I also try to stay in today – If I look into the future? I freak. I just try to stay in today and do what I can for today – takes practice but really helps to keep the anxiety at bay….
      I’ll be thinking about you – Best wishes..

    • Dee

      Can you try for a new roommate? I’ll be praying for you. If you get desperate I hear it takes a long time to evict

  25. RealE

    This was hilarious and so well written. I could almost see you standing there saying these things and seeing these idiots. I tried the fake stuff once and never again so I agree with you. Sudafed 12hr for me. And I never thought about the quantities and price really. You are right, it’s so secretive that they ask me what quantity I want to buy from way back behind the counter too as if I should just have the array of Sudafed quantities memorized.
    It’s literally easier to buy weed from a store than Sudafed.

  26. Jen

    The last time I tried to buy something from behind the counter, the system they log all the controlled substance purchases on was down so they couldn’t sell it to me. Grr. The last thing I wanted to do was ‘pop back later and see if it’s fixed’.

    • Happy gal

      I had surgery a few weeks ago and needed my Demerol prescription filled . On the way home from the surgey I was in no mood so I send my hubby back after I was home in bed. cVS would not give him the perscription , mind you they see me and him all the time there and we get all our perscriptions filled there. They said because it was a schedule something or another I had to come get it. Now if I were in any shape to come get a pain killer don’t they think I would have ? What if I had had back surgery or something more than sinus surgey ? So he had to come get me and take me through the damn drive through so I could some relief. Pissed.

      • Jen

        I’m amazed they didn’t make you hobble in the door to really prove it!

      • Dee

        Happy Gal, I’d find another pharmacy. When I had surgery I did the same, they gave it to hubby. That was a year ago, maybe things have changed. So sorry.

  27. JoJoFLL

    I miss my cocaine 80s.

    I think I weighed 8 pounds.

  28. Kimoe

    This was FUNNY! Lucky for me where I live they still have codeine OTC. It’s the equivalent to Tylenol 4 so you don’t have to pay a doctor fee to get relief for the smaller issues like a chronic neck pain, or pulled muscle.

  29. Sam

    Yeah, it’s funny how this “affordable” health care is busting my bank account. The only people it helps are the very young and very poor, the latter already having access to free healthcare and the former, well, they don’t even need it yet. I don’t understand any of this shit. All I know is that being self-employed and making, HAHA, too much money to qualify for subsidies, as well as living in a state that didn’t expand Medicare, I’m paying nearly as much for healthcare as I pay for my mortgage. And the plan has an impossibly high deductible, because it was ALL I could afford monthly, so yeah. I’ve had a sinus issues since March and have just given up and accepted the discomfort. Going to see a doctor is just more money out of pocket, so that’s out. It’s cruel and wrong and makes me murderously angry. All of that doesn’t even mention the load of horseshit we all get shoved down our throats once Big Pharma was deregulated. We’re fucked.

    I remember the last time I tried to buy Sudafed. Don’t even bother anymore. I love the visual of you at the pharmacy, though. Rock on, woman. Viva la revolucion!

    • Cat

      Free? Where?

      I’m on disability and can’t work. Yes, I get “free” Medicare Part A (hospitalization), but my Part B (doctors) and Drug Coverage runs about $160 a month, in total. Not counting copays ($50 for a specialist…I have 3 of those) and prescriptions.

      It comes out of my grocery budget. More than half. IF I DON’T use it.

      This is why old people eat cat food.

    • Swizzle

      Also self employed and we pay more in insurance premiums and deductibles than our mortgage and taxes..and those bills aren’t cheap either. I’m dreading getting the new premium announcement for 2017. Right now we are at $16k/year. I’m guessing it’s going to top $20k.

      • SamT

        We are now paying 30K a year in insurance for our family of four. With a $1000 a piece deductible. It more than doubled in the last three years. We tried to shop for cheaper insurance but nothing would allow us to keep our doctors and my son has a lot of health issues. It’s insane.

  30. sherry

    Love this post! You are so funny! Thanks for this Sunday morning read.

  31. Jaded

    If I ever decide to go all Breaking Bad I’ll do it in Oklahoma. I never get asked a single question when I buy Sudafed there.

  32. Jrleaguer

    Yeah, tis the season to be sneezin’. I have been taking Equate (Walmart) Allergy and Congestion Relief- D. It is Walmart’s of Clartin.It has really helped. It relieves my pressure and the other seasonal symptoms. Hope you feel better soon.

  33. misery chick

    Hey all! Been enjoying reading everyone’s posts. Went to a wedding yesterday and had 5 sips of champagne (I don’t think I’ve tasted alcohol in 10+ years as FOOD is my true drug 😋) and I had the most amazing sleep ever!

    Came here to say that going COMPLETELY off caffeine surprisingly really helped my mood swings. I say surprisingly because at age 56 there was nothing more I was capable of doing to help my insomnia and my overreaction to every single event (or non-event!) in my life. Of course it took me FOREVER to wean myself off, and to get rid of the horrible headaches…but it was totally WORTH it. Although I do miss those 🙌 BUMPS🙌 of energy, I feel so much calmer and more centered. I realized that for me caffeine is the gas that ignited every little synapse in my brain and made things so much worse than they were or ever had to be 😁

  34. JustJenn

    TT 😂😂😂 I am dying picturing this.

  35. SLM

    All this talk reminds me how much I basically hate interacting with customer service from anywhere. It makes me cringe.

  36. It’s supposed to go down to 37° tonight with patchy frost. So, I guess that means since I didn’t bring any plants in, I will be in one of the areas that frost will hit. It’s way to early for this kind of weather.

    I didn’t bring anything in because I didn’t know about the cold til this evening and I had company over. Maybe I should hope for frost so I will be free from having to take care of plants this winter.

    Oh, shit. I just remembered my miniture pomegranate tree outside. It even has a fruit on it.

    I guess I have to go out and save that one. Damn.

    • tamaratattles

      Where the fuck to you live ? Antartica? It was in the 90s today and I ran two air conditioners!

      • Lol! I might as well. It was in the high 70s today and I was thinking it was to early to start putting t-shirts away and decided against it. But what the fuck do I know?

        I just checked and the rest of the week will be the 70s and at night in the 60s. God just wants to annoy me.

        Want more proof?

        Two nights ago I got a couch outside on the patio that someone was coming by later to take because they wanted it. They never came. I checked the weather. Not a cloud in the sky over 3 states. It will be fine, I thought to myself since we are in a major drought. I was woken around 2 am to a downpour and high winds that lasted about 5 minutes. All because I didn’t cover it.

  37. tamaratattles

    If nobody minds, I’m going to sit in here and cry and feel sorry for myself and be scared for a few minutes.

    Then I’m going to put on my big girl panties and try to survive another day in the fucking ghetto.

    • SLM

      You can sit right down next to me for as long as you want. I’ll bring the cocktails… the good kind, no Skinny Girl shit.

      • tamaratattles

        Thanks. I’ve got to stop doing the ugly cry so I can talk to the rat guy if he returns my call. And I need to go try an clean things up to somehow lower the mortification level if he comes to save me. I can already feel “well of course there are rats” judgement happening.

      • SLM

        Oh shit, TT, I somehow missed the original rat news. I thought you were juat having a regular bad day, but you deserve a whole stocked bar for this! We had a freaking shrew in the family room – just a shrew – once and I lost my shit so bad I almost had a nervous breakdown. The rat would have scared the living hell out of me, too. We also had raccoons get in our attic this summer and our city police sent two cops who looked 12 to “secure the scene” while animal control was on it’s way and I stood outside with my kids while my husband waited inside with the police…I was crying and shaking so hard I threw up…on my front lawn…in front of my kids and neighbors. Over raccoons! So don’t be afraid of the ugly cry in this situation, you are likely holding it much more together than I would.

      • SLM

        And let me just add, isn’t it always the way that you need some stranger to come in (repairman, police, cable, phone, exterminator) just when your house is less than shipshape….when we had the raccoons one of the smart ass 12 year old looking cops said, “Haha…looks like the raccoons got down in your house and ransacked it…just kidding! Hahaha” because it actually DID look like animals had ransacked it at the time. I so wanted to tell him to go pound salt but I was too embarassed

      • tamaratattles

        Yes, when my house was broken into I told the cop that the burglars didn’t do all the mess. And he said something like, “Obviously.”

        I am not handling this well at all.

        At the same time, my ad agency has not paid AGAIN this month despite them hold FIVE MONTHS of my revenue. They are later and later every month because, “our accounting department is understaffed. I may lose thousands with these idiots. I have got to redesign my site so it is easier to add ads and I’m just overwhelmed and want to curl up and cry for a few days.

      • tamaratattles

        Oh and beccause the rats are actually IN THE MOTHER FUCKING HOUSE he is going to want to put a trap in the damn house probably instead of the crawl space or the attic. And when they get caught they SCREAM a death scream for hours. This has not happened since I got Banjo in 2016 and I don’t know how we will handle all of this. I was up freaking out and yelling at him all night.

      • SLM

        This sounds like a fucking nightmare. I didn’t even know rats scream when they die…ack they are so fucking awful. I hate vermin. And I HATE when you give your money to a business and they don’t deliver because they claim they are understaffed…um, then why did you take my money, jerks??? I seriously cannot imagine creating, managing and contenting (i mean that as a verb for coming up with content, even though I’m sure it’s not a real usage) a whole site.

      • tamaratattles

        Wondering why I am trying not to throw up.

        Worse than the rat guy, who is actually the nicest guy in the world, and some sort of deacon super religious but not in a bad way guy coming in my house would be him not calling back and NOT coming in my house. Or having to wait a day or three for him to get to me.

        I’m not sure if last night’s visitor was actually IN MY LIVING ROOM WALL or in the closet behind the wall that I had to turn into a pantry BECAUSE I DON’T HAVE THINGS LIKE CABINETS OR COUNTERTOPS IN MY STUPID FUCKING MOTHERFUCKING KITCHEN.

        So I don’t know how whatever it is got in and I am afraid to look in the pantry let alone search for a hole in the floor or whatever.

        I’m not sure I can do this day.

      • tamaratattles

        The first time this happened I left a key by the door and got in my car and drove to St Simons and talked to him from there and didn’t come back until he gave the all clear. I would do that now but I have Banjo.

        I should be using this time to clean up a bit both the house and me, but Iam sitting here frozen and crying and spilling my guts on the goddamn Internet. And I have to stop cussing if the guy ever comes.

      • SamT

        Tamara you may already know this, but La Quinta and Drury Inn accept pets. Actually the Drury Inn in Marietta is quite nice and clean. We travel a lot with our dog. VRBO has a lot of pet friendly rentals too.
        Sorry for your troubles, just thought that might be an option if you need to get out of there.

      • SLM

        I wouldn’t go searching for it…or where it came in. Just don’t. You don’t need that horror on top of the other horror already going on. And I wouldn’t have the wherewithal to be tidying up for company, so to speak, either if a fucking rat invaded the personal sanctity of my house. I’d be crying and shaking and almost wishing for the spontaneous kind of fainting unconsciousness people always blissfully get in movies in traumatic situations but which NEVER happen in real life (which is a shame).

      • Jrleaguer

        TT, Sounds like you need to borrow a cat for a few weeks. We have had a mouse or two over the years, but never anything like what you seen to have. We used traps with peanut butter for ours. I just finished spraying for bugs. At least they make ones with nice spray nozzles now. With woods and wonky weather, it is an ongoing battle.

      • tamaratattles

        Well I’ve got one shot at someone ocming to help me. ONE, And the rat guy actually lives in Alafuckng bama. And he is very busy because he is very good. He will come back for free for a year and I’ve used him I htink twice and he has never had to come back ever. He totally seals every possible way to get in the house.

        If he comes. He hasn’t called back.

      • Margarett

        Tamara, Honey, take Mr. Banjo and go to a hotel. Leave a key for the nice man. Stay until he had completed the job. (At least overnight so you can rest.). You don’t have.to leave town to go to a place where you can breathe in AND out. Many many places will let you bring your boy.

        That sounds bossy but I’m old and suggestions from old Southern ladies always sound like that. Take care!!

      • Joanplus2dogs

        Rats/mice suck!! I had to deal with rats off & on for 2 yr for my stupid mistake. They follow each other scent trails even months old so when I killed off current rats months later new rats would show up. I made the mistake of taking 25 lb bag of free bird seed & leaving in the garage which they just pushed under the door. Also feeding a few feral cats who did nothing but one of my very high prey driven dogs did. Look for greasy spots along edges as they generally run next to walls & their fur leaves marks besides all the poop & pee & chew marks. I use traps & never heard a scream since traps usually snap down on the neck. I would rather hear scream than have them causing trouble. Be careful of the damage they can do. They actually chewed wiring on my vehicle twice not to mention all the Xmas stuff & other items they ruined stored in garage. Good luck & read all you can – Know your enemy!!

      • Cat

        I wish we lived closer. You could always hide out here.

        Don’t beat yourself up. I had a bit of a mouse problem a few months ago. Stupid me, when I saw the ONE mouse, I fed it, because it was cute and too cold to catch it and put it outside.

        I didn’t freak out until that ONE mouse invited his 6 friends in. It was disgusting. I managed to catch them all, and release them outside when it got warmer. (I could not kill. It is just not in me, anymore.)

        But I didn’t get rid of the last mouse until I got the 2 cats. By then, it was up to the mouse. He could either leave, or take his chances with the cats.

        He chose unwisely. The only casualty.

        Anyway, rats are a different story. I would have to move. Or burn the house down. Or be put in a straightjacket and carried away.

        You have every right to be upset.

        I hope your day guy calls soon. You need him.

      • Cat

        Rat guy, not Day guy. Stupid autocorrect.

  38. Katherine

    Oh my. A rat is a nasty creature. My son had two as pets and I was so relieved when they finally moved on to rat heaven. I thought having a bear climb onto my deck was bad. I will take a bear any day over a fucking rat.
    It will be ok. Deep breaths.

  39. tamaratattles

    You know what is not a good show to watch when you are sitting on the couch frozen in fear and sobbing?


    THIS IS US is not a good show to watch when you are sitting on the couch having a meltdown of nuclear proportions.

    • SLM

      I’m going to be honest – I saw the trailers for THIS IS US and instantly decided I never wanted to watch it. So, yes, I agree it has to be a bad option in a Rat Apocalypse

    • TT, try the show Speechless with Minnie Driver. I laughed out loud at some parts.

      I’m sorry about the rat problem. Nature is such a pain in the ass at times. I don’t have any advice to add to what everybody else has already said. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the rat guy calls you soon.

    • amisteree

      Watch Shameless for a little while, that might help. xoxoxo

  40. SLM

    I hope the guy from Alabama calls soon. Very, very soon. I also wish I was there to help – I really do…but I would sit OUTSIDE with you and Banjo…I’d bring drinks. Maybe a tent.

  41. Minky

    I don’t know what the actual FUCK is going on today, but I’m having a bad day too. For me it’s the plumbing. And I encountered someone at my work who believes that she gave birth to the real Messiah in 1978. That God actually visited her, because she believes that she actually talks to God, and that she was told by God that she would birth the real Jesus. Not that phony baloney one one from the bible.

    Needless to say I almost shit myself for real when I heard this. In addition she capped off her explanation by saying, without anyone asking her, that she neither drinks nor does drugs. I think it’s safe to say that this person probably smokes at least a touch of the crack.

    Now I’m waiting for the Roto Rooter to deal with a stopped up line. On top of that it was about 110 degrees today. I am dog tired and I wish my life was a little less crazy now too. And I haven’t eaten anything all day to boot. Waaaaaaaaaaaah!!!

    Is Mercury in retrograde. Like, extra-strength crazy retrograde?

    Hang in there Tamara. It’s gonna be alright. I’m sending good vibes your way.

    • SLM

      Mercury left retrograde on the 22nd, but the chaos remains. Oh crazy crap balls about the woman at your work, Minky. Don’t you just hate it when the insane train just blindsides you?

      • Minky

        Oh SLM, honey!!! Minky is very rarely speechless. But today? Fucking gobsmacked! To the point where my mouth couldn’t form any words. I thought “Okay, let me humor this person just in case she’s carrying a knife. Better to be polite than sorry.”

        I think the intense hot weather brings out the crazy in all of us.

      • SLM

        You always make me laugh so hard, Minky. I bet it was the kind of moment where in your head you start plotting out all the possible ways you could exit the area backwards without taking your eyes off the nut job…

  42. SLM

    TT, I hope you and Banjo are in a very nice dog friendly hotel right now and the Rat Guy is back at your house taking care of business. I’m so sorry you’ve been going through this.

  43. tamaratattles

    When the rat guy didn’t call by four, I had to pull on my big girl panties and try to do something. Yesterday, I stuck steel scrubber in the space around the air conditioner things that go into the wall and duct taped over the giant hole in the back of the cabinet under the sink. Today the steel scrubber was nowhere to be seen and there was a perfectly round rat sized hole in the duct tape barrier.

    I threw out all of the everything under the sink. Except the toolbox. I pulled up the contact paper full of ratshit and threw it away. I gagged a lot.

    I went to motherfucking WalMart and despite there being TWO Wal Marts less than a mile apart it was full of fat fucks like me doing god knows what.

    I went to get CONTACT PAPER (google it!, those paper bags full of rat poison (apparently gone the way of Sudafed),Liquid Plummer (because my bathtub will not drain), duct tape (because it fixes everything) Comet (because there are mother fucking rats in the mother fucking shack), Steel wool, and some shit in a can that you spray to seal up holes.

    OF the two WalMarts, I deliberately went to the most ghetto one, because merchandise is specific to certain areas. Ghettos have rats. Ghetto Walmart should sell rat poison. It does not. I got some of the other stuff. I asked THREE employees where the contact paper was, no one knew what contact paper was. I finally found it under a sign that read, “Contact Paper.” Inever found steel wool. And the only rat poison like thing was tiny little MICE TRAPS. MICE. I do not have mice. I HAVE RATS THE SIZE OF A VW BUS. Thankfully, I have not SEEN them. I’ve only HEARD them.

    Everything in the Walmart was at the opposite end of the not so fucking Super store. I headed to the registers exhausted. I did not sleep last night. I tried to clean the damn kitchen today. My back was killing me before I got to WalMart. At least I had the shit to plug the whole. And some duct tape. I finished in the garden shop hoping to find more pest control. I did. But no rat poison. I parked near the garden shop so I could check out there. There were no employees. Only other people trying to check out.

    I went to the front registers. There were probably 200 people in the store. There were four registers open. There were at least ten people in every line. I chose one and then saw self-check out. I abandoned my spot. Only to get there and see about 30 people in a single line for the four self checkouts. I went back to my line, further back. The line didn’t move at all. I was going to cry. I did not want to cry over a fucking rat in the damn walmart. I left my cart.

    I had asked a guy in Walmart where I should look next for rat poison. He said Home Depot. Of course, I should have gone there first. When I got to my car I sat there to rest a minute before driving and to try and figure out how to get from where I was to Home Depot.

    I got lost three times on the way. I almost got in a wreck. It was entirely my fault. I was way too tired to be driving. After going about 10 miles past my turn I eventually found my way to Home Depot.

    Part of my Lymeopause is when I walk and then sit, and get up, I can’t walk. I can’t put pressure on my right heel and I don’t know how to explain why I can’t walk but I am literally shuffling and moaning and eventually leaning on the cart. Whatever the fuck causes this gets much better after walking a bit. I forge ahead.

    I have seven things on my list. I try to prioritize them according to the most important in case I can’t finish hunting for all seven. At the rat poison counter, they do not have rat poison. There is an Indian man in a suit staring at the rat choices. He picks up a big trap and puts it back. He is blocking everything. I have to make choices myself. When I left he was still there confused. I ended up buying two of the rat trap where the rat gets in but allegedly can’t get out. I bought two.

    There were a lot of employees milling about Home Depot. I asked on where duct tap was and also contact paper. Duct tape aisle nine, no idea what contact paper was. I explained, still total confusion. I said I’d find it. I asked about steel wool. Aisle 45. I was on the big numbers so I went to aisle 45. There were three employees on that aisle. i ask the first one to help me find the steel wool. Something else was supposed to be there too. Some foreign dude interrupts us muttering something and hold up a cell phone. Eventually I find the steel wool on the bottom row. Two items down.

    Off to aisle 9. The plumbing aisle. Threre was duct tape but not DUCK TAPE DUCT TAPE. It was $8 a roll. A brand I had never heard of. I know there much be DUCK TAPE somewhere. Probably fifty kinds in a million colors. But I take the $8 roll. Off to aisle 26 for the shit you spray in a hole to seal it up. Do you meant “Great Stuff?” I dunno. Maybe. There IS NO AISLE 26. I ask another guy. Same thing. You mean Great Stuff? Sure, sure, where the fuck is the great stuff? We find it. Aisle 24. I try the contact paper thing. He has no idea what it is. I try to explain he looks confused.

    I finally just bust out crying. In the WalMart. Everything hurts. I just want to put down some contact paper under the sink. He looks something up on Google or something and thinks he knows what he is looking for. He takes off like a bat out of hell. There is no way I can keep up with him. We are passing plumbing again. I need liquid plummer. He is back on the magic phone. As I am taking it off the shelf he is still looking at the magic phone thingy. He says it should be on this aisle, It’s in my cart before he finds it.

    Off to find contact paper. I really fucking want this contact paper. We stop and ask another guy. I am still crying. I’ve been crying ever since I got Great Stuff. I have come to hate the word great. This guy, who seems to be a supervise asks if it is like brown paper. I sob. I try again to explain it is a roll of vynal like paper with adhesive that you line kitchen cabinets with. I feel like I am going to fall down.

    The guy will not shut up when we finally found it. He is “helping” me pick a color. I get white because I want to see if there is rat shit on it in the morning.

    I have all seven items and one of those things you plug into the wall that makes a noise only rats can hear and they don’t like it. I won’t plug that in until there have been several rat free days. I want the fuckers DEAD.

    I am sobbing. Audibly. There is ONE line open. Most are using self checkout. I know I don’t have the mental ability to use that option. There is one person in line. It’s a guy buying a huge flat of flooring. one person. Then another person gets to the register with two young boys. I am trying to stop crying. The kids are staring. I finally get out.

    Once home, it has now been dark for an hour. I pull into the driveway. I turn my brights on. I get the fucking NOT SO GREAT STUFF and try to fill the hole. The thing is, there is a lot of space behind the hole. The shits is dripping out everywhere. I eventually get some shit in the hole. I really have no idea if the whole hole was filled. There are all kinds for fucking things going through the hole.

    I come inside and squirt shit in from the inside. Same problem I shove two or three thingys of steel wool in.I squirt more great stuff in. I start laying contact paper and realize it is still wet from all the bleach I poured in there. I get up off the floor again, painfully and wipe out the bleach with paper towels. there is bleach on the floor. My best jeans, ie the ones I can fit in are likely ruined. I can’t get the back of the contact paper because it’s wet. I finally get it down and around the pipes. Next I cover the area about one two feet square with duct tape vertically and horizontally. I also try to cover the 20″ by 4″ hole betweent the under the sink cabinet and the neighboring cabinet. There is some tinfoil involved. It’s a fucking mess. But it is where the rat goes after getting into the other cabinet that houses pots and pans.

    I add more ducktape to the whole where the silverware drawer is supposed to be. I don’t have the energy to explain why I don’t have a silverware drawer.

    I place a rat trap under the sink.

    I then go to the pantry and throw way all the food on the bottom of the shelving thingy even thought it doesn’t appear to be opened.

    I hoisted the whole chefs shelf up so that the rat trap can fit underneah. I push the trap against the wall. I have no energy to look for holes, perhaps from the floor coming up from the crawl space.

    I am crying again.

    After well over a month on the healthy diet with no alcohol I drive to the ghetto store and buy a 12 pack. I have not eaten all day. I am on beer four. I plan to drink the other eight.

    I will deal further with the pantry tomorrow.

    I do not know if I will sleep tonight. Hopefully the beer will help. I have a crick in my neck and cannot turn my head to the left. My shoulders hurt.

    I really thought I would recap the housewives of whatever the fuck is on tonight but I can’t. I think I will probably cry some more.

    I have done all I can tonight. Banjo hasn’t had dog food in two days. Thank good I may a huge thing of rice and beans for him last night.

    I have done all I can. I can do nothing else tonight.

    I would ask that you miss me with your stories about rat horrors. I am hoping to sleep and this will not help. I do not need advice anymore. I need to cry again. And then, tomorrow, I will try again to solve this problem.

    In the meantime I was also trying to get my fucking piece of shit ad agency to pay me my ad rev FROM FUCKING MAY . And every time I email my IDIOT rep she starts EVERY FUCKING EMAIL with “HOPE THINGS ARE GREAT! HOPE YOU HAD A GREAT WEEKEND! HAVE A GREAT DAY. If I get a terminal illness, she is on my list.

    And you will be too if you think it would be funny to reply with some fucking clever “GREAT” comment as well as being dropped into the WLS.

    That was my day.

    • Margarett

      Honey, please, consider a hotel if this isn’t better by tomorrow. You deserve relaxation, sleep, and a TV movie (anything that you don’t recap),

      Fuck the housewives!!!!

    • WonkyTonk

      Holy fuck TT, that’s a lot to reckon with at the same time. One of the jerks that worked on my kitchen after one of the numerous apartment floods I’ve undergone since moving here knuckleheadedly refused to block an opening near the plumbing leading to the exterior of the building though I asked him several times to do it during the repair. Sure enough a few days after they “finished” the repairs I started hearing movements in the interior walls in my apartment, followed by chewing on the sheetrock in an effort to break out into the apartment. I could never pinpoint the chewing noise until the day the damn thing broke through and looking through the tiny hole I saw it’s gleaming eyes looking at me as it stopped to take a break from it’s evening snack of wall plaster. Naturally I banged on the wall, it’s desire to break through outweighed my ability, and desire to keep banging at that wall to scare it I’m pretty sure. Thankfully I only had to go at it for that one night before they came the next day to rip out the repairs and place a metal plate to cover the opening I had asked the original asshat to fix at the beginning. And that was a freakin mouse so I don’t even want to imagine the prospect of rats running about in the apartment. I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night.

      Here’s to hoping for a speedy recovery from this one TT.

    • Yikes! From a person who is terrified of rats& mice ever since watching Ben, I hope al your efforts work and the bastards are gone.
      Sending you positive thoughts, prayers and hugs.
      Hope you got some sleep.-RHOC should assist in that, What a snoozefest.
      Take care of you and Banjo.

    • Miguel

      We love you, TT – get some rest & forget the rest!!! I wish I could come over & help…. f-ing asshole rats!!!

    • Cat

      Holy crap, TT. You do what you have to do. I agree, the housewives can wait. Your readers are loyal. We will understand.

      I am pissed that you are not being paid. Is there anything we can do to help?

    • Meredo

      I would love to call your ad agency and scream the shit out of them for not sending you your money. I feel so bad for you and all that you are going through. Wish I could help.

      • Margarett

        I feel the same way,Meredo. Since I didn’t know what to do, I have just been reading older posts and commenting.

    • Dandy Lion

      I hope you get those fuckers out! I wish when you read this you will have some comfort and resolution.

  44. TT, hoping you were able to get some sleep & praying that you are feeling better. May a better day be in your near future. xo

  45. SamT

    TT I’m thinking about you. Hope you are OK.

  46. tamaratattles

    Just waking up. It appears the fortress held. I still need to deeply investigate the pantry (shudder) to be sure.

    • Miguel

      Good luck, Tamara & please let us know it’s over. Also, I’m hoping you’ve received your dues; with the changes in the site formatting.

      • tamaratattles

        What changes in the site formatting?

      • Mobile site changed over last day or so. Insignificant changes. I wouldn’t worry about it as it functions the same. If you want further descripton email me. Trust it’s not a big deal. Plus, you have 99 other problems & I don’t think this is one of them. In my opinion.

      • tamaratattles

        Thanks. A plugin currently controls the mobile design. The plugin just had an update that probably drove the changes. I am about to do a major site redesign. When I purchase that package the mobile design will change again and will be more similar to the new redesign. I’m hoping we will all like it, but I won’t know for sure until after I purchase it. I am also doing all the coding so, um… cross your fingers. It’s a whole new look that I think is a lot sleeker.

      • Dee

        I like the changes, looks good!

    • Cat

      Sounds promising. Hope you get an all clear.

      The site redesign is a good idea, I think. It will give some control back to you. I haven’t noticed any changes in the mobile site. But I wasn’t really looking for any. Format is not important to me. Content is. You are.

      • Margarett

        I agree with what Cat said so perfectly!

        Hi, Cat. I was glad to read your good news about your health challenges. I love your comments, but don’t want you to feel as if I am stalking you. :-)

      • Cat

        Haha! Thanks, Margarett.

        My body is beginning to surprise me. I just noticed tonight that my left leg, which has been twisted from the knee down since the early 80s, has magically realigned itself.

        That must’ve been when I popped it a couple of weeks ago while turning in bed. It hurt like Hell, and I thought I did more damage. Guess not.

        Stalk away! :)

  47. lavidaLinda

    Ok, so, inbox me if I can gift you some hotel points

  48. Happy gal

    I just read this and was actually crying for you Tamara about the rats. The frustration you felt and fear was so painful to read. I am praying you have caught the intruders by now. Rats freak me out as well. Had them in only garage once and that was bad enough I cannot image the emotional overload you have having to deal w them in your home.

  49. Panda

    You doing okay tonight Tamara? I know it’s so hard when you have to deal with these things on your own. Sending you a big hug and rat repelling thoughts.

  50. Patti

    I’m in ky. I don’t have a drivers license cause I am disabled and can’t drive anymore. I have a state id though. The pharmacist won’t sell me sudafed with government id cause he said he couldn’t tell why I didn’t have s license. That I probably lost it do to drug use. So I had to get a fsmily member to buy me a box of sudafed. It’s crazy. So I did call head office and to,d them about the Americans with disability act and they said it wouldn’t happen again. This was at a well known chain pharmacy.

  51. T D

    One fault of mine is while attempting to lift a friend’s spirit’s, a poorly timed joke caused me to drop said spirit upon the floor. Sometimes humor is my way of trying to stave tears. Your’s and any one else’s.Feel free to throw rotten tomatos at me, they are well deserved. T..he remark about hating cats set me on the road to perdition. Thank you for being there for all the cheese and crackerless moments of my life. Know that I set great store by you for all the times you held my hand.

    • tamaratattles

      T D, as is the case a lot of times, I’m not sure what you are talking about. No worries. here. I have been moderating your comments a good bit and usually there is a flurry at some of my peak times.

  52. tamaratattles

    Banjo is pawing the floorboard in the living room where the pantry is directly behind. I have a feeling I caught something. I am holding up remarkably well in my big girl panties. I checked under the sink and that area of entry is still secure. SO either the rat was in there the whole time, or more likely there is a second point of entry in the pantry somewhere. I shall tackle all of this tomorrow and remain on high ground tonight.

  53. tamaratattles

    I would like to add, that I am feeling EMPOWERED. I may have been a hot mess yesterday, BUT I HIRED MY BUSINESS (albeit with some major public breakdowns both online and in Home Depot) but right now I am loving my dog, even though I can’t seem to get him to investigate the pantry for alerting me. I will investigate that area again in the cold light of day. Even though I am freaking out about disposing of the trap (and returning to Home Depot for a new one just in case) I will deal with that tomorrow.

    I can fucking do this. But I am going to have some beer tonight.

      • Minky

        Totes Yay!

        And you don’t really have to trouble Banjo with the search for a dead rat. The smell will be enough to let you both know if one’s dead.

        Unfortunately I know the unmistakable stench of death well. Don’t ask why. 😷

    • Erica

      You DEFINITELY got this. I mean it. If you don’t think you got them all – and Im bettign one of them is in the trap, email me tomorrow and I’ll ask my Dad the name of the rat poison he uses fo our commercial properties. (We get them a lot – it is near the water. They use the old, unused heat pipes as a rat highway.) He gets bricks of this shit that they love to eat, and then they get really thirsty. If there is a water source outside, they’ll go for that and then they die. You don’t want Banjo near the bricks or the dead or dying rats though.

    • Sliceo'pie

      You are my hero. Seriously. Hang in there and take care of yourself.

      I took your advice and put on my big girl panties too so you’re not alone!! You can do this.
      So what if you need a few beers – Do what you gotta do girl! Treat yourself to a friggin’ donut if you have to.

  54. tamaratattles

    Oh and I will not let the fucking rat sitch keep me from recapping Below Deck here in a minute, BECAUSE I WANT TREV0R TO TO HOME! If anyone already watched who is reading here… did you see an ad for RHOA?

  55. Cat

    Changing the subject, lists came out today.

    Sadly, Kansas City is listed at #5 in the country for murder. More than Chicago.

    This is based on population, I think.

    The good news is, the suburb I live in was ranked #1 in the country for best city for the disabled.

    This is why I stay in my comfort zone, and avoid the city. And Missouri.

  56. tamaratattles

    Okay I lost a comment and I am a bit rattled but here is what is going on. YOu can see the blow by blow on Twitter.

    Banjo came in bloodied from a normal trip to the backyard at night. I think an owl bite him based on my Twitter conversations. Owls eat rats and my experience having to go to two places looking for rat killing shit and there being another dude there and this was at the VININGS location near my place…. it seems to be a big problem.

    I heard a very loud owl the other night. I had never heard one in 10 years of living here. Owls eat rats. If there is a rat outbreak it would make sense now that owls would follow.

    There is a quarter sized gash on his neck that was bleeding heavily. It’s better now and so is he. Before he went outside he scratched at the wall on the other side of the pantry where a rat has been. I cannot go look to see if there is something in the trap and I am nauseous just typing that but that shows he would go for a rat and could have been attacked by an owl for that.

    I duuno.

    I am going to go throw up now.

    I am just now that he seems fine freaking out.

  57. tamaratattles

    I swear to god, if anything happens to this dog. I just can’t. I am completely out of warrior rat mode, I am woman hear me roar mode, and in if anything happens to this dog I can’t go on mode.

    Again he seems fine now. I am NOT.

  58. Panda

    I’m so glad he seems okay. I feel the same way about my dogs. Is there a local 24/7 animal hospital you could call just to ask about anything you should do if it is an owl bite? So sorry Tamara… He will be okay. Banjo is a strong boy.

  59. tamaratattles

    I just got a better look and we are def going to the vet tomrrow. I have to totally knock him out for that. but I want to know what it was.

  60. tamaratattles

    And while I tell you guys EVERYFUCKIGNTHING, I really hate to say to the vet who already hates us, “so we have this rat infestation and I think he might have gotten into a scuffle with an owl because we live in the fucking ghetto.

    Shit. I have got to get out of here. It’s not just me now, I can’t let my dog live here.

    • Cat

      Sorry to hear about Banjo.

      But don’t assume the attack was because of rats. There was a news report here yesterday about an increase in owl attacks. On people.

      They said the owls are protecting their nests. And attacks increase at dusk and dawn.

      It’s not your fault. Or Banjo’s. Hope your pup is OK.

    • SLM

      Oh, TT! I’m not on Twitter, so I missed all of this there and had my phone off and on the charger, so I missed the updates here until this morning. This has just been a nightmare for you, and poor, brave Banjo! I think what you said makes a lot of sense – he likely just had the misfortune to be diving for the same rat an owl was going for and they collided (maybe the gash is an owl claw mark, their claws are so sharp). I know trips to the vet are so traumatic, but they will help him and then you two really need some time away together. It is NOT your fault about the rats – damn vermin gets in everywhere and I think the heat and drought of this summer made them more nuts and aggressive than usual. I know everyone keeps recommending poison, and it’s an effective means, but I worry about Banjo with any of it around. It’s made to smell like candy to animals and the risk of accidental ingestion is just so high. I’m really not trying to give advice, I’m just really worried about you and Banjo. I’m going to be thinking about you two

  61. Oh TT – I hope all is well there. My thought are with you and Banjo. Please be safe.

  62. I so hope Banjo is okay…I love him by proxy🐾🐕

  63. tamaratattles

    thanks you guys. Banjo seem fine today just bit of a neck gash. I’m a bit panic attacky today. Didn’t sleep well. But overall we’re okay.

    • SLM

      Thank goodness Banjo is fine! I was really worried. You’ve been through so much in such a short space of time, TT, it’s understandable that you are feeling panic attacky.

      • Minky

        So happy that Banjo is doing okay. At least you know he’s a brave doggie! 🐶 I wish I could give him a big hug for looking out for you TT.

  64. Sandra

    Tamara, there are some folks (not here) swearing that Sheree’s house is finished. Have I missed something?

  65. Margarett

    I’ve been worn out tired all day, but it was a huge boost when I read that you and Mr. Banjo are doing okay!

    You are my heroes!

  66. Shae

    That is a nightmare. Tamara. I always have an issue with the weirdest things at the pharmacy. For all the years I was prescribed anti anxiety meds, they were such assholes about filling scripts. Now that I take no drugs whatsoever, they are constantly trying to fill painkiller prescriptions I do not even want. My dentist’s office automatically sends scripts for antibiotics, pain meds, etc. after surgeries. I’ve told them so many times I do NOT take narcotics of any kind- yet they still go, and the pharm still fills them and I have to demand they remove them from my account. Stupid.

  67. Dee

    I hope you and Banjo are okay. Maybe we could help you? Donations? I hate that you haven’t been paid all summer. Here I was thinking the site looked so good they surely would pay on time.

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