Project Runway: Just Fabulous?

By CJ Bomb

Hello all! Thank you for your lovely responses last week. So excited to be on this journey with you. And thank you to our fearless leader Tamara for letting me write for you!  Project Runway week two here we go!

The Challenge

Create a cool, versatile stylish design that flatters any woman no matter her age, shape or size. The winning look will be sold on Just Fab. Now I do appreciate these challenges. The designers normally do not- as their idea of the regular woman tends to be 5’7” 125 lbs instead of 5”10” and 115, but we shall see. Alex declares he loves all women and his look will make sure to reflect this. Erin says something about designing for a girl who wants to eat snacks and then maybe go out. I had to rewind that three times. It still makes no sense. And Linda? Linda cannot sketch. But Linda is this woman,so she’s got this. I hope I’m wrong, but I have a bad feeling about that.


Tim’s Critique

Tim is very, very impressed by Alex’s organizational skills and his outfit, but points out that the top might not be so versatile for all body types. As a 45 year old woman with two kids I concur. I do not want to show my upper waist and I’m pretty sure no one wants to see it.

If there were a drinking game going on right now and I had to imbibe every time Erin uses the word “like” I would be passed out in about 5 minutes. She sounds LIKE a Mormon valley girl. Her dress is interesting, but Tim isn’t sure about the bling. Erin is keeping the bling to take this woman from snacks to a night on the town. He wonders if Tasha’s is personal enough. Jenni is doing a drop crotch. An extreme drop crotch. Mah-Jing is doing a cool dress and Tim tells him to embrace his fabric choice of denim. Roberi justifies his boring look enough for Tim to give him a pass. Sarah needs some magic to her boring look which has a hole in the skirt. She makes it work by adding a tuxedo stripe. He tells Natalia she is over designing her look. Brik…..oh Brik. Knit pants and an Ann Taylor Jacket circa 1994, which I wore to my first day on the job trying to look like a grownup? Just no. Tim tells him to put down the green pleather he was going to put on the shoulders to make it look modern. He likes Dexter’s idea of the coat dress.

Project Runway Heidi


He tells Cornelius to tone it down some and create separates. Cornelius is not sure about this as he does NOT want to be safe. He wants to win and he will be pissed off, presumably at Tim, if he doesn’t. He keeps running around like a little bitch talking shit about other people’s designs. Mah-Jing called him a mean boy earlier. He’s right. Boy being the operative word.

Laurence is designing a utilitarian jumpsuit with a drop crotch. Perfect for going out or doing prison yard work. Tim points out that the silhouette will not work on all body types so Laurence re-evaluates. Laurence handles this very well. She keeps her design aesthetic intact but changes the shape to be more accommodating and less chairman Mao. This is using the critique in an appropriate way. And it works.

Kimber has nothing to show just yet, but she’s not worried. She will get it done! Uh huh. And again memo to Alex, Kimber and Rik, there are women out there who have breasts bigger than your average 12 year old boy. Trapeze tops and tight midriff-baring concoctions might NOT WORK FOR EVERYONE. No matter how cool the bottoms are. Just sayin. Linda’s urban knit Kimono is starting to stretch out in a most unflattering way. Which is saying something on a tall skinny 22 year old model.

Dexter imitating Laurence is hysterical. Cornelius is still an ass. His commentary on Brik’s pants is just mean. Alex is offended by Brik’s sloppy work and says he has no business being in this competition. This is harsh but true and doesn’t seem petty compared to Mean Boy’s comments. Kimber officially starts to lose her shit as she realizes she has sewn her top together inside out. Whoopsie Doodles! Erin is like, so like totally, like, confident. If I was still playing, my like, drinking game, my head would be in the like, toilet by now.

The Runway Show

Heidi comes out in a dress with a slit that leaves very, very little to the imagination. I wonder if Nina ever looks at Heidi with her sphinx expression and inwardly sighs and chants, tasteleveltasteleveltastelevel…. Like a mantra to keep herself calm. The actress Nina Dobrev is the guest judge. Since she is known for her personal style. Wait, no she isn’t. I have no idea why I wrote that and I am emailing Dita Von Teese right now begging her to guest star.

Laurence’s look is very very cool. She changed the fit and the jumpsuit will now work for lots of body types. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, I like it a lot. I bet the judges will too. Alex’s pants are awesome, but I’m still not sure how I feel about the everyday woman wanting to bare her torso. I don’t think Rik knows any normal women with boobs, tummies or thighs. Jenni, that isn’t just a drop crotch, it is an UBER drop crotch. Kimber’s pants are okay, but her trapeze top, while not horrific, earned a smirk from Nina. Not good. Bye Linda. Nathalia shows a Neoprene body suit (what “normal” woman doesn’t want to rock that?) over a coat that looks like a goth TeleTubbie. Mah-Jing’s look is simple, but I love love love it. Sarah thinks her look is amazing, but I can’t remember it once it left the runway. Same thing for Roberi. Tasha’s look has a  cool shape, but it’s boring. Can we just stop with the mesh? I’m still having trauma from All-Stars, mesh-wise. Dexter’s look is a much cooler version of what Nathalia did it’s cocoon coat in the Rick Owens school of volume. As much of a wanker as Cornelius is, I like his look.  I’m 99% sure he is safe and is going to be pissed off.  Erin’s look is fun and it is the right trapeze shape for all different body types. Neoprene done right (cough, Nathalia). Getting a Miu Miu vibe. Like Totally. The judges smile as it goes down the runway.


Project Runway 2

My Top Three

Laurence I like this a lot. Again, that’s just me. I love Marni and Jil Sander.
Mah-Jing  Also love, but worried about simplicity factor.
Erin It’s cool, it’s her, and it’s not black or an earth tone.

My Bottom Three

I don’t know what she is going for here. If you look fat in the bodysuit- just throw the massive coat on, et Voila! Problem Solved!
Linda Oh, Linda.
Brik Bye, Brik. We will miss your sunny attitude but not your schizo design sense.

The Judges Top Three

Alex  Huh? I mean it is beautiful, but as Zak said, we have seen this before. Nina swoons over construction and Alex’s taste level. Even “ no-bra, probably not wearing undies, look at my thigh” Heidi likes it. I don’t care what Nina D says.
Laurence  It’s just cool, like Laurence. When she explains it and points out the details it becomes even cooler. Heidi says her mom would wear it. Nina points out that Heidi’s mom is not the average 70+ year old. I don’t care what Nina D. says.
Erin Nina says charming. The waist gets cinched and the judges become even MORE enamored of this look. They are also happy about the color palette. They all say that they know who Erin is design wise. This early in the competition that’s a major compliment. Nina would buy. Heidi would not. Perhaps Heidi’s mom would? I don’t care what Nina D. says.

The Judges Bottom Three

Kimber Seriously WTF??? There were a lot worse looks on that runway! Construction issues and problems with the trapeze top. Pants GOOD, Top, BAAAD. Nina thinks the most interesting thing about the model is her hair. Nina D. disagrees. I grudgingly agree with Nina D.

Linda  Linda’s did suck, obviously her “urban kimono” was a misfire. The judges point out the model, who weighs as much as my left thigh, now has a saggy bottom. Fabric choice was terrible. As Zak said, this was her challenge! Which I translate as, “ You are an ordinary not terribly interesting person! You should have nailed this!” The other judges agree. I am back to not caring what Nina D thinks.

Brik Brik actually had this cool girl friend in mind when he designed this. I would like to see a picture of this person because right about now she’s probably pissed at Brik. The only thing worse than a knot dress? Ugly knit pants. Nina says he went from having multiple personalities to no personalities. Nina D gets one comment in about it being like a mullet, business on top and a party on the bottom. I give her another teeny tiny grudging nod of agreement.

Winner Laurence! Wow! I thought it would be Erin again, that was  kind of a shocker. Laurence is very happy in her euro-fabulous way taking it all in. Erin looks like she swallowed a lemon drop from the last challenge.

Auf’ed Linda??????? WHAT THE FUCK???? Brik should have gone home. And then gone back to school. I’m pissed!
What were your favorite and least favorite looks? Would you have sent Brik home over Linda?


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27 responses to “Project Runway: Just Fabulous?

  1. Lawstangel

    I agree!!! Brik is not talented enough to be in this group and should have gone home over Linda! I mean he was in the bottom 3 last week! Ugh. BTW nice re-cap…

    I really did not care for any of the looks, not my cup of tea. I cannot believe we had TWO drop crotch outfits, never liked a drop crotch, especially on a woman, it reminds me of a carrying pouch for a sanitary pad……YUCK!

    Im looking forward to next week. I’m glad to have PW back on TV and am looking forward to the rest of the season!

  2. Piraña Trainer par excellence

    Erin should have won again. That winning jumpsuit was SO NOT for everywoman! Puh-leeeeze!

    I feel so sorry for Brik, but the first two weeks on the bottom (and for the same exact reason both times!) — he should have gone home, not Linda.

  3. SaraK

    Great job recapping. I am tired of all the shows having cannon fodder. Let’s start with 20 contestants, give them a one day challenge and only the top 12 make it. (Yes total steal from top chef yet it gets rid of the Brixxs of the world).

  4. lavidaLinda

    That look from Erin was totally Anime….and ugly…..and unwearable, but that’s just my opinion.

    Sorry to see Linda go….I think she had more in her and the sweater dress wasn’t a bad idea conceptually.

    Alex is getting annoying with him treating this as audition to be the next Tim Gunn….he’s even speaking with the same cadence…..wicked annoying.

  5. Jane

    Brix should have gone home. Not only was it ugly in a TJ Maxx way, but he repeated the same idea from last week. With good fabric, Linda’s idea would have worked. Not so for brix.

    Loved Laurence and Erin outfits.

  6. Happy gal

    I seriously thought the neoprene look would be in the looser pile. I know of no everyday woman that would wear that – ever . I did not like Linda’s sweater dress but I did not think Brix’s jacket was horrid but his plants were.

    So far I really like Alex probably as much for his attitude as for his design

    Thanks for your recaps !

  7. darcyfenix

    I really don’t like Erin or her dress. Did you see the stitching on the sleeves? It looked like a cheap Christmas craft! I’m tired of the judges liking her terrible looks.

  8. Margarett

    I liked the show. I loved the recap!

    I liked the idea of Laurence’s jumpsuit. It surely wouldn’t work on everyone. Those pockets would be around my ankles.

    Erin’s was a cute and innovative design, but when did neoprene become a thing?

  9. Cherry Bomb

    Hey CJ Bomb… Love ! Your ! Recap ! I think I’m going to like this season. I think Laurence should have won so I was happy about that but certainly didn’t think Linda should have gone home. I loved your description of the teletubby whatever it was and think Cornelius is messy as all get out. Oh and loved everything you said about guess judge Nina Dobrev…. I hate when they have un – fashion people judging the designers. Just because some newcomer designer lends you a dress for premier week of the CW new Fall line – up does not make you a fashion expert. Anyway thank you again for such a thorough and funny recap.

  10. Mark

    Brik will stay for a while but not win. He is the vaguely attractive one. We’ve all seen the formula.

  11. Bostonmvr

    Thanks for the recaps. It is always hard this early in the season to keep up with everyone. There are a few folks who I am not sure if they have gotten any air time.
    Would have liked to see more from Linda. Sometimes you wonder if they ever go back and watch past seasons. Those knits have auf’ed folks before. Many challenges are lost at Mood.
    Winning look was cool, and at least had some color, but it kinda looked like a costume from Peanuts, The Musical.

  12. I love Heidi but she won this challenge. She was the only judge that thought Linda’s design was the worst. Brick should have walked. I hope Heidi’s not going to be the ‘bethenny’ of this season’s PR.

  13. SJ

    Once again this recap is the Bomb, CJ. And Thank you TT so much because this program brings me back to days at design school and all the craziness there in . dDesigners, whether they are architecture, interior design or fashion all start in the same pool. Learning to take critic is the hardest part of this schooling and Project Runway does it so good. This show is such good stuff!
    Sad to see Linda go but I don’t think she was up to the challenge.
    Should Brik have gone back home to reunite with Piggie Sue? I don’t know because there is something in there in him. He just needs a little more growing up before he can be a great designer. I worry about Kimber because she has been overwhelmed by a simple task. God, I wish Corry would grow up!

    • SJ

      Oh I forgot to post my favorite. Mah-Jing’s denim look is so me. I hope he survives the Cornelius craziness where a designer thinks he can win by trashing the other contestants. Thanks for the recapping CJ and can’t wait for next week!

  14. jean janeri and paige janeri

    We stream Project Runway, which means my daughter and I watch it the next day – while drinking wine. THEN I read your recap – out loud – with all the attitude that I feel you could muster. Bottom line, we would like to invite you to come watch with us anytime. We just adore your recaps! Thanks for being a part of our family and keep blogging!!!!!!

  15. Blondesense

    Can we take up a collection and send Brik some purple shampoo? I can’t stop staring at that yellow mess of hair. I am not cool enough to get Erin’s dress either – however there were a lot of looks similar to hers at NYFW, so she must have her finger on the (a?) pulse.Brik is going to keep churning out shoulder treatment + bell bottoms until he is put out of his misery.

  16. Spaghetti Kitten

    I snorted out loud to Sphinx Nina tasteleveltasteleveltastelevel! Meh, on Linda vs Brik exit. Did anyone else think Linda may actually be the “cool girlfriend” Brik had in mind with that design? Linda’s whole “I gave up my career for my kids” lament was auf’putting – coupled with her goodbye line of going home due to her “bad decisions” makes me feel so sorry for the kids. Yes, yes I know she meant Mood, but still. This week or next week she was a gone.
    I love Alex and Laurence so far. Judy Jetson with bedazzled belt wasnt my cup of tea either.
    Im excited about this Season for some reason, ate the designers really that much better than recent years? It seems that way to me…even on the audition eppie!

  17. Mammal

    I agree–Linda’s was horrid, and I seriously can’t understand why on earth she’d go with that bland gray and weird organza but, I feel like she made wring fabric choices. If the dress had been something more stable (even the dread neoprene) and the coat something softer like a silk, it would havery at least had something to it. Brik’s was just miserable. But… Linda’s in their 50s and they’ve shown time and again that if it comes down to an older designer making a misstep or a younger designer who’s flailing for a few weeks, they’ll cut the older person and give the younger another shot.

  18. Such great recaps! Welcome to the radiator, CJ. If you’re nice TT will let you decorate your corner. Mine’s covered in glitter & zombie guts…

  19. Rose

    I would wear Laurence’s jumpsuit or Mah Jong’s dress. I liked Kimber’so pants but with my big every woman boobs that trapeze top is a no no! I hated Erin’s outfit and she looked pissed she didn’t win. I hate Cornelius.

  20. I finally got to watch this episode. When the judges were debating on which designer to send home, I was hoping they would make it a double elimination. I don’t want the possibility of one in the future when the good designers are left and one makes a bad mistake. I was also wishing that they had sent home Brik instead of the other designer last week. Oh, well.

    I finally figured out who Brik reminds me of. Gregg Asher from Million Dollar Shoppers. I wish that show was still on.

    Has anyone here ever worn anything out of neoprene? I once saw a backpack in a store made out of it. When I felt it, I couldn’t imagine anybody actually wearing it. I wish they would stop making clothes out of it and use materials that people actually wear. I also wish the designers would stop using all black. It’s so hard to see any details on the TV screen. I have to get up and stand close to the tv sometimes to make it out. What’s so hard about using color? Anyway, enough complaining.

    CJ, thanks for another great recap! Your judging the judges made me lol. :)

  21. Allison

    Hated Erin’s look. What are the judges thinking? L’s was ok, but def not something i would wear. I wish Brik had used the green maybe just edging the jacket. I though the judges made the right decision sending Lynda home. Her look was sloppy.

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