Gigi Hadid Defends Herself From Stalker Attack In Milan


I keep meaning to give a huge shout out to Yolanda Hadid for her miraculous recovery from Lyme disease. Since her second large divorce settlement she’s got a spring back in her step as she globe trots to watch her two beautiful daughters and one handsome son take over the modeling world. Her Instagram is full of beautiful photos of all the latest fashion shows interspersed with her book and other suggestions about how you too can beat your chronic invisible illness  via the master cleanse and living on the ocean amongst the lemon grove.

Yesterday when Gigi was in Milan for a fashion show, she had to put her boxing skills to the test when that European prankster fool picked the wrong girl to mess with.

Runs in the family?

Runs in the family?


Remember when Will Smith decked a guy who tried to kiss him?  And some guy showed up in Vienna to disrupt a Kim Kardashian paid um…well she was being paid to…. well she went with this really rich guy to a ball… and some idiot showed up screaming racist things?  OK, that Kim one was a different guy, I just wanted to mention her ball.  Her ball event. That thing she did with a ball or two.  It was actually after she married Kanye and the were at Kanye’s um…very dear friend’s fashion show where he pushed her. He also attacked Brad Pitt and was arrested for that one. Some reports say he was actually banned from travel to the US at that point.  He’s a psychotic stalker and every bodyguard in the world should be expecting him.

But apparently, Gigi doesn’t take her body guards with her all over the world and hires locals for most fashion shows. And well the ones in Italy kind of sucked so she took matters into her own hands. And once she knocked him silly and he let her go, she tried to follow him to complete her beatdown and her security guards actually stopped her from pursuing him to beat the shit out of him. #GirlPower

Good for her I say.


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36 responses to “Gigi Hadid Defends Herself From Stalker Attack In Milan

  1. Allison

    Yesss. She did well-much better than her bodyguards did. That guy is an obnoxious menace. I can’t believe he was able to do what he did-but her well placed elbow to his face hopefully gave him something to think about. I hope it hurt-good for her.

    Yes-Yolanda is looking quite recovered lately, isn’t she? Maybe she’s the other European prankster 😉

  2. It has been very wet, weather wise, in this area for quite some time now and my arthritis is completely taking over (I usually don’t even remember I have it) so I think I’ll do a master cleanse and suck on a lemon. Maybe not – I’ll keep you posted. But good on Gigi!

  3. Rach

    Well done Gigi!

    Haha yes Yolanda really has perked up in recent months

  4. WonkyTonk

    Great for Gigi! The Yolanda comments are still cracking me up.

  5. sherry

    That is So Freakin Awesome!!!!

  6. Ellis Scarlett

    I love Gigi for defending herself, but I HAVE BEEN WAITING for you to comment on Yolana’s miraculous recovery!! I think you called this a very long time ago, and you were spot on. She was faking to grub for money.

  7. blaine

    Yay Gigi! But what’s this about Yolanda’s settlement?? One was reached? Did I miss it?

  8. That stalker dude is always lurking around for a shot.

  9. Kate Gates

    The creep came out saying that he did it because he didn’t think she was good enough to be a successful model and wanted the fashion industry to take note. He went on to say people were overreacting for calling it assault. Yep, you entitled, misogynistic fuck, you definitely have the right to jump a woman because you feel she doesn’t deserve her career. 🙄😒😡 I strongly dislike this germ. I don’t much care for the instamodels but no one deserves that.

    • Dee

      He is creepy, he picked her up. No one expected that. He’s the guy Will Smith smacked for kissing him on the lips. Weird guy. Yolanda looks good, it’s a miracle!

  10. Minky

    While it’s wonderful that Gigi is assertive enough and strong enough, both physically and mentally, to defend herself, there’s something about this story, and the others like it about this prankster guy, that puzzles me. I’m wondering whether or not he’s some sort of performance artist. This thing has got me intrigued. Thank you TT.

    • Allison

      I think he’s nothing more than a tool with a dire need for attention and will do anything for it, including harassing, assaulting and stalking celebrities. He’s gonna mess with the wrong one, and he’ll deserve whatever he gets.

      • Minky

        Yeah, I understand that, but he’s obviously going out of his way to be provocative. He isn’t just stalking celebrities by hiding in the bushes around their houses or harassing them when there’s no one there to see him. He makes a point of doing this on camera and usually on red carpets. I think that he wants to get beat up or arrested deliberately. He probably knows very well that his behavior carries consequences and repercussions, including the possibility of fines and jail time. I’m just wondering why he’s doing it. And no, I don’t necessarily believe his stated M.O.

      • Allison

        You’re right, Mink! It’s a good thing he hasn’t brought his crap to the US. He’d get jumped, I’m pretty sure.

    • Miguel

      Interesting take, Minky – publicity stunt?

    • Joanplus2dogs

      Supposedly he is doing it as pranks/comedy as form of protest. He shows up often at fashion shows by streaking or wearing g strings in addition to harassing actors & models. He did work at an Ukrainian TV station for a while ( he is from Ukraine). My guess is he believes he is Borat-type character & will get show/movie from attention. At least due to arrest from Pitt incident, he isn’t allowed in US for now. Media shouldn’t give out his name anymore. The more attention he gains will only continue to fuel him.

      • Minky

        Yeah, and that’s what makes me side-eye both this guy and the celebrities he’s allegedly assaulted. How did he get on the red carpet close enough to touch Brad Pitt in the first place. Isn’t security really tight at those kinds of events?

      • Miguel

        The first time you wrote it, I totally bought into your compelling argument for co-operative publicity stunts, Minky!!!

      • Joanplus2dogs

        I know nothing of his background other than TV station & he did work in very cheap short film while in LA. My guess since he seems to be living & dressing well enough he either comes from wealthy family &/or has well connected friends in entertainment field. Security would be less suspicious of someone in designer clothes dressed for that event & knows the routine. He is very familiar with security procedures & does use disguises. Possible he gets invites or knows how to create fakes. You think whoever got him invited would also be banned in the future. Who knows? Money talks & bullshit walks or who you are or who know are common themes at these types of events. I just glad she let him w/o a doubt not to mess with her! Curious though why he wasn’t arrested or if she didn’t press charges.

      • Minky

        Exactly Joan. If I was in Gigi’s situation I would have “Rochambeaued” his ass, as TD so eloquently put it, and then summoned the police to have him carried off to the pokey so he couldn’t have the chance to hurt anyone else.

        His stated reason for assaulting Gigi just sounds ridiculous. He thinks she shouldn’t be a model? Really? Isn’t that what Gigi has said about herself in interviews. She’s said that other people have said that she’s too voluptuous to be a high fashion model. That her boobs and her butt are too big for modeling. Those are Gigi’s words from I can’t remember which source or publication. And now that’s the prankster’s reason for scooping her up before camera’s.

        WHAT???!!! What gives here?!

  11. Dandy Lion

    Rock on, Gigi!
    Regarding Yolanda…IT’S A MIRACLE!!!

  12. Miguel

    Thanks for this, TT & yaayyyyy, Gigi!!! I hope they get the asshole!!! Oh & congrats to Yo – most of us here knew it would only be a matter of time … for your divorce settlement … I mean, before you were visibly cured!

    Methinks, Yo’s invisible disease – the one that turned her mind into mush- was really her worry over not being handsomely paid by her King! Well-played, Yo – Long Live the Queen!!!

  13. T D

    Hope she Rochambeaued him in the nuts. Kicked him like a football that clears the goal post from the forty yard line.

  14. Mark

    “That thing she did with a couple of balls…”

    Tamara, you are horrid. AND I LOVE IT.

  15. Yolanda had to recover from her “invisible disease”, since her book is coming out next year. Miracle cure will result in more book sales.

  16. tamaratattles

    It amazes me that you guys are spending so much time talking about the psycho who attacked her and trying to make his multiple well publicized attacks on dozens of celebrities out to be some conspiriacy where Kim K. Gigi Hadid, and Brad Pitt are all in on some joke where they are physically attacked because they need more publicity. Really?

    It’s always interesting what you all keen in on and talk about in detail while wishing the psycho got less attention.

    It’s very much like comments in housewives recaps really.

    • Minky

      I’ll take the blame for this one. I’m very sorry if I messed up the comments because that really wasn’t my intent. I don’t know what the appropriate way to react to this story is. I guess I’m super jaded from TV and internet media.

      I stated my opinion of the story and of this guy’s behavior. The whole thing is just really weird.

  17. JustJenn

    I think self defense is one of the most important thing that any person, especially a woman, can learn..go Gigi!

    I saw a picture of Yolanda, floating around Twitter, without a bra and a see through shirt going to one of her children’s events? Ugh. She’s really something,

  18. Spunky2015

    Good for Gigi. If he hadn’t picked her up hopefully she would of elbowed him in the nuts.

  19. Cat

    Sounds like she Master Cleansed his ass! Good for her!

    • Dee

      Good one Cat! I laughed out loud :)
      He picked her up, it looked like he tried to hold her like baby. I would have freaked out if I was her.

  20. pete'sgirl

    I say good on GIGi.

    But wow she lost some weight. I guess Paris fashion week will donthat to a girl. But she looks so frail.

    I cant with Yolanda. But GiGi you go girl

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