Dr. Phil’s 2 Part Interview With Terri Harmon



Dr. Phil seems to be trying to fill the gap left by Nancy Grace’s departure from HLN.  Between losing CourtTV, then HLN no longer carrying live trials and then Nancy Grace’s sudden departure, there are a lot of true crime followers left with few options for following big cases in detail. It boggles my mind that CourtTV was not able to stay on the air. That said, after his interview with Burke Ramsey, I’m not sure Dr. Phil is, as he would say, our soft place to land.

Because it is Dr. Phil  interviewing Terri Harmon and because I’m not up to writing my own content listing the facts, I’m going to use the Wikipedia version which I believe is accurate. The Wikipedia version will be in italics.  Other information I insert as background knowledge, I’ll try to remember to label as NOTS, Not on the show.

On June 4, 2010, Kyron was brought to school by his stepmother, Terri Horman, who then stayed with him while he attended a science fair. Terri Horman stated that she left the school at around 8:45 a.m. and remembered seeing Kyron walking down the hall to his first class.[4] However, he was never seen in his first math class; instead, he was marked absent for the day and has not been seen since.

Right off the bat, Terri and the parents don’t even agree on where Kyron’s classroom is. There is confusion I don’t understand about the science fair. It seems she dropped the science fair stuff off the day before, the science fair was held the day before and she missed it. So she took some photos on the day he went missing and it appears everything was still set up. She says she never walked him to his room but there are photos she took in his classroom. I regret that I am unable to follow this. I’m having some issues today and it might just be me.  The bottom line is she says she dropped him off at school. She was seen with Kyron at school.  And then she left and he was never seen in school again.

I’m coming back to edit this because I am having to Google other things because I am just not able to follow what she is saying. Reading numerous other accounts of June 4th, every site says that it WAS the day of the science fair (and that is what I recall too. ) and she went in because it was the Science Fair. She went to the Science Fair. That is where she was seen. The Science Fair ran until 10 a,m. It was a special day toward the end of they school year. The Talent Show was also that night and Kyron was to participate in that as well. So it was a big day. Yet she is saying that she missed the Science Fair because it was the day before. How could she lie on TV about something so well documented?  This also explains my problems with the attendance records in her story. at ten am they started their first class, on the special schedule it was math. He didn’t show up. If she took him upstairs at 8:45 using a different stairwell than he did (why?) where she claims to have watched him from the end of the hall go “almost into his classroom.” there would have been no one there. BECAUSE IT WAS THE SCIENCE FAIR. Am I the idiot here?
Horman’s statement to the police indicate that, after leaving the school at 8:45 a.m., she ran errands at a local grocery store until about 10:10 a.m. Between 10:10 a.m. and 11:39 a.m., she states that she drove her daughter around town in an attempt to use the motion of the vehicle to soothe the toddler’s earache. Horman went to a local gym at 11:39 a.m., and worked out until about 12:40 p.m. By 1:21 p.m., she had arrived home and posted photos on Facebook of Kyron at the science fair earlier that morning.[5] She has receipts from two grocery stores to verify her errands. Dr. Phil points out there is no proof of her whereabouts after 10:10 and before 1:21 when she posts on Facebook. Dr. Phil mentions that her cellphone showed she had been on Sauvie Island five miles from the school. She says that information is false. Dr. Phil says that is because to your knowledge there is no cell phone tower on the island. The subject is dropped (for now I’m assuming) and they move on.  The island was searched multiple times and nothing was found.

At 3:30 p.m., Horman, her husband Kaine Horman, and their daughter, Kiara, walked to the school bus stop to meet Kyron. The bus driver informed them that Kyron had not boarded the bus after school. The bus driver was asked to call the school and ask where Kyron was. She was informed by the school secretary that Kyron hadn’t been in school since early that day and had been marked absent. She reported to the secretary that she did not have Kyron and, therefore, he was missing. The secretary then called the 911 call center using a private phone number assigned to the Portland Public School district to report that Kyron was missing. The 911 call center then reported this information to the police.

There was no mention of the bus driver in the Dr. Phil version. She says that she called the school and upon finding out he was not there, they immediately drove to the school. She points out that she drove. I don’t know why that matters but it seemed out-of-place to me. When she got to the school, she says the principal, the school secretary and her teacher were all there and told them they had not seen him “since before 10 am.”  This seems odd to me. If the kid was there in class before 10 and disappeared why would they not notice?  A parent would have to check the kid out. If he was never in the classroom to be marked present,  some schools would send an automated message letting the family know he was not there, or they would have just marked him absent.  The teacher says she thought Terri was taking Kyron with her to a doctor’s appointment for her daughter. That makes no sense either. Why would she bring him to school and then leave with him before school started? She said she saw the teachers, it would seem if she planned to leave with him she would have told the teacher.

The police were looking for a woman named Dee who was a friend of Terri’s at the time. The police put out a flyer with photos of the truck she drove, Terri and Dee asking for information from anyone who had seen them on the day of his disappearance. NOTS: That flyer was actually distributed ten weeks after Kyron went missing. Mostly because she was the only known friend of Terri’s the police knew about. Dee passed a lie detector test and was presumably cleared.

Terri says that she hasn’t spoken with Dee since July of 2010 because both of their attorneys told them to stay away from each other.  Neither Dr. Phil nor I understand this information. She says, “you can’t make this up!” And I  pause there to type and say, “Actually, you can, and it sounds like you are.” When I hit play, Dr. Phil says basically the same thing.

Next we move on the state of her marriage at the time. It was reported that she was divorcing Kyron’s father, Kaine and moving out-of-town on that Friday.  She told the media there were no issues with her marriage. When asked why she lied she says that law enforcement told her to.

NOTS: When she lied to the media about her marriage, she said that it was just a rumor and “That rumor needs to be squelched.” He had moved out two days previously. There had been two calls to 911 during the argument that ensued while he was leaving with the kid.  Also on this day she was served with both a restraining order and a petition for divorce . On that same day a People magazine story appear where her father said that there was a 50-50 chance his daughter would be arrested. He cried throughout the interview.  Two days later, she shook off paparazzi and went to hire a high-profile defense attorney. About a month later a just issued and order requiring her to vacate the house so that Kaine and the daughter could move back in.

NOTS: Terri was allegedly friends or at least knew Kyron’s biological mother, the mother left to go to Canada for treatment of kidney disease, she signed custody over to the father when he was 2.

Terri says she has known Kryon since he was three days old and considers herself his mother.

In late June 2010, in the midst of the investigation into Kyron’s disappearance, Kyron’s biological father, Kaine Horman, was reportedly told by investigators that his wife, Terri Horman, had offered their landscaper “a lot of money” to kill him. Rodolfo Sanchez, the landscaper, said in a deposition that she approached him to help kill her husband five months before the disappearance of the boy.[6] Investigators convinced the landscaper to confront Horman while wearing a wire, but they were unable to obtain any evidence and, therefore, did not make an arrest. On June 28, Kaine Horman filed for divorce and obtained a restraining order against his wife.[1][7] The divorce was granted[8] and Terri Horman was eventually granted supervised visitation with her daughter.[9]

Dr. Phil finally asks her why Kaine was able to get her kicked out of the house about three weeks after Kyron went missing and  in the process taking full custody of their daughter.   She admits that it is because the police informed Kaine that Terri had allegedly offered a landscaper $10.000 to kill her husband.


Part 2

Part one didn’t intrigue me or give me any new information. Yet, at 1:30 am, I forge ahead for the second hour.

We begin talking about the landscaper and rumors that she was having an affair with him. Is it me or is this show edited in a really choppy way?  She says he had a thing for her and it was not reciprocated. She talked about her rebuffing an advance from him once when she was out in carrying her daughter in the middle of five acres of land. Then she says they had two acres of land.  Who carries a toddler out into the middle of five acres of land and how does a gardener show up on his off day and find her there and lay an unwanted kiss on her cheek?

Dr. Phil asks her if she told her husband about his unwelcome advances. She said no, because he didn’t know they had a landscaper. He expected her and James, who was 15, to take care of the house and yard. I had to Google to find out James is her kid from a previous marriage. I don’t think he has been mentioned up to this point.  She says she told her husband James was doing all the yardwork.  Dr Phil says, “So you were lying to your husband?” Apparently, she offered up the landscaper as a suspicious person to police.  Dr. Phil suggests that he made the allegations about her trying to hire him to kill her husband after he was questioned by police because he was angry.

He asks about rumors that someone else was in the truck with her when she arrived at school that morning. She says no.  Someone at the school thought they saw her with someone. I presume that is how Dee got dragged into things.

After watching Bull last night, I have even more interest when Dr. Phil starts a new line of interrogation by talking about how he has been watching her behavior. I’ve been watching it too and her face has been a sad twisted mess the whole time. When I pulled a couple of screen grabs from Google I thought the person who pulled them chose some really mean photos. They are actually her nicest looks on the show. She seem extremely depressed and angry. And, well, kind of mean. On the other hand, while she seems to be telling a lot of lies, I don’t see the usual overt signs of lying. I can’t quite read her. I can read Dr. Phil though and he doesn’t believe a word she is saying.

Dr. Phil says her Facebook post four days after Kyron was gone about going to the gym seems like unusual behavior for a grieving mother. I don’t know if I have been pointing out that she has been blaming a lot of her weird behavior on simply doing what law enforcement told her to do. But now she is saying that LE told her to continue to do all of the things she would normally do.  So far, LE has told her to lie to the media, break up with her only female friend, and now go hang out at the gym. Neither Dr. Phil nor I can fathom LE saying this to a mother whose child has gone missing from school.

Phil’s response, totally deadpan, “Did they tell you to sext with someone 26 days after he disappeared?” Then he proceeds to read way more than we need to know about her sexting life.  She says that Kaine had done the same thing a week early. She was sexting with the new guy just to get back at him. You remember, her husband Kaine who took out a restraining order and moved away with a 19 month old baby to raise on his own while filing for divorce and joining search parties for his missing son?  Meanwhile, she is posting about her gym routine on Facebook, hiring and attorney and somehow keeping up with who Kaine is texting?



She now claims it was a set up. She says the guy was a friend of Kaine’s. She was just sexting him (did I mention the photos? No? You’re welcome) so he would tell Kaine. She had no interest in him. Dr. Phil goes on to read more of the text saying she can’t call him because she thinks there are bugs in the house and alludes to paparazzi outside.  It’s clear this was not a sexting event to piss off her husband. I’m quite sure he was pissed off plenty by her at the very least losing their son and being the prime suspect in his disappearance.

Her next excuse is that she had disassociated due to the stress and doesn’t remember most of that time. Oh and somewhere in there she threw in that she and Kaine were already broken up anyway. Her expression rarely changes. At best it is a look of complete boredom and most of the times it’s a look of disgust.

Dr. Phil says it sounds to him like she is now free from her marriage and the kids and ready to go party. She says, “Well, if you’re going to psychoanalyze me, and I wasn’t going to mention this at all…”  She rambles on about her marriage to Kaine being very highly sexual until their daughter was born. She says that the sexting was a coping mechanism for her during a stressful time. What number is this excuse? 6? 8?  She seems to be trying to justify her behavior as if being a married woman is the issue. She doesn’t seem to understand that a mother who is grieving a child might not be up to sexting three weeks after he died/went missing.

NOTS: Kaine asks a judge to find Terri in violation of her restraining order because she had begun a sexting relationship with this person who was his high school friend and she had violated the seal on the restraining order, specifically letting him know where Kaine as living. She also allowed him to photograph the sealed document. He began hanging around in the marital home right after Kaine moved out. Kaine and the new guy went to high school together in another town and were not friends while living in Portland. Kaine drops the request regarding the restraining order about a month later.

KJKAlso around this time, Terri allegedly tried to steal the baby out of the daycare center at the gym. The police looked into this guy, Michael Cook at the same time they looked into her friend Dee.  Dee was working a landscaping job for a homeowner on the day Kyron disappeared. She left abruptly around 11:30 am and didn’t return for about an hour to an hour and a half.  The homeowner tried to reach her by cellphone but got no response.  At one point Terri told Michael that she had paid her lawyer $350,000. Kaine wants to know where the money is coming from because where she got it, it’s community property and he wants half for his attorney. She probably got it, if she had it from tabloid stories.

Dr. Phil played a clip where Kaine’s mother said that she thinks her son had an affair and that Terri killed Kryon to punish him. Kaine said she had a lot of hatred toward him at the time. This to me explains her lying about their relationship.  If she was furious with him prior to the Science Fair, she would not want that information known. There are photos of her with Kaine at a press conference hugging Kaine and appearing to be the grieving mother while the look on his face was… uncomfortable.

Wait. She just said they were divorced in December of 2013. It took 3 years to divorce? Dr. Phil asks if they are cooperating in raising their daughter. She lost rights to her daughter in the divorce and had to take parenting classes of some sort according to her before she could begin a unification process with her daughter. I believe she was allowed supervised visitation in 2014 but I’m not sure that actually happened.

NOTS: After well over a million dollars was spent looking for Kyron, by mid September the billboards quietly began to come down, and most of the thousands of searchers had gone home. However, in October and November  over 180 searchers return to search Sauvie Island a few more times as well as a pond in the backyard of the marital home. There is a bridge with a camera going on and off the island. There is no record of her entering or leaving the island.

In November, The daughter’s biological mother, Desiree went on the Today Show after police showed her text messages that she had sent her friends about Kyron that showed Terri’s level of hatred for Kyron and that she blamed Kyron for her marital problems.

Terri denies the emails were ever written or existed. The police have never released them to the public.

Dr Phil goes over an entire list of allegations Desiree has made against her. As we go through these,  the usual signs of lying are finally a lot more clear to me. Especially where she denies saying that she blamed Kyron for her marriage issues.

Dr. Phil says she failed two polygraphs and walked out on a third one. She blames her hearing loss in one ear for her failing the tests. Dr. Phil said his polygraph expert agrees that hearing would affect the test but prior to asking the main questions they do sort of a pretest to make sure questions are heard and the person is not having any issues.

Dr. Phil asks her what she thinks happened to Kyron and she gives a long story about a strange man in a white pickup truck who showed up in the area of the school the day before. She thinks he came in and took him. She says the school was not secure that day due to the Science Fair. She still has hope that Kyron is alive. She thanks Dr. Phil for putting up the tipline number and seems a bit emotional.

I’m not convinced it’s Terri.  She did lie a lot. About the science fair and all sorts of things. I should be convinced. I know you guys are probably convinced. But I’m not convinced. Maybe the Dad or the mother showed up to the Science Fair. I dunno. I don’t have another scenario to put forth. I’m just saying I don’t have the gut feeling that she killed the kid.


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51 responses to “Dr. Phil’s 2 Part Interview With Terri Harmon

  1. Anna

    My gut feeling is that she herself didn’t kill him, but absolutely had something . .everything to do with it. From day 1 she just rubbed me the wrong way. And after this interview , I find her guilty of something ! And I too, after watching Bull found myself studying her behavior , her mannerisms & facial expressions . ..& the look on her face, in her eyes..was creepy as all hell.

  2. SLM

    You are not alone in your confusion with this, TT. I’ve read a lot of the same info and I’ve never been able to understand what exactly was supposed to have happened to that poor boy. As in, I can’t even get a sense WHAT AT ALL happened for sure that day and I’m just talking about who went where and did what for just ordinary activities (like the school drop off). I think she clearly cared very little for Kyron. I also know from my own experience that despite all their “for show” security measures, some school and districts don’t actually give a crap about safety. Our district is like this. It’s one of about 400 reasons that led us to start homeschooling several years ago. The district would make a HUGE announcement about installing new security cams on the outside of school buildings (with a very expensive price tag) then leave the front and back doors to the school – DURING SCHOOL HOURS – wide open and unlocked because they didn’t want to be bothered making sure staff was around to unlock and open them for deliveries!!! No, I’m not joking. I filed formal complaints with the office of the superintendent, who denied it happened…but it did!! I volunteered a lot at the schoola back then and I SAW it! Did anyone see her at the school that morning? I couldn’t even puzzle out that part. If she’s lying this much she’s definitely hiding something…but what?

  3. Cheryl B.

    I really thought if she was going on Dr Phil, it may explain why she could be innocent, since I first thought she must realize that there is no statue of limitations, then I saw so many classic guilty people answers (weird details that don’t matter), I wondered why on earth did she do this? Unfortunately, still don’t know where that little boy is, and she confused me more. Hoping the police gain something helpful. Thank you Tamara for recapping this.

    • tamaratattles

      She’s definitely a lying liar that lies out of her lie hole.

      But. all three so called parents are strange.

      I don’t know why but, when she was telling the part of the story where she and Kyron’s father and their baby girl were at the bus stop to pick him up from school, it wasn’t even the fact that supposedly the bus driver “called” and to me that would mean radioed the school but maybe they do just pick up their cell phones these days and she left all of that out….

      I was bothered that she said “we all got in the car to rush to the school I DROVE and we got there…

      I know it is six years later. But who includes the info of who was driving the car when telling the dramatic story of rushing your whole family to the school to hunt for your kid? Maybe that is the tell that she did it. Maybe the fact that she was the most worried and she drove the car was supposed to distract us from believing it was her?

      I know one thing, true crime interviews are not Dr. Phil’s thing. In just two cases that I am familiar with he has been woefully unaware of the facts of the case and stuck on the most salacious parts. I really don’t care who she was fucking in the aftermath of Kyron going missing and was unnecessary embarrassment for her. I wanted to know things like why did the cops focus on the island and how did they pinpoint her there? What tips did they have over a year later to be searching a completely different part of town. How is it that the state spent over a million dollars, searchers both paid and volunteer agencies literally swarmed the place for months, billboards were everywhere, national media attention nonstop and not even a tennis shoe was found?

      The woman is not a very good liar. And she lies about lying. But wouldn’t they have someone like Bull who could figure out what she is hiding? And if her motive is a crime of passion, in the heat of the moment, how did she make a kid disappear from a crowded school without a trace? Not a single clue?

      It sure seems like she could have done it, but how did she not leave any evidence anywhere?

      • Cheryl B.

        I was hoping for something that answered anything regarding what happened. Like I said, I just don’t get why she’s talking now. I don’t see any benefit. Ugh, so frustrating, where is he or at least a clue or better yet, an answer.

      • Dre

        All 3 of the parents: bio-mom, bio-dad, and/or stepmom could be considered suspects. Everyone here seems shady.
        I’m fully convinced that stepmom lies often, has poor judgment, and an odd affect. But I’m not convinced she had anything to do with Kyron’s kidnapping or murder. Dr. Phil and his producers could have done a much better job with this crime coverage . Why not try to confirm the story about the (supposed) suspicious driver of the white Ford SUV hanging out at the
        7-11? Or thay the police were (allegedly) not interested in the 7-11 surveillance tape? Is that true? Then the police department has lots of explaining to do! And don’t the bio-parents want to know more about this supposed mystery man? And why the school access points were all (allegedly) unlocked during the Science Fair? ..And did stepmom actually send out hateful texts and emails about Kyron, as bio-mom alleges, or did bio-mom make that all up? If so, why?? The show should have looked deeper into many accusations, but instead it focused on salacious sexting, and assumed stepmom is guilty. What a shame. All 3 parents are lacking in judgement, the police department seems inept, The Dr. Phil Show did a lackluster investigation, and an innocent boy is still missing. It’s heartbreaking. Kyron practically gets lost in this mess. (By the way, GREAT observations, TT!)

  4. Mark T.

    First time commenter: I like that TT sometimes takes on the “Real” reality T.v.

    • Shay

      Welcome, Mark T.! I hope you kick it in other posts- the recaps are so good you don’t have to watch the shows to participate in the side-eyes:) They are good fluff to distract from the horrors of real life.

  5. KB

    I’m totally with you TT. I’m confused but I don’t get the sense she did it. I’ve never been able to figure out the dynamic of the players. It’s appalling the schools security measures. Our school takes attendance twice a day. If your student is absent you get a text message immediately. The part that annoyed me the most is how Dr Phil was grilling her. Why wasn’t he like that with the Ramsey’s? There’s even more evidence against BDI (allegedly in my opinion) than this lady.

    • SLM

      Like I said above, KB, districts vary and some are total crap at safety and security. Our district was and is horrible. Last year in the high school in our district, three (THREE!) students got into school WITH KNIVES, despite there being security guards who were supposed to be conducting bag searches and ALLEGEDLY WORKING METAL DETECTORS (wand types). When my own kids were still going to public schools in our district, we had a grandparents and elders day event…my husband insisted on inviting an (allegedly) often mentally unstable older relative of his to it because he said it couldn’t be dangerous since it was AT school, I would also be there and nothing would be unsupervised. Guess what? During a tour of the building the kids were giving to the elders – WITH THEIR TEACHER – this in law of mine WALKED OUT A SIDE DOOR WITH MY DAUGHTER AND OUT THE BUILDING. I was back in the multipurpose room setting up refreshments with the other parents and NO ONE even noticed they were gone until the group came back and I SAW they weren’t there. Luckily, she was just calmly walking my daughter down the side street behind the school and couldn’t move that fast…so we found the almost immediately. I still feel sick with dread when I think of that incident and what could have happened. Didn’t mean to go off on a tangent, but my point is that there are districts and schools who SAY they are vigilant and they aren’t. Heck, the door this relative took my daughter out was supposed to be alarmed during school hours and only used as an emergency exit…only they didn’t even realize the alarm sensor was broken and probably had been for sometime. And the relative? She seems baffled about why we viewed what she did as wrong…

      • Shay

        SLM, I’m sorry but why is it the school’s responsibility to supervise your guests? You bring a mentally unstable person on to school grounds and they are your responsibility. You having a mentally unstable person supervising your child is also your fault. Also, 2 knives? They are doing much better than most high schools! Parents sometimes forget that a school is responsible for general safety and learning, but crazies gonna crazy.

      • SLM

        Shay, I talked with EVERYONE at that damn school about how I didn’t want this relative of my husband’s there, and to my husband, and EVERYONE except me seemed to think it was an ok idea to have her there because we didn’t have any other elders to invite (my entire blood related family on my side died long before I even turned 30). I talked to the teachers, I talked to the parent coordinator, I even talked to the principal and I TOLD THEM the issues and they were all SO adamant that everything was strictly supervised and how they wanted there to be 100 percent participation in the event (meaning every child would have an older family member there). I’d even specifically filled out a form saying this person WAS NOT to be allowed to sign my child out AND reiterated this to the teacher who took them on the school tour before they left the classroom and the teacher assured me she’d be with them the whole time. I didn’t leave my child alone with this relative, she was in a school supervised group inside of the school and I’d been assured the teacher would SPECIFICALLY make sure they were not alone together. And she’s elderly. So, surprisingly, after talking to EVERYONE who assured me they would be watching, and only gone for 20 minutes, I believed it would be ok despite my fears. Perhaps you’ve never had anyone pressure, patronize and downplay your GENUINE FEARS as a mother about a situation. But I have. And, yes, when I was a younger, less experienced mother I gave in to pressure in situations like the above, but I learned my lesson QUICK. Also, despite her clear pattern of emotional issues, she’d actually started telling other relatives she was going to SUE US for visitation of our children. And, yea, if you google it, relatives – even unstable ones – have dragged parents into court for rights to THEIR children. My husband thought this visit to the school might placate her. And even one knife in a school is too many, Shay.

      • Shay

        SLM, we disagree about personal responsibility and parental responsibility. That’s ok! Wish you success in all things:)

      • SLM

        And another thing, Shay, is that the schools in our district have this whole list of ALL the so-called safety measures that they have that go above and beyond state requirements…then when you check in reality, you find out things like yes they have security cams, but no one monitors them and half the time they are on the fritz…and, oh yeah, they have metal detecting wands but nobody has been been checking them to make sure they are actually working, they have doors allegedly sensored but WOOPSY the door sensors broke and no one has bothered to test them for more than a year. I take personal and parental responsibility very seriously and my mistake in that instance was I bent to a lot of pressure and false assurances and that was my bad. Too bad for all those parents and teachers who believe in the safety measures they’ve been told were actually in place and because of mismanagement weren’t. My point with that story in regards to this case was that some schools do a really good job of pretending they have safety measures and procedures they follow when they actually don’t. And what I was getting at was that in this case it could very well be that someone else walked out with Kyron, he walked out himself or Terri walked out and no one even noticed.

      • tamaratattles

        Shay, your comments to SLM are horrendously cunty. Even after her heartfelt explanation that you in no way deserved, you doubled your cuntiness.

        Have a fucking seat.

      • Shay

        Sorry, SLM. I guess as an educator and someone who works with juvenile offenders I’m very protective of educators. I feel they are not only expected to be masters in their subject area and experts at classroom management, but also expected to be security guards and pyschologists. I think parents can do more. And in SLM’s situation, only she knew just how dangerous her relative was. And I think the kids who bring knives to school have parents that should be paying more attention, too.

      • SLM

        I’m going to say this for the last time, Shay. I told everyone involved in this right down to the classroom teacher, the parent coordinator for the event and the principal of the school…in fact, I probably told them more hairy details than I wanted to, and they all poo-pooed my objections like I was a nervous paranoid mom and said “what can happen in the school, she’s a senior citizen?”

        Yes, I agree, there are parents who shirk their parental and personal responsibilities in terrible ways and it has fall out for everyone, but there are also parents who think they are being as vigilant as they could and shit still happens. There are also schools and districts and officials who shirk their responsibilities and allow bad things to happen, or ones who are doing THEIR best as you said earlier, but shit happens.

      • Shay

        SLM, I’m truly sorry for what a cunt I’ve been. Not to excuse it in any way, but just to explain– many times when my brain tumor hemorrhages, I get very emotional. Because of the location of my brain tumor, my behavior can become very combative. After the fact, I’ve seen emails and comments here that are not true… but at the time felt nothing could be truer. My service dog usually alerts me to a bleed, but he has been very sick. I will put myself in time out until I can play nicely with others and am sure I am in my normal range of cunty behavior.

      • SLM

        I’m very sorry for your condition and for your struggle, Shay. I think we can agree that clearly we both care a lot about child safety from different angles/walks of life. I really do hope you feel better in every way and I cannot begin to imagine how crushingly hard it must be have a terrible medical issue like that. I hope your dog feels better too.

      • OMW how frightening. It can happen so fast and you could be standing right there. Thank goodness you were aware. Churches and schools children SHOULD be safe. Sadly, we have found that this is not true in either case. So glad it worked out in a good way. A cautionary tale to be sure. Your’e instincts were spot on.

      • Dandy Lion

        OMG SLM, how terrifying! I’m so glad that I’m the end it all turned out ok and that you are a strong advocate for your child. But I shudder to think what could have easily happened.

      • SLM

        Thanks Dandy. I regret my sharing the story in that I didn’t mean to get us all off topic. I was sharing it as an example of how stuff can so easily happen in a big school setting even with lots of people, parents and staff around. I find this whole case baffling in an entirely different way than the JonBenet Ramsey murder we’ve all been discussing. I agree with TT that Terri Horman looks like she’s lying about everything, even stuff that seems unnecessary to lie about, but she also doesn’t seem immediately guilty . I wondered at first if all her deception was just over the fact that maybe she dodged out early and never genuinely saw where he went after viewing the Science Fair…but after LE started acting like they suspected her, wouldn’t she just admit that? Why not just say she felt guilty about NOT seeing him go to his classroom after being there that morning? She genuinely does not seem to care all that much about what happened, not then or now. And I find it impossible to believe that LE was telling her to send out fun posts on FB and all that other crap

  6. Mark T.

    First time commenter: I really like how TT sometimes covers REAL “reality” T.V.!

  7. tamaratattles

    I think maybe the only reason Dr. Phil did this show is because he needed another major crime story to do so it looked natural that he would have interviewed Burke and less like just another Lin Wood narrative he is inserting into the world.

  8. Cat

    Phrases that make me wary of people:

    “You can’t make this stuff up.”
    “Trust me.”
    “Believe it.”

    Who can remember, down to the minute, what they do during the course of a day? Oh well. My head is still spinning from the Jon Benet mess. I think I need a cup of coffee. It is now 12:42 I should reach the kitchen by 12:43, and the coffee should be ready by 12:47.

    • Toddy

      Thank you, Cat. I’ve always thought that if somebody has to declare themselves as honest, they probably are not.

    • Shay

      Cat, how about “absolutely not” and not using contractions and repeating the question:
      Q: Did you kill your son?
      A: I did not kill my son.
      Q: Did you have anything to do with your son’s disappearance?
      A. Absolutely not.

      If someone asked me anything like that I would say, “No!”

  9. The friend Dee missing the same time Terri went to the island is puzzling. IMO Terri went to the island but was in Dee’s car. Kyron did look like he was well taken care of though.

  10. Bugg

    Not to insert another crime in here but there was never any sign of Brittany Drexel or her belongings found. It seems if the circumstances are just right someone could do away with you and you can essentially disapear without a trace. In her case there were eyewitnesses and unfortunately we have an idea of her awful fate.

  11. Toddy

    IF Terri did it, she must have been alone. Otherwise somebody would have broken/ratted her out/needed to cast suspicion elsewhere(?) Strange that she couldn’t remember specifics. It seems that she would have been asked all these things many times before.

  12. Karen

    I’ve not seen the interview m, but I live up here in Washington State and at the time she looked guilty as sin. I still believe she did it and wish she would just own up to it and give the entire community some closure.

    • Juli M

      I live very close to where this happened. When I saw the family on tv that nite– the 1st thing I said to my family was: “Boy- if ever there was a big fake grieving stepmother– it’s HER” That’s some act she’s putting on!” She was trying way too hard to look sad — her acting sure wouldn’t get her an Oscar — To this day I believe she most certainly had a dirty hand in that little boy’s disappearance.

      • Karen

        Yeah, I remember her lack of emotion in the hours and days after the disappearance was troubling. Perhaps we’ll never know what happened by maybe someone will look at the details with fresh eyes & figure out what happened.

  13. Allison

    I’m not convinced she hurt him but I absolutely feel like she knows more than she’s saying. The footage of her hugging her husband after the child disappeared- the look in her face, something just off. Why were they grilling her former best friend? Did they suspect that both women may have done something to him? That she had help?

    It’s sad.
    What reasons did she lose custody and rights to her daughter? She was never charged or convicted, and while she acted like a floozy asshole, that’s not grounds for parental termination-and I’ve inly heard she hated her stepson but never actually seen evidence.

  14. Shay

    TT, was this the case that had some video footage inside the school? If so, what did the footage show? Why didn’t Dr. Phil clarify what day the fair was, and if it wasn’t that day, how could he have been marked absent first period? Why lie about that? What time were her two receipts for and was there video of her shopping? (I wonder if she acted strangely or looked for cameras like a criminal would, etc.)

    If there was a creepy guy and strangers around, why wouldn’t she walk him all the way to his class or at least watch him walk inside the classroom? Did Dee account for her time missing?

    I’ve gone to my niece’s school for various events before, during, and after school and I never leave her or take my eyes off of her until a teacher acknowledges her and assumes responsibility. Maybe I’m extra paranoid because nothing bad will ever happen under my watch. (When my nephew was under 2, I wouldn’t even let him go up and down the stairs and would cook food he wouldn’t likely choke on. We lost my sister’s other son to breathing issues and we protect these two fiercely.)

    • I feel the same way Shay with my nieces. It’s a scary world. I mean I get things can happen in a second. No judgment on any parents or caregiver. Even with your eyes on them things can happen so….. There is just so much going on here that boggles the mind.

      • Shay

        Sunday, your family is lucky to have you. Stay vigilant!

        I think people are very sensitive to being labeled “bad parents.” Remember Teresa, “KAT, DON’T SAY UNATTENDED!”

      • SLM

        Gee, Shay, now why on earth would anyone feel sensitive to being labelled a bad parent…or having it implied? That’s a PUZZLER (HEAVY ON SARCASM)

    • Dandy Lion

      I feel you, Shay. So sorry for your loss.
      I’m grateful that my girl is fine but I’m still overprotective. Heck, today I dropped her off to school today and waited til she got in (she won’t let me walk her in; I get it–she’s 15–no judging).

    • Sliceo'pie

      I always felt so much pressure watching my nieces (my sister in law – Oy! a nut job!) or even babysitting as a kid – I was so paranoid something would happen, “On my watch” as you said. I was probably even more vigilant than I am with my own child, in some ways.
      There’s an extra responsibility when someone hands you the most prescious being in their lives and says, “Here, please take care of him/her for me…”

    • Sliceo'pie

      Also – Shay I’m so sorry for your loss.

  15. My head is spinning. You really have to read this more than once to absorb it all. I don’t get to see Dr. Phil but will have to start taping if he is doing true crime stories. I sure miss my Court TV. ID channel has some good programming sometimes but I miss the live trials and watching the strategy etc.

    What I do not want to lose sight of is a beautiful little boy is gone and hope against hope that he is found somewhere. Forever hoping and I wonder why I feel let down lol.

    I hope some resolution will come of these coming to light now. I think Dr. P maybe onto something with this new avenue of guests.

  16. Janet

    I never followed this case, but from what I read here, the step mom sounds like a pychopath. The poor kid’s mom walked away and his dad picks this woman to take care of him? He didn’t stand a chance. I’m glad the dad has custody of the toddler and shows better judgement than this woman. I think the questions about her behaviour so soon after the disappearance are relevent. A concerned parent does not sext guys and go on like nothing happened when a child goes missing. But a stone cold pychopath does. I dont think Shay is a cunt either. I think she made some valid points.

  17. Bld

    For what it’s worth… Kyron’s school did not call his house about his absence because most Oregon schools did not do that in 2010. It wasn’t until Kyron’s family worked on legislation that the mid-morning absence phone call became mandatory in Oregon. As a teacher in Oregon, it is heartbreaking how those mandatory phone calls came to be. (And ever since I view attendance as one of the most serious aspects of my job…double- and triple-checking that no one has seen an absent classmate.)

  18. iloveearlgrey

    If she went so far as to try to hire the landscaper to kill her husband, maybe she hired someone to kill Kyron. Maybe she and the best friend were lovers and she helped her? Maybe she didn’t kill Kyron but took him to the island and dropped him off there as some twisted prank against her husband, but he got picked up by a pedophile or some crazy and met his end that way? So many possibilities, but I think she’s deranged enough to have had a hand in it.

  19. I live in Oregon. I remember the media coverage and all the community looking for him.. I still see missing posters for Kryon in small business’s store windows. I really wish we could found Kryon and solve the mystery. Finally to let him rest in peace.

  20. SLM

    I just read something online about this case I never understood before – Terri was Kyron’s nanny before she ever married the dad? Did they say that on Dr Phil? Did I miss it? I know they said something about her being friends previously with Kyron’s biological mom, but I never realized she’d been Kyron’s nanny from the time he was a toddler and that’s how her relationship with Kaine Horman came about. Not sure this has anything to do with anything…was that info I read accurate, TT? Also, someone commented earlier that perhaps she hired someone to snatch Kyron instead of doing something herself…not sure how I feel about validity of that theory. Certainly think she’s capable of it, though.

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