Bethenny Frankel Survives Worst Divorce Ever, And A Fake Bomb Threat

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Bethenny Frankel’s Divorce Tour continues to rage on at any venue with a camera.  The most recent stop on the sanctimonious advice train was Tuesday night at  an anniversary event for Stanton Social, a restaurant on the lower east side of NYC.

In case you have forgotten, Tuesday was when the earth briefly paused rotation and Mercury fell a bit deeper into retrograde over the news that Brad and Angelina had split up. So many actual celebrities and some housewives were asked their thoughts on the split.

Apparently, E! News an affiliate of NBCu which also owns Bravo was instructed by someone to go to the restaurant party and ask Bethenny and Jules  Wainstein, who was also in attendance, their thoughts on the demise of Brangelina.

For whatever reason, Bethenny is really pushing her divorce story. I can only suppose that we will be seeing another book coming from her where she condescendingly counsels women everywhere on how to navigate divorce. What is it with this vile woman who sucks at relationships with her parents, her husband, her cast mates, and seemingly has no actual friends that are not paid employees writing a book on relationships?  What idiot buys these books? It appears there are people willing to do it so the “How Not To Guide To Divorce” has got to be coming soon.

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So some NBCu employee either asked about life after divorce because they were the last breathing human over age four not to have heard of the national tragedy, or Bethenny just randomly started spouting off about it.

“It feels really different,” Bethenny bemoaned to E!. “I had a tortuous experience and I finally realized I could help other women be strong and independent. Life feels much more balanced, much freer. Really, it was torment, so it feels much, much better. It could not feel worse. It could only get better.”

Yes, we’ve heard. You had the worst divorce in the world and it was all Jason’s fault. You were sweet as pie the whole time and he was just a horrible person.  So, Praise be to JESUS, our long, arduous trials are over, y’all. Bethenny Frankel, the housewife most likely to be voted Most Likely To Abuse Her Female Castmates is going to help us all be strong and independent. Aren’t we just the luckiest morons alive to have this kind, generous woman extend a hand to us, the weak and dependent masses?

So E! asked both Jules and Bethenny for advice for Brangelina since they are both familiar with divorce  “Keep your mouth shut. When you have young kids, privacy is really important.” Sound advice.

But Bethenny makes it all about Bethenny, “Any breakup is sad, especially when there are kids involved. I don’t give unsolicited advice and no one sucks at relationships more than I do, so I’m sure Brad and Angelina will be much better off than I was.”

What is funnier, that Bethenny claims she doesn’t give advice?  Or that she took the moment to remind us one more time that her divorce was the worst out of anyone in the whole world. Even one where there are six children involved and the mother has filed for full custody?

Then yesterday, Page Six received an anonymous tip (lol) that Bethenny had to leave the restaurant where she was having dinner with Carole and Adam to rush home because there was a bomb threat in her building.  Normally, I would not suggest running toward a building under a bomb threat, but in this case…

And the bomb threat as a false alarm.

Sigh… What is up with the soul sucking need for attention of any sort from some people?

P.S.  I prematurely hit PUBLISH on this post before adding the most interesting part of the story. The Stanton Social restaurant served a huge tasting menu by multiple chefs.  Of course neither Bethenny or Jules actually eat food, but I think Jules probably had no problem refraining from this menu item, “Chef Neill Howell’s Foie Gras Roulade with Onion Marmalade and Roasted Pistachios.” Is roasted pistachios the new clambake?


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66 responses to “Bethenny Frankel Survives Worst Divorce Ever, And A Fake Bomb Threat

  1. Kendog

    Omg…I love Bethenny and still crack up everytime I read your stories lmao…you are tooo friggin’ funny and I love how opinionated you are. Puh-LEEZ do not change, TamaraTattles!! 😉

    • gyongyi

      Out of curiosity, what is it you love about Beth? Is it because she “tells it like it is” or because she is “self made”? Do you find her funny?

      • sunkissed748

        Want to know as well. Like could someone give an answer that might hold some water?

      • Meri

        I agree with everything TT wrote and find Bethenny totally obnoxious but, I don’t think that it’s fair to question why another person likes her. It’s an opinion and therefore is valid according to that person and their feelings. It doesn’t make it wrong or subject to analysis. It is what it is. Bethenny has fans and that’s a fact. I am not one of them but I respect those who find her to be a likable person. To each his/her own.

    • tamaratattles


      I believe you are the one who after every single post I made responded with a LONG ASS LIST of every single person on the show and what you hate about them and why you don’t watch the program.

      I believe after about the millionth time you did that I suggested that perhaps you should go watch something else.

      Then you responded that you were eleventy billion years old and I felt bad. Then your comments got a lot shorter and the lists disappeared.

      That’s you right?

      And now You want to tell me that I can’t judge Bethenny Fans? Can I judge Hitler fans? KKK members? Westboro Baptist Church members?

      I mean really they are probably nice people with a different opinion right?

    • Jujue

      I like Bethenney too, but I have ZERO interest in a back-n-forth with strangers, so I mostly don’t comment on the RHONY stories. 😊

  2. JoJoFLL

    Bethenny has no self awareness.

  3. Christi

    Great post! I have always wondered why people would take her ration ship advice. She can’t seem to maintain any.

  4. Minky

    So…Bethenny had an alleged bomb threat, did she? Gosh! What other housewife who’s desperately thirsty for media attention also had a recent bomb threat? Hmmmmmmm? Who could it have been? Could it be…PHAEDRA?!!!

    They even recycle each other’s fake PR ploys. What’s Bethenny gonna do next? Get Lyme Disease? Dennis Shields better watch his ass. And get on the horn to consult with David Foster ASAP.

  5. Jane grey

    Love the commentary

  6. OMW LOL. The drama of this woman. Could she be any more self involved. The real reason she came back to HW is so she could have someone to count on as she went through this stuff. Someone that would at listen pretend to listen. I feel sorry for her. She is totally self involved. I see many hours of therapy in that poor baby’s future. Bravo must be on full damage control for her wherever they think they can garner some kind of sympathy. It is just so sad. Doesn’t look to good for Mr. C either for practically begging her to come back only to have her ruin the N.Y. housewives.

    • Minky

      If Bravo really wants to generate some sympathy for Bethenny, then maybe they should hire that prankster dude. No, I don’t want him to physically hurt her. But maybe he can just show up when there are cameras around and moon Bethenny. Show his ass to her real good. Lord knows she’s been showing her ass on TV for quite a while now.

      And after she’s had a good eye-full of his booty, then he can turn around and hump a bottle of SG. Can’t forget that product placement!

  7. Sali

    I wonder if they’ve started filming for RHONY and this is going to be on the show. She’s so ridiculous. As JoJo said above, she has zero self awareness.

  8. Good day

    I also asked myself who is dumb enough to buy her crap and where they even sell it. Last Sunday I was in Burlington Coat Factory and I saw skinny girl hidden in the back of clearance items that they keep next to the register with a reduction sticker.

  9. Ruthie

    Bethany isn’t going anywhere and has a lot of fans. She is all over the tv circuit these days. She was a judge on Beat Bobby Flay last night. So, even though it seems like she is disliked a lot, I don’t think it’s quite accurate.

    • Minky

      And that Bobby Flay is just a doll! What a sham of a show. I remember watching Beat Bobby “Howdy Doody” Flay back when it was still a new show. SPOILER ALERT: He almost always loses. 9 out of 10 times he gets his ass handed to him in a cooking contest with somebody’s grandma in Bent Fork.

      Remember that he’s actually a trained chef who’s been cooking professionally for a long ass time. In reality, rather than on TV, he can beat Aunt Bea, or Gomer Pyle, or Cousin Ernie, or Roscoe P. Coltrane in a chili cook-off any day of the week. Why he was willing to embarrass himself that way on TV for a couple of lousy bucks is beyond me. Was selling a couple of extra cookbooks in exchange for looking like an ass worth it? Has the format of the show changed?

      I like to believe that most thinking people are NOT Bethenny fans and if they watch her they do it for the same reason one would watch any villain: To have their Orwellian minute of hate.

      Unfortunately most people don’t think. Those people still like Bethenny and justify their admiration by saying: “I like her because she’s just being honest and she’s good at business.” Ugh!!!

      • Lolita

        He must be hung like a gluten-free, Polish sausage, because there is no other explanation as to why he has been linked to some very attractive Hollywood women ( and Giada)….never found him attractive in the least and appears to be a tool…I call it The Billy Bob Thornton Syndrome…ewww, just EWWW

  10. She doesn’t give unsolicited advice?? I just choked on my wine when I read that.

  11. Jaded

    Haha! Thank you for this. I really needed a laugh. Laughing at Bethenny is always a good time.

  12. Jaded

    Thank God above Beth and Carole left before having to pretend eat an entrée. Whew!

  13. Miguel

    Thanks for the post – I found it refreshing that Bethenny admitted that she sucks at relationships. Hopefully, she won’t suck at the one she fosters with Brynn!!! :(

    • Minky

      Flaw bragging, honey. That what the fuck that was. Remember, with a malignant narc, her worst flaws are better than your best virtues. Listening to her makes me want to send Jason a nice “Tower of Treats” care package from Harry and David.

      That still wouldn’t be enough, though. Dude deserve a purple heart and a huge monument in the middle of Times Square. With a plaque underneath that reads: Whenever you think your life is bad…don’t forget Jason Hoppy.

      • Lolita

        Tower of Treats from Harry and David…LMAO…GUILTY of sending a few of those when I was scrambling for out of town last minute Christmas gifts. Too funny

    • tamaratattles

      Miguel, darlin’,,, that was product placement. I Suck At Relationships is the name of her book on…..wait for it….relationship advice.

      I’m not kidding.

      • Miguel

        The book will sell, if & only if, she positions it as a “How to Ruin Any Relationship in the Most Macbre Way.” It would be a what-NOT-to-do!!! It wouldn’t be feasible any other way, given how she’s chosen to publicly live, over the last few years.

        Bethenny dear, I give this advice as someone who doesn’t hate you – do it in the style of “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days!!!!!!!” You were once funny & quirky; now, you are brutal & malignant! Take the advice – everyone could use a lesson in what not to do & it’ll do you some good to take culpability for how you f’d up!!! Dare I hope???????

      • Lolita

        Did you mean “Macrame ” way? You know how she hates macrame

      • Miguel

        Cute, Lolita – but, no, I didn’t because that wouldn’t make any sense. I meant macabre, as in horrific, gruesome!!!

      • Lolita

        😁😁 I’ve never seen someone with such disdain for macrame. I mean personally, I never cared for those hideous planters everyone had in the 70’same, but I think Ramona looks cute in her “macrame” ensembles. Me think B is just jelly:)

      • Cat

        Haha! That says it all, TT!

  14. I think I might hate my job enough to send her my resume for a paid friendship position. Ms. Tattles, please forward Bravo/’s.spelled my personal info, if they contact your site. As long as my fat ass is provided Skinny Beyotch beverages & therapy as a job perks, I’m good.

    And thanks for such a great post!!! ♡

  15. T D

    A quick thinking tipster alerted page six when they observed bigfoot having a cocktail in the Regency. He was in a dark corner, libation in hand, obscured by potted ferns. So they snap a picture. Although his image is blurry and rather ill defined the label is crystal clear on his brand of choice. Elvis was the designated driver that evening according to a witness in burger king.

  16. Boy, TT, you nailed her to a tee. Funny how her divorce was going on and on, then Dennis shows up and it’s resolved. A vile, vile, woman.

  17. Teresa

    Tamara, this post had me laughing outloud! This was your most entertaining post yet! Thanks for the laughs. What really baffles me about Bethenny is that I vould understand her not realizing how she acts and what and how she says things, but she has video of all of it! Yet she still doesn’t see any fault in the things she says!? I do remember a time when she could admit to her faults, not so much anymore.

  18. Dixie Sugarbaker

    I hope Jason writes a fictionalbook using his life experiences about a man married to a narcissistic shrew and their divorce. I believe that could make the NYT fiction best-seller list. I would buy it – hardcover, paperback and kindle versions.

    • T D

      Even Sheree would catalog that as history in her liberry. What’s the difference between truth and delusions of grandeur when the brass ring is no longer within reach? The ride has ended. They’ve turned out the lights on the midway and that thing refusing to leave is an American horror story.

    • Minky

      Okay, I just had to stop for a second and tell you this: I love, love, LOVE your CB handle! Designing Women was one of my favorite shows. As was The Golden Girls and Mama’s Family. Ahhhh, the good old days of TV. You rock Dixie!

      • Dixie Sugabaker

        Thanks! It is my homage to the late great Dixie Carter and her awesome portrayal of Julia Sugarbaker – the woman I wanted to be when I grew up.

  19. Patricia

    I like her because she is just being honest and she’s good at business. 😉

    Thanks for the laughs!

  20. JustJenn

    I suck at relationships, but it’s all Jason’s fault! He ruined my life! Someone get me a glass of SG. OMG a bomb in my apartment? Did Jason do this to me? Was it Luann? Where did the camera go? I need someone to witness my hourly freak out.

  21. Rach

    Great post. I’m laughing out loud on a train reading this. The bit about the bomb threat is hysterical. If Bethenny does release a guide on how to divorce and people actually buy it I want to get off the ride lol

  22. MM

    Thanks TT ! What a tonic of a post …just what I needed this morning. …..great blog ….great group of commenters …great snark..y’all are so d*mn funny.. and as for Bethenny, that song is playing in my head…”Shut up, just shut up”…she’s become a bore, a BIG, JOKER SMILING bore….the caps are all for her

  23. Lmao at this one, TT! This tea is rich. Thanks for much needed laughter!

  24. Cat

    I need to write a book. On parenting.

    I have never had kids. And avoid them at all costs. I can’t take the noise. But if Bethenny can write a book on relationships, and people buy it….why can’t I?

    Might as well cash in on stupid.

    I think the title of my parenting book would be: “I Love Children…But I Never Can Eat A Whole One”. :)

  25. Christi

    Bethenny’s honesty is always aimed at others, never herself.

  26. CupcakeScholar

    Bethenny makes good television. There’s nothing better than a good shitshow after a long day at work.

  27. Lolita

    I really can’t see or hear anything about pistachios anymore with out thinking of Jules’ vagina , and it is really starting to piss me off. Of all the.nicknames I’ve used over my life, and am trying not to use anymore with a young daughter ( they say we shouldn’t do that anymore…whatever) this is driving me nuts ( yes, I said it😂)…. I had such found memories of pistachio ice cream at my Mymaw’s…ruined, just ruined.

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