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The Voice

By Erica

Welcome to my first official blog post here and anywhere!  Incredibly flattered that Tamara asked me to blog The Voice this season.  I’m a little nervous since a little rusty in my writing. Tamara, DAMN, THIS IS HARD!

First overwhelming impression of both days is that the Voice producers must have stolen all the “background” production people from the Olympics – because we’re getting the same kind of schmaltzy feel good biographies that they usually do there for athletes.  I usually LOVE those, but for every single performer at the Blinds?  I’m wondering if Carson Daly was looking for more airtime.


Adam and Blake haven’t changed a bit, the bromance and snark are still going strong.   Miley and Alicia are adding to the mix in a good way.  Both are fairly competitive, but Miley is more outspoken than Alicia.  Alicia is more of a Pharrell type, and lord knows, that guy got people picking him without his saying a word!

There was speculation on TamaraTattles that there would be issues between the two female coaches after watching the “teaser” episode during the Olympics, but I honestly think there is more tension between Adam and Miley!   There was one moment where they were talking over each other, and it was NOT the lighthearted banter.  I will say, when it comes to that – Miley has no hesitation in giving as good as she gets to Blake or Adam, and landed some laugh out loud zingers. Note from TT: I asked Erica to be out Voice expert this season because of our tiff in the preview post comments. She seems to know her stuff and can handle a good debate! Thank, Erica!




Some fantastic talent this season.  I took notes on everyone – but here are a few highs and lows (didn’t bother mentioning the amazing We McDonald, as we discussed in the earlier blog)

Riley Elmore:  West Dundee, IL                Song:  The Way You Look Tonight
Chair Turns: Adam, Blake                               Team: Adam

I love the old jazz standards and this is an old school 16 year old.  His dad looks like he could be Ward Cleaver’s golf buddy. The kid’s voice is great. Adam got up there to give a coaching session before he even picked a judge.  Adam said the kid needed to learn to relax a bit while singing and started singing the song to demonstrate.  The kid actually did improve.

Billy Gilman: Hope Valley, RI                    Song: When We Were Young
Chairs Turns: Four Chair Turn                      Team: Adam

RAISE YOUR HAND IF YOU REMEMBER BILLY GILMAN LIKE ME! He has a gorgeous pure voice, and I feel like he is one of those ballad singers that we don’t have many of these days. Miley and Adam got a little nasty talking over each other. Billy went with Adam, and I am not sure Adam is the right choice.  But that depends on the rest of Adam’s team.  If there weren’t a family connection, Miley might have been a better one.

Sophia Urista: New York, NY                 Song: Come Together
Chairs turned: Miley, Alicia                             Team:  Miley

My favorite so far!  Even loved her interview – certainly interesting because of the burlesque job – but also she was so calm, cool, and collected.  I loved the performance and her balls to the wall, give no fucks gravelly voice.   Also… my mom who usually doesn’t like this style, liked it, and didn’t recognize that it was Beatles for a while.

I kind of got it when Miley compared her to Dolly.   BUT… I JUST SAW DOLLY IN CONCERT ON MONDAY, so Dolly is on my mind.   Alicia was also spot on with her Janis Joplin reference.

Miley pulled out a clip of Dolly Parton saying that she should go with Team Miley, because Miley is her goddaughter.  It was cute.  However, I think Team Miley is the right fit for her even without the Dolly endorsement.  With a sense of adventure and the give no fucks attitude about being themselves as artists, this is going to be an interesting duo.


Failed To Impress 

Dave Moisan: Louisville, KY                         Song: Sex and Candy
Chairs Turns: Four Chair Turn                        Team: Alicia

He was the first 4 chair turn.  I can hear the talent, but he didn’t float my boat at all. Miley and Adam banter for him, and I feel like they edited some of Alicia’s long winded pitch after that. They didn’t even air Blake’s if he said anything to him directly.   The whole thing left me cold.

Lauren Diaz: Apple Valley, CA                    Song: If I Ain’t Got You
Chair Turns: Alicia, Miley, Blake                    Team:  Alicia  

Gorgeous voice and she  killed the song. Loved her cute kid who was pissed that she didn’t pick Blake.  But, She’s a lowlight because my mother and I thought the fiance was irritating for proposing at that moment.  It seemed to me like he couldn’t stand her being in the spotlight.  I got the weirdo creeper vibe from him.

Team Failure The vocalists who were not chosen were not the low lights. It was the judges for not offering much of any constructive criticism or advice.  They seemed to suggest the people try again, but I think only one person got specifics of what she should work on in the meantime.  This is too bad. Some people in the past have come back after working on what was suggested, and did quite well! I love those moments!

Coaches Teams So Far (Expected Cap is 12)

Team Adam – 4 – Riley Elmore, Andrew DeMuro, Billy Gillman, Brendan Fletcher

Team Blake – 5 – Sundance Head, Dana Harper, Gabe Broussard, Dan Shafer, Ethan Tucker

Team Alicia – 5 – Jason Warrior, Dave Moisan, Christian Cuevas, Lauren Diaz, We McDonald

Team Miley – 4 – Courtnie Ramirez, Ali Caldwell, Sa’ Rayah, Sophia Urista


Who did you like (or hate) this week?

Edited to add a Youtube sneak peek.  This will probably be a miss for dumb ole Erica. :)

But I love this song, and He’s from Atlanta. I hope he goes with Alicia.



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15 responses to “The Voice Week One of Blind Audtions

  1. Whyowhy

    Awesome recap! Welcome, Erica!

    Love love LOVE Alicia as a jidgr. She sounds so sincere.

    Not a fan the Billy Gilman gets a spot. He already has Grammy nominations. This should be for amatuers, not people who want to get back into the biz.

    I love Riley. I love his jazziness. I was a little annoyed the Adam said Michael Bible is the only one that does this… not true. Harry Connick, Jr does it too. In fact, he did the same song!

    I can’t wait to see the rest of the season.

    • Erica

      OMG, HARRY!!! YES! I can’t believe I didn’t think of him. I saw him at the Gorge in George (Washington) 20 years ago and I still consider it one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to in my life. I love Harry. I blame the fact that my head space was still on Dolly Parton. But I wonder if Adam didn’t mention him because Harry was a judge on American Idol.

      As for Billy, I kind of thought of that… but he was 11 and singing a different genre. I think he deserves a pass because of that. Refreshing that he fought his way out of being a has been and losing his voice in puberty and coming out of the closet – look at what happpened to the Two Coreys or Chachi.

      • WhyOWhy

        Harry’s Christmas album is one of my all-time favorites. I think I’m partial to the jazzy types because my grandfather was a singer during the Frank Sinatra era and HC,Jr and Michael Buble bring back those memories and feelings. I would LOVE to see Harry in concert

        Side note — have you watched his daytime show? (Sorry, TT… this might be against the rules)

        I LOLed at “look what happened to the Two Coreys and Chachi!”

  2. Great job! Looking forward to this season and your recaps!

  3. ZenJen55

    I love that Alicia is beatless and beautiful! Living her truth.
    Mileys flowers was a bit much.
    I loved Sophia too, expect some great performance from her.
    You did really good your first time out Erica, welcome!

  4. Erica

    Thank you so much, TT, and everyone else for your kind words. I’m excited on many levels. Of course, because I love the Voice, but also to stretch some writing muscles that I’ve not used in a long time!

    Bring on the debates! Disagree with me and convince me to change my mind, and I shall do the same! (After all, I’ve finally convinced my mom that Miley does have talent and is more than a “hoochie mama”)

  5. tamaratattles

    Well, I’d love to point out that you picked all the wrong people but I can’t remember any of the shows I watched. I really do think I am brain damaged or something.

    I watched half as show just this morning and my DCR cut off I think because I had to watch two other programs and stopped it manually.

    I do scream at the TV a lot. I also hit my button (which is usually my knee) and scream HIT YOUR BUTTON. This makes Banjo worry about my mental health. And frankly someone should worry.

    I do remember screaming at Blake to pick some guy. I don’t recall if anyone ever picked him. Every once in a while I feel like there is a WGWAG (white guy with a guitar) that Blake needs on his team and he either waits forever to turn or doesn’t turn at all. Blake, I think, likes working with pretty girls.

    I’ve never thought much about Miley at all. But when she mentored last season she was amazing. I really think she is the best coach up there. I guess I just thought she was a kid with a decent voice who got to be famous because of her daddy. That girl has a very intricate knowledge of music and how everything works in the industry. She’s extremely wise under all those flowers and extended tongues and wrecking balls. Like really intelligent. I think she would win if they just picked a dozen homeless people off the street for her team. I don’t see how she can lose.

  6. tamaratattles

    Oh, I got so busy blathering I forgot to say, GREAT JOB! And thanks so much!

  7. Ktina

    Lauren Diaz was okay. I really didn’t get all the praise that Alicia Keys was laying on her and she most definitely did NOT sing it better than she does. The girl’s got the looks but she won’t win or get anywhere near the finals.

  8. WhyOWhy

    I am a fan of Miley. I tried not to be, but she puts out some good songs (just like stupid Justin Beiber… damn him and his good songs). I have been known to blast her in my car when I have the top down… after all, who doesn’t want to rock out to Wrecking Ball??

    TT, I agree with you about Blake and the WGWG and the pretty girls.

  9. tamaratattles

    Did anyone else notice that Miley and Alicia seem to look at each other before turning their chairs (as Adam and Blake do) and sort of do the what do you think thing? Sometimes Miley is definitive in her button smashing and other times the girls both turn around with sort of a “meh, why not? This could be something” type attitude and then they both act like it is their favorite performance of the night when they turn around?

    And I was feeling Alicia’s deterministic approach to the singers at first…. “You came here to meet me.” “I too was bullied, lost a loved one, had an orange cat I loved, learned Japanese as my first language, was asked to work for NASA….and this clearly means that you are meant for my team.”

    But after the third or fourth time, I found myself no longer finding her authentic. Just me?

  10. cheychey

    I really think that Alicia is musically a master in her class. the people who pick her will get a wealth of knowledge. I wonder though since she is not impressed with all the pomp and circumstance of Hollywood and is more about stripping her music raw if that will work for unknown artists. They kinda need all the show boat stuff in the beginning of their career to get that jump start.

  11. Erica, I just wanted to post and tell you what a great recap you did! I’ve never watched this show, but your recap almost makes me want to. I’ll keep reading your recaps, and after the auditions are done (I hate the audition episodes on these type of shows) I will check the show out. :)

    • Erica

      Thanks, Limebrain! You might want to check out at least the teaser show they aired during the Olympics. Only two auditions if I remember right, and it would give you a good taste of how The Voice auditions are different than the other talent shows.

      They do NOT bring someone on knowing they don’t have talent, so the judges make fun of them. In fact, I just realized a mistake on my blog… I called them judges, when they are emphatically coaches! I’ve watched interviews – and Mark Burnett was very purposeful and emphatic that they are meant to be coaches – constructive criticism only.

      • tamaratattles

        Erica, I fixed the judges coaches thing. I can’t believe neither of us caught that. Sorry if it was me.

        I went to Youtube to pull the teaser for Limey and then I saw this sneak peek for next week. I love this song, I love this guy and I decided to put it up instead.

        I don’t listen to music much. It’s easier to tell people I’m just not that into it, but the truth is I am so overly affected by it, that ….well it’s a problem. I hate music when I’m shopping unless it’s a very upbeat song. A sad song could cause a breakdown in aisle four. Like sudden sobbing, or if I’m a bit luckier gentle weeping as I’m picking out my flavors of WolfGang Puck soup.

        It’s kind of dreary outside. Not rainy or cloudy it’s just that the sun is trying to go down and Ive only been up a couple hours. So now, after that video, I’m a bit in my feelings. Which is good because my primary feeling lately is homicidal. Is homicidal an emotion? Thanks again for your recaps. tt

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