Wendy Williams Has Bethenny Frankel On Her Show; Is This A Talk Show Truce?



I have been waiting for this Bethenny Frankel interview since we found out she was coming on last week. Not because I care about any of the shit coming out of Bethenny’s mouth but because there has been a deep rift between Wendy and Bethenny ever since Bethenny stole a few key members from Wendy’s staff when she got ready to start her own show. This also is the reason she stopped covering the housewives and had a falling out with Andy Cohen.  You really do need to read that link to understand this post.

So Wendy comes out right away mentioning that Bethenny is going to be on the show. She says ” So Bethenny Frankel is here today. (Big applause from audience. HUGE. Like Bethenny bought the tickets and hired the audience loud.)  So I must say I was out of watching the OC housewives and I was also out of watching the New York housewives because  there was nothing that was really exciting to me. And then all the sudden the OC became exciting because you know, some of those casts of characters went off the rails (it’s obvious she has no idea who is even on the show) which is always fun to watch and then in New York,  Bethenny is back and she made for good TV! So I can’t wait to talk to her about the housewives, her divorce…he’s finally signed the papers!…and her new life with her new man, Dennis.”

Okay that is some happy horseshit right there. These two women hate each other. And the audience is really odd today. We can see the clapping every time she says “Bethenny” and they sound super loud, but when they show the audience their faces don’t match the enthusiasm of the large crowd. This is all so suspicious to me already. What is going on?

RHONY Bethenny


Well, I told you about her wigologist, Antwon passing away unexpectedly over the summer. In that post I touched on the fact that at the end of last season, Wendy caught a ration of shit over some comments she made about the NAACP and HBCUs.  Even me bringing it up brought a lot of angry folks into comments. I have the luxury of saying what I want to say her because I don’t have show executives breathing down my throat like she does. On the last day of filming last season the network extracted to blood for that situation and fired a whole bunch of her people without warning. So Wendy has been going through some things.  It was affecting some huge had campaigns she was working with.

And now, there have been two more killings of black men by police officers and she is touching on that and I am sitting her cringing for her. The she puts Suzanne on the spot. And all I can think about is the longer she stays on this subject the more backlash she will get. Wendy needs to just not say anything about the presidential election or race relations right now until she gets through this issue with her advertisers.

Wendy shows the US magazine cover that Bethenny recently did talking about her divorce. As if she hasn’t put enough drama about her divorce out there for Brynn to read one day. Sigh. You can tell by Wendy’s voice she is not into this introduction. Awkward hug.

Bethenny lays it on thick and immediately compliments Wendy on being so thin. Wendy is very thin. We’d be talking about how she’s probably too thin but for the fact those giant fake boobs sort of disguise how tiny the rest of her is. This is going to be so fake.

Wendy returns the compliments and asks Bethenny if her new bob is symbolic of the divorce. She says it felt like she needed to shed some layers.

The Old Jaw

The Old Jaw

Ha! Wendy goes right in for the jaw shaving surgery. I think she mentioned it just that way on her show. Bethenny starts in on her TMJ (she gets it right this time) Botox story. In this version of the Botox story, she claims that the Botox has been reducing the amount of muscle in her jaw for the past two years. Whatever. It’s all ridiculous bullshit. I don’t feel like even transcribing the ridiculousness of it all.  Just ask her why she stole your booker, Wendy. Ask her why her talk show failed. Do something real.

Wendy brings up the divorce and basically asks her why she didn’t just split the money and give him what he wants just to be rid of him since she has so much money. It’s not worth four years of misery when you are still in your earning years.  Bethenny says it’s not all about the money, there is emotion.  Wendy tries to make the point that Bethenny is not getting and in the process says she saw the housewives because “she brought them back to life” and Suzanne has the crowd cheer. Bethenny smiles and says thank you.

Blah, blah, blah, it’s hard to divorce when you are famous, because of the fame. I can’t.

Wendy says she first thought Jason was this nice guy from Pennsylvania, because he is. And Wendy thought that right up until Bethenny was booked on the show. Bethenny goes on to shade Jason. Whatever. She tells us she is honest. I don’t think she can get through anything without reminding us of this. As I was typing she threw in, “I’m honest.” Then she is suddenly talking about her charity work. This is totally her trying to makeover her image.

Bethenny has been speaking for women everywhere and lecturing women everywhere about how to handle relationships with men. She’s plugged her book. She’s going on and on about how women need to think their whole relationships through. Everything with this one is her sharing what she feels is her wisdom with the rest of us peons.

Bethenny says that she doesn’t need anything. If she wants to marry Dennis she will. It’s so not that she is jumping from one man to another. It’s just that she was with the next one before the divorce was final. More lectures for us about not needing a man.  Be independent! She’s an honest person!  There are no issues with the new relationship, everyone is good with it.

Holy mother of God. After the break it’s a commercial for her brand which I am not even going to type the name of.

Randomly, Wendy says, “Luann is a nice woman and she is desperate to be in a marriage but I’m Team Bethenny with how you handled that whole thing.” She literally cuts off Bethenny’s sale pitch to get this line in there. It’s almost like she was required to say it. Okay, it’s exactly like that.

Two peas in a pod.

Two peas in a pod.

Bethenny tries to make it seem like she might not come back. Then she asks the audience if they want her back. Cue Applause. Then she talks about all the great things about being on the show. She says, “There are very few places where you get to be so honest, connect with women..”  Does connect with women mean degrade and humiliate them on national TV for months on end? Apparently to Bethenny it does.  Wendy interrupted her to say she doesn’t need the show, she basically said why don’t you just sit down somewhere and spend your money.  Bethenny starts to answer and Wendy blurts out, “You like being famous.”  There we go, Wendy could not hold it in any longer.

Bethenny says, “No! You have to understand, it’s comedy though! It’s really funny too!”  So Bethenny does it because she’s a comedian. She’s about as funny as Reza Farahan which is why they like each other so much. No one thinks either of them are amusing. They are both sick, mean people. Bethenny start talking about how funny it is watching Ramona wear macrame for seven days in a row on a trip…. And Wendy ends the interview.

This bitch is delusional and Wendy looked pained through the entire thing.

Now for the important part. We need to watch to see what was in this for Wendy. Will she finally be able to book the people from WWHL again?  I should also point out that if WWHL was hosted by anyone other than Andy it would likely have been cancelled long ago. I have had a post in my draft folder for a long time about how Bravo has been considering axing that show for a while. I was curious to see if he would return from summer break at all. But he did. It seems now Andy needs Wendy as much as Wendy needs Andy to stop fucking with her. Allegedly. In my opinion.

Wendy has been having trouble booking guests ever since this Bethenny/Andy feud began. If this is what she has to do to get her access to more guests back, the so be it. I hope it works for her, because that was an excruciating pound of flesh she just gave up.


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53 responses to “Wendy Williams Has Bethenny Frankel On Her Show; Is This A Talk Show Truce?

  1. GayFriendInYaHead

    Very interesting

  2. Toni

    Love Wendy! Yeah, she’s lost a bunch of weight but I think she looks healthy.

    I’m disappointed to hear Wendy’s getting flack for speaking the truth about the NAACP and HBCUs. I fear that as a society, the more we silence unpopular speech to be politically correct, the more racially and economically divided we become.

    Didn’t watch this episode, it’s on my dvr. May just watch the hot topics — I don’t think I can anymore with Bethenny.

  3. It’s really unfair how Bethenny gets to run her mouth and make crazy accusations about Jason Hoppy, and to another extent her mom on TV. She gets a forum to paint her enemies with any brush she wants to destroy them. Wendy is not wrong about the pay off. Bethenny doesn’t ever see it that way because she’d rather drag out the divorce than negotiate. I hope one day Jason Hoppy gets to speak about the divorce publically. What’s fair is fair.

    • Toni

      Agree 100%. If Bethenny were a man trying to leave his baby mama with nothing, kick her out of the marital home, etc. people would be freaking out.

      Why didn’t Bethenny just get a herself a sperm donor? That’s clearly all she really wanted. Instead of Bethenny gets Married it could’ve been Desperately Seeking Sperm with Bethenny Frankel.

    • cammierari

      Why is it unfair that B gets to express her opinion? Do you not think if Jason wanted to he could do the same?

      • Lawstangel

        NO…there is a massive gag order in place for “settling.”

      • There’s also their daughter to think about also.

      • Dee

        Right, he isn’t allowed to speak about her. Doesn’t she realize she is raising Bryn the way she was raised? Bryn will see all of this, hear about it and hate her. She isn’t honest, she’s just a bitch

      • Observer2

        No way cammierari.

        Bethenny gags everyone before she’ll have anything to do with them. It’s likely, “Sign this Non-Disclosure Agreement, then I’ll talk to you.”

        She can spout off as much as she wants knowing that they can’t respond. That’s low-class bull shit!

        Everything above is entirely my opinion based upon things I recall seeing and hearing from people who have dealings with her. Only 1 example is: Frederick from MDLNY said he couldn’t say anything about the dealings on the apartment he sold with or for Bethenny because of the, “you know…” and Andy (I think it was) gave him a pass.

        Oprah and Taylor Armstrong did this too. Oprah because she’s a business person and Taylor because, well – she’s a crazy person imo. I’ll leave Bethennys’ classification to your imagination.

      • Minky

        Cammierari, it’s not unfair that B gets to express her opinion. It’s unfair that no one else gets to.

        If one person always “gets” to say or do whatever they want, because they’re just so darned honest, but other people aren’t afforded the same privileges, because ALL of them are lying because they’re big meanies and “haters” who have an ax to grind…Well, I think you get the picture.

        What’s that saying about Chinese food?

      • cammierari

        I totally forgot about the gag order actually, but before that, Jason was doing a pretty good job of getting his jabs in at Bethenny thru 3rd parties, gossip sheets, blogs, etc. I love Bethenny, and despise Jason, so….yeah he can go cry his sad tears into the huge bucket of money he demanded from his ex-wife. He got what he wanted from her by selling her a bill of goods about what a great guy he was and how he didn’t mind that she was a basket case about marriage, relationships, motherhood, ETC. and promised to support her thru her fears, phobias and “broken-ness” only to make fun of her and refuse to understand her multitude of issues. For the life of me, I don’t get why he has so many fans and sympathizers, but oh well.

        I have no doubt that as soon as he possibly can, Jason will be telling his sad little “victim” tales to whoever will listen. And his parents will be so proud.

      • Lisa j

        Wow. I couldn’t disagree with every thing you said more.
        I get Botox for headaches and FYI Bethenny, it doesn’t loosen muscles up, it does just the opposite. It freezes and paralyzes them so don’t even try that BS story. I lost a bit of respect for WW today, she’s better than that. TT you continue to take one for the team!

      • Matzah60

        The only vile person during the entire divorce was Bethenny sending stories to the press about Jason, saying vile things about him on WWHL and vile things about him on RHNY. I am also sure there is an agreement in place that neither party can reveal the terms of the divorce settlement or each other.

        Expressing your opinion is a whole lot different than dumping on the father of your child.

      • gyongyi

        Whether it’s her opinion or not, what is the benefit really in Beth slamming her daughter’s father, who I’m sure she loves with all her little heart, with petty and disgusting insults? When a woman is willing to go scorched earth right beneath her daughter’s feet, she is insuring her daughter gets burned. i believe Beth will pay dearly in the future when her daughter is old enough to see Beth’s despicable body of work. I also believe Beth is smart enough to realize this yet cruel enough to not care. Aside from statements from his lawyer (usually in response to Beth’s accusations), I don’t think Jason has spoken directly to the press which imo, is quite respectable.

      • tamaratattles

        There was never a gag order on Jason. He is protecting his child and trying to keep the divorce out of the media. He is the one that begged for a gag order since 2012 and fought to keep Brynn off the show and generally looked out for her well being.

        I get that plenty of people fell for the Bethenny victim stories that just somehow ended up in the tabloids for years trying to besmirch Jason’s reputation. Bethenny continued to trash him and his parents on the show. Jason did everything he could to STOP Bethenny from talking about the divorce on the show and in the media. The judge did admonish her about that. That is why she would more recently say she was not allowed to talk about the divorce anymore while it was happening.

        The second it was over she was selling articles to tabloids under the guise of her relationship counselor persona citing he BOOK and would say stuff in a global sense that was clearly about Jason, Like Ladies be sure to never get with a guy who “insert Jason insults here.”

        Jason never needed a judge to tell him not to sell stories to the media about the divorce. I hope he writes a book with his gentle tone outlining all the bullshit now that it’s all over. I’m sure he wants to defend himself from all the allegations. However, I am not sure he will even do that.

      • T D

        Ipecac. Bethenny’s opinion and brand come in handy when you feel the need for projectile vomiting. She drank so much private recipe she’s beginning to sicken herself.

      • tamaratattles

        Her luncheon meat (not even kidding) has made it to ghetto Publix.

    • I hope one day Jason gets a chance to speak out publically about the divorce and chooses not to because that is what a good father would do.

      • I find it interesting that she did not have the custody case in closed court, she then testifies about how awful Jason and his parents are…settles with joint custody and Jason never testified. It almost seems as if she was using court as PR.

      • SJ

        Justanothermary, I’m with you. All one Has to do is watch how Jason interacted with Bethenny when they were married. He always assume he could calm her down when she was constantly going over the top and she really started to resent it. Many marriages don’t survive a miscarriage which is what happened here IMHO. She can only tolerate having people around her she can fire. Firing Jason cost her a great deal of money.

  4. Margaret Shepard

    I really like this show but I too have noticed her lack of guests. Last season she wen’t without any guests for a long time. Sometimes just hot topics and some stupid cooking segment. It was a huge change from seasons past. I guess her feud with Andy and housewives like NeNe really did negatively affect her bookings. I agree she looks thin and those huge boobs make her look almost cartoonist. She would look great if she got a reduction , but she stated she loves them huge no matter what. I was really touched by her tribute to Antoine, he was so young and a good looking man as well. Wonder if we will ever know what happened exactly. As for Bethanny being her first housewife in forever on her show, ugh I could only watch the very beginning out of curiosity. Can’t stand her. As for WWHL , last night with Jessie Smallest and Gaby, from Empire was one huge drunken mess. LoL. They were both drunk and loud as shit. Lol. A real train wreck. You could barely hear Andy over their laughing and acting crazy. When they discussed A- holes and Gaby told Jussie, you know you like mine best, I was like WTF, lol.

    • Clouds

      She isn’t the first housewife in forever on the show, she had Dorinda close to last season. She is the first though for this season.

  5. Very Interesting.
    True story: I don’t have subscriptions to any magazines. Yet, for the past several months, I’ve been receiving issues of Us Weekly addressed to me… Usually, I just give them to one of my kids. But, this past week, I received a magazine covered in brown paper (like they used to do at the newstands for porno mags). I flip open the brown cover, & its the issue with Bethanny plastered on the cover with the teaser of her talking about her divorce struggle. Needless to say, it went in the trash with the other junk mail. Why the brown paper cover? Things that make you go hmmm….

  6. So, is going on Wendy’s show this morning, the first stop on Bethenny’s apology tour (not that she will ever apologize for her horrid behaviour this season) because her products sales are slumping?

    I wish she would just disappear. But I hope Wendy does get better guests because of this. I was not watching her show as much because there was nobody on that I was interested in seeing.

  7. Cheryl B.

    Thank you for the recap Tamara. I thought Bethany looked very nervous, and Wendy was the least fake of them both. I almost died when she had her skinny girl set up in the audience. I did notice the audience excitement was off for sure.

  8. Billie_bee

    I mean, that was a real shit show and just demonstrated like you said TT that the whole interview was scripted in terms of what she could ask Bethany and what Wendy needed to say. Yesterday Wendy asked the Game which of the Kardashians he slept with and grilled Teyana Taylor on being married. Wendy may as well have taken a nap and let Bethany run the segment.

  9. Observer2


    Your description of Wendy’s audience vs. soundtrack reminds me of when I used to watch Toddlers & Tiarras. The audience would be cheering, clapping and whistling while the toddler was performing. But when the camera panned to the judges and audience for their reaction, the audience looked sedated – yet the soundtrack was still cheering. Such a farce.

    Sounds like Bethenny is on a Quest for Redemption tour.

    • Minky

      Bethenny’s reputation has gone the way of Donald Trump’s. Very much like him, everything she says is either deeply stupid or a product of some kind of hatred. If she’s trying to rehabilitate her “image” it’s going to take a lot more than some canned applause, or blackmailing Wendy by holding her at financial gunpoint to force her say nice things.

      • Matzah60

        Yes, yes, yes, Minky. What a great comparison of two deplorable characters!!! There is no redemption for either of them!!

  10. Sali

    Her face has changed so much. She looks older, I think, with the shaved jaw.

  11. May

    I think it was shady when Wendy told Bethany you had a show….

    • T D

      Bethenny had a show??? What happened ??? Why is it gone??? Was she not entertaining ??? Wasn’t that the first time she lost an audience??? The question marks cast side eyes upon so many periods.

      • Minky

        Oh TD!!! You really need to get a job at Hallmark. I can only imagine the hilarious, snarky words you’d put in Snoopy’s thought bubble. Hahahahahaha!!! ☺️

      • sunkissed748

        Hahaha! She did have a talk show on channel 5, Fox Network in NY. Feel as if I was the only one watching it in 2013. Was stuck @ home always & if I recall, it was right after Wendy who comes on here @ 10:00 am. Can’t specifically remember so don’t hold me to it! Hahahaha the comments keep me in a good mood. “If you look @ old pics of me you’ll see my jaw is totally different now, it’s like a muscle” Huh? Like another observant commenter said earlier, no its not. It’s a jaw bone how can botox reduce bone material? I don’t get her actions or behavior @ all my bad. :)

      • Minky

        Seriously. The only thing that could have made her jaw look as big as it did, that I can think of, is a salivary gland tumor. But that’s usually only one side of the jaw, not both. Or a long standing bulimia situation resulting in huge salivary glands.

        The TMJ being reduced by Botox thing is utter nonsense in Bethenny’s case. Yes, I understand that Botox is a treatment used for TMJ. But I think that’s a one of the latter things a dentist or oral surgeon would do, after many other options have been exhausted. And I don’t believe it can shrink a jaw that much. To see what I’m talking about all one has to do is look up bototx treatments for TMJ and see the photos that come up. Then look up jaw shaving. Especially in a place like Korea. Then compare and contrast those photos.

        The thing with TMJ is that it hurts like a mug, and it makes it much harder for you to open your mouth, and yawn and talk. Eating causes you a lot of pain, because chewing becomes a terrible chore. It’s horrible. Bethenny needs to shut up. Lest her jaw swells up again.

        This is turning into something similar to the fuckery surrounding Nene’s nose. Do these Wives think that everybody’s blind?!!

  12. Miguel

    Thanks for the marvellous tea, TT – I desperately needed a cuppa 😉

  13. Piper

    Great recap !now I won’t have to stay up til midnight to watch . Wendy usually keeps it real . I can’t wait to analyze her body language on this one !

  14. T D

    They must have put shock collars on the audience and told them if they did not applaud they would have to drink the brand. And, someone put kool-aid in Wendy’s tea cup.

    • DejaBlue53

      LOL!! Seriously. If I was in the audience I would have heckled her with questions. But then, she would probably jump up to choke me out like she said she wanted to do to Luann.

  15. Cat

    Thanks for the recap. I was watching, but somehow fell asleep just before the interview.

    Sounds like it was pretty weird.

    • It was weird. LOL that you fell asleep. YouTube has the segment & the audience was obsv paid off to clap or over-clap @ B’s comments to them? IDK but you will see (if you can handle it, of course, ugh) the audience participation or non-participation as our kind hostess pointed out. :)

  16. Is WWHL ratings that bad they want to cancel? He seems to get some good named guest even though he really is kind of a dork. Sometimes he makes me cringe….seriously if a straight man talked to guests (females) the way he talks to males they would be all over that with all kinds of sexist talk and accusations. The way he obviously goes after some guests too, just not cool.

    Best wishes for Wendy!!!!

  17. HazelHickory

    I saw this. It was like 1/2 hour of free image/ product
    placement for Bethheny. I had visions of show producers
    holding up “Applause” signs everytime Bethenny’s name
    was mentioned. If anymore of Bethenny’s jaw disappears —
    we will be into her lower gum line. Geeze Louise. That kind
    of surgery seems really dangerous. The whole thing was nauseating.
    It was almost like a coronation of Bethenny. I had the feeling
    that Wendy was Sonia — kissing Bethenny’s ass for fear
    she would have no more air time. And then both
    of them dissing Luann? I am so sick of everyone
    bowing before skeletor Bethenny. Maybe she can rent
    herself out to a haunted house for Halloween. Revolting.

  18. Sari

    I wanted Wendy to ask if there was any truth to the rumor that Jason would turn on The Wendy Show super loud in the apartment and hide the remote from Bethenny.

  19. Meg

    Business is business. In the end all they want is money… and attention.

  20. Misha11

    After reading Tamara’s recap watched a rerun of the show on a different channel. I got a very uncomfortable feeling watching it, not the lighthearted, funny WW show I recall watching in the past, but anyway, seemed like a setup for a skinny girl infomercial. Sad that Wendy had to deal with that. Sickens me that just because someone makes a ton of money every one has to kiss their a**. I find B revolting.

  21. ingrid

    That was the weirdest episode, it seemed like Bethenny was acting like the co-host of the show, the way she was pandering to the audience was so strange, like she was competing with Wendy. And the infomercial at the end, I feel like Wendy sold her soul. Hope it was worth it, that looked painful.

  22. Kiyoshigirl

    Wendy let me down with that one. Of course I have a literal gag reflex whenever Frankel speaks. I cannot remember one other time in the previous seven seasons that a guest has been allowed to setup a display of their hawks and wares in the studio audience. Usually when folks do come on to hawk their shit they at least give one of something to everyone in the audience. I turned it off before the end of that segment, but I think TT would have mentioned it if Bethenny gave anything away. It really hurt my heart that Wendy felt she had to suck up to Frankel. It just ain’t right.

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