Porsha Williams Buys Huge House One Hour Outside of Atlanta



Porsha Williams has purchased a ginormous house in Duluth. I heard that she had made an offer in July on some property in the hinterlands of Gwinnett county and then didn’t hear anything about it again until this week when she was at the closing signing her giant mortgage.  I should probably say co-signing as I believe that her mother had to co-sign the approximately one million dollar mortgage. She posted a video on Instagram showing her signing for her first house since the divorce where she giddily mocked Kordell (like he cares) and thanked her mother (presumably for co-signing). Allegedly. That is how it appeared to me.

Despite the multitudes of reasonably sized homes in the Atlanta area preferred by Kenya and Phaedra,  Porsha appears to be going for the biggest house she can find.  The new home for the single, childless proud owner is almost 6000 square feet and has five bedrooms and six (rather dreadful) bathrooms. Oh and did I mention Nene Leakes would be her neighbor if Nene ever moves into her house in any meaningful way. Like, you know, with furniture.  Both Porsha and Nene will be living in Sugarloaf Country Club!  The neighbors are just going to die over this. I can’t wait for the comments here.  At least Porsha only paid just over a million for her monstrosity while   Nene (over)paid $2 million for her home.  Nene’s house is bigger by one bedroom, half a bath and over 3,500 square feet.

Porsha will also be able to luxuriate in front of five separate fireplaces during the cold Atlanta winters and brush up on her golf skills in warmer months in since her back yard backs up to the golf course.

Click through for interior photos.



I love this great room and the beautiful staircase that ends in the foyer. I love the floors and the fireplace. It’s a really pretty room. The rest of the house is heavier and very masculine. They even have a room that they refer to as the gentleman’s den that is heavy dark wood. It’s lovely but very masculine.



You can see the dark wood starting in the kitchen. I still like the kitchen.  I would not want to pay to cool it in the summer time, but I’d hang out there if my BFF owned the place.  I can’t imagine how much a maid charges for a house of this size, but I would not want to pay that either.



Here is the ginormous master bedroom. I’d expect a house in this price range to have hardwood floors throughout. Are they under that wall to wall carpeting? If so I would rip that out of there and buy a super expensive persian rug. Well, I wouldn’t. Because even if I won the Powerball I would never buy in this neighborhood. But if I was trying to design this room to make it look more welcoming, that would be my first step.



This is the master bathroom; Do you have to crawl across two feet of marble on your knees to get in the tub? Then slither across it wet?  And that door goes to the shower.  It’s marble from top to bottom with a variety of  shower heads of different shapes and sizes sticking out at different heights. There is also a marble bench for steaming.  I was claustrophobic just looking at the photos. I would bust my ass in this bathroom. But Porsha, as I understand, is quite limber, so she will probably love it!



This is the master closet. It’s plenty big enough and has a lot of shelving. But for some reason it makes me claustrophobic as well. I have an attic in the ghetto shack that I try to access as little as possible because I think attics are creepy. This looks like an attic to me. A hot attic with fluorescent lighting.

There are lots more photos of the other bathrooms and bedrooms that are pictured as children’s bedrooms. Perhaps Porsha’s thought process is a Field of Dreamsish type  of “if I buy it, they will eome.” Because I just don’t see Porsha as someone who can live alone in this big ole house.  There are way too many places for killers and zombies to hide. There are huge HOA fees,  the gas and electric bills will be enormous.

I started this post around 3:00 pm and I plugged in her address and the address of Dish Nation. It’s about 30 miles from home to office for her. At that time the drive FROM her house to Atlanta going against traffic was 48 minutes. The current time is about 4:45 and going from Atlanta to her house MapQuest says will take one hour and seven Or minutes.  The good news for her is I think she goes in to work fairly early and gets off in time to dash back out to the hinterlands before evening rush hour.  But still, I’d rather live at Phaedra’s house. (I like her neighbors.) Or Kenya’s house. (I love all her windows and trees and that $10,000 stove. )  Or if I just had to live in a giant mausoleum, Sheree’s house if it was mold free and completely finished. 

I do not understand a single woman in Atlanta moving into a 6000 square foot house in Sugarloaf. But hey! It’s her money. And allegedly her mama’s.


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87 responses to “Porsha Williams Buys Huge House One Hour Outside of Atlanta

  1. newjerzeyboy

    These ladies think that this Bravo money will never end. In two or three seasons we will be reading about the bank repossessing this monstrosity of a house.

    • Matzah60

      Such a great point, newjerzey that seems to escape all of these housewives. Not to mention, there is no guarantee that they will be asked back for the next season. If one doesn’t have the financial acumen, you would think they would speak to some financial guru as to how to handle their money, how much to sock away in savings, and to determine that even if they had the ability to buy said house, how long will it take until the money runs out maintaining this monstrosity of a home.

      • Joanplus2dogs

        Maybe we should start a pool as which comes first: the foreclosure/liens for unpaid bills or the huge IRS back tax bill.

        I guess she could surprise most of us by actually receiving good financial advice. I know which one I would bet on. I do not want her mother to suffer however so hopefully it won’t happen.

    • I don’t know of course, but I would think that her money from Dish Nation would be pretty substantial.

  2. Jaded

    I don’t get why she needs all that or why her mother would co-sign but sometimes I’m slow.

  3. I think she will soon have a bigger beaver problem than the Gorgas, that is a big house.

  4. My first thought on why she wanted such a big house with so many bedrooms is to turn it into a “Gentlemens” club, or some such thing. She is getting older and looks fade.

    And she is friends with Phaefra.

    All of this post is allegedly. In my opinion.

  5. Khirssy

    She would’ve been better off buying a nice condo. It’s a nice home but for a single woman seem crazy.. What she’s going to do when those Rhoa checks stop coming in …. Seems like Porsha trying to keep up with her co-stars .Nothing wrong with owning a home that’s what most ppl living in the world do but why live above your means Oh well it’s not my money. So i guess we should look forward to another house warming that would be three this season right ? .. the only one I want to see is Moore Manor :) Quick Question TT. How many more months of filming for Rhoa ?

    • Sabrina

      Porsha continues to be unable to understand any of the messages given to her. After all these experiences where her behavior is violent and out of control, I would think she would understand that she is on thin ice and needs to get her act together. This is even more true, given the sit downs we know she has had, and the consistency of the problems.

      Porsha has changed so much, but does not appear to have gained a single ounce of good judgment, intelligence, maturity or perspective, though it has been obvious that she has needed it badly. I understand that Dish Nation has led her to believe she has a future beyond RHAtlanta, , but her inability to find a solid guy out of all the ones she has played with, should lead her to question her thought process, and future.

      This choice just continues her deranged behavior. I’m sorry for her-she continues to make very bad decisions, if she thinks anything through. It appears to be mostly driven by vapid emotions.

  6. Keya

    Hmm. Not impressed w the house or the mortgage amount. But I dont have to be. I dont know her net worth but I dont think she really thought this investment through. Nothing about it seems wise.

  7. Coco

    I’m with you, TT. Why would a single woman buy a house that size? I remember Headkrack from Dish Nation asking about her new man. Perhaps he is the co-signer (allegedly).

  8. Johnny

    I know y’all hate Porsha, and I certainly think she’s garbage, but I like the house. $1m mortgage doesn’t seem huge to someone who’s used to Miami and London prices, and I’m sure she pulls in six figures with her various, ahem, “enterprises”, so it’s a smarter move than I’d give her credit for. Time will tell if she can sustain it, but part of me hopes she gets to raise kids there – being a mom might just be the making of her. I sometimes think her anger issues are related to unresolved feelings about the life she lost with Kordell.

    • Matzah60

      I think Porscha is angry about all the access to Kordell’s money she lost in the divorce. The front of this house has that traditional Federalist style. It reminds me of the style of the front entrance to some very old bank structures in Philadelphia. Maybe Porscha thought she was buying a bank and thought when she entered the front doors, an ATM would be on the premises blowing out free green bills, enough to pay the HOA fees, landscaping, and gigantic utility bills. Otherwise, she is just a fool who came in to some quick cash and thinks foolishly that it will last forever.

      • Minky

        Somehow Porsha fucked up so bad in that marriage that she was denied alimony even though she signed no prenup. That is majorly stupid. Who was her lawyer? Phaedra?

      • Matzah60

        @Minky, LOL, you crack me up! No doubt it was Phaedra!! A fool and his/her money are soon parted.

    • Pat

      Oh please! Porsha had anger issues long before Cordell came along. She didn’t just suddenly become violent at 35.

  9. GayFriendInYaHead

    Yassss Ms.Porsha, you went from the Emmy’s to a mini mansion in a matter of days. Big Poppa 2.0 is spoiling you girl lol, all jokes aside the house is beautiful.

  10. I love the kitchen and I do love marble in the bathroom. You need a lift to get in the soaker tub, or there must be an entrance tucked in the back of the shower to step in the tub–has to be. Otherwise, it makes no design sense. I love big houses though. I think single women can live in big houses though. I do. Well, I’m not single but he doesn’t live with me, yet…

  11. Joanplus2dogs

    Looks like same builder as Nene house but most of the McMansions look similar. I guess traffic to be even longer than that for most days. Leaving a bit earlier on gets you struck in school traffic. Might be good investment, might not. I’m with you though. If I worked downtown, wouldn’t go much pass the perimeter. Besides the bills you mentioned, she also got huge landscaping bills & maintaining the exterior. HOA is super strict there. A nice stylish plush condo would be more in line for single person.

    • Joanplus2dogs

      I forgot to mention the TV in the bathroom. It is placed quite high & not in view if soaking in the tub. Maybe it pulls away from wall but it just doesn’t seem well placed in that pic.

    • tamaratattles

      I can’t possibly fathom how you think Porsha’s house in any away resembles Nene’s mediterranean style home. They both have doors maybe?

      • Joanplus2dogs

        Certainly the overall style is different however the floor plans & rooms that we can see are similar. If you go thru video of Nene home, both kitchen/great rooms? have same rock fireplace with TV. Kitchens have similar layout but different colors & light fixtures. Builder went overboard with all the trim/moulding at Porsha. Can’t quite see at Nene but it appears to have similar staircase setup with different design in the metal down to those other ground floor rooms. Not enough of a view of Nene room with huge rounded shape fireplace if it has the same large pillars/mantle just like in Porsha.

  12. Miguel

    ROTFLMAO&O&O – the Field of Dreams analogy was the best, TT!!!!!!! As well as, the gentlemen’s den, which I’m sure will come in handy for Porsha’s alleged job!

    I can just see her twerking on the green with her bestie, Phaedra. Their tongues hanging out & oblivious to anyone’s disgust! I hope we get to see some of this on the next season.

    I’m still roaring with laughter, TT!!! You’re the greatest! And, thanks so much for even more hilarity than the Wendy-Bethenny post – I really needed this today!!!

  13. Sandra

    I took the “Thank you mommy” to mean she cosigned as well. A car is one thing but who would be stupid enough to cosign on a million dollar ANYTHING – unless it’s for something that could save your life. I don’t care who it is.! Pure lunacy.

    Lmao @ the breakdown on the bathroom. It’s ugly as hell and the layout looks wierd and very impractical. But then the entire house seems that way to me. Looks like lots of wasted space outside of the great room.

    • Lolita

      Yes TT, funny as hell and I would totally bust my ass in that tub…WTH???. I see no other entrance…don’t use baby oil in the tub or you’ll fly clear across the room…that’s just insane…

    • tamaratattles

      This is actually the pretty bathroom comparatively speaking. I didn’t want to shell out all the bandwidth for a ton of pictures but the shower is scary, I would never be able to get in it. It’s really bizarre that there are so many claustrophobic things about such a giant house,

      I thought there must be some sort of a hidden access to the tub, but nope. I’d need a mini fork lift of some sort.

      • I have been staring at that bath tub for the last 20 minutes (yes I need a hobby) and it simply makes no sense. The thought of Porsha squishing her ample ass across a sea of tile to wedge it into what seems like a pretty average size tub, well, it just makes no sense. And what about getting out? Our girl Porsha is not exactly an intern to Einstein. I could see her getting in there and simply not knowing how to get out. Hopefully she has her phone handy to call for help, but who do you call? Nene – she lives close but never seems to actually be at that house. Phaedra – she’s her friend but what the hell is Phaedra going to do about it? They would both wind up sliding around like a couple of beached whales. 911 – THAT would be funny. I just don’t get it. It doesn’t make any sense!

      • Those columns are going to be life saving. I just cannot believe there is no secret opening with steps into the tub. If it’s just like it looks, I wouldn’t buy that house because of that bathroom alone. Although I like the marbles.

  14. Ericzku

    One of my hard-learned life lessons is that it’s the maintenance that kills you. Be it a car, a large wardrobe, a house, whatever.

    Even if I hit the Powerball and could pay cash for a house this big, I wouldn’t want it. The maintenance and upkeep alone are a full-time job, not to mention the utility bills, taxes, etc. All that trouble and expense just for myself? Nah.

    Of course, if she wants to spend all her money that way, it’s her perogitive. I do like the Great Room too! And the closet? //Faye Dunaway as Joan Crawford voice// No flourescent lights…EVAHHH!!

  15. Piper

    Who says crime doesn’t pay ??? Let’s be real , if Porsha had not dragged Kenya across the floor by her hair, this house would probably not be possible . Bravo to BRAVO for rewarding such bad behavior !

    • Khirssy

      Sad but true!!! Not only that she wouldn’t be on Dishnation she would’ve been fired by Bravo and long forgotten….; She should really thank KM for extending for her 15 minutes of fame

      • Minky

        I wouldn’t put all of the credit for this on Kenya. Don’t forget about Porsha’s coochie. This woman is willing to do whatever it takes to make money, with anyone. Including using her coochie and getting pissed on for the right price. And all of this is being cosigned, literally and figuratively, by dear old pillar of the community Ma Williams. Do they twerk to gospel music too? Fuckin’ horrible.

      • Lolita

        Maybe she’s going to use it as an Underground Railroad

      • It’s called blessings honey – get ya some. (I have to admit when Porsha spit out that line I snorted my TAB out my nose.)

  16. This house is ugly more suited for a man
    Portia is very silly trying to purchase this house to compete with her castmates. These traditional homes are all similar to all # cast except Kenya I love her house completely different 1 of a kind. I WILL NOT PURCHASE THIS look cheaply build not unique.

    • Sandra

      Definitely a keeping up with the Jones’s purchase for sure. It doesn’t look like the sexy crib a young, single and free girl would purchase or one a woman would buy who isvplanning for a family. It just looks big, masculine and dated. But, Porsha’s main goal was obvious to impress so she found the biggest house she could afford since big house equals coinz to her and her fans.

      • tamaratattles

        I agree it would be a great pad for a single male. I really should have posted the gentleman’s study.

        However the previous owners all had kids and there is crap painted on the bathroom walls that will have to be dealt with. There was also play equipment in the yard that will need to be removed. Or….perhaps repurposed.

      • Sandra

        Lol @ the repurposed play equipment. I can definitely see a single older gentleman in that house. That stated, kids would certainly have plenty of room to run around.

        Just hearing Porsha’s voice echoing in the foyer, even while speaking low sounded a bit sad to me. Can you imagine coming home to an echo like that day after day? It’s going to take a lot of furnishings to absorb the echoes in that house and if she’s anything like her mentor (all for show Nene) she will be hearing echoes into the next decade.

    • Jim

      Definitely a single man’s house. The previous owner was probably a low-level professional athlete and didn’t have the good taste or money to make decent choices on finishes. Jeff Lewis wouldn’t even be able to fix up this dump!

      But it’s WAY better than anything I can ever dream of living in. ☹️

  17. T D

    Not exactly the big house she deserves.

  18. Theresa

    I have a wonderful, deep soaker tub just like that. It nearly breaks your neck getting out, climbing across a wide wall and all relaxation is gone. worst planned tub ever. personally, if I had money and we’re single and choldfree, I’d live in an awesome condo much closer to town. lies claudia

  19. I’m in the wrong business…I have been on my job for over 30 years, have 3 college degrees, and I don’t live in a million dollar mansion. This is the same girl who actually believed someone drives the underground train….did she sell that fancy car? How is this possible? Yeah….I’m definitely in the wrong business.

  20. beth

    I think the (probably plastic) arch thingy over the great room mantle is fugly. I’m not a fan of the tray ceiling in the master bedroom.

    • Jujue

      We are in agreement on those two features. I was trying to figure out what the heck you’d hang in the arch.. Nothing, that’s what! So it’s basically highlighting an area of drywall. That tray ceiling has too many steps 😂

  21. T D

    Her mom is throwing a pizza party in the master bedroom!

  22. T D

    Does the golf course abutting Porsha’s backyard quailify as the twentieth hole?

  23. I’m sorry but this house is fugly. Tacky overdone McMansion monstrosity. Dark and ceilings are too low. I personally prefer more of a modern/minimalist design.

  24. Why would she move to Gwinnett County? One of the worse counties in Georgia, I use to live there and worked with troubled children and the majority (in statistics throughout the state) came from Gwinnett County so I wonder does anybody do research before they think they are moving to a inclusive neighborhood?

  25. Twilly

    She sure has a lot of faith in that 35 year old pu $$y to keep bringing in the coin. I think she’s counting on her sugar daddies more than Bravo. Unless the exec she’s sleeping with has made some huge promises to jer during their pillow talks. Allegedly, of course.

  26. Rach

    Why would a single woman with no kids want such a huge house? My only guess could be that her whole family may be moving in? It’s a lovely home but all that space for 1 person is absurd.

  27. In hot Atlanta, where’s the pool? Love the staircase though.

  28. Microop

    I find homes like this ridiculous. Dry wall columns? Yeah just like the Parthenon! Ugh it’s so dumb. Unless you are city hall or somehow rich enough to get spoils from Greece or Rome you don’t need columns.

  29. She needs all of those bedrooms so there is no waiting as she pratices her craft lol

  30. Ahadi

    Getting a house is one thing. Keeping it is another. While I give her credit for hanging on to the Dish Nation job, I don’t know if she’ll be able to sustain enough income to keep this house. She’ll be AirBNB’in it before you know it unless she got a new lead on African Suitors.

  31. Rachel

    It’s nice that she and her mom bought a house. I think that was not a smart move on either of their parts but, time will tell. Why not just buy something you and you alone can afford? We all know that it will be as empty as her rental.

  32. This house is too big. She should have purchased a mid-sized home or a really nice condo and
    kept it moving. Again, why does she need all this space? I don’t see her getting married or having children anytime soon. Perhaps a sugar daddy gave her funds. Hmmmmmmm………

    • tamaratattles

      Then why did the mother have to take financial responsibility for it. She ain’t getting a million dollar house for that well used poontang.

      • Minky

        If a sugar daddy gave her funds, in the situation where that might have happened (i.e. a transaction), then she certainly wouldn’t be able to use that money to purchase anything as big as a house. Look, I don’t know very much about how money is moved about, or the administrative aspects of Porsha’s line of work. Fortunately, I don’t know the first thing about hoeing. Hahahaha!

        Hoe-ever, I would assume that Porsha cannot declare her hoeing income on a tax return. The money she makes with her coochie is probably money that needs to be stashed away somewhere, or laundered somehow. I’ve been suspecting for a while that Pheadra might be her, um…manager. But maybe Ma Williams is in on it too? Who the fuck knows with these people?!!!

        Buying a house that large is definitely a very public, visible statement. It’s conspicuous consumption on Porsha’s part, but it also might be an investment where she’s planning on building her “business” for the future. The fact that her mother cosigned means that she’s at least a little bit aware of Porsha’s private life and business dealings. The whole thing is just so grimy.

      • Miguel

        Well-written, Minky & like you, I believe Porsha’s mom knows EXACTLY how “tricky” her daughter is!!!

  33. storm ducree

    Congratulations Porsha; despite all the negative comments, continue to push forward. God bless you…

  34. SabrinaToo

    Is Porsha’s mom well off? I would think to be able to cosign on a house that expensive her mom must have money of her own too.

  35. Pat

    Also, as Kordell once implied, word on the street in the area of metro ATL Porsha is from is that Porsha is her mother’s meal ticket. I believe that.

  36. ZenJen55

    Kim Z lived in her condo with 2 girls and 2 babies and bought a house at a great a price. That’s why Kim is on par with Kandi about saving money.

  37. bria

    Aww….. beautiful exterior but am curious as why Porsha will get a huge mansion. My quess is Porsha suffers from deep rooted inferiority complex and she’s competing with some of her castmates. Why would her mother agree to co-sign a million dollar mansion unless they are hoping to sign on a family reality show or expand the princess of thotlandia’s business with lion’s den.

  38. CupcakeScholar

    Porsha can always register at Airbnb to help pay the mortgage! Many of my friends do it with less than 2000 square feet!

  39. PeachyKeen

    After looking at the pictures of her new house.. I would have fired the architect prior to building.. but since this was a home she bought as is….I think it suits her.. The pictures are bad wrong camera lens maybe…But even taking that into consideration..All proportions are wrong. Fireplace too small ! Strange inset in bedroom with a ceiling fan from the sale bin… The bath tub…?

  40. T D

    The underground golf cart road must run smack dab on the corner of Belle Thotling’s and Pity Porsha’s porch.

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