AHS: Roanoke Discussion Post: Chapter Two



If you missed the first episode accidently, and not on purpose like me  and need a catch up, here is the official episode summary.

“Shelby and Matt Miller sit in an interview for a documentary called My Roanoke Nightmare. Through a combination of dramatic re-enactment and testimonials, the couple reveal that they fled to North Carolina from Los Angeles, after they were assaulted as part of a gang initiation that caused Shelby to miscarry their baby. While in North Carolina, the couple find an abandoned colonial farmhouse that they purchase in attempt to start over again. After moving into the house, strange and violent events begin to unfold that threaten the couple. When Matt leaves on business trip, he asks his sister Lee to stay and guard Shelby. Lee and Shelby do not get along which puts them in jeopardy, as the house is invaded by a group of people wielding knives and carrying torches. The mob leaves behind creepy totems and a video of a man being killed by a creature who has the head of a pig and the body of a man. When Matt wants to stay in the house, rather than flee, Shelby escapes in Matt’s car. After hitting a woman on the road, Shelby gets lost in the woods near the house, and falls prey to a mysterious and sinister force.”


So, I am so not watching this because I have enough nightmares thank you very much.  I hear rumors that pig thing is back and I. CAN. NOT.

Raining teeth? Pigs squealing in the darkness? Probably dead Roanoke peeps with torches?  Folks already trying to drown Sarah Paulson?  Earth that breathes? More pig stuff?  Even more pig stuff? Kathy Bates wondering around ready to eat (pig?) brains or something? Blair Witchy stick figures ? Oh HAIL noe.

Here’s a preview of tonight’s episode.


For recaps of Coven and Freak Show Click the category tags for those shows below. There is also discussion of Hotel if you hit that category.

Enjoy the show!


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46 responses to “AHS: Roanoke Discussion Post: Chapter Two

  1. Cat

    You know, I have come to the conclusion that your recaps, however brief, are BETTER than the show itself.

    A couple of days ago, I bought Season 2, Asylum. And fell asleep after the 3rd episode. I have not gone back to it since.

    I think I’ll just save my money, and read the posts and comments here. :)

  2. I’ll be posting SPOILERISH tidbits ONLY for you guys here at TT.

    The show within in the show will be told in 10 chapters. It is a TV series within the show telling the story. Tonight is Chapter 2. Some hate or love the show within a show format this season, but don’t be fooled…at the end of the season we will be surprised.

    If you have seen Season 1 you may have recognized some similarities to the story this season: a miscarriage, a new house, & not believing the wife.

    Y’all recall that the spirits/ghosts of those died in Season 1 Murder House could never leave the property. Maybe something similar but instead of being trapped in the house it’s the Land? Last season AHS:Hotel used that as a plot point too.

    A source says that Kathy Bates’ character is named Tomasyn Cooper. She is married to John White and both are real historical figures of the Roanake Colony era. I love how AHS incorporates historical figures into the story.

    Enjoy the show creepers!

  3. Karebear

    I’m loving this season it’s truly original and I’ve seen the live outdoor play of the lost colony so it just adds to my excitement lol

  4. I was hoping I wouldn’t hear Helter Skelter this season but tonight it was mentioned. To me that basically confirms that Charles Manson will make an appearance on this season most likely played by Evan Peters (My source said so also)… Manson scares the living the shit out of me. I was a kid in the 70’s and I still have vivid traumatic memories of his brand of psycho-crazy. I can’t even deal right now. This season really is scary and will get scarier.

  5. Thank GAWD that none of the letters from the word MURDER are in my name. Those nurses were so damn weird.

  6. Did you recognize Lady Gaga as some sort of wicked Forrest Nymph? She was behind/next to Kathy Bates’ character. At least I think that was Gaga.

    • Jaana

      Yes it was. I think she is the piggy pig also?

    • LisaPat

      Was that Gaga who alerted Kathy Bates to Sarah’s presence?? I had no idea. I am so confused.. and i feel like everyone understands WTF is happening except me. The little girl Flora who ran away up the very tall tree – that was just her yellow jacket and not her, right? And I didnt see her Dad drop her off, she just appeared. Did he drop her off ?? I thought he said he wasn’t allowing her to come back there anymore after she said she was going to be murdered last. I’m confused . Has Dennis O’Hare made an appearance yet? Is he the man in the video tapes?? I’m sooo confused.

      • Flora’s mother, Lee, is the one that brought her back to the house. Technically she kidnapped her from her dad’s to see her again. Why on earth would a mother bring her kid back to that house after the child said her imaginary friend wearing the bonnet said they are all going to get murdered? … Only the yellow jacket was at the top of the tall tree. So creepy weird…. and yes the man on the videotape is actor Dennis O’Hare.

      • LisaPat

        Thanks UF! Dennis played Liz.. I miss Hotel and I miss Liz. I wish it was an ongoing series. I son’t know if this new season is going to hold my interest. There’s no fashion or great music either.

  7. Jaana

    Wait, did I get thrown into the window licking section? :(

  8. Minky

    Wow. This season actually sounds like it’s gonna be pretty good. One of AHS’s strengths is that it’s good at turning pop culture against itself. They’ve done that basically with every season, but this time they seem to be cranking up the volume and focusing on the ghost hunter show format that become simultaneously so reviled and popular.

    I actually liked Asylum, partially because they were making fun of the genre that the show occupies itself. The problem, or one of the show’s main weaknesses, is that they try to do too much, and cram too many references into one episode. That’s what exhausts people. Watching a show shouldn’t have to be like doing a crossword puzzle and playing a game of “Clue” at the same time. The audience is going to get tired and annoyed quickly.

    Why they’re doing the show within a show thing is what’s going to puzzle a lot of viewers. They maybe won’t get that it’s a parody. And that AHS as a whole isn’t really supposed to be scary per se, but more of a camp thriller, or a more subdued version of Rocky Horror. Or a tamer version of what John Waters would do if he were to explore horror and couple it with popular ghost stories and conspiracy theories.

    I can’t wait to see and read about the rest.

  9. Cherry Bomb

    I’m reading diligently all the AHS posts so I’m truly appreciating reading everyone’s thoughts and comments here, and one of my bff ‘s has tried to talk me into watching this season so that we can discuss the show. Y’all are all making this season sound so good/interesting / exciting…etc etc…. But I’m not sure that being the scaredy cat that I am that I can handle it. I couldn’t handle the Twisty season so I haven’t watched AHS since that demonic disturbing clown showed up on AHS two seasons ago. I live by myself and two weeks ago this coming Friday someone knocked on my door at almost 3:00 AM…. I just froze and didn’t go to the door and my barking Bichon “scared ” them away. I’m kinda convinced it was Black Eyed Children at my door…. So should I try watching or do I just read here ?

    • Jaded

      That’s funny and frightening! I live on a steady diet of scary shows and was home alone when I felt someone staring at me in the bathroom. I turned on the light and it was me in the mirror. I still laugh about it.

    • Shit Cherry Bomb, I live by myself too and I would not have answered the door either. Nothing good happens at 3 am.

    • Cat


      I stopped opening the door for trick-or-treaters, because the last time, it was very late (not 3am, but close to midnight), I opened the door to find a very tall (6ft 3in, or so) man wearing a hood over his face. It was just a cloth bag with eyeholes cut out.

      We just stood there for a minute, staring at each other in silence. Then, I closed the door.

      No more. Now, I live in a secure building.

      • PeachyKeen

        Wen I stayed at my “city” house on Halloween… I quit leaving a porch light on.. I Had scary teens at the door and they were not neighborhood kids. In days past no worries these days.. No Way! Sad but ..better to be safe…

      • Cherry Bomb

        Yeah thanks Cat… That really helped me a lot. That sounds like a true horror movie character / killer / psycho …. Now I’m going to be having nightmares of Michael Myers ‘ scarier cousin. But at least now I know for sure that I can not watch AHS so it’s strictly reading TT ‘s recap here.

  10. Diane

    I have watched all the seasons and I have to say that I was frightened for the first time last time. I am not easily spooked but this is very different and I found myself sliding down into the couch so that my neck wasn’t exposed with a blanket.

    It is just so so creepy.

    Cannot wait to watch it all LOL
    But I will be forsaking pork for the duration….just in case 😲😉😋😂😱🙈🙅🐖🐷☹

  11. Shae

    I am behind and only watched the first episode last night, I couldn’t stay up till 11 to see the second, I need to be up too early for work lol

    I will catch up on ep two tomorrow, probably. I thought the first was good, creepy, interesting, etc. I like the premise. I was not feeling ahs freak show, hotel was ok, and I liked Murder House, Coven and Asylum. Hopefully this season is good.

  12. BigDaddyMike

    One thing about AHS….The first 1-4 episodes are Setting/ Character Introductions and their stories….then, they start tieing into the premis…..so u might be a little confused/bored…but once u hit episodes 5-7….u will want to rewatch and will appreciate the first few episodes.

  13. Since it’s Ryan Murphy, maybe he’ll cast Nene Leakes in this season… 😀 hahahaha!

  14. Mark

    Can we start a petition for a show consisting solely of Liz Taylor?

  15. Frosty

    Why oh why did I start watching when no one else was home?? Scared the bejeesus outta me (in a fun way 😉

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