Below Deck: Just the Word Clambake Suggests Nothing Good Will Come of It

Don’t let that cute face fool ya. That’s not his happy fact that he gives Kate. That is Captain Lee watching Trevor shopping for trucks online while the rest of the outside crew are working. It’s the look a lion has before eating a wonky-eyed baby zebra for lunch. It’s not if, but when.  And hopefully it happens tonight.

Ooop I have a problem. I wasn’t recording Below Deck because I am recording Bull and The Voice. I sacrified The Voice because Bull looks really good, but in the future, I’ll probably be recapping from the 10 pm episode of Below Deck.

It seemd what I missed was Nico saying he doesn’t want to stay on for the season if Trevor is around.  Then everyone pretty much talks about what a train wreck Trevor is.

We are starting with a new charter. I thought we were going to have a bigger issue on shore. I could not have missed much in the first two minutes. Ah yes, I  remember now, we did get Trevvie Wevvie all tucked in last week and Nico stayed in a guest room to avoid is drunken stank. We have yachties as guests with a dog that Ben has to cook for. I think this is ridiculous. Um, except I do sometimes cook for Banjo. But usually only when he’s sick.

Ben is already pissed that the charters  want a clambake.  When the captain says it needs to happen at 4:30 Ben is even more pissed because the group will want to eat again. Not if you serve a lot of cocktails, you idiot. You can have them fed drunk and in bed by 11 pm!

Kelly has a little chat with Trevor. About his on shore behavior. He demotes him to plain old regular deckhand!


Not a SENOR deckhand!

Not a SENIOR deckhand!???

What does this demotion entail? Does he have to turn in his keys to the executive head? Does he lose a stripe on his tee-shirt?  Does he have to have his breakfast with the commoners?  This is such an insult!  But never fear, Trevor says that Kelly can “try to demote him” (dude, I was there, you’re demoted)  but he’s not going to get him down or “deplete [his] knowledge of [his] position.”  Damn straight there Skippy!  No one does the Limp Dick Hand Motion like you do!

Speaking of idiots. Sierra is still onboard. Though I think she should be in a life jacket in case she accidentally takes a ditsy dive over the side.

The pool arrives and everyone is pissed and I am confused because I thought they said, “It’s the poodle.” And I was wondering why the poodle was arriving in some sort of plastic tarp.

Scupper, the poodle, actually arrives with the humans. Scupper is a cute name, but Banjo says his name should be Supper. The stews are asked to steam Scupper’s tuxedo.

It’s time for our first hard docking of the season!  But no….Captain Lee manages to errr… slide it right in there with no problem…so to speak.

At the clambake, Ben is pissy because the guests want dinner at 9 after the clambake at 4:30.  Ben has done dinner at 9 on pretty much every charter. I’ve never seen a chef this tormented by being asked to cook. And the guests overheard him bitching with Kate.  Sierra needs to take one for the team and sleep with Ben. Perhaps that is her very hidden talent.

Why work when I can eat?

Why work when I can eat?

Trevor is being a dick. Ben and Kate are screaming at each other, and the guests are well aware of it all. Then, the dude wanders into the kitchen with Scupper’s dog bowl.

Kelly goes off on Trevor, while the others are stuck unloading the boat,  for his continuous dickhead behavior.

Sierra asks a guest if he would like a Gin and Tonic. He says, “Yes, diet tonic please.” She replies “um, did you want alcohol?” Please tell me this is just an act.

Unlike the Captain and deck crew, I love the critter pool. It will keep the sharks out and I could swim anxiety free!

Kelly calls his sister Amy. We LOVE Amy!  Amy is working another boat where she is dating the captain! You go Amy! I actually like Kelly this season!

Trevor asks the guests in the hot tub if they want him to do a shot with them. Of course they say, yes because what are they gonna do?  Emily sees this and tells him that was a bad move but doesn’t tell on him.

It was a two day cruise that went quite easily for the most part, less all the tantrums from Trevor and Ben, and the guests but the biggest stack I’ve ever seen them get into Captain Lee’s hands. Seriously, Where did they get that envelope? It was “only” $12K ! It looked like a lot more to me!  Captain Lee mentions that the clambake was sort of a debacle. Ben is irritated.

It’s time for the crew to hit the shore for some down time. Trevor starts chugging drinks. Then he starts talking about his modeling days with Paul Mitchell. Trevor is trying to sit on a swing and talk to Ben and Kate at the same time it’s not going well.

Ben and Trevor get into it and my DVR jumps over to tape different things during the last minute. The gist of it is what we all saw on the preview when Ben throws a drink on Trevor. It will be the first scene in the next episode so we can all chillax.

Surely next week, Trevor goes…


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52 responses to “Below Deck: Just the Word Clambake Suggests Nothing Good Will Come of It

  1. I love you so much right now.

  2. pocketbooklover

    I love how production slid the ‘senior’ off Trevor’s title in his talking head.

  3. Jaded

    I’m with you TT when it comes to that pool. Sharks are probably my greatest fear. Trevor is a dick but Kelley still hasn’t won me over. I wonder if he hasn’t had sex in 5 months because women saw how he treated Jannice. The tension between Ben and Kate is unbelievable.

  4. therealdeb

    Oh the delusions of a millennial! Trevor is such a dick, I am almost wondering if this is an act because surely there isn’t someone this out of touch with reality. Kate comes and goes with me, sometimes I like her and sometimes I dislike her, she is good at her job in many respects but she is also a shit. I love Ben, he is difficult yes, but he is an artist and they can be difficult at times so in give him leeway for that. Kelly is doing well this season and I am glad he is not being a turd. Sierra is so simple, but she is so sweet and she smiles, she is actually a happy person and that is refreshing

    • tamaratattles

      Trevor is not acting. Lesbianism seems to be working well for Kate. Right up until she went batshit on the chick and beat the shit out of her. Allegedly.

      • Suse

        I am not a Kate fan – but what is she . . . 110 lbs soaking wet? That “girlfriend” is supposedly a professional athlete. She’s a brogan-wearing, “real” lesbian. Something isn’t adding up here. I guess we shall see. One thing I was shocked to see was that Kate is no stranger to mugshots! She has been arrested 3 times before (4 total). Makes you wonder who is the real crazy (or, maybe the crazier?). Just a thought . . .

    • kms

      the “millenial” thing irritates the heck out of me. I’m 27, I’ve worked since I was 14, I own a house, have a fiance, I have a bachelor’s degree, and I have a full time job. There will always be shlubs in EVERY generation and I’m so done with people who don’t fit into a certain age category blaming the younger generation for everything.

      rant over.

      • SJ

        KMS..Wish there were more of you back when I Was giving tours of Washington DC and working with many Millenials. I found their parents even harder to deal with because only their child was “special” and the tour had to be about their needs.

      • therealdeb

        I work with the public and I have seen so many of them that act this way, also the younger coworkers act similar to him. Not as arrogant but the same entitlement.

      • tamaratattles

        SJ I blame the parents. So many helicopter parents who do EVERYTHING for them. I weep for our nations future.

    • Erica

      I’m with Kate – the only people who smile THAT much are the insane and retrievers.

      I think Kate just realizes that Sierra is a special snowflake and it isn’t worth yelling at her.

  5. Babs0909

    Did that poor dog have to go to shore for every poop? What a hassle. Ben’s food looked so amazing. From the eggs florentine to the tiramisu, I want it all. The whole beach picnic things are nasty. The sand, flies, sun blaring on you…You’d need a rotating shade, and it seems unsanitary. Where is the porta potty and hand washer?
    The netted pool thing sounded like a good idea but looked silly. it’s still better than the trailer park slide, but if the water is that creepy, wait til you get ashore to your hotel and swim in the pool.
    I can’t wait for Ben to go off on Trevor. I didn’t think it possible for him to let the underdog get under his skin. Slap his face, Ben!

    • Kimoe

      If they took the dog ashore to poo n pee every time, does this mean they had to keep near shore the whole trip to accomodate the dog? What a waste.

  6. belladonna

    I loved Ben’s face when he was talking about Kate.

  7. Margarett

    You are wonderful, Tamara! This hasn’t been a great week for me and it’s only Tuesday; however, this post gave me smiles and giggles all the way through. Thank you so much…I needed that.

    Captain Lee is my idea of the perfect cruise captain. I doubt that he will tolerate a load of crap like Captain Whatzhisname did. Kate does indeed seem better this trip.

    Did you like “Bull”? I did but I liked Denozo (sp) on NCIS. He’s such a cutie! Have a good week, Everyone! ( I am officially restarting my week.)

  8. I have to see Trevor’s Paul Mitchell hair modeling pictures. I googled but no luck. Please I need a good laugh if someone finds them.

    • Urethra, lol I’ve looked everywhere for those pics too & come up with nada! Hopefully TT the super-sleuth will find and post one of these days!

    • Lolita

      Okay Urethra. I have been wondering about those pics myself!!!. I just can’t see it. I am going to be super mean here, but do you think his eyes were closed in the pics, because most hair models are not crossed-eyed. I know, I am going to hell.

      • Lolita, doubt you’re going to hell for that comment…. Just brave enough to say what plenty others have been thinking! Lmao 😂

        Paul Mitchell casting call:
        In search of super-sweaty, cross-eyed, average physique hair models. Only a-holes encouraged to apply.

        Okay, guess I will be joining you in hell.

      • Lolita

        I will see you there!!!🍸🍸🍸👿👿👿😈😈😈there is not a cross-eyed Emoji dammit!

      • PeachyKeen

        Lolita: I might be joining you going to hell.. but he is cross-eyed…Really as a hair model I think the focus is not on the model just the hair cut/style..

      • Heidi

        When he initially said that, they flashed a picture of him which I assumed was a modeling shot, and he had sunglasses on. I figured that was a necessity because, well, the obvious 😜

      • CiderGrl

        He wore SUNGLASSES in the photo shown during the show. Good call on the glasses!

      • Suse

        OMG — that is the very first thing I noticed about him (even BEFORE he opened his mouth and proclaimed his dickness). I thought, gee, he’s got beady eyes! If he modeled anything that required his head being looked at – he wore sunglasses! He is so funny, though. It seems there is always one! On the Med, it was Bryan and now, it’s Trevor! Like Bryan, he makes sexist, rude comments (sober AND drunk). He thinks he is God’s gift to deckhands. He is really good at “supervising” and, evidently, the rules do not apply. I would have gone straight to my cabin and REMOVED his s*&% from that bunk and put Mr. Senior in his place. What a rude, dick move right off the bat. Watch out, he strikes me as the type that will not handle criticism well on social media and . . . well, I don’t know. BUT, your not his DAD!!

    • Suse

      One time my daughter went as a “model” for a girl that was graduating Paul Mitchell beauty school. It was the same as taking a model with you for the state exam. Maybe blowing this out of proportion? Surely not . . .

  9. Vet

    I loved the removal of the Senior Deckhand, that kid has the Cocaine sweats bad. I do miss Amy, I do miss Amy, but I am happy Kelly is trying not to be an embarrassment yet. I do have to say I love Nico (the mommy in me thinks he is a good boy) he has good manners to be a 22 year old in this world.

    • Speaking of cocaine, when I was watching Ben and Kate go at it time and time again it seemed to me that those two were flying high on something. Cocaine, lots of ADHD meds perhaps…
      I can’t help but think these two like their turmoil. They all party pretty hard in Florida, boat monkey capital, boat monkeys party hard and the fame from the show has most likely encouraged more partying. Not Yachtie, boat monkey is the term I have heard throughout the sport fishing community I grew up around. My dad got into the international sport fishing circuit over a decade ago, keeping his sport fishing vessel in Latin America, islands, etc. having to hire a captain and mates. It was understood that a good captain is a drifter at heart with no attachments – boat monkey is a nicer of the terms used to describe people that work on boats. I grew up believing a boat captain is just someone’s bitch.

  10. FarFromPerfekt

    Hilarious TT! Hard docking, indeed. 😊 Mahalo!

  11. Heidi

    I watched it over, I think Ben just throws Trevor’s drink away from him, into the bushes, not on him.

    When sierra asked what kind of liquor in the guests gin & tonic I giggled hysterically! It looks like she has a hard time on the next episode. Also, when she was talking to Emily about her dad I was so sad. She said she wandered for a while then found yachting, I just hope she’s not using it as an escape. She seems so sweet but definitely up in the clouds.

    My favorite part of the episode was when Kelly was in his TH and said how much he loves Amy. It was the sweetest moment, I think I rewound it eight times, it was so genuine. I really love Kelly. Can’t wait to see how he reacts to being called a “PTSD Marine” from Trevor next episode. Maybe Trevor doesn’t get fired, maybe Kelly kills him.

    • Jim

      Did Trevor really use the phrase “PTSD Marine” to insult Kelly? Oh geez! Who says things like that? I can’t see how Captain Lee could allow him to stay onboard after disrespecting military veterans like that.

  12. I am among all that cannot stand Trevor. Actually Kate seems more patient this season than last season and Ben seems a hot mess. Think Kate is on something also. Geez Ben you are a chef and chef’s cook so why biotch when you are told the guest want to eat again at 9:00 pm? I think the production crew must have told the guest to request the stews to steam the dogs outfit. I am privilege and would never stoop to request something like that. My wee one does not like clothes to begin with. Love Nico and think Kelly is insecure in his position. He is immature. Miss his sister though and Jannice. They were my favorites.
    Was actually horrified that the guest heard Ben and Kate. The captain is going to be also when he sees the episode. That was terrible and very unprofessional.

    • Jim

      The guests are aware that they are apart of a reality show. I doubt they would be shocked by two crew members arguing. I think the guests might be more shocked to see how the crew refers to them behind the scenes when the episodes air.

    • Suse

      Now that you mention it, Kate does always have a sort of puss on her face, doesn’t she? She seems calm, but pissed, all at the same time. What would do that? Also, looking at the info on this last arrest — I say last because — it’s her fourth time! She looks “old” to be 31 (<~is that right?). She's so fake to the guest (and the crew for that matter) and then slices them behind their backs in her interviews or in passing. Something is not right, huh?

  13. Happy gal

    I just have to say that captain Lee is one of the best looking men on TV and I love his attititude !!! They struck gold when they found this man !!!!

  14. Diane

    I think maybe Ben is tired? He obviously went from the Med series straight to the original series. That has to be exhausting even for a seasoned Chef. However, I think that he is really upset about Kate and the Ro person. I have always believed he really loves Kate. And she him but as they have both said they are too much alike. STUBBORN. I think any guy or gal would feel the same having to work together so closely.

    Trevor….oh Trevor. I actually begged Capt Lee aka Stud of the Sea to hand out the plane ticket on Twitter last night. Sigh it did not happen. But I think we are close to him being sent overboard…literally. I would take Danny back any day! At least Danny had some character and was not a total douche as Trevor seems to be.

    Sierra ~ they may need to lease her at night I do worry she will wander off the stern or bow or plank. She seems sweet but wow she is out there.

    Looks to be a great season. I do love this show. It is a nice respite from the Housewives. Except for Melbourne. I love those ladies

    • PeachyKeen

      DIane: Agree with most of comments… But Danny Vs. Trevor.. Capt. Lee IMO would have aced Danny Z out earlier than Capt. Mark ( aka Confuscious Picture Zen Guy) forgive my spelling…

      Melbourne.. I just can’t get into that franchise.
      I understand the Sierra comment and I would have her tethered to the deck at all times.

  15. PeachyKeen

    I thought the “critter pool” was amusing. Don’t think nylon mesh is shark proof. I do think a safe haven for guests taking a dip in the ocean after a few to many GIn and diet tonics.

  16. Toni

    The crew was pretty lucky with these guests being so nice, the shot thing was just weird and then Ben and his tapas dinner… Yeah, not cool.

    I would be the biggest pain on a charter like this – I’d want 12 course dinners, a dog masseuse, perhaps a stew to fan me when it’s too warm. I’ve never seen people bitch about doing their jobs as much as some of these crew members.

  17. Sam

    Do folks not realize that all this stuff isn’t happening live? Huh.

    I like this show – one of the few tolerable ones left on Bravo. This crew is a little bleh, but hopefully it’ll pick up steam as it goes along. Fascinating how they always find a perfect twat to summarily send away, though. Eh, scripted by Bravo. Why am I talking myself out of watching this??

    Not sure how to comment under the 27 year old “millennial” up there, but that was rich. Am I supposed to pretend the world isn’t currently overrun with entitled brats glued to iPhones that don’t even know how to run a washing machine because Mommy’s got it all under control? Funny. Rant and out.

  18. Auntie Velvet

    After watching Ben squabble about meal times and the number of courses per meal on both shows now, I’ve sadly come to the conclusion that he just hears what he wants to hear, then gets mad when it hasn’t become everyone else’s reality.

    He was relieved that they didn’t want a quick lunch before the clambake, so he got it into his head that he only had to do the clambake, and then decided Kate had manipulated them into wanting two meals after all. He definitely has diva moments.

    I’d still hit that, though 😉

  19. CoBe

    The thought that Ben is sad because Kate found a girlfriend is . . . odd. He may be acting as such to let Kate save face, but he was never into her at all. Sure, he’ll put on his sad face, but there is a whole lot of joy in that Mudville that she is off to greener pastures.

    Ben is doing just fine.

    The reason for his irritation is not that he had to cook another meal or what time the meal was, it is that it is up to the head stew to steer guests towards the smoothest route. Had she just called the Clambake a dinner, the guests would have been happy with light snacks in the evening. Calling it, essentially, lunch, made them expect a larger dinner. It’s all in the wording and it was her job to manage expectations. Life would have been easier for EVERYONE had she just done that.

    Kelly, Nico, and Lauren are adorable.

    Emily looked much better as a brunette. I hope she sees this and goes back to it. As a brunette, she is gorgeous, as a blonde, well, it isn’t working for her.

    Sierra is going to be just fine in life. I’m sorry for her heartbreak early on.

    Kate is hilarious and that covers a multitude of sins. Andy will keep her on as long as she keeps us laughing.

    • RENOB

      CoBe – Agree with everything you said. I could look at Kelly for days! MMMMM. Nico is the marrying type for sure, handsome, smart, motivated and sweet. Sierra, holy DITZVILLE. If it weren’t for hitting the jackpot in the looks department, she would have zero to offer this world. Emily definitely needs to work on that hair, it is dried out and busted. Trevor, wow, what a total disaster. He is a monster and definitely a drunk. They showed his back in one of the scenes and I gagged. He has BACKNE! His unwarranted arrogance is really getting on my nerves, I can’t wait until Captain Big Balls Lee sends his ass packing. Ah, Kate… I love her b*tchiness. She is hilarious. Cannot believe she allegedly beat up her gf! She looks like a twig, but I guess she can back up her mouth after all. Ben is really pushing it complaining about cooking all the time… YOU ARE A CHEF!! I do agree however that Kate could have made that Tappas thing work! She was mad at him though and was seeking revenge. Note to Ben – she is better at revenge/anger than you, don’t piss her off! I love this show! Thanks for the recap Tamara.

  20. Love that Sierra pronounced the dog’s name Scooper. Waiter, I’ll have what she’s having.

  21. T D

    Ben’s pining for the clam that got away. The ocean offers up such delicacies. Cockles for example. He should try the Rimmel stew and rock the London look. Sounds like banger.

  22. Suse

    Ewwww, I have to disagree, lol. I think Andy hyped him so we are all “obligated” to like him as well. Like loudmouth, picture-of-femininity “Rosie.” Because she is gay, and Andy is gay, we are not allowed to actually say anything negative. It’s liken to secretly going to vote for Trump. You are not allowed to act like you like him or chance being called a racist. That’s my spiel . . .lol.

  23. PeachyKeen

    A question probably asked before I found your site…WHo approves a crew? Capt. Lee appears amazed at the discovery of who will be on board until they walk up the “gangway”? I can’t believe that when they have all the info on charter guests.. Capt. Lee is clueless on his crew?

    • tamaratattles

      All of the people on the show, including the Captain are cast. The crew is made up of some people with experience and some are just attractive or asshole or some other thing they need.

      The Captain doesn’t choose his crew. He does get the info on who he will be getting just before the ship sails. I believe he meets the new people when they show up on the boat. But once they are hired, he can fire anyone he wants.

      There is also an actual crew of qualified people on the boat. Not stews, but people who can dock the boat and engineers who can deal with issues. We see them from time to time.

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