Angelia Joie Is Returning Brad Pitt To Us !

Brad Pitt


So, Angelina is filing for divorce. Supposedly, Brad did not have an affair with Marion Cotillard on the set of his current movie, Allied. But that would be some karma, right?

The stories in the press are already leaking that it is all Brad’s fault somehow. Maybe weed, maybe alcohol, maybe anger issues.  After dragging him across the world to live with wolves or whatever, she has returned to California to file for divorce.

So what do we think about this? I can’t wait to see what is left of him.

I mean Jennifer Aniston hasn’t even been married a year…


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85 responses to “Angelia Joie Is Returning Brad Pitt To Us !

  1. J W

    Brad Pitt has been my crush since puberty. We grew up in the same area. I hated him with Jolie, can’t say why. I hope he chooses better next time. Cottilard is much better in my opinion so if he did cheat, booo, but I hope they make a love match.

  2. Pam

    That’s a nice pic tt…too bad he doesn’t look like that anymore. The damage is done. lol

  3. Toddy

    Sorry for their kiddos. Hopefully it’s amicable. I had a Legends of the Fall poster in college that my roommates and I rubbed for luck.

  4. CoBe

    There go my hopes for a Mr and Mrs Smith sequel up in flames.

  5. JustJenn

    The fact that they married only two years ago just doesn’t add up with her claims. I’m sure his parenting techniques aren’t going to change that drastically in two years. I think he cheated and she went off the deep end. I read Angelina’s unauthorized biography…hopefully this doesn’t get too messy for the child army’s sake.

    • Karen

      They were together for 12 years. Her first adoption was before they got together as I recall, although Pitt adopted the child as well.

      • JustJenn

        I know, but if he was a bad parent then why would she marry him and make it official two years ago after they already had their six kids? It will be interesting to see how this one plays out. So far we only know Angelina’s side of the story.

  6. Kika

    It is apparent why she has to say it was bad parenting. She wants full custody.

  7. First Anthony Bourdain and now Brad Pitt? It’s like Christmas in September! C’mon Amal, dump George!

    • Lolita

      I KNOW, right!!@

    • Margaret Shepard

      He was so gorgeous in Legends of the fall. However the media outlets have been hinting breakup or divorce for so long , its anti- climatic to me now. You lose them how you get them could apply here though.

      • Matzah60

        Just about to post the same line, Margaret, “you lose them how you get them.” It’s always baffling to me that a paramour believes that if he/she snares the girl/guy, they will never cheat on them. I never cared for Brad once he left Aniston. All that glitters isn’t gold. Aniston is happily married now and I hope she and her hubby live a long, happy life together.

        I feel bad for these six children they share. Pitt adopted the three children that Jolie adopted on her own prior to their relationship. She may have physical custody of the three younger kids, but the three older children will have a voice in the courts as to whom they prefer to live with. I am sure they will have joint legal custody.

      • Relaxin60

        Right? Karma is best served cold!

  8. PeachyKeen

    Maybe it’s a like Affleck garner divorce.. a bit early… I thought soulmates??

  9. Bravocueen

    How you got ’em is how you lose ’em. But I know he’ll never cheat on me. C’mere Braddy :)

  10. Vickie

    This makes me sad. I hope we don’t hear that Brad has done a “alleged Depp”
    Those poor kiddies :-(

  11. Lolita

    That picture
    ….Devine. I think we all knew one day, but I thought maybe later. All those children, ugh. But I am sure they’ll be taken care of. I truly hope he’s not having substance abuse issues. From some of the things Aniston has said in the past, unfortunately he kinda sounds like a jerk. A gorgeous jerk no doubt, but probably a bit self-absorbed. Remember when she said he had a “sensitivity chip” missing? I imagine he got caught cheating, Angelina is scorned, so she beat him to the punch to throw him under the bus. That way, she won’t look bad that she was cheated on. Always thought Angelina was not right in the head. I never thought they were a match.

  12. Shae

    This makes me sad, I liked them together. However, she can’t be too surprised (if in fact, he did cheat) because habits like that are hard to break.

  13. Joanplus2dogs

    Odd last night I started watching Thelma & Louise about halfway, there he popped up. I was thinking wow he has been around 25 yr now as a big star. I remember him from Dallas but that was tiny role.

    Sad for the family as it is huge news. I have to imagine no matter what she says in public, Jen is thinking Karma is a bitch & so glad I am currently married.

    • Anna

      Why don’t I remember him on Dallas??? ANYWAY…. yessss regardless of what Jen says in future statements if asked, I AM POSITIVE there is a little smile in her somewhere!!!

      • Joanplus2dogs

        If you recall Jenna Wade( Priscilla Presley) had a daughter Charlie, Brad played her boyfriend. He was on just for a few minutes. It might be his 1st paying acting gig.

  14. Sara

    Out of the 3,749 articles about the Angelina and Brad divorcing, this is the best headline, by far!

  15. kkbella

    She’s always struck me as unstable and tempermental. Not good with men. She had (has) huge issues with her father, then the “tatooed in blood” marriage with Billy Bob? Then the global adopting any and all children as fast as she could struck me as irresponsible and desperate. It takes time to build a family. It’s not instant oatmeal. Oh, and if you are going to make a family that big in the fishbowl she lives in, then maybe she should rethink commitment, longevity, and what it means for someone from Hollywood. If she’s throwing his ass out because of an affair, then the old addage rings true: “If he did it to me with you, then wait for it girlfriend…”

    • Lolita

      Another good one, which came full circle with a guy that cheated on me ” If he cheats with you, he will cheat on you.”

    • Meg

      Agree. I have never liked her. She seems to be a narcissist and a control freak.

    • Librarygirl

      Thank you kkbella. I now do not have to type all of that. Will she go back to wearing vials if blood around her neck?. Will she continue to collect chikdren? I always thought that she was a crazy and desperate chick. This custody thing seems a bit over the top. Just because the man has a new squeeze (if true) does not make him unfit. I don’t think that her ever traveling, humanitarian lifestyle is the best for children, either.

      • kkbella

        Great @Librarygirl- love saving time! Sad, but even as it went on, I never thought the foundation was there. AND, if children and marriage is your goal, you must have the wear with all to stand- and to stand for your family, even in the face of humiliation. Look at Sharon Osborne. Look, this woman gathered up a big Kumbya Family, and didn’t pay attention. It was a huge undertaking. Again, she has issues…(sad smile…)

      • Nila

        When I got divorced I did not go back to the person I was 12 years prior before being a mother..I don’t Angelina will either. Her traveling and humanitarian efforts are not that different of a military family that’s moves and travels. I’m not an Angelina fan but I ruin she does do amazing work for people. I do t consider her children vagabonds because they move a lot or adopting three children as collecting them. People are being very harsh with her and I’m not sure why?

    • Matzah60

      Agreed, kkbella. Aside from Bill Bob, there was a very weird moment at the Oscar’s I believe when she gave her brother this lingering kiss on the mouth. She has always been way out there. She didn’t speak to her father, Jon Voight for around a decade.

    • Shae

      I think, like many, she had a phase (with Billy Bob) where she was a tad weird. But nothing about the last decade or so since she’s had a family and been doing global/charity work strikes me as in any way ‘unstable”. She adopted her kids in 2002, 2005 and 2007, I don’t find that too rushed or desperate. She wanted a family.

      I get she’s not everyone’s cup of tea, and I myself am not a huge fan of the fact she took someone’s husband, but I don’t see anything unseemly about the way she adopted her kids.

    • Dee

      Twelve years together and only now has she decided he is a danger to their children?! I feel as if she used this latest argument as an excuse. She got off the plane and filed? Doesn’t it take a while to get paperwork together? He was allegedly blindsided by her filing.
      I don’t believe it has to do with their children, it has to do with her. She hasn’t been stable in the past. allegedly :)

  16. Kika

    She has someone in the wings! Betcha!

  17. Calipatti

    Well guess they won’t be fighting over who has to pay for health insurance and day care.
    Their wine us so very good.

  18. micmac

    Isn’t the french actress pregnant?

    • Twilly

      But she also has a partner she’s been with for years and has an older child with. Doesn’t mean it’s Brad’s, although THAT would be juicy!

  19. Amy

    Somewhere in the world Jennifer is having the best day….karma’s a bitch

  20. JoJoFLL

    Does no one but me find it odd that she filed for divorce this morning?

    Not a legal separation but divorce?

  21. Vanessa

    I think he cheated but they won’t disclose it because…..karma.

  22. Dandy Lion

    I know that I’m in the minority but I like Angelina and I liked them together.

    • kkbella

      We all liked them (at least the look) together. She is gorgeous, and always seemed in interviews self efacing. YET, the evidence shows otherwise. Everything I have read (true/not true) shows him to be honorable, and to have a close relationship with his mother. She’s got issues.

  23. Buttercream

    Wouldn’t be surprised if they both cheated … the movie they both starred in, directed by wifey bombed in the box office last year.. he went on to make more movies, she did not due to the lack of movie roles or films to direct were non existent.. hired nannies to help raise the kids, now that the kids are older and require parenting/supervising … disagreements begin to creep in .. kids have led a vagabond existence without roots/education/forming friendships with others outside the immediate family or on a Hollywood movie set .. sad for the kids …

    • Matzah60

      Buttercream, all you said above is so true. They never had any roots. It will be most difficult for the three eldest children.

    • Tootles

      Since ‘By The Sea’ came out (the bomb you are mentioning) both Angelina AND Brad have been in exactly one movie each.

      Don’t know why you’re mentioning the children, though, when they seem completely well-behaved, happy, and stable? They’ve been living a better lifestyle than most.

      • Matzah60

        Not saying the children aren’t behaved and happy, but it is unnatural and unsettling when visitation forces the kids to flip flop from one home to another on alternate weekends. Unfortunately, it is the only way the courts have found it possible to ensure that each parent remains a force in their child’s lives. The real victims of divorce are the children.

  24. Matzah60

    Tamara, I love the title of your post! Brilliant!!

  25. Twilly

    I hope he gets his hotness back.

  26. Allison

    What a shame-it’s bordering on ugly already but I’m hoping they can keep it civil for the kids sake. And I highly doubt Jennifer Aniston gives a fat shit-she’s moved on. However, if he did cheat on her, well-and if he didn’t then poor Marion Cotillard, I wouldn’t want my name attached to that mess either.

  27. RHofND

    If he does it WITH you, he’ll do it TO you. Karma, baby

  28. Karen

    Jennifer Anniston has asked that people stop mentioning her and Brad Pitt together. They split a long, long time ago.

  29. Miele

    Can we stop acting like he’s not the third husband she’ll have divorced?
    I kinda doubt he cheated as I think she’d have physically harmed him. I honestly think she just gets to this point where the relationship isn’t what she wants, so she decides to pull the plug. Too bad there are so many kids involved this time.

  30. Boo I hate this news. I love them both and loved them together. I’m betting once Brad met Angie he realized Jen wasn’t “the one” and he ran from that empty headed bimbo to be with a real woman. Doesn’t sound like there’s anything amical about the split now tho which is probably bad news for their kids.

    That picture is THE BEST!

    • Microop

      A www. Who’s to say she’s a bimbo? I hate that she was hurt in that situation and so many people wanted to add insult to injury by putting her down.

      • Ktina

        She’s not the nice girl everyone thinks she is. There was a long line of men that left her and she too hasn’t spoken to her mother in years.

      • Microop

        All I know is Angelina has a very powerful or team. But I don’t know if she is a nice person or not. I also don’t know about Brad or Aniston. But I do know Aniston was publicly humiliated and then people criticized her for years on top of it. I feel bad for her.

      • Matzah60

        @Ktina, Aniston won’t be speaking to her mom any time soon as she passed away around 6 months ago. She did reconcile with her mother a while back, though the truce was fragile. She also gave her mother a proper burial and stayed away from the public for over a month.

  31. Jrleaguer

    If they cheat with you….they will cheat on you.

  32. Microop

    Angelina’s pr team is viscous. He better strap in.

  33. Babs0909

    Ive read stories that they had an open marriage and would have threesomes. That’s one way to keep a handsome guy like Brad happy. I also read she didn’t like his heavy weed smoking, and I recall him enjoying weed from various third party interviews. She’s trying to make that the case for sole custody?
    That being said, six kids, traipsing the world, making movies, living all over the place (whatever happened to their New Orleans mansion?), had to get tiring for someone, maybe Brad. He is a lot older, after all. I read he wanted structure & schedules for the kids and was stricter, she didn’t agree w/ that style of parenting. Good luck being a single parent Angie.
    I bet Brads parents are pissed. First, she breaks up the marriage of Jennifer Aniston, who they adored. Then , they try to be grandma/ grandpa to all the other kids, along with the bio kids, and now they know the kids will be hurt, as kids always are in breakups. These people are from the Midwest! What an assault on their values – hope they didn’t see Gia.
    Lastly, I read today that Jon Voight wasn’t at their wedding. (Probably not invited). Why not have Grandpa there for the kids? So selfish.

    • Nila

      I just have to say, you have a lot of assumptions going on here. What type of grandparents wouldn’t love ALL their grandchildren regardless if adopted or bio? I don’t think they “had” to do anything. We do t know what type of grand parents they are. Brad Pitt was traipsing all over the country before her, he makes movies, it’s what he does. I’m no Angelina fan but you can’t break up someone’s marriage. Does no one hold Brad at any accountability for his own actions?

    • Lawstangel

      This morning a guy from People magazine, who has covered them for years said Brad & Angie have always been somewhat at odds on parenting. Brad advocates for a stricter approach and she is more a “free form” parent. With he kid getting older perhaps this finally came to a head? Remember when was with Billy Bob? She has her issues as well.

  34. Sali

    “I’m shocked…!” Said (almost) no one ever. 😁 I agree on the post’s title. Brilliant.

  35. OmgOmg

    I don’t know what to think, she alluded to a “looking the other way” marriage but why did she set out to destroy him and destroy his image? She’s had all kinds of major health issues and I feel bad for her. I saw her once about 13 years ago and she, at that time, was rough around the edges and seemed totally wild. She was throwing her newly adopted child into the air on the PCH like a football, like really high. Brad always seems like the “nice” one but if what she said is true — that’s really sad. However, I think she is batshit crazy.

  36. OmgOmg

    And post’s title is THE BEST

  37. I’ve never understood Brad’s mass sex appeal.

  38. Kimoe

    I had read their sex life was rather prolific. Which is what I think enticed Brad away from Jen and kept him kow tow-ing to her for 12 years. I bet she filed because he cheated by having sex without her/or her prior approval. He’s probably gotten tired of her obvious drama. She’s a sick sick puppy. I feel sorry for their kids.

  39. RENOB

    If it is true that he cheated on her, she probably surprised him by filing divorce to scare him. They might still work it out… I have to say I kind of hope he cheated because Karma. I really do feel bad for those children because divorce sucks! It doesn’t seem like the kids had any stability to begin with and now I imagine it is going to be super difficult to maintain any kind of stability. How about if you are going to have 6 children, you stay put and raise them in a stable environment you nut jobs!

  40. psssssssst, word on the street is that Brad has extremely poor physical hygiene, but ya didn’t hear that from me.

  41. Cat

    Ugh. I can’t stand that woman.

  42. tamaratattles

    Um, I will probably not be covering anything else involving this divorce.

    I will say that there appears to be issues that may or may not be made public.

    A mother doesn’t very quickly move for sole custody.

    I am not withholding any facts from you guys. I was just informed about some unsubstantiated rumors that I would like to stay far, far, far away from discussing here.

    Please don’t speculate or contribute to any rumors here. I am strongly considering closing this thread.

    Sorry to be so mysterious. There are children involved and some issues that I do not cover here.

    • Nila

      Thank you for being a blogger that cares to protect the children.

    • 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧 GOOD CALL 👩‍👩‍👧‍👧

    • The only thing I want to add here is the day this news was announced, Jamie Lee Curtis was on the View to promote her new book. Before she started talking about it, she talked about her parents divorce and how horrific it was for her as a child to have it played out in the media. She implored everyone to not buy the rag magazines, etc that have this mess on the covers for the childrens’ sakes. If people don’t buy them, the magazines won’t cover it as much.

      Harvey Weinstein was on Wendy today and he says the divorce has nothing to do with cheating. I’ll take his word for it and I am going to take Jamie Lee’s advice and leave this subject alone.

      • Dee

        This could have been done privately. Her people are talking, Brad just says he is sad. A woman who uses her children like this is despicable, allegedly .

  43. Jrleaguer

    Well it is REALLY official now…Madam Tussauds Wax Museum has separated their display.

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