Big Brother Winner Speculation And Finale Discussion !


By Lime Brain

One more day until the Big Brother Finale and we can finally put this season to bed. Yay! I’m inviting everybody to join me to watch the finale together and post live,  as it happens. Party in the TT house!

But before we get there, I want to get everybody up to date with what has been going on these past few days. Since they have been mostly sleeping, this should be short and sweet.

Paul won the first part of the HoH comp and Nicole won part 2. They have both sworn to take each other because Paul has been pounding it into Nicole that James has done nothing all summer and doesn’t deserve any money. But, the question is, will Nicole chance throwing away $500,000 because James doesn’t deserve anything? I don’t think she’s that much of a fool. If taking James is what’s best for her game she will do it!

After Nicole won part two, James is finally getting nervous that the other two might not pick him for final two. He’s asked Paul if he thinks they should have kept Corey instead of Nicole. Paul strings James along and tells him not to worry because Paul will beat Nicole and take James.  (Ha!)

I think it was Saturday when Nicole was by herself going over jury votes, trying to figure out who to take if she wins the final comp. If she takes James, she knows she will never have Natalie’s vote. But she will have Corey’s. She figures she also has Paulie’s & Z’s. She hopes she will also have Paul’s and Victor’s if they are not bitter. That’s 5 right there. She is stressing about the jury questions and if they will accuse her of using Corey as a shield. Well, I think that is a good argument to take James over Paul, because they will accuse you of that if you take Paul.


Nicole thinks if she takes Paul instead, she will have Corey, Paulie and Z. Paul would have Victor, Michelle and Bridget (she was rooting for him to win at the jury buyback comp). Though she might have Bridget if she takes James. (Sorry, Paul. This is not looking good for you if she wins part 3.)

Whenever I turn my feeds on and the houseguests are actually awake and not sleeping, Paul and Nicole are usually together and bashing James on what a lousy player he is and doesn’t deserve to be there, while James is alone and moping about Natalie. At this point, James still thinks he’s in a good spot and one of them will take him. He thinks if Paul takes him he can win with votes from Corey, Nicole, Day, Michelle and of course, Natalie. And hopefully, Natalie has been using her cheerleading skills in the jury house for him.

Paul thinks it’s strange that James hadn’t been campaigning to either of them to take him. Nicole says he never would because it might get back to the other one.

The next day (Sunday) Nicole was in the safari room working on her speech to the jurors and why she deserves to win. I’m not recapping it. If she gets there, you will get to hear it. James later joined her. He told her that he was practicing also and thinking of things Julie might ask him if he is evicted. Nicole doesn’t pish posh the idea of him being evicted, but instead says that Julie will most likely ask him about Natalie. I think this is James first wakeup call that he might be getting “boned” by the other two. 

Later that afternoon, Paul practices his speech. He is using the timer on the microwave to make sure it stays under two minutes. I think he has the winning speech. He better win part 3 !


Later on James did ask Nicole if she was taking him and she told him she didn’t know yet. (She knows if she told him she’d take him, his change in demeanor would tip off Paul). Anyway, they discuss votes back and forth and Nicole is worried about a bitter jury. (Hey, Nicole! Maybe you should have gotten out of bed more often and socialized.) James realizes that Nicole knows that he would probably have the votes over her and now he is really starting to worry.

Nicole goes back to Paul and she tells him about her talk with James. They start discussing votes. They are both saying they will take each other. Not because James has the votes but because they both deserve to be there and not James. (Ha! Ha!)

On to Monday. When James was in the DR, Paul and Nicole were discussing again about Nicole’s conversation with James. Nicole told Paul that James told her that if she took Paul, she wouldn’t have the votes to beat him. James also said that he would have a tough time beating Paul. (Hey! It sounds like James is actually campaigning after all.) 

Not much else happened until the late afternoon when Big Brother gave them a card telling them about Big Brother Over the Top starting next week. They were also shown a commercial for it. They are in disbelief. James thinks it’s great and he wants to apply for it. Nicole and Paul seem upset about it. They realize they are going to be yesterday’s news as soon as they get out of the house.


bb18 paul pablo

Big Brother also gave them a board and markers to leave a message or advice for the new house guests. Nicole was annoyed with James’s advice because she said he could be blowing up someone’s strategy.  (Really, Nicole? Did it hit too close to home with your strategy? Like find the cutest guy/girl who can win comps and get in a showmance with them?)

Later in the evening Nicole talked to Paul about James being happy again. She wanted to know if Paul told James that he was taking him to the final two. Paul denied it. He said he didn’t talk to James all day. He suggested that they go together and they both tell James that they are not taking him. Nicole declined. She says she is just stressed out about the finale, the jurors’ questions and giving a speech, etc. 

Meanwhile, James went into the safari room to tell America that he believes that Paul and Nicole are taking each other to the finale. It’s because he didn’t get enough blood on his hands. He thinks he should have kept Corey over Nicole. He wishes Paul would be honest with him and tell him that he’s taking Nicole. He’s not mad at either one of them and he doesn’t know who he will vote for. 

And that’s it for now! Don’t forget to join us for the open forum on Wednesday night to talk about the Big Brother Finale Live while it is happening!

Hey, it’s TT! First of all a HUGE THANK YOU to Limey for keeping us all updated on three shows a week plus the live feeds. That was a lot of work and I really appreciate it! 

I watched a bunch of the discussion between Nicole and Paul and I really did believe that they were going to take each other. Then there is that rehearsal by Nicole where she says, “If I’m sitting next to James.”  There is another time that she says, “I don’t want to take that ding dong where most people think she is talking about James but others think she is talking about Paul.” 


I’m with Limey, Paul needs to win part 3.  The problem is that part 3 is the same every year and it is literally a crap shoot. It an A or B game where they ask the jury members questions and there are two possible answers to their question A or B.  Both answers always seem possible. 

For example, one year Vanessa literally lost half a million dollars on the question that was something like this:

What did Johnny Mac say was the best part of being in the Big Brother House?

a) Getting really buff from working out all summer! 
b) Not having to drill nasty teeth! 

Vanessa probably assumed that he would not say something negative about his patients on TV so she went with A. She was wrong. Steve got to take his choice to the final 3 and he won handily. Vanessa would have one if she got to final 2.

Nicole has at least watched the show before. Paul has not, even though he now says he has been watching since he was a kid. He’s lying. He had no idea who Zingbot was. He had no idea what any possible comps were like or how the DICE comp worked, or pretty much anything. On the other hand, being prepared for the questions is not really an advantage because, crapshoot. 

Paul has an excellent speech that he has been rehearsing. He’s articulate and makes great points. He ends being kind to Nicole and ends with of course, “Friendship.”  Nicole starts practicing with  I deserve to be here because… and there are crickets while she struggles for an idea. 

Nicole has also said if she had won she would have taken Corey to final 2 even though she would have lost. That annoys me. And I don’t think she would have lost. 

I am probably going to take a page views tonight and veg out and watch Survivor and Big Brother as a mini vacation. I will likely be posting a lot in comments.  Hopefully things like “YEEESSSSSSSSSSS!”  and not “fuck.” 

As my boy would say, “Thanks for all the friendship this season.” xoxoxox  ~tt



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177 responses to “Big Brother Winner Speculation And Finale Discussion !

  1. LimeBrain and TT,

    Thank you for all of your hard work on the longest season of BB ever! These posts are the only thing that made this season bearable! Preesh!

  2. Happy gal

    I keep hearing that song anticipation in my head!! I really am excited for this finale and would be thrilled to see Paul win! I will be pissed to see Nicole win and dumbfounded to see James win.

    Thank you Limebrain for all ur hard work and TT too!!

    I’m secretly hoping Calab will be back on BB 😀

  3. Lawstangel

    Thanks to TT & Lime as well! Great re-caps.

    I am of the opinion that anyone that makes it to the end deserves to be there, because they are there and 13 others are not, despite their best efforts.

    I do not think Paul can lose against either Nicole or James if he makes it to the end.

    Nicole cannot win against either James or Paul, due to bad jury management. Too little, too late.

    I don’t hate James. My opinion re: the outcome will most likely be unpopular, I don’t care. This is what I think. Let’s see what happens!

    I don’t think us west coasters can watch live due to the time difference.

    I cannot wait for Survivor!!!!

    • That sucks that you don’t get to watch it live. I hate these time zone differences. Are you going to join us and chat while it’s showing on the east coast, or are you going to try to remain unspoiled?

      • Lawstangel

        I am not sure….I’d love to chat but it is the finale.I’ll decide tomorrow. I am wondering if they show it online in real time…..

  4. TT, about the final comp and the questions. I heard that Nicole said she was coached by Ian about it. He told her to listen for Julie to say a word in one of the answers that you know the house guest had been saying during the summer or something like that. So in your example above, maybe Johnny Mac had been saying the word nasty all summer but never said the word buff. I don’t know, I’m reaching here. But the point is that it’s not fair having veterans in the house who have been coached. Or house guests that have relatives that played before.

    I want newbies for the new season! Though, Paul seems convinced that Jozea will be in the over the top season. I will make an exception for him.

  5. sherry

    Thank you! I loved having a place to go to complain or just talk about what crazy stuff was happening!

  6. monica

    Great recap. You filled in a lot of my blanks.
    I feel that neither of the vets should win.
    They both spent the summer in bed.
    Nicole will be devastated when she looses
    BB & Coreeeeeeeeeeeey!
    I am shocked that Paul made it past the first month in the house so I believe he should win. We will see.

  7. Cat

    Thanks for all the recaps! I will be here!

  8. Sabrina

    The recaps have made this much more interesting and exciting- thank you so much, Limebrain and TT! Each of your comments have added fun perspective and the updates have been crucial to keeping those of us stuck in offices or just unable to watch the feeds far more involved than we would be otherwise- it was a fun gift and much appreciated !!

    I know it is counter the group, but I hope Nicole can pull it off- she has shown a far better game playing hand these past few weeks and in some ways did the right thing to stay off center stage until when she came to life- unfortunately, these past couple of days her brain has shut off again- I watch the after dark hours and the past few nights she has not been as clear thinking. I would like to see her win-I think the veteran presence has been good for the season and not provided that much of an advantage. If any, frankly. And Corey’s attitude towards her both now and then- especially the use her for her brain and other things but no relationship afterwards-deserves to be thwarted with her winning. I loved it when he was so shocked that Paul threw him out rather than Nicole.

    I do go back and wonder why the girls didn’t recognize sooner they were being targeted, it would have been a completely different game had they figured it out.

    • tamaratattles

      Sabrina, every season the girls are voted out one after another. And every new season the new girls come in and swear they are going to stick together and vote out the guys. Then the see the guys and get in showmances or have girl feuds and fuck each other over. EVERY SINGLE FUCKING SEASON.

      Which is another reason I don’t want Nicole to win. It opens the door for more girls to think showmances are a good idea.

      • Sa

        It is so dumb and the girls look it. I do think Nicole played a better game than Corey; she almost argued that she used the showmance to hide behind, and not be active early in the season. He added very little to their game play, and was then shocked when the guys threw him out and kept her.

        I agree completely- the past few years each showmance resulted in the man openly discussing either his lack of commitment to her ( Corey) or the physical aspects of their relationship he needed to delineate grossly to America. It was disgusting and demeaning and , having not understood it before she arrived, I hope Nicole gives Corey the same he gave here- a cold shoulder.

        These girls are just plain stupid about this-and self-destructive.

  9. Mm in OC

    I think its a guaranteed win for paul or nicole if they take james. Not taking the weakest player is just too stupid. This is not a game of integrity. Everyonr gets their hands dirty.

    • Nicole was still waffling last night. She says her head says to take James but her heart says to take Paul. She’s afraid the jury will be bitter and vote for James instead of her and she will be pissed if he wins money.

      I heard her practicing her speech last night in bed and she keeps crediting Corey to much in how she made it to the end. I think it’s a big mistake on her part.

      One thing in favor of Nicole or Paul taking James to the end is I don’t think James has even thought of a speech if he is picked as a final two.

      Paul and Nicole had a talk last night where Paul was swearing he is taking her to the end and he sounds sincere. But it is big brother, and deals are made to be broken this season.

      I just don’t know who I want to win.

      I’ve changed my mind. I have to go with Paul. Nicole had the unfair advantage of playing before and talking with past winners for advice.

      The thing I didn’t care about Paul was when he viciously went and broke Bridgette down mentally in the hammock about Frank. He was the one who really pushed Natalie to confront Z about Paulie and he put the wedge between James and Natalie and caused their huge fight. Plus he is still trashing Natalie every chance he can get to James. I know it’s part of the game, but he just pushes it to far for my tastes. But, besides that, he did play the game the best.

      But with all the lies he told about the house guests, I am amazed that the houseguest being lied to just accepted the lie and never went and spoke about it to the one who supposedly said it.

      • Lawstangel

        So….I read another site where the feeders post. Apparently James has a speech and it’s not a bad one. I find it hypocritical that Nicole would be “pissed” if James won any money, since their games were not that dis-similar. As far as Paul goes, I don’t think Nicole has any chance of beating him. Almost all of the women despised her at one point and now they are all on the jury. If Paul goes in with a good speech, he will get it. Paul’s behavior? I agree with you and add Victor to that as well. I cannot forget that speech where Victor threw the beads at the girls and humiliated them, its just poor character, even if it was whiney Meech. Then all the guys, went in the other room and laughed at upsetting them. Not my kind of guys.

      • I agree with you about Nicole’s game being the same as James. I have to laugh every time she disses his game. She is very self unaware. Maybe the difference between the two is that James was the Corey and Natalie was the Nicole in their relationship. Nicole and Natalie did most of the plotting and planning and James and Corey went along with what they said for the most part.

        Anyway, I heard that the other night when the final 3 were hanging out together, Nicole was talking about Natalie. She was saying the reason Natalie didn’t drink on the show is because when she drinks and goes out to bars, she ends up dancing on the bar and making out with strangers. Nicole was obessing that Natalie would be getting drunk in the jury house and making out with Corey. All of this in front of James. Oblivious to his feelings.

  10. The house guests are finally up and bb is making them clean the kitchen. They seem to be annoyed by that.

    I don’t know how much longer we have the feeds.

  11. The feeds are done for this season. Jeff loops are on and its with Jordan again. Can’t they make one long Jeff loop with all the interviews put together? How lazy can bb be?

    • Lol Limey guess we were typing at the same time. I completely agree with everything in your comment above.

      As much as I ragged on this season, I am very excited for the finale tonight! Thanks for your tireless efforts in keeping us updated with awesome recaps.

      Well done, Limey! 👏👏👏

  12. I just want to give a shout out to everybody who thanked me for my recaps. I had a lot of fun doing them and it was mostly because of everybody posting here. I enjoyed reading all your posts and your opinions on the game. TT gives us a great forum to discuss our thoughts on the show. It’s easy to navigate and we are allowed to be snarky and I enjoy snarkiness without the hate.

    TT also worked hard on my recaps with adding the pictures and clips because I am not computer literate enough to try. She also comes up with great titles for the recaps because I don’t even try to compete with her wit. :)

    As to the question of if the live show will be aired on the feeds, they don’t. CBS wants us to watch Survivor first. But, immediately after the show, I believe they have the back yard interviews on the feeds, if I remember correctly. They are fun to watch.

    I can’t wait for tonight’s show! I want closure and put this baby to bed. Or at least out to pasture. And if there are any lurkers out there, I hope you come to the party and do some first time posting and join in the fun. :)

    See you guys later! I have to go join the real world for the time being.

  13. Heidi

    Loved the recaps since I tend to miss some of the details as I’m a newbie to BB.

    Survivor on the other hand, is my obsession. Does anyone recap it Tamara? I’ll do it for you! 🤓

  14. Now it’s getting even more interesting. I just heard that when Paul was talking to Nicole last night, he told her in a nice way that if she was planning on taking James to the end he wouldn’t be mad. But if she waits to tell her today, then he will be upset and she will lose his vote.


  15. Marsha Marsha Marsha

    Thank you lime for the recaps, well done. Thank you Tamara for all you do to entertain us window lickers. Nicole and James will need to see a Doctor when BB is over, they will need to get those bed sores treated. I hope Paul wins part 3. If he doesn’t he is in big trouble ,but I think he is well aware of it. On to Survivor, go old folks !!

  16. tamaratattles

    So i don’t ever recap shows that are competitions that are taped because there are always people who know who wins, I used to be one of those people back in the first few seasons of Survivor. Then I decided I just wanted to be a casual and be surprised because knowing all the details ahead of time stopped being fun

    So I never have discussions of Survivor or the Bachelor or things like that here.

    But we are pretty far down the page and maybe even on page two and I feel like it’s just us in here so I came rushing overhere to talk about Survivor. Then I had to pass the comments to be moderated on the way and had to stop and do some work and forgot why I came.

    So I will just say, I HATE THE MILLENNIALS ALREADY! I hope my fellow Gen Xers represent!

    Also, I hope we get interviews with Big Brother after the show tonight. I am trying to take the night off as much as I can, at least as far as recapping goes unless a super huge story breaks. I probably should not have jinxed that by typing.

    I am sad the season is over. I’ve really, really enjoyed all of you guys this season and I love our little group. I was sad when the BBAD ended last night. I may hate some of the players and despise all the production manipulation but I’ll never hate this game.

    One day I’ll tell you about my castng experience.. but not tonight. I’m tired.

  17. Hey, Julie is on TV showing the house guests getting ready! I wish we had the feeds this afternoon. I wonder if James finally approached either one about taking him. I wonder if they will show us any of this afternoon in the house on the show!

    As to survivor, I’m enjoying it. I love the concept of old vs young. Except it makes me feel old tonight. Lol! I just wonder if Survivor is going to edit it yo make the millennial look like jerk and the gen xers look so wonderful because their audience is mostly gen xers.

    TT, I hope you get to enjoy yourself tonight! And thanks for letting us post here, tonight!

  18. Happy gal

    It’s on!!! Woo hoo !!!

  19. They are starting off showing the fights, romances, tears and epic battles.

    Julie is on stage now talking and now they are going to show us the first final comp.

  20. Paul says he’s made a final two with himself because he doesn’t trust anybody.

  21. Forget doing this comp. They have to run around and chase the laser light and hang onto these slippery buttons while getting doused, then run through a pool of milk then run and hang on a wall with a curtain cord and the wall shakes and leans. They have yo keep doing this.

    Nicole fell first and James fell a second later. Paul won! Nicole is suspicious of James falling. James says in the Dr he didn’t throw it and he’s disappointed in himself.

  22. Commercial and I’m getting some pie.

  23. Cat

    The kitty comp was cute, but kind of stupid. Glad Paul won. He made me laugh, digging in the litter.

  24. Happy gal

    Good lord James will. Suck at part two now that I see it !!

  25. We are back. Time for the second comp. It’s a bb amusement park. It’s called snapshot. They get a clue then they have to make their way to a roller coaster car and put the pictures of 3 house guests in the seat and send the car down the Rollercoaster and take a picture of them at just the right time. They have to get 3 clues right.

    Getting the picture taken at the right time is the hardest part. The first question wax who was a have not.

  26. I just looked at the TV screen. That’s a long way they have to run

  27. tamaratattles

    I am a few minutes behind, but trying to catch up. GO PAUL! GO!

  28. tamaratattles

    Paul is the only person left who can deliver a decent DR script. James is the worst and can barely read along, and Nicole is not that much better.

  29. I’m surprised James knows the answers to these questions. James lost the comp because of the picture taking.

    Nicole beat Jame by like 12 minutes.

  30. Happy gal

    And next dr will will manipulate the jury !

  31. Paul actually wants to take Nicole because she deserves it. Plus he thinks he can beat her. Says he doesn’t want to reward James for doing nothing all season.

    Nicole doesn’t know who she wants to take.

  32. tamaratattles

    James was beating himself up for losing for real on the live feeds. But that did look like a throw.

  33. Cat

    Weird. I just got a security error, saying someone may be trying to steal my password on this site.

  34. Dr. Will now with the jury.

    They are guessing who the next member coming in.

    It’s corey.

  35. I’m surprised that Corey is dissing James. I guess he’s pissed about being voted out. Oh, I forgot. Nicole is still in the house.

  36. About Paul,, great game but he’s said a lot of bad things to hgs.

    Paulie defended Nicole from the game. He’s still a douchebag

  37. Michelle is crying and wants Corey to stop smiling at him.

    Dr. Will is laughing at this.

    Day is defending Nicole. She’s defending her because she’s a vet and a girl. The other girls don’t want Nicole to win.

  38. Happy gal

    And Michele cries

  39. Omg, first over the top vote for us.

    Which prior houseguest do you want back in the game? Jozea or Jason from Days season. Go and vote now!

  40. tamaratattles

    I’m still a bit behind, but it’s time for Dr Will to sway the jury to Nicole for Grodner. So far they are showing a lot of positive things for Paul. That worries me. They like to give us a red herring. OH GOOD. The girls are saying they don’t like paul as a person.

  41. tamaratattles

    I like that Big Meech says Nicole has done nothing worth winning. Natalie agrees. YES! NO GIRL BLOCK OF NICOLE! PAUL CAN BEAT HER!

  42. tamaratattles

    OH DEAR GOD. MEECH IS SOBBING AGAIN. Bridgett hates Nic too! YESS! But Day is gonna vote for her.

  43. Scales of Just US is the final comp. Julie is going to read a statement from a houseguest. They have to answer a or b to finish it.

  44. tamaratattles


  45. Going on question 3 both tied so far

  46. I got the Michelle question wrong too! I was sure it was the other answer.

  47. Happy gal

    Yessssssss yesssssss yeasssss so NOT pisses !!!

  48. What the hell is Nicole wearing? And why?

  49. tamaratattles

    YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES!!! THAT”S MY BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. Happy gal

    I saw on BBAD paul asked her what she was going to wear and she said that outfit and that she got it from a vintage shop in LA. Paul asked her the name and she said I’m not telling you where I get my clothes I ordered it online. He said oh online I know it. She said I will tell you after the show I don’t want everyone to get their clothes where I do

    • I’m assuming she’s wearing it to entice Corey after the show.

    • tamaratattles

      I don’t think she has to worry about that. We have a place that I think started in Athens (where UGA is) called Junkman’s Daughter’s Brother that also has an Atlanta location. It looks like some of that shit. Which was fun in college. um, alllegedly. But she’s a bit old for costumey stuff that is better suited for a particular kind of date than national television.

  51. tamaratattles

    WHOOOO HOO!!! ALMOST THERE BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. tamaratattles


  53. Paul chooses….. Nicole!

    There is ooohhhing in the audience of shock.

  54. tamaratattles

    James walked out as if he is confident he is AFP.

  55. Nicole is shocked by what Paul said to james.he says don’t worry the jury didn’t hear it. Don’t question it.

  56. James thinks Paul chose Nicole because Nicole told Paul that he had a final two deal with nicole.

  57. tamaratattles

    Paul doesn’t understand that James could well mention his speech to the jury. especially during his speech.

  58. tamaratattles

    The crowd loves Victor

  59. Time for the votes. Everyone coming on stage.

    I think victor got the loudestcheers.

    Day is going to votePaul.

    James walks out. Hehugs Natalie.

  60. Natalie reads first question. Why should I vote -for you when I don’t have your respect.

    Michelle asks Nicole what was here big move

    Corey asks Paul I forget what he said Paul answered well.

    Victor asks Nicole if she was riding the guys coat tails. She’s blathering.

    Z asks Paul why does he deserves to win over nicole. He is so much better at talking.

    Paulie asks Nicole the same question. She is blathering again.

  61. Happy gal

    I don’t think I have actually rooted this hard for someone to win before ! I really want paul to win and I really really would be so pissed if Nicole won

  62. James asks Paul about their final two deal and if he was ever going to honor it.

    Paul says he had deals with both and Nicole relayed everything she and James talked about and James didn’t.

    Wouldn’t that make Nicole a snake to james? Whereas James kept confidences?

  63. Cat

    Please, please, please let Paul win. I would hate to see Nicole sleep her way to the win.

  64. Happy gal

    And please let Victor get Americas favorite player !!! Amen lol

  65. Time gor their speeches. Paul goes first. He is clear and concise.
    Good speech.

    Nicole’s speech she starts with a snake joke and starts blathering.

    • amisteree

      blather…blather…voting for Nicole doesn’t represent the other women, she hates/hated them (allegedly) so I can’t stand the idea of them voting for her.

      • amisteree

        that didn’t make sense, I’m blathering like Nicole now. It makes me cringe to think any of the jury women would support Nicole. I’m waaaaay to invested.

  66. amisteree

    I can’t watch this live, so I’m staring at the laptop, hanging on ya’ll’s words…PLEASE win PAUL

  67. tamaratattles

    please let paul win, please let paul win please let paul win!!!

  68. Cat

    Ugh. Suspense is killing me.

    Victor is so funny!

  69. tamaratattles

    god they are setting it so that James could have the deciding vote. PLEASE LET PAUL WIN! I CAN’T TAKE IT!

  70. Commercial time. I think Paul has it.

  71. We are back. Damn. They are now talking to the non jury cadt

  72. Julie is pulling keys

    James is Paul
    Corey Nicole
    Victor Paul
    Natalie Nicole. What.,.

    Michelle Paul
    Paulie Nicole damn!
    Bridgette Paul
    Z Nicole no shock there
    Davonne is tie breaker. Nicole

    Damn damn dsmn

  73. Cat

    Natalie voted for Nicole? Really?

    No way! Paul was robbed!

  74. tamaratattles


  75. Happy gal

    Davone votes for Nicole I am disgusted ! Nicole wins! What a set up by production

  76. amisteree


  77. Cat

    From now on, stupid females are going to slut around for the win. Disgusting.

  78. Relaxin60

    SORRY, BUT, FUCK! Natalie voted for Nicole?! Wow!

  79. What about Natalie voting for Nicole? She told James she would never talk to him again if he worked with her

  80. tamaratattles


  81. amisteree

    Natalie and Dayvonne, seriously???????? HELLO???? Travesty!!!

  82. Relaxin60

    At least that vote was correct! Victor!

  83. AFP choices are Natalie, James and Victor.

    Victor wins.

    At least they got that right.

  84. Cat

    I missed it. How much did Victor win?

  85. tamaratattles

    That just ruined my whole night. I was so enjoying three hours of fun TV. What a shitty jury they were.

  86. What is the point of jury questions and speeches. It obviously doesn’t mean anything.

  87. tamaratattles

    Well, I guess that will lessen the blow of when she finds out there is footage of her fucking on camera all over the Internet.

  88. amisteree

    I can’t stand Natalie.

  89. Relaxin60

    TT and Limebrain thank you for the great season of BB18. I don’t agree with the outcome, I think Paul was robbed, however, you two made it easier to watch! Nitwits they were!

  90. Nothing on the live feeds yeto.

    This better not be a thing that we have to wait til the finale is shown on the west coast.

  91. Ok, in case I decide to watch bb over the top. Who should we vote into the house. Jozea or Jason?

    I like Jason but he’s a true vet and I am sick of vets. Jozea only lasted a week.

  92. amisteree

    I can’t imagine future hg’s claiming to admire Nicole’s “gameplay”

  93. I think that Natalie put the wrong key in by mistake or that Nicole was right and Natalie went after Corey in the jury house and she wants him to spend nicole’s money on her.

  94. tamaratattles

    Backyard feeds are up. And Vic won 25K plus his stipend which will put him right about where Paul is. I don’t believe the two winners get their stipends, only their winnings stipends are for losers.

  95. Live feeds are coming on and Jeff Schroeder just said he wasn’t expecting that outcome.

  96. tamaratattles

    Glenn is up first with Jeff

  97. Jeff gave Glen a coconut tree from the dollar store.

  98. Frank is up now. He said that theyes weren’t allowed to see the finale. Why is that?

  99. Frank wants to come back for all stars. Jeff gave him a gas mask for his farts. Well, I think it’s a gas mask.

  100. Bridgette is up now. She is thrilled to be out of the jury house. It was tense and awkward. Because of Paulie. No matter what they would say, he would find a way to twist it around and verbally abuse them.

    When the cameras were on, he would flip a switch and be really horrible. Otherwise they would try to avoid him.

    She thinks Paul played the better game. Nicole said things went her way the first half of the game and didn’t have to do anything.

    Paul made a mistake taking her. If he had taken James it would have been 8 to 1

  101. Jeff gave he a fake cabbage patch doll that looks like her.

  102. Well, that just fucking sucks. Did they put Day on some tranquilizers after the big fight and now she’s incoherent or something??

  103. Tiffany up now.

    She’s happy for Nicole.

    She says they played two totally different games. Paul played super aggressive and if you have to play that way, you must be doing something wrong. Nicole wasn’t even on the radar til the end.

    She was rooting for Victor. She shot herself in the foot by laying low at first. She had a target on her and she should have come out fighting. She has no problems with Day. It’s just a game.

    He gave her a bag of eyeballs because she wasn’t seeing things clearly in the game.

  104. Jeff is interviewing Julie now. Going into the live show she thought Paul had it in the bag. She believes his statement was good, but he didn’t handle the questions well. His answers were short and unapologetic.

    Her favorite part of the game was anything Victor, basically.

  105. She’s talking about over the top. She says we get to vote for the winner. Plus some other things she can’t say.

    There are going to be safety ceremonies. If your name isn’t called by Sunday night, you are nominated.

  106. tamaratattles

    Time to explain your damn self Day. I WAS COUNTING ON YOU! WE WERE ALL COUNTING ON YOU!

  107. Davonne now. She says the jury house was hell.

    Paulie ruined the jury house.

    She thinks Z is a great girl but she is devaluing herself.

    Days mistake in the house was her mouth again. Her big mistake was letting James win the arms comp. She trusted James but he was running back to the boys telling everything. She would have put Nicole up.

    Nicole played the game. She says the girls did not want Nicole to win at all. She never would have voted for James no matter what.

    She says she won’t play again and be away from her girl.

    Her gift is a spider Web of lies with a braided hairpiece on it. Theme is lies and deception.

  108. She just said to the camera regarding jsmes: Bye, Felicia! I don’t have time for this.

    She loves Paul but Nicole played the better game.

  109. Sherry

    Noe!!!!! I can’t believe it!

  110. Nicole now. She really wanted a girl to win this season and Nicole won.

    Her vote wasn’t swayed by speeches.

    It was devastating to see James come in third. She is making no sense.

    She walked into an atomic bomb when she came to the jury house. She was cordial to him.and she is a forgiving person. She’s going to follow her dreams. I think she’s lying about things.

    She would skip out on over the top to see what opportunities out there. Best part of the game was learning the game.

    His gift to her was the best. He gave her a school bus with James flattened underneath it. She didn’t get it.

  111. For some reason the song “Darling Nikki” by Prince comes to mind.

    Fuck production. I am so pissed!

  112. Yay! Victor up. Thanking everyone for AFP.

    Beard talk.

    Thinks taking Nicole wasn’t best strategy for him. James would have been better.

    Victor and paul discussed who they would take. Victor would have taken James, Paul wanted to take Nicole. Thought girls wouldn’t vote for her.

    Says the round table is where the decision is made. Speeches don’t matter.

    Best part of game was winning the battle back.

    He would come back.

    He gets a plastic knife for everyone who stabbed him in the back. It has everyone’s face on it. He is John snow from games of thrown.

  113. Bronte now. She looks good. Nothing she is saying is worth repeating.

    I’m falling asleep so no more posting from me.

    Night all!

  114. Happy gal

    Thanks again I came this morning to read what they said after in the live feeds ! I don’t think Paulies ego would let him vote for a male newbie to win – that would be admitting someone was better than he was – so he voted for a vet Nicole out of spite

    Why Dayvone voted for Nicole is still beyond me – I don’t recall paul doing anything to her personally but perhaps he did because that crap about better game play is just that crap

    Again thank you Limebrain for all ur hard work and TT for your your hard work and making this such a fun season !

    • I woke up last night long enough to see Paulie’s interview. He knew Nicole from before the game and he is best buds with Corey. So of course he and Z will vote for her.

      Paul lost because of a rookie mistake and his ego. He actually thought he could beat either of them. I heard he said in his interview that he didn’t like any of them in the house and pretended to. Except Victor of course. He doesn’t plan to keep in touch with any of them but Victor.

      I think he was in shock at losing at the time and venting. He will get over it.

      As to Davonne, I think she voted that way to get more attention for herself. That or Allison grodner paid her off for a Nicole win. Allegedly.

  115. I was surprised that Natalie voted for Nicole because she never liked her. But now I realize that her vote was a probably a fuck you to Paul for not taking James.

  116. KK

    Thanks, limebrain, for the great recaps & updates! I had to dvr both BB and Survivor. While I was playing the BB recording on the first commercial break rather than ff, I immediately came here hoping Paul had won. Once I read the outcome I just stopped the dvr and went to Survivor. I am thankful that AFP wasn’t rigged. I actually voted for the first time ever because Victor so deserved to win.

    TT, this is the best blog going. I lurk much more than I ever comment, but I check multiple times a day for your latest posts. Thank you.

  117. tamaratattles

    Nobody paid Davonne. Will really influences the jurors (according to production’s wishes) I am sure he stressed that no female had ever won against a male, girl power, blah blah blah. He went hard on discounting James because I think production expected Nicole to win and make the choice. I also think the reason Nicole was so tormented was because she wanted to take Paul and production was influencing her in DR to take James. Both of them should have taken James but Paul sold Nicole on his stupid “don’t give any money to the kid who did nothing” philosophy.

    I know we hate it, but the evils of production are a part of this game and always have been. You just have to accept that as part of the game going in or you will be PISSED all season and there will never be any FRIENDSHIP!

    I have accepted the Nicole win. It could have been worse. Production still lost, they wanted a Paulie or Frank win. :)

  118. tamaratattles

    Oh and Limebrain, WHY IS JOZEA EVEN A CHOICE IN YOUR HEAD? Is it the Lyme?

  119. Cat

    Weren’t there more women on the jury than men? Could it be the women banded together, simply to vote for a woman to win, regardless of whether or not it was deserved? Revenge, maybe, for the guys targeting the women (as they always seem to do)?

  120. D

    Did not like Nicole but I HATE Paul! So glad Day voted for Nicole!

  121. WonkyTonk

    So Nicole wins it, and really all I have to say is Paul deserves what he got. Keeping Nicole was a dumb move. I mentioned before given that jury there’s no way he should have kept Nicole even instead of Corey, much less James in the final three. Also I still kind of feel that the last two competitions were meant to be in Nicole’s favor. Oh well, another season down.

    I’m curious if anyone is going to be watching the new season that’s going to be behind the CBS all access paywall. That’s great for CBS a lot of money should come in, but that’s the second program they’ve announced like that. They’ve announced the new Star Trek series pilot will be aired on free over the air TV and then subsequent episodes will be behind the all access paywall.

    You know, I said during Enterprise if they just allowed fans to contribute a dollar each to keep that show going we would still be seeing Star Trek Enterprise on the air, but I’m not sure how I feel about being locked into all access to view some of my favorite shows, in addition to a cable subscription, with movie channel addons, netflix, and prime. The stuff starts getting pretty pricey real quick, and if every network starts that crap we’re really screwed financially. What if AMC (Walking Dead), or BRAVO (Housewives, Top Chefs, Project Runway, Manzod With Chillrens, etc) start doing that.

    Let’s hope that doesn’t become a disturbing trend among the networks, and I’ll bet the cable companies aren’t happy with that one bit.

    • WonkyTonk, I feel your pain. To add to that, I don’t have a cable box in my bedroom (it costs $10 a month for each cable box and I already have 2.) so I have my Roku instead in there. I want to watch the latest episode of Project Runway and its not on Hulu. Instead, Amazon has the show and it will cost me $2 to watch an episode, one time only. It looks like the newest seasons of the housewives are on Amazon also. And I have prime! If Amazon is going to be buying all the network shows and doing this, I might as well get rid of Hulu. PBS has gotten into the act and they want you to donate $60 a year if you want to see a show a week after its aired and Its off their channel.

      I remember when On Demand started and CBS didn’t have their shows on it for the longest time. Someone told me that they were never going to do it. Well, they finally did, but I have a feeling that if this all access thing works for them, they will probably stop doing on demand so you will be forced to get their all access if you want to see a repeat.

      Its going to be interesting to see how how watching TV shows is going to all pan out in the future. One thing for sure, its not going to get any cheaper.

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