WWHL With Melissa Gorga And Bevy Smith; Plus A Fashion Queens Reunion!



Before I even start, I have to comment on Melissa’s face. She has lost a lot of weight, and I have no idea where she had to lose it from, but her face is sunken in because there is no fat there.  These women who want to be a size zero no matter what their height are going to age horribly in the face with no fat smooth out the wrinkles. What they don’t seem to understand is these collagen injections they have shot into their face, “fillers” as they refer to them, are necessary because the natural fat in their faces is all gone.

Andy starts right in on Melissa with the hard questions we all want to know. “Why did she love Kathy and Rosie last season when they stood up for her, but this season she has dropped them like a box of rocks? “ Well that is an interesting mixed metaphor, but Melissa doesn’t seem to care for the question.  She says “why do you think I dropped them like a box of rocks?”   Then she gives the “we just grew apart” speech. Followed by the “they’re like family to us” before realizing that they are family to her and changing her wording.

“Why did Joe tell Teresa what Rich said? Was he trying to stir the pot?” No. She was going to see it anyway.

In a hilarious moment, Andy asks Bevy what 2016 fashion trend needs to end. Bevy says the off the shoulder look. Then looks to her right and says, “Oh, except for you.” #ShadeByBevy #TruthMoment

Someone calls in with the most ridiculous cross between a Jersey accent and a valley girl. She sounds fifty. And she says she is just “Sooooo over it” with Teresa being shady A F with the Rosie and Kathy drama.  I think her question was when will it stop?  Melissa says that Teresa feels they are not genuine and it’s for other reasons. Bevy says she would want people to reach out if she was in prison. Andy points out that they weren’t on her list. Melissa says she wasn’t either but she wrote a lot of letters and sent a lot of pictures.  Really?  I’m not sure I believe that. Didn’t we see her talking about not having any contact with Teresa until she got out?


andy cohen
A caller asks Melissa if she was not related to Teresa and she was just someone in town, would she still be her friend? Now this is a dumb question because Melissa has no choice to say anything other than “Of course!” and attempt to list some of her better qualities.  But she doesn’t. She starts with, “Hmmmmmm interesssssting question… ” she stammers and stupid Andy interrupts with, “What are your going to say, no?”  Know when to let someone hang themselves, Andrew, for fucksake. How long have you been doing this?   She says, “It’s so hard not to imagine her in my life at this point, it’s such a hard question!” Andy just moves on to the next question without an answer. Interesting indeed.

Will you or Joe visiting Juicy in prison?  Joe will.

The Game for tonight is based on the Emmy’s Fashions.  Suddenly, Derek J and Miss Lawrence arrive and I am finally excited about this episode! It’s a Fashion Queens Reunion!   And a quick search gives me not photos! :(  Atlanta in the house!

The poll question was, “Whose side are you on, Teresa’s or Rosie and Kathy’s?”  Rosie and Kathy win with 60% of the vote.   Are your surprised?

P.S. As you know, Andrew has given me yet another reason to be irritated by him recently when he stopped posting photos from the WWHL set a couple of minutes before the show starts. This causes me to have to hunt around looking for a photo of what people are wearing.

So in my search today, I went to his Twitter hoping to be pleasantly surprised that he’s actually done it only to find that he had responded to an Internet troll who was trashing Melissa’s outfit (what do you think of it?) and asking why Andy treated Melissa so bad, was it because she is not a conversationalist?  Andy responded to the troll with something like don’t be nasty.

Based on reading that, I fully expected to see a very shady Andy this episode.  But he didn’t seem to be any worse than usual. What did you think? Maybe I missed some body language because I spend most of the episode looking at the laptop? Did I miss something? Fill me in!


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18 responses to “WWHL With Melissa Gorga And Bevy Smith; Plus A Fashion Queens Reunion!

  1. beth

    I would have watched WWHL if I’d known the Fashion Queens would be on, I love them. Did Melissa make a face when Bevy said “Oh, except for you”?

  2. Creampuff

    Why is Melissa even on a reality show anymore? She is so afraid of pissing off Teresa that she can’t be herself or speak freely. She’s been reduced to a little yappy lap dog. Boring! And her little story line of conflict with her husband for going to work is so out dated I feel like it’s 1960. And Theresa, as usual, continues to be a horrible person who can’t take any responsibility for her own behavior. I literally hate her.

  3. Nancy

    Hi Tamara! After Melissa made such a fuss about fashion her partner ordered for women who are not in the 1% of size zero, I thought her outfit was plain ugly. The strapped sandals to the knee, and the off shoulder top- dress- swimsuit cover up, what ever it is looked like she forgot a piece of clothing. Bevy was right on with her fashion statements, fun seeing the queens again, and Lawrence has some cool new gig. I still find Nene sitting on the fashion police couch strange- she barely said one word last night when I seen a clip. Is it her HLN line that makes her so fashionable? Without her exposure on RHWOA she kinda sinks in to the background. They may as well use Brielle Biermann, she is at least on a hit show.

  4. Jrleaguer

    I can’t take serious fashion advice from someone wearing a dress that looks like it was thrown up by Willie Wonka.

  5. Nila

    Melissa did send regular mail and she showed a card Twresa had sent her back thanking her, I only remember because I found that odd since Melissa said they had had no communication.

    The 1950’s story line is so old considering Melissa was trying to be a pop star, wrote a book and Joe was fine with all that and the attention it had taken away from the kids.

    I am over Jarhy and Rosie, they just look desperate at this point.

  6. swizzle

    How dumb is Melissa to not just say, of course we’d be friendly if we were not family. We have kids the same ages, etc. Her answer was clearly no f’ing way I’d be friends with her.

    And, I wouldn’t call Melissa’s dress off the shoulder. It’s strapless, so I didn’t understand that whole exchange. Lastly, people, if you do not have Heidi Klum legs, please stop wearing those awful gladiator shoes that go up to your knee. They are awful.

    • MariAnne

      Yeah. I would have said, “Definitely, and actually, I think we’d have been better friends, because I wasn’t married to her brother:.

  7. Margaret Shepard

    No shade between Bevy and Melissa, they got along very well. Miss Lawrence looked gorgeous too. Bevy is a big girl who dresses right for her body type. Always looks good. I did not know she was on Andy’s radio show. Wish fashion queens was still on, I liked it much bettet than Fashion Police which I can’t watch anymore with NeNe’s obnoxious mugging.

  8. T D

    There was a reason cut out gogo pumps had not yet been seen before paired with a beach romper. How did Bevy not cringe?

  9. Are Fashion Queens coming back? I loved that show. It was fun. Does any one know if it’s over?

  10. Margaret Shepard

    I heard it was cancelled. I liked it a lot.

  11. Dandy Lion

    I love the Fashion Queens. Melissa was boring, I didn’t notice any shade from Andy. The only thing close to it was in the beginning he looked at Melissa and said “you are pretty buzzed tonight”.

  12. Piper

    I think that Andy knows that melissa has zero personality . The only thing she brings to bravo is any insight they can squeeze out of her regarding Theresa ! I kept thinking of Jan Brady saying “Marcia Marcia Marcia” everytime any asked her about Theresa . Definitely the fashion queens pumped a little life into that show because watching melissa fake her way through a show is not entertainment !

  13. Bridgett

    I thought Andy was less shady to Melissa than he usually is.

  14. Onawin

    I’m so very sorry to hear that, I pray
    They will always be friends

  15. Spunky2015

    Earlier in the season Teresa sent Melissa a card thanking her for the photos of the kids while at “camp.”

  16. MLS

    very upset that FASHION QUEENS is not coming back. andy should have it back at least for all of the big award events…..like fashion police does. i really miss seeing kathy and ritchie and rosie full time on rhonj. i think it is awful how joe, joe, and melissa kind of abandoned them. teresa is no big surprise, but the other three have always been treated well by the wakile family. very disappointing to see that teresa is not so “forgiving” to them. i am not even sure what she has to forgive them for either!

  17. More Tea Please!

    Dont you live how Melissa is trying to cover her hooha in that picture with Andy? She looks sleazy; I’d say that outfit is a Big Fail.

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