Real Housewives of Orange County: Shockingly, Grandma Donna Doesn’t Like Mommy



Tamra is still trying to train for her competition, but she postponed it. Wait, is this a bogus competition? Because the entire competition was moved back four weeks, for some mysterious reason.  Sigh. Even so, wouldn’t they have just announced that the competition was postponed for four weeks and how fortunate that is for her?


We start with another scene with Briana trash talking her mother on national TV.  She never misses an opportunity to make light of her mother’s serious accident and suggest to us that she is exaggerating to get attention. She was airlifted away from an accident. But rather than have the reactions others are having, life is short, be grateful.  She is minimizing her mother’s injuries.

For all of you haters out there, please note that Vicki is not wearing her neck brace in public when she goes out to dinner with the family even though it’s clear she is still having neck issues.  It’s Brianna’s birthday so of course he injured mother must journey out and celebrate it. This dinner seems like just a montage of being mean to Vicki.


RHOOC Shannon Heather



I hate when rich people do stupid shit on these shows and Shannon is the number one offender. Why on earth would she have a packing party and trust these morons to pack her shit when she can just hire those people than come in and pack for you? In fact, she is not taking any furniture so all she has to pack are clothes and toiletries and then move into her new place that Jeff Lewis furnished for her.  By the way, click that link to find out why we are all moving our beds. Spoiler: It’s Shannon’s fault.

This whole show is going to be all Shannon all the time. First we have to deal with her kid’s band, LOCK, which stands for Ladies of Rock.  Shannon sits in on practice and criticizes them to death.  Now that she has crushed David’s soul, she has time to do the same for her children.

Shannon called Vicki to check on her.  Vicki doesn’t return her call. However, almost all the other ladies seem to have been affected enough by the near death accident to put the past behind them and stop holding on to petty  issues.  So everyone heads over to Shannon’s house to pack her enemas and other mysterious accoutrements.  Heather points out she needs to hire someone to pack for her. Shannon says she doesn’t want strangers packing her stuff? Frankly, if I had dozens of enema bags and nozzles to pack, I want the people doing the job to be strangers. But that’s just me.

OMG, Shannon is moving to Corona Del Mar, it looks like my girlfriend moved out of there just in the nick of time!  Also Kelly lives there.  Kelly apologizes to Shannon. They hug it out.  The girls head to Shannon’s closet and start throwing out some ugly shoes, and her clothes and pretty much everything.

Shannon invites everyone  to the bar to hear her kids play.  Heather has a prior engagement with Evine. When Meghan arrived, Tamra is pissed because Meghan said that she was reckless in the accident.  I think that Meghan is the source for the original TMZ article that also claimed that Tamra was speeding. I think that is what Tamra is mad about but she can’t say that. Because Meghan wasn’t talking about anything all over town she’s been home nesting. But she well could have called TMZ and Shannon may have actually been with her when she did it. You never know. Sounds like a good theory to me as someone who is used to interpreting the arguments that can’t be mentioned on camera. These two seem to come to a tentative truce.

RHOOC Shannon face
Vicki was “not invited” which is housewives speak for still at home recuperating from a neck injury and a concussion.

David’s mom and sister arrive. I take one look at them and I now understand why he stays with Shannon.  They both come in looking mean. The mother especially. This explains everything. So the Beador girls play and I hope were then whisked far, far away from the scene about to be filmed.  I thought the girl playing drums was pretty badass.

Oh so now I feel bad I said the mom looked mean. Maybe she was just super nervous. She goes up to Kelly of all people and tells her in a sad voice that she doesn’t get to see the girls very often. When Kelly asked her, “Why not?” She says because Shannon hates her guts. So she is either a poor alienated grandmother or an evil witch sidling up to the one girl who was Shannon’s enemy until about thirty minutes ago and unloading all the family dirt.  I don’t know which alternative would please me more.

Okay as much as I’m not feeling Shannon anymore, I am not feeling bad for saying that the mom looks mean. First thought, best thought and all that.  David’s mom, Donna is now literally crying to Tamra and Kelly who she seemed to really want to meet about not being able to see the girls. I’m thinking if she wanted to see the girls they just left the stage, why not go see them now?  Then she drops the bomb that Shannon pushed David into the affair.

Tamra says in confessional, “Wow, she took me from feeling sorry for her to WOW! she’s vindictive!”

For the moment you should adjust your friend charts to everyone being friends with everyone. Except for Shannon who is not friends with Vicki. Do that quickly because everything is about to change again.

So there was a dinner on the rooftop deck for the housewives and a few other people. Shannon apparently excluded her mother in law and sister-in-law from coming up. Shannon says that David has no relationship with anyone in his family and the hold times that he does it’s because of her.  Shannon says that Donna told her kids that Shannon is a horrible mother in March of last year and they want nothing to do with her.  Which is interesting because she said that Donna found out about the band playing when the kids saw her at Easter of this year which was like a week ago.



Here comes the Good Christian Shit Stirrer  to tell Shannon that Donna said she pushed David into an affair. What on earth is the benefit of sharing that news with her?  It’s like overhearing someone’s husband saying their wife is wearing an ugly dress and going to tell the wife.  How does this information benefit Shannon? Why can’t Tamra ever shut up?

So Shannon jumps up and starts screaming at David at the top of her voice and everyone is staring at them. Way to emasculate your husband in public for the 2,393, 946th time! David goes after her. She tells him to pick a side. She demands he go up stairs and defend her to the girls. So he does. And then Shannon has another dramatic meltdown to draw more attention to David’s affair.

Did I mention that David had an affair?

Then when they leave the bar, the girls have apparently been somewhere nearby because they are in the back of the limo. The oldest girl asks “What was going on with Grandma Donna?”  The correct answer here is, “Nothing that concerns you guys, dear. Everything is fine.”  But no,  not in the world of tell your kids everything including all the details of their father’s affair. So David says that Grandma Donna was not being very nice to their mother.  David say that she was saying things that she believes but that are not necessarily true. That will do I suppose as it doesn’t cast too much blame either way. But Shannon really needs to be the righteous one in front of her children so she causes David to change his answer to, “She said some things that were inappropriate.” The littlest girl offers up that sometimes people make you anger but you have to forgive them. Shannon says that she’s done nothing but forgive their grandmother and she invites them over for every Christmas.

I don’t even care about next week. I’ll deal with that if I live that long.


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152 responses to “Real Housewives of Orange County: Shockingly, Grandma Donna Doesn’t Like Mommy

  1. captivagrl

    Shannon – boundaries, boundaries… come on, so hard to watch

  2. Lolita

    Thank you! Great re-cap! LOL about everyone moving their beds. I planned on it this weekend, but didn’t get to the task. My liver hurts in my mind now♡♡♡

  3. Sali

    Sometimes I wonder how I can so quickly go from really liking a HW and rooting for them so much to not being able to tolerate them at all that I must fast forward through their every scene. Shannon has been this HW the last two seasons. Shockingly, Vicki has never caused me to feel this way. Does she sometimes make me want to pull my hair out? Yes, but I still like her and am interested in her on the show. She entertains and amuses me.

    Bless you, Tamara for the fantastic job you do in recapping these insane shows for us. Might I ask where your tip jar is on the site? I looked for it this weekend and couldn’t find it.

  4. Jujue

    I’m only past the 1st Shannon scene and I just cannot stand her!!! God she’s so annoying and pushy with her kids and her husband. 🙄

  5. Lisa j

    If Shannon were my daughter in law I don’t think I’d be too happy either. The screeching is insane with her. David is too down trodden to ever leave but looking at the previews next week, it appears that the OG Beador has one ally and that looks to be Vicki.

  6. Shay

    Isn’t Ladies of Rock LOR? They should be Local OC Kids.

    Who thinks David had sex in their house and that’s why Shannon was so intent on selling it and all the furniture “the adulteress” may have touched?

    I don’t know very many women who have mother in laws who don’t shit talk them. I think it’s inappropriate to make your husband choose between you and his mom. He obviously married you. Quit being so insecure and possessive. Talk shit about his mom to your girlfriends like normal people do, Shannon.

    • Minky

      Shannon’s behavior regarding “the other woman” is borderline psycho. Yeah, no one likes the betrayal of being cheated on. But if you simply can’t get past it, then it’s time to move on so you can truly heal and find a relationship that’s healthy and fulfilling.

      Their relationship is so messed up in so many ways. I guess the worst is the fact that she doesn’t mind dragging her kids into grown folks’ business. That’s a big red flag that Shannon’s not okay.

    • Jim

      Ugh! That stupid name… LOCK. I wasn’t going to say anything since they’re just kids. But since Shay has started it, lol. C’mon, how do you get LOCK out of Ladies of Rock? Even if the acronym made sense (which it doesn’t), LOCK is just and awful name.

      Conveniently, the girls weren’t present for the “pushed into an affair” fallout. Wasn’t it a party for them? I suspect that the scene was planned and the girls were shuffled off to a back room so as not to witness their mother’s horrible, embarrassing behavior.

      So I assume it’s legal for children to perform in bars in the OC where liquor is served? Does that seem odd to anyone else?

      • Nila

        I thought the same thing but I was thinking maybe they rented the whole place out so its okay? Like if you were renting a venue for a wedding or shower you can serve alcohol with minors present.

      • therealdeb

        In California kids are allowed in bars. At least last time I was there.

      • SaraSally

        Kids can go into a bar & grill if food is being served. I believe there is a tur over time where it become adults only.
        On another note, it also occurred to me the other woman being in their home is the reason everything, lock, stock & barrel was being sold. There must have been some bad chi. I got to thinking some more about the other woman & how she was present around David at the children’s games & events. Do you think when David chaperoned his daughter/s on that trip, the other woman did the same?

    • Lolita

      …TRUTH…and your sister-in-laws!!!!…I thought the same thing about the band name Shay…what’s with having underage children perform in a bar with everyone drinking…and did they sing more than one song….about a dreamcatcher??.. David’s Mom reminds me of Slade’s mom. German maybe? I think they sold the house because they can’t film there anymore. It’s kind of common for people to buy the furniture these days. A large percentage of real estate sales right now are international cash sales. They use them a few months out of the year or rent them. Thank God my in-laws are 6 states away!!!

    • Auntie Velvet

      It’s a portmanteau, like “Brangelina” — let’s hope Lock has better karma.

    • Janet

      I agree. Most in laws are mainly concerned with THEIR kid. It’s the way it is, and I actually was appalled that Shannon didnt at least greet her mother in law and the sisters and at least introduce them around, out of respect for David and her kids. I am not for causing alienation between family members. Life is short. What if David’s mother were to get in a car accident? I dont care for people who do that to a family, even if someone is a pain in the ass. Shannon will be a mother in law some day as well. Would she like her daughter’s husband to cause a rift and get her daughter to not speak to her?

      • Kimoe

        Did you happen to notice David sliding by his Mom and sister saying (practically throwing it out over his shoulder as he went) ‘ it’s over now, see you later’. This was after Shannon told him to get rid of them because they weren’t going to the VIP party. He didn’t stop or hug them bye, say thanks for coming, etc. my guess is no love lost on his part.

  7. ZenJen55

    I was impressed with the drummer girl but the other two well….
    Shannon, sweetie I don’t know what A Capella place your rich daddys money afforded you but you can’t sing a note. Def Leppard shows your age, act it

  8. fivecatsownme

    Why would Shannon create a scene on public that involves her children? She could have lost it, at home alone with David. Never Badmouth your spouse’s mom. Never Badmouth Grandma. I have always dislked Shannon, and I like her even less. I really hate Tamra again too. Just got to spread the hate Little drops of poison ,little grains ot spite…. Why is Brianna so shitty to her mom? Granted, Vicki is a pain in the ass mom, but she will do almost anything for her daughter. Vicki gives and Brianna takes.
    Parents trying to make children famous by way of Bravo. Can you say Uber Helicopter Mom? To paraphrase Alice Rooseveldt Longworth, Shannon wants to be the bride at every wedding, the baby at every Christening, and the corpse at every funeral. That is why she wouldn’t go to the hospital and see Vicki; she couldn’t make it all about her.
    I am indifferent to Kelly, Heather is my favorite, and on the fence with Meghan. I hope she can cope with being a single mother, ’cause it seems to me, Jimmy’s parenting style is absentee. I still prefer Mrs. Fancypants. As Minky said she is lady Maryish, but lady Mary did jump into the pig sty and saved the pigs.

    • Shay

      I dont fault anyone for not seeing Vicki in the hospital. Her own boyfriend had “cancer” and she never went to the hospital or a doctors appointment.

      • Rach

        Haha true. Vicki is the only person to own an insurance firm and not know what real hospital documents look like. So for her to exaggerate a neck injury is hardly out of character.

      • Shay

        I’m sure her neck fucking hurt. Did you see that crash? But she can’t expect shit from anyone because she’s a shitty person. I don’t believe in karma, but I do believe people will dislike you if you’re a cunt.

      • Rach

        Yeah I saw the crash. I also saw the aftermath when she could barely move her neck to sit at the table, then started bobbing her head about when she was saying she wants to be laid. LOL. No doubt she has a neck injury but I wouldn’t put it past vicki to be exaggerating it.

      • Lindsay

        Jeez that is hilarious and has never occurred to me, the owner and CEO of an insurance brokerage!

      • Betty

        Hahaha. True

      • Minky

        I forgot about Vicki not going to “chemo” with Brooks. Seriously, though. Vicki not only had the gaul to lie about Brooks’ health status, but also to try to involve Heather and Terry in one episode of the saga. Why on earth did she think that it wouldn’t get back to them and that she could get away with it?!

        I agree about this accident being a non-karma event. I don’t think this neck injury is Vicki paying for whatever she’s done wrong in her life. Vicki has been less than great to a lot of people on this show. Her treatment of Jeanna alone was very bad.

        And one injury alone isn’t gonna teach most people anything. They’d have to be in the head space where they’re already self-critical and looking to learn how to be a better person in the first place.

      • Shay

        Minx, vicki was looking for casseroles then and she’s looking for casseroles now. She’s the girl who cried casserole.

      • Lolita

        Casseroles…way too many carbs for the OC😂😂😂🍞🍞🍞🍟🍟🍟🍔🍔🍔🍕🍕🍕

      • Shay

        Lo, they can probably get at-home liposuction. Free with purchase of any implant or lift. Mini-lifts and plumping not included.

      • It would have been funny if all of them brought her a casserole!
        The vindictive person is tamarra.

      • Maybe I’m cold hearted but I would not have gone to see Vicki. She is a screaming shrew who has no clue how to interact with others. I do think Vicki is exaggerating. Yes, I believe she was hurt but she is the type who will milk a hang nail as long as possible so she’s in her glory when she actually has an injury to play up. Vicki has no compassion for others yet expects others to have compassion for her. The time Vicki was driving Briana to the hospital for surgery always sticks out in my mind. She kept complaining about how HER stomach hurt because she was nervous, SHE had a stress headache, SHE was going to throw up. It was Brianna having SURGERY!!!

      • Shay

        Just Mary, exactly. Briana was nervous and had to support her hysterical mother on the way to her own procedure. Now, Briana is sick with 2 small children. (I think it may be cancer since she went to SD for a PET scan.) And her attention seeking mother, who was in a fender bender, expects Briana to do what? Briana has enough on her plate. Vicki has another child, a brother, and other friends and family to fawn over her. And if she doesn’t it’s not Briana’s fault or responsibility.

      • Allison

        I agree with you ladies-Shay and Just Mary-I can’t fathom what it was like growing up with Vicki as a mother, if anyone knows her better than us it’s Breana, so I’m sure her comments are pretty valid. Vicki us all about Vicki, I don’t buy her “neck injury” or her paper gown sympathy story, and that no one went to the hospital speaks volumes about Vicki, not the people in her life.

      • Brooks never had cancer

      • Shay

        Diane: please go google quotation marks and then don’t come back.

      • fivecatsownme

        Shannon and Vicki are both alike in that it has to be about them.

      • Shay

        5cats, I think Shannon wants to have all of her husband’s attention and Vicki wants all of everyone’s attention.

  9. Swizzle

    Brianna is right about her mom. Vicki was totally exaggerating. When she goes to sit down at the resaturant, she barely moves her head. Once she starts talking about wanting to get laid, she’s moving again. And, the woman had just had her hair done. If you’re in that much neck pain, you don’t go to the salon where you at some point have to have your hair rinsed, which is uncomfortable on a good day. Looks like she had her color done.

    The accident was horrible. She was certainly injured, but given her track record, I’d say she’s exaggerating.

    • ingrid

      I was thinking that, too! How can you get your hair in a shampoo sink when you have whiplash? That would be agonizing.

      • Allison

        I noticed too how Vicki walked in all slow and careful like she was in so much pain, but once she sat down seemed to have a miraculous recovery-I’ve had whiplash and it HURTS. I call faker. Or exaggerater at best.

  10. Miguel

    Thanks for the speedy recap, TT, especially with the Bedor Variety Hour! It grates on my last nerve every time Shannon blubber-screeches like a crazed banshee to David. This is an impetuous child, whom enjoys telling on the other kids, trapped in a woman’s body – just pathetic!!!

    Likewise, David’s fear-shock every time he rescues his damsel is pitiful! I TRULY, TRULY feel sooooooo sorry for the guy :( Mostly, I wish Shannon would be content with wearing David’s balls as baubles & spare her children becoming collateral damage!!!!!!!

    Also, not to be mean, BUT does anyone think Briana’s disdain for Vicki stem from a need to secure her inheritance? She certainly takes a lot of pleasure in ridiculing and demeaning her mother!!!

    Or maybe, she’s resents Vicki’s need for male companionship? It seems that any man, at this point, is a threat to Briana’s position in Vicki’s life, as Number 1 Taker. Perhaps, she’s just a brat whom wants ALL the attention – must be cold living in her mother’s larger-than-life shadow?!?

    • Brianna and Michael are very angry over the Brooks affair. Vicki made their lives hell for years between worrying and arguing about it. Remember Vicki left Donn for him. Donn is the only father they ever had and are still close to him. Brianna brought it up a few weeks ago about Vicki getting back with him (doubt Donn agrees). Vicki cries wolf so much that when she is injured, no one totally believes her. I noticed her coming into the restaurant all stiff and then Woo Hoo. Vicki is a piece of work and tries to buy their affection. If I didn’t dislike her so much I’d feel sorry for her.

      • Sabrina

        Vicki keeps trying to buy their affection- but on her terms- which means she chooses what to buy for them, and makes them pay her back- after lording the purchase over them, as if it was a true gift- which it isn’t.

        That was a birthday meal for Brianna- but Vicki was deliberately late and then forgot it was Bri’s birthday. Instead of making the conversation about the birthday, she made it about herself, sex, and men- classic Vicki. She is a narcissist- clearly.

        She has defined herself in terms of money- and uses it to control them and their lives. The selfish manipulation of facts and choices would get very old. If I was Brianna, and my mother bought(and chose) the house I was forced to commit my whole savings to renovating before I could move in with little children, I would be very frustrated to. Vicki is immune to requests for support, as I have noticed Brianna making a couple of times this season, unless she has thought of it and chooses to do it on her terms. She does not listen to them and hear their needs. never has. Which is why Michael stays so far away, among other reasons.

      • Allison

        @Shay-you’re quickly becoming one of my faves here. 😊

      • Shay

        Allison, aw, thanks! A lot of my comments get misconstrued, but I figure it’s that whole “average” thing. (Think of how dumb the average person is. 50% of people are even dumber than that.)

      • Allison

        @Shay mine do too so I feel ya-but I get you, I think we’re on the same page often. I read your posts and I’m like, get outta my head! 😉

      • Shay

        Samesies. Are you up on the Ramsey posts?

      • Allison

        I’m not-I had to take a break, my head was swimming, but I’ll be catching up tonite.

      • Shay

        Allison, I’ll tell you right now, if you’re with the ninja theory I can’t talk to you anymore.

      • Allison

        ::giggle:: no, fortunately I do not subscribe to the ninja theory…I’m on the fence. ( not with a ninja) I was firmly planted on the intruder side but after participating in the thread on this blog, I’m on the fence.

      • Shay

        Allison, go to the latest Ramsey post. Its getting live. This crazy person is arguing with me. (Yes, that’s what makes her crazy:)

      • Allison

        Aw hell naw. Part 3?

      • Miguel

        Sorry, Sabrina; but it has to be said that Brianna is not a child!!! She is a GROWN ASS WOMAN with two children & a husband!!! So here’s a novel idea that I’m sure most of us here are familiar with: what if Brianna chose and bought HER own house with HER money for HER family??? If she built her own life, as do many adults, she could escape the ogre you describe as Vicky!

      • Nila

        Actually Don had affairs as well. I don’t think Michael had any issues, he said last season he liked Brooks and had no problem with him.

      • PaganChick

        Brianna may be angry about Brooks, but Michael didn’t care. Micheal even told Vicki that Brianna was being weird about Brooks and Vicki should ignore her if Brooks made her happy.
        If EVERYONE had taken that approach, Vicki would have most likely gotten bored with Brooks and dumped him long before he came to her peddling his “cancer.”

        But, because everyone wanted to make Vicki’s love life a source of conflict, Vicki was constantly defending him.

        Vicki has the mind of a rebellious teenager when it comes her love life. The more you put obstacles in her way when it came to Brooks, the more she tried to hang on to him.
        I think it is strange that none of the women or Brianna ever figured that out, but Micheal knew exactly what was going on and he is rarely even around his mother.

      • Shay

        Pagan, I don’t think I could keep my mouth shut if some sleazy, cancer-faking conartist was swindling my mom.

      • Allison

        Agreed. Breana hated him for good reason it seems.

      • Shae

        Donn was a good man, Vicki should never be inflicted upon him again. I can’t stomach her constant whining about being single. Lady, you’ve been single for all of 6 months of your entire goddamn life, grow up and learn to be an EMOTIONALLY independent woman instead of just a financially independent one. I get it, you’re happier in a couple, but it’s troubling to see someone so unnverved by being single. That’s not healthy.

        She definitely exaggerates for sympathy, see: Brooks.

    • Lolita

      Great point!!!.. now that Brooks is out, instead of spending money on his teeth, she’s buying Bri a house.

      • Vicki needs to learn that there are ways to love people that do not include money. I think she measures her worth only by her financial status without understanding that there are many many ways to show your love. One of those ways is to put others before yourself. At this point in her life, however, it’s way too late for Vicki to learn that one.

    • I’m sure Breanna resents her mother and possibly blame her for how things turned out for her. Vicki was so controlling and Breanna let her so now she probably realized her life would’ve been different if she would’ve just done Breanna.

  11. Happy gal

    When Shannon said that David used to spend a lot of time w his mom prior to them being married it made me think she felt like it was a competition and she was exclaiming see I won

    Of course she won – after u marry the man will be with you more than his mom but I got the vibe Shannon needed him to pick her over his family from the jump and that is what caused he rift

    With her it is like everything is a completion and she damn well better be placed first

    I hope they set aside a nice trust fund so their kids can seek competent therapy to undo the damage that has been done to them

    • If my mother-in-law ever told my kids that I’m a bad mother it would be a deal breaker. My kids would never see grandma again. That’s undermining a mother/child relationship. IMO the problem isn’t with the MIL, but with David having no balls because he won’t tell his mother if she doesn’t treat his wife with respect and civility they all will be out of her life for good. He took vows with Shannon, not his mother. Just look at David’s Mom and sister, would you want to be related to them? Burrrrr

      • Ktina

        Exactly! My mother in law is a hateful bitch. Her children know it but always try to excuse her behavior. She literally drove her husband into the grave with her abuse. I don’t know why they still talk to her frankly. She only “tolerates” me even though I’ve been married to her son for over 25 years and literally saved his life. My children cannot stand the woman and I don’t feel the need to excuse her behavior to them. They’re not stupid.

      • David can’t have the balls to stand up to his mother because his balls are rolling around at the bottom of Shannon’s purse, right where Shannon put them. You rob your husband of his masculinity and in the next breath tell him to man up!

      • Lindsay

        Excellent point!

      • Eve

        I don’t trust what Shannon said……maybe the mother didn’t say that.

      • Shae

        I think that’s exactly what he’s told her and why they barely speak and see each other now. Shannon said he wants nothing to do with her and he said he avoids her because she mistreats Shannon and doesn’t respect his wife/family. It’s a shame she’s just a vile woman that she would behave that way- some people are just like that. You do not show up to a family event and start bending strangers’ ears about your private family issues! That’s disgusting. You can think Shannon is annoying, but she is not a bad person, and to have disliked her from day one and to demonstrate it consistently over the course of the marriage is shameful. Get your shit together, old lady, and maybe you will be invited over more often than Christmas and Easter. Terrible.

      • Allison

        @shae everything you just said about Shannon is spot on. Yes, she’s shrill at times, she whistles her s’s and that hurts my ears, but so much hatred thrown at her is crazy to me. I think she’s probably nice-but it comes down to she’s a woman who loves her family, almost had it destroyed, is trying to come back from that and learning her way. I just don’t get the venom.

    • We all have a questionable in-law and/or family member, my brother married a real doozie, but you fake nice nice at family functions especially when kids are in the picture. Shannon is so damn needy. Always asking David where her enema is, or water for her nasal cleanse (before leaving on a surprise romantic trip later vow renewal). No man wants to hear all that. Tonight she was on the phone with him chatting about the RHOC BS and he rushed her off the phone…”Ok…love you, bye”. She screams like a child for David when drunkidy drunk drunk Kelly was slurring insults at the 70s party. Again, tonight she screams for David loud about his MOTHER. There is probably a point to his mom’s allegations. Maybe not, but it is pretty obvious David and Shannon don’t have a real connection. The need to talk about how in love they are and how they have such a strong marriage… suspect in and of itself.

      • Ktina

        I don’t see any chemistry either. It’s sad that David feels stuck.

      • Bugg

        Exactly, Shannon an David have no chemistry at all. Scenes of them alone together feel awkward.

      • I rewetted the episode tonight and to correct my comment above about her calling David to chat BS housewife stuff, its way worse, she called David to chat about how she found some supplement and took one after searching the entire house… something like that…so AGAIN…you are calling to tell him this?

        Lots of needy folks are obsessed with medical treatments and doctors.

      • Yikes, I mean rewatched**

  12. Shannon needs to look around her. If you’ve had a problem with every single person in your life, maybe it’s not about them it’s about you.

    • Sabrina

      Amen. Also, while trying to figure out what it is that makes me hate hearing her speak, I realized this episode- beyond all the emotional and psychological issues we have spoken about, it becomes impossible to just listen to Shannon because she literally SCREAMS every single word she says.

      I noticed it this episode- she does not speak at room voice level- it is always screaming- as if for endless attention. Interestingly and very likely, I suspect.

      At a certain point, everyone stops listening/hearing.

  13. Rach

    I like Shannon, I really don’t understand the dislike for her at all. But she was wrong to cause a scene in front of her kids. I also agree with Brianna. She knows her mother more than any of us. The bobbing your head about when you’ve got a neck injury is not convincing Vicki.

    • Sliceo'pie

      I think it sucks big time that Brianna goes on National Tv and talks badly about her mother. It turns me off massively-whether she’s right about the situation or not – I find it in really poor taste to bash your mom like that.

  14. Observer2

    I am so over all these HW shows dragging this crap out over an entire season. Last season was okay walking through the process of successfully holding a marriage together if you want to after you’ve been cheated on. But production’s not happy with that – they’ve got to bring in the mother-in-law to blame the victim.

    And then these newbies coming on (a/k/a David’s mother) carrying their cell phone so they can be sure and say what production wants them to say.

    (last night it was Ashley’s new fiance that had to say the part about giving her back after 90 days)

    Now it looks like we’ll spend the last half of the season with Kelly going through marital problems.

  15. Damn! I thought I had given up this show and I am slowly being sucked back in. If it wasn’t for that stupid roll over and TTs talk about the podcast of everyone turning against Vicki again, I would hasve been free and clear.

  16. SJ

    Great recap once again TT and I’m Sorry to ask this but How long was Vickie in the hospital? I read somewhere that it wasn’t even overnight. Wouldn’t that indicate that Bravo was using the airlift as a precautionary measure more than for medical needs? I’m not a Vickie fan but I understand Brianna’s frustration with her Mother’s constant need for attention and why she vents on camera.

    • Swizzle

      Supposedly eight hours and the airlift was because she they were in such a remote area. Had she been near a good hospital, she would have been in an ambulance.

  17. cheychey

    I thought the little drummer girl was great also. But kids playing a gig in a bar? And then you wonder why grandma might say bad things about your parenting decisions. We’re there no talent shows or community events they could play at? Then they don’t leave after the show but hang around in the bar where? They were not to be seen with the parents when Shannon had her 50th meltdown about the affair while everyone ate so where were they?

    • Shae

      It looked like more of a bar/restaurant/live music joint to me. I don’t see any issue with kids performing there in early evening with their parents, then having a dinner upstairs. It’s not like they came on at 11pm when bar patrons are probably good and soused lol

  18. RHofND

    Shannon is a nut job butt it sounds like she has the Mother-in-law from hell. I can’t imagine how embarrassed her mother law is today after the show aired. She was whispering to Kelly and Tamara and clearly wasn’t aware that they were wearing microphones and we could hear what she said. Shannon will never get over David’s affair or throwing it in his face. Yes she had a right to be angry but throwing a hissy fit in front of everyone only brought more attention to it and made the situation worse.

    • Ktina

      I couldn’t do it but I think because Shannon’s parents divorce affected her so much she doesn’t want to put her children through the same thing. I would think that every time we were in bed that he was thinking of her.

    • Kika

      I loved how Kelly kept telling Shannon that it wasn’t David’s fault that his mother said these things. Kelly was seeing the real Shannon and her obsession about the affair firsthand.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        That was nuts! She yelled at David as if HE had any control over it.

      • Shae

        I didn’t take it as she was mad at David, she was mad at the mother and flipping out over it. I’m pretty well sure Shannon knows David can’t control his mother’s mouth. I think she was just so upset and shocked she was yelling TO him, not at- idiot Kelly babbling on about how the MIL just wants to “make amends” and it’s not David’s fault. Nobody thinks it’s David’s fault and you know zero about this woman or their history- kudos to Shannon for calmly and politely telling Kelly to DROP the issue about 3-5 times.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      I think the mother in law has very little self awareness. She screams personality disorder to me. What kind of psycho approaches complete strangers to petition them against someone else? Red flags, red flags everywhere.

      • Jessica White

        Totally agree. The MIL came to that event with an agenda. She immediately went to the 2 women who are RH’s and starts telling her sob story about having Shannon as a DIL on camera. She thought it would make Shannon look bad but it only ended up revealing the MIL’s personality disorder. I’m shocked Bravo has kept this crazy MIL from us all these years.

    • Sliceo'pie

      Eh, sorry, not buying it. I don’t believe she was unaware of either the camera or microphone’s presence – There are cameramen following these women around – probably with lights as well!
      I think she wanted to get her side out there – for whatever reason-unfortunately, it made her come across like the Mother-in-Law from Hell. Oops.

      It cracks me up how whenever Shannon has a problem with the women she goes screaming for David – Tamara’s Christening when Vickie’s guest brought up the affair, Shannon’s Party -running around looking for David whilst dressed as Mrs Roper (a gift from baby Jesus for the viewers)
      and finally her daughters concert. Handle it on your own woman!
      Shannon stuttering: “David they’re, they’re, they’re being mean to me – David”.
      Woman Please.

  19. Jonnell

    Shannon said that David didn’t spend time with his family but I distinctly remember David’s sister babysitting the girls more than once.

  20. Allison

    The drumming daughter is quite impressive! If that’s how granny behaves, I can see why she doesn’t see her grandkids that much- I’d never expose my kids to someone that can’t hide their dislike for me and can’t keep their trap shut. It was sooooo weird how she approached strangers with complaints like she did.

  21. Allison

    I’m. So. Sick. Of. Hearing. About. This. Affair. I think sometimes Shannon likes being offended, it’s something to have a tantrum over.

    • swizzle

      We’re all sick of the affair, but Shannon didn’t bring it up, her whacko MIL did. So highly inappropriate filming or not to start talking to random strangers at an event for your grandchildren about your issues with their mother. It’s horrible. My MIL has done some really shit things too, which is why our relationship with her is very limited. I fake it when I have to see her, but she’s an awful person who said the single cruelest thing to me ever and I will not give her a pass on it.

      • Allison

        True, it wasn’t Shannon this time. For once. Poor David-he looked terrified and in the limo couldn’t say anything right. I gotta say I am blessed with the best mother in law I ever could have hoped for. Amazing lady that I have deep respect for and an awesome, close relationship with. We bought each other tickets to “Wicked” for our birthdays and I’m so excited.

  22. Kika

    Tamra keeps screaming that Meagan was telling EVERYONE that it was horrible how careless she to cause the accident. I only remember her telling Vicki who then told Tamra so did she REALLY tell everyone in town as Tamra keeps saying?

    • Shay

      Kika, Vicki is pissed that Tamra alluded to Vicki exaggerating her injury. On Vicki’s blog she said Tamra was “negligent” while driving. For an insurance agent to publicly call the driver of an accident “negligent”? Oh shit. Tamra better kiss her ass. Vicki may decide to sue the shit out of her.

    • SaraSally

      Tamra was reckless or careless, however it was said. There are really no vehicle accidents, but merely human error. I believe that Tamra was not familiar with this ATV & being in full capacity & how to maneuver with the distribution load. In SoCal, you offroad plenty & all vehicles are different in handling the dunes. She was showing off & driving beyond her ability. Very careless.

  23. Wow ~ I haven’t watched this yet.
    I usually fast forward every scene that Shannon is in but want to see the mother in law.

    The only time I ever liked Kelly was when she called Shannon Mrs. Roper😂.

  24. Happy gal

    The mother in law did it at the exact wrong time but she probably knew it would be her ONLY time to say it to all of Shannon’s friends. She clearly cannot stand Shannon, she clearly feels alienated from her granddaughters and feels it is Shannon’s fault and she clearly feels that any falling out with her son is also Shannon’s fault so she took the opportunity to get her digs in with Shannon’s friends knownjng full well it would get back to Shannon and drive her bat shit nuts just like it did

    She probably hoped to come off as the sympathetic grandma being denied access and she did. She probably really

    does feel Shannon drove her son to an affair. Remember she knows a lot more about what it is like to live w Shannon than we do and while cheating is never the answer I can see why someone who loves their kids and hopes to make it until they are older would try to stay in the marriage but might seek some happiness elsewhere . I don’t agree but I do understand.

    Shannon would not even allow David to leave it in a neutral position in the limo with their kids because Shannon

    The mother in law should not have said it but I can understand the feelings behind it

  25. TartKarma

    Shannon needs to get it together. I have been with my fiancee for 7 years now, we have one child, twins on the way and my 3 awesome step-kids. My soon to be MIL thought, excuse me, still thinks I’m an illegal alien only looking for a green card. Just because I’m hispanic. Mind you, I’m Puerto Rican and was born in FL, lol. But that doesn’t stop her from asking and insinuating that everytime we have her over. Have I ever flipped my lid around the kids? Never. You do what the rest of us adults do, talk mass shit when she leaves in the privacy of our bedroom. Geesh!

  26. PeachyKeen

    The beador girls playing at a bar? Thought it was a private party….

  27. Nila

    I liked Shannon season one, have my cared for her the last two seasons but I like her in her talking heads. I wish she had the personality she has in those little segments on the show. Ugh, I had a mother in law like that, very difficult to deal with.

  28. I too thought Vicki was being careful of her neck at the restaurant until she kept bobbing her head yes and no. Then I thought perhaps the walking gingerly into the restaurant might have been an act.

  29. Errriccc

    Shannon has quickly gone from a fan favorite to most hated! ALL she does is complain on camera! Ask stupid questions that are dumb enough to be rhetorical and then answer them right after. It’s funny how at first she made it seem like there were some type of personal family boundaries and Kelly questioning too much was going to compromise their quick reconciliation, but then she explodes on David in front of all these people over a comment he didn’t even make! Announcing in front of everyone what it was. She’s crazy.

  30. CupcakeScholar

    This show felt like a filler show. Boring…At some point, I turned away. Based on your recap, I missed nothing and am glad that I turned away.

  31. Lindsay

    Haven’t been watching this season because I CANNOT with Meaghan so thank you, as always, for the stellar recap and comment section.

  32. Auntie Velvet

    I would be creeped out beyond words if someone’s mother, a stranger, came up and began TMIing all over the place about family matters. It was strange and a little evil.

    • Allison

      Yes, Auntie V! Gramma Donna was creepy as hell, sidling up to Shannon’s friends all like “hi-she doesn’t let me see my granddaughters”. Weird and planned. Poorly. I think she was just looking for her chance to shit talk, and it fell flat.

      • Dandy Lion

        Agreed. Grandma Donna should not be talking snack and spreading crap to women she doesn’t even know. Shannon, on the other hand, should leave the kids out of it. Yeah, it’s frustrating as shit to have a mother-in-law like Donna but to the girls it’s their grandmother. Let them figure out grandma is a wack-a-doo.

    • Shae

      Exactly. I would excuse myself and get the hell out of there. Something is very wrong when you’re spilling family business to strangers.

  33. Kate Gates

    Super evil of the mother in law. I get wanting to defend your son but not on this and not on tv. She went in locked and loaded. Her grandchildren will likely see this episode and or read a recap. Hope she apologises profusely. Having been cheated on and having it come to light in a very public way (she came to my work and announced it to me by shrilly yelling it in front of my boss and colleagues) I get the eruptions and having things trigger a meltdown years later. Could not imagine being blamed for it publicly too. Evil bitch. Team Sharron.

  34. Allison

    I’m in the minority as usual-I don’t get the visceral hatred for Shannon.

  35. This episode hit too close to home. My soon-to-be-ex sister in law was very controlling over my brother & did everything she could to keep us away from him & the kids (she managed to chase all of his friends away but we weren’t so easy). She was especially cruel to my mom (who really didn’t deserve it). But we never said anything about it to the kids (and still don’t) because she’s their mother. Plus, they’ll figure out that she’s batshit crazy soon enough & on their own.

    A few other thoughts:
    – why did the girls’ band play in a bar that none of their friends could go to? It’s a rhetorical question because obviously it was all about Shannon but still…
    – David’s mom searching for Tamara had production written all over it. They knew who would spill the beans to Shannon.

  36. Nila

    Does anyone know if the community where Shannon lives changed their mind about allowing filming there? Or was this filmed prior to that?

  37. SaraSally

    How does HWs living in San Diego County make them eligible to rep RH of Orange County? Its odd to yank the girls from all that they know …locale, friends & school district at such a vulnerable age. Maybe, they’ll phase out this production & start a San Diego one.

  38. I think Tamra WAS reckless but no one can talk about it cuz they all sign their literal lives away when they come on these shows.
    Someone quoted Eleanor Roosevelt about Shannon in the comments…just wanted to say I blew Diet Coke through my nostrils laughing. Whatever it was, so spot ON!
    And whoever made the Slade’s Mom and Beador’s Mom reference was also spot on. I remember they even changed whoever was playing Slade’s Mom at one point but my memory is gone tonight – obviously, lol.
    No biggie on LOCK playing at a bar to me but I grew up in a different era and never do quite get the protective bubble kids are in nowadays. Shannon ruined two cute scenes for her girls by making it – as always – about her her her. It’s enough to push a husband to an affair! (OK just joking, but geeez louise with that one).
    I’ve always been on the TT train about Briana. Not a huge Vicki “fan” but the daughter irks me to no end.

  39. Jrleaguer

    When I heard the first few bars of the song, I thought they were covering Pat Benatar’s , Heartbreaker. Guessing that mom and dad rented out the venue for the evening for them to have their showcase. David is practically blinking out, “Help me!” in Morse code.

    • Miguel

      LOL, Jrleaguer – David’s Morse code with the eyes is hilarious!!!

    • Suse

      Jrleaguer! Mee Too! I can’t get it out of my head every time the show plays! I am surprised anyone over 40 did think so! Of course, we’ve only heard the opening . . . (Did Shannon help with that? Hmmm?

  40. RENOB

    Can someone please tell Tamra to STOP with the “logo” trucker hats… they are so 90s and freaking stupid. You are like 50 lady, trucker caps with slogans are for kids (if anyone)!!

  41. Shannon is a train wreck. How is that ever appropriate to shout about your husbands affair in front of your party guests. Tamra is and always will stir the pot.

  42. Sherryc74

    Thank you TT for pointing out what I’ve been saying about Briana this whole time. She’s the 2nd worse HW kid as far as attitude after ASSlee on #RHONJ! Briana doesn’t miss an opportunity to throw her mother under the bus and it’s shocking to me how fans of the show praise her for doing it! Would you do that to your own Mom!? I damn sure wouldn’t! Vicki has a lot of faults (don’t we all) but she does so much for her kids & just took care of Briana’s ungrateful ass AND her kids while she has medical issues so I find it apalling that she treats her mother the way she does. I would NEVER go against my mother for ANYONE, that doesn’t mean agreeing with all her choices (Brooks) or not telling her when she’s wrong that means being loyal & grateful she’s there for me whenever I need her & not siding with, talking crap about her or letting ANYONE trash talk her & I certainly wouldn’t put her biz in front street the way Briana does. Vicki ALWAYS takes up for Briana & her psycho husband even when we saw him go ballistic on an elderly lady! She wouldn’t let the ladies talk about him & defended him even though you could tell she knew he handled it wrong! She also has accepted him & their shot gun wedding after her meltdown of course lol! Too bad her azzhole of a daughter doesn’t have the same sense of loyalty. Her Mom could have died in that crash yet all she can talk about is how her mom exaggerates for attention? Hey maybe she’s using her Mom for her money as well? Imagine Pandora or Max on #RHOBH doing talking heads criticizing LVP constantly? Leave it to their castmates who get paid to cause drama who wants to hear it from the kids that you labored to bring in this world and make it your life mission to ensure their healthy & happy? I simply can’t stand spoiled ungrateful brats & Briana comes across as a HUGE one! I hope Andy gets enough viewer questions to address it at reunion vs. giving Briana the stage (or couch) to actually do it more! He seems to enjoy it as well. Okay my rant is over…

    • Kika

      Strange houw Brianna’s husband has nothing to say lately. Hardly notice he is on the show. Brianna probably told him not to talk, LOL! Brianna takes after her mother in her taste in men.

    • Sherry
      Well said! Vicki is always loyal to her daughter. When her son in law attacked Lydia’s mother, she never said a wrong word about Brianna’s husband.

  43. Rach

    Has anyone seen the twitter drama with tamra and Kelly? Even Lizzie is getting involved. Kelly slagging off Tamra and bringing up her estranged daughter, Tamra wishing Kelly’s husband gets custody of Jolie and dragging her dead mother in law into it. Has the latest episode aired in USA and something happened? I’m so confused by it all.

  44. PeachyKeen

    WHat I found strange was Kelly recognizing Davids Mom and SHannon SIL? How.. production lights and camera crew?… Kelly is drawn like a moth to the lights… Oh they must be important! How did production know? Such a set up…

  45. Deb

    I bet the bad mom comment from Donna is about Shannon telling her kids about the affair.

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