Lisa Rinna Honored For Her Charity Work, But Which Housewives Were No Shows?



Lisa Rinna was honored for her charity work with Angel Food Project, a charity that delivers meals to the homebound, and well, most of the housewives were there.  Eden Sassoon, Camille Grammer, Kyle Richards, and Dorit Kemsley were there to support her.

Am I the only one that thinks Camille is either back or at least an FOH? She sure does seem to be around a lot.

But I am more interested in who was NOT there.

rhobh-rinna-family-angel-foodLisa Vanderpump, who has actually worked with Angel Food Project before, at least on a previous season of filming was not there this year. But whatever, there is no love lost between Rinna and LVP.  So maybe she is just being snotty about it.

But what about Erika?  Rinna kind of tried to suck up to her last season after she got to know her. I think those two would make great friends. And Erika has been hanging with Kyle a lot this season, so why isn’t she there?

And most importantly, Where is Eileen?  I keep asking you guys this and at this point I am hoping that Eileen hangs in there as an FOH. I am still not sure Rinna is full time. Did she even go to Mexico? I don’t remember.

I know I do this everytime the RHOBH post photos of filming, but I really need some assurance that Rinna and Eileen will be on my TV when RHOBH returns, because I love them.

I also love the beautiful photo of Lisa Rinna with her gorgeous family.  This is what I watch RHOBH for. Your mileage may vary.

Now pat me on the head and reassure me that Rinna and Eileen are still on the show. Really. I need to hear this.


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17 responses to “Lisa Rinna Honored For Her Charity Work, But Which Housewives Were No Shows?

  1. SDC

    1. Rinna is full time and so is Eileen.
    2. Rinna was in Mexico and so was Eileen.
    3. I believe Erika wasn’t there because she was at Dallas pride.
    4. LVP and Rinna have allegedly made up and are fine.

    • ELLENO

      Ooh I hope you’re right on all counts SDC!

      • SDC

        1 & 2 is for sure. Eileen is feuding with LVP still and newcomer Dorit. I think Eileen is getting the villain edit this season.

      • tamaratattles

        Eileen makes the big buck for her villain roles, LVP is super jealous of Eileen’s soap career. I;d love to see Eileen got Kristen Dimera all over LVP and Dorit. Without you know the physical torture or death. Just the death stares.

    • tamaratattles

      I don’t think I know who you are, but I want to believe. So you are my new favorite person. If, when the season starts, this is not true, I may have to hunt you down and torture you. I mean if I ever leave the sofa. That would be on my list somewhere after buy kombucha and pistachio ice cream. Because I really need those two things in my life. And some canned potatoes. So Kombucha, pistachio ice cream, canned potatoes and then I will hunt you down. As long as you live somewhere I can drive to with Banjo.

      So you better be right.

  2. Happy gal

    Wow her daughter w the dark hair has sure grown up a lot since last season!! She looks gorgeous !! If she was not posing w her family I would not have recognized her! It is always nice to see a happy intact Hollywood family

  3. Jrleaguer

    Her daughters are lovely. If she does not already have one already, I see her needing one of those bio matic locks for her closet (like one of the DC housewives had) to keep them from raiding her closet. :)

  4. Jim

    I would love for Camille to return! She attends many of the RHOBH parties but never seems to make it to FOH status. Maybe she just like the other housewives?

  5. JustJenn

    I just started following Lisa R on Snapchat so I’ve only seen her at the Emmys, but she is really one of the best additions to any housewife franchise ever IMO..I love her.

  6. Observer2

    Off topic just a second here, but Tamara you are doing an AWESOME job with your coverage and all the new variety. But please, please, please don’t wear yourself out!

  7. Lawstangel

    Project Angel Food is an amazing organization founded by one of my favorite people, Marianne Williamson, during the early days of the AIDS epidemic. With all of the competing charities in Los Angeles, it goes a long way to have celebrity support. In the beginning, PAF mainly served HIV patients, but later expanded to all terminal illnesses. AIDS extracted a heavy toll here in Los Angeles in the 90’s (as I’m sure it did everywhere else) Elizabeth Taylor was a huge early supporter (she was very close friends with Rock Hudson) she was one of the first celebrities to take on the AIDS cause. Bravo to Lisa….it’s nice to see her involved and get recognition.

  8. T D

    Strange that those paid for the art of illusion come across as most real. Lisa R., Eileen and Erica are masters of their craft. Life doesn’t mimic art unless you willingly offer up your heart as the canvas.

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