Real Housewives of New Jersey: Cutting The Cancer Out



Siggy and Jacqueline meet with Rosie to recap the last episode. Short version, Siggy’s son got his driver’s license (and a new SUV)  and Rosie says she was hoping to work things out with Teresa but she doesn’t seem receptive. I am sick of Siggy acting like she knows what she is talking about when it comes to Teresa. When she was on WWHL with Caroline last week I sort of lost all interest in her.

I am thoroughly disgusted that I am apparently going to be team Jacqueline all season. I’m pretty sure she and her entire family have me blocked for hating on her so much.  But that was four years ago. When she is not exploiting her children and blaming all of her problems on them, she’s kind of a decent person.

Jorga seems to be supporting his sister in the Teresa war on Kathy and Rosie. They play the clip once again that is supposedly the big issue.  Rich asks his elderly mother in law, Kathy’s mother and Teresa’s aunt what she thinks of Joe and Teresa pleading guilty to fraud. She says, ” I’ve always told my children, if you do something wrong, you always pay for it, you can never get away with it.”   This caused Teresa to come for the woman via Kathy and Rosie on that season finale to the point I thought Rosie might actually kill her.  I believe she had to be restrained off camera. Teresa went in on Kathy and Rosie via their parents and it was cruel and brutal. But somehow, they are “the cancer” despite her long stay in yoga camp trying to become as zen as Dina Manzo. Which is not at all. So apparently, she has succeeded.



Now for some new material. Ashlee’s boyfriend proposes and based on the padlocks it apparently happened at the New Jersey version of pont neuf. Ashlee and the fiance rush home to show Jac.  Jac is more excited than she is.  Chris says, “She’s all yours Pete. Good luck.”  The first person Ashley called was Albie Manzo.


If you want to get nauseous count the number of new winter coats you see Teresa wear. This is Teresa learning to pare down and live within her means.   Teresa talks about Joe’s drinking and how he is nervous about going to prison. Melissa is glad Teresa is finally opening up with her.

Later she stops in to see Melissa and Siggy. They set the stage for a group trip to Vermont. So far everything is a rehash of last episode or preparing for the Vermont trip. Clearly nothing is going to happen until Teresa screams at her cousins.  Siggy and Jac meet with Teresa try to encourage her to go to lunch with her cousins. She tells them not to get involved in her family life. She talks about the things they said about her father at the reunion without mentioning all the things she said about their mother.  She says that Kathy called her Dad a coward. Which she did after Teresa told her to go to the parents with her issues with them. Kathy said she did that and her dad walked out like a coward.  Jac points out that Teresa said a bunch of bad stuff about their mother. Teresa starts dropping all sorts of f-bombs on Jac about talking about her family. Then she goes off because apparently her aunt should not have acknowledged that Teresa did anything wrong despite the fact that she pled GUILTY to multiple felony’s. I’m dying to hear what her aunt’s response should have been. Teresa has her evil face on while coming for Jac.

Siggy and Jac go to the Wakiles for dinner. Melissa and Joe are coming as well. This will not go well.  And sure enough everyone starts talking about the Teresa situation and Melissa doesn’t want to be involved.  As Jac points out, everyone including Kathy and Rosie listened to you bitch about Teresa for all the previous seasons but now you can’t listen to them vent.  Rich says he knows what the problem is. He kisses Kathy and says this is my wife of 25 years and I love her and we have a great, happy family. Somehow this is interpreted to mean that Teresa is jealous because Joe doesn’t love her. It is interesting to me that is where Melissa’s mind went immediately. Because frankly, I was confused by Rich’s random announcement.

Joe rattles off in Italian something about the tongue not having a bone but it can break bones. I prefer the good old American sticks and stones version myself.  Joe says that as if Teresa never says anything to them. Rosie loses her mind and is ready to kill Teresa again because Teresa says whatever she wants but the only person who ever gets hurt is Kathy and she is tired of her sister taking the brunt of this entire situation. Joe finally sort of gets it. He says he is going to convince Teresa to have lunch with them.

Joe meets with Teresa and literally makes things worse. Then he tells her to go to lunch with them. CAN WE JUST GET TO THIS LUNCH ALREADY? Teresa agrees to go if Joe Gorga goes with her.


I should have just fast forwarded to the last ten minutes. Kathy and Rosie want to repair things and keep the family together.  Teresa is done and Joe seems to be supporting this. Rosie talked to her mother and she told them to be kind and that family is everything.

Kathy starts of speaking very kindly. Teresa says they will always be family but she just wants to be left alone. Teresa says that Rich is a big part of the problem.  Um, Teresa blames everyone’s negative reactions to her behavior on them rather than the way she treats them. Rich is a prime example of someone she treated badly and then gets surprised when he takes digs at her.

Teresa says they never contacted her in prison. Rosie points out that she asked Joe how she can be added to the email. Teresa says they could have just sent mail to the jail. She’s snarky about it. It might be a good time to point out the Melissa was allowed to contact her in jail either because she was blaming everyone else for her crimes. She sat in there stewing over how everyone did her wrong and came out with a chip on her shoulder.

The bottom line is that Teresa things the only reason they want to mend fences is because of the TV show.  She calls it “being back in the public eye”  but that is what she means.  She says she just wants to cut the cancer out.

Kathy is offended and Rosie is hurt. Teresa says she wants nothing to do with any of them but they will always be cousins. She loves them and the door will always be open for them.  But then Teresa says “she said that but she knows what they meant.” Teresa actually cries real tears in the car like she actually has feelings.

Next week: It’s the Vermont trip from hell where Jac loses her damn mind.













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155 responses to “Real Housewives of New Jersey: Cutting The Cancer Out

  1. Twilly

    Teresa just proving herself over and over to be complete garbage. And violent garbage to boot. Her violent and volatile nature is well documented at this point.

    • Espi

      Did we not just see the same episode…
      this was the most anti violent display of Teresa’s reaction to family conflict ever.

      I’m not defending the woman. I’m just stating the obvious. Her sit down with Cathy and Rosie was cordial, honest, and had an understanding.

      Unexpectedly, her tears as she went to the car showed remorse.

      Very different Teresa on my screen tonight

  2. BeetsWhy

    Well that was the most fucked up breakup I’ve ever seen. “I don’t want anything to do with you” versus “We are family, I’ll always be here for you, my door is always open”. WTF???

    also, did anyone else feel like Teresa was way more open about Joe going to “camp” and his feelings because she knew he probably wouldn’t see the show in his “bunk”?

    • Twilly

      She knows what she’s supposed to say to look good on tv “we’re family, my door is always open” versus how she truly feels “get out of my life because you acknowledged the crimes I’ve committed ” and she can’t keep herself from letting the truth slip into her tv rsponse.

    • Toni

      I got that part. Teresa doesn’t want to be friends, hang out, etc. but they are family. If your mom dies, let me know and I’ll be at the funeral. Victoria gets married, invite me and I’ll send a gift. I don’t hate you, but I don’t want to be part of your life. Teresa cried because it’s sad that it’s gotten to that point but it is what it is.

      And I have to say I agree with Teresa about their motivations. They couldn’t even send her a birthday card or something?

      • Nila

        I completely agree.

      • Errriccc

        Yup! I agree. I’m rarely team Teresa, but the cousins’ motives are questionable. Why do they only want to resolve problems with her on camera when they are not main cast members? Melissa wasn’t allowed on the visitation list while Teresa was away, yet she continued to send her support via email and through her actions with Tre’s parents. Why couldn’t Kathy and Rosie do the same? Why does it seem like they just pop in when the cameras are rolling?

      • tamaratattles

        Actually no, Melissa was not on her email list. And had no contact with her until she got out of prison. Until she changed that story on WWHL saying she sent letters and photos. However, at the beginning of the season she said out of her own mouth she had no contact with her in prison.

      • Karen

        Thanks for pointing that out, TT.

        I find this odd since I thought you said Joe spent a lot of time with Rosie while Teresa was away. That didn’t make Teresa feel differently about her at least?

      • Aunt Sassy

        Rosie and Joe were drinking buddies. Since she said that Joe’s drinking has escalated perhaps she would prefer that Rosie keep her distance.

      • Kara123

        Totally agree

      • Remember Kathy, Melissa and Rosie came on the show — Teresa’s gig — and decide to air their family dirty laundry when Teresa was never all that interested in repairing that relationship as much as her and her brother. As that story line rolled on to more seasons Kathy started to look more and more botoxed – then the new big fancy house that they appeared on some building show about. Don’t they get it by NOW, just leave the bitch alone, she ain’t interested and quite frankly I ain’t either. How they and jac cried when she was sentenced was such BS. They were just drawing attention to themselves, at the time they all were strained from Teresa. Their relationship with Teresa got them paid and now they are so badly trying to stay relevant by keeping this alive. Kathy knows that Teresa has thought they were “using” her for a while, so maybe you should have sent a letter or two.

      • tamaratattles

        jped the fact that you think RHONJ was Teresa’s gig is hysterical. Caroline’s family was also on the show. That is part of the reason Caroline chose to leave the show. That;s the mature behavior. Screaming that everyone is coming on your show is the egotistical cunty route that Teresa took. Until now, when she needs an ally and suddenly she’s just peachy with Melissa and Joe after treating them like shit for multiple seasons,

  3. GayFriendInYaHead

    Yea this season is really bad, happy for Ashlee but am so tired of jaqueline and Teresa. Siggy and Dolores I adore you to but hate the editing and that you guys have to deal with seasons old drama. Robyn is on next weeks episode but filmed an entire season and was cut because of jaqueline, bravo should have just never aired the episode because it’s gonna look like one of Teresa friends just popped up and got into it with jac.

  4. Minky

    We need that Willy Wonka meme generator for Teresa’s shenanigans. (Shay?! Where you at?!)

    It would look something like this: “So… Whenever someone is upset with your behavior, you always blame it on them. Tell me again how much you changed at “camp”.”

    Or a Samuel L. Jackson meme: “Tell me how much you love your “fambly” again motherfucker!” The one from Pulp Fiction with a gun pointed at Teresa’s head.

    • Shay

      Minx!!! I just saw the episode where Jac thinks she can read lips. I hadn’t seen Teresa. What the fuck happened to her in jail?! It looks like her eyes are upside down!

      • Minky

        Too much yoga? Or the jailhouse dildos? Or maybe both at the same time? Ew.

      • Shay

        Haha. Like she was in downward facing dog so long her eyes just drooped like snoopy? Whatever she did, it looks like Jac did the opposite.

      • Blondesense

        Yes Shay! It’s her eyes – I couldn’t put my finger on what changed. Tre looks like those faces kids make on talent nights? You know – they draw eyes on their chin and hang upside down… except clearly the person playing Teresa has a beard.

      • Shay

        Blondsense, did you used to have an avatar with red lips? I think we were pals on a different blog (I had a different name). Anyway, yeah- not to be rude, but she looks like she melted.

      • Blondesense

        Yes Shay, I did have that Avi :) I abandoned many a blog for Ms T.

      • Shay

        Samesies. Some were stoopid;)

      • getreal2014

        Such a great observation. I noticed the “upside down” eyes too, but couldn’t come up with a name for them. It’s very odd looking.

      • I think this is what happens when you use botox and fillers on a regular basis then are forced to quit for several months. If you see the real pictures of her right after prison she looks really bad. It’s her eyes and around her mouth that are funky to me. I’m not sure they can fix it.

      • Shay

        Just Mary, but botox paralyzes muscles. If anything her eyes should be turned up at the corners with crow’s feet. Instead she looks like a basset hound.

      • Miguel

        Although hilarious, Shay, Jac & Siggy said she hasn’t been sleeping – have a little mercy!!!

      • Shay

        Miguel, that WAS me having mercy. You should see all the comments I delete.

      • Miguel

        Hahaha, Shay – you’re the best :)

      • Shay

        Mifuel, you are! I like that your blissfully kind. I’m a jaded cunt. Riding the window sill:)

  5. Jrleaguer

    I loved Chris letting Pete know that there is a No Return policy at Chez Laurita.

  6. Mel kinne

    I’m so tired of Teresa acting like she’s better then everyone and we should all feel sorry for her! It seems like if your not kissing her butt then she’s going to make you look and feel like a traitor! I’m tired of seeing Melissa and Joe having Teresas back when they should stick up for their own family as well! And enough with the crying Jaclyn every episode is about my poor family, poor me, poor money problems! Suck it up girl! You have a beautiful family, your husband loves you and your on a show making good money! It saddens me to think that a family member can’t say the truth and then you crucified them on TV because you wanted them to say your so perfect and you did nothing wrong! You have NOT changed Teresa you still blame everyone but yourself and one day everyone’s going to get tired of your manipulation and games and then you will be alone by yourself still blaming people!

  7. Lisa j

    I get wanting to end things with people but holy shit, calling your family cancer on tv? She’s disgusting. And Melissa and Joe are quickly joining her on that heap of trash. How many seasons did we suffer through the make up process and now they can’t be bothered to help the ONLY allies they ever had? Forget politics, the Gorgas are the complete basket of deplorables.
    See TT, Jac has some real strengths and honestly does care unlike those other fame hungry POS. Congrats to the happy couple and their beautiful baby!
    Siggy ugh. I just can’t.

    • Minky

      Joe and Melissa are playing nice because Teresa probably threatened to sic the feds on them. Melissa still hates Teresa. And can you blame her? I’m not saying Melissa is a saint, I never liked her either, but with a SIL like Teresa, she needs to be “loyal” like a fox.

      • Matzah60

        Absolutely, Minky. Melissa and Joe aren’t going to cut off the hand that helps pay their mortgage and bills. I never liked Melissa either in the past. I will say I think she is the only person on the show that has a college education. She is a master of the English language compared to the other New Jersey housewives and house husbands.

      • Shay

        I think Melissa thought she was as famous and likeable as Teresa. (In HW Land, not to me.) When Teresa was in prison and RHONJ ceased filming, except for a 3 episode deal on Teresa’s family sans Teresa, Melissa finally got hip to the game. Look how Kathy and Rosie are only getting camera time because of Teresa (but otherwise got the boot because without Teresa viewers don’t give a shit about them). Melissa and Joe are dumb, but smart enough to know where/how to get a paycheck.

      • Forgot-Myname

        I so agree with you. I think Melisa and Joe are trying to stay relevant by being Team Theresa. It kind of makes me sick, because I used to like them.

      • Shay

        I am glad they are sticking together, regardless of motivation. I’m always happy to see siblings have each other’s back.

      • Miguel

        You’re so right about Teresa’s family getting hip to the situation too little, too late, Shay!!!

      • Shay

        ¡Órale! Así es, amigo.

      • kiki

        I agree 100%

        teresa can be annoying as anything…but kathy, rosie and melissa have no storyline other than teresa.

      • Kimoe

        I’m not a Teresa fan. I think she totally feels she has not done anything huge and she’s paid her price so I’ll move on. But I do think prison wasn’t necessarily the cakewalk it’s been made out to be. It never is and even a country club prison is a shock for the average individual. I think Teresa is still mad at Kathy and her Mom. I think she’s had a lot on her plate with a spinning out drunk husband. I noticed they’ve filmed him less and less the closer he got to prison time so he must’ve been a mess. I also think there is something up with this lawyer. He’s too close. Ingratiated himself too much. There was much talk about Joe’s greeting (or lack of enthusiasm) to Teresa when she got home from prison. So I’m wondering if there’s something brewing with the lawyer……four years is a long time for a woman who has the mind set she needs a man in her life to be fulfilled and Teresa is old school and needs a man. I think she told Kathy and Rosie she didn’t want them to be apart of her life now because she’s got so much on her plate this issue isn’t one on the front burner and can be solved later. They’re family so they’ll be around to hash it out when she feels her life isn’t so topsy turvey. A person can only handle so much and I’m sure that’s why she’s looking so rough. This lawyer is smarmy and I think he’s a fame whore and would love to step in while Joe is away. If only to ‘help’ a client and good friend. If they send Joe back to Italy it’ll be interesting to see if she and the girls go too. When Joe signed those loan papers he might’ve just signed his family away.

      • Wow! Kimoe, I think you are correct! Good job!

      • Shay

        Kimoe, have you seen 60 Days In? Some prisons are literally more fun than my life.

    • Piper

      Kathy, Richie, Rosie, Melissa and Joe Gorga have all made a living these past few years calling Theresa every name in the book. I personally think reality tv is a terrible thing to do to any family member, but let’s not pretend that they all didn’t come on the show to portray Theresa in a bad light for their own fifteen minutes of fame !

      • rc6138

        Teresa does that all by herself. Teresa is a self absorbed nitwit who doesn’t know the meaning of self responsibility. Kathy & Rosie are better people and Teresa will regret her pettiness towards her aunt and cousins.

  8. I had a different take on this episode. No fan of Tre, but for compassion sake, she is overwhelmed, exhausted and trying to stay on the “straight and narrow” because she has to, and also has her girls to think of as breadwinner. IMO Tre also has a nasty drunk husband at home. She is juggling a lot of things and the least of her problems is the Wakile’s and Rosie!

    Tre was basically saying that she can’t handle repairing a relationship with them now, maybe never, or as long as the show exists. Why should she have them back on the show to rehash/fight and make a buck off of her when it’s obvious they can’t stand her? Kathy and Rosie are only pushing “moving forward” to be on the show – period. When Tre brought up Richie and his nasty shit stirring comments, Kathy said “do you have a problem with him” – yes. Richie has always creeped out Tre and made nasty comments to her even before the show existed, and Kathy has always given tacit approval. Kathy says “we won’t go there.” Fine, stick up for your creep husband but you won’t be on the show and bye bye baking career. Why Kathy didn’t get Richie off the show years ago is beyond me. (At least Dorinda from New York smartened up about John.) Richie is just vile, Rosie is volatile and if they were never cast, Kathy probably would of had a place on the show and done well for herself. I thought Tre and Gorga handled that lunch well.

    Loved when Chris Laurita said “hey Pete, she’s your problem now.” He’s also hoping he doesn’t have to pay for their wedding. Time for the Justice of the Peace anyway, since Ashlee just gave birth.

    Ziggy needs to butt out. Also, Tre might not be able to move forward with the Wakile’s and Rosie due to obeying her tough father.

    Sick of Dolores always sticking out her boobs and declaring her independence for the hundredth time. Just go to work!

    In order for this show to continue with Tre (no denying she is the star), Jac needs to go and a fresh cast of girlfriends brought in. Audience is sick of the rehashing.

    I think the Gorga’s have seen the light and realize it’s to everyone’s advantage to get along and not just for the show.

    • Matzah60

      Totally agree.

    • Nila

      I agree! I have a lot of cousins that I see here and there, we were super close growing up but now we all have our own lives. Kathy and Rosie only want to repair it because they want to be in tv..nothing stopped them from sending regular old mail to the jail. Tre said that Melissa had sent her a letter and she sent Melissa a card thanking her for helping with the girls. I guess regular ole snail mail wouldn’t get you a spot on Teresa Checks In..

    • Swizzle

      Agree that Teresa has too much going on to deal with her cousins. She’s looked like hell most of the time since she got home…like she doesn’t sleep. Joe is being a drunken ass and she’s exhausted. Yes, they put themselves in this position, but you can tell it’s affecting her. She’s smart to focus on what’s important to her. Maybe down the road they’ll reconcile, maybe not. I don’t care.

    • Shay

      “Ziggy.” I died.

    • Forgot-Myname

      No offense, but I kind of think Theresa was telling them, “This is my show” and if you make me look bad I won’t deal with it. She and her husband are not contrite in any way. While her fame may make things easier for her kids financially, I think it’s disgusting to turn away your family for your image.

    • raynidaze

      The Gorgas have definitely seen the light and/or have been threatened to toe the line. Heck, Melissa is following the Teresa-speak manual by refusing to say the words prison, fraud, or guilty. I thought it was ridiculous how she was following the rules like a good puppy even when filming w/others to keep the peace and stay on T’s good side.

    • Mimi

      You’re a STAR for this analogy

    • pdt090

      I think the real reason Teresa doesn’t have time for Kathy & Rosie is she thinks they’re only doing it for camera time – which she hinted at during the sit-down, and drunk Melissa kind of confirmed on WWHL saying it’s not genuine. The Wakilie’s have used their connection to Teresa to get on and stay on the show for years, it’s pretty blatant. Last season they filmed their scenes months after the show had wrapped and pretty much just talked about her.

    • Miguel

      Extremely well-presented arguments, spunky2015 & thanks for saying ALL of it :)

    • Gina Schau

      I agree with everything you said.

      I feel Teresa is getting some kind of therapy. She does seem to be in a better place.

      I love it that Teresa and Melissa are getting along. Their scenes together are reality gold.

    • Sabrina

      Beautifully said and I agree with every word. Kathy, Rosie and Melissa joined the show to “destroy Teresa” . That is not what family does- and she owes them nothing. Jac stays on to go after Teresa and make money- that’s all. And Ashley is pregnant as they get engaged- such a terrific group of morally upstanding, caring people.

      Siggy has no idea what she is talking about but talks anyway and I don’t see what Dolores does that brings anything to the show.
      I agree with TT on this- the only interesting minutes of the hour were the last ten- during the lunch. To me, Kathy and Rosie have a lot of nerve- they have spent years doing all they could to criticize and hurt Teresa, but now want to be accepted for family. What family acts this way and expects acceptance without apologizing? I didn’t hear them own one word of their years of hostility- though Rosie made a couple of references to learning about her anger. But otherwise, what does Teresa have to expect from them but more of the same hostility?

    • I agree with every point you made. The Wakiles are not model citizens or family members. Why should Tre have to deal with them. When she cried in the car, it showed just how exhausted she is dealing with her life as it is at the moment.

    • mzjulesaz

      Well stated and I completely agree!

  9. Swizzle

    More dumb family drama. We don’t all get along with all of our family members and that’s ok. Why must there be meetings and so much damn talking about it? Just because you are related to someone does not mean you need to be friends or like them. Ugh! Enough already.

    Oh, and Rosie’s mom saying family is everything was grand since she supposedly hasn’t spoken to her brother in years. Sometimes and for a lot of people, family is not everything. And that’s ok!

    • Matzah60

      Amen! Rosie’s mother and father haven’t spoken for almost two decades. Kathy and Rosie spent all the seasons on the show trashing Teresa. I am aware Teresa is a felon and has no humility about her crimes, but this storyline is about an ongoing feud between the Wakile’s and the Gorgas. The two families had nothing to do with each other until Kathy and Rosie joined the show.

      Rosie sometimes appears to be nice, but I’ve seen her act like a lunatic more than once on the show. She is a loose cannon. Kathy in the past called all the people who were Tre’s followers an “army of Idiots.”

      Kathy was demoted to FOH after Season 4. Andy wrote in his book that Richie tormented him and claimed that he and Kathy were the stars of the show. Richie is also vile and has made a lot of disgusting comments about Teresa and others in general.

      I think Kathy wants filming time. I think Tre is hallucinating if she actually thinks she is a star, but let’s face it, the show was out of production waiting for Teresa’s return. Kathy and Richie just built a house that’s 8,000 square feet. How are they going to pay for that if they don’t get filming time if Teresa is in almost all of the scenes.

      • Danny

        I hate Richie. When the family took a trip to Victoria’s school, he made a comment about the weight of Victoria’s two classmates. Those two girls did not sign up to be ridiculed. They were just showing Victoria around campus.

      • Rach

        Yes I forgot Andy revealed that Richie Wakile went mental on him. In what universe did he think that they were the Stars of the show? No offence but the Manzo kids got more screentime in those seasons then Kathy and Rich.

      • Erica

        I didn’t think Andy named names on the husband that kept calling him.

      • swizzle

        Richie is a disgusting person. Even Kathy kind of acknowledged that. Maybe in real life, he’s great, but what we’ve seen on the show is just gross and inappropriate. Even if Teresa loved Kathy and Rosie, I could see her not wanting to spend time with Richie.

      • Matzah60

        @Erica. He did mention both of their names in one diary entry, but in two of the other entries, he did not, but the insinuation in the other two entries was obvious.

        October 6, 2013

        “I saw Kathy and Rich Wakile tonight at the show and Rich kept making jokes about me throwing them away in the trash, because Kathy isn’t going to be a ‘full’ Housewife this season. I explained to Kathy that I couldn’t put her in the show opening because it would cause big problems with other Housewives. Everybody wants to be in the show open.” ~Andy Cohen

        One of the other comments by Andy Cohen was cruel since most of the NJ housewives have made the show their ‘career’ as a source of income, particularly Teresa.

        September 17, 2013

        “I spent forty-five minutes on the phone with one of their husbands who was begging for his wife’s job back, saying they have no backup plan, and I was telling him he never should have banked on this as his career.” ~Andy Cohen

      • Toni

        I thought the one begging for the job back was Slade for Gretchen on RHOC and Andy was using wife as a euphemism.

      • Ericzku

        I remember reading the part about “spending 45 minutes on the phone” and that smacked of Chris Laurita to me, not Richie Wakile.

        I mean, Richie has his businesses and Kathy was a full Housewife for such a short time. It doesn’t make sense that the Wakiles would have put all their eggs in the Housewives basket.

        Meanwhile, around the same time, Jacqueline was let go and all Chris had going on was that nasty-looking Black Water gimmick. It being him makes much more sense.

        I can’t remember now which book that was from. I read “Most Talkative”, but didn’t get past the free excerpt of the “Diaries”. If I had to read one more sentence about how “fat” Andy thinks he is or him going on and on and on about his fucking HAIR I was going to lose my mind! So I put it down permanently.

      • Toni

        I wasn’t a fan of the book either – got it free or I wouldn’t have bothered. Autobiographies are a bit self-indulgent as a rule but that one was over the top. I imagine it might help someone who is struggling with their sexual identity though…

        Im terrible at blinds but I still think that one was Slade. Note that Andy said “his” full time job, not hers. Slade had his mug on that show since the first season with his first of three real housewife girlfriends.

      • Ktina

        Who, in their right mind, builds a bigger home when they are on the verge of retiring? They don’t seem like they have that much money. I doubt the canoli kit was a big seller.

      • Lawstangel

        @Ericzku- That “nasty looking black water gimmick” is in every single Whole Foods & Sprouts store in Los Angeles. It’s also on Amazon. If it wasn’t selling it would not have shelf space. I don’t think he is getting rich off of it, but it isn’t as bad financially as you think it is.

      • tamaratattles

        BLK is in WF here as well., But is Chris still involved with it?

  10. I haven’t seen this episode yet because I live in Canada & due to the…yawn… Olympics, Slice is a week behind..that is the bad news…. The good news is TT does such a good job on her blogs I don’t have to sit through this #WorshipTeresa or else show! What a joke!..Kathy & Rosie have been there for ev1 while her Highness Teresa hated on them, blamed them for everything she did wrong, Joe did wrong and the govt. did wrong to them.because remember SHE HAS NOTHING WRONG! Now she needs a break & needs to be left alone from anyone who doesn’t worship the ground she walks on or says YES to everything she asks of them, & truly believes all the bullshit she wrote in that book!

    Please don’t jump on me> Tre-huggers, I do really like the woman, love her kids, & I think Joe can be funny (with Rosie) but lately he’s an asshole to ev1. Seriously someone needs to tell her how she looks on “her TV show” She has NOT forgiven anyone she pretends to because she is “Back in the public eye” FFS..Am I the only one who sees this?
    This is the second week I feel sorry & sad for Kathy & Rosie. What a shame but at least she will always be there if they need her….Yeah Okay…Not…ever…Unless it looks good for her to do so “In the public eye”

    Happy for Ashlee but as for’s another child for her to flaunt on TV whether they want to be or not!

    • rc6138

      Thank you! Rosie and the Wakile’s are the only people on this show who haven’t experienced financial problems, so being on tv is not a necessity for them. So, they don’t need to kiss Teresa ring.I’m glad tamara watches so I don’t have too. Teresa is to ridiculous and I choose to believe my own eyes not the delusion Teresa wants you to believe.

  11. Betty

    “Family is everything” is so bogus and laughable. Obviously being on this show and not working ” is everything”. Oh, that and Bronx Provintial furniture, handbags and spray tans. :)

  12. FF’d through anything Ashlee and Jacquelyn – which left Kathy and Rosie bid for more air time. Not feeling it – bring on Vermont.

    • Right they want to be “family” again now that they can collect a paycheck from Bravo. Let’s see if they can find another reason to catch some air time other than using Teresa because Teresa isn’t allowing that to happen anymore. I’m so happy that Joey is finally being a good brother! I can’t wait for the Vermont trip where someone finally stands up to Jaqueline and Caroline and Chris arent there to hide her insanity and take the brunt of it.

  13. I never saw Teresa “Go in on Kathy and Rosie” or it being brutal. I saw Kathy call Teresa’s Mom a coward. This episode wasn’t even about Jaqueline at all.

  14. Espi

    I’m never surprised anymore and I am a habitual viewer because I’m loyal… with that said… this shit show was a different show today.

    Ashley’s engagement was cute!

    The visit to Cathy’s house to plan a reconciliation with Teresa had a good call out that was real by Joe Gorga to Cathy’s husband, Rich where the passive aggressive bullshit needs to stop.

    The sit down with Jiggy and Jaqueline with teresa also got feisty really quick and Teresa drew a line that was in the end respected. Teresa even apologized saying she didn’t mean to get feisty but she’s done with her cousins.

    And then the cousin sit down with the request to just respect the fact that someone is done right now is a lot of growth for this whole group. The tears in the car were unexpectedly refreshing.

    Is this really jersey? Confused.

  15. Calipatti

    I seldom comment on a HW show unless it’s NY but I watched this episode.
    I recall Teresa telling Kathy how her Mom told her Kathy was close to a divorce at one time. Kathy called her Mom a liar. Not cool.
    Right there I call bullshit, maybe. Did Teresa’s Mom say that or was that another lie out of Teresa?
    Teresa did not write to them either, it’s all about Teresa. Why was it their responsibility to write.

    Does Teresa deeply care for others? I don’t think she does. Tre cares about her parents, 2 Joes and her girls, that is it. Don’t let a few tears shed by Tre confuse you into thinking she cares.

    I stopped watching this franchise because of Teresa manipulations of people with her stories about what they said or she heard they said. Classic means to controlling people around you. Come on folks, certainly a few of you have lived with a person like her.

    I like Kathy and Rosie but they don’t have the drama for reality TV.

  16. iloveearlgrey

    This is the one instance I’m going to agree with Teresa. If I had family members I didn’t want to talk to, and everyone around me kept trying to convince me otherwise, I’d lose my damn mind on them real quick. Jac and Siggy need to mind their own damn business and stay out of it. It’s kind of sad that NO ONE on this show has a storyline that doesn’t involve trying to bring Teresa and her various disgruntled ex-friends and family members back together. Siggy is so effing obnoxious. While I felt very sorry for Kathy and Rosie in that sad scene, I can’t fault someone for not wanting to be around a group of people they don’t want to be around.

    • Sali

      I can’t believe I’m saying this because Teresa is the most unaware person, but I agree with what you’ve said. They don’t get along. They haven’t for years. It’s time for Kathy and Rosie to move on. It’s probably for the best.

      Which book did Andy mention Richie hassling him about them being the stars?

  17. Observer2

    Can’t believe I’m going to say this, but I was impressed with Joe telling Teresa that if she doesn’t want to have a relationship with the cousins, she just needs to tell them.

    So glad that there is finally an end to this incessant whining by Kathy. I can’t remember an episode where she wasn’t complaining about something. I do have to say that Rosie is fun when Kathy’s not around to drag things down.

  18. Rach

    If Teresa was so evil to Rosie and Kathy why on earth do they even want to be asssociated with her? Their family beef goes back 60 years back to when their parents were small (which we wouldn’t of known if it wasn’t for that awful scene in Kathys moms kitchen where she was crying her eyes out recounting that she was separated from her siblings growing up.) Teresa is right. For years they’ve been happy to paint her as the bad one, the evil cousin on TV yet now she’s released from prison and they’re no longer on the show they want to mend fences. I can see why Melissa and Teresa want to make amends as they have children that are direct cousins and the same ages. But seriously if Teresa was so evil to Rosie and Kathy, why don’t they just leave her be. It makes zero sense.

    • Matzah60

      @Rach, forgot about that kitchen scene at the Wakilie home. Kathy’s mom was raised by an aunt, according to the story she recounted. Teresa’s father lived with and was raised by his own mother and father. I don’t know the reason for this happening, but the two sibling were not brought up together in the same household.

      There is also a reference in years past that Kathy’s father sponsered Teresa’s father so he could migrate from Italy to the US. Kathy believes, and probably rightfully so that had it not been for her father, Teresa’s father wouldn’t have the opportunity to move to and live in the US.

  19. Madashell

    What’s most annoying is all of them have family members they dont get along with…Jackie doesn’t get along w Dina and it’s been said Kathy doesn’t get along w her sister-in-laws (mentioned by Teresa at one of the reunions). So leave Teresa alone. Melissa mentioned tonight on WWHL that the timing didn’t feel sincere to Teresa. Teresa haters don’t seem to grasp that Kathy came on the show with Melissa to take down Teresa and be the new stars of the show. It didn’t happen. Now Melissa knows where her bread is buttered. Jackie even said they all always complained about a Teresa for years and now Melissa was shutting them down. Read between the lines. Melissa is now a team Teresa and not a team Kathy.

    • Rach

      Didn’t Teresa also reveal that kathy and Rosie didn’t always get along as Kathy couldn’t accept that Rosie was gay. Also Kathy doesn’t get on with her brothers because of Richie. ALL families have their problems. I couldn’t even imagine how awful it is to bring them onto TV

  20. Shay

    TT, this show has the most difficult to read comments. So many dot dot dots. What are your stats on RHONJ commenters? Why do they have to think so hard?

  21. Erica

    That was another dickhead comment from Moe Green – I mean Rich Wakile. I like Kathy and Rosie – but I can’t imagine why they keep trying, except to be on the show (or maybe more important get Kathy back on the show as a full housewife.

    I’m going to be kind towards Joe and Melissa – they have mended fences, and yes, the cousins were there for them, but there is also the need to make sure their fences stay mended for Teresa, the Gorga parents, AND most importantly, the Guidice girls. Joe and Melissa nd their kids had a lot of time where they didn’t get to see those girls. It clearly bothered the Guidice girls.

    I’ve basically cut myself off from a relative – I can’t believe I’m going to type this, – so I understand where Teresa is coming from. Ironically, it is because my relative is in and out of jail, hasn’t really made amends, or tried to deal with his addictions (or take care of his mental health issues)

  22. Nila

    I don’t see anything wrong with deciding a relationship isn’t healthy for you. I don’t believe it has anything to do with yoga, going to camp or being zen. Finding your inner peace doesn’t mean you have to have toxic people in your life. You can forgive and move on without having a relationship. I don’t have a relationship with my mother, currently. We go through phases and when my mom is ” going through an episode” as I like to call it, it’s impossible for us to have a relationship. Being zen is understanding when you need to step back and step away. It doesn’t me an you need to be happy go lucky all the time or put up with everyone’s bullshit. I understood what Teresa meant, basically if something terrible happens or you need something, you’re still family, please call but she doesn’t feel they can have a daily relationship. I don’t speak to my mom but if she called me and had a crisis, I would help her in an instant, no questions asked but I can’t have lunch with her every week because mentally it isn’t good for me. I do t understand why Jaq or Siggy have any emotions invested in this situation. Worry about your own side of the street..

  23. Melissa

    I like Kathy and Rosie — but I wish they hadn’t premised their SL on grovelling for a relationship with Teresa.

    If they were that concerned about the relationship, why didn’t they write her or send a card to her while she was in Danbury? A short letter or a card would have gone a long way IMO — “actions speak louder than words” as they say.

    It would be great if Teresa wanted to move forward. But if she doesn’t value the relationship then that’s her choice. Given Rich’s attitude, and Rosie’s hostility, I can’t say I blame her. It sounds to me like Rosie and Kathy don’t value the relationship either, unless Bravo cameras are filming it.

  24. Miguel

    I’ll probably hate myself for writing this later; but believe in giving Jack his jacket!!! I loved when Rich & Jac called out Melissa on her hypocrisy at having a sudden conflict of conscience when talking about Tre behind her back.

    This was ludicrous; however, she couldn’t very well remind them that the show DID NOT go on, without Teresa!!! Are you feeling a little cold out there on that branch Wakiles, without Jac & Melissa to warm you up???

    • Kimoe

      Miguel, I don’t think it’s necessarily hypocrisy on Melissa’s part. When your married you have to do certain things to get along with your spouses family. I think Joe really is big on family and really grieved when he and Teresa were on the outs. I think Melissa has been sincere when she has tried for multiple seasons to do her part and try and support Joe with his family issues and be part if the solution. Has she always been good or made the right choice? Probably not. She’s only human. But I think Joe loves being on TV as much as Melissa and that is just an additional reason for Melissa to go along to get along. Let’s face it even small fame is very seductive. Doesn’t surprise me anyone panders like they do.

  25. Cat

    I see that Bravo has found yet another twist on the “fake cancer” storyline.

    I’d rather deal with a scammy Brooks than a psycho felon. Sounds to me like it’s Teresa that is using family drama for ratings. Don’t like your family members? Then don’t deal with them. But remember–if you “cut out the cancer”, the problem is gone. Don’t stick the tumor in a jar and force people to look at it.

    That’s just gross.

    • Nila

      I actually think Teresa is doing the opposite. Her deciding not to have a relationship with them is not using it for ratings. She was not talking about them, not concerning herself with them, didn’t want to have lunch. They aren’t housewives they’re FOW, tho I’m not sure who they are friends of, Jaq I guess? They come to Teresa’s book signing, without telling her then Rosie brings New Years Eve up? That to me was fishing fro drama on camera.

      • Cat

        Oh. Ok. Guess I took the “Teresa went in on Kathy and Rosie via their parents, and it was cruel and brutal” statement the wrong way.

        What I’m saying is: If you think your family is so awful, and want to cut them out, then CUT THEM OUT. STOP TALKING ABOUT IT ON CAMERA. Don’t go to lunch. Change the subject.

        If Teresa is so psycho that she has to be restrained, she should not be on the show. It’s “Real Housewives of New Jersey”, NOT the “Teresa Show”. She should be focusing on raising her children, and repairing the damage she and her felonious husband have caused.

      • Nila

        She didn’t want to go to lu ch with them, she didn’t want to talk to them period let alone on camera. I feel like they are fishing for the drama not the other way around. Bringing up situations that have happened in the past (speaking about one another’s parents) is just that. This is not a current situation, not even a situation that has happened in the last two years..Teresa wasn’t restrained in this episode. She told them last week she didn’t want to go to lunch, she has a lot going on, them insisting and asking others to help them get a lunch date, is causing drama.

      • Cat

        So, someone held a gun to her head, forcing her to go to lunch? Poor Teresa. Bravo is so mean.

        I didn’t say she was restrained on camera. Did I? I seem to remember a reunion where Teresa had to be restrained. And, yes, that WAS on camera. I know you are a fan of her’s, but, please. The woman has no self control.

        I know her fans see her as Saint Teresa…patron saint of felons. But her problems are HER responsibility. She needs to grow up, stop blaming everyone else, and take care of her kids, or they will end up just like her.

      • Nila

        I never said I was a Teresa fan but I believe she handled the situation with her cousins in a very respectful way. Joe wanted her to go to lunch to just end the situation which honestly was a good idea. It was a much better approach then ignoring them and have them keep asking. I feel like she was shutting down the drama.

        Rosie was also restrained at a reunion. I don’t understand why Teresa not wanting a relationship with her cousins means she’s not taking responsibility for her past actions? Why does everyone care so much about this?

      • Toni

        I agree with all your comments Nila!

        Teresa had to do the lunch to shut the conversation down. Joe Gorga was right, Teresa would look like she couldn’t face them and they’d whine the rest of the season. While Teresa was wrong to call them cancer, everything else was true and phrased fairly kindly.

        Joe Gorga and Teresa are siblings. They have the same parents. Them not getting along makes it tough on their mom and dad for every birthday and holiday. It’s better for their family is the Gorgas stick by Teresa.

      • Nila

        Did you actually see this episode or are you commenting off the recap? Going in on Kathy and Rosoe was referring to something that happened on a reunion shows years ago, not in the episode.

      • Cat

        It is common knowledge here…I do not have cable.I did not think I had to post a disclaimer every time I comment.

        I go by the recaps, comments, and what I have seen in the past from these yahoos. Teresa has always been a media hog. AND, it is MY OPINION that she should stop with the family drama, and concentrate on repairing the damage that SHE AND JOE did to THEIR kids.

        She could have said no to the lunch.

      • Nila

        I’m sorry there are a lot of
        Commenters here and I don’t pay attention to who has cable and who doesn’t. I asked because you said about her going after them hard and violently and I was pointing out that that did not happen during this episode, that happened years ago. If you seen the episode then my comments made more sense because she didn’t want to go to lunch, said no to them the last episode and everyone else was insisting she speak to them. Teresa wasn’t using her family (this time) for any ratings or drama, she wanted just the opposite. I only asked if you seen the episode because your comment didn’t make any sense in reference to mine.

      • Cat

        If you noticed, that comment was a quote from the original post.

        I do not need to justify my OPINIONS. Not to you, or anyone.

        I do not need to watch the show to form an OPINION.

        If my OPINION “makes no sense” to you, I suggest you move on.

      • Nila

        Whoa, I was simply trying t explain the episode since you didn’t watch and t was you who said did someone hold a gun to her head to make her go to lunch? Geez.

      • Cat

        I don’t need an explanation. I can read.

      • Nila

        Easy Kitty. Is it common knowledge here that only you can reply to someone’s comment but they can’t state their opinion back? Is that listed somewhere along with who has cable and who doesn’t? Relax.

      • Cat

        Fuck off. I have just as much right to my opinion as you do.

        YOU came for ME. Get it straight.

        At this point, you are a troll. I do not feed the trolls.

        Have a Disney Day. :)

      • Nila

        Wow. Trying to explain an episode you did not watch makes me a troll? Again, I wasn’t coming after you, that’s a huge reaction you’re having because someone disagrees with you. I didn’t curse at you but thank you for taking the time to do that and I guess you did just “feed a troll”. Completely ridiculous.

  26. I am not sure if anyone has mentioned it, and I apologize for bringing it up again, but it’s driving me crazy, but what’s with Teresa constantly talking about Joe’s drinking? Was she trying to make a case for him to go to a rehab instead of prison? It’s just a thought I had…. And Jac, she gets like crazy from 0 to 100 pretty quick, it’s kind of sickening also. And I LOVE Rosie, I don’t mind Kathy either and I’m sorry they aren’t on the show….

  27. Bravocueen

    I feel 100% the only reason Rosie and Kathy want to have a relationship with Teresa is for the cameras. They need the job. I don’t blame Teresa one bit. There are people in my family I feel similarly about and we just stay away from each other. I’m sure if being close to me got them some money, I couldn’t get rid of them either.

  28. Bridgett

    What kind of “relationship expert” plays both sides and continually butts in when asked to stop?! I’m not a Tre fan, but damn Siggy is annoying.

    • mzjulesaz

      I agree, she is an annoying, know it all busy body!

    • Kimoe

      Yes Siggy is the typical annoying Jewish mother. Sometimes when she’s getting into others people’s business because she’s a relationship expert (you’d think she’d be expert enough to know when to butt out) she’s annoying. But other times she’s funny in that way only Jewish mothers can be. She could be funnier, I think, if they edited her different. She’s definitely quick witted she sometimes says funny stuff.

  29. Margaret Shepard

    I too am sick of the cousin drama. Also I read that Kathy and Rosie have three brothers they don’t talk to. Uh wouldn’t that be more important to work out. Oh wait her brothers are not on tv. Hmmm.

  30. I think Teresa is talking about Joe’s drinking to set up a new story line. Earlier this season, out of nowhere it seemed, Teresa brought up, out of the blue,cheating. She said to Joe, something like, No cheating, it’s over if their is cheating involved. Why have this conversation now, when he’s heading to prison. I think it’s foreshadowing. She’s let so many instances slide. Like in California when he called his wife the C word or at one reunion that Jac(?) brought up Joe’s screwing his secretary on the desk in his office.
    Teresa let those slide. Now with Joe going to prison/deportation, I believe she’s setting Joe up for divorce. And, it’s interesting, to me that she’s REALLY chummy with her lawyer. It wouldn’t be the first time a housewife married her lawyer. Just saying…

    • Nila

      Actually I think Teresa brought up Chris screwing someone on his desk and that’s why he’s not allowed to go “out”.. Sure Joe has probably cheated regardless.

      • Rach

        No it was Jac that mentioned that Teresa walked in on joe screwing his secretary on his desk. Teresa said that Jac met chris when she was a stripper in Vegas

    • Kimoe

      I agree about the lawyer. I think he’s smarmy and a farm whore. I think there is already something brewing there. One gets close to their lawyer during criminal proceedings and jail time. Especially if your lawyer is the go between if your filming from jail. Teresa is vulnerable due to her lack of brain function. I think this guy is worming his way in when she’s in crisis and with all the cheating going on in the past with Joe it’ll be easy for him to step in and take Joe’s family. Teresa is that old school type of woman who needs a man in her life to take care of her and feel complete. This lawyer will do this while cultivating a relationship. Betcha. Feel sorry for the girls the most. Just one more life hit to screw them up. Joe will be sitting in Italy with all its immigrants wondering how he got there……alone. Forget his business acumen. He should’ve been a better husband and father.

      • Shay

        I wonder if that lawyer is also her manager. Its super expensive to talk to a lawyer on the phone, yet this guy shows up to everything and even drives them around? Truly bizarre. Unless he wants to protect his 10%.

  31. Glad to see people supporting Tre’s conduct in this episode. Rich Wakile is a loathsome person. Always crude, mean and rude. Why in the world would he think that Tre is obligated to associate with them so they can be on the show — they made it clear at the dinner with Joe and Melissa they are mad at and don’t like Tre? Or that Andy has to restore Kathy’s status? Wasn’t Rich supposed to own or run gas stations that he was having problems with? Maybe they built that big house on lent money, expecting to film there with the Bravo money rolling in.

  32. Carol

    Rosie,Kathy and Ritchie THIRSTY!…Need to pay for that new house with more than cannoli $$. They act like Tre owes them a living. I like how Siggy was shut down by Tre. She is clearly not use to keeping her big mouth shut. No one asked you dummy. Jacqueline has deep issues that have been there even prior to her son’s birth. Unstable.

    • swizzle

      Does Siggy have some kind of degree or training that qualifies her as a relationship expert, or is she just a loud-mouthed busy body?

      • Matzah60

        No, she’s just a loud-mouthed busy body. She has a BA from Monmouth and was on a reality show on VH1 years ago setting people up. It aired for a year and was not renewed. Siggy is a self-proclaimed relationship expert!!

  33. Auntie Velvet

    I don’t really understand — other than it making “good television — why you would press someone in Theresa’s situation to get together and hash things out. Even if she and Joe both deserved their jail time, why would her cousins choose that narrow window of time between her homecoming and his leave-taking to insist on a big emotional get-together?

    Again, I know Production is dictating the time frames here to some extent, but the cousins seem genuinely upset and puzzled that Theresa seems too on the verge of breaking down over Joe going away, to get into the whole cousin drama.

  34. PaganChick

    I think this show would be better off without Teresa. She is the vortex that keeps the show from being interesting or from even evolving into something that could be much more entertaining. The problem is that BRAVO has convinced Teresa and the rest of the cast that everything must revolve around Teresa. And by them delaying filming until she got out of prison, they proved that point even moreso among the cast.

    So now we have Melissa and Joe who came on the show with a plan to go after Teresa and who even brought in Kathy and Richie as backup in their plan, kowtowing to Teresa and leaving the Wakiles hanging i the breeze. Then there is Rosie, who was legitimately close to Joe Giudice, trying to defend her sister and mend a relationship with Joe by way of Teresa.

    If we didn’t have to deal with the Teresa factor, maybe we could see some actual entertainment and legitimate drama. I mean, I much more concerned about Victoria’s health than I am about Joe drinking himself to sleep every night. I certainly have no desire to see Teresa’s book signing or any conversations centered around her. I mean take away the felonies and Teresa really is no more interesting than Kathy. But for some reason, BRAVO made her the draw.

  35. gapeachinsc

    I completely understand Teresa not wanting to deal with her cousins right now. Most folks don’t understand the transition from prison to home and with the holidays and children and Joe fixing to leave for his sentence, there was a lot on her plate. I completely think they wanted their Bravo check. If they truly cared, there were lots of ways they could have assisted along the way. Did Kathy or Rosie ever ask Joe if they could come get the girls? Did she cook for them or bring meals? There are a lot of things they could have done, seeing how they are “family” that may have caused Teresa to feel a little more warmly toward them. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” It’s too bad more people don’t live by that adage and only prefer to keep track of their own “hurts”, Tre included, however I believe her time away has humbled her some and I believe over time, we will see the new and improved Tre. Although she was at a camp and not a state prison, it is a helluva transition and unless one has gone through it themselves, they really have no idea.

    • Nila

      I completely agree. Whether you like Teresa or not, they could have checked in on her children. I find it very funny that now that they are filming again they want to make amends..would they want to make amends had Melissa and Jaq not made nice with her? They were very happy at New Yeats to be talking crap about her. I think they are realizing like Jaq did, Teresa is no longer being portrayed as the villain.

  36. Kimoe

    Okay, maybe it’s just me and I’m old fashioned but if my husband, fiancé or boyfriend called me on the phone and said he was out front to pick me up at my home or any home, I wouldn’t leave the house. Ashley’s fiancé seems nice enough but I’d expect him to respect me enough to come to the door. Tech is just not that cool sometimes.

    However I will say the proposal was cute. It’s obvious they love each other. I think he cried a little.

    Sorry but that really bugged me for some reason I had to get it out. Whew! Well, I feel better now.

    • Toni

      My parents wouldn’t let me leave if someone beeped the horn or called on their cell phones (and this was the 90’s where minutes were gold). They were expected to come to the door and then they were most often offered food.

  37. Toni

    I should add that the come to the door rule applied to everyone, not just a date

  38. The way I see it is, Kathy and Joey and Missy did come for Theresa, and whatever you want to say about Theresa, she is entitled to her feelings. She made up with her brother and her sister-in-law because she wanted to have a relationship. She has decided she does not want a relationship with Kathy or Rosie. That is her right.

    Jacqueline is insane and I would forgive Richie before I’d forgive Jacqueline if I were Teresa. but I’m not. its not a big deal. I don’t think she ever really liked Kathy, or Richie, So its not a big deal. I think she thinks Rosie is a loose cannon, and she’s had enough.

    If Theresa is sooo terrible, why do they want her? They want tv. they want to pay for that house.

  39. PeachyKeen

    When Teresa is at “CAMP”.. WHo does she think is taking care of her family? Joe can’t drive…
    Food and supplies delivered to the house? Maybe ? Paid with what? Girls being cared for .. not her hubby.. I cringed to see Milania shaving her dad’s back? Too strange to comment.. Saw Melissa trying to help..I don’t believe that Rosie or Kathy would have offered something to at least help the girls?

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