Kenya Moore Flames Out On Worst Cooks In America



Before I even get to the show, I need to remind you that word mysteriously leaked out about Kenya Moore going home first on Worst Cooks in America back in June.  According to the source, Kenya had a huge hissyfit and refuse to tape her confessionals and her exit.   Here are the primary allegations.

  • Kenya stomped around the set and refused to leave saying ” I’m calling my agents and they better fix this s***!” Can your really have your agent force a show not to eliminate you first? How would anyone get eliminated?
  • She cursed at the producers, badmouthed the judges and ranted: “Without me this damn show will fail!”
  • During her post-show blow-up, Moore said that Burrell was “jealous of her beauty” and “had it out for me the entire time.”
  • Producers of the show kept trying to get her to leave. They needed to tape the exit scene with her and she refused to go. They needed her to tape her farewell commentary and she refused to. She was dropping F-bombs like no one they had ever seen before.
  • And she was allegedly sent home for overcooked fish.

From the beginning, Anne loves Barbara Eden, because Jeannie!  And hates Kenya, because, Louboutins!  Both Jeannie and Kenya are clearly cast as the class clowns. Kenya acts like she has no idea what a broiling pan is.  This is strange behavior for someone who just put a ten thousand dollar 48 inch professional dual fuel range with four burners plus a griddle and a grill in Moore Manor.  Or maybe she just like that the knobs matched her red bottoms.

For their first task, everyone gets a “swag bag” with stuff that they say they usually have in their kitchen. But it doesn’t

And I was right about this being photoshopped

And I was right about this being photoshopped.  She never made enchiladas. Or wore that dress.

really matter because they can use the entire pantry. Kenya manages to slice her finger right away.

Wait? Did Kenya just claim that her entire family is from Louisiana so everything she cooks is Cajun? This is her explanation for cooking catfish? With peaches? What the hell is she talking about?  Then she dumps a full cup of cayenne on the catfish.  If you good Cajun and peaches the first thing to come up is Peaches Cajun Catfish. Had Kenya read further, she might have discovered that the cook (and the restaurant) is named peaches. There are no peaches in Cajun catfish.

At the judging, the fish was NOT deemed over cooked. Anne just freaked out over all the cayenne. So strike one for the source. I am zipping through the other buy I did pause on Barbara’s cream of mushroom and curry and sour cream blob. It was hideous. Everyone said it was the worst dish.

Kenya’s acting skills while burning up multiple tortillas was not her best work. I’m really starting to think she really didn’t want to be there. The day that Kenya showed up on the set was also the day that she got back from Mexico, where she and Matt broke up. So I am sure she was in a bad headspace but she showed up like a trooper. I think she may have told them she had a situation and to please send her home first. On previous seasons of the show, not knowing how to turn the stove on was what got people sent home. On both dished she pretended like she didn’t know how to turn the dial.  She is really having to work at making herself look worse that Barbara Eden.  Meanwhile, Rachel Ray is telling Barbara Eden exactly what to do to get her dish on the plate.

Kenya’s steak is burned on the outside and raw in the middle.

So here is my theory. Kenya showed up a bit of an emotional wreck after dealing with Matt and she asked to be the first one eliminated. RHOA filming had been moved up and was starting the next week. She played stupid throughout the entire first day of filming and they agreed to vote her off. Production was pissed because they wanted to keep the reality person with the biggest following a lot longer, so they “leaked” a nasty story to Daily Mail.   Even Barbara herself was shocked she was not leaving.  Rachel today Kenya she “just got  too much in her head.”  And Kenya replied, “Yeah, there is a lot going on..” (Matt drama?)

That’s my story and I’m sticking too it.  After the show Kenya did an interview with the local radio station saying that everyone loved her and she had a lot of fun, except for Anne Burrell. Anne is known to be the bitch on the show while Rachel is the nice helpful one.  None of the accusations toward Kenya fit her character, and don’t fit the scenes we saw at all.

It was weird to me that she was playing for Habitat for Humanity instead of Detroit Public Schools, or some Flint water charity. I’m guessing they had to choose from a list in order to avoid people like Nene and Phaedra playing for their own imaginary charities. Allegedly, In my opinion. But she left with $5,000 for Habitat, so some good did come of this.

After the show aired, Kenya posted on her Instagram,  “I didn’t last long on @foodnetwork #worstcooksinamerica clearly I wasn’t in the bottom but haters gonna hate, right? LOL But the best part is I got to meet @rachaelray and she was as lovely as she is on TV. Unlike Anne pictured above with me…”

Anne is a bitch to everyone, Kenya. Not just you. Don’t take it personally.

For those that say I am making excuses for Kenya, I’m not. I’m just looking at all the facts and her poor acting. Remember I am still the only one on Team Twirl who admits she stole the phone on Celebrity Apprentice. 



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58 responses to “Kenya Moore Flames Out On Worst Cooks In America

  1. I did watch this and …it was a toss up ..between Barbra eden and Kenya..Barbra..didn’t finish cooking and Kenya’s was uncooked and she put half a container of some spice..I think it was cayenne….I didn’t think the good bye speeches were not completed the third one leaves…Kenya made herself funny..cuz..she is funny..she was having fun ..and I didn’t see the blonde bash Kenya….sometimes people fail…this is a fail for bashing..just the way it turned out..looked like that for me anyways..I was surprised Kenya was gone..but..I realize…not cooked …is worse..than not enough cooked food…I’m hoping Kenya is joking about haters…cuz..she wasn’t there long enough for people to know who she a person..

  2. debbie

    Drives me crazy when these housewives think they are bigger then they are…

  3. debbie

    Further…Anne is very tough but she is tough with everyone.

  4. More Tea Please!

    You know she put a cup of cayenne in on purpose to lose on the first round. She’s not that stupid. The rws of the nonsense sounds all made up.

  5. Ruthie

    I’ve watched food network since the beginning and it has changed so much in the past decade. It used to be about cooking. It is now a network full of fake competition shows and guy fiery. I think it should be renamed the guy fieri network. Lol! They want over the top personalities such as Anne Burrell for this weird entertainment purpose. That being said, Anne’s schtick is being a bit of a bitch but her culinary accuman is great and I have learned from her real show. Btw, I believe chopped was a knock off of top chef, which I still watch

    • Minky

      Guuuuuurl! You are preaching to the choir on that one. Well…me. I’m a one woman choir. Haha!

      I used to LOVE the FN in the early days. Now I don’t even bother. I haven’t watched it in years. If I want to see real cooking I’ll watch Jacques Pepin reruns online. The Jacques and Julia Child show was AWESOME!!!

      I also used to like watching pastry chef Jacques Torrez (sp?). I still use his strudel dough recipe. It’s a damn good recipe. Take it from someone who knows strudel. Now, to get my food show fix, I watch Andrew Zimmern on the Travel Channel, or Bourdain. Bourdain hates Rachel Ray BTW. Like, truly hates her.

      FN, like many, many other channels and shows on TV, have decided to appeal to the lowest common denominator. It’s sad. Even Emeril was better than any of the shit on there now! And I got real annoyed by Mr. Bam real quick. But, whatevs.

      • Matzah60

        Funny about Bourdain hating Rachel Ray. Martha Stewart has also made public nasty shots at Rachel Ray saying she is a cook, not a chef. At least Rachel Ray didn’t spend 6 months in jail for insider trading. Boop!!

      • Miguel

        ROTFLMAO, Matzah – you and Minky have been amping up the hilarity, over the last three days!!! Can’t stop laughing!!! I’m getting old & damn near peed myself with the “Boop” closer!!!!!!! :)

      • Mnky

        Yes, Martha certainly did time. I don’t know a whole lot about her, other than that she’s famous for her business acumen, supposed to be a very hard worker, and that she has a reputation for being a stone cold bitch.

        When Bourdain makes a statement about somebody like that, I take him seriously. Yes, I think he’s wonderful, but he also isn’t really given to hyperbole, from what I can tell. I know he’s married, but I think Bourdain and Nigella Lawson would make an adorable couple.

      • Ruthie

        Minky, I love Bourdain so much. I love his sexy arrogance and his assholary! Lol! He is my celebrity chef boyfriend. I follow him on fb (I don’t do other social networks at this time) and have enjoyed his books and all his shows. They are actually informative and make me wish I had a million bucks to travel. (Full disclosure: he ate raw seal, of which they just caught,on the kitchen floor of a local Alaskan Inuit and I would not do that.)

      • Calipatti

        On a night time cooking show Bourdain mostly and other chefs were very supportive of Nigella Lawson, time around her divorce.
        Bourdain’s married to younger Italian with one daughter.

      • Matzah60

        Miguel, you’re too funny. I doubt you’re older than I am, but I love your sense of humor. Minky is truly hysterical. Often, I just laugh and laugh and literally, can’t stop laughing at her comments.

        Nene did provide some humor to the show. She certainly wasn’t a nice person, but there are still Neneisms out there that make me chuckle!!

      • Shay

        Minky, remember when the cooking channel taught you how to cook? I loved Tyler 911. He has the best Arroz con Pollo recipe. (I made up this delicious sauce to go with it: 1 cup ranch, 4 raw tomatillos, 5 cloves garlic, 2 jalapeños, a bunch of cilantro, 1/4 onion, and 1 lime. Its yummy on salad, kebabs, and tacos, too.)

        Now, it’s all reality bullshit with weird competitions or cupcakes.

    • Shay

      Ruthie, I made almost the exact same observation!

  6. cheychey

    I thought it was all quite silly from the start. Kenya coming in in a fancy outfit and heels to cook in the kitchen, I just knew she was not serious. That being said when Barbara turned in a 1/2 done dish I thought certainly Kenya stays and she goes home.

  7. JoJoFLL

    I have nothing to add except I was at the South Beach Wine & Food Festival two years ago at the Thrillist BBQ at The Shore Club that Anne Burrell hosted with a Thrillist writer friend of mine.

    She would not mingle with the guests but instead stood behind red velvet ropes with body guards at the back of the pool so her ‘fans’ would not get to close.

    No one cared who she was or bothered to even go near her.

    That’s all I got.

  8. Matzah60

    I haven’t seen the show, but being it is Sunday, I am going to see if I can watch it On Demand. I met Rachel Ray and her husband around 7 years ago. She talked about how she got started and her hubby’s role in her cooking show. They are both incredibly kind and humble. I still enjoy watching her show and have a couple of her cookbooks.

    I love Kenya even thought she can be a diva at times. I don’t think she means any harm. When you’re “in love” and the carpet gets pulled from under you, I can’t imagine heading over to do a reality show. She showed up and met her obligation to be there. I give her a pass even if she was difficult.

    Thanks for the news, Tamara.

    PS. Many years ago, Vivica fox co-starred on a show with Mark Consuelos, Ripa’s husband. She was great, as was Mark and so was the show. I didn’t see her for awhile, but since she’s been back on TV, I have seen her on talk shows and I think she’s really a bitch. If Kenya stole her phone, it couldn’t happen to a ‘nicer’ person than Vivica. Vivica reminds me of Nene

  9. Ruthie

    TT, can we have a like button on here? No down arrows but like arrows? This is a fun post for me. I am a bravoholic but, before that, I was a food network addict. 😀

  10. Miguel

    Thanks for the delicious tea on the behind-the-scenes with Kenya!!! Team Twirl From Day One – was over Nene, Phaedra & Porsha by then!!!

  11. BeetsWhy

    Please don’t send me to the WLS, I have never been a Kamp Kenya member so I was thrilled to see her get booted FIRST! And beaten by Barbara Eden no less!

  12. Divatude08

    I guess I don’t understand all the Anne bashing. Kenya was on Rachel’s team and she’s the one who booted her. Not Anne.

  13. bria

    Interesting recap. Thanks for the clarification. With everything going on in Kenya’s life during this contest, the producers show be happy she didn’t burned down the place. Who goes through an emotional crisis and doesn’t make minor misses . I am down with your theory that kenya wanted to be the first to be eliminated. This woman talks too much about food to be soo clumsy in the kitchen.
    With the subsequent events after the phone-gate, am still in the opinion Kenya didn’t steal that phone. I wouldn’t be surprised the Celebrity apprentice producers did it to create drama because everyone was quiet except Vivica.

  14. Had high hopes when I saw Kenya was on. Didn’t know about the rumor before, I barely have time to keep up with anything these days. I truly hated how dumb they had her act. My husband was so glad she was the first to go. Next I hope the Jersey Shore guy goes.

  15. raynidaze

    Since she’s been around forever, I was curious about Barbara Eden’s age. I looked it up and then I checked and double checked because I couldn’t believe it — she’s 85 years old! I hope I can manage to live that long and have the ability to function as well as she does! And, her looks? I’m hoping to look that good when I’m 65!

  16. sarcasatire

    Calling Anne out publicly on IG and showing a photo of her is precisely why Kenya will never be great. Too damn petty, too interested in drama.

  17. JustJenn

    I’m team Kenya, but seriously she can be a MESS. I had a relationship ending fight with my first love at 6:00 am before work at 25 and still managed to hold myself together until the end of the day where I cried the entire drive home. You can’t always make excuses for your happens. I’m glad that she showed up, but she could of tried a little Moore.

  18. Yes Ms. Moore, when all else fails, revert back to the old and tired adage …”She’s just jealous of my beauty”. Trust me Kenya, Anne Burrell has 0 fucks to give about your “beauty”. P.S. Yes, I too think Kenya is beautiful, just like a bajillion other women!

  19. Cat

    Catfish, with peaches and cayenne?

    Ick, and double ick.

  20. Carmen Miranda

    Back in the day I would sometimes watch Jersey Shore. Mike was the one that would cook sunday dinners, so now all of a sudden he doesn’t know how to cook?

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