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Dance Moms has started without me, and I have two 70 minute episodes to get through. Note to Lifetime: I cannot recap a 70 minute show on time, because it eats up a two-hour DVR block and ain’t nobody got time for that. So get it together or I’ll be doing these on Sundays if there is nothing more important to do.

Apparently the Jill and Kira’s hatred of Ashlee is real because they trolled her on social media over the entire filming break. So nasty, so rude. Abby shows up  and she has a very positive attitude and is nice. She doesn’t even yell at Jill and Kendall for being late. She’s definitely on some happy pills that I’d like to try.  She also brings in two new dancers,  Will and Yadiel. It’s about time there were some boys on the team. Even if it was for just one week.

At the competition, Kendall does a duet with Will that I hated. It was a Kardashian dance called Bag, Borrow, Steal.  It was horrific and poorly choreographed. It’s a boring character number. Next, Brynn and Yaddy have a duet. Brynn had a meltdown all week because of all of the acting involved in the duet. She’s dating a stalker basically. It’s a bit mature for both dancers. At the competition, Yaddy bawks about going out on stage. It’s a big arena and it’s his first time. The mother goes out and tells Abby that Brynn didn’t want to do the dance. Thank god all the girls were there and know that is a lie. Abby has them get their butts out on stage and do their duet. It is so flawless (less one slip by Brynn) that I have a hard time believing there was even an issue.  It was really good. It was actually a dance unlike the hot mess Kendall got stuck with.

The mothers are horribly mean to Brynn and her mother. They need to suck up their jealously because Brynn is their best hope for keeping themselves on top at competitions. Kendall sucked and Nia is aging out, there is really no one else to step it up. The crowd is full of teenaged girls clapping for ALDC. This competition is theirs to lose.



The group dance was fantastic. The boys were adorable and quite talented and they exited through the audience high fiving their fans.

At the judging, there are lots of other teams at this meet. It looks like it could be a real competition. Until Brynn wins fourth. Then it is apparent that it’s all for storyline.  Somehow Kendall’s number gets third. Brynn was robbed. The group won first.  Jill and Jesse continued to be utter cunts after the dance.

At the beginning of the next episode, Jesse apologizes for being mean to Brynn and asks all the moms to join her in being supportive of each other. Abby starts off pyramid saying there is no more crying. And then she puts Brynn on the bottom for crying. Kalani is on top for being the lead in the group dance.

Kendall, Kalani and Jo Jo have a jazz trio.  They are up against Nia, and two boys, Siemon and Jalen.  The group dance is a Madonna number. I’m already not feeling this group number or the boys in it.  They are going to Fresno this week. They never do well in Fresno. Nia finally has an age appropriate piece of choreography. Abby is suddenly very nice to Nia and is giving her what she wants. Nia has a new manager and a new talent agency. So Holly is going to screw it up trying to bring the new manager in to ADLC to talk to Abby. Why not just leave well enough alone? This new manager sounds like a bitch.

Jesse’s mom has cancer and her family is angry with her that she continued to do the show with Jo Jo. One of her sisters has put some stuff on social media that is negative and she is really distracted.

Nia’s manager shows up and seems to be fishing with Jill to get Kendall signed to her as well. I just don’t like anything about this new manager. Abby has a hoarse voice and has for the both episodes.  When Abby gives Nia corrections Holly gets irritated that Abby is talking badly about Nia in front of her manager. I’m shocked that Abby was nice to the manager at all.

The group number is another character dance/ performance piece with low level choreography. It’s not going well at all in rehearsal. I don’t even understand which Madonna Brynn is supposed to be.  Right before the competition, Abby and Holly get into a pretty big fight. The moms are complaining that their kids are not getting enough classic ballet training.  Abby says that is because the didn’t show up to the studio all off season. Holly tells Abby to hush her mouth because Nia did something or another with Debbie Allen. Newsflash Debbie Allen’s studio is in LA. It’s up to the mothers to put their kids in the proper classes. I am on Abby’s side on this one and Holly just seems to be trying to pick a fight. Abby flips her off and walks out. I hope she is going to pull her trio. It was as raggedy as Holly’s edges in rehearsal.

Jesse steps in to run all the numbers through before the competition. She gives a lot of positive feedback. She does a great job pumping everyone up right before they go out.

The all girls trio was fine. The choreography was limited and it had no wow factor, but they stayed together and did the choreography they were given.  Nia’s trio was a lot better than rehearsal. She should have easily beat the girl’s team.

Abby has not gone back stage since she walked out. She’s in the audience eating pop corn and drinking co-cola. So Jesse continues to do the backstage show running. Not sure how Gianna is feeling about all this. I think she may have left with Abby.

Abby seemed to like the Madonna number. Maybe it’s just because I’m not feeling well, but it didn’t do a thing for me. And the first two boys in the first episode were way better than these two, in my opinion.

The girls trio takes second. Nia’s trio takes first. Abby just talks about how good her popcorn is after Nia’s win. What did Holly expect?  The group number managed to get second place somehow.  The ladies all scream at Abby on the street after the concert.

Next week: The minis return. But Spoiler alert, season seven is filming now and this week Abby tweeted that production sent home the minis and they will not be back. Instead, Cathy and the Candy Apples will return. Will Jesse be the new coach for the ALDC girls while Abby is in the pokey? Or will the show end?  Maybe Cathy and her Candy Apples will have a show?  I believe Cathy was supposed to be the start of the show in the first place and they producers went with Abby instead. What do you think should happen?  Abby will likely be taking her plea deal the first week in December. They are waiting on  ruling in another case that could drop her time considerably because there were not people scammed by her fraud. It was basically just an IRS issue with no creditors affected.


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13 responses to “Dance Moms Double Feature Catch Up Recap

  1. cheychey

    I really liked the 2 boys on the 1st show. They were talented. Wish Abby would add at least 1 boy to the team maybe as a replacement for one of the girls who left. It would make sense because several of the girls are getting older and couple work would be a likely transition if your going to dance professionally.

  2. I absolutely disagree with your opinion of Holly. I would react the exact same way toward Abby had I been in her shoes. Abby has treated Nia like an unwanted child since the first season, why is she only now trying to be kind. I’m guessing she now realizes that the only black kid who doubled as underdog is getting some love from fans, and she (Abby) wants a piece of the pie.

  3. Amy

    Jess and Jill are the worst people on tv. IMHO Jess’ apology was a joke. Without making eye contact she said if I’ve been mean to anyone’s kid, I apologize. HELL No. She owes Brynn a real, sincere, full eye-contact, contrite apology.

  4. AKA Riley

    I saved the episodes in case you posted about them. I feel a little lost about a couple of things so I will probably (sort of) watch them again. Thanks for recapping. Look forward to future ones.

  5. Maria

    Love your recaps

  6. Siri

    Tamara, I really like your Commentary. I missed both episodes. Now I feel caught up.

  7. SamT

    I am in Abby mood #1. I found out someone tried to open several credit cards in my name and have my mail forwarded. I won’t say more here by save for open forum.
    Maybe prison aka camp will do as much for Abby as it did Teresa. She’ll come out skinny and write a book, probably.

  8. swizzle

    Watched the first episode, but not the second yet. Abby’s voice sounds like she has horrible reflux affecting her vocal cords. Does this show have much life left in it? I’m tired of the same old antics from the mom and Abby. Nia and Kendall are not good dancers, so it’s kind of painful to watch them. I like Nia a lot, but competition dance is not her thing. Kendall and her mom are so flipping bratty. Jess is so mean to Brynn, which is so highly inappropriate.

    Interesting that Cathy is coming back. She’s entertaining. I hope she keeps her poor daughter off camera. She always seems like she’s in pain when filming…like she hates it. Maybe we’ll be done with the whole LA farce.

    It would also be interesting to see some new dancers from Abby’s studio. All the new show dancers have come from other studios. Is she not cultivating new talent or are the mothers there just not ratchet enough for TV?

  9. Happy gal

    I really felt very sorry for Bryn when the other grill asked her what was wrong and she said later she felt she could not say basically your moms are being terrible to me for fear they would be mad at her

    Surely the other girls see how their moms treat her especially Kendall’s mom who along w Jojos mom I find the most offensive and mean spirited

    I totally agree w TT that Bryn is this teams best hope of winning and the other moms had better imbreace the idea instead of trying to drive her and her mom out

    As to Jojos mom taking over for Abby since she thinks her daughter is the most talented I don’t think I could watch the jojo show week week. Jojo is excellent at character parts but her actually dancing is no where near a Maddie or an up and coming Bryn

    I love Nia she has carved out her out nitch and always been respectful even when Abby did not deserve it. She carries herself like a professional

    • Happy gal

      Good grief I need to proof read better and or not take my post surgery meds prior to posting – appologizes to all for having to struggle through that mess I posted

  10. Psylocke

    I love how Jess pimped her daughter out in an antibullying “music video” and then turns around and bullies a tween. Bitch what?

    Jess knows what’s up on social media – she was up to date on all the Australia Abby hate – now she’s just doing damage control because she knew she’d look like a total bitch.

  11. Miguel

    Finally saw the episodes 2day, TT!!! I can’t believe Jess, Kira & Jill r continuing with the same shit with Brynn & her mom! I am sooooooo hurt for Brynn – she is a child!!! How can grown women attack a child?

    I hope the three Witches of Eastwick read this: it is my sincerest wish that your three hideous girls break both their legs, literally!!! Isn’t this such a sweet sentiment for an adult to express about a child! :)

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