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When I go to grab tags for recaps, I notice the pattern of comments for the previous episodes of the show I am preparing to recap. I’m noticing there is not a lot of interest in this season. Which is sad, because it seems like it’s going to be much more interesting than last season. The fact that I am recapping on a Sunday lets me know that it comes on at a time with lots of conflicts. So, I suggest adding it to your DVR is you can. I don’t think you will be disappointed. Meanwhile, I trying to lure in more writers so I can get to things faster.

Last week, Chris bailed on the show before even being assigned a pod because he was throwing up and having major panic attacks.  I would fault him for that, but I would be exactly the same way if I were in his shoes.  This week, both the women and the men appear headed for some violent uprisings.

D Pod 

Currently Ryan and Brian, two of the weakest plants,  are in D-Pod and both are in dangerous situations. Ryan is entwined with a bad group after providing some covert medical assistance to one of the major players and then refusing to cheek some Tylenol for him a meds call. Brian is being sexually harassed in a way far worse than anyone last season and is on the brink of tapping out.

Ryan, the know-it-all tells production that he knows how everything works and knows more than the Sheriff. While this is edited to look very smug of him, he probably does. If the Sheriff knew all the issues he would not be sending in plants. Also, the cameras don’t seem to matter at all as it doesn’t appear anyone watches them. The pods are full of drugs and the fights and medical issues rarely result in a CO intervening.  Ryan also feels like the new guy (Brian is in danger from Daffron. The next day, Daffron interrogates Brian over his charges. Daffron says he is in for attempted murder.

60 Days In Monalisa


Over in the female pod, Sheri has had about all she can take of the drug addicts on the top level doing drugs and screaming all night long. She seems ready to get physical. But she doesn’t want the extra time and she doesn’t want to leave Ashleigh all alone.

Ashleigh is having problems maintaining her sobriety with all the drugs in the pod. And she was nursing when she came in so she is having issues with her milk still dropping and her emotional need to breastfeed. Sheri tries and fails to get her a breast pump. She is told to stop hand expressing her milk so it will dry up. Apparently, family can purchase and send in a pump through medical. So Zac does that but Ashleigh and Zac still get into huge fights over the phone about whether or not they have Amazon Prime. She has to hang up when she hears her baby cry.

The drugs seem to get worse every night.  Ashleigh can’t stand smelling the drugs. The smoke makes it hard to breathe. Finally a CO comes in and shakes the druggies down.  All the smokers get taken out of the pod. For just three minutes. Then they were sent back in. Everyone is pissed.

Monalisa is having nightmares about her daughter in prison.
60-Days-In-Season-2-Cast (1)


Dion and Quintin are sort of getting along in C-Pod, where there seems to be some racial tension. They guys are all excited that American Horror Story season finale comes on this night. Sheckles, the pod boss, hogs the remote so that he can watch reality TV. Everyone tolerates this. Except for Dion. He wants to watch some of his guy shows.  He gets someone to get the remote from Sheckles who was in his cell with the remote and he turns the channel. Dion gets a few hours of TV in before Sheckles takes the remote back.

Later Sheckles is pissed that some white inmate named Jeremy has done something to his new e-cigarette. Sheckles beats the holy hell out of the dude.  Dion wakes up to see all of this and now is concerned about messing with the remote.  Quintin is frustrated that he can’t do anything to help Jeremy out.  Guards show up, but not for the fight. Jeremy hides under his covers so they can’t see he has been beaten. The two COs appear to have no idea there was just and attack and sort of Barney Fife around the pod.

The Sheriff explains that there are two officers on duty for the overnight shift for the three hundred inmates. This seems stupid. Better to only have only two during the day if you have no other choice, I would think. Also, they only see one camera at a time. Also ridiculous. I hope this show pays enough to hire more guards and they get to keep the new camera systems.

As soon as the guards leave, Sheckles calls Jeremy back in to the cell, and he walks in there to get beat up some more. Sheckles says he will beat the guy until he presses the button or goes out on a stretcher. Later he basically tells his buddies that he is going to kill Jeremy,  Jeremy hears this and gets up. The entire pod seems to be taking sides. And it’s split right down racial lines. A race riot is simmering. Everyone starts lacing up. The black inmates are outnumbered. Sheckles hires a group of white inmates to beat up Jeremy for him and keep a race war from happening.

After Jeremy’s latest beatdown, the COs came in looked around again and left just as clueless as they came in. Sheckles tells Jeremy that if tells the COs that he is in danger and gets transferred out he will leave him alone. So he does.

Next week, it looks like all hell breaks loose. But then again, we thought that was going to happen this week.


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42 responses to “60 Days In: Pod Wars

  1. I really enjoy the show, and your recaps!

  2. misti wilde

    Those girls are having the time of their lives. They will be sure to return. All their needs are being met there and no responsibilities.

  3. Allison

    I was wondering what would have made Ashleigh do this experiment while nursing-for me personally there isn’t much of anything that I would have left my breastfeeding infant for-it’s just a sensitive and important time-I’m not sure what she planned on, hand expressing for 60 days? You’d have thought she would have maybe asked in advance about a breast pump? The nurse clearly didn’t care either. I’m utterly shocked every week at the absence of COs. It seems like there’s no windows or anything the inmates are being supervised thru, just cameras which are obviously not being monitored-that blows me away.

    At the women’s facility here, the COs do walking rounds every 15 minutes and they’re enclosed with glass so common areas are seen constantly. There’s no going in and out of other inmates cells either. Just crazy what goes on.

  4. rebecca

    I think this is an interesting show and I guess it is serving its purpose of helping civilians to understand what goes on “inside”. I hope that the Sheriff also gains an understanding about the appallingly bad behavior in his jail that goes unchecked by the CO’s. I also don’t understand Ashleigh’s motivation, especially as a former addict whose sobriety seems tenuous already, to leave a baby she’s still nursing and her husband to do this. If I was her husband, I would be pissed too.

    • Shay

      Um, her husband left the baby and his wife, too.

      • rebecca

        To me, it’s a bigger deal that she left a baby that she was still nursing. Yes, it’s a double standard.

      • Shay

        Yeah, that must’ve been so hard for her, but I think they really needed the money. It sounded like Zac was unemployed. I think it would be super painful, physically and emotionally, for any nursing mother to leave their baby. I don’t give a shit about Monalisa’s story.

      • Allison

        I’m not sure it’s a double standard. As a nursing mom she meets the baby’s needs he can’t.

    • Bravocueen

      I think they really needed the money. Hopefully he gets this job, although CO jobs pay crap. This is one of the things that is crazy in our world. Child services workers, who have 4 year degrees (who go into HORRIBLE and dangerous conditions sometimes to save children) make barely more than minimum wage. COs, who must be certified, and who are in danger every day make $12-13 per hour. But county (in Ohio anyway) workers who dig graves, etc., get paid $30+ an hour. WTH??

      • Allison

        Salaries for COs and child services social workers must really vary by region because where I live DCF workers make around 65k annually while COs start around 45k. Plus all of the benefits you get with a state job. Not at all horrid. You could get a job as a CO here at 21 and retire at 41 with benefits, pension etc. Not too shabby.

      • tamaratattles

        Generally, states that pay social workers etc that type of money are New England states with a high cost of living.

  5. Observer2

    Next show should be interesting with meek Bryan looking like he’s finally going to stick up for himself after Daffron called him “bitch.”

    I thought the girls were finally going to get a break with those other girls going to solitary for doing the drugs. Can’t imagine what could’ve possibly been accomplished in the 3 minutes they were out of the Pod. Then they come back in and start up where they left off.

    I was wondering why Ashleigh was doing this too with having a baby at home, and then when she got so upset about the $30 being spent needlessly on shipping, I figured they needed the money.

  6. Crazydoesit

    I can’t believe how much crazier this season is from the first. Monalisa is much like Barbara to me- super annoying and I fast forward through her parts already. I like Quintin and Dion, I was fearful for them during the racial tension scenes. Brian needs to tap out, I’m fearful for him. He isn’t even trying to get to know anyone or to stand up for himself. The COs are clueless and there are too few of them to deal with anything major going on. This has been so crazy so far.

  7. SabrinaToo

    Has it ever said if the participants get compensated for being on the show? I would think there would be some incentive to keep them from leaving.

    I was shocked Dion was confident enough to ask for the remote. I like him the best. So far.

  8. Shay

    I felt so bad for Brian. He’s lucky he’s at least in a jail that’s not full of gang members and a bunch of lifers. I felt bad for Ashleigh, too. That medical person was a fucking bitch saying, “The baby’s probably on formula by now, so just stop pumping.” Jeez. What a cunt.

  9. Shay

    TT, Did you see that 15 minute interview before the episode? They had Zac, Garza, Sheriff and Deputy. Garza was adorbs and seemed very normal and kind. He had a twinkle in his eye and looked and acted totally different. It was interesting to hear his take on jail survival tactics. He should consult for this show in the future.

  10. Rose

    Please continue to recap TT. I feel like Zac is being insensitive to Ashleigh when they talk on the phone and also fear the pull of the drugs may get to her irregardless of her baby. Glad Dion realized trying to be big and bad with the remote could have gotten Sheckles out for his blood. Chris surprised me since I always thought Ryan wouldn’t be the one to stick it out. I’m worried for Brian but looks like he may become super bad next week! That swat team looks scary.

  11. BeetsWhy

    I love this show, this season is more interesting to me. I think it’s funny that in both seasons it’s the men who puss out first.

    I don’t know if it’s just Comcast but my DVR keeps picking up these stupid previews that are anywhere from 2 minutes to 15 and are annoying as hell!

  12. Msve1

    I enjoy watching the new season of 60 Days In. This season is alot more intense, I am really scared for Brian, I am so afraid if he doe.s stand up he will be beat down badly. I keep telling him through my TV to tap out. Money is the biggest motivation for them all subjecting themselves to this 24hr hazzard for 60 days…

    • Shay

      Brian should have said he was in there for murder. Daffron would have tested him and Brian could have said he was accused of poisoning coworkers. Totes looks like he could be an IT guy or a serial killer.

  13. The Shadiest Grove

    From a psychological research standpoint, this show is brilliant. I just wish they did more one on one interviews with the real inmates, pod bosses like Sheckles and Daffron. I’m worried for Ashleigh and Dion, something appears to happen to Dion and his mentality switches from criminologist to criminal. I’ll be keeping my eye on Dion and Ashleigh, they’re the most interesting to me.

  14. LA_in_KY

    This episode scared the crap out me! I hate to see violence and watched the episode through my fingers. My mother in law has been in and out of prison for the past 15 years and it kills me to see what she could have experienced during her time. That being said, she did things that resulted for her time there. It is so strange because on one hand I want to defend her because she is my sons grandmother, but she has also made really wrong decisions. Some of her decisions have affected me personally in a very bad way, and I have to keep that separate from my son’s relationship with her. She makes me so mad, but I hate and I don’t want her in that system.

    • LA_in_KY

      Basically she was on a bender last year and I refused to let her see my son because she was high. My son is on Medicaid and she reported me for Medicaid fraud. That I had her grandson illegally on Medicaid. Who would do that?

    • Shay

      Scary? Really? To me the women look like they’re Job Corp. They’re making pretend cigarettes and have an “up all night” crew. Such a joke.

      • Allison

        Exactly! The female pod is anything but scary-it’s a non stop party. Sex drugs and maybe no rock n roll but twerking? Either way, give me a break. That place is off the chain. Never seen anything like it. The COs clearly resent having to leave their porn or card game or soaps, whatever they’re being dragged away from-to do their jobs.

      • Shay

        Allison, what would be scary is a show where people had to do 60 days in ad seg. If you didn’t have mental problems or aggression before that, I bet you would lose your fucking mind.

        Murderers, pyschos, untreated mental illnesses, 23 hour lockdown, and people screaming and flooding the unit with urine and feces? No thanks, bro. You couldn’t pay me enough.

      • Allison

        @shay omg, right??? 6 hours in seg would drive me out of my mind, I can’t fathom 60 DAYS. That’s why I think Robert from last season was either a little touched, full of shit, or both, saying solitary was a vacation. Puh-leeeeeze.

      • Shay

        Allison, I didnt see last season, but read the recaps. Maybe this jail is just cake? Usually you’d rather be homeless than be in jail, but I’d WAY rather be annoyed by paper smoke and people buzzed off coffee. Its crazy how some jails and prisons can be like this, but the SHU at San Quentin looks like cruel and unusual punishment.

        I guess there’s a reason why the warden here can have folks playing reality show snitch. I mean the scariest person is Daffron who may or may not try to touch dicks with Brian.

      • Allison

        @shay I’m thinking this jail is cake. Sweet, delicious, warm cake. Possibly a la mode.

        Daffron and Brian- ::giggle::

  15. roxmissmist

    This season is the best 1 so far..
    I do not like Monalisa at all she is so annoying her daughter did a armed robbery for drugs and she has to pay for that
    I am worried about Brian Daffron is a $%#@! if Brian lets him get away with being called a bitch then that could be Brian missing real coffee or the towel thing is he isn’t even in a cell he is out in the open and the people filming can’t call the main jailers and tell them what is happening with the sexual harassment and the beat down that guy Jamie got everyday I am guessing they can not get involved but that is a bunch of BS
    the one girls are on camera smokin’ and up all night being rowdy as hell they get removed they were gone like 5 minutes
    when they smoke if they were smart they would run a shower I do not know if they can shower whenever or not or blow it into the potty
    I haven’t figured out if the 1 guy left or is coming back ?
    2 guards for 300 inmates is something that should be changed at least 4 females and 4 males
    that jail is out of control

    Zach was being a jerk to Ash she is in pain and stressed out Why would a woman go to film for 60 days and not think about her milk drying up ? they had a 2 week orientation before jail and she never thought about her breasts
    the nurses comment was so cold telling her to let her milk dry up her baby is on formula by now she had to of been desperate for $$$ to leave her baby
    I just can not stomach Ryan or Monalisa he is arrogant and she wants to be treated like she is at a motel I am surprised she got a new mat that guard was one in a few that would of done that..
    I like everyone else so far
    Brian go home you do not belong there and you are not gonna do the experiment any good if you are lying down with a blanket over your head hiding he is kinda a coward so far guess we will have to wait and see his outcome

  16. hannahkingrose

    I didn’t watch 60 Days In last season. I decided since TT was recapping that I would give it a try. I’m hooked now. I can’t believe the women’s pod. Having watched other jail and prison shows on tv, I thought the COs made routine checks even at night. Obviously not. I’ve heard it said that inmates have 24 hours a day to figure out the COs’ schedule. Sure seems that way because as soon as the lights go off they start breaking all the rules and most of the laws.

    After Brian’s talking head about his children, I assumed all the sexual harassment would have pushed him over the edge. Dion thought he earned some respect when he said he was charged with armed robbery and got cocky. He felt comfortable enough to ask for the remote. Then he sees what happens to the guy who crossed Sheckles and it unnerved him a bit.

    I’m in for the duration. I am even going to watch the past season on Netflix. Thanks for recapping.

  17. I started watching 2 of my favorite shows, Orphan Black & Hotel Impossible, because of your recommendation. I watch this show with my hands over my eyes and feel in desperate need of a shower by the end. After listening to the girls in F Pod, I understand why there is such a push in my State to put alcoholics and addicts in treatment programs instead of prison.
    There was an interview on “On Demand” where Ashleigh said that it was her fault that Zac couldn’t get a job in law enforcement. I’m guessing when the producers approached her about participating in the show, the guilt plus money temporarily numbed her maternal instincts until after she signed the contract. I think she would come out broken if Sheri wasn’t there.
    How does one become a Pod boss? Did they just not show the smokers when Brenda was the boss? I was rooting for Sheri to take on the smokers until I thought there was the possibility that she could become the next CEO of the Pod.

  18. Bravocueen

    I love this show. Thanks for recapping!!

  19. Cindy stodolski

    I don’t get why the participants are so upset.. They have a house to go home too.. And a job waiting for them.. The real prisoners have a bad life.. And a bad life when they get out

  20. Brittany

    Love this show! Dreamy Zach is not being dreamy. Quentin trips me out with his “that annoys me” faces. Dion is so cute. It would be so interesting if a participant got to be pod boss. Ha! Brian has to stand up for himself now or he’s done. If he doesn’t reply to that then he will never get any respect. Ryan looks like a know it all, but clearly those COs know nothing. Or so it would appear. Monalisa normally drives me crazy, but I had more compassion for her this episode. It must be hard to have a child in jail or prison and theres nothing you can do to help. Regardless of the fact that she is being punished for a crime she committed.

    • tamaratattles

      Idiot Barbara was pod boss for about five minutes last season because she sorted out the issues surrounding Christmas Card gate.

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