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There have been a lot of breakups discussed here lately and it’s only fair I mention my own. I have been trying to end a relationship for the past few years. It’s a long relationship, that has not been working for me for quite some time. I really want out, but I don’t think there is another situation out there that would replace what we once had. I’ve been looking online for a very long time  for something that would be good enough to finally encourage me to end this.

The current situation is uncomfortable and makes me feel bad all the time. I am certainly not sleeping well. But, I want a situation like I had when this relationship was new. And frankly they don’t make them like they used to.

That’s right. I need a new couch.

Despite actually having a bed, I tend to sleep on the couch 90% of the time.  I also work on it all day long. So the half I have been sitting on for the past eight or ten years is smushed down and the other side is still firm and high. It’s a red leather couch and I want another as similar to this one as possible. But they don’t make good couches anymore.




Anyway, I just thought I’d share, I don’t need suggestions. I just need commiseration. Have you ever had to replace a piece of furniture and not been able to find anything you like?

I’m also still on my healthy living plan. However. I have not been eating properly. I have mostly just been drinking coffee all day. I simply forget to eat. I don’t have an appetite and I don’t have any energy from not eating. I’ve been exhausted, sickly and randomly depressed for no reason.  But I’m trying to get back in the swing of things. I always get sick when the seasons change so hopefully if we can stop having summer heat and then a fall like day and then a week more of heat, I’ll feel better.

Sorry for the whiney intro post. Fall is my favorite season, I’ve just been and continue to be super busy with business stuff related to the site and writing a lot. I’m lucky to have some great writers helping me out with more to come for the new fall season.

Please leave me some good news and weekend excitement in comments. I’m going to take it easy today and try to get rid of the headache. And I will probably put up a recap or two. Oh and maybe a Kenya story…


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  1. SLM

    I HATE replacing my favorite things, TT. I absolutely adore our family van, like it’s an old friend, and my driver’s seat just feels RIGHT. But it’s almost 13 years old and it’s starting to…well, not be as sound as it once was, but I won’t let my husband even talk to me about a replacement. I’m sorry about the couch – when you have something just right, it’s torture when it starts just not working anymore. I really hope it all works out for you. We’ve been having a lot of rain (finally) and my garden is hanging in there. Just got a dozen or so tomatoes and 5 cucumbers out of it. And my husband didn’t have to work this weekend, so we’re just hanging out family style today. Also, making soup. Smells so good I can’t wait for dinner.

  2. Toni Lee Gildea

    I know what you are going through with the couch! I had one from the early 70’s and it was so wonderful to sit or sleep on. I ended up getting it recovered and the springs and cushions perked up. It is back in style now, so that is a bonus. It was worth every dime.

  3. newjerzeyboy

    My G*d woman, they’re just things, get rid of it and move on with your life.

  4. Whyowhy

    I feel your pain, TT. I went through the same thing with my couch until I finally found one I love! I wish you luck on your search.

    My week was okay, except for the part where I got side swiped by a Pepsi truck. No joke… a Pepsi delivery truck ran right I to me on the freeway. I have a feeling they going to try to total my car, but I am not going to let them do that because if they do, I’ll have to buy a new car, which means a car payment I can’t afford. Soooo, they are either going to fix my current car, or buy me a new one. I hope I don’t have to fight too much with them.

    This weekend is being spent cleaning, watching movies and writing. Currently I am watching the Devil Wears Prada with How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days up next. I love Bravo!!

    • JoJoFLL

      Stick to your guns and hold out for them to make you whole. Trust me, Pepsi doesn’t want you to sue. My girlfriend was an exec with Coke in Charlotte and lost her job because she kept hitting people in the Coke vehicle.

  5. Surely you haven’t had your couch as long as Carole from RHONY has had hers!

    In all seriousness, you’ve talked about moving in the semi-new future. Why not just wait until then to replace your shit? I think it would be more fun to pick one out once you know where it’s going to sit long-term.

    Easy fix– just move ur ass to the other side & smash it down to even it out! Problem solved! 😉

    • More Tea Please!

      That’s an awesome suggestion…MOVE, and put the old stuff on the curb.

      So, Tamara, why did you move? Oh, my sofa was worn out!

    • hannahkingrose

      I.Just.Can’t., TT may be like Sheldon from The Big Bang. He has a spot on the couch that is his spot and he doesn’t want to or feel right sitting anywhere else. It is centrally located so when the windows on either side of the room are open he is in a cross breeze. It is in a spot that doesn’t distort the television and also promotes conversation. LMAO You know kind of like most people sleep on the same side of the bed every night. If I have to sleep on the other side, I don’t sleep as well.

  6. Keya

    I love the Fall too! Can’t wait for its arrival to come full circle.

    The only exciting news I have is that I’m moving to Ga in two weeks. Looking at some towns 90 minutes to 2hrs outside of Atlanta. I don’t want a hectic city life anymore being that I’m from NYC.

    As for your couch, it’s okay. You’ll break your new one in just the same. Truth be told I HATE leather sofas. Can’t imagine being able to get comfy on one but you have, so, it can be done :-) Have fun shopping for your new relationship-piece.

    • Sliceo'pie

      Good luck with the move! You sound so excited – I hope it goes well for you. Best wishes.

    • AAL

      Where are you looking? I moved to Cherokee County 2 years ago from Atlanta and I love it! It has a country feel but plenty of things to do. Housing cost is low (especially after NYC!). Don’t know your age but after 62 there’s no school tax which makes a HUGE difference in property your property tax.

      • mbluna11gmailcom

        I lived in your neighboring counting York for 11 years, moved to Fort Myers, FL in May. In 2 weeks we’ll being living in uptown Charlotte, moving sucks!!!!?

    • Karyn0220

      My husband and I moved to Georgia from Colorado 8 years ago and we love it here! We decided on Whitfield County which is only 10 miles from the TN state line. We love the small town feel and when we want to go shopping or go out for a nice meal we can drive north and get to Chattanooga or drive south and hit Marietta. Plus the property taxes are extremely low so if you want a big chunk of land you don’t have to empty your pockets.
      Hope you love Georgia as much as we do!

      TT, I also sleep on my couch every night and have the same problem with the sinking. What I do is place a pillow where it is sunken in and cover it with a bunch of blankets and then put a sheet on top. It’s very cozy. Although it is a pain in the ass to take it apart and set it up every day if you have company that needs to sit on your couch.

      • mbluna11gmailcom

        Charlotte is in NC we’ve lived outside of Charlotte in SC as well as in Greenvile, SC we’ve enjoyed living in both NC & SC!!! Georgia is a very pretty state as well we N over from NJ 32 or so years ago shortly after we were married.

      • tamaratattles

        Thanks for reminding me about Greenville. I used to live in Greenwood which was not far away and Greenville was beautiful and had great festivals and a young vibe. I’m adding it to my search list.

  7. Jrleaguer

    I know that you do not want suggestions, but I also know how it is when you have a quality piece that needs a bit of TLC and that quality pieces are hard to come by these days. Have you considered having an upolsterer look at It? They can make new cushion insides and redo the bottom so that it does not collapse on one side. It is a lot cheaper and less stressful than searching for a new sofa.

    • joanne

      I agree, JrLeaguer. When I worked as a designer, I often told clients to restore, recover or rebuild their fine furniture, despite the fact that I would make more money if I sold them new, high-end furniture. Good sofas/couches have hardwood frames and many fine leather sofas have steel frames. It just may be that all your beloved sofa needs, TT, are for the springs to be either replaced and/or retied, and some fill added to the cushions.
      A couple of hundred dollars could ‘turn back time’ on your ‘relationship’. Far better than a couple of thousand for a shiny, new thing!
      Keep us posted.

  8. misery chick

    Thanks, T, I was hoping you’d post a ‘Daily Tea’ today! Last Friday (not yesterday) I finally had my Social Security Disability hearing (after two years of waiting, three years after I was forced to stop working) and I think it went my way. I’ll have to wait two-three months for the decision, but at this point, at this moment, it is DONE and I feel FREE!
    Able to breathe and enjoy life. Still have to work on my hubby’s appeal for the second denial to his disability claim, but I see a tiny light at the end of a long dark tunnel.

    Have an amazing weekend, everyone. Love to all 💕 🌈 💐

    • Dee

      I wish you a lot of luck on your SS disability and your husbands. The waiting is awful!
      We had to get a lawyer for my husband, then it worked like it was supposed to.

  9. BeetsWhy

    Anyone who knows me knows I love my sofas obsessively! they are the most comfortable sitting/napping/sleeping couches EVER. They lasted 20 years and I dreaded replacing them. They are Bernhardt so I looked there first, found some beautiful things…to the tune of 10k. Mine were about $4500 in ’96. So that was out of the question but I refused to buy something of lesser quality. I started looking at reupholstering and found someone that several friends and neighbors had used. Problem solved! I picked my fabric and he was able to identify the foam on the originals. The total was 3k and I’m set for another 20 years 🤓

    • Matzah60

      Had a similar problem with a Bernhardt. I remember buying it in 1991. My ex left in 1994, but two months prior over my objections, he purchased two male mini pinschers. What they didn’t chew up, they peed on. It was a sectional and they peed On every corner. I finally retired it to the basement, but I loved that couch, the comfort and the ability to sleep on it at night. When I moved around 14 years ago, I had it reupholstered and replaced all the cushions. It was around $3500, but it just like new and back in my family room. Still my favorite place to sleep, nap, and play on my computer. So, I feel your pain, Tamara. It might be something as minor as the springs. I bet you could recondition for much, much less than a new sofa.

      • Dee

        MATZAH, nice story. I did the same thing, had a 20 year old couch reupholstered, it lasted another 20.
        I just went to my dentist, asked if I could get Botox for grinding my teeth. He had never heard of this, though had heard of it for migraines. I was too embarrassed to tell him I heard about it from Bethenney Frankel, UGH.

  10. Feel better soon and good luck on the couch replacement… and please, eat something. 😉

  11. I hope I never have to rely on the government to take care of me. I can’t even imagine. You worked a job that broke you and your husband and not get a reprive. Horrible state to be in..

  12. Happy gal

    Oh Lord I do not envy you this task. I do not like change especially when I have found something I love and now must replace it and know I probably will not find something I love as much or if I do it will be a fortune

    A comfy chair or sofa or the perfect bed or in my case the perfect pillow – I know it seems trivial but I get terrible migraines and it took me a long time to find just the right pillow then a long time to break that pillow in. It is nearing the end of its life and I am dreading and I mean braking out in a cold sweat dreading the thought of trying to find the replacement

    I hope you find just the right one and it is even better than you could hoped for !

  13. Myinfo

    Try craiglist and thrift stores.
    Old furniture was made better than this new cheaply made crap.
    Good luck.
    Hope you feel better

  14. GildedLily

    TT, you made my day. I love sleeping on my couch but I’m embarrassed to tell anyone. My dogs kept pushing me off the bed so I would get up and go sleep on the couch. Then, one of my dogs became ill and it was easier to sleep on the couch because he would have to go out several times a night. Now, I just prefer it but I kind of think it makes me look kind of pathetic, but I feel much better about it now that I know TT does it. Someone else mention getting the cushion re-stuffed if at all possible.

  15. SubLife

    You totally had me! Up until I read the sentence “I need a new couch”, I 100% believed you were referring to your relationship with Andy, Bravo, & the Housewives franchises.

  16. captivagrl

    Can you keep the crappy couch and spend money on a really great bed/bedroom? That’s kinda what I did a few years ago. I was a couch sleeper for years. When I was a single Mom (in an iffy neighborhood), I felt more secure sleeping close to the front door with the tv on. Now, I have a decent surveillance system, I sleep in my bed, but I still sleep with the tv on, always.

  17. Robert

    Whatever you do don’t purchase it second-hand because bed bugs. They are real and a horrible inconvenience. That includes “pre-owned”. I’m normally all about a good bargain (I once furnished an entire 4 bedroom house for like $500 at Salvation Army) but those critters are becoming more and more intrusive, especially in the South.

    • captivagrl

      Yes, excellent point Robert. I will trash pick and purchase almost anything used, but not upholstered furniture. Along with the mentioned bed bugs, there’s also fleas, termites and other nasties that you do not want to bring into your house.

    • Sliceo'pie

      My soon to be ex-husband wanted to buy my 12 year old son a “Used queen Mattress”. This man makes a very good living. I wanted to scream! I took a deep breath and gave him a list of local stores and they’ll be delivering a NEW one next Sunday. What a git.

      • Matzah60

        You know he wouldn’t buy a used queen bed for himself. Why is it okay to suggest the same for his son and only child. Glad your son is getting the brand new bed he deserves!!

  18. Margaret Shepard

    Oh I love leather couches. I sold my red one with nail head trim for $75 on Craig’s list only because I inherited my Mothers really nice one. Actually I kinda miss it. It was made by Haverford, and very solid. I still have the matching overstuffed chair and ottoman which I will never sell. Try really nice resale places like go board of trade in roswell, etc. There are many nice ones. Look in Atlanta magazine for more. Feel better and good luck. I appreciate all the tea you bring us knowing you don’t feel your best!!

  19. Margaret Shepard

    Made by Haverty’s.

  20. Margaret Shepard

    Oops I just read you don’t want suggestions, my bad. Nothing to see here- like on south park lol. It was hilarious wednesday. It was the colin kapernick spoof . It called the election a race between a Giant Douche and a turd sandwich. I had not watched in forever but it was great.

  21. Minky

    I also hate replacing things like furniture. Furniture should be built to last forever. Like in the old days. I know it’s silly and perhaps a little unhealthy to become attached to in animate objects. But it’s hard to not associate them with your own personal history.

    Here’s a funny story for you. For years and years I kept the shirt I was wearing on the day I lost my virginity. I finally threw it out a couple of years ago. But not before looking at it for a very long time and smelling it. I was very in love with the guy, but, well… I’m getting teary eyed just thinking about it now. Is that weird?

    • Whyowhy

      Minky, not just you. I still have clothes from my first real boyfriend. It was 19 and thought I was so in love. They are packed away in my closet.

    • Katherine 2.0

      Hey Minks, it’s not weird you kept the shirt. Smelling it, however? Little bit … 😘

    • Robin

      That is so NOT weird. I totally get it. I’ve read that our sense of smell is the most tied to memory, which absolutely makes sense. Olfactory cues bring back memories that are more detailed and emotionally resonant than those any generated by other senses, even memories we thought we’d forgotten for a while. As an Army brat and USAF wife I’ve had to move a lot – 31 times in 48 years. I think this makes me more prone to nostalgia than others. I have boxes filled with totems that are meaningless to anyone but me. I’m very happily married for 14 years, still have a longtime ex-boyfriend’s old “stage” shirt, show flyers, and guitar picks. I have a stash of notes my high school besties and I passed in class. I still take out my kids’ baby blankets or favorite onesies and smell them sometimes. They only smell of Dreft, but that’s enough to bring that sweet time right back for me. I love your comment so much. Thanks Minky!

  22. Katherine 2.0

    Eh, just slide a piece of plywood under the cushions and call it a day. Yes, that was advice. You’re welcome. 😉

  23. Katherine 2.0

    Fall gives you energy. Heat and humidity sap it. Sleeping with the windows open and feel like a new woman. Guessing it takes a little longer for the autumn goodness to reach you down south, but it’s coming, TT.

  24. Kimoe

    TT I get the love if a piece of furniture. When I was pregnant with my oldest looking for a rocker I fell in love with this old antique rocker. It is beautiful with carvings, ornate and made of mahagany (sp?) I think. I loved it so much when I clapped eyes on it I wouldn’t sit in it at the store cause then I couldn’t look at it. Silly I know, but I thought it was beautiful. My mother ended up surprising me with it a week later. It was much more than we could’ve afforded. I told my husband if the house was on fire it was the only thing I wanted saved after the kids. I rocked my babies and grand babies in it. I often rock in it thinking of those wonderful moments.

    My week has been great. My youngest daughter who has had such medical struggles all her life has finally seems to get to a place she can have a normal life and happiness. I’m SO happy for her. There was as time we thought she would never achieve this in her life.

  25. More Tea Please!

    Sorry about the relationahip, only you can decide when its time to move on.

    However, about the,sofa, get yourself over to the Macy’s store on Barrett Parkway in Kennesaw. On the third floor is the furniture outlet for the entire southeast. Their prices are amazing and they have oodles of decent quality leather sofas. We have had Natuzzi leather recliner thats we bought at Macy’s in Alabama over 7 years ago and they still carry them. And the prices are amazing, half or less of regular retail.

  26. JustJenn

    Good luck with the couch hunt, TT. I don’t mind getting rid of material things, although getting new furniture as a single female can be a PITA. Still it’s fun to shop and see all of the different designs.

    I had to move on from my friend who wanted to date. I just didn’t like him that way and he didn’t take it very well. The guy I do like is so wishy washy that I’m just going to give up on him as well…I really hate dating. 😐

  27. Cat

    I feel EXACTLY how you do about furniture!

    In my case, the couch has sentimental value. I won’t bore anyone with details. But, I refuse to get rid of it. I’m going to see if I can somehow get it repaired.

    My cushy recliner is also broken. This makes me sad, because I slept in that recliner while I was sick. Again, no details.

    I also sleep better in the living room. However, this last week, my sister took my bed, and I was forced (not really, but, company) to sleep on the couch. So today, I have my bed back! And, I am happy!

    I am in bed right now, as a matter of fact. I love my memory foam topper. But, I think the memory foam may have Alzheimer’s.

    Bring on Fall! Happy Halloween!

  28. ingrid

    I threw out the old rocker in my bedroom and (this sounds stupid) but I have been saving my homegoods gift cards to put towards a new chair. I found a perfect one, right color, right fabric, not too big, not too small, recliner, just perfect for the bedroom. Problem is, I could not get it home! It is too big for our cars, and it was at a homegoods that was 45 minutes from my house and I could not ask friends to take their big cars and go get it for me. (I just hate asking people stuff, esp for something so dumb as getting a chair at a far away homegoods!). Bottom line is the chair sold, and now I am starting over. My sister says i need to get a life

  29. Lisa

    Ok – you have touched my soul with this post. I am sitting on a couch that I have bolstered with pillows, foam pads and blankets. I think I actually have no support but those things anymore, but the couch is still presentable, and this comes from a severely OCD woman who likes things to look “nice”. I have looked at new couches, and am stressed about what to do with this one. It has history. My children have slept and peed on it (this may gross people out, but it’s a reality folks). Anywho. I need to change it out, but am paralyzed with the decision. I am so glad to know I am not the only person who has this affliction. As a side note: Fall also the best season ever and I get to enjoy my favorite non-bravo TV activity, which is college football. My alma mater, the Oregon Ducks, lost. But I went to the Oregon State game and they won. I wont call that a draw, but I appeased my better half by going to support his team so it’s not a total loss. Hope you all have a great Sunday :)

  30. Kristen


    there’s couples therapy for relationships, there’s rehab for couches. You sound like you don’t want to get rid of either. The first thing you need to do is eat some food and get off that couch. Life is work sometimes but it’s worth it.

  31. bella

    I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve had a hard time lately. Your humor and wit have gotten me through several days when I’ve felt like you’ve been feeling lately. So, thank you for blogging and giving a piece of you even when you’ve feel like giving up or running away. I hope you can get over this hump soon and can be refreshed.

  32. Linda miller

    Move over to the other side of the couch,
    If you’re looking for a nice comfy that deep for sleeping, There’s a shop I think lake Norman the makes beautiful pieces.
    I bough two rather large, deep and extremely comfortable. It’s the same couch that Resroration Hardware bad but more than half their coast, This company has all the frames from RH and Pottey.
    Mine are a neigh color in linen but they many options. The conpany is the Comfortable Couch in I think Lake Norman or the could as Charlotte. ps I also down material rapped around all the pillows.
    If you look on line mine are the couches with English arms. I went all out for these.
    I was married for 35 years and only had two couches all those years. I just recovered them when I would redo them when I redecorated. I did same this with my chairs. My experience is if you get good pieces you keep them and recover.

  33. Linda miller

    Sorry about your dilemma with your boy friend. They are just too much damn work.
    You need to put on your big girl pants and get rid of him! It will take I while to get over this but it’s worth it!!
    My quote: Never make someone a priority in you life when they make you just an option.

  34. Robert

    I might really be missing something here but I’m 99.9% sure that the relationship TT is speaking of is indeed the relationship with her couch…

  35. LOL, TT I thought you were talking about a guy. I need to break up too, my couch is old, broke down, with spots on it. I need a new one too, but don’t know what or where to look. But thanks for the laugh I needed that!

  36. Sliceo'pie

    I’ve posted how I’ve been going through a hard time – husband walked out on us/mother in hospital. I’m finally sleeping (Thank God) but I have trouble with the eating. I’ve gone from feeling sick at the thought of food to eating only at night and only junk.
    I’m going to try very hard this week to stock the fridge with healthy food and stop going to Quik Check for potato chips/ice cream. If it’s not in the house than obviously I can’t eat it!
    Whole Foods makes this amazing, “Home-made” Chicken Soup – I’m going to buy a few pints of that (I’m a horrible cook) and stop at the “Juice Bar” once a day.

    My son is away all next week – it’s the first time I’ll be alone in my house for more than a night in 18 years. I’m going to try to stay busy-when I was single I loved going to movies alone. I’m going to do that once or twice in the evenings. I can do this!!

    • JoJoFLL

      Hang in there! You CAN do this!

    • Miguel

      You’re doing great, Sliceo’pie!!! And, don’t forget TT’s emergency link, if you need us!!! I’ve been checking there daily, in case you needed to vent :)

    • belladonna

      Comfort eating, I’ve been there. Keeping free of the fast foods and having healthy snacks is key. Don’t let yourself get cravings, you have to let yourself eat some of the trigger foods.

      We call Whole Foods Whole Paycheck, it’s expensive to eat healthy.

  37. FarFromPerfekt

    Last week, I was on a flight from Mpls to Atlanta and had the pleasure of witnessing the most selfless, random act of kindness from one stranger to another that I can ever remember seeing! It has restored my faith in humanity, if only temporarily. I feel so blessed in my life right now and can’t think of one thing to complain about …Well, today anyways. 🙃

    • belladonna

      It does temporarily restore your faith in humanity, doesn’t it? Most of us are capable of kindness. I try to be more kind because there is so much judgment and unkindness.

  38. Jaded

    I hate change of any kind. I tend to keep cars too long and rarely change furniture out. I think it’s because we we live in a throw away society. Plus, I was raised by grandparents who grew up in the depression. I can find multiple uses for almost anything. Good luck!

  39. JoJoFLL

    Ahh, Fall in South Florida!

    It’s still 98 degrees.

    I feel your pain TT.

    I bought new couches about seven years ago and I believe I either lost my mind or had a total blackout when I bought them.

    At some insane point I thought two white couches with a husband who is a slob and THREE kitties was a good idea.

    Fast forward to a half ton of Cheetos and other snacks entertainment, seven years of hairballs, friends who like red wine, and a whole lot of sandy, sticky beach living and they are junk.

    I have the same problem that I cannot figure out what I want.

    Leather is too hot.

    I must have two long couches, the hubs is 6’5.

    Dislike prints, wool is too hot.

    Meanwhile we are still sitting on the nasty couches.

    • tamaratattles

      WInner Winner Chicken DInner JoJo…! As I wake up from another night half couch/half bed where I can’t move and everything hurts the posts with the unwanted suggestions are as annoying as a boyfriend who offers solutions to dealing with PMS. Just use the other end! That will magically make the couch the same height all over! Hire someone to move the couch out of and back into the house so that you can have it restored while you sit on the floor for a few weeks!

      I have no sentimental attachment to the couch. I liked it at first and now it is causing me to wake up in level 6 pain for the first few hours of the day. It is not an heirloom piece or something I wish to restore to pass down to Banjo when I die. I need this motherfucking couch out of my life.

      The problem is as you said, I have lots of things on my checklist, I will never have anything but a merlot colored leather couch again. I don’t get the objections to leather. As long as it matches the color of your boxed wine it is super easy to care for and not “hot” if you have the wonders of air conditioning.

      I am not going to run down to Big Lots and buy a vinyl couch (that would be hot and gross) I am going to spend more money than is comfortable to buy the couch my elderly ass will be sitting on for the next ten years. One I will be convalescing from surgery on. One that will need to be easy to get up and down from. One I might even die on. It’s the most important piece of furniture in the house and I don’t want to just get something because this one is shot.

      A Robert pointed out, it’s a very important relationship. And for an old spinster woman, one I don’t want to fuck up. And one the if I choose wisely could last a lifetime.

      I’m sorry I mentioned it.

      • belladonna

        So Merlot red leather and Banjo may pee on it. Some things are worth spending money on.

      • tamaratattles

        Banjo would never pee on it. I think he has only ever peed in the house once when he was on a lot of drugs and I didn’t move fast enough. He also doesn’t get on furniture. Ever.

  40. Barbara

    If the sofa can be salvaged by buying new foam, I highly recommend it. I bought new foam cushions custom sized for my sofa in the very firm, high density option for around $150 for three. It is heaven. No more back pain when I lay down. The very firm choice is what you want. You can get them online from several foam companies and have them shipped to you. Of course working with leather is much different than fabric but if you can find someone to do it, you can save your beloved sofa.

  41. T D

    A litter, complete with peeled grape feeding bearers, very comfy and you get to travel in style. Richly draped, with the finest material, providing the best shade. Who would you chose to tote you around and stuff?

  42. Sandra

    Thought you were talking about your host site for a minute lol. Sorry you don’t feel well. Make a big salad first thing you get up with all your fave fruits and veges and keep beside you to munch on. That way you won’t have to think about it. It’s not a full meal but it is better than eating nothing all day, AND it’s tummy and good for you. I did this when I hurt hurt my ankle and was unable to get around. The only fruits I used were ones that don’t get soggy- like crisp apples and grapes plus grape tomatoes.
    Oh. Please tell us the Kenya post is good Kenya post. 😩

  43. tamaratattles

    I can’t bear to skim all of these again looking for the person who mentioned Macy’s Town Center. I have been meaning to go there but every time I go to a that mall half the stuff I remember is no longer there.

    Are we sure that the furniture clearance floor is still there? :) The last time I went to that Mall Parisian had turned into something else and when I asked when that happened they were like…”Oh about three years ago.” I don’t get out much and when I do I’m irritated that things don’t stay the same. :)

    Plus if I go to Town Center I will spend money with or without the furniture outlet. :)

    • More Tea Please!

      I’ve been there in the last 6 months. Call and comfirm. Their prices go down every week too, somthere might be two identical items on the floor with different prices based on when they received them.

    • Cat

      I bought my couch online through Penney’s. Custom made. I picked the style, fabric, and color. Paid online, and they delivered.

      Easy peasy.

  44. PeachyKeen

    Laughing at all the comments:
    Lost things rediscovered…in a couch: Next topic…..No Cheetos but cash; a credit card that I cancelled and then found…One of my cat’s toys…a receipt for a new vacuum I bought.

  45. Robin

    I swear I could have written this post. Half couch + half bed + waking up in level 6 pain = me. The meds I take to combat my pain & narcolepsy destroy any desire to eat. I miss being home with family in NW FL but the wait there for fall is too long and FL fall itself is too damned short. Which is a crime because fall is the best season there is, period. *sigh* Every year as FL spring began to sprung I just wanted to slap all the heat-loving beachbunnies around. Nobody should be celebrating the preamble to 9+ months of hellishly hot summers. Shopping for something you can’t fully identify and aren’t even sure exists sucks bigtime. Parking in the hinterlands of Siberia, hiking across hot lots, dealing with people, MEH. I always feel compelled to buy something apart from what I needed just for hauling my cookies to a mall etc. I fully accept that I have become a misanthrope & semi-agoraphobe as I age but over the years the world has more than earned my impatience and disgust. Sorry you feel so crappy. Thanks for keeping up the posts.

  46. I’ve been going through a tough break-up myself. My boyfriend and I who have been together for 13 years. I found out he lied to me the whole time. It’s hard to get over. I have been so depressed.

    • Jaded

      I’m sorry Marcia. That’s terrible. Don’t try to get over it, that’s overrated. Just find small things to do that make you happy.

  47. swizzle

    Not sofa related, but sure would like an update on Vicki’s cancer charity. I just looked at the site, and although they say they don’t sell anything or collect money directly, you can still buy a bracelet (with the odd two per household limit) and there’s a link to make a donation. They also added this language:

    “We are not in any way buying or selling anything, nor are we collecting your personal info. Initially we wanted to give you an outlet to learn how you could protect yourself from the financial devastation of cancer but we decided not to!”

    There are no links to the reputable charities where you can make a donation. The whole thing is just odd and such a bad call on Vicki’s part. She should stay as far away as possible from anything related to cancer. She’d be a great advocate for thyroid issues (or whatever is the core issue that Brianna battles).

  48. Megsca67

    I turned the air down to convince myself it’s cold and rainy out (as opposed to warm and rainy). Now I have a pot roast on the stove…it may not feel like fall outside but it sure does inside my house!

  49. Theresa

    I can relate! I had my eye on a particular couch for a year. I bought it 2 years ago and it was so perfect. It looked beautiful in my living room for a few months. Turns out even water leaves hideous stains. It’s the most disgusting looking couch ever and I despise it. It legit looks lIke the couch from Coming To America in the family who owns jericurl. I just can’t justify replacing it since it is relatively new and comfy. I’m going to try a couch cover but who knows.

    good luck on the search

  50. Arizona

    My brother died and i have all his things. Great couch. I will probably keep it forever. He was amazing and i will keep him alive in my heart forever.

  51. Adèle

    welcoming the fall weather here in ontario after a brutally hot and dry summer. in my last house, i had such a hard time choosing a couch that i left the living room empty for 5 years!! then, lo and behold, i went to asheville for a wedding and spent a whole day in hickory, nc looking and ultimately finding my dream couch there. honestly, the furniture showrooms there are ginormous – thousands and thousands of square feet of furniture – amazing!!

  52. Alexandra

    Hi Tamara,
    Currently in Mexico city and loving it! Flying out to La tonight and back to Australia tomorrow. Loved my time in Mexico and definitely will be back. Cancun and Playa Del Carmen were so expensive for some things and tourist traps but that was to be expected. So pretty here. Also fun fact been to 8 currency exchanges throughout the country and no one will change our Aussie dollars :(

  53. Alexandra

    Hi Tamara,
    Currently in Mexico city and loving it! Flying out to La tonight and back to Australia tomorrow. Loved my time in Mexico and definitely will be back. Cancun and Playa Del Carmen were so expensive for some things and tourist traps but that was to be expected. So pretty here. Also fun fact been to 8 currency exchanges throughout the country and no one will change our Aussie dollars :(

  54. Calipatti

    This post was put up a few days ago but I need help. Hope someone reads this.
    Within the last year I signed up on Disqus to comment on a hiking blog. Young woman’s blog I think due to her hiking history has great give aways and not many people commenting daily so the odds were good to win.
    After signing up I forgot to go back for a few months. Ha ha on me.

    Disqus has taken over all my emails. Instead of having my email it says Disqus. Disqus has taken over all my social media I have tried deleting account and I can’t log in to do it.
    Says my password is wrong, so I get a new password and still can’t log on to delete.
    Last night I tried and woke today to all of the last 5 years of emails poofed, trash and junk mail poofed yet I still have Disqus.
    Can’t find a moderator because I can’t log on, I’m truly ticked off.
    I never signed up for a company to take me over.

    Any suggestions, I hate Disqus!

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