#RHOA Filming Update: Production’s Porsha Makeover

From the body language alone, one can see Kenya is not buying what Porsha is selling.

The body language alone shows this won’t go well.

Ever since the altercation between Porsha and Kandi where  Porsha had her meltdown, the overall story arcfor the upcoming season of RHOA  has changed. While people like Tammy got her peach snatched in Miami for someone else’s violent behavior, and Robin Levy and her wife Christina Flores were eliminated almost entirely from this season of RHONJ for an altercation with Jacqueline Laurita in Stowe,  Porsha Williams continues to be coddled and protected by production. It sure seems like the women of RHOA don’t receive the same standard of care as those on other shows.
When Porsha attacked Kenya and dragged her by her hair across the stage, while Kenya put up no resistance at all, Carlos King ran out on stage and cradled Porsha and carried her away like a wounded bird.  A police report was made and, last I heard. Porsha still has that as one of her open criminal cases in Fulton County court.  I believe there is another one regarding her verbal assault on a police officer while being arrested for a traffic infraction or something.

Porsha went nuts again the very next season, coming for Cynthia this time.   Then again in that season, Porsha attacked her friend, beating her down in a dark alley outside a Christmas party.   I believe Porsha did one “anger management” session and that was filmed for the show. That was the big CYA move that Bravo NYC apparently came up with. One class with a TV therapist on camera.



I’ve already got my next mugshot looked picked out!

This season, Porsha came for Kandi.  Big mistake. Huge.  Not smart at all.  So it seemed that Bravo had to come up a way to placate the other housewives.  Suddenly the filming schedule changed. They had to address the Porsha Problem. Or at least pretend to. It seemed that finally, something was going to be done about her. Cynthia had to cancelled a paid hosting gig to come to the special filming of the intervention. Perhaps her NYC um, “ally” finally acknowledged the legal issues looming.

As it turns out, it wasn’t a Porsha intervention as much as it was a team building exercise where local production strongly encouraged everyone to get along. Marlo, a former, violent THOT who has been in recovery for years, is brought in to counsel Porsha.  If Porsha was 13 and not THIRTY FIVE YEARS OLD I could see all this coddling. But she is not 13. She a grown woman who has repeatedly attacked women while filming. SHE SHOULD BE FIRED not coddled.

So they went to a ropes course and did some climbing and were all told to work on trusting each other and encouraging each other to get to the other side! How metaphoric.


And now, the scenes  of Kandi and Cynthia and in the top photo Kenya forced to have a sit down and listen to Porsha. Basically, they are the ones being punished. The victims are being told to be compassionate to their attacker. It’s not surprising they are not pleased with this. It was Porsha’s fault they were attacked, it was Porsha’s fault they lost income being dragged in the woods to encourage her to “face her fears” or whatever. Some how the victims had to stand on the sidelines and be cheerleaders, while the attacker crossed a bridge, or completed a zip line to some lackluster applause and praise.


It makes those silly rumors about who Porsha sleeps with in the NYC Bravo office see completely believable, doesn’t it? Allegedly. In my opinion.


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88 responses to “#RHOA Filming Update: Production’s Porsha Makeover

  1. Kiyoshigirl

    And this, my friends, is how monsters are created. Pray she never has children.

    • Minky

      Oh, she’s gonna end up pregnant. Eventually. She’s just waiting for the right guy with the right amount of money. Porsha’s probably still kicking herself for not getting pregnant by Kordel before the divorce.

      I don’t know if you have to worry about Porsha’s influence on the child’s upbringing. She’ll most likely just hand it off to Lauren or her mother and go out clubbing.

    • LT

      My dears – ratings, ratings, ratings! They are all laughing all the way to the bank – including Bravo!

  2. Dan

    I don’t understand why ALL the ladies don’t just hold out and refuse to film with her. With each post regarding this I see, it makes me more disgusted. Bravo might as well bring on Joseline Hernandez to join the cast at this point…

  3. SharewLove

    When they get slapped with a multi million dollar lawsuit…they just might learn.

  4. Shay

    Is it possible Porsha was dropped on her head as a baby? I’m being serious. 265 days a year, the conductor of the underground railroad, using her hands instead of her words… all signs point to an IQ under 75.

    • Minky

      Well, they sure are treating her like she’s mentally disabled. Cheering her on during the camp activities? Coddling her like she’s a petulant 5-year-old? Seriously?

      I mean, for the love of Pete, Bravo is exploiting the living shit out of her! But she doesn’t seem to be noticing. I don’t care who she might be servicing at the home office. She’s doing it in exchange for being portrayed as an violent, insane, slow-witted prostitute on national television. It’s actually pitiful.

      • Shay

        Minx, exactly!! Gave me flashbacks to when I taught special ed and would get tackled, bit, kicked, punched, etc for telling a 17 year old that pool time (pe) was over. Those kids are brighter than my sisters lab, but even he knows not to bite. People are much more capable than we give them credit for.

      • Miguel

        And, yet another astute comment, Minky! You’re on fire – “violent, insane, slow witted prostitute,” INDEED!!! Andy, Porsha, Carlos and Bravo must be so proud!

      • Librarygirl

        This is how I regard all of the Bravo villains. They are paid puppets that act the fool for a dollar. Much to the detriment of their personal and business reputations. I takes a special kind of idiot to do that, truly “special”.

      • Pat

        Except for the prostitute part, I think Porsha is being portrayed as who she is. Yes, the RHOA settings are created and exagerrated, but I think the personalities are, for the most part real. After all, if Porsha could act (which requires the difficult task of memorizing and understanding lines), she’d be in the ATL Tyler Perry circle by now.

  5. Khirssy

    😒 I’m over PW ….. I’ll be fast forwarding all her solo scenes (Phaedra as well) on my dvr. Twirl is the reason I continue to watch this show believe me I’m tired of it .. there is no accountability when it comes to PW it’s always somebody else’s fault for her behavior instead of her own.

    When she first attacked Kenya she should’ve been fired then but Andy let the pressure of social media change his tune. B/C Kenya wasn’t a “fan fave” it was easy to paint KM as the bad guy and little Miss Thot as the “victim “.

    So they take away her peach just to save face but she was still on every episode so where was the punishment ? Then she had two more violent incidents another mug shot then all of a sudden everybody can see that she’s violent & trouble but yet they couldn’t see you when she first attack KM “roll eyes”

    Ugh !!!!

    • Minky

      Their collective contempt for Kenya blinded them to Porsha’s serious issues. Maybe if it had been anyone other than Kenya who was attacked by Porsha at that reunion, then it would have been a different approach and they’d have been much less tolerant of her violence, or maybe even fired her?

  6. Jaded

    Porsha only has that one brain cell and it is stuck on violent thot. Seriously, when she moved her mother out of her own bedroom because Porsha deserved the master I knew there was a problem.

  7. Billie_bee

    This is such horseshit. Porsha is a stupid, violent ho. I stopped watching NY and OC, and have been just catching TT’s recaps. Looks like I won’t be watching Atlanta either.

  8. SLM

    Oh heavens, TT, that was my first thought right before I got to the paragraph where you hinted it – I thought, “Now, WHO is she sleeping with to skate like this?!” Good, good tea, TT!

  9. Spunky2015

    Any details on what happened between Kandi and Porsha?

  10. Allison

    I don’t get it. She acts like an animal and has zeroooo repercussions does she have to actually hurt someone before that happens? She gives women and women of color and oouthern women a bad bad name. Absolutely not a fair representation of any.

    • Miguel

      Not really, Allison – Porsha is but ONE asshole- no overarching representation of any group!!! Similarly, Bethenny doesn’t represent every divorced, white, female entrepreneur in New York!

      • Allison

        Well, she’s a public figure, part of a prominent, civil rights family, therefore a representation. Her grandfather must be rolling in his grave.

      • Miguel

        Her grandfather rolled when she implied, to ALL of America, that the Underground Railroad was AN ACTUAL TRAIN; with tracks, cars, engineers to drive, routine stops, conductors & passengers :)

        Clearly, Porsha’s lineage is nothing but a prop to her! Even if she can’t read, she could have asked her family to give her the nuts & bolts of American Black History! Ughhhhhhh!!!!

        Herein lies the problem, Allison: Porsha is obtuse, probably too obtuse to get basic things AND I keep tuning in to see a show of which she is a part! I need to accept her “Too Vapid To Miss, or Not, Segments of RHOA.” Hey now, maybe Bravo could do a public service & preface her bits with this announcement, in writing AND verbally, so HER fans don’t feel like they’ve missed what was written. And maybe, Peter can be the voice of the PSA??? :) :) :)

      • Allison

        @miguel that made me giggle 😉

      • Miguel

        Thanks, Allison – if we don’t laugh, we’ll cry! 😉

  11. Marie

    Oh my my my. What is going on the season is hot before it even starts this year. I’ll wait to see what happens in stead of passing judgement on what’s supposedly happened. Cynthia had a hosting gig for a show I was going to attend but had an event conflict. So this situation is what caused her to cancel? I’ll wait to see the episode when it airs.

    • tamaratattles

      Marie, you’ve had your annoying “I’ll believe it when I see it.” Attitude here for five years. At what point are you going to say, “Hmmmm, Tamara really knows what she is talking about?” Because it’s starting to wear thin.

  12. Judith Vance

    If this is true, protecting Porsha instead of removing her, then RHOA is jumping the shark. If Bravo production was Bethanny’s source about Luann’s Tom, then RHONY is jumping the shark. By keeping the focus of Theresa and Joe Guidice, felons by Bravo, then RHONJ is jumping the shark. This will end in tears.

  13. Keya

    It’s crazy how they have to keep tolerating this stupid chick over and over again. She’s repulsive to even think about. I wish she would’ve laid her hands on Kandi so that Kandi would’ve knocked some sense into her skull. Sick and tired of this girl already.

  14. OK…these are just my thoughts….From what I can see, These networks are Social Media obsessed and coincidentally so is the #RHOA audience. Being on the set of a few shows, and mingling around ATL., getting that buzz on-line is the target. Not whose right or wrong LOL. Porsha consistently pulls in followers on all social media outlets. This is what helped her on DISH Nation. She consistently “packs the house” at the club venues when she’s set to make appearances. This is what they are looking for! Just go through FB and check the followers and you see why certain cast members are treated differently.

  15. Ms.Minnie

    I’m sorry she is a grown ass woman, how many times do Carlos, bravo and Andy want these women to kiss her ass for something that was her doing? I called it at the beginning of filming that this season was going to be boring, badly edited and half scripted. I love Kenya, Kandi, Cynthia, and Sheree but I wanna see some new wives fulltime this season, between Lena who deserves to be fulltime, Maryam, Marlo and Hazel we need some fresh faces. What has Phaedra done this season that determines she needs to be fulltime over FOH, oh I forgot that publicity stunt with “Drama”. RHONY brought it big time this season and second was RHOC because they know how to keep the storylines fresh and shakeup the cast.

    The jig is up Bravo, we want something fresh and new that we haven’t seen yet because other than that the Atlanta franchise has run it’s course. Its become predictable and stale and unless you give some of the other cast members and new women a chance and stop pushing Porsha down our throats, were out.

    • tamaratattles

      I settle for Bravo execs not letting Porsha push them down HER throat. That would solve a whole lot of problems. Allegedly, In my opinion.

  16. Matzah60

    I wonder if Nene not returning even as a FOH was a result of her comments to Porscha saying she had to keep her hands to herself. I remember Porscha saying something like, “Didn’t you choke somebody?” or something to that effect. I know that wasn’t the sole reason, but following the reunion, Porscha got on her show on Dish Nation attacking Nene along with her two co-hosts. The three of them really came after Nene.

    I really can’t tolerate Porscha. Aside from her stupidity, angry outbursts, and violent attack on Kenya, I am repulsed by her outfits and twerking like a pig in the scene on RHOA. I absolutely can’t watch her anymore.

    I am clueless as the person with whom she may be serving at NYC Bravo. Could someone give me a clue or tell me who this person might be. It seems doubtful it’s the head of ‘playhouse’ unless Porscha puts a paper bag on her face while pleasuring hime

    • Matzah60

      I just reread my comment above and my sentence structure or lack thereof makes it most difficult to comprehend. I apologize. I should have reread it before posting.

  17. Lisa j

    Is the unnamed exec in NYC CK? I’ve just tuned in via TT’s recaps, after the assault on Kenya, I stopped watching.

  18. The Shadiest Grove

    If Bravo doesn’t understand that PW is a liability and is not what RHOA is about or why we tune in. The show is DEAD. I’m over it at this point, I’ll be sure to fast forward all the THOT and Non-Practicising Lawyer scenes. Their killing RHOA and this season could’ve been one of the best. They need to let her go. Something big is going to happen with Porsha and when that happens, I have a feeling Bravo will have hell to pay. Their contracts and clauses only cover so much. Mark my words. I can’t begin to imagine how Kenya, Cynthia and Kandi feel especially because in real life, Kenya and Cynthia would never entertain let alone breathe the same air as PW and Kandi would’ve done whooped dat ass. Thanks again TT. Keep pouring, I’m parched hehehe.

  19. 25

    Put em on blast, TT. Bravo looks terrible for only tolerating violence like Porsha’s on the black franchise. We all see it for what it is. I don’t care who she’s sleeping with–it’s dead wrong. She played nice her whole first season and is only acting out now because it gets her more attention. GROW.UP. She is a deeply insecure and troubled child.

  20. Miguel

    This is F’d up!!!!!!! When will Porsha & Phaedra get the F off my TV?!? AND, NO – I DON’T EVEN WANT TO SEE THEM AS I FASTFORWARD!!!

    This shit really irks me!!! Moreover, it does beg the question: which Bravo Porshtard (love this TT-ism) is enjoying her alleged “talents” – SERIOUSLY, REALLY & WTF?!?!?!?

  21. TD

    The top photo was Kenya and Porsha? Thought it was Kandi and Porsha. And I’ll never get over how they acted like Kenya deserved the beat down. After all, Andy should now that Kenya made this show.

  22. hannahkingrose

    As my Mother used to say, “There will always be someone out there who is bigger, better, or badder (she actually said meaner but badder starts with a b) than you are.”. Porsha hasn’t grasped that concept except maybe the confrontation between her and Kandi. Until this point Bravo has protected her job with only a tap on the wrist by making her attend an anger management class. Even the cast’s request that Porsha be fired went unheeded.

    Porsha in my opinion thinks she is so cute that she can do whatever she wants and get away with it. One day soon I think she is going to run into that person who is bigger and badder than she is only she won’t be smart enough to realize it. The person won’t have contract restraints or the fear of going to jail because it will be considered self defense. So when Porsha puts her hands on this person, they will give her the ass whipping that her momma should have given her when she was young.

    These team building exercises that the cast has been forced to attend are a crock of shit. Telling the cast to get along just reinforces Porsha saying it is someone else’s fault. The only one that needs to get along is Porsha as in get along little THOTTIE, get along home.

  23. Teacup

    I think there is no excuse for Portia’s violence. I think she should be fired.

  24. Khirssy

    Well somebody was sitting in their car in parking lot and said Porsha and kandi were arguing so I guess this little sit down didn’t go well.

  25. Jrleaguer

    I actually sided with Porsha after the Kenya incident. Kenya would have been pulling that scepter out of her azz if she had repeatedly waved in in my face like that. That was then, this is now. Sadly,Porsha keeps repeating the same behavior and keeps getting a pass. If Marlo has been put in as her mentor, that is sort of like putting the fox in charge of the hen house.

    • Kim

      Kenya wasn’t waving anything in her face. She wasn’t even near Porsche. Also Porsche could’ve moved if she felt in danger. But instead she grabbed the thing out her hand and threw it on the floor. And threathenend Kenya. So she was the aggressor the whole time.

  26. GayFriendInYaHead

    So on the reunion I just noticed Porsha said to Kenya, your power does not work here anymore so I’m here to let you know that. That basically confirms that she is sleeping with someone at bravo or NBC and that no matter what the ladies say or how she treats them, she isn’t going anywhere because of who she’s sleeping with, allegedly.

  27. Melissa

    It seems Porsha is going to have to put someone in the hospital, or the morgue, before Bravo will fire her.

    They are being ridiculously irresponsible with her. It doesn’t take a board certified psychiatrist and MRI of her frontal lobes to see that Porsha has had impulse control and rage issues for years. Repeat acts of physical violence, in public, on TV even? SMH. She needs long term medical treatment and intensive therapy. Bravo making light of it, or chalking it up to BS self-esteem or trust issues, will only serve to reinforce the behavior. They are stupid.

    Like you said, TT, making everyone participate is stupid and insulting. Porsha is the problem. Why should everyone else have to waste their time helping Porsha? Porsha is a grown ass woman. The work that needs to be done is her work. It’s like when my older sisters used to hold me down and spit on me, and I would scream — and my mother would lecture and punish all of us for being annoying.

    Violent people lacking impulse control tend to escalate and use weapons. I would be very concerned if I were a cast member.

  28. Microop

    Maybe I’m taking too many sociology classes, but I can’t help but think Bravo’s complacency towards Porsha’s volatile and dangerous behavior indicates how little they care for the safety of their black female employees. It’s hard for me to believe they would allow this on any other franchise.

    • Pat

      Good point. I hadn’t thought of that.

    • Melissa

      I have been concerned for awhile about this. I thought maybe I was been too sensitive. While I am not black — my work causes me to be constantly on alert for these kinds of subtle behaviors.

      Andy Cohen has raised my eyebrow more than once. Even though relatively minor compared to implicitly condoning violence, I have noticed that at the reunions, Andy repeatedly scolds the Atlanta housewives, expressing personal disgust with certain behaviors. E.g., when he told them that mocking Chris was “gay bashy” etc.

      Andy never does this with HWs in other franchises, who have done far worse things than call someone “Chrissy” etc. Andy’s condescending attitude with them, and his fanboy worship of other HWs, is revealing IMO.

      And it looks like racism to me.

      But objectively — on tolerating violence, I don’t think it is race based. Bravo has a terribly inconsistent record, across the board.

      LVP got slapped in the face, and Brandi was gone the next season right? But then, LIsa Rinna broke a glass and threatened Kim, and she got signed on for another season.

      Gigi on Shahs (whom I love FTR) has had violent tendencies. Bravo seems to exploit it. Tamra on RHOOC threw wine in Jeanna’s face and threatened her — she has had multiple contracts since, and even had a Bravo special for her wedding.

      Bravo’s workplace violence policy seems to be grounded in ratings rather than laws or common sense workplace safety principles.

      • Shay

        Soap opera moments are not violent compared to dragging someone across the floor by their hair or chasing and beating someone down in a dark alley. One is perceived aggression and the other is straight up assault.

      • Shay

        Allegedly. In my opinion.

      • Microop

        I think you raise some interesting points. However those seem like isolated instances (I don’t watch Shahs so I can’t comment on that) and while violent and completely inappropriate, not quite the same as dragging someone to the ground by the scalp. What is worrisome to me is that she had two altercations since, one where she beat the crap out of someone. I have a hard time imagining Andy asking Lisa Vanderpump or Carole or Shannon or Bethenny to work with a woman with that track record. I don’t think it’s overt racism, but it might be covert prejudice.

      • Melissa

        You are right Shay. And it is beyond me why Porsha wasn’t hauled away in cuffs and fired. But IMO, whether it is perceived aggression or actual assault and battery — it should be treated the same. There should be zero tolerance for overt violence or threats or same.

        Honestly, I think but for Kenya’s complaints and persistence — Porsha would not have even had to take anger management classes.

        Bravo has a long history of exploiting violence. Arguably, they encourage it. They use the fights and physical outbursts in their promos to attract viewers. Andy repeatedly makes light of it, and tosses it off as funny. It’s disgusting.

        E.g. Teresa’s table flip, the family brawl at the christening, the subsequent Joe Gorga & Joe Guidice fight, Teresa pushing Andy at the reunion, Jacqueline’s daughter ripping out Danielle’s hair extensions, Sheree pulling Kim’s hair, Brandi throwing a drink at Eileen, slapping LVP, Tamra throwing a drink on Jeanna, shattering a glass. Rinna breaking a glass during an outburst. On VP Rules, how many fights have there been? Jax v. Tom. Tom v. James. I think they just fired James in 2016 for fighting with Lala. And if we listed the threats of violence on Bravo? We could go on all day.

        It makes me want to never watch Bravo.

      • Shay

        Melissa, all your examples are Andy’s faves. Probably because violence brings the ratings. When they play clips of any of it, he calls it “epic” and he’s jumping out of skin with glee. As long as the women keep coming back, they are saying they are fine with it– that the paycheck is worth it. Otherwise, leave. Plenty of new people waiting to go on Love and Hiphop Atlanta or LHHATL Jr. aka RHOA.

      • Melissa

        Shay — Andy Cohen makes me SICK. E.g., This morning on his live radio show, he touted this season’s RHONY as one of the top three ever, franchise wide. WTH? The ratings didn’t even go over 2M — well below Atlanta’s. And the season was awful.

        Like you said, he plays favorites. VP Rules is a great example. Is there anyone of color on that show? Maybe one? Jax has been in two fights, complete with blood, and gotten arrested while filming, The idiot still has a job. Tom Sandavol — two fights, and he is fawned over. James is constantly fighting with people, LVP suspends him, fires him, then he’s back.

        Did any of these idiots go to anger management? Did Andy give them a stern tongue lashing? No. So, why does Bravo have standards for Atlanta, that they don’t apply to the other shows? I’m not saying she didn’t need to Anger Management — she needed therapy and termination IMO. But why do they punish her and not the others?

        Which, like I said, smacks of racism to me. These women need to stand up for themselves and quit. I wish another network would start developing better shows with the same format.

      • tamaratattles

        Vanderpump Rules is not a fair comparison to housewives. It’s a show about drunk mactors who work in a bar.

        Housewives on the other hand was supposed to be a “peek behind the gated communities” into the lives of grown women who were presented as successful women with families upstanding members of the community. At some point, it became a misogynist group of shows where production encourages arguments nasty behavior between a group of women. Andy could not be more thrilled with this season of RHONY. And that is a problem.

  29. Pat

    I am so sick of Porsha whining and acting like an out of control animal that I’m not going to be able to watch this season if she is a full-time housewife again. Apparently someone at Bravo thinks her behavior is cute. It’s not. Instead, it’s a show of stupidity. I don’t condone violence but I do condone self-defense. One day Porsha is going to pop off at somebody and end up with some serious, well-deserved injuries.

  30. Mickey

    RHOA has really gone down IMO. I’m all for a good read or a verbal smackdown but the violence amongst women has to stop. I tuned in last season hoping it would get better but it got worse. I’m not here for the upcoming season

    • Shay

      Mickey, we are obviously in the minority. Every time they have normal, nonviolent people (Kim Fields, Claudia Jordan, Tyler Perry’s gf, RHODC, RHOM, Sigggy, Delores, etcetera), viewers say they are “boring.”

      • GayFriendInYaHead

        Add Lena to that list because the trailer is coming out soon and they scrapped her. The wives will be Sheree, Kandi, Kenya, Cynthia, Phaedra and porsha and I won’t be watching. They’ll never add new wives and if Sheree is considered new then well 😒

      • Shay

        At least they canned NeNe. She was unbearable.

  31. tamaratattles

    I liked all of those except Siggy.

    • Shay

      I’m with you, TT. I’m also with you moving away from focusing on Bravo and replacing Gawker, too.

    • Melissa

      Ziggy says stupid shit. We are just a few episode in, and I’m already rolling my eyes every time she speaks.

      E.g., last week she gave her kid a car. She says “I can either be a mother than spoils her child. Or I can be a mother than doesn’t spend any time with her child.”

      WTH? She makes NO sense. It is entirely possible to not spoil a child that you spend time with.

      I cannot wait for someone, anyone, to tell her to STFU.

  32. al

    Pathetic u are really a porsha hater
    Wat has this woman done to u to make u hate her so baddd.
    U use sooo much energy hatin this woman thats winning omg all ur rhoa updates have been to bash porsha….lol u keep her relivant with ur wiers rants ur obsession for this woman…ur a sicko running a blog.

  33. GayFriendInYaHead

    Porsha sleeping with someone at NBC/Bravo allegedly is part of the reason she’s still on but not all. The season 6 reunion were Nene, Phaedra, Carlos and Kandi put Porsha up to attacking Kenya is why she’s still on. Porsha has dirt on those girls and production so of course in season 7 she will get demoted and not fired and return fulltime season 8 and 9. Kandi was apart of the setup so I was always surprised at how Kenya never saw that. Cynthia was the only one left in the dark and the only one to comfort Kenya, I could go on and on. #StayWoke

  34. Miele

    I finally got a chance to read this and LOVE your use of that Pretty Woman mini-quote. Clever as always, TT!

  35. fave4

    People Bravo watches the numbers. The best way to get this animal off our TV is to NOT WATCH. That’s the only way they’re going to listen to the public. DO NOT WATCH. BOYCOT RHATL until they get rid of that sick animal.

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