Project Runway Recap: Glitter Is The Herpes Of Art


By CJ Bomb

Hello,  All!   This is CJ Bomb and I’ll be recapping Project Runway Season 15.  I have watched every single season of Project Runway since it’s inception, and while I do think that the early years on Bravo were superior, as long as Tim Gunn is gracing this show with his presence, I will be faithfully glued to the screen. No matter how many times I want to kick it. I hope you will  join in the discussions here at Tamara Tattles! 

The Intro Party

Tasha Henderson: Love her immediately. She seems mellow and mature. She says she designs for an urban tomboy. They show pictures of her work and it’s cool. Ian Hargrove: Annoyed by him immediately. “I don’t make wearable art.” he sniffs. While I might admire this as there are so many contestants who think everything they make is art- this comes off as cocky somehow. If he makes it through the first round he’s my first pick for the ass. Brik Allen: from Baton Rouge. Polite. Father told him to say yes ma’am no ma’am, yes sir no sir, and win the Goddamn thing! He also has long flowy locks. I predict a man-bun.

Roberi Parra: from Venezuela. Sort of looks like a Latin Christian Siriano. Went to St. Martins. Erin Robertson:  Thinks she’s smart- seems to me that she will be the girl who bites off more than she can chew and panics. Mah Jing Wong: In it for his family.  Dexter Simmons: Wild card. Hopefully not the overly bitchy guy. He was in school to be a herpetologist so- ok I’m intrigued. Jenni Reccetti: Her laugh almost broke my TV. Cause I almost kicked it.

Alex Snyder: self- styled Tim Gunn and wise. Willing to help because it is good Karma. Linda Marcus: Token old person who wants to show these whippersnappers a thing or two! (I’m closer to her age than the rest of the contestants, so I can say this) Cornelius Ortiz: went to school with Nathalia. Might be bitchy. Nathalia JMag: went to school with Cornelius. Hustler. Laurence Basse: Stunning ex-model who thinks her experience will help her in the competition.

Kimber Richardson was there. Rik Villa, I got nothing in my notes. Sarah Donofrio, From Portland? In Project Runway world if you are barely featured in the episode that generally means you are safe. So, my apologies to those last three designers. I am sure you are fascinating people, but thank your lucky stars I have nothing to write about you this week.

The Workroom: Tim Gunn’s First Critique of The Designers

One thing I know as a dedicated watcher of this show is that if you are in the  Project Runway unconventional challenge do NOT simply glue stuff to muslin and call it a day. You will be crucified. As Brik is going on about glitter and throwing it on some bell bottoms and Jenni Hyena is talking about how glorious her piece is “Like a Picasso!” because she painted tote bags- you know that this is not good. Does anyone WATCH this show before they compete?


Tasha’s Runway Look Episode 1

Tim comes in and everyone is very receptive to his advice. Well…..almost everyone. He is worried about Erin and time constraints (called it) and the fact that Dexter isn’t actually doing anything except cutting head and arm holes in a pillow and turning an umbrella into a boring skirt. He gives Tasha some good advice regarding her lack of materials and suggests she re-cut her drop crotch pants using only one of the fabrics.

And then he gets to Ian. Tim’s concern is that Ian hasn’t embraced the challenge, perhaps more volume? Ian does not care. Ian does NOT do volume or Avant Garde. Ian does ready-to-wear. Ian does shift dresses. Or in this case shift dresses with random shit on them. Again- if you have EVER watched this show and a designer says that they don’t care what Tim Gunn thinks and that they must stay true to themselves and their art, that designer is not long for this show.

We love Tim for what he said recently here. 

Dexter on the other hand, immediately re-thinks everything. Dexter is smart. He grabs a furry rug and gets down to revamping everything. The man was studying snakes for God’s sake. I don’t know what that has to do with anything, I just like writing it.

The Runway

On runway day. I am waiting for Erin’s meltdown. Everyone has commented on how she might have to send her model down the runway naked. We have seen no dress. But wait! Erin is not panicked. She smashed her last gumball and was done in the nick of time. I was wrong. And impressed. When is the last time that has happened on this show?

Jenni ! Stop saying Picasso! Picasso is getting pissed. Cornelius’ green plastic plate dress, is better than I thought it would be. The judges will either love or hate Dexter’s “tribal poodle.” It reminds me of the Isaac Mizrahi collection in Unzipped. That’s a compliment. Kimber send down a doily tent.  Alex’s look is too big.  Mah Jing Wong sends out a nice silhouette. Laurence basically stuck some match sticks on muslin and tossed on some plastic necklaces.  Brik’s disco look might be in trouble. Tasha’s look is much improved!

Sarah  says, “I feel good about my piece in relation to everyone else’s.” So she’s in the mediocre middle with Linda and what’s his name? Rik? 

Love Erin’s yellow look and impressed she got it finished. Roberi, is another love it or hate it moment.  Could Ian’s look be any more boring?.


My Top Three


Erin’s Runway look Episode 1

Erin, because I am obsessed with this halter neck. And she really did do something special without losing her cool. She says she is about fun and this dress is fun.
Roberi, because love it or hate it, at least it’s interesting.
Tasha, nice save! She’s got kind of a tribal MC Hammer thing going on.

My Bottom Three
Ian Pocahontas shift dress? Boring.
Laurence She didn’t embrace unconventional materials challenge.
Brik Disco Heidi? Why?

The Judges

Heidi, Nina and Zac return as judges and Savannah Guthrie is this week’s  guest judge. This is why I miss Project Runway on Bravo. There is nothing wrong with Savannah. She was nice and a self-proclaimed “superfan” but she makes me think of mom jeans.

Top Three

Tasha  Nina said, “This is you.”
Dexter  WTF? Although Zac and I both made a poodle reference, I had no idea that they would be so enthusiastic. Zac said he had never seen anything like it before. I think Zac should watch Unzipped. Nina loooooved the styling. I thought this was doomed when they showed Tim’s face as it came down the runway. I was wrong.
Erin    Zac said it was the best thing he had seen in years and Nina gave it the ultimate blessing calling it “editorial”. Savannah said nice things too, but I zoned out.

Bottom Three

Ian's Runway look Episode 1

Ian’s Runway look Episode 1

Roberi. Ok, this shocked me. Yes I know that it’s weird, but it is the Unconventional Challenge damnnit! When Savannah said that she couldn’t picture a normal person wearing it-  THAT’S THE FREAKING POINT. He didn’t just glue a bunch of crap on muslin, he wove something interesting together. Nina says they’ve seen it a million times. Zak and Heidi, especially on closer inspection, do not agree.

Brik. Everyone agreed this was mis-matched. Zac and Heidi called it a hot mess.He obviously has construction skills but Nina is worried about his taste level. From Nina this is the kiss of death. As he sits in the waiting room crying, I worry about him being too nice for this show. Savannah said… something.

 Ian.  Zac points out that it’s crooked. Heidi says there is no magic. Nina likes the colors, but that’s about it. Savannah says… something. Ian tries to defend himself by saying that simple can be risky! Nothing was glued on! Ian deflates.

 Erin wins, for producing a cool, fun dress and also keeping cool under pressure.

And the loser? For a moment I think Brik is doomed, but creativity won out over taste (sorry, Nina) and Ian is going home. Being the first one to get home sucks. Period. Ian, to his credit, handled it fairly gracefully saying that, “The people that I met are a nice concession prize.” This makes me think that he is not a total ass, and I hope he gets to design many shift dresses for a receptive audience. Lest we forget, Malan Breton came in 14th pace on this show in it’s third season and now Nene Leakes is wearing a million dollar dress he designed for New York fashion week. Nene, people!! So anything is possible. Have an awesome weekend!


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26 responses to “Project Runway Recap: Glitter Is The Herpes Of Art

  1. Great recap! Ian was delusional – when Tim Gunn tells you he doesn’t like what you’re making and that he would score it very low, you should listen!! Ian’s arrogance in stating that he only does this or that doomed him. The whole point of Project Runway is to show your versatility while still (as they say all the time) staying true to your design ethics. He showed no willingness to bend, and was the perfect choice to go home first. That velcro’d on stuff was a slap in the face to true designers.

  2. tamaratattles

    Just watching in the background now. I had to rewind because I thought Nina said Ian’s dress was “sophisticated.” And she did. WTF is wrong with these people?

    And why was the GIANT RUG POODLE SHIT in the top?

    Why was Roberi in the bottom? Hell, Why was Brik in the bottom?

    It’s time for me to start my annual refrain of I HATE THESE STUPID JUDGES!

    • Nina’s comments and “taste” are always off the mark for me. I wish PR teamed up with something other than Marie Claire, or that we got to deal with British Editor Lady (not that useless Zanna from All Stars — the older one) in Nina’s role.

  3. Liza

    So happy to see this recapped! I love this show. Anyone else notice Erin in one of the upcoming talking heads she is wearing a Dexter shirt? I wish we saw a little bit of what happens after they leave for the day.

  4. PeachyKeen

    IMo this is one of my favorite shows.. people who have to create something within a small amount of time!. Personally didn’t get Ians dress Brik maybe first choice to exit But all have talent and I want to watch

  5. swizzle

    Oh…now I have something to watch tonight! Did you see Tim Gunn’s criticism of Kanye’s “collection”? Called him a “sphinx without a riddle” and said the models were basically wearing spanx. Makes me love Tim even more.

  6. Great recap! I loved it when Ian his look is bad and the guy ignores him, well uh…byebye!

  7. Margarett

    Great recap! Savannah said something…priceless.

    It’s early for knowing their names. I like Brik. I don’t think he’s going to be there too long though. I pretty much agreed with the judges. Certainly agreed with the opinion about Ian’s losing dress, and I wasn’t sorry to see his back.

    The yellow dress that won was nice but I was hoping the sculptural one by Robero (?) would win.

    Thanks for recapping!

  8. Kiyoshigirl

    Good job recapping CJ! I’m looking forward to more recaps. I was thrilled to watch how Erin pulled her winning design together at the end, and at the last minute. She kept everyone guessing and in my opinion, took the other contestants be surprise too. I don’t agree with the judges assessment of Dexter’s rug creation. He didn’t transform anything. He cut a rug to pattern, inserted a pillow casing on the top and nearly won? I thought Nathalia’s doily/faux fur design accomplished pretty much the same thing, but was wearable and didn’t look like the model was wearing a dead poodle.

  9. lavidaLinda

    Thanks for the recap CJ!

    I, for one, thought the top Brik made was beautifully constructed. I like Dexter as well, but that staypuft suit was…ummmm….interesting.

  10. I think what pulled it together for Dexter was that he actually pulled off using that puffyass rug. Imagine if he had made that model look puffy too. He didn’t.

    Glad to see that creativity won over “taste”. I hate it when Nina gets her dumbass way about “taste”. The season where the Native American woman was in the finale and Nina declared, “Fashion is NOT art!” cemented my general disdain for her.

    I thought there were going to be 4 top looks and Brik and Ian in the bottom. I think Roberi got the short end of the Nina + Samantha Said Something…. stick on that.

    Great recap CJ! Now I have to watch AHS and Rupaul so I read those recaps.

  11. Mongoose

    I look forward to Project Runway all year. So glad it’s getting recapped here! Look in forward to the season. I agreed with the judges (shock shock) for the most part. Except for their love of the white rug dress. It looked like the model killed a yeti and wore it like buffalo bill with a crop top from Forever21. The styling saved it.

  12. Lawstangel

    Thanks for the recap CJ!!!

    I really dislike Savannah Gutherie…she really should not be speaking about taste given what I’ve seen her wear on her show.
    I think Roberi is going to be a break out star. When he showed his pieces before the panel (to get on the show) he said it was difficult to get good fabric in Argentina where he is from, he had this beautiful piece he had woven to make fabric and I thought whoa…talented. I underestimated the yellow piece as well and was pleasantly surprised.

    @kkarlmcg – the Native American woman was Patricia, I really liked her textiles a lot, Nina can be a bit dense at times. I was just glad the other judges saw it and put her into the finale.

    Can’t wait for the season to move forward.

  13. Cat

    CJ, I love your recap!

    And the photos really help, since I can’t watch the show.

  14. Thank you for the recap. Great job and entertaining!

  15. SJ

    CJ! What a great last name and are you “The Bomb”? I too have been a fan for many years, so I’m really happy to have you recapping for TT (but I will miss the lol moments I had each time I read her take on the judges).

    I found this to be the best group of individuals they’ve had on project runway in a long time and it think good designers will be going home soon.

    Thank you again for the great recap and I have more info about the other contestants if you’d like it.


  16. realityjunkie

    Thanks for the recap. I too look forward to Project Runway and have been watching since the very first season. Great recap! I too could not believe how calm Erin was throughout the process. Even Tim was concerned about her time management but she rocked that look! Looking forward to your weekly recaps.

  17. Spaghetti Kitten

    I found myself actually enjoying the “meet the designers” pre episode and was excited by their designs for the 1st time in a looooong time! Thanks TT and CJ for the recap.
    Just like Survivor, always pick a contrstsnt at the beginning. But mow I cant remember his name or what he made, lol. I loved what he showed at the try out and looks like he is involved in a drama in the previews.
    Couldnt believe they liked wooly booly rug crap. I voted arts and crafts glitter-pants-cap bill shoulders off, but was ok with polaroid pony booted.
    Loved the winner!
    Excited for this Season, so far the cast seems wayore talented than recent Seasons?

  18. CJ, thanks for the recap! I enjoyed it.

    Quick question. Did they get rid of the Tim Gunn save? I didn’t hear Heidi mention it when she was introducing the judges.

  19. Cara

    Thank you, CJ!

    I was lucky enough to attend a Project Runway finale runway show some years ago during NY Fashion Week. It was the year that the show was moving from Bravo to Lifetime. Michael Kors was still a judge at that time. I’ll share the details if you’re interested!

  20. TiosBlankie

    I agree with almost everything you said. The Shaun the Sheep dress was ridiculous and all he did to fix what Tim said about his use of the pillow was deconstruct ANOTHER object and use the outside of it as the rest of his dress. How is that better than the umbrella skirt? She was only wearing upholstery. Oh and glue some weird shit on the shoes. Do you remember Kelly the fanny pack girl? The way she glittered her shoes for the finale to make the looks more cohesive was actually really pretty imo, but Dexter looked like he just did some weird paint and/or paper mache crap on his (I couldn’t see them very well but imo they were ugly and not “genius”). I also don’t get why Roberi’s dress was in the bottom. I loved the halter and the bottom/balance of Erin’s dress, but I just personally don’t like the look of the wigs or “hair” on any type of garment. That’s just personal taste though, I do think the win was deserved and I like how she was so confident in her ability to finish despite everyone else thinking she wouldn’t. Ian’s dress looked like a sample rack for hair-dye colours interspersed with Polaroids and some fringe thrown over. I liked his my Little Pony reference and the colours together but ugh to him in general, and I’m so glad he went over Brik. The thing with Erin is it sounds like she does unconventional stuff to begin with? (Not necessarily the materials but she mentioned her stuff being at least two parts crazy) Do you think she’ll do as well in other challenges? I missed the episode introducing them and showing their collections so have no idea what her or any of their clothes look like yet. I wish Georgina was a judge instead of these dumb “guests”. I LOVE Marquesa.

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