Judge Holds Nick Gordon Legally Responsible For Bobbi Kristina Brown’s Death

Bobbi and Nick

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On Friday,September 19th, an Atlanta judge ruled that the Estate of Bobbi Kristina Brown can hold Nick Gordon civilly responsible for her death. Nick Gordon apparently parted ways with his former attorney and was expected to show up to court today representing himself. Instead, he just simply did not show up at all.

The Brown family and representatives for Bobbi Kristina’s estate as well as Bobby Brown’s lawyer spoke to cameras outside of the courtroom venting their outrage at Nick Gordon’s failure to appear. Many believe that the objective of this case was to force testimony from Gordon that could be used against him in a criminal case should he be charged in her death by the Alpharetta Police Department. Gordon had previously attempted to avoid depositions citing his constitutional right not to implicate himself in a criminal case. The judge at that time denied his plea citing that no criminal charges were pending against him.

Bobbi Kriss ans Cissy


A jury will now be empaneled to deliberate over the amount of financial damages the estate will be awarded. The estate is asking for $50 million in damages. Considering Nick doesn’t have $50 that decision will be essentially meaningless.

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Now that the civil case is over, and it seems unlikely that Gordon will show up for the jury trial to determine damages, the Alpharetta police will have to determine if they have sufficient evidence to charge him with a crime related to Bobbi Kristina’s death.

See the full report in the 11Alive video below.


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18 responses to “Judge Holds Nick Gordon Legally Responsible For Bobbi Kristina Brown’s Death

  1. Cat

    Weird. He avoided depositions, but went on Dr. Phil?

    • Shay

      Cat. I think it’s because depositions are sworn testimony. It is also considered discovery, so his answers could be used to bring criminal charges. He can lie on Doctor Phil or later say he was lying, drunk, etc.

    • Miguel

      Methinks Dr. Phil pays and will, more or less, tolerate the bullshit for ratings, Cat. Whereas, the deposition will cost punitively (as in the you’ll-own-my-ass-until-I-die $50 million) and criminally!!!

  2. Shay

    TT, since they never got a deposition or court testimony, do you think it’s likely they have enough to prosecute him criminally? If not, is there something small that could tip the scales? Like one of those friends that were there admit to seeing/hearing something, etc?

    • tamaratattles

      I don’t think that it’s very likely. They need some evidence regarding who provided her the drugs. I don’t think that any real evidence was produced to that effect in court, but I really don’t know. It doesn’t sound like much happened. I don’t get where the plaintiff gave their evidence today or if the judge just ruled in their favor because Nick didn’t show.

      It’s all weird. Frankly, I think everyone is just wasting their time and money at this point. But I really don’t have all the facts on this one.

      As for Dr. Phil… I don’t think he said anything that incriminated him in Krissi’s death. He did admit to having Whitney’s ring which they could come for. If they can find him and the ring. I don’t see anything good coming of this.

      • Shay

        Its so sad. I wish there could at least be someone liable for what happened that day. It seems like more than one person knows something, but they may also only be able to point to themselves. Thanks for answering.

  3. Miguel

    Thanks for the update, TT – I never thought things would turn out this way; nor been so well-informed on the continuing tragedy that has plagued the Huston-Brown family! Whoa!!!!!!! :(

  4. Allison

    So it’s essentially a default judgement-and that’s possibly why the Brown camp is so outraged? A default judgement isn’t really a “win”. If I was nick Gordon I wouldn’t have shown up either.

  5. IMO our justice system is completely messed up. Bad people get away with bad things every day. It’s not worth dragging it out in court. The attorneys usually get all the money anyway.

    They will never see any money from Gordon. I hope the family can find some peace. Krissi was so young. Sad, sad story.

  6. cammierari

    Not enough evidence to charge him criminally, but this civil “victory” won’t help the family get over what happened to Bobbi Kristina. Very sad.

  7. latishia Maxwell

    This boy is trash.Kristina was no angle herself we have to remember that she was around that life before Nick so her parents are to blame also..he did take advantage of her financially and physically abused her but the brown and Huston’s are known for drug abuse.. Mom,dad,uncle& aunt all did some drugs take blame and own it..Its all about The fortune right now..Pat is trying to keept that $$$$$. Where was bobby brown why didn’t he save his child..

  8. latishia Maxwell


  9. Rach

    Very sad. When this whole ordersl started and Bobbi was in the hospital all those months I couldn’t read a thing about it. It’s so heartbreaking.

  10. Lisa j

    May this child finally rest in peace.

  11. ZenJen55

    Ditto RIP Krissy

    I also have a fondness for Cat 😻 meow

  12. spk

    Ugh so sad. Poor girl, poor boy. Never expected Bobby Brown to show up and save her from herself; he didn’t/couldn’t/wouldn’t with Whitney. But the stuff she must have seen and endured probably made Nick seem like a level-headed dream. Hope he gets some serious help for himself or the next headline won’t be a good one.

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