WWHL With Kim Biermann & Jeff Lewis


They look much better in this photo than they did on TV.


TamaraTattles won’t be able to recap tonight’s premiere of Don’t Be Tardy until Saturday due a million scheduling conflicts. I hope they push this and do it back to back with Manzo’d.  Half hour shows totally mess up my schedule.

I’m going to have to try and get through of this as quickly as possible because…..miles to go before I sleep.

Oh my God. I was adding tags and categories and listening without watching. I looked up and what the hell is going on with Kim? I have never seen her look this ridiculous? What is that thing on her head? Nene has better wigs than this? I cannot believe what I am seeing!

Andy asks if there is a name for what is happening on her head. Well he says wig, but oh my GAWD. She says she wants him to name it. It’s a brand new wig. Andy is now in a bind and probably wishes he’d never asked this. I would call it sheep dog.  Brielle is the bartender. She is 19 so it’s a milk bar. She has an unrecognizable face and tons of spackle on her face.

Andy tries to get Kim to admit she has a new nose. She won’t her top lip is huge. I am sad to see it’s come to this. 


Flipping out Jeff


Jeff says that this season of RHONY was one of the best season of any housewives show ever. Because Jeff loves watching people be abused. No surprise there. Kim talks about Nene starting all the rumors about her being on housewives when she knew very well she was not.  I told you she wasn’t well before Nene started her butt hurt foolishness. 

The number one question for Kim was about the over done lips on her and Brielle. As I type this, the TV is paused on a photo of Brielle. Had I not know it was her I would have no idea. She has ruined her face. She used to be so pretty. Why didn’t Kroy stop this since Kim doesn’t have the sense to? Her eyes barely open!

Someone calls in and says the wig’s name is Charo. The caller is right. Kim doesn’t like this.  Perhaps she will burn this wig. Because she should.

Kim says that Kroy has been talking to Tampa. Andy asks if the whole family will follow. She says now the boys are in school and it’s very expensive, like a college tuition and they will be going Monday through Friday in Georgia.

Jeff was asked if Shannon told Jenni to be so frosty to Kelly when she was on Real Housewives of Orange County. He says he doesn’t think so but Jenni is friends with Shannon and knows about her situation with Kelly so she just did it on her own.

Andy says that Gage always gives in to Jeff when they fight on camera. Who wins when the cameras are not there. Jeff denies that Gage gives in he thinks he gives in way more than he (Jeff) should. As Kim says, “Yeah, right.”  Gage laughs from the audience. #spoiler

Someone asks “Had Kim been to Chateau Sheree since “completion.” I bust out laughing an my hernia pops out another half inch. Kim looks confused and says no I have not. Chateau Sheree is no where near completion. 

Andy asks who she still talks to from RHOA. She says she talks to Sheree a lot. And she and Nene text and she tells her stuff and then she goes to the paps and says the opposite.

Someone calls in with the most obscene porn star voice in the history of the world and everyone is cracking up. Then she asks Jeff what they are going to name their baby girl.  Gage won’t let him tell. The baby is due in five weeks and he doesn’t want to talk about it because it makes him super nervous.

Brielle says that she is looking into tech schools for broadcasting and she has a boyfriend who is at “her house” right now waiting for her to come home.  Does that mean she has moved out and lives with her boyfriend?  Last I heard she was dating some pro athlete or something.

Jeff wants the tiff between Heather Dubrow and him to be tried in WWHL court because Heather perjured herself and slandered his character on Access Live. Someone watch the after show and tell us what we missed because I literally do not have time.

On the finale Zoila moves out. I am not sure I can watch. Jeff promises us he is going to fix the Zoila situation.

Kim and Khloe Kardashian are good friends. Who knew?


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82 responses to “WWHL With Kim Biermann & Jeff Lewis

  1. Margarett

    No! Zoila don’t go!

    If Jeff does not do whatever it takes to make things right with her he will be living with guilt and regret forever.

    It’s sad that Gage is so frightened. And fear is what I think is behind his “nervousness”. I remember those feelings from being a child who was never allowed to “get my hopes up”.

  2. Shay

    Bahahaha, TT. Ive only seen the photo and your description and I jiggled with laughter. Literally.

  3. Shay

    It looks like a Shitzu groomer did Kim’s hair.

    • Matzah60

      LOL! Spot on, Shay!!

    • Lolita

      Hehe, as I sit in the car line with my shitzu

      • Shay

        Lolita, at least your Shitzu has real hair. Kim’s awful toupe is so extra… like everything else about her and Brielle’s physical appearances. Then again, if they didn’t inflate and melt their plastic faces, no one would talk about them. They’re in the Brandi school of all press is good press– even if the press says, “At this point a defective Real Doll looks more human than you.”

  4. Observer2

    hahaha I was thinking Kim’s hair looked like one of those old stringy mop heads with a top ponytail. But I agree – a broke down version of Charo is the better description.

  5. I only watched this because I saw your Charo tweet and I love Charo. The show was playing with the volume down low while I was in the kitchen loading the dishwasher and from the distance I thought it was Charo. Not until I raised the volume did I realize it was KZ. Horrified, I immediately deleted the episode.

    • Lolita

      Cuchi Cuchi. I ♡ me some Charo. I guess I am showing my age. She should be honored to have been compared ( although, there is no comparison). Charo had a long, prosperous career, and she had talent. That wig looked like it was picked up from the back of a closet, and had been sitting there since 1974. The cat might have slept on it for a good 5 years or so. WHT was she thinking?

  6. Skeeter

    OMG is that Brielle in that photo above?

    • Gabriella

      That’s what I thought. Had no idea it was Brielle until I read Tamara’s coverage.

    • MariAnne

      No effin’ way! I thought it was another guest. I cancelled cable a year ago, so I assumed it was someone I’ve never heard of. She looks nothing like her previous self. What a shame that her idiot mother would let her do this. She was adorable as her natural self. Wow! Kim looks ridiculous with that hair.

  7. MinnesotaFamily5

    Why can’t Kim grow old(er) gracefully? She looks like a bad caricature of herself.

    I couldn’t love Jeff Lewis more but WHY DOES HE LIKE SHANNON?

    • Minky

      One word: Loyalty. Apparently Jeff and Shannon go way back to their college days at SC. And it seems that Jeff is a big sentimental softie, even though he does everything he can to hide it. He probably thinks that Shannon’s behavior is ridiculous too, but he’s never going to say that on camera, or to anyone other than Shannon herself.

  8. Minky

    Kim has finally gone too far. Do plumped up lips deflate over time? I hope so. If they do it’ll help reduce the severity of all tho other modifications.

    And Brielle too! Why?! Is there a chance that Kim has BDD? She looked perfectly fine before all the surgery.

    • SLM

      I was watching this with the volume low folding laundry and for the first 15 minutes didn’t realize that was BRIELLE! I thought it was some make-up spray-painted minor castmate from Vanderpump Rules (I don’t watch that one, so I just vaguely recognize them from being on Bravo ads). She looks terrible. And I always thought Kim was a beautiful woman, but all these procedures are making her look freakish now and SO MUCH OLDER than she actually is! Yikes!

    • Matzah60

      They do, Minky. They are injected with fillers that only last around 3 months. Lisa Rinna had her lips injected with Silicone. She did remove as much of the silicone as possible, but there is not much more Rinna can do to reduce the size. This why fillers are the treatment of choice from what I have read.

      • Observer2

        I’ve wondered with fillers (especially for lips) wouldn’t that stretch the skin and make it freakishly wrinkled over time?

    • Doesn’t BDD usually come with a low self-esteem and a need to cover yourself up to hide your body? Those certainly aren’t Kim’s symptoms. I think she is just very vain and afraid of aging. I have always thought that she looks much older than she actually is.

  9. Jrleaguer

    I am all for folks having a nip tuck if they want, but both Kim and Brielle’s lips look downright painful.

  10. Sali

    I wish she would just admit it. It’s painfully obvious. It’s silly that she denies.

    • She keeps pointing out that she has the same nose as Brielle – ergo, she’s had no surgery – THEN she posts a, “Throw back Thursday” and we see her from 10 years and there’s the original nose! What a pip.

    • Lolita

      I wish she would quit lying about her age. I might be wrong, but I recall Nene calling her out about this as well. She is not 37. Not buying it.

    • Latina2014

      I agree! I paused when they did the frame split of 2006 and now and Wow huge difference. She has destroyed her face :(

  11. More Tea Please!

    How sad to see Kim and Brielle turn themselves into plastic Barbie look-alikes! Ugh – I sense another Kardashian style multi-generational shallow pursuit of fame.

  12. Rach

    The way I see it if you’re going to have blatant plastic surgery why pretend you haven’t? Nose jobs are so common and Kim is the queen of plastic fantastic why not admit to it. As of late she looks too fake, same as Brielle. And yes I’ve seen Kim post pics of her and Khloe one IG a few times the most recent had a caption by Kim saying she wants to move to LA.

  13. Matzah60

    The only time I have seen Kroy and Kim argue is in regards to Brielle. Kim actually thought she was connected enough to land Brielle a spot on E. Kroy has told Kim that it is wrong to make Brielle think that a position at E can be had without hard work and preparation for that type of limelight job. Kroy has never forgotten where he came from and that it takes hard work and a dedicated work ethic to maintain his spot in the NFL. I do believe that is the reason that he was able to sustain his position with the Atlanta Falcons for 8 seasons.

    From watch tonight’s first show of the season, it doesn’t appear that Brielle is working. At 19 and with no plans for college, she should have a full-time job. IMO, Kim is doing a disservice to Brielle by not making her pull her own weight and teaching her that hard work and discipline are the only way to attain success. The girl needs to get a job, not lip injections.

    • Miguel

      Kim needs to recall herself before Big Papa; lest Brielle should follow that example, Matzah!!! I recall Kim saying that she was a nurse and worked hard to care for her kids, pre-RHOA – so should her children! Why would Kim want Brielle to follow in her shallow footsteps, when Kim knows of depth?!?

      • Matzah60

        Well said, Miguel. It is disturbing to see Brielle proceed down this “shallow” slippery slope.

      • Linda Miller

        Kim says she was a nurse and never says that she was an RN. LPN’s schooling takes one year. Not sure they still offer this any longer.

      • Lolita

        Pretty sure here in Florida you have to have an Associate of Science, or the equivalent of the science classes to get the LPN. The RN’S I know do this first, then go for the BACK in Science, with added nursing school, which is FULL TIME, for 2 years. I doubt she is an RN.

      • Lolita


    • Twilly

      Well Brielle did see Kim come into the fabulous life through the men she was involved with (Big Poppa, Kroy). She was probably too young to remember Kim working as a nurse. So her parental example isn’t of hard work, just landing the right guy.

    • More Tea Please!

      Somewhere I heard Brielle say she was “thinking” of studying broadcasting at a technical school…she has managed to screw around since graduating from high school LAST YEAR!

      Im surprised Kroy is putting up with it, but he’s probably careful about criticizing Kims kids for fear of having the Nookie Train shut down. Time to give that girl a deadline to be in school, go in the Army or get a job and start paying rent.

    • Sandra

      @Matzah60…Yeah, I think Brielle should be working as well for all the reasons you stated. I think she is getting paid to be on the show now so, that may be enough for them, sadly. lol @ Kim thinking they could walk into E! and get Brielle a job on the spot but, I actually think she has a shot at broadcasting- at least at some type of public speaking if she is serious.

      I am recalling 2 speeches Brielle has made- one to Kroy at her mother’s wedding another in a later season to her mother and Kroy, I’ve forgotten that occasion. Both times, she was very confident, her speeches were clear and articulate, engaging, authentic…..she connected with the audience, and if she rehearsed them you could not tell. Both presentations seemed effortless for her – there was no stuttering and stopping, no um’s and ah’s …..much more mature I thought, than a teenager would normally be able to give. She was only 16 or 17 when she made the first speech. I remember being very impressed and after the second time thought then that this was surely a gift that she should explore as a career when the time came. I agree that she needs to do the hard work and prepare but, I think she has the chops for it.

      I’m not a fan of Kim but, I do have a soft spot for her girls, especially Brielle – I don’t even know why. I hope she will take her future seriously and not want to travel in her mother’s footsteps.

      • Matzah60

        Sandra, I like Brielle as well. She isn’t snooty and is so well-mannered. I imagine that she’s been through a lot of ups and downs with Kim. You are right and I forgot that TT said that Kim, Kroy, and Brielle are being paid. I hope Kim encourages her to take broadcasting classes. I too think she has potential. She takes direction well.

        I just know the show won’t go on forever and it would be great if Brielle had a plan of action when the show ends.

      • Erica

        Her speeches were good and beautiful because they were heartfelt and a subject she knew… the girl isn’t smart. Im not sure if there is a learning disability, but I dont know if she can think on her feet fast enough to do broadcasting, etc.

      • Sandra

        I disagree. Not everyone has what it takes to give a great speech. Some of the smartest people can’t do it, heartfelt or rehearsed. There are specific elements and traits that are necessary for an effective speech and for her to nail it at 16 was amazing. To add, she is consistently good which is even more convincing.

        Not everyone is blessed with a high IQ but veryone has the potential to be great at something, you just have to be lucky enough to find it. Imo, Brielle is a natural @ public speaking and I think it is a talent that she should definitely cultivate.

      • Minky

        Okay, here go my 2 cents: Brielle is not motivated to go to school or do work outside of the show with her mother because Kim is making life way to easy for her. Kim is probably doing this because she feels guilty about her tumultuous years as a young mother and not being able to give her girls a real sense of stability when they were young. She wants to make up for that now by providing her daughters with cars, cosmetic procedures, access to designer clothing, not pushing them to go to school/work, etc.

        That is not going to help Brielle in the long run, and it is a prime example of that idiom about the road to hell being paved with good intentions. She needs to give Brielle an ultimatum and not go back on her word. Either Brielle goes to school, does an actual job or internship, or Kim cuts her off financially. No more credit cards or paying her for her cell phone, car fuel and maintenance, pocket money, fancy clothes, beauty salons, etc.

        Brielle doesn’t have the drive or ambition her mother had because they each come from different circumstances. Kim’s younger years were probably not nearly as cushy as Brielle’s youth is now. If Kim doesn’t do something now, while Brielle’s still young enough so that Kim still can exert some influence, then Brielle could end up floundering later on after “Tardy” is no longer on TV.

      • Sandra

        That is the sadness of it all….that Brielle is not motivated and she doesn’t seem the least bit concerned. She watches her mother spends recklessly and so she feels no urgency to secure her own future. She feels she will always have her mother to fall back on.

        I agree that Kim operates from a place of guilt as it applies to especially Brielle who probably experienced the roughest part of Kim’s struggle as a single mom. I fault Kim for Brielle’s lack of motivation as she showed a pattern of not making e her follow through or holding her responsible for any goals she ever started – personal or required. Also, (Kim) seems so self absorbed that she has never paid enough attention to help her make any real decisions about her future. She thought it was enough to scold Brielle for making bad grades and get her tutors but she obviously never followed up with any real guidance.

        Brielle did what normal kids do even with her bad grades and lax attitude when she expressed interest in a career which for her happened to be broadcasting. It was up to her parents to guide her as well as make sure her guidance counselor knew of that dream to help set her on a path to achieve it, even if she needed to build in small steps. She could still film for the show but, instead it seems once Brielle couldn’t get on the fast track at E! Kim lost interest in encouraging her to pursue it.

        It’s sad to me because Brielle did once desire to have a legitimate career, she just had no guidance. Even worse her parents have allowed her to be content with believing she can’t learn and it seems she now views her mother’s footsteps as her only option.

        As far as school and a regular job is concerned, judging from the photos I’ve seen, unfortunately I think the bright lights and cheap fame bug has bitten so, it may be too late to get her interested in regular life outside of the cameras. Besides, Kim will never cut her off so we’re back at square one. No motivation.

      • tamaratattles

        Kim doesn’t pay for anything that you mentioned. She does let her live at home for free, if she still does. Kim does NOT want her to move out. However, she makes Brielle pay for her clothes, gas, insurance, etc out of her own money. And she has a new digital lock on her closet to keep the girls out of her clothes and shoes.

  14. Jonnell

    When is Brielle’s sex tape coming out. I’m sure Kim has something in the works since she wants her family to be the next Kartrashians.

  15. So Close to Friday

    I don’t watch Kims show so i was kind of shocked to see this young lady looking so grown up. She looks as old as her mom. Growing up in front of cameras, i bet she will go the Kardashian route or keep doing reality tv shows. Both of their personalities are not my cup of tea, but they seem to be a loving family unit

  16. susan

    I thought brielle was lala from vanderpump rules

  17. Dee

    Thanks you Tamara, Kim looks ridiculous. I appreciate you saying it first as I was shocked. Doesn’t she realize how she looks?

  18. When Suzane Summers played the part of Chrissy Snow on ‘Three’s Company’, she sometimes worry a top ponytail. But she looked super cute and it was her own hair ~

  19. Miele

    I’m in stitches over the fact that Kim didn’t realize that was a Charo wig!! That’s the first thing I thought when I saw it.
    Dang it, I wanted Brielle and Chase Chrisley to be together forever!!
    I wonder how Kroy feels about Brielle’s enhancements…

  20. captivagrl

    Something is very wrong with Kim. I hope Kroy is encouraging her to get help.

  21. Creampuff

    Every time I see Kim, I think she ruined her nose. That little upturned tip is what people pay to have fixed not acquire. Not cute at all.

  22. Twilly

    Kim is free to wreck her own face, which she most certainly has done. But she should not allow or encourage Brielle to do the same!!

    • Jaded

      That is my problem with Kim. Encouraging and paying for her daughter to look that way and spending time with Kardashians every chance she gets.

  23. Sara

    This episode was hilarious but I’m glad Jeff said he would fix the Zoila situation!

  24. oh Sheila! you a good Judy

    the new Kim looks very like Trixie Mattel— i don’t know if that’s on purpose. that look isn’t easy to take on Trixie, and for me, thoroughly unfortunate on Kim. i thought Brielle did quite well for a girl of her age– but she seemed shy at the “dance party” (i would’ve been too).

  25. Kim does look like Charo and Brielle looks like Pia Zadora.

    Creampuff, Kim is on her way to having a Michael Jackson nose.

  26. Agree, Kim and Brielle looked horrid. What got me was how snotty Kim was to Jeff saying that she is the top rated show and giving her opinion on Jeff’s and Gage’s relationship dissing Jeff. After seeing her show last night on her wanting another kid (right) she better not get too comfortable since her storylines are running out if they are coming out with that as a season opener.

    • Jaded

      Kim recently did a video in which she is beyond entitled. She is rubbing wealth in everyone’s face.

    • Matzah60

      Agreed! The show had absolutely nothing! Really, a 7th child!! That has to be a lame storyline. I hope she isn’t going to spend the season doing egg retrieval.

      I guess I shouldn’t be surprised as I remember her lame relationship with big poppa, a married man.

  27. RHofND

    What a hypocrite. Kim won’t cop to having her nose done when she clearly has and she credits Brielle with never having a drink and so proud of that fact that yet she sees nothing wrong with a young woman who isn’t even done growing yet having plastic surgery and all sorts of fillers and injections in her face.

    • raynidaze

      I think Brielle has had plastic surgery on more than just her face. Her chest looked much bigger and more pronounced than I remember from previous seasons. SMH, she’s only 19 years old. It’s hard to watch Brielle and Kim because they look so plastic, shiny and unnatural.

  28. Lisa j

    Geez so much Kim hating! She doesn’t want to grow old. I don’t blame her. She’s got a great husband and family and I’m happy for her!

    • Twilly

      But the irony is the surgery makes her look MUCH older. Her lifestyle affords her plenty of sleep, excellent nutrition, top notch skin care including facials and botox. She could look phenomenal and youthful without the surgery and makeup.

  29. Sandra

    Shun Nelson (?spelling) strikes again? I am blown away that anyone in Atlanta who is concerned about their style/public imagewould use her as their personal stylist . How do they even take her seriously? Kandi and a few of the other girls from RHOA use her as well. I’ve never seen 1 look she has put together that didn’t look like it belonged in the traveling circus.

  30. Don’t care about anything else but that Jeff is going to fix the Zoila situation. Jeff seemed really happy last night. That was awesome.
    I didn’t think any of the commercials for Don’t be Tardy did Kim any favors she looked weird to me. But it was the lipstick…yuck. Different shade would help I think.
    Other than that she seemed like the same old Kim to me.
    Thanks TT for recapping at all. I don’t know where you find all the time. It’s appreciated.

  31. Nila

    Why is there make up so off on the show? Is it the lighting?

    Loved that Jeff said Shannon should have gone to the hospital! What exactly went on with Jeff & Heather?

    • Jeff used to be a server in a restaurant. Apparently Jeff saw Heather mistreat a server and it set him off. He doesn’t approve of that at all. Jeff said that Heather was in a conversation with Jim Edmonds when a waiter set some bread on their table. Heather, without looking away from Jim for a second, picked up the bread and handed it back to the waiter. The waiter tried to find out what was wrong and Heather, again without even looking at the waiter, made a hand motion to wave them away. I can totally see Heather doing something like this so I believe Jeff and it is very rude and unnecessary. It doesn’t take a whole lot to be kind.

      • Nila

        Oy, yes u can see heather doing that..how did the press find out? Jeff said Heather should have kept it private, did she out herself?

      • Erica

        I adore Jeff – but THIS is what he didn’t like? Not the classiest, but I honestly thought by his reaction that it was MUCH MUCH worse.

        I mean, this is the guy that regularly screams at the woman who he says he loves like a mother, etc. and torments his employees with some very dry, sometimes not funny shit. Hello Pot…

      • Minky

        I hope I don’t sound stupid or ignorant here, but I believe that Jeff is misunderstood regarding his treatment of his staff. Yes, he sometimes says inappropriate things, but I don’t think he means any harm. He has a positively ARID sense of humor, that a lot of people don’t get immediately.

        The way I see it is that Jeff treats Jenni, Zoila and the others like family members. And families certainly do fight and make sarcastic remarks to each other. Jeff’s lunchtimes with his staff sealed that opinion for me. From what I’ve seen he seems to treat meal time with a lot of reverence. He likes having a “nice lunch” with everybody and sees himself as the father figure sitting at the head of the table. He doesn’t get that sometimes he gets carried away with his neuroses, but I think it’s nice and he’s coming from a good place for the most part.

    • Matzah60

      Nila, Jeff mentioned it on a prior WWHL. Andy asked him who was his favorite and least fav housewife. Shannon was his fave and Heather his least fave. The behavior that Jeff shunned Heather for happened to be at Shannon’s birthday party.

  32. Liza

    Anyone watch the aftershow? I would pay to watch a Heather vs Jeff bravo trial!

  33. Bugg

    What happened with Jeff and Zoila that he said hes going to fix? I don’t watch this show but have seen an episode here and there from earlier seasons.

  34. mary

    Brielle was such a naturally pretty girl. She looks terrible. Why do these girls want to look 30+ with gunk all over their face. And she has access to professional make up artists! Ugh.

  35. JoJoFLL

    100% of broadcasting jobs require a bachelors degree. Brielle isn’t going to get into broadcasting without one. You also have to start at the bottom and work your way up. No tech school is going to offer this.

  36. Linda Miller

    What Kim wants, Kim gets!
    Kept will do anything to keep her happy although they do disagree about Briell.
    And how can Kroy stop all the face stuff like Botox when he’s getting it himself.
    Just look at him! His face is flawless with no creases anywhere.
    Kim has gotten out of control and he goes along to please her.
    Another baby for what reason? Because that’s all she knows how to do?
    Kroy’s parents must cringe when they watch them on TV.
    Most men follow their wives to keep peace at home. He’s no different. His problem now is his football career. Free agency usually means a big pay cut and a year contract. Kim does need help but will never get it and Briell will never get a career in broadcasting with more education. She’s lazy and has no ambition, sad to say. Looks like the second daughter has her act together. Hope the other kids will to because of Kroy.

  37. PeachyKeen

    If Kim’s wigs keep getting longer…reminds of my youth and Cousin “it” from Adams Family.. I know shows my age. Brielle may have a prayer to do something with her life.. if she finds the direction in her life to life.

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