Flipping Out: Avoiding The Death Position



I really don’t care about the job sites this week. I am already sad because Zoila moves out this episode.  I also want to hear about the baby and see if Jeff and Gage can get some resolution to their issues.

Wait? Since when does the surrogate live in Chico which is a plane ride and a two-hour car ride away? Why are we just finding this out?  They need to go rent a place up there in about two weeks and just start waiting. They are shopping for hospitals there and getting the six month check up. I don’t really think they can do that. I think they are limited to wherever the surrogates OB can practice.  But they are rich, so who knows.

The six month ultrasound was the first time they saw an actual baby with arms and legs and feet and hands. Jeff is pretty emotional at the sight of the baby. Jenni is crying the most happy tears and she remains hopeful that she will have a new sonogram of her own soon. Jeff feels weird about being around the surrogate. Is this a business transaction? Are they friends? Will she be family? He is unsure how to act around her.

The birthing room is huge. The surrogate wants her mom in the room during labor. Jeff is not sure how he feels about that. Neither Jeff or Gage are sure about being in the delivery room. Because, vagina.

Lucky #14

Lucky #14

After the tour, the boys need a drink. So they take the surrogate and her parents (!?) to a brewery. Jeff denies being nervous. Gage knows he is lying. Gage is super nervous. Alexandra’s parents are quite lovely. Jeff has no problem with her mom being in the birthing room with them.

Zoila is packing all of her designer bags. She claims to be just fine with moving out and having more time off to spend with her granddaughter.  Jeff and Gage are very pleased with the entire process.

Oh God. I should have known when we found out that Shannon’s house sold and they bought all of her furniture that we would see her shopping with Jeff.  After shopping Jeff, Jenni, Vanina and Shannon grab a bite to eat. Shannon launches into a Shannon story about having to feng shui Sophie’s room because her bed was in the death position and it was making her cry. Vanina’s face during this conversation made me sort of fall in love with Vanina.  Previously, my relationship with Vanina has been a bit distant, but now we have become much closer.  Jeff explains that sometimes there is only one right place for a bed and if that is the death position, then so be it.

I know what you are thinking. Is my bed in the death position? Click this link to find out.  I kind have one foot in and one foot out of the death position. My headboard is not against a wall, it’s catawampus  in a corner which kinda points to the door but not directly so I think I am okay. I do have a large piece of art with glass that is kind of reflective so I’m probably fucked with that.  Thank God I don’t sleep with my head under a window because my liver has enough trauma in its life without adding any more.

Shannon had a party with the housewives that didn’t end  well shortly after moving in. It didn’t end well. Shannon went off with them.

On the ride home, Jeff admits to Jenni that he is nervous about how much time the baby is going to take up and where he will find the time.

TT was also sad.

TT was also sad.

Oh God. It’s a Zoila montage. I CAN’T. I’m already all weepy and under the weather!  Zoila says she loves Jeff, but she has to move out sometime. She can’t stay there her entire life. She’s lived there at least 12 of the 16 years she has worked for him and all seven and a half years that Gage has lived with  Jeff.  This is so sad. I think the viewers are sadder than Jeff or Zoila.

Then they show us demolishing her room. It;s only three months until the baby’s due date. They have to get the nursery done.

Jeff suddenly tells Gage that they have to buy all the nursery furniture. He brings Jenni and Vanina and Meghan Weaver with the big beaver with them. Gage was hoping this would have been a couples shopping outing. But he seems okay with it.

Jeff wants to buy like three of everything. Jeff makes fun of Gage for his nesting and sudden desire to cook. Who knew you could buy a battery operated shusher? Jenni Pulos, that’s who.  My spell check doesn’t even underline the word shusher. I need to remember that for the next time I murder someone in a game of scrabble. It’s a good seven letter word.

Gage and Jeff say they are not bickering as much. Gage says Jeff has become a lot more patient. They are moving in the right direction.

There were all kinds of problems with the structure of the nursery. Now they feel like they have even more structural issues to address in the entire house. Gage has a theory that Jeff is continuing the chaos of construction to avoid the reality that a baby is coming.

There we end another all too short season. I need more Flipping Out and less housewives in my life.

EDITED: To add the penis bed that that chick with the Petmato sleeps in. What are we going to do with her?


This is BAD Feng Shui.


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100 responses to “Flipping Out: Avoiding The Death Position

  1. Theresa

    I am so screwed! my bed is on the only solid wall but has the entrance to my room and a sliding glass door at the foot. I did read that as permission. to leave my TV on all night so it doesn’t reflect lol.

    can’t wait to see how the nursery turns out.

  2. SLM

    I BAWLED during that Zoila montage like I just lost a family member, and she was just moving out… I just love Zoila a lot, flaws and all. I’m really scared to check if my bed or any of my kids’ beds are in the death postion, because I’m with Jeff – sometimes there’s only ONE spot for a bed no matter what position it’s in for Feng Shui purposes. Plus, I have about 99 problems right now and I can’t add worrying about moving beds to that count.

  3. Margaret Shepard

    Man, that bed in that death position freaked me out. I jumped on that link you provided ( thanks for that btw) Luckily I am good but I do have a gorgeous oil portrait of my Mother, which is one of the no-no’s. Apparently having a pic of just one person makes you more prone to be more lonely or somthing. Well tuff on that cause I love it. I do have a pic with 2 adorable bunnies, maybe that makes up for it. I have not watched all this episode but you gotta love a guy who takes care of his housekeeper like Jeff has done. Not thrilled Shannon is on, not liking her much this season.

  4. Vet

    I moved my be d under the window, with the door at the foot of the bed. My husband wouldn’t even walk in the room, he was so freaked out, I had to look the shit up and move the bedroom around so he would quit all the bitching

  5. Sali

    I love your recaps, Tamara! Especially the Flipping Out ones! I love Zoila & Jeff. I hope she moves back in. I’m sad Flipping Out is over. I agree! More FO less HWs.

  6. Aerin

    Here here on more flipping out, less housewives.

  7. I thought this was a terrible finale.. everything was left up in the air. No closure whatsoever.

  8. Dre

    Yes, more Flipping Out is needed! This season feels like it just started– I wish there were more episodes. I pray that Jeff and Gage have a healthy, happy, beautiful daughter. And that Zoila is positively involved in the baby’s life .

  9. Sara

    Lucky #14 is going to have a fabulous life with two amazing dads, what a lucky little girl!

  10. Swizzle

    One, I can’t believe Zoila moved out.

    Two, I’ve been sleeping in the death position for 24 years with me feet facing big windows. Guess my time is coming soon.

    • tamaratattles

      Your feet can point to windows just not doors. Your HEAD can’t be under a window. I still think your bed is in a bad place though, just based on your posting.

      • SLM

        I’m screwed, TT. There’s literally NO place in the master to put our bed where the head isn’t against a window. Two walls with windows…one wall with bathroom and closet doors (headboard would never fit between them) and one wall with the door to the hall…I’m probably in the double death postion 😲

      • swizzle

        The link says windows too if the sill is lower than your body when you sleep. Guess I need to put the mattress on the floor.

      • tamaratattles


        Your bed goes with the headboard against the wall with the door!

      • SLM

        I told my husband we have to move the bed…he said he will welcome the end in the death postion before having to move our enormous head and footboard wood bed again…I’ll work on persuading him…is that a picture of the penis bed above? It doesn’t look very penisy to me

      • SLM

        @lisamia…I didn’t mean any shade on your bed by saying it didn’t look very penisy to me. I’m just not seeing it. It’s pretty, though, regardless of it’s potential Feng Shui issues 😊

  11. This season finale ended with upcoming new beginnings. I’m not a Zoila fan and think she has taken advantage of Jeff’s love for her through the years. It was time she moved out so Jeff and Gage can reconnect and bond with their baby.

    Question. Is the surrogate the bio mother?

  12. I have a wrought iron bed frame. The iron’s design looks like a bunch of penises. So, I don’t care what position my Feng shui is. I have iron penis protection!

  13. Calipatti

    In my life feng shui doesn’t matter because I don’t believe, easy. It’s me finding the lazy way out of something.
    My DIL had a Hermes bag when we met so my new grand baby has it all, holy crap. Yes everything can move, sing, vibrate, warm.

    Montage of Zoila years was great but Im also not a fan anymore. The last two seasons she was horrible to Gage. Zoila wanted out a few years ago to be closer to her daughter and Jeff talked her into staying. She will still be around.
    I want more Flipping Out.

  14. Trish

    Was this season really short, or is it just me? Maybe because these Housewives series never seem to end! We need more Flipping Out! I would loved to have seen some sort of affection shown between Jeff and Gage. This couple still baffles me. It seems like Ryan and Jeff were closer.
    Penises probably do help…love it, TT!

    • tamaratattles

      I kind of wonder if Matt quitting and the big blow up with Zoila and Gage and Jeff fighting a lot and the stress of the baby cause Jeff to just say fuck it, I’ve had enough, because there was not resolution episode to any of it and there usually is.

      • Trish

        I was thinking the same thing. I was hoping something would have been said on WWHL when Jeff was on. There must be something between them that I’m just missing.

      • Joanplus2dogs

        Is there any talk about additional episode once the baby arrives? That way they could show current status of house & everyone. Maybe a holiday type show.

      • Matzah60

        I agree with all you said, Tamara. The season sort of came to a screeching halt. I can completely picture Jeff saying, “I’ve had enough of endless construction, Jason the architect who seemed to fuck them over, bickering endlessly with Gage, and I almost felt like he picked a fight with Zoila as he was in need of that room for the baby.

        I feel like Zoila felt inched out when Gage moved in and probably feels resentful to some degree that Jeff and Gage are forming this family with a new baby which sort of leaves her out in the cold. I think that Jeff is also feeling a bit resentful paying her a full salary while she seems to resent some of her new responsibilities and no longer wants the task of cleaning the house. Jeff is paying a full salary to someone else who cleans the house much more efficiently than Zoila has in the last several years.

        I don’t feel like they wrapped the season well and Zoila was barely in this final episode of the season. Her send off was brief, almost underplayed. It was unsettling the way the season ended.

      • Shay

        I bet Jeff gets a spinoff. And I think Gage and Zoila are going to surprise Zoila with a grandma guesthouse. Always leave them wanting more, right?

      • TT, the more I think about it, I agree with you about Jeff just saying “fuck it” due to all the stressors. Also, I think the Living Spaces thing took more of an emotional & financial toll on him than he is letting on. All of this combined, he’s got to be freaking out with the baby coming. Think once they have the baby, his priorities will change & all will be good again. But, it will most likely get worse before it gets better… Sleep deprivation will exacerbate it all but once baby is sleeping through the night I see them pulling the whole family together, including Zoila. At least I hope so!

      • Matzah60

        @Shay, I was thinking about the guesthouse idea, too. It seems like a good compromise. She stays part of the family with separate living quarters. That would be idea. Obviously, they can’t do that now with all the construction going on.

      • Vet

        Zoila has children and grandchildren. She has to give them time too.

  15. Christi

    Jeff cracked me up talking about the brownies. Why would he want to make brownies? They smell up the house for three days! Haha!

    • Melissa

      I thought that was hilarious too. And, I now I feel oddly guilty for baking dessert every weekend for the family. I’m smelling up the house.

  16. MEL

    Well when I succumb to liver damage after many years of drinking during college football season I can proudly say that it had absolutely nothing to do with my drinking. It had everything to do with sleeping under a window for so many years…..

  17. Why in the world would a producer think adding Shannon to a Flipping Out episode would be a good idea? Enough of this whiney woman already!

  18. Thanks for recapping this show! Why did this season seem so short?

    1. The Zoila thing leaves me feeling a bit unsettled.

    2. Always loved Britney so thanks for the gif!

    3. Why the hell is Beador on my tv AGAIN? Bravo just needs to put her & her smarmy hubby out to pasture. Are they just keeping her so they can exploit their inevitable divorce?

    4. I am fucked in the the death position. Literally nowhere else to put my bed. It was nice being a part of this community…, I imagine I will be crossing over soon. Thanks for the memories!

    • Shay

      Just Cant, I haven’t watched housewives in years. I read the recaps and occasionally will watch a hyped episode/reunion, but I stick around for the chatting. What I’m saying is, don’t go!

      • Shay, I was kidding! I don’t believe in FS! Cannot move my bed if I wanted to. Don’t believe in that crap. Not time to send Thai noodles yet! LOL! xo

      • Shay

        Yo, that call back was great, JC:)) I’m glad you’re staying! You have a gold star with me.

      • Shay

        I totally misread your comment. I thought you meant crossing over– away from the bullshit nonsense on Bravo.

      • Well, that too! Lol! I have cut my Bravo viewing in half at this point. It’s ridiculous, like an addiction. I’ve almost weaned myself off the HWs though because as someone else stated somewhere on here, I already have 99 problems & don’t need more in my free time. Baby steps. Always read TT’s recaps though! 😉

  19. Thankfully my bed is in the perfect position for the room. What a relief. It is also wooden, so no metal headboard to worry about. Perhaps it’s the picture of my father in uniform that hangs on my bedroom wall that has lead me to my life of solitude.

    Jeff said on WWHL that he is going to fix this thing with Zoila – I believe him.

  20. SamT

    TT I know you like Juicy Scoop.. If you go back a few episodes she has Jeff Lewis on and he talks a bit about the baby and the Matt thing. I love this show so much, I’m really really bummed the season is already over. That went so fast. Also, my husband is a realtor and sells a lot of expensive homes. Over the years he’s had a number of clients, who are typically but not always Asian (which makes sense) who won’t even look at certain houses or will reject them outright based on Feng Shui principles. That’s here in the Chicago suburbs – I imagine it’s way more prevalent in LA.

  21. Just Saying

    I’m already missing flipping out, it’s my favorite show now on Bravo. Have to agree though I could have skipped having to see or listen to Shannon on there. As for the bed position I don’t believe in any of it, you bring your own energy into your home. That’s my take on it anyway, look at Shannon, get relationship was falling apart and she had magic crystals and everything!

  22. Jen

    I felt like the Zoila moving out scene was really staged, I imagined Jeff hiring a professional moving crew for all her stuff and her daughter picking her up or Zoila driving that nice car that Jeff bought her once, not her packing some purses into a tote and him calling her an Uber.

  23. Kimoe

    I’m all good. No death position. Wood bed……we had brass but wore it out….squeeked so much it’d wake the baby! Have wedding pics n family pics on wall. Everything great for 27 years now. Whew! Good to know. I can sleep better now.

  24. Melissa

    Awesome recap TT! Thanks for the link to the feng shui guide. My favorite tip was not to sleep with your head next to a steel radiator. Feng shui or common sense?

    I felt like the Zoila moving out was a fake SL. Jeff likes sameness. I understand that they had been having conflict — but that’s nothing new for them. This was too drastic a change and the timing is off. With the baby, he will need a trusted caretaker, not to do the heavy work, but only to oversee the nanny and the house, while is out working. And Gage needs Zoila to balance and oversee Jeff. The bottomline is Zoila is Jeff’s comfort object. He wouldn’t let go of her like that, at such a critical point in his new life. I think she is moving out temporarily while he renovates the house, particularly her room. He is likely going to build a guest house or mother-in-law suite for her.

  25. Feng Shui? LOL I am with Vanina on this one. Complete BS.

  26. Jrleaguer

    I have always liked Jeff but last night, I fell in love. Nothing like construction deadlines and picking out baby stuff to make you realize…”Holy crap, we are having a baby!” Jeff and Gage are going to be great parents. :)

  27. Lisa j

    I FS my office and bedroom 4 years ago off YouTube tutorials, it worked! I wish this show were on every week and twice a week during Christmas. Thanks TT!

  28. Jeff said on WWHL that he is going to fix this. So that at least is something. Gage was in the audience so that must mean they are still working it out. I hope Andy lets us know in 5 weeks or less/more when the baby comes.

    I can’t watch yet, I know I am going to cry. LOL

  29. Shay

    The way your front door faces is the most important in Feng Shui. Chinese people are superstitious to a fault. Its all nonsense. My grandmother put my dad in an orphanage at 5 because the fortune teller said he was bad luck. Fuck all that.
    Of course Jeff is doing Shannon’s new house. There’s a reason Shannon is his fave housewife and Heather his least. Dolla Dolla Bills Y’all.

    • OMG, Shay, about your dad!! Did he ever see his family again? Superstition is stupid and harmful. Agreed about why Jeff likes Shannon–she’s money. I am betting Zoila coming back will be a big part of next season.

      • Shay

        Lisa, he found out his family was alive at 8. He had been doing child labor and hadn’t been in school. When he went home they told him he was bad luck and to get out. He went back at 13 when he was living on the streets. They didn’t want him, so he was on his own. Eventually, at age 29, he saved up enough for a ticket to LA. His only English was Beatles’ songs, but he only had $50 so he started working the day he got off the plane… long story less long: he got educated, met my mom who was putting herself through med school as she worked as a nurse, etc. etc. American Dream. etc.

      • Your mom and dad are my new heroes. <3 <3 <3

      • Shay

        Theyre aight.

  30. OMGOSH……..My bed is in the death position. I’ve been trying to figure out how to change and it is virtually impossible. Wish I had not seen Shannon make this comment. Love Zoila……she will be back . Jeff could not exist without her. She is his MOM. Love Jeff and Shannon together yakking. They seem fun together.
    Darn………now I feel so screwed because of the position of my bed. I am so superstitious. I turn around in the middle of a street if a black cat streaks across.

    • Shay

      You should be more monk-like. They believe you manifest the good around you. Life is suffering. By helping those around you, you lessening their suffering. When everyone believes this, life gets better for you, too.

      They don’t believe in superstition or bad luck. My sister was the talk of the temple in Thailand when birds kept shitting on her head/face. They told her she was very lucky. She smiled as bird feces dripped ran down her cheek.

      Oh, one quick story. In college I was waiting to start my final in Japanese. Room was nervously and respectfully quiet as we waited for our Sensei. Across the 500 seat auditorium, a chubby monk in full gear screamed with delight from across the room. He was pointing at me as he made his way toward me and yelled (in a thick Chinese accent), “Oh my Gawdt! Your ears is biggest I ever see.”

      Relatives always point this out and I knew the implication. He stood there, breathing hard in front of my desk. I just smiled and held my breath as he grabbed both my abnormally large ear lobes, fiercely trying to start a fire with them between his thumbs and pointer finger, “I rub your ear for my luck, ok?!”

  31. ingrid

    I checked, my bed is not in the death position! Wooden headboard, check, pictures of the sea and soft colored walls, good, I think I am okay with this! Are there any feng shui issues with amazing amounts of clutter?
    I think Jeff has had shorter seasons before, I love that show so much, sorry to see it go. Does anyone know if Jennie has been able to get pregnant? I have not seen recent pics of her, but I guess if she did get pregnant we would have heard it by now. Poor thing, such a tough journey.
    Next year we will get to see Jeff and Gage bitch about the baby, whoopee. I hope they work it out, they seem like such a mess sometimes.
    Anyone know when Top Chef is coming back? I feel that show is a bit of a palate cleanser (!) with all of the HW shows.

    • tamaratattles

      You bed is not famous. We are documenting your retard life here. First it was the Petomatoe, now it’s the penis bed. Every time you act like this is some great achievement. In every case you violate major life rules. Tomatoes don’t grow in bottles! Yet you grew TWO! (RIP, Kim you had to die so Kyle could live.) And now you blatantly violate the laws of feng shui with metal penis beds.

      No good can come of this, NONE.

    • Cat

      I want that little pillow!

      I guess I’m screwed when it comes to the bedroom. (Ha! ) My bedroom is on the corner of the building, so two walls have windows that are practically floor to ceiling. The 3rd wall has the bathroom behind it. The 4th wall has the living room behind it. My bed is against that 4th wall. Same wall as the door. I keep the door wide open.

      I thought maybe I’d be safe with the bed in the center of the room. But then, metal bed.

      Maybe that’s why I usually sleep on the couch?

  32. Jrleaguer

    @Shay, What a powerful story. The superstition is something fascinating indeed. One of my sons is engaged to a wonderful girl. She is Chinese and from Hong Kong. Her mom is wonderful too. I fear for future grandchildren…between a Chinese grandmother and a Jewish grandmother, we will nag the daylights out of the kids. :)

    • Erica

      I actually fear for any future teachers, etc. at those events where the grandparents come 😉

      You should have them check out Soy Vay too – Asian sauces, etc…. but Kosher! Some of the best marinades I’ve tried.

    • Shay

      JRL: congrats! You have to read Crazy Rich Asians. Also order beef chow mein (pronounced me-in) hong kong style. Its the best.
      Sorry, TT, I know this is not The Daily Tea.

      • Lolita

        The in-laws should meet Jules’ parents, swap some parenting tips

      • Shay

        Lolita, I was so relieved the first Asianish housewife wasn’t a total disgrace to the race. (#Disgrasian) With so few Asians on tv (not counting newscasters and the show F.O.B.), it easily could’ve been montages of Jules smashing into other cars and trashcans… then covering her mouth and giggling while saying, “I so sorry.”

      • Lolita

        So true!..LOL..and Jules is beautiful. Personally, as a white, Southern gal, in a metropolis of every nationality, ( Central FL), plus living in the ATL for years, I welcome and LOVE other cultures. I especially love Jewish , Italian, and Asian people. I admire the importance of family and elders, which was not present in my family

      • Shay

        Lo, that’s so nice to hear. Your kids are lucky. Hopefully you and the other parents can keep traditions, culture, and language for the next gen. The great thing about America is that you can keep or adopt parts of cultures (respect for elders, taking care of your community/family, high regard for educators/education, etc.) and leave out others (superstition, classism, human/animal rights, etc.).
        Jules shtick was silly, but she was very human. I found her adorable and loved her clothes!

  33. The only thing that’s troubled me all season is the person that is responsible for stenciling in Vanina’s eyebrows. They are too squared off and too close together. I’ve been looking at her sideways every time she’s on the screen just shaking my head. If you have weird unnatural eyebrows I can’t NOT notice. It just distracts me to no end.

    • Her eyebrows were making me crazy too!

    • Lolita

      OMG Urethra!@!!!!! I said this last week and no one commented. It makes me crazy. They ( the BROWS) were not like this last season. It’s too much. The camera guy zoomed in on them last week. I feel bad for her. STOP THE MADNESS WITH EYEBROWS PEOPLE. The Joan Crawford look is OUT. Down in the Tampa Bay area, all the young kids are doing it…microblading/ scaping…looks ridiculous. Of course, these are the same girls that use the term BAE…ugh

  34. Cat

    Feng shui is too complicated. I’d rather practice the more relaxing FANG shui…for cats. :)

  35. Lolita

    Thank you so much for the link. I was too lazy to contact Mr. Google during the show. Agree with above comments, it was a lame finale. There was such bad energy with everyone this season. I hope everyone is happy and ready for the bambino. I have a feeling Gage might be the reason Zoila is off premises. As Jeff said, “It’s not mine and Zoila’s baby, it’s mine and Game’s baby”. There was definitely tension there, and it’s sad. Zoila makes the show, so I hope her filming time remains the same. I’m moving my bed this weekend. I can’t believe Jeff sent Zoila packing in an Uber. What an ass.

  36. Shay

    I remember how much Jeff loved Ryan’s daughter (Girls Gone Wild!). I think he’s going to be such a doting father.

  37. Shay

    I finally watched this episode. The baby cried because the bed was in the death position? Why didn’t the Feng Shui-er get Shannon’s bed out of the affair position?

  38. Omgomg

    I love this show. Sigh, I’m behind seems — I’m always entering my comments days late! I wish I had more of JL and Jenni! Didn’t want season over :( Plus I liked him on WWHL. The show is like a good Cognac or something. Maybe with ice cream. I need a new one. I might marathon The Great British Baking Show. Love it. Have you seen?

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