Big Brother Updates: This Is The One You Lay With? This One Right Here?!



By Lime Brain

We start the show with tears of happiness and sadness. And with Paul winning the HOH.  Paul is overwhelmed and crying after winning the comp. He’s still crying when he is in the DR. He’s explaining how tough his way in the game has been. His win is for Victor. He’s planning on breaking up NiCorey and he nominates them both.

In Corey’s DR, he explains how it was a good week until Paul won.  Nicole is in the DR crying also. Her life depends on the veto. James is excited for Paul winning. He hopes his talk last night with Paul still holds true. They made a final two deal.

After nominations, Nicole is pissed and weepy. Corey made a joke that she only needed to get one more question right in the comp and she would have won. She freaks out and goes to her bed. 

Meanwhile, back at the jury house, the girls are painting at the kitchen table. The house is divided between Zaulie and everyone else. Day says Michelle is a breath of fresh air. Day doesn’t know Michelle too well, methinks. Michelle painted a snake with Nicole’s head on it.  I hope there’s no sharp objects in the house. When Natalie arrives, Paul is shocked. He can’t understand why she was voted out. She was a non threat, and for once he is right.

Finally the scene we’ve been waiting for. The jurors are on the couches watching Natalie’s tape. Natalie knew she was the target. She tells how she went to Paul and Victor and told them to use the veto on James. Someone made a jab about Paulie not using the veto on Z.  ZING! 

Day and Paulie start getting into it. I don’t think that Paulie realizes Day is from Inglewood. She’s no Jersey girl. He better watch out! Paulie makes the mistake of bringing up Day’s daughter and security has to come in. I would have paid $20 a month for these jury house feeds. I hope TT can put in a clip of this fight because I can’t do it justice.

Bridgette tells Paulie that he makes her skin crawl. I wonder what town she is from. Paulie is still a douchebag.  All these girls still despise him after all this time with no cameras on him and no BB game to play. A few days later and Day is upset for the way she acted and is avoiding Zaulie, and so is everyone else.

When Victor enters the house, everyone is sad. Including me. But Victor is has accepted the eviction and is happy to be finished with all the drama and stress. Victor is the breath of fresh air, not Michelle.

Everyone watches the clip and Victor explains that Nicorey screwed him in a final four deal. The girls are shocked  that Corey said, “My mama didn’t raise no bitch.” You’d think these girls wouldn’t be shocked by anything anymore after living with Zaulie.

On a happy note, Michelle took her bb comic very well. She’s going out to buy a pink onesie. The art therapy must be working for her. Or she’s heavily medicated.


Time for the last veto of the season! 

They each have their own baseball field. At “each at bat” they have to figure out the day an event occurred. They have to run around the bases and step on clickers to increase their number until their scoreboard shows the correct number. If they get it wrong they have to start over.  The last person each round gets a strike. And we all know, three strikes and you are OUT. 

I’m glad I don’t have to do this one.  Doing math while running in circles and stomping on clickers is not for me. I don’t know why James is even bothering to try. But then again, why should he? He has the pregame alliance. Allegedly.  

I’m bored watching this. It looks better on paper than it is. Nicole has the right idea. Give her a white board and a pen to write the number down.

Let’s see how it’s edited because Corey bitched on the feeds that the comp was unfair. Paul and James said on the feeds that Corey was arguing with production the whole time.

Paul finally wins! Yay!

Oh, good lord. We still have the veto to get through before the live eviction. This is too much excitement for me in one night.  Live veto meeting. What will Paul do? Nope! He didn’t use it. Thank goodness that was short and sweet.

Time for their eviction speeches. I heard Nicole’s is going to be a doozy. Corey says to Paul: friendship. James: Texas. Then he announces that he’s not leaving the house without getting to first base. He gives Nicole a pathetic kiss. He should have stopped at friendship. Nicole’s turn. She is blathering away singing Corey’s virtues. This is lame.

James evicts…… Corey! Yay! And Nay! I wanted them both to leave. 

After Corey is out of the house, Nicole is still blathering away about Corey. Did you know that he is still soooooo cuuute when his picture turns gray?

Corey tell Julie he hates James right now for voting him out. Why is everyone always blaming James? He’s a Barney Fife! Corey is making it sound like he would have taken James over Nicole. What a liar.

Julie asks about Nicole. Corey gives the “best friends” speech. We live feeders all know that he can’t wait to get to the hotel to start hitting the mini bar and hitting on housekeepers.

The show is over and BB is eavesdropping on the remaining houseguests. They are popping champagne. They finally have some alcohol. I doubt it’s gonna help make the feeds entertaining. Nicole doesn’t look upset to me at all that Corey is gone.

Later on tonight, the first of the 3 part final HOH starts.  Let’s go, PAUL!!!!

Hey! It’s TT. Paul won Part 1 of the final three part HOH. It was a really hard endurance comp where they held on to a rope. Sounds like the one where they bash them into a wall and dump crap on them. James told Nicole he threw it but he did not. He was beating himself up in private about losing an endurance comp that was made for him. James thinks he is great at endurance. He’s not. He’s great at standing on a wall because he is short with a low center of gravity. Hanging on to a rope while getting beaten up against a wall is a totally different strength set.  James lying about throwing it pisses Paul off because it takes away from his win.

That leaves James and Nicole to battle in the second part. It’s always a mental comp. There is no way James will beat Nicole in a mental comp so it will be Paul and Nicole in part three.

My boy Paul is totally over playing it. James spent a VERY LONG TIME in DR (why? I know he is bad at reading his lines, but he lost. Why was he in there first and for such a long time unless production wanted these two to talk. You know they don’t want James in the finals.  But Paul went WAY overboard talking to Nicole about James. They made a final two pact and super duper sweared to take each other.

I fell asleep before we saw what happened when one of them was in the DR.

Nicole told Corey she was taking James to the Final 2 before he left. If she wins part three I think Paul will face one last betrayal.  Paul needs to win final three.  I am worried about this because it could be that Paul wants Nicole to be the one to eliminate James so she “loses that vote” which I don’t think would happen anyway. If James is in jury he is voting for Nicole.  Paul better try to win part three, live  next Wednesday.


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40 responses to “Big Brother Updates: This Is The One You Lay With? This One Right Here?!

  1. 25

    I’d much prefer to watch the jury house feeds. I love me some Bridgette laughing in Paulie’s dumb face.

    I was both happy and sad that Day didn’t sock Paulie in his goofy face. Happy that she kept herself in check, and sad because he deserved it.

  2. Mm in OC

    I dont watch the feeds. Whqt could corey possibly complain about during the veto comp? He had a huge advantage given how fast he could cover the bases.

  3. Thanks, TT for putting in the clip of Day’s and Paulie’says fight. Also, for filling us in what happened after the show.

    I’m worried about Paul also. On the bright side, he doesn’t have to compete in the second comp so he can rest up and be in good shape.

    Does anyone have any idea what the final comp might be?

  4. Lawstangel

    The face morph maybe?

  5. Marsha Marsha Marsha

    Thank you both for the recap and insight. Paul and his vulgarities , James and his lame pranks, do nothing game play and backstabbing, and lastly Nicole and her crush on goat boy leaves me with very little to root for. I do not want James to win anything. Between Paul and Nicole I hope Paul wins, simply because I hope he gifts Victor with a car. I am voting for Victor for AFP. Zaulie are back together, barf, that girl needs to realize she deserves so much better. Day should not feel bad about her and Paulie’s blow up, he would drive a preacher to cuss ! I hope Bridgette and Victor cultivate a good friendship, they both seem like sweet people.

  6. Wonky Tonk

    Yeah I agree with those that thought Corey had the advantage in that last comp what with needing only one step between bases. I also agree that Nicole didn’t seem all that terribly bothered that Corey wasn’t there when it was time to pull out the champagne. When I saw this competition I couldn’t shake the feeling they’re chose that one so Nicole would win it, but then I second guess myself thinking they would have had to have chosen the comps months in advance of filming. Still I tend to agree with TT and Nicole will take the second match, and something tells me the third between her and Paul will be Nicole friendly.

    At this point I’m rooting for Paul, James, and then Nicole in that order. Mostly because I think Paul played the best interpersonal game by a long shot, and he did it while being mostly a straight shooter with the other players, same with James, Nicole, not so much. Also I think they made a mistake keeping Nicole and booting Corey because a Paul vs Nicole final two goes to Nicole I’m thinking, even though I think Paul deserves it a lot more. They should have booted Nicole for the same reason they booted Natalie — in a final two they would both be likely to take it with the current jury.

  7. Wonky Tonk

    Also, that jury house fight was kind of epic. Paul is such a douchebag, but Day didn’t display much self control either. I think her real problem is with Z for getting back with Paul after he was such a douche with Z, but she likes Z so she tries to take it out on Paulie. Or maybe not her behavior towards Paulie seems kind of odd to me. Lol anyway why use your inside voice when a nuclear bomb works better. What a show.

  8. I couldnt stand dey &her bully ways the 1st time.shes just as bad this hoping nicole wins&takes paul.paul comes from a rich family,the $ would mean much more to nicole.

  9. SB

    jury house feeds would be amazing!

  10. pokerplayer

    I wish Da’Vonne had used more constraint with her behavior…she makes herself look so ghetto…Paulie is no better…they both make my skin crawl.

  11. Last night, around 1 am bb time, Pop TV gave the house guests a make your own sushi kit. This was to give them something to do for bbad. It lasted about 15 minutes and then they threw all the stuff out and went back to bed. It was a total waste of time. I think James took about 3 bites from his before throwing his out because he had already eaten and was full already.

    It’s going to be a long week and Paul should win just for being stuck with these two for a week. He’d be better off talking to the fish or ants for an intelligent conversation.

  12. Right now, Paul is taking a shower, James is sleeping and Nicole is in the safari room going over days.

    She just said that she’s the only one in the house who knows the have nots. So, if BB asks a have not question in a comp, then that’s proof that BB wants her to win! Lol!

    • Happy gal

      I really feel sorry for paul having to be stuck in the house w the two dullest people in the world. Watching paint dry would be more stimulating

  13. I’m confused. Paul and Nicole are alone in the kitchen playing cards. He just told Nicole that he was trying to keep James up last night to make him tired for the comp.

    So, it must be true that he wants Nicole to win the next comp and he will compete against her in the final. Why?

    I would think he would want James to win so Paul has to compete against him and not Nicole.

    There is no way that Nicole is going to take Paul as the final two. NEVER! Plus I think she has a good chance of beating him with the jury.

    What is Paul’s logic here?

    • timtoodles

      I think the logic is to make Nicole think Paul is on her side. He’s saying what she wants to hear. That they both don’t respect James and wouldn’t take them to the end.

      In truth he probably wants James to win but knows it is unlikely he will. That is even if he tried. Paul and Nicole have discussed that James isn’t even trying to try to win any more comps as he thinks he will be the automatic choice for #2. I think James is right but it makes me lose respect for him.

  14. SaraSally

    I would cringe on a daily basis if I had to be subjected to Paul’s crude behaviour & loudmouthed ways. His nose never knew a butt he couldn’t shove up into on a moments notice. He pointed fingers at folks for game play that he was also doing at the same juncture.
    Like Paulie, he had a deep misogynistic streak. He was right in the mix when paulie was denigrating the women (as was Nichole). When Nat had clothing in the wash, he told the guys she needs to get her Venezuelan puts clothes out of there. I like Bridge but am disappointed that Day, she & Nichole put trust into the men rather than shoring up the women.

  15. tamaratattles

    I love Paul, but the idiot still doesn’t know how the fucking game works. On BBAD he was talking to the feedsters and said “I won the first HOH so I am going to be on that big scale thing at the end.”


  16. Interesting. I just turned on the feeds and they are talking about Meech and the time she threw the apple at Paul. Nicole said after that they couldn’t play some knd of ball and that bb took away their caffeine pills. Then FISH!

    So, bb gives them pills to stay awake at night for bbad? That is sick.

    Now their back and back to bashing Meech.

  17. Happy gal

    They must be playing part two rt now as BBAD on tv is showing a rerun of a BB episode

  18. Feeds are back. Nicole won.

      • The intereting thing now is what is Paul going to do in the final comp. Is he going to let Nicole win because he trusts her enough that she will take him? So, this way she can eliminate James, thus ensuring James and Natalie’s vote for Paul. If Paul votes James out, he will lose those two votes.

        Or, will he try to win? I do think he is leaning on taking Nicole because of how he has been treating James. Trying to make him lose sleep, feeding him wrong answers on days, etc.

        Or was that all bullshit to try to win Nicole’s trust, in case she does win the final comp? Or is he trying to mislead BB because they are pushing him to take Nicole but in the end he will take James? Face it, he knew James could never win a comp, so its no big deal to sabotage him.

        But one thing I am pretty certain is that Nicole is taking James if she wins. Paul has certainly given her enough arguments on why James shouldn’t win that she can use for the jury. Plus, she is afraid of Paul’s ability to talk his way for the win to the jury. Plus, pre game alliance with James.

      • Did you see last night’s taped show? Paul said in the DR that he was bullshitting both of them. He said he was pissed at both James & Nicole for stabbing him in the back but was playing nice with them both in the event he needed either one of them to take them or needed their vote. He is smart & knows this game better than I thought he did. A lot of the taped show wasn’t on feeds.

        Although Paul is only one I believe deserving of a win, I still think Nicole will take James & win in the end. This season has been so production-driven it’s gross.

        Surely Paul is smart enough to take James if he wants to win. I agree his treatment of James makes me wonder if he is truly going to take Nicole. Also agree he is getting pressured by DR to take Nicole. I hope he wises up.

        Once Dr. Will has round table with jury (After being coached by production on who to make them lean toward voting), a lot will change their votes from who they originally wanted.

        Tbh, I’m ready for this season to be over. I don’t want Nic or James to even get $50k! And WTF is James still in lead for AFP?! Total bullshit.

  19. Happy gal

    I really hope paul is just toying with both Nicole and James and knows that he needs to take James and cannot trust Nicole to take him. I hope he has not become so confident in his powers of persuasion that he thinks he has convinced Nicole to take him. That as we all know will never happen. And That case if paul lets Nicole win he can’t claims a final back stab but only his own stupidity and I really hope he is not going to be stupid

  20. Nicole is trying to clean the kitchen. There is a camera on the filthy sink. The boys throw their plates in it with all the food still on the plates.

    She asked why did they evict Victor.

  21. Cat

    When is the finale? Did I miss it? These program schedule changes have me confused.

    I feel like someone has moved my food dish.

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