Teen Mom OG Triple Play Recap!

I am three episodes behind on Teen Mom because there is so much going on. I am watching an episode now that is about Tyler and  Catelynn visiting Carly and now the adoptive parents do not want her on TV or discussed on the show now that she is getting older.  We have been down this road before, and both times, Tyler was a complete asshole about it. He is very angry they don’t want him to talk about Carly on camera.  Catelynn gets it. Tyler makes it all about him and how this is a part of his life and he will talk about it if he wants to even if it means he never sees Carly again. This is one of very few things I have ever seen him be self-centered and stupid about.

Maci and  Taylor find out they are having a boy and pretend to be shocked about how far along Maci is. Maci continues to do all the work on the website business. Maci decides to quit her part-time job. Farrah does the dreaded take the kid to the gravesite scene that I always fast forward through.  And Matt and Amber visit one of Matt’s cousins he hasn’t seen in ten years. Farrah and her mom reminisce on their lives and go through Farrah’ baby book. Farrah and her mom seem a lot closer. For now.

Animal Instincts

Farrah.  Sophia has a lot of rage at her mother. Farrah wakes her up at 11 am and can’t seem to get her dressed. She is sick. Farrah says that Sophia is too stupid to get dressed. Oh my god, all the drama is to take her on an Easter Egg Hunt. What is wrong with these people. Simon flies in to fulfill his fake boyfriend role. He seems to genuinely like Sophia. The egg hunt looked miserable.  Farah screamed at everyone the entire episode. I seriously have a headache and I am fast forwarding through most of it. She throws Simon out for ignoring her rantings. But he had never even taken his suitcase out of the car and seemed fine with leaving.

Teen Mom OG Maci


Maci. Maci wants to have a destination wedding in Florida on an estate.  It’s $20,000 to rent the entire estate.  They go look at it. It’s a couple of hours outside Tallahassee in the middle of no where.  I don’t know when they were planning to get married but when you google Honey Lake Plantation the first thing that comes up is that several weddings were cancelled at the last-minute in 2015 when the owner decided to sell the place and devote all his time to God or something. It appears to be open now though.  Perhaps God changed his mind about needing the owner full-time.

Catelynn. Surely Catelynn is joking about paying $3,00o on a pig. She can’t get out of bed to take care of herself or her kid, and she didn’t discuss it with Tyler. This has to be a joke.  Maybe it’s April 1st? Nope, she heads off to pig up the pig with her mother and covers the cameras to smoke pot with her in the car on the way. As soon as Catelynn  gets home, she puts the pig down in the front yard and a producer has to catch it to keep it from getting run over in traffic.  The pig clearly hates her. The producer is worried all the squealing will wake up Tyler. What about the baby?  Did they sell it to gypsies on the street or something? The pig wakes the entire house up all night long.  The next morning Catelynn has anxiety about the pig and how much work it is. She has a breakdown and asks for mental heath care.

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Amber.  It’s Easter time, not winter, but Amber is also very sick. It seems that only Maci’s house is being spared from some bug. What is this mysterious hospital stay Amber had? In other stupid animal news, Amber brings home a new cat from the pet store. The pooping animal count is now at eight for the House of Poo. Amber’s new Cat also hates her.

Hello, Goodbye

Farrah. Farrah takes the entire family to Hawaii where she wonders how the water can stay in an ocean since water is heavier than gravity. She’s rented a huge house right on the ocean. She calls Simon from the house and sends him a ticket to Hawaii. I can’t help but think of the producers like Heather who get the free trip to Hawaii to film. Lord knows they deserve it. Farrah on the other hand can’t even be happy at a beach house in Hawaii. When Simon shows up, Sophia asks her mom, “Is Simon your boyfriend, kind of?” It’s sort of said for Sophia to get so close to Simon. Farrah is such a bitch to Simon. After they got off the boat and the microphones were off Simon told Farrah that she is fake when the cameras are rolling and he can’t deal. Production comes to get his stuff. Farrah is pissy with production
about it.

Teen Mom OG Amber

Matt and Amber seem to be doing a good job flipping houses. Amber is doing a great job flipping houses. I love how she talks about
her struggles with mental illness. She is going through a difficult struggle with depression, sounds like she has new meds and they haven’t started working yet. Amber and Matt want to look for a house for them to move into. It’s Amber’s birthday and it’s not her weekend with Leah. Matt throws her a surprise party and invites Gary, Leah and his family. He also invited her cellmate from prison. Amber’s reunion with her cellmate was actually very touching. Amber says they are the only two that made it.

Maci.  This must be a house episode. The baby is due in just over four months and Taylor wants to move before the baby. Maci wants to wait. I agree with Taylor as long as he does everything and all she has to do is show up at the new address. The next thing we see, is the two of them looking at a house that I love.  They buy it, and Maci does a lot of the moving in. They get moved in pretty fast. They still have two houses so there is no great rush.

Catelynn. She is packing up to go to in patient treatment in Arizona. Tyler reminds us again that when Catelynn fills out intake forms she forgets to include a large part of her previous trauma. First she goes to see her therapist where she has another breakdown about living her baby for so long. Tyler has a break down taking Catelynn to go for treatment. He has been holding in a lot and finally loses it. I just love Tyler. Catelynn is a lucky girl.

So sorry to keep y’all hanging. I have been super busy and Teen Mom is a low priority for the site. I hope my Teen Mom fans



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21 responses to “Teen Mom OG Triple Play Recap!

  1. Miguel

    Thanks for the recaps, TT – I was longing for your razor sharp wit with these episodes which I binge watched yesterday. As always, you never disappoint! The House of Poo; and, dare I say it, your observations on Farrah’s paid companion brought me to tears (of laughter)!!!

    And, like you, I was moved when Amber met with her former camp mate, a la Teresa! Though, I still HATE Matt for her! I’m also starting to care less for Maci, since the pregnancy farce. Such a pity; as she and Chelsea were once my two favs.

    Also, at the risk of being called a dick again, I PITY SOPHIA – FARRAH’S FAMILY AND PERSONAL ( whether her parents’ fault or not) DYNAMICS HAVE DAMAGED THE LITTLE GIRL! I’m aghast thinking of her at 12 & in her teens; and hope she will transcend the emotional limitations/baggage that come with being Farrah’s child!

    I’m never 100% sure where Catelynn and Tyler stand. Most times, I feel sincerity/authenticity. However, on occasion, I feel things are not quite as they seem & may be put-ons to elicit empathy or curry favour from the viewers – just saying.

    Thanks again for the recap, TT – you’re the best!!!!!!!

  2. Star

    Teen mom is the best. Thanks for recap. Love it all except Farrah. Ugh

  3. Realityjunkie

    The scenes where Tyler broke down had me bawling like a child. It’s clear that he loves her very much and is concerned for her well being.

  4. raynidaze

    I honestly want to know – no shade or snark intended. Does anyone think any man would or could be in a legitimate relationship with Farrah? I can’t imagine it ever happening; I don’t think she is capable of relating to and being open with anyone to be able to maintain an emotionally healthy relationship with anyone. Seems like she has an emotional chip or something missing in her psyche. SMH at the way she berates everyone and can’t empathize or relate to common and natural interactions with people.

    • Miguel

      No, I don’t raynidaze & agree with everything you’ve written about Farrah! She needs some intense therapy away from cameras of any sort – if only for Sophia’s sake!!!

  5. hannahkingrose

    I know Catelynn feels awful having to leave Nova to get treatment but at least she is leaving her with Tyler. That has to give her some comfort. I’m glad Amber got to spend some of her birthday with Leah and it was touching seeing her “bunkie” there. Farrah calling Sophia too stupid to get dressed when the child was sick is just another example of what a self centered mother she is.

  6. Shellie

    I loved Catelynn and Tyler because they were mature and selfless in giving up their firstborn to adoption. But 8 years on, these 2 need to do something with their lives. No jobs. No education. But lots of dope smoking, money spending (the dining room looks like a Wayfair ad), sitting around, and nail chewing. I hope they have people around them advising that nothing is forever and the MTV money is going to dry up fast when the “teen moms” go over the hill before the age of 30.
    I think Farrah and Bethenny have a similar mental illness, trauma issues, or personality disorder. Both are like rabid dogs waiting to attack. Sad that Sophia and Bryn’s grandparents are probably the most stable sources in their life, but whom they don’t get to see because mommy is so unstable regarding healthy family relationships.
    Amber = like. Her fiancé is a creep and she knows it. I think he’ll be gone soon enough.
    Maci made me laugh when she chose a white wedding gown while 6 months pregnant with her 3rd child by a second baby-daddy. And I’m not even prudish enough to normally notice such details. And “get me 3 more beers” and I’ll finish the crib Taylor? He’s an alcoholic in the making. I unfortunately have a family full of them and can see all the signs (are you listening Kelly Dodd?).

  7. Nila

    I don’t like Matt but o thought it was great that he invited Gary and his family and I love that they came. I think that showed maturity on everyone’s part. The cell mate thing made me tear up.

    Catelynn..I do t know what to say. I know she’s had a hard up bringing so I try to always give her a pass but..getting high while driving on camera, seriously?? I think it would do her self esteem good if she got up and dressed everyday..Tylwr said their days just roll from one to the next. Neither have jobs or are in school, two things at one point they both really wanted. I wonder if the money has taken their ambitions away? I feel sorry for Nova. She is never dressed, Catelynn barely pays attention to her and it seems she is constantly sent over night with Catelynn’s mom. There is never any cute family activities, just baby in floor half naked chewing on a set of car keys! I do not blame Brandon & Teresa one bit for asking for privacy for Carly. Tyler was a total asshole about it.

    I just can’t with Farrah. She is always on the defense & ready to attack.

    • Lindsay

      Spot on, they have no reason to get out and do anything with that mtv cash rolling in. I want so much more for them and they do too. Wtf with the pig?!

      • Nila

        I know! She can’t even dress and brush the baby’s hair and goes and gets a pig? When she put the poor thing down on the ground, she didn’t even try to catch it, her reaction time was so sloooow. Then they were discussing having more children!?!? Catelynn doesn’t even take care of herself properly. Hair is never done, no make up, she always is laying on the couch or bed, no motivation at all. A job would do her depression so good and give her a purpose too et up every day.

  8. KyGee13

    Thank you! I’ve been waiting for the recaps although we’re a couple of episodes behind in Australia :)

  9. Beignet

    That poor cat. It had been traumatized and was fearful. So Amber decides to bring it home to a house full of dogs? How selfish. That cat will be out the door, first chance he gets.

  10. Roposhu

    Thanks so much for recapping, TT!

  11. Laureen Spina

    It must be so frustrating for Carly’s parents when Tyler keeps saying ‘they knew what they were signing up for’ bc it’s not true. When they adopted Carly they agreed to be on ONE show, 16 and Pregnant. They never imagined that Catelynn and Tyler would be on TV for years to come discussing the adoption. Catelynn seems to get this and has addressed it with Tyler but he refuses to see the other side. It’s a shame bc I know that they want to be positive advocates for adoption but watching how possessive they are over Carly could discourage people from pursuing open adoptions.

    • Nila

      It doesn’t help that all these people keep posting on MTV sites and what not about how they should go g et Carly back and yada yada. As an adopted parent, that would give me so much anxiety, not that it could ever happen but just having to read about the crap. The fact that Catelynn sat there discussing that Teresa didn’t want her doing interviews about what they talk about was funny..um hello! They don’t seem to understand that Brandon & Teresa get to decide what is best for Carky. I’d be so afraid some crazy fan would try to approach her out in public or something. I felt like every season they would bring Carly up to keep their focus on Teen MOm since they weren’t actually teen parents. Now they have their own child and she’s pushed to the side. Tyler should take all that resentment and throw it into parenting Nova.

  12. Amanda

    Thank you for the recaps TT! I just love Teen Mom and reading your recaps adds to the enjoyment.

  13. SabrinaToo

    Thank you so much for recapping! I always wonder if Simon’s friends or family give him shit for getting punked by Farrah all time. He always handles it well and acts like he doesn’t care but then he’s always back again. I also think he is paid to pretend he’s dating her. He’s good looking and could clearly do better than her.
    Maci’s mom looked thrilled to be wedding dress shopping with her. She looked like she would rather have been anywhere else. I wonder if she’s upset Maci is pregnant again.
    That was nice of Matt to invite Gary and his family and Amber’s old cell mate for her party. Matt seems to do alot of nice things for Amber but his past makes him hard to trust. Not to mention I always think he’s spending Amber’s money while doing these nice things.
    Tyler mad me cry too. Damn he loves that girl.

  14. Onawin

    Lord TT bless your heart thanks for the tea, teen mom OG is a bit to much for me to watch. Maci is the only on I can watch.

  15. Stephanie

    My husband watched the Hawaii episode w me and was confused as to why these teen moms looked like they were in their 20s he never watches reality tv, but he knew who Farrah was (hmm wonder what from… lol) but didn’t recognize her after all her procedures. We were dying watching Farrah’s behavior. It’s so sad and delusional. Anyway, love teen mom and look forward to recaps. Thanks TT

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