Real Housewives of New York Reunion Finale Part 3! Did Ramona Have Something To Say? Or Nay?

RHONY Sonja walks out of Reunion

I am so weary.

So very weary.

Is this over yet? I just want it to be over. I don’t think I will ever watch this franchise again.

It’s time to talk about the Amish shunning that Bethenny orchestrated against Sonja this season. I never had a problem with Bethenny bitching out Sonja for her stupid business deal with the housewife clinging idiot. She knew exactly what she was doing and Bethenny was right to ream her out for it. What she did wrong was to threaten all the other castmates into excluding her from filming. Sonja needs the paycheck and she has a kid.  That was a bitch move by Bethenny.  Before you put this season behind you, you really need to read this tutorial on SkinnyGirl v Tipsy Girl.    Everyone applauds Sonja for quitting drinking.  Ramona hasn’t been asked about anything I can remember in a single segment. So she keeps trying to pipe in about issues that don’t concern her. Apparently, Ramona was in on the deal with Peter at first but for some reason backed out. Dorinda says that Bethenny did call and say she was coming whoever she decides to invite.  Everyone said they excluded her because of her drinking. Even Dorinda and Ramona who both drink like fishes.

Sonja has a crying meltdown because she wasn’t invited to the Berkshires. She blames Dorinda. Sonja tries to do a dramatic walkout but the cameras are not following so she doesn’t make it off the stage.




Seriously. Have we not beaten the Tom and Luann thing to death? In case you missed it, the kiss situation was disclosed here and seriously it’s not a big deal. Jules says that two of her bridesmaids were Michael’s exes.  Not really helpful, Jules, considering.  Sonja is embarrassed about her one upping Luann about her ring and her yacht. Sonja apologizes profusely and tells Lu she wants nothing but the best for her and Tom.

Bethenny stands by her comment calling Dorinda the village idiot. Bethenny calls Dorinda defensive. Everyone is defensive around Bethenny because Bethenny is always attacking everyone around her. Bethenny says about the village idiot insult that “you took it literally and it’s from literature, you obviously don’t get the metaphor.”  Yeah, noe.  It’s not really a literary term or a metaphor. It’s just a derogatory term that has been around a long time that initially was used to refer to people with mental deficiencies.

Carole denies that she is different when Bethenny is not around. She’s in denial.

Ramona finally gets a question about why she lied about not going to the sandbar.  Ramona is still high as a kite and speedtalking. Since she fell asleep during filming last season, it’s clear she dipped into Bethenny’s jug of Adderall or something to get through this endeavor. No one cares about her lying. We’re all used to it.

At some point in the season Bethenny said that Dorinda brow beats her friends. Dorinda told her to look in the mirror. I missed this, but good for you Dorinda. Bethenny says that Dorinda has been totally nasty and aggressive at the reunion. Bethenny probably really believes this.  I’ve read that the amount of Adderall Bethenny takes in a day is extremely high. (No pun intended)  I think that perhaps her entire problem might stem from Adderall abuse. If that is the case, there is a chance that one day she will get off it and be horrified about her behavior on these shows. Bethenny says that Dorinda seems really angry. She does not. Andy looks at Bethenny and says, “You both do.” Which is as close as Andy will get to telling Bethenny that she is being an angry bitch to everyone.

Bethenny goes in on Luann’s relationship with the Count. Andy asks why Bethenny told everyone else before she told Luann about the text with Tom “cheating.”  Because she is a stark, raving, mad lunatic, cunt, Andrew.  How can you not see this? Since Andy just called out Bethenny for being angry, Andy asks why the holy hell she was calling Tom. Andy asked why she was so emotional when she told Luann. She is choked up again. I think she is having huge mood swings from the Adderall.  Luann doesn’t believe a word Bethenny is saying. She says that Bethenny went to a lot of trouble and sure did a lot of “investigating.”  Bethenny says she didn’t do anything wrong that entire weekend. Amazing.

Luann sort of stammers through her explanation of what happened with Tom. Dorinda tells the story of talking to Tom on the phone while he and Luann were at The Regency.  Tom said that he can bring waiters over and explain everything that happened and she needs to stick up for Lu.  Luann says Tom was caught with his pants down, then she corrects herself and says well not with his pants down. That was kind of funny.

RHONY Reunion group hug no beth
Ramona is ready for her big AHA! moment. She seems to have some evidence on Tom from last month. Ramona asks if she would want to know and Lu says yes. Dorinda says, “But not from Bethenny!” and Lu says, “Right not from Bethenny.”  Bethenny’s rage has been steadily building since Andy’s comment. Now she is pissed. She says that she was the most tactful she has very been telling Lu and it didn’t matter so now she is just going to tell them all to fuck off.  Hmm… I am not sure how that is any different from what she thinks is tactful.  Luann goes into a story about how happy she is now and Ramona is grinning like the cat who swallowed the canary.  Luann says if it happens again you better tell me. Andy asks Lu what she loves about Tom. She lists lots of things. Ramona says Luann is not being deep enough.

It’s time for final thoughts. Bethenny’s final thoughts are that Luann was very mean to her. Andy continues in the vein of making these women say something nice to the other.  When it gets to Ramona he said to say something nice to Luann. Ramona says she is just really glad that Luann is so happy.

The reunion ends. Did I miss the part where Ramona had some evidence? If I did let me know in comments. There is no way I am going back over that nonsense.  I also missed the group hug above. Did Bethenny ever join in? I’m going with no.


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130 responses to “Real Housewives of New York Reunion Finale Part 3! Did Ramona Have Something To Say? Or Nay?

  1. PJ

    Well I spent a good amount of my night tweeting during this reunion and basically saying what a bitch Bethenny has been al season. I tagged her in them and the person who claims to give zero fucks (and also seems to think she made up this saying) BLOCKED me!!!
    Thank you TT for your amazing recaps of these crazy women week after week.

  2. Laura

    Ramona’s new “information” was just a teaser. When asked if she actually had any information, she said she didn’t.

    Bethenny didn’t join in the group hug. She sat on the sofa like the snotty cow she is.

    • Minky

      Wow. How prissy of her. So she didm’t even try to pretend to be okay with people. Very bad sign. And very not smart regarding her obsession with her image and her brand.

    • Lisa j

      Yes but who was the “we” Bethenny was referring to when she said “they” did research on the cheating between Tom and the girl? What a horrible horrible season. I was disappointed that Luanne said she would like to repair her relationship with the B. Come on ladies! Had you all told the truth B couldn’t have every single one of you removed! I’m with you TT, if Bethenny stays I’m out.

      • Minky

        I’m going to go ahead and guess that the “we” Bethenny is referring to includes herself and either the other women on the couch with her (Carole and Ramona), or Bethenny and the PI firm she hired. There’s a small chance that she could also have been referring to herself and production, per her trying to throw them under the bus, but that’s the least likely possibility.

        Or, Bethenny has lost it so bad that she now refers to herself with the royal “we”. 😂 That would be a fun one.

  3. Beverly

    Bethenny did not join in the group hug unless she did after the cameras cut off. Ramona had nothing to say about knowing anything about Tom. Just had a sh…ty grin when she was asked if she knew anything. Actually she said she had nothing. I didn’t watch RHONY all season. Reunion and TT’s recaps were enough for me.

    • After the cameras shut down Bethenny probably left the set and downed four Adderall, never looking back. This woman, Bethenny, seems to hate herself more than she hates anyone else. She doesn’t give a shit about her co-workers or the show. The good news is that I no longer give a shit about this staged piece of trash. Ciao, RHONY and good riddance.

      • Matzah60

        Amen! You said it all, girl!!!

      • Minky

        Mmm hmm. Whodathunk that NY is where they’d finally go too far with the bad behavior and turn a lot of people off. They were supposed to be the uber-classy franchise. The way Bethenny treated people in NY is a verbal version of what Porsha does in ATL.

      • MinnesotaFamily5

        Can I remind of Aviva & the leg-throwing episode? RHONY was not classy.

      • And Aviva’s father. He made me cringe quite a few times.

      • Bugg

        Yes, he was awful!

      • I think you’re absolutely right-there’s definitely self-hatred there. Her brittleness and anger – the way she’s always on the defense-attack-attack-attack. I feel tense just looking at her! People who are happy with themselves and life in general aren’t like that. I don’t buy the whole, “I was bringing the drama for the show” ..bullshit.

  4. Miguel

    Great recap, TT & thank heaven it’s over!!! Like you, I cringed every time Jules tried to give the others some relationship insight/advice.

    No, Bethenny never joined the group hug; but did fish under the cushion, while Ramona was hugging it out!?! I pray this isn’t how the next season starts – with some big redundant reveal. I suspect noone could bear it!

    For me, the two most hilarious moments, over the entire course of the Reunions came when:
    1) Dorinda retorted to Bethenny, “Well good, that’s an asshole opinion!”
    2) Andy posed the rhetorical question to Luann, “Worse than the pirate?”

    Thanks again for soldiering on with this season of RHONY & more importantly, for making it wonderful with your humour! :)

    • Sheila

      New York are my favorite housewives. They are a dynamic interesting group. It is sad to see Bethenny change. She did nothing wrong in telling Luanne about Tom. But, overall, she isn’t the same funny, good-intentioned person she was when first on the show.

      • gyongyi

        Wow, you really believe it was fine the way she told Lu about Tom? it was disgusting, vicious and cruel imo but that’s Beth.

  5. Guest Appearance

    Can we please get over this “truth” phenomenon? No one wants that much truth in their life, not from uncaring people like Bethenny. She is going to end up alone and miserable because “perfect” people are hard to be around. I’m feeling sorry for her daughter already; let’s expect eating disorder shaming, village idiot comments, etc.

    • Lolita

      Speaking of the Village Idiot comment. I have to say, Dorinda has handled that quite different than I would have ever imagined. Remember, she was basically called this twice. First time, then “recapped ” on the reunion. Personally, this falls under the use of the word “stupid ” in our household ( young children) and to call someone an idiot, then to have an adult calling an adult and idiot?????.. really capped my feelings for Bethany…Truly disturbed person…sad for her daughter.

  6. Mrs. Smith

    How did Sonja tolerate Jules practically sitting on top of her during the entire reunion?

  7. Lolita

    Okay, I admit to watching half heartily, but parts of this felt like clips of last Wednesday. I actually looked at the info to see if it wasn’t delayed, and Part 3 was being aired later than usual. It was just basically same s#*t, different week. Poor choice to drag it out another week and waste the viewers time. TOTAL BS on the Romana cliffhanger, but I knew better. Any revelation would have already come out. This was boring . On a different rant, mainly because they have to drag Sonja under the bus CONSTANTLY about her drinking problem.Why do they not make a bigger issue about Dorinda slurring like a person clearly on something other than booze. Not to mention the many seasons of Ramona being wasted. I just don’t get the shake down of Sonja…is there more to the story???

    • Mm in OC

      I think the difference is drunk verus passout drunk that everyone needs to take care of. Nothing worse than having to constantly keep an eye on the friend that cant handle their liquor.

  8. Bugg

    I have seen Adderall addiction and it is not pretty. It can make a person extremely aggressive and do things they normally would not ever do. This could be what is exacerbating Bethenny’s already nasty personality.

  9. Matzah60

    Ditto too @Miguel said above. You have a wonderful, dry sense of humor, Tamara and you never cease to disappoint! I adore your recaps and love your quips. Loved the “Not really helpful, Jules considering” line. Laughed until the end.

    I think Dorinda won this round over Bethenny. Ramona is Bethenny’s bitch along with Carol. Jules and Sonja are really fearful of B, but Dorinda doesn’t give a shit what B has to say.

    “I can say whatever I want. It’s my opinion” has gotten old. No, Bethenny, in the real world, one can’t go around slut shaming women, calling them foul names in public, and making random unfiltered comments. If you do it at school, you will be disciplined. If you do it at work, you will be fired. If she has taught her own child that this is okay, B is setting her daughter up for failure. Being honest doesn’t mean you can go around giving your unsolicited opinion to whomever you want. Honesty doesn’t have to be hurtful. Your opinion is not the gospel. It’s simply your opinion.

    • Matzah60

      Andy said on WWHL that B was the only one who refused to join the group hug. Even Carol rose up from the couch to join the ‘peons’ on the show. B was clearly in a rage for Andy asking her why in the hell she called Tom and why she chose to tell everyone but Luann about the picture of Tom. Andy also asked her why someone would send those pictures to her in the middle of the night. Andy is now going to bear the wrath of Bethenny.

    • Miguel

      Agreed about Ramona & Bethenny, Matzah – did you notice, in all three parts of the Reunion, any time Carole spoke up, Ramona put her hand on Carole’s lap and shushed her? Carole, in turn, would stop speaking each & every time; which I couldn’t understand! It seemed there was a pecking order among these three cluckers!!!

      • Matzah60

        LOL…three cluckers!! I noticed that and the cameras seemed to hone in on it too. The irony of it all is that Bethenny never cared for Ramona and even mentioned at the beginning of last year’s season that she wasn’t interested in having a relationship with Ramona. Ramona planned a brunch and then B planned a brunch at the same time at her then new home in the Hamptons.

        Bethenny is clearly using Ramona. Why, I do not know? Ramona isn’t the sharpest point in the pencil box!!

      • Minky

        I think it’s the other way around. Bethenny has been bearing the wrath of Andy all season. The only difference with the reunion is that we could see Andy making Bethenny ever so slightly squirm. His questions and facial expressions were all just so, and with them he was trying to subtly tell Bethenny that she’s finally gone too far. I don’t think she got the hint.

        On episodes of the show Andy was the unseen hand choosing to give Bethenny the “bad edit” in many crucial scenes. Like I’ve been saying, with the magic of television they actually could have made Bethenny bearable and even sympathetic this season. They chose to make her look deranged. It was deliberate. It’s not hard to see. It took Bethenny a while to notice, because she thought she was getting preferential treatment right up to the last minute.

        Her refusal to join the group hug was her demonstratively expressing her displeasure over a lot of things. She’s pissed, and basically her hands are tied. Andy is a lot smarter that he lets on. Look at Jill. Do you think she wouldn’t have gotten her revenge on Andy by now if she could have? Andy covered his bases with her too.

      • T D

        @ Minky, how could a “good edit” have helped one who is literally deranged?

      • Matzah60

        @Minky, I have to say you are quite right about Andy. I don’t think I ever viewed the show thinking B got the bad edit. I always felt like she was controlling the storyline (icing out Sonja from events, ruining another group event at the Berkshires), but I do think you saw what I was unable to see for myself. After all, Andy is the executive director. With the public perception that Jason was the gold digger, the bad guy who kept poor B tied up in divorce court for 4 years, Andy could have made viewers sympathize with B. He could have included that little home made video of B walking around her marital home which was finally vacated, sobbing and wringing her hands for what could have been.

        You are very perceptive. I had long thought that Luann got the bad edit, but I didn’t see as you refer to the “unseen hand” of Andy, behind the scenes portraying his ‘friend’ as someone who had gone over the edge, taking it one step too far!

        Brilliant analysis, Minky!

      • Minky

        @TD Precisely! Even though Bethenny has lost her marbles it wouldn’t matter. With a few well sound bites and jump cuts we’d have all been calling for Bethenny & Co. to burn Luanne at the stake.

        They very easily could have played up Luanne’s alleged sluttiness (cheating on Jaqcues with the pirate, her open marriage with the Count, allegedly stealing Harry from Sonja, etc.), and focused on making Bethenny look justified and like she was just doing an intervention on Luanne using tough love, Sonja look credible regarding her FWB arrangement with Tom, and Ramona look reasonable about that girl code nonsense. Combine that with omitting Carole’s cowardly snark and sycophancy, and making Jules and Dorinda look truly loopy in their least guarded moments, and voila! Bethenny would have continued to be the viewers’ favorite.

        Just look at Kenya’s first season on RHOA. Everyone thought she was the devil and that Porsha didn’t deserve Kenya’s rudeness. But, my, has the worm has turned! And it’s turning in NY now too.

        Same thing with Brandi’s first season in BH. I thought she was great and just being real. Now, not so much.

      • Miguel

        Really interesting take on the route production took in editing Bethenny, Minky!!! This is the first time I truly get the Andy-Bethenny derision & am enjoying the thought of espionage!!!

        Also and not to spark any general post-wide debate, I kinda liked Kenya. Not so much with Porsha & Brandi – they were both too vacuous for me; and, I’ve never suffered fools easily!!! :)

      • Minky

        @Matzah60 & @Miguel

        A little while ago I think TT wrote that Andy made a point of responding to a twitter question regarding whether or not Bethenny is a producer. He answered emphatically in the negative.

        TT said that Andy does’t usually bother to answer questions like that on twitter. Very telling.

        In answering a question on twitter that he wouldn’t usually answer, Andy was also sending a clear message to ANYONE reading his answer who has eyes to see. That message being: Bethenny is NOT in charge. Nor does she have any kind of creative or executive influence over the show in any way, shape or form.

        Bethenny’s behavior in the Berkshires, and her trying to ice Sonja and Luanne out earlier in the season, would then work out to be something where it appeared to the audience like she was pulling rank on the rest of the cast. Carole and Ramona, and later Sonja’s, ass kissing reinforced that misperception. They behaved that way because they believed that the writing was on the wall, and convinced of such by Bethenny’s behavior and her close friendship with Andy.

        The contract/salary negotiations, in which Bethenny is supposed to have played a role, were allegedly situations where Sonja and Luanne were fighting to stay on the show or fighting for more money. I think that’s the straw that broke Andy’s back. He probably didn’t like her meddling in that situation. In addition to Bethenny’s sourpuss attitude about not getting her own show.

        When Luanne, probably inadvertently, beat Bethenny to the punch with her engagement announcement, Bethenny became unhinged. She wanted this season to be 100% focused on her engagement to Shields. She maybe expected production to somehow sweep Luanne out of the way to clear the path for her. That didn’t happen.

        Bethenny’s edit this season is Andy’s way of saying: “Okay, bitch. You think you’re the boss?! You think you run this show?! Lemme show you who the boss is. I’ll give you a little hint: It ain’t you!”

        All Andy and production had to do to make Bethenny look bad on the show was to not omit footage of her being herself, like they probably have in the past. The “bad edit” for Bethenny was really to not edit her at all.

        Perhaps Andy felt played by Bethenny too? Maybe she abused the fact that they’re friends and abused his trust? The fact that Bethenny was so fucking loud and flailing berserk is a good indication that she doesn’t have control over anything on this show. If she had any power she wouldn’t have to try to prove it again and again and again with the bullying.

        The captain of a boat can usually be found sitting in his chair, managing the operations of the vessel. The captain of the boat that is RH is usually shown sitting in his chair in the WWHL wheelhouse.

      • Miguel

        Thanks, Minky – that’s it; game, set, match!!!!!!!

      • Matzah60

        @Minky, eloquently stated, especially the line that the “bad edit was really not to edit her at all.”

      • I think Ramona buddied up with Bethenny because she loves getting in on the Luann-Tom scandal. She wanted a piggy back off Bethenny’s bring Luann down campaign. Clearly Luann getting engaged threw Ramona for a loop. She’s insecure and jealous in a bitchy teenager way. On the yacht, Ramona was instigating flirtation with Tom. His very matter-of-fact, “you smell like grapefruit”, comment made Ramona’s night.
        …he said I smelled like citrus, yahoo that means he doesn’t really love Luann…

        I think Bethenny LOVES that Carole is her minion. During the reunion, while Carole was trying to defend herself about letting Bethenny railroad her, Bethenny screamed over her “SHE DEFENDED HERSELF, SHE DEFENDED HERSELF, SHE DEFENDED HERSELF!!!” Bethenny is Jonestown for Carole. She should re-brand to Skinny Bitch Girl cool aid — adding devil horns to the cutesy little pony tail gal icon.

      • TexasEx

        Apologies for the delayed reaction, but it’s Saturday aka catch up on preferred Bravo reality day. Matza60, Minky! Awesome! so glad you brought up Andy’s apparent frustration w/ Bethanny & Andy seeming to have the last word via editing Bethanny “as is”. Minky!!! “Bethany is NOT in charge…. nor does she have any influence over the show” & your comment abt salary negotiations. Dollars to doughnuts I can tell you why Andy is going toe to toe, “who’s your boss, Bethanny”. This-> When it came time to discuss casting, terms & salary Bethanny aggressively went after a major salary increase then held Bravo over the barrel (a la LVP RHBH) and refused to budge. Time wound down so Bravo was forced into negotiations with Bethanny & had to give her *something* other than that huge salary. Bravo (Andy) is resenting Bethanny. Heck, no one would even know her name muchless be the multi-millionaire she is if it weren’t for him & Bravo. The *something* was a legally binding contract to do product placement for her Skinnygirl brand. X number of shows, X number of shots of SkinnyGirl…even if it was on Solo cups. Didn’t you notice esp. in the first half of the show all the SkinnyGirl stuff? All kinds of that product, like I said even on glassware (her b’bq). I’m in the biz I can tell you that was no coincidence. no “courtesy”~it was a signed and sealed contract. OK (stay with me) SO now Bethanny gives her narcissistic, self aggrandizing skeleton a pat on the back. She WON! She believes she has influence on the show! She goes around NYC giving other ppl that impression, it gets back to Andy and voila! Andy, resentful to his bones rightly, sees the need to teach Bethanny a lesson and HERE WE ARE! She got the edit she was not expecting. Furthermore, Bethanny was on WWHL before the season started by herself, of course. A&B go into her health issues and B says (paraphrase) “Yea, it was really bad. It’s the reason I COULDN’T BE THERE FOR A LOT OF THE SHOWS THIS SEASON” (!!!) WHAT??? She was in every episode, right? Do you see what I see? Bethanny thought RHNYC was going to be different regarding her participation/EDITING. aka she was clueless. So Minky, Miguel, Matza! long story longer y’all were right on the money! I bet Andy was laughing his nads off under that suit on that show. I hear Bethanny is ALREADY grumbling she won’t come back next season…hmm…I wonder why?

  10. captivagrl

    Of course no one said it, but they were thinking it. If Bethenny really gave a shit about LuAnn, she would have gone to her off-camera with the cheating photo. End of story. Her day will come.

    • swizzle

      That’s what any of us normal people would have done, but these women all signed up for a reality show. Bethenny knows how to play the game. No way would she have taken this bombshell off camera, nor should she have. You’d think watching something like this play out on TV would give these women pause about doing the shows, but the pull of the limelight is greater than their fear.

      • Erica

        I agree – they signed up for a reality show. If Luann has cheated on camera in the past, has admitted, on camera, that she had an open marriage – why shouldn’t this part of her new relationship also be on camera? They signed up for a reality show!

        I’m just not sympathetic to Luann because she lies a lot, and denies it even when caught on camera. I think a lot of Luann’s reaction to her new relationship is for the camera as well – I keep thinking of her reaction when she got a mention on Page Six.

      • Wonky Tonk

        Exactly. Bethenny’s angst about revealing the compromising information about Tom wasn’t about actually telling Luanne, and how Luanne would feel about it, or how it would impact Luanne and Tom’s relationship, she knew damn well it was a bombshell good for the show due to the drama of it, so no, I think her angst was over knowing that a lot of people would think she was wrong for not disclosing the information in private.

        As both you and Erica note it’s a reality show these ladies should know what they’ve gotten themselves into. And let’s face it production agreed with her decision because they endlessly played up the lead up to it, the deed itself, and the aftermath in all its gory messiness, and tangential fall-outs.

      • Wonky Tonk

        Erica I’m with you, I’m not a Luanne fan. I know it’s a stupid thing to focus on at the moment, but it’s kind of a final straw for me with her, In the Berkshires when she harps on Bethenny for getting the same haircut as her. I just thought that was over the top self centered delusional thinking. There’s lots of stuff inherent in a statement like that, and none of it good. There’s an unquantifiable level of enmity between the two of them, and they both act out on it against each other, this season Bethenny’s getting the bad editing for it and frankly that’s kind of bullshit considering she’s bringing the drama the show is taking shameless full advantage of.

  11. JoJoFLL

    I think Sonja’s storyline has run its course.

    I love Dorinda.

    • I loved Dorinda!! She’s not perfect but I really liked her at this reunion. Every time she stood up to Bethenny I wanted to yell at the TV, “You go girl!” She at least attempted to put Bethenny in her place. All the others are afraid of Bethenny and crave her approval – even Luann still wants to be friends with her after all Bethenny put her though. It sad and pitiful. It’s a mystery to me how anyone could fall under her sway -I assume it’s about her relationship with Andy and her ability to have women blocked from being filmed – thus hitting them in their pocketbook. Dunno.

  12. OmgOmg

    Thanks for sticking it out TT with the recaps and wit to keep a semblance of sanity! The Jules comment– brilliant. What a snoozefest! Really WHY WHY WHY watch this??? It’s starting to not make sense. It was a destructive season and went off the rails. When is someone going to stand up to her!? Bethenny is such a bully. I’d comment about B calling Dorinda “aggressive” (hi-lar-ious) if I gave a fig but I currently give zero figs! In fact, I don’t even like figs! At least Andy was nice to Luann makes me like him more. Luann has grace.

  13. Margarett

    I haven’t watched since the fiasco at the Berkshires. I admit that I have continued reading TT’s recaps. New York was a favorite of mine…now not so much.

    I do think there is something wrong with Bethenny. Something besides being a bitch I mean. My guess is that it’s Adderal with a Skinny Girl Martini chaser.

    I know it’s been said over and over but it is true that Bethenny is not the same person she used to be and that’s a shame. She was with another man before her estranged husband (sorry can’t think of either man’s name).

    I think the change began shortly after she could not persuade John Doe 1 to marry her. And, boy oh boy, she tried!

    Thanks for the great recaps, Tamara. You’re a better man I Gunga Din!!

    • Matzah60

      Her beau before Jason was ironically another man named Jason. She was going to move in with him. He was much better suited for her and she really seemed to love him. I don’t know what happened.

      • Minky

        Was that the bald guy from season 1? I liked him. He wasn’t too keen on being filmed, and made no bones about not wanting to have private conversation with Bethenny on camera. Actually he seems to despise being on film, period. But he seemed to have lovely family and a gentle spirit.

      • Matzah60

        Yes, Minky. He was the bald guy and he did have a gentle spirit. She actually did seem to be in love with him.

      • If I remember correctly, Jason 1 lost his job over his association with the show and Bethenny basically had to chose between the show and Jason. Obviously she chose the show.

      • Matzah60

        @justanothermary, That is fascinating. So disturbing that Bethenny chose the show over the man she claimed to love. That is just how I picture Teresa’s decision will play out after Joe is deported to Italy. Given the choice to stay in the limelight or follow Joe with her four daughters back to Italy, Teresa will most likely choose ‘fame’ over her marriage to Joe.

      • Miguel

        Agreed, Matzah!!! :)

  14. BKSweetheart

    Dorinda was definitely the winner of the night in my opinion. For the most part, she never lost her cool or let Beth rile her. She was giving just as good as she got without getting ugly. Although I have loved if that cartoon version of Dorinda would have come out towards B… “Aye, yous betta watch ya mouth or yous gonna get it!” Still LOLing at that. Anyways love her. Off to bed.

  15. In regard to adderall & bethenney it does explain a lot. My dr placed me on it & I took 1ten milligram short acting as they do hav extended release. I realize everyone is different but it first made me a nervous hyper lunatic & felt as though I wanted to Jump out of my skin, a few hours later I hit a wall my legs felt like logs I could hardly walk. Nighttime came &!cldn’t sleep. Flushed the rest of them. I guess some ppl like them because they get a different reaction, but for me it was awful. I also read that B takes or took 30 mg three times a day & wld jack it up. I cldn’t imagine ingesting that much as I wld definately be in a psyche ward. I hav to ask has anyone else ever taken them & what kind of reaction did they experience? 💊💊💊. By the way the same thing happens when I took steroids for a week for Pan impinged nerve. They did help but the side effects were again unbearable,

    • Minky

      I’ve never taken Adderall, but I have taken Serzone. If Adderall is anything like Serzone…Oh boy! The effect of Serzone is INTENSE, but the come down is abysmal and debilitating. It leaves you in a state that’s a combination of weeping sadness and catatonia. Horrible stuff.

    • Amanda

      I took Adderall for about six months, years ago. I started taking more than I was prescribed. I went back to the doctor when I ran out and told him they were not working so he’d up the dose. I turned in to a maniac. A crazed, mean, horrible, person. I would look for stuff that my husband was “hiding from me”. I stopped taking them and quickly returned to myself. It took me six months to realize how crazy I was acting due to the Adderall.

      I was acting exactly like Bethenny.

  16. Nila

    I was shocked to see how humble Sonja became when she apologized for her remarks about the yacht and the engagement ring. I think that was the first time I’ve ever seen a housewife apology that truly seemed heart felt and sincere.

    Any asked Carole nothing. Not a damn question about her cook book or her dog , why her dog has a co parent that seems to be some random man..nothing. Or why she chose THAT dress!

    I wish he would have asked Jules how she injured her pistachio! Why was she straddling a window!

    I need a Dorinda in my life.

  17. Jrleaguer

    Methinks that LuAnn doth protest too much. She is lashing out at the wrong people. She needs to be mad at the pond scum that put a ring on it. HE is the one who is responsible for humiliating her…not the other women. She will go through with the wedding if for no other reason than to avoid more humiliation. Sadly, she is the type of woman who cannot not have a guy in her life.

    • swizzle

      Agreed. The whole situation was a disaster, but Luann’s anger is misplaced. Maybe they will have an open marriage, but no hanky panky with others at the flipping Regency. Lu cheated on Jacques with the pirate, her marriage to the count was unconventional, Tom makes out with another woman days after proposing to Lu…who knows what the future holds for them, but it’s probably not the happily ever after the way most people would define it. If it works for them, great.

    • Auntie Velvet

      That seems like a weird interpretation to me, Jrl. We saw her immediately call Tom and interrogate him. She’s said many times that they hashed it out. Maybe it’s me, but I don’t see throwing away commitment for a drunken makeout session if you have a reasonable expectation that it won’t happen again. And only time will tell how it will work out.

      • Jrleaguer

        @Auntie Velvet, I think her main issue with Tom was that he got caught on a phone camera and then the scenario of LuAnn played out in front of Bravo cameras and it being brought to light during filming was humiliating to her. Look at how she acted when she went all “Arrgh” with the pirate. In the words of OC Vicki, she became a “Liar McLiar Face” and a single pirate looking for a Booty Call became a group of Italian friends that she ran in to. I think that she is fine with open relationships as long as it is discreet and Tom was not discreet.

  18. Rach

    Bethenny certainly had a crazed look in her eyes throughout these reunion episodes. It made me chuckle at first but if I was in that room no doubt I’d be quite scared.

  19. Polly

    30mg 3 times a day regularly?! Even with a high tolerance that’s deadly. She needs sedatives to go to sleep every night even with 30mg.

    Bethenny acts more like she’s taking 30mg-60mg daily max. She doesn’t act 90mg strung out.

    That being said, I’ve been an adderall geek for over a decade with a spurts of sobriety peppered in. I do think it helps me but there are negatives socially. My most joyful, silly times I’ve been off it. It has its perks so I get why she likes it.

    I knew Bethenny was taking it everyday since season 1. I relate to, yet loath her sense of cleverness as brilliant. She’s a mirror of everything I hate about adderall socially. The lack of soul and lighthearted joy one should find in success, a lack of openness to interesting circumstances you find yourself in (be it intimate social gatherings or reality tv)

    She has the lack of emotion and the cruelty of a Nazi soldier whom adderall was initially invented for.

    I hate to humanize her though and just chalk it up to adderall. She’s a bit of a sociopath too. Look how she treats her mother, father, and stepfather. She victimizes herself and her lack of empathy is beyond adderall and moreso borderline personality. But the adderall certainly isn’t helping to soften her rough edges.

  20. Polly

    I meant to say 20mg-60mg max. 60mg is even pushing it with the rumors of high dosage and tolerance.

    Over 30mg makes one way too wired up to even attempt to make jokes or smile as Bethenny strained to do all season. And that’s for a 130lb-150lb person.

    If they’re still able to talk it is pure rambling at 30mg+ no matter bodyweight. Considering Bethenny’s she doesn’t need much.

    • Adri

      Actually, the max dosage is 120mg/day. I am prescribed 30mg 3x a day for ADD and have been at that dosage for the past 3 or 4 years. It’s a high dosage, but it doesn’t make me aggressive and wired up like Beth, I sleep well at night and it’s certainly not deadly. It affects everyone differently but I suspect she takes a lot more than 90mg to cause her behavior, especially if she’s built up a tolerance. I feel there’s some Adderall shaming going on LOL. Not everyone abuses it!!

      • tamaratattles

        Your info on max dosage confirms rumor that she takes 40mg 3x a day.

      • Polly

        You don’t take anything to sleep, not even over the counter? I’ve been prescribed that amount before but with he intention to save money so i won’t have to fill it every month.

        I don’t know how old you are but when I was younger I could eat that many and did better than I would now. I’m defintely not shaming. This is all armchair speculation based on the most interesting thing Tamara as astutely mentioned.

        However, 120mg in one day makes people psychotic tolerance or not. If you don’t notice any occasions of irrational anger and/or poor social skills on 90mg you might be kidding yourself like Bethenny.

        And by deadly I didn’t meant overnight unless there’s a heart condition. It’s just really hard on the body to have your adrenals always pumping that hard on the regular.

        If she does take 120mg she’s defintely candy flipping it with Valium. With the exception of the Berkshires. Looks like she forgot to TAKE A XANAX lol

      • Lolita

        In Miami I heard her tell Sonja, “I’m going to take a PM tonight, you know just one”…and Sonja just kinda nodded. This stood out to me because for years I mixed PM’S with alcohol ( not anymore), and Bethenny was was the Luann reveal night I believe…it was almost as if she didn’t mean to say it out loud for fear of being aired. So I am guessing that is how she sleeps. A doctor might not prescribe a sleep aid with Adderall?. Just a thought.

      • Polly


        Fantastic observation. I forgot, she did say that!

        For me it doesn’t seem weird to take over the counter or prescribed sleep aids even if adderall is needed. It does affect sleep (which I was in denial about for years).

        If you go to a high end doctor who knows how to create the right cocktail of prescriptions you’ll get valium and adderall to mix daytime, possibly ambien or xanax for sleep depending on your preference so your heart and arsenals don’t overwork themselves.

        I was a patient and had many friends of these types of doctors when I lived in downtown Houston and Fort Lauderdale.

        It’s the people who can’t afford the private, not accepting insurance doctors who will never get multiple prescriptions of uppers and downers because insurance flags it. Some of the people on these thread have only used insurance doctors so my comments make no sense to them.

        Bethenny can afford the multi prescription doctors.

        Thanks for replying! :)

      • Polly


        Fantastic observation. I forgot, she did say that!

        For me it doesn’t seem weird to take over the counter or prescribed sleep aids even if adderall is needed. It does affect sleep (which I was in denial about for years).

        If you go to a high end doctor who knows how to create the right cocktail of prescriptions you’ll get valium and adderall to mix daytime, possibly ambien or xanax for sleep depending on your preference so your heart and arsenals don’t overwork themselves.

        I was a patient and had many friends of these types of doctors when I lived in downtown Houston and Fort Lauderdale.

        It’s the people who can’t afford the private, not accepting insurance doctors who will never get multiple prescriptions of uppers and downers because insurance flags it. Some of the people on these thread have only used insurance doctors so my comments make no sense to them.

        Bethenny can afford the multi prescription doctors.

        Thanks for replying! :)

      • Polly

        I guess at her worst I could see 120mg pumping. I’m too invested in the show at this point (obviously since I’m commenting on a recap) and have villianized her as a pathological, ruthless narcissist so don’t want to sympathize that it’s merely an overuse of the drug I’m prescribed lol.

      • Melissa

        Adri –

        I have ADHD as well. I’ve taken Adderall. I’ve taken IR and ER forms. Around 50 mg a day (including a booster)

        It worked well for a long time. But then it turned on me. I started getting PISSED, every single day, right around 2:00 p.m. Always irritable. Ready to fight. My jaw started clenching. Dry mouth. It’s too much epinephrine.

        If I had ramped up to 120 mg? I probably would have ended up in jail over my grocery store not restocking pineapple cream cheese or something.

        Most responsible patients don’t like this feeling. And we switch to Vyvanse, or something with a different mechanism to avoid it.

        Having said that — as you know, if you don’t actually have ADHD, the effects of stimulants are completely different than for someone like me with the neurological disorder. Does Bethenny admit having ADHD? I have never read anything about it.

      • Polly


        Totally agree. I can’t imagine even an ADHD person, oaddictive personality, or both having any fun past 40-60mg without complete social ineptitude and psychotic breakdowns.

        I can’t imagine her putting herself through that every day. If she does, she’s an incredibly high functioning addict. No one needs that much unless they’re on a secret mission for the military and need to be super high functioning during sleep deprivation lol

      • Bugg

        Haha @ pineapple cream cheese comment!

  21. Bugg

    How do people know her doses?

    • I think it’s just rumors and conjecture. We don’t even know for sure that she is on Adderall and everyone would react differently on any dose. If a med says may cause drowsiness it knocks me flat and I’m fat so there are a lot of factors that determine how a person reacts to a drug.

    • Polly

      If you’re familiar with adderall it’s quite obvious she imbibes. The amount is pure speculation and what the comment section is for since Tamara mentioned it.

      Personally, I doubt she regularly takes an extremely high dosage with the exception of when she exhibits an irrationally focused rage indicating her adrenal glands are quite stimulated, such as in the Berkshires.

      iF Bethenny enjoys the rush of taking high dosages she is candy flipping Adderall with Valium to stablaize her tone and keep the facade of being sober. And ambien or Xanax to sleep.

      I think they say in AA it’s easy to spot someone with similar vises.

      I usually don’t comment but felt like in this particlar thread I could contribute to the discussion.

      • Melissa

        Honestly — it could be any stimulant. I have seen people tweeked on meth that are all ragey and hyperfocused. I have sat for hours listening to coke heads rant about nothing and everything.

        Or, it could be straight-up mania, a product of a purely organic mental illness.

      • Lolita

        Back in the Kelly Bensimon days, several of the ladies week at a bar. I don’t recall exactly who, but I want to say Kelly, Ramona, maybe Luann? Any who, Kelly started talking about how everyone in New York was on Adderall, then they talked about it being the newest weight lose secret on The Upper East Side. That’s why I always thought they were all on it.

      • Shae

        Imbibing only relates to drinking alcohol. In my experience, you cannot hide the effects of taking uppers and downers. Maybe you can mask the effects of the uppers, but when you start taking the downers to sleep/relax, etc. you cannot control the way they metabolize and you inevitably look sedated and out of it at some point. You don’t stay looking hyped up.

        I have no idea if Bethenny has ADHD, or if she takes adderall, I frankly doubt it because she has always been this way- hyper with defensive/aggressive tendencies. As a recovering addict, I don’t see it- but I could be wrong.

      • Polly


        Imbibing to my interpretation of literary devices always meant indulging in any mind altering substance.

        I disagree with you on combo affect. The ideal combination for coming off as sober if you’re on high dosage of uppers is a touch of downer of lithium or valium. Lithium is more numbing than valium and why valium is more expensive and coveted.

        I just don’t see Bethenny as a singular pill head exclusively adderall except in a few circumstances she’s obviously out of her right mind.

        Thanks for your feedback :) have a good night

      • I think it is safe to say a good majority of all real housewives of every city franchise are on some type of Adderall . It is very common especially for the work obsessed. I don’t think Adderall has much to do with Bethenny’s actions. I think Bethenny is just a bitch. She is loud and shriveled and transparently devoid of joy. Ive watched since day one and she has changed, but we all change/evolve from our life expereinces. She has gained wealth, fame, become a mother, etc etc, but seems to have gown more miserable, become lesser of a person.

  22. caily

    Bethenny stayed on the couch instead of joining in the group hug because she is trying to fish out Ramona’s “new evidence” … see her with her arm behind Ramona’s pillow? That’s the same pillow Ramona’s arm was behind when she alluded to new evidence. Bethenny, the snake, is ready to pounce on it. She doesn’t know when to stop.

    • Auntie Velvet

      Since Ramona’s other “evidence” — the newspaper printouts — were such duds, I’m not surprised that she decided not to fish out another Page 6 nothing story.

  23. swizzle

    When they went around expressing their regrets, I so wanted Carol to say I regret wearing this dress and my hair tonight…seeing myself on camera, I look ridiculous. I apologize to the viewing public. I’m sure that was some $10k designer frock that looked awesome floating down the runway. On Carol with that hair sitting on that couch…yikes!

    • Minky

      Mmm hmm. I said it last week and I’ll say it again: Molting chicken.

      It’s so sad when skinny, rich people with access to designer clothing don’t dress well.

  24. Nila

    Where are you getting these numbers for doses of meds Bethenny is on? Has she ever confirmed she was on this, let alone the dosage?

  25. Pantaloons

    Adderall is equivalent to taking a few bumps of coke without all the crap that would be in coke. I do my best cleaning and reading on adderall. To me it is more of a major focus in my brain. I actually can write a list and finish that list.
    Now, about B and her lame excuse of not hugging due to strept throat. There is no way she was going through that. Strept knocks your dick in the dirt….and I don’t even possess a dick. She would not be able to talk. Her screeching voice never changed.
    She had strept like Tom isn’t a scoundrel.
    Have a nice day. 😁

    • Polly

      You’ve clearly never done pure yack because is way cleaner than adderall in ingredients and effect, the ability to focus and feel great while staying down to earth. That’s no judgement. It isn’t easy to get for regular folks and I only had pure stuff a few times because of a very special connection. Most of the time it’s cut with garbage to the masses.

      And you sound like every addict in rehab justifying their prescription to adderall. You’re literally saying the ways it benefitcital and why it’s justified on the market, yet none of your examples are in social settings, so why you certainly love cleaning and reading on it, you might be spinning high off it and not notice because you’re at home.

      • Polly

        Just saying. Like who wouldn’t prefer to clean or knock out reading with the magic of adderall? Of course it makes it better.

      • Pantaloons

        No. I don’t sound like an addict. I’m 53 years young,fat as fuck and struggling with Lupus. If it wasn’t for the adderall that my rhumie prescribed ,I would never get out of bed because of the pain. Oh you might just be wondering a tad what I take for pain. Advil. Because addicts ruin it for me and others who suffer auto immune pain. It hurts like a motherfucker,but drug seekers fucked it up along with the D E A.
        P.S. I did the good gack…in the 80s.

      • Pantaloons

        Polly, did you miss the ‘list’ comment I wrote? It goes a little beyond reading and cleaning. And I dont abuse it. I take it as prescribed. So, I’m not getting the whole, “I would’nt know spinning high off it and not notice because I take it at home”.
        I don’t take it to get high. I take it to survive. I also prefer being in control of all my happenings.

      • Polly

        Sorry Pantaloons, I didn’t think about its affect combined with an autoimmune disease and how it could be incredibly helpful in alleviating some of the symptoms. That stinks about Lupus, I hope you find a longterm solution to easy the pain.

        And regarding prescriptions, I totallly agree with you that certain states make it so difficult to receive proper treatment and treat every patient as a suspect. It’s a nightmare trying to get any prescription in south Florida since it use to be a pharmacy haven until they cracked down. Idaho is a little silly too but not nearly as bad and it might just be the ones I went to in a vary remote part of the state.. I’ve always had great care in Texas, much easier getting scripts.

        I think It also depends on the doctor though. Some doctors are jerks and only give good scripts to friends, family, pillars of the community, and those paying cash instead of through insurance.

    • Melissa

      You know — this is the kind of thing that pisses me off. Adderall is NOT the equivalent to an illegal drug like cocaine unless you are abusing it.

      For someone with legit ADHD, Adderall consumption should have a calming, centering effect. It enables us to think and work like someone without a neurological disorder. I actually get sleepy after taking my medication occasionally. The goal is neurological balance. Focus. Motivation to get off the sofa. I don’t want to be fucking high, scraping myself off my office ceiling. Ever. And if I feel remotely like that — I don’t take it.

      If you are taking Adderall and enjoying the high, and equate it to the feeling you have when you are doing coke — then, I’m sorry, you have a problem.

      Sorry to go on a rant — but it’s people that say shit like this that make it so damn hard for me, someone who has dealt with severe ADHD since childhood, to get my prescription every month. I have never abused my medication, Not once. But because of fucked up little tweekers I have to pee in a cup in front a nurse so my psychiatrist can verify that I am not selling my script to asshats who want to read fucking books or binge watch porn or play call of duty for 24 hours straight. I have a grown ass woman who has to show my driver’s license to the pharmacist to get the script b/c the DEA is tracking every stimulant consuming person in the US.

      It’s BS. If you have ADHD, take your meds, as prescribed. If you are getting high on them, get your ass in rehab.

      • Polly

        Melissa, it’s a stimulant. If it’s prescribed to treat extreme fatigue as well as ADHD means it’s stimulating.

        I think you’re interpreting too much into the aspects of it being abused comparing to drugs. But It literally is a drug. So comparing it to coke should not offend you because we’re talking about chemical reactions.

        Adderall can stimulate ADHD people in a calm, motivated way. Everyone agrees with that. We aren’t your doctor. You don’t have to keep up the facade it isn’t a bit stimulating. This is an internet thread. It’s very normal for people to be more motivated under the influences of stimulants. Coffee, for example. If anything, you’re going to tip off your doctor if you deny it isn’t at all stimulating that you’re lying.

        The interesting aspect you might have overlooked is that some high functioning ADHD people who actually need adderall might also have an addictive personality and abuse their prescription. I think this is the case with Bethenny when she’s unraveling and becoming unhinged.

        Thanks for replying, I hope I don’t come off too harsh :)

      • Melissa

        Polly, I have a lifetime of experience with stimulants. There is no “facade” that I am maintaining. And my neurological disorder gives me the luxury of not having to BS my way through doctors appointments to get scripts. I don’t work like that. I don’t need to.

        I am not taking stimulants to get high. If I feel wired, euphoric, or tense on them, I ask for a lower dose or a new medication. Being messed up isn’t the goal. I don’t want hyperfocus. I don’t want to be hyperactive — I’m already hyperactive. I just want to feel normal and get my work done.

        If you don’t believe it because YOU are getting jacked on your Adderall, and you like it, that’s your facade, not mine. And if you tell your doctor that you equate your post-dose Adderall mood to the feeling after doing a few lines of cocaine, but you love it, and want to continue — don’t kid yourself. He has DEA records to maintain. You are going to be red flagged. And you should be flagged.

        Let me say this again: If you take Adderall, regardless of why, and you feel high, wired, hyper-focused, euphoric — your dose is too high, or you need to be on a different medication. Continuing despite these side effects is indicative of abuse. And yes, many people, even those with ADHD and valid scripts, abuse their medication. But not me. And not any I know.

        And yes, they are called stimulants. But stimulants do not “stimulate” people with ADHD. They have the opposite effect. Research the neurological response to stimulants in the brain’s of ADHD patients. This is basic stuff.

        Anyway — let Bethenny be your living, breathing “warning sign.” She is not “high functioning”. She is having a public psychotic break that may ultimately destroy her brand.

        It’s not just about addiction. Aside from the psychiatric issues that stimulants can cause, long term abuse causes secondary health issues: adrenal fatigue, compromised immune system, hormone imbalance that leads to conditions like uterine hyperplasia, etc. It is simply NOT healthy. Just look at Bethenny Frankel photos from 2009 and compare them today. THAT is what happens. Hair, skin, bags under the eyes. Everything goes to hell.

        I realize you have a medical condition. And while stimulants may be helpful in the short run, please take it from someone who knows — side effects are signs that something is not right. Over time it can wreak havoc on your body. It is not worth it. If you tell your dr. you feel high on Adderall, he will likely just reduce your dose or switch your meds. Trust me, that’s the better path. Honesty is vital.

      • Polly


        I really do appreciate all your comments. I think the subject is highly personal and why it easily comes off as combative in this kind of faceless forum.

        I do have “ADHD” in every clinical sense you describe. It’s been a struggle because I want to be closer to my “true” self, closer to others, while still able to function like a “normal” human. I think some of the dramatic language we both have used is rooted in the struggle between true self and medicated self. It’s a Catch 22 for me and is reflected in the comments I make.

        With that being said, there are plenty of ADHD people out there who self meditate or abuse illegal drugs, alcohol, and over use their prescriptions to make themselves feel “normal” because they know their brain isn’t wired correctly for this strange existence.

        My negativity towards adderall has more to do with that duality that is reflected in my comments.

        As far as knowing what to say to doctors? I’ve never had issue with filling a script as they immediately know it’s my clinical prognosis by records and review. However, different states as well as different insurance agencies have their own protocol of wording to describe it. Honestly, you sounded like you were trying to prove it to the doctor of the state in which you reside more than conversational and why I made that comment.

        I appreciate the dialogue with you because you understand the medication and reality of living with ADHD even if we are seemingly disagreeing :)

      • Polly


        I really do appreciate all your comments. I think the subject is highly personal and why it easily comes off as combative in this kind of faceless forum.

        I do have “ADHD” in every clinical sense you describe. It’s been a struggle because I want to be closer to my “true” self, closer to others, while still able to function like a “normal” human. I think some of the dramatic language we both have used is rooted in the struggle between true self and medicated self. It’s a Catch 22 for me and is reflected in the comments I make.

        With that being said, there are plenty of ADHD people out there who self meditate or abuse illegal drugs, alcohol, and over use their prescriptions to make themselves feel “normal” because they know their brain isn’t wired correctly for this strange existence.

        My negativity towards adderall has more to do with that duality that is reflected in my comments.

        As far as knowing what to say to doctors? I’ve never had issue with filling a script as they immediately know it’s my clinical prognosis by records and review. However, different states as well as different insurance agencies have their own protocol of wording to describe it. Honestly, you sounded like you were trying to prove it to the doctor of the state in which you reside more than conversational and why I made that comment.

        I appreciate the dialogue with you because you understand the medication and reality of living with ADHD even if we are seemingly disagreeing :)

    • Shae

      I’ve had strep chronically throughout childhood and early adulthood. Thankfully, it’s abated. But all I ever experienced was a very, very sore throat and earache with mild fever (sometimes). Nothing that would knock me on my ass, you just learned to be uncomfortable and take the antibiotics.

    • Shae

      Pantaloons, I say, if you’re not an addict, and you can take your meds and just happen to enjoy them, have the hell at it. People drink because they like the effect, I make no judgment about people who take medications and like the effect. The key is just, obviously, not to become addicted. Adderall is actually far more similar to a meth high, than coke, hence the risk… but that’s something a person has to manage for themselves.

      • Calipatti

        Shae, Adderall prescribed dosage, taken as directed, is not enough to get high on after your body adjusts.
        National/Federal data base restricts, controls and regulates this type of medication to any one person (everyone & address) can legally have each month.
        You can’t Doctor shop, need a new prescription each month, and your ID.
        The Feds regulate maximum dosage allowed.
        It’s not the same for those who have not been a addict.

      • Shae

        @ Calipatti, I agree, definitely is not the same. But my point was, if you do happen to enjoy the effect, I wouldn’t judge. I know people who have legit reasons to take certain meds, and they do take them as prescribed, and they do enjoy them…not all work that way, but some do. I only meant if you’re not addicted or hurting yourself, I see no issue. :)

  26. Bugg

    If Bethenny was indeed fishing into the couch for whatever “proof” Ramona stuffed in there and they start the new season continuing this tired Tom storyline I will most def not be watching.

  27. Rach

    I said it before this season started. I really don’t see the need for Ramona on the show anymore. Other than dating, which we never saw, what other storyline does she have? Ditch Ramona and Carole, bring back heather and Aviva in some capacity and keep the rest.

  28. T D

    Wondering if Bethenny botoxed her nose or it’s just shrinking from the shame of being in close proximity to her mouth. Too bad she couldn’t botox her ego.

  29. Happy gal

    Well Bethany was indeed a bitch but as for her hype that she was beyond vile or whatever it was that she was saying on her radio show I really did not see any evidence of her being that which seems to be her just trying to get the ratings up

    Which if that is the case to me means a ploy for her to say to Bravo see I bring in the numbers you need me I demand even more than the one million you paid me last year to hawk my skinny girl products endlessly and be a nasty ass bitch

    I really think I am done w this franchise if she returns as I just cannot watch an hour of her every week again as it was this year i fast forwarded through her scenes

  30. Shae

    I knew that was just a tease and Ramona didn’t have any info. As much as I distrust and dislike Tom, I was glad for Luann that more didn’t blow up in her face.

    I thought it was pretty sad, though, that she attempted to correct Andy and say Tom didn’t “cheat”, he just “betrayed” her and “made out” with a woman…then backtracked and conceded it was cheating when Bethenny spoke up. How are you making excuses for your man like that? And then going on and saying you regretted the fight you had that night because maybe he wouldn’t have cheated if you hadn’t argued?? My god. That’s a sad state of affairs when you have to worry about your man stepping out on you, literally just after you went to bed, because you had an argument. None of it is Luann’s fault.

    I don’t know why she denied saying she had an open relationship with the count over and over, when she repeatedly said it on camera. That was just odd.

  31. Pamela Jenkins

    After now seeing all three installments of the reunion, I find it laughable that Frankel said that it was brutal for her. She called people Liars, slots comma bad Jews, idiots. Somebody said her boyfriend was still married which he is. Yes it is brutal for a narcissist. Hopefully she will return to pedaling diet liquor in leave Housewives alone.

  32. KatCall

    Done, baked, cooked, over and out with BRAVO. This RHNYC season was the lowest, all due to B. Frankel’s disgusting behavior and vengeful antics and tactics. She tripped all over her acidic tongue about how she obtained the photos – all very suspect indeed. And why Andy or Luann didn’t press that whole situation more, we’ll never know. Also very suspect on Andy’s part. She held court, for the thousandth time, on her bed with Carole telling Carole how her ‘boyfriend’ told her he’s been in love with her for over 20 years and would marry her tomorrow if it weren’t for the fact that he’s still married. Over 20 years? Turns out he’s been married to another woman for 20-26 years so imagine how that makes the soon-to-be ex-wife and their children feel. That little tid bit will go over real well in Divorce Court. Supposedly calls her ‘boyfriend’s’ DAUGHTER to have her verify that her Daddy and her did not have an affair – too many layers on that onion to even begin to peel here, yet beyond despicable on Bethenny’s part. And, I thought Andy RULED that housewives were no longer allowed to bring ‘props’ or ‘cell phones’ on set during taping, yet Bethenny sits there throughout all three segments texting and reading her phone messages. Do these two think we’re stupid? She thinks of no one but herself at all times. It’s always “I”, “me”, “my” with this harpie. NO respect for her ‘boyfriend’s’ situation (going through a divorce) and absolutely no respect for the soon-to-be ex-wife and their children, friends, relatives, you name it. And for Dennis Shields to allow that phone call to his daughter is beyond contemptible – period – and I don’t for one second believe it was his daughter. He must be a real douche to condone Bethenny’s repeating how he’s loved her for 20 years, contacting his child, etc. Perhaps they deserve each other. Bethenny is and always has been a fraud – a fraud that got lucky. She’s not that smart – cunning perhaps – but not smart. She trips herself up continuously throughout this season and everywhere else. She’s (and Carole) been ripping Luann apart with contemptuous statements on that vile, foul radio show ANDY GAVE HER since the reunion and in the press everywhere she finds a hole to fill. She is not someone to look up to – she is someone to learn how not to be like. She’s unhinged and Andy is a POS.

  33. OmgOmg

    There is a double standard — Bethenny can do and say anything because it’s her “opinion” and no one says, STFU. But suddenly Lu is held to a different standard? Bethenny’s marriage was a sham who is she to judge? I haven’t done Adderall, I had to go on Predisone (a steroid) because I couldn’t breathe and I literally thought it would kill me — it was hell on earth and then I quit cold turkey (you are supposed to taper off) and I thought I’d die. It makes you panic and at night it’s like hallucinating almost just rushing rushing rushing and your heart rate skyrockets. These doctors just stick you on stuff, not for nothing it’s called the Devil’s drug. Since then, I have PTSD seems like because I get panicky because it’s hard to think clearly and stay calm when you’re a mom and not feeling well. I was on way way too high a dose — 40 mg a day and I do NOT recommend it to anyone. The ER nurse for my lung infection told me that Prednisone literally makes people crazy. I’m very lucky I got off it and got better.
    I’m reluctant to share personal info but if it helps anyone — Good. If you have to take Prednisone — take a low, low dose. Most people can tolerate like 5 mg a day or even less.

  34. OmgOmg

    Oh and yes Kat, I couldn’t agree more!! Well said. It’s so insane it’s just sad.

  35. sackem

    … Wow, just watched…. Bethenny is so out of touch with reality. She really is clueless. I’m feeling that Luann just ain’t so deep, she is who she is, a small town girl who married well…. The whole Sonja drinking thing…. conspiracy theory maybe but it’s odd that everyone else can get loaded but she can’t – particularly with a new line of booze to push… Notice how Ramona pinot is missing since Bethenny came back, it occurred to me that Ramona might not want Sonja to be pushing booze on the show if she’s not allowed to because of whatever Bethenny has in her contract or maybe it was a storyline forced on Sonja to dump the label – can’t promote if you can’t drink. Well done Dorinda. To be honest, I think that none of these women are particularly bright and are about as deep as a thimble.

  36. iloveearlgrey

    I think Bethenny shouldn’t leave entirely. She should be a FOH. She’s tolerable in small doses. They should bring in two younger, hotter HW, both accomplished in some way.

  37. Onawin

    I’m not proud of Bethanny behavior however I still have the picture of her standing down stairs wanting to speak to Jill calling and ringing For Jill even coming to a party that Ramona had arranged for her and Jill to speak and lu had pushed Bethanny out of the apartment she always treated Bethanny like she had no class lu can dish it but can’t take it. Bravo I say to Bethanny now throw the mic down .❤️❤️

  38. Flo

    I love you Dorinda!

  39. Perfect narcissist’s answer, Luanne. “What I love about TOM is that he’s the male version of ME.” Me me me me me…

  40. Katherine 2.0

    Maybe you should have an entire thread devoted to adderall. It seems to be very popular.

    • PeachyKeen

      Is adderall the prozac of 2016? I took prozac for 3 months after Dad passed. Didn’t help. Managed to find my own path sans drugs… Maybe too many Dr. Feelgood’s in NYC? No clue… give me a spade and flowers to plant…

  41. Spaghetti Kitten

    Finally watched this mess, and am weary too TT, lol.
    The main disappointment for me was 1950’s Lu. I thought she was awesome this Season, lived her biopic and thought she had the best awareness of how viewers were responding to her and Bethenney’s attacks. Then she went all June Cleaver-y and lost me. Her willingness to give Beth a pass tells me she needs this show. Sonja’s Bethenny grovelling is also a huge turn off.

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