Peter Thomas Is In Hot Water With His Charlotte Businesses

Peter Thomas RHOA


Who is surprised that Peter Thomas has made the Charlotte news for his shady business dealings? Anyone? Anyone? I see no hands. I’ve been asked a couple of times what I think about his latest mess, and it just sounds like the usual shell game he likes to play to me.  What I wonder is what if anything the FEDs think about it.  Apollo’s arrest and Peter’s possession of some of Apollo’s assets have put him on their radar.  I’m not sure this is big enough for them to get involved just yet, but you never know.

I do think that the FEDs showing up at Cynthia’s house was a big part of her filing for divorce. 

Peter is pushing an after party at Club One next week for the Bad Boy Reunion Tour.  His flyers have Puff Daddy and all the performers on them and it is strongly implied they will be in Club One.  #Sketchy.  I don’t see Puff Daddy rolling up in Club One, but we shall see.

But first, click through for a list of the most hilarious components of the newest lawsuit against Peter.  Let me know which one made you laugh the hardest.


Peter Thomas Rants to Uptown Magazine AGAIN.

Here are TEN HILARIOUS FACTS from a recent lawsuit filed in Charlotte against Peter Thomas by an “Atlanta investor,” Tony Taylor who is suing over an investment in his latest club , Club1.

  1. Peter valued his newest Club at ONE MILLION DOLLARS before the doors even opened.
  2. Peter claim he had invested “Between 2 and 3 million dollars of his own money in the club”
  3. Peter held himself out as some central character on the current season of RHOA and promised there would be multiple segments on the season filmed at Club 1.
  4. Peter said he was getting his own show called, What’s Peter Doing Now? that would be all about him and his clubs in Charlotte so they would never need to pay for advertising.
  5. Tony would need to manage the club (From Atlanta?) because  Peter is “required to travel extensively.”
  6. Peter “allowed” the future investor to host a  CIAA party, featuring R&B singer Carl Thomas, for a loan of $50,000 to cover event costs. In exchange, Taylor would be able to keep the money from cover charges and 20 percent of bar sales. Peter paid back the loan, presumably from money he made on the event, plus $10,000, and an additional $4,000 for the bar sales.
  7. After initially seeking an investment of $300,000 for 30% of the company, Tony agrees to $150,000 for 15%.
  8. There is no mention of a written contract.
  9. Tony appears to have simply wired Peter $150,000
  10. Tony is suing Peter for fraudulent inducement, securities fraud, unjust enrichment, constructive fraud, obtaining property by false pretense and “violation of punitive damages. “


While all of these items collectively are pretty damn funny,  I have to say that the one about Peter having a show called What’s Peter Doing Now? is my favorite.  Because the ending with Peter happily reuniting with Apollo in prison just sort of writes itself, doesn’t it?


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45 responses to “Peter Thomas Is In Hot Water With His Charlotte Businesses

  1. Margaret Shepard

    The best thing Cynthia Bailey ever did besides having a baby with Leon, was divorcing Peter Uncle Ben Thomas. Her Mother and sister were right about him.

  2. Johnny

    Wow. If all this is true, Peter really does belong in jail with Apollo and Juicy. What a fraudster! I’m ill-informed, does he have a record of conning investors like this? (And was poor Cynthia one of his investors?)

  3. PeachyKeen

    WHen I saw that awful backyard of the place Peter was considering for a club.. I thought…
    RUn RUn RUn.. for Cynthia

  4. Observer2

    #2 is my favorite. I can’t imagine Peter has ever seen $50k of his own money, much less $2 – $3 million.

    I’m shocked that it took Cynthia as long as it did to dump him. She just seemed a whole lot smarter than that to me.

  5. Rach

    Cynthia is a class act. Even when her and Peter had “broken up” she was still on periscope telling people where to buy his coffee products and that they should check out his club in charlotte. Peter is a user and I’m glad she got rid. It’s so sad as I was really rooting for them.

  6. PeachyKeen

    After looking at item #10 again.. How can you have a violation of punitive damages before a court determination of a case?

    • tamaratattles

      OMG! This reminded me that I forgot to link to my source. Fixed that. But the details comment from a Charlotte news story. The reporting was a bit… odd. Especially the TV video. So not sure if they misquoted the motion or if that was actually in the motion. But I agree with you that “Violation of punitive damages” is not a thing. lol.

  7. PeachyKeen

    Bravo Producing a a show called “What’s Peter Doing Now?” .. Guess his investors never did due diligence checks? Love your TT about all meeting in prison.. Juciy, Apollo and Peter.. a triad of
    post RH husbands

  8. Theresa

    I ran a restaurant in downtown Charlotte around the same time he was opening Club 1. While we were doing our initial hiring, he was advertising to hire for sports 1 and wanted models and actors as it was going to be filmed for a reality show centered in the club. There was absolutely no buzz at the time of any show filming in town. My restaurant was in a large RDE complex and we would have known something.

  9. TT I read you blog for the comedy. You never fail.

  10. JKR

    Did he really think they needed an entire show for “What’s Peter Doing Now?”
    Only takes about a second to say “Going to jail.”

  11. Peter’s investor, should have came to this blog and he would have known better.

    • PeachyKeen

      I agree about visiting TT’s site…But can’t imagine anyone investing without an attorney and a background check.. A Club and/or a restaurant…??? Failure rate 80%

  12. Zoemonster2

    This is why this site is in my daily top 3 clicks. Thx, tt.

    Peter is a dickweed. But these Atlanta gulls and their thugs keep me comin back;)

  13. Miguel

    Good grief! Thanks for the deliciously hilarious tea, TT!!! I’d say #’s 1, 2 & 4 were damn hilarious – with each point funnier than the last!!! The rest is plain stupidity on Peter’s investor’s part – what a bungling idiot!!!

  14. sherry

    #4….Favorite! “What’s Peter Doing Now?” LMAO

  15. JustJenn

    I guess Sonja isn’t the only housewife who parties with Puff Daddy in their dreams.

  16. cjbomb

    What’s Peter doing now? Time.

  17. Judith Vance

    Peter and Nene like each other and get along well together. A trait they seem to share is being good at talking and poor at doing.

  18. Blondesense

    Omg those assertions by Peter are hilarious! When I got to the Bad Boy reunion at Peter’s club, I couldn’t help thinking of the ‘Rootz’ concert scene on OITNB. Peter is clearly being mentored by Tareq Salahi, who has multiple Bravo shows filming that Bravo knows nothing about.

  19. Megsca67

    What’s Peter Doing Now?!? hahaha, who cares! And anyone that would wire him $150,000 without a contract needs their head checked.

    • tamaratattles

      I mean surely he has a contract, right? But the news site never mentioned one and said he sent the $150K over a two month period.

  20. Sandra

    Didn’t Nene also invest in Peters business in Charlotte?

    • Minky

      Invest what? All of her coins? That she owes to the IRS? Puhleeze!

    • tamaratattles

      Nene has never invested in anything in her life. With the IRS after her she will never even be able to buy furniture so she can stay in her own house.

      • Sandra

        I agree. LOL. The notion of Nene investing IS hysterical. Sometimes you just need a nudge back to reality. LOL.

        And yes, I’m sure Nene will have to continue staging all of her selfies taken at home, in front of that family room with the free furniture until one of her creditors takes that house. LOL.

  21. Allison

    It amazes me that people will just hand chunks of money over and trust someone just because that person is on tv. Or says he’s going to be. He couldn’t have made up a better name for his pretend show?

  22. Diva Dee

    Well Ms T….every # was downright hilarious, but I’m thinking #4 caused me to have an instant aneurysm! “What’s Peter doin now”? U don’t say…I’m goin to take a shot in the dark & say hoping like hell & hot sauce he doesn’t wind up rooming w/his Ace w/a liars face Apollo, maybe begging Cynthia to buy another line of his Jamaican Gigaloing ass one more chance, speed dialing Bravo to give him a special, “Peter’s in a Pickle”, & sending Mel & her mom to voice mail because they’re giving all the reasons why they didn’t want to give their princess Cynthia that damn marriage license! Pete’s got some splaining to do..

  23. cheychey

    I think a more likely new title for the next new reality show is to be Reality stars behind bars. The next 2 up and coming reality stars to star in the show may be Peter and Abby lee Miller but it’s a list that keeps on giving.

  24. More Tea Please!

    I still would love the tea on the ending of Kordell’s involvement with Bar One? My theory is that Peter bought him out with Apollo’s hidden stash…

  25. Home

    I could’t stop laughing after number 1..smh. A million dollars?! Please….Thanks for the tea TT.

  26. bria

    Aha aha aha every one of the claim is hilarious 😂. What’s wrong with this guy Tony? I wonder how the negotiations between him and Peter took place, in a night club. Who invest on someone without diligently checking his background. Cordell was soo smart to disentangle from this hot mess.

  27. ninjapanda1

    I’d bet my left implant Peters “investors” all have shady dealings of their own. If Apollo was still out scamming he would have invested in Peter. Peter likes these types of people. One of these types of people will end up giving Peter a ride like Adrianna from the sopranos got. I cannot quit laughing over the TV show charade and nice move with the Tareq Salahi comment.

  28. Wonky Tonk

    I have never been a fan of Peter’s. I always thought him a male chauvinist pig with no business acumen. I feel kind of guilty for feeling it because I was raised catholic and divorce is a big no no, and even though I’m an atheist now that thinking is still in there rattling around in my brain, but, yeah, I’m happy Cynthia finally decided to divorce him. I hope she goes on to find happiness. She’s one of my favorite housewives.

    • Minky

      Oh Wonky, I totally feel you on the Catholic stuff. A Catholic upbringing is like herpes. One can never really get rid of it, no matter how hard one tries. Haha! 😩

      • Wonky Tonk

        Lol Minky. One of my friends is an avid crafter, and she’s really fond of saying glitter is the herpes of crafting. What you just wrote reminded me of it.

  29. Rose

    The Fred Sanford tee shirt says it all…Peter, “You big dummy. “

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