It Is Time For the AHS Season Six Premiere! Here’s Your Discussion Forum!



Nobody seems to know what this season of AHS is all about, but I know y’all want a place to talk about!

Lady Gaga is back playing a female who is “very grounded” and “very in the earth.” What does that mean? Sounds to me like she is dead. Is it a cemetary season?

In addition, Evan Peters, Finn Wittrock, Matt Bomer, Denis O’Hare , Leslie Jordan, Sarah Paulson,Angela Bassett, Kathy Bates,  and Wes Bentley are all back. New additions include Cuba Gooding Jr and Jacob Artist.

Enjoy the premiere and have a great discussion during the show!


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33 responses to “It Is Time For the AHS Season Six Premiere! Here’s Your Discussion Forum!

  1. Allison

    I’m going to watch! I watched part of 5 but didn’t keep up unfortunately.

  2. Karebear

    Yay it’s that time of year ya’ll!!!
    Let’s get our American Horror On!!!!

  3. Thank You TT for keeping the tradition of giving us a place to talk even though your probably not going to watch this season.

    It is so frustrating that up to this point there has been no trailer, no new show intro, no theme music, NOTHING to intrigue us buy all those annoying promos which 90% of the were FAKE to keep the mystique of the theme ongoing.

    I still have a spoiler source from my recapping days and if what I read is true (which I won’t share & spoil), this is going to be a truly terrifying season with several connections to past season’s…

    If true, my one and only SPOILER: Lady Gaga’s character is allegedly going to be the most destructive “creature” ever in the history of the series.

    I hope to see all the regular (and new) ghosts, psychos, witches, freaks, & blood suckers here for this HORRORible season. xoxo UF

  4. Just watched. Effing scary!

  5. Just watched. Effing scary!

  6. This was so scary. I jumped & screamed like a girl 2 times and then resumed watching with my hand over my eyes with fingers filtering my TV screen.

    Though very different I like the new style & “re-enactment” elements. I watch a lot of paranormal shows on A &E that use the same story telling methods.

    My Roanoke Nightmare seems to be the season’s theme which is drawing inspiration from The Lost Colony tale…which was a creepy bit of history in & of itself.

    Overall this episode legit creeped me the fuck out and I’m here for it.

    • DarkThoughts

      This episode has complete different “feels” than the other 5 seasons. On the Lifetime Movie Network they have the “My Haunted House” series. This feels and looks just like one of those episodes. I enjoy that one but love AHS.

      I was shocked that Ryan gave an intro to the season. He had never done that before. Was it an ode to Hitchcock? And, didn’t that farm house look like a church on the outside?

    • SashaV

      I have to watch this during the day because I am to chicken to watch it at night! Also have to mute and fast forward at some parts. I am a super wimp when it comes to getting scared. Last year I started the season but about four or five episodes in just gave up. I did not enjoy the theme for some reason so I am excited this season is promising! Creepy creepy creepy that house is!

    • Jaded

      Yes, I thought about The Lost Colony as well. I love the style since it reflects those other great Paranormal shows like A Haunting and Paranormal Witness.

  7. Did y’all notice Chaz Bono playing one of the creepy Hillbilly Polk brothers? The whole hillbilly element is giving me some “Deliverance” squeal like a pig realness. I bet Ned Beatty still doesn’t eat pork after that movie.

  8. hannahkingrose

    Okay I have got to get a new Directv receiver so I can stop and rewind. I need to watch stuff over and over if I am ever going to be able to keep up with what’s going on. Thought I was watching something from the ID channel to start with the re-enactments.

    I’m loving it already. The one look at Kathy Bates was all I needed to be sucked back into AHS. Already can’t wait till next week. Did the storyline mention where this is taking place or did I just dream I heard something?

    • This might scare you dear Hannah, but the story takes place in North Carolina. Not too far from the ocean, but about a 100 miles away from Raleigh is what has been mentioned on the show so far.

      • The story takes places in the Outer Banks of NC (OBX). Beautiful place.

      • hannahkingrose

        Thanks UF. I thought that’s what I heard but I missed part of the beginning because somebody had the audacity to call right at the start. From now on I will just turn my phone off at 10:00.

        UF if the story takes place 100 miles from Raleigh, that would make it about 70 miles from me. That is awesome. Loving that AHS will be set in NC.

        The ex-police sister made reference to going to school at UNC. That’s what got me wondering if the setting was NC. Really hope Ryan doesn’t make NC into another scene out of Deliverance though lol.

  9. Cat

    Oof! I don’t think I could watch this one. The commercials were creepy enough.

    I will enjoy reading the discussions, though. :)

  10. Minky

    I’m definitely gonna read the recaps and there are a couple of reviewers that I like, so yeah, I’ll stick around for this one.

  11. PopcornAndVodka

    I nominate Urethra to recap again – why no recap, Urethra???

    • Aww thanks P&V. My job and work load is very mentally exhausting & unpredictable on a daily basis. I don’t have the energy, time or mental clarity to do it. Sorry to disappoint those that want me to recap, but I am more than happy to discuss it to death here in TT’s forum.

      I do know about some spoilers that I suspect are valid, but I will post them on more timely basis as the episodes progress. They only thing that was a surprise to me about the premiere episode was the paranormal docu-series style of the show.

      I hope TT continues to give us horror whores a weekly discussion post.

      Next week on AHS is Chapter 2 of a new episode of the show within a show “My Roanoke Nightmares” inspired by real historical events.

      • PopcornAndVodka

        OK as long as you stick around for us to chat with, and to help me hold on to my sanity. :)
        <3 <3 <3

      • Cat

        We understand, Urethra. I’m unable to watch at the moment, but I get plenty of info just from comments. The insight you add makes it more interesting.

        What I’m trying to say is….I don’t think a full blown recap is necessary.

        Please don’t work too hard.

  12. Rakely

    I’m just now watching but I’m so excited for it to be about the lost colony of Roanoke!! The story of their disappearance was sooo spooky and interesting to me as a kid! I have high hopes for this season but Murder House and Coven are my favorites so far.

    Love all things scary and love this time of year!

  13. AKA Riley

    Did anyone else notice the little stick figures hanging in the woods? Anyone else see Blair Witch Project in that moment? And Chaz Bono’s scene absolutely gave me visions of Deliverance. Did another commenter here mention seeing Kathy Bates??? GOD!!! How did I miss her? Can someone let me know when she made an appearance? You guys are the best. Happy AHS to all my fellow fans. :)

    • Kathy Bates appeared towards the last scene when Shelby (Sara Paulson) was driving down the road in the woods and hit her with the car. Then Shelby followed her into the woods. She was dressed in settlers attire.

  14. AKA Riley

    Thanks UF. I went back to search and of course I found it at the end. Was worth it. And BTW… I knew you would be the one to answer my question. You, my friend, are a sweetheart.

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