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Sorry we have missed a couple of Catfish episodes,  things at have been mad busy. I am actually supposed to be recapping something else tonight and I just have to see what is going on with Nev and Max.

It looks like a fairly normal episode so far tonight. Let’s get started.

The Catfish

Sydney is a 22-year-old single mom. She has been taking care of her grandmother and her little sister as well. Recently her grandmother died and now she, her mother and her daughter are homeless and living in a shelter.

The Mark

Luis is a 30-year-old construction worker from Newburgh, New York. He’s also a single dad of three girls. Luis is starting to be suspicious of the Catfish. He wants to let them come live with him, but he is not sure she is telling the truth. He sent her a small amount of money over Western Union and she didn’t have an ID to pick it up so she had to use a code name. So her name is not really Sidney. And those are not her photos. He is in love. Oh and of course they have never video chatted. Because it is only 1981 after all.

Let’s get on to the part where I look for CGIed walls and new couches. That’s my favorite part. There was a hideous green CGI paint on the hotel walls in the first scene.  If you are new to Catfish recaps here, I totally just watch to see all the CGI and or new paint added to the walls of the Mark and/or the catfish. I  usually get crazy people sending me emails that MTV production doesn’t CGI the walls for a variety of reasons. I love crazy people.

At least Nev and Max enjoyed this cafe. A lot.

At least Nev and Max enjoyed this cafe. A lot.

Sydney seems really nice actually and their texts don’t seem overly sexual. They seem like two people raising kids and talking about parenting and their other issues.  Like her being homeless.

Houston we have a problem. While Nev and Max are interviewing Luis, “Sydney” calls.  She asks him right away if he is alone. That is weird. I think she can see his house from wherever she is, or else someone has let her know that the production crew is at his house. If they told us where she supposedly lives, I missed that part. But she totally knows he is being filmed right now.

Either Nev and Max know that she knows, or they missed the clue.

The Rudimentary Internet Investigation

Sydney supposedly lives in Dallas. I don’t believe that. The phone number is a landline in Dallas. She could not text from that. It must be and Internet phone number. The photos belong to someone named Monique.  Monique is 18 has a long rap sheet with the po po.

At Luis’s house, there is a newly “painted” gray wall with white crown molding and a smooth flat ceiling.  It seems to come and go. They forgot to take the price tag off the fern.

The Phone Call

We get the same fake resistance to filming and then agreement to meet.  Sydney says that the photos are hers and not the 18-year-old criminal named Monique. She doesn’t want to meet at the shelter.  So we will get the  usual meeting in a park near a large body of water scene.

The First Meeting

So off we go to Dallas. It must have been production that tipped her off that Nev and Max were with him when she called. She texts that she is at the baseball field over by the lake. Even Nev jokes about the whole “park by a large body of water thing.”

Nae is a young black female who is a bit heavy. At least she is female. Not a single thing she told his is true. No dead grandma, no mother in prison, she doesn’t live in a shelter. She does have a baby.  Maybe. I don’t believe her.  She wanted someone to help send money. She lives with her mother. She does not work. But she is in love with Luis because he has a job and is a good father. She is kind of cute, but she’s definitely a con artist.

The Second Meeting

We go to Nae’s house where she lives with her mother We get the grey walls CGIed. They have emptied out the entire room of everything from the new leather furniture. Like seriously, except the free furniture one table for the camera and a lamp.

Nev and Max go in on her for being a liar. Eventually she says yes, she doesn’t care about Luis at all. She just wanted to do what she had to do to feed her kid. She says she is a scam artist. I think she is lying about that too. I want to see this imaginary kid. Then she changes her story and says that after scamming him for so long and she did start to like him. Nev and Max tell her that she needs to recalibrate.  Seriously? She doesn’t know what that word means. All three guys give her a little pep talk. Luis was very nice.

The Follow Up

When did they stop Skyping?  Luis and Nae both went about their business and never spoke again. Luis deleted all his social media.


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3 responses to “Catfish Recap: Luis & Sydney

  1. Blondesense

    Great recap TT!

    Nae was gross. As a person that is. I can’t decide if Luis was embarrassed about the money and said he only sent $60, or if she is just a really bad con artist. That is a lot of work for only $60 in return. Nev was correct though, she was a very proficient liar. The little details regarding her sister and the pool etc rolled off her tongue.

  2. tamaratattles

    I couldn’t be sure if he was saying $16 or $60 because, deaf. But either way that is a weird amount.

  3. Dee

    Did everyone catch a glimpse of Nev’s tramp stamp? Is it still called a tramp stamp when it’s on a man?

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