WWHL With Countess Luann de Lesseps and Kate Chastain




This is going to be a long, long post because there are two Bravolebs tonight. So forgive me if I try to make it as short as possible and don’t feed you every detail. Please fill in any interesting things I leave out in comments for those who can’t watch the show.

Andy is dying to know if Kate is still a lesbian. She says “I’m single right now. And I’m not really preferential right now, it’s just about the person”  The good news is she got some gay moves down pat before she goes to prison, should it come to that. 

I can answer all the dumb wedding questions that Andy is asking Lu about the wedding. The Count and Jacques are both invited. They have met each other.  Randy Raum will be doing her three wedding dresses. She is not going to register because they have everything they need. Donations to charities and American Cancer Society instead. She will be on a yacht for her honeymoon.

Luann’s dress needed a bold steam and looks a bit matronly, I think it might be the necklace. She needed to bust out one of her fabulous statement necklaces. I blame Amy Phillips for the lack of statement necklace tonight. Damn you Amy Phillips! I actually have a peridot and amethyst one I could have loaned her to compliment that burnt orange.

Luann hopes that she and Bethenny will be friends again. WHY? Luann, why????  Luann’s sister Renee is in the audience. She is wearing a statement necklace.

Please talk to Leon, I want to do an art project with his jerky box and he won't let meeeeeeeee!  Oh sweetie, I'll go get you the box.

Please talk to Leon, I want to do an art project with his jerky box and he won’t let meeeeeeeee! Oh sweetie, I’ll go get you the box.

On the sneak peek of Below Deck, while defending Kate’s honor cough lol cough he gets into it with a very drunk Trevor and tosses his drink.

Andy has a caller ask about Kate’s felony charges.  Kate says she can’t speak about it. She says she has terrible taste in romantic partners but impeccable taste in attorneys. Which is odd because last I checked she has a real estate attorney representing her in criminal court.  Andy thinks this is hilarious. He does love a felon who thinks they are funny.

Some idiot calls in who appears to be a prank caller but Andy said something to make it seem like he is a regular caller, the voice sounds disguised and the bring up a story from Page Six that apparently ran yesterday when someone from Bethenny’s camp allegedly made up “sex lies” about Luann and Tom.

“An anonymous tipster tried to fool Page Six into believing de Lesseps and fiancé Thomas D’Agostino Jr. slipped into a bathroom stall in NYC’s Regency Hotel, where the sketchy “source” claimed that de Lesseps performed an unspeakable sex act on him for 45 minutes, while “audible moans” and “whispering in French” could be heard.”

Luann says Page Six called her while she was shopping for wedding dresses to ask her if she was at The Regency with Tom  Friday night. Her first reaction was “Wait are is there some sort of a spy at the Regency, AGAIN?”  She laughs. She was actually in Philadelphia with Tom at a funeral that day. It’s just more slut shaming.

Do you regret being angry at Carole for dating Adam. She regrets that her it affected her friendship with Carole.

Kate is asked if the charter guests ever get upset about how they were treated. She says she doesn’t think so. She’s either lying or stupid because about two seasons ago, I was inundated with guests telling me the real story and how furious they were with their portrayals.

The poll question was whose side are you on, Bethenny or Luann. 73% said Bethenny. Which means this is probably my last season of RHONY. I quit recapping during Aviva’s beat down season, and I am not going to watch another season with Bethenny Frankel unless she gets lots of therapy and some medication other than Adderall.




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75 responses to “WWHL With Countess Luann de Lesseps and Kate Chastain

  1. cranberrylittle

    That poll had to be rigged…

    • Vet

      Damn right it was. I sent a letter to Shed Media, the production company; and I will send the same to Bravo and next will be advertisers. I just want to watch my favorite Housewives with their homes and the trips without that damn Beth ruining it all.

    • Suse

      I agree! Bethenny always deletes ANYTHING negative on her site. I would bet anything Andy had this one fixed. I never vote and I did just to help Luann out. I haven’t seen one nice thing about Bethenny (except on her own site) in years. But, SUDDENLY, she’s a landslide? I call BS.

    • I agree. Every RH website Bethenny is not liked at all. A few stragglers here and there but this poll was rigged.

      • tamaratattles

        Nate, your information surprised me. Now that you mention it, my moderation queue is full of Porsha tards, but I’m not sure I’ve seen many if any people screaming at me about my Bethenny views.

      • Laura

        How any sane person can defend Bethany’s actions this season is beyond me. This poll had to be rigged.

    • Victoria Bert

      absolutely rigged

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      I don’t think Bethenny’s *as bad* as most people seem to think. But I know I’m alone. Any gossip site you visit, everyone hates Bethenny. That poll was SO rigged.

    • Bugg

      Most definitely!!

  2. Vet

    Well I am on the West Coast, and that poll question has made my choice of not watching WWHL for me. I know the whole watching audience cannot be Team Beth. That was pure bullshit. I guess if LuAnn would go on national television and threaten physical violence it would have been a tie?

  3. Shay

    Maybe I’m a slut, but what’s an unspeakable sex act? Are they saying he gave her the angry pirate?

  4. Toni

    The polls are ridiculous. Who actually is voting in these polls? I don’t even watch this crap live to vote in the poll.

  5. I thought Lu and Kate both looked nice, but I was in love with Kate’s dress. When she said the designer, I immediately went to find it online and it’s like $400. Welp won’t be getting that any time soon.

    I was surprised Lu said she hopes she and Beth could be friends again. Even if she didn’t mean it, it was still classy of her to take the high road.

  6. Bethenny and her trolls were voting numerous times otherwise Bethenny would’ve tweeted something “truthful” during the show. Even Andy didn’t look like he believed it. LuAnn and Kate handled themselves well. I read it’s not going to be a Bravo wedding.

    • Suse

      I knew the “fix” was in — but I think Butthenny has an off-shore company that monitors social media 24/7 (for a low wage — without wifi) — because if you post ANY little thing that doesn’t call her out as the greatest thing since, it is deleted within seconds (not minutes, seconds!). If you say, “Hey, where did that go?” That disappears as well. I’m sure Butth hired additional callers when she was given the “poll” topic in advance. Spoof, spoof, spoof . .

  7. Amy

    That poll was soooo rigged not a chance in hell Bethanny won that

  8. JustJenn

    Funny how Bethenny tweeted that she only gets mean tweets from egg accounts with 1 follower and then won the poll in a landslide..she must be buying more votes than the DNC. She’s in full damage control mode.

  9. Truthseekrt

    No way she won! Bethany is a horrid woman. I will not watch Again if she returns. She’s a psychopath and evil and needs serious help.

    • gyongyi

      yep I’m done too tonight will be my last rhony until it is beth free….sorry to abandon Lu but i don’t want to start to dislike her for allowing herself to be treated like such utter shit and coming back for more….

  10. SLM

    I’m about to say something that might get me screamed down for being inappropriate, but I couldn’t see why it was supposed to be some BIG SALACIOUS SCANDAL even if the totally made up story for Page Six were true. I mean, two engaged people sneaking off for an x-rated semi-public encounter? That’s like saying it should be front page news if a married couple (married to each other) is caught screwing in a car! It obviously didn’t happen, anyway, since they were in another city when it allegedly occurred. Does Bethenny own a stake in the damn Regency and has the entire damn staff feeding her info constantly, even if they make it up out of thin air?

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      I agree, and found it so UN-salacious that I thought it probably did really happen. But if she was in Philly, I guess not.

      It’s a stupid story, too stupid for me to believe Bethenny would bother to make it up or have someone in her camp do so.

  11. SLM

    And PS, those poll results! Did Bethenny and her minions call in 8,000 times? What rubbish!

  12. OmgOmg

    Bethenny is off her rocker. The “egg accounts with 1 follower” are alias accounts — who knows maybe even famous people who don’t want their identity revealed. All the Twitter backlash I’ve read has been from accounts with pictures of what look like regular people sick of her. Andy is always mean to Luann. She took the high road good for her. If Bethenny is back (maybe TT knows something we don’t!?) I am so so out. In my opinion, Bethenny ruined the show. I hope Luaann goes to a competing network with her wedding, like E! Seacrest. I wish Yolanda would come on RHONY – I’d LOVE to see her stand up to Bethenny. I’d love to see Bethenny implode at Yo’s peace, love, and understanding California vibe against Bethenny”s Rhoda on crack/ coke/
    Adderall NY vibe. Yo is so condescending and Bethenny would go even more crazy at someone condescending to her. I find the Kate thing shocking and deplorable. Every show that started out calm and escapist like Below Deck, Southern Charm etc has just turned into a shitshow. :(

    • tamaratattles

      There are two types of egg accounts on Twitter. One is a brand new person who hasn’t put up a photo or doesn’t care. I had a personal account that was an egg for quite a long time. People kept telling me I really needed to put something there because I was a real person it didn’t matter to me, but I eventually just put something there.

      Sometimes the new accounts are by people who want to be trolls but do it under an account that is not theirs.

      The other type of egg accounts are paid followers. Companies start making tons of accounts that are not used by anyone and sell them to Bravo people so that they can make money selling diet products.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      There is someone who likes Yolanda still?

    • No Yolanda! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!

    • Librarygirl

      You is about as much into peace, love and understanding as a killer whale. If they were to come into conflict with each other, Yo would simply refuse to film with her.

  13. Nila

    I loved Luann’s response that she had done nothing to Bethenny except get engaged and chose to marry in a time frame that didn’t suit her! She nailed it and made Bethenny look ridiculous for being angry with Lu.

  14. Kate isn’t a felon yet. Those charges are bullshit. I am sure a trial will bring that to light.

    • I agree she isn’t a felon yet. I have no idea if the charges are bullshit, but the recipient of said bite and choking marks didn’t press the charges, the police did. If Kate isn’t found guilty in a trial, it’s because her lawyer already struck a plea deal.

    • tamaratattles

      Kate has a lovely list of mug shots. Ro does not. You are correct that she has not been found guilty but this case will never go to trial. She will plea..

  15. Theresa

    I want to find a man that can last 45 minutes in a bathroom stall! That right there is the big tell it’s a lie. imagine what he could do in a comfortable space with room to stretch!

  16. T D

    During the After Lu game a photo of a younger Carole came up causing me to wonder how long has she looked like fifty something.

    • lori

      I thought the same thing. And why on earth was it black and white? It’s like they were trying to make it look like a genuinely old and regal type photo from the Kennedy era to make them seem more elegant or important or something. Fail in every way.

  17. Misha11

    Just watched, and am so impressed with luann. She can rise above the nonsense and good for her. She comes across as a sophisticated lady and I do believe she looks to the future and not the rear view mirror of the past. Sad that Bethany is so small minded and petty and ruined rhony. She probably hired a call center in India to vote for her in that silly poll! I really wish Luann and Tom a beautiful future together.

  18. Bravocueen

    While I’m not sure about Lu’s choice in a mate, I loved watching her rise above all the worms wiggling around for camera time this season. She was pretty much the only enjoyable thing about NY (and I’ve never been a fan–I used to be all team Beth/Carole all day)

  19. I enjoyed both Luann & Kate for a change of guests, both appear to hav positive attitudes, however does anyone think that Kate was notably thin, to the point of looking emaciated. I think this whole debacle is taking a toll on her even though she trys to “dumb it down”. Like no biggie I got this. Hoping she has a lot of support systems & I don’t mean her attorney because we alll knw said in Phaedra parks voice, they don’t always do what is best for the said client. Mayb she shld hav hired Phaedra beings she claims to be an entertainment attorney lol

    • BKSweetheart

      Yes I also noticed Kate looked quite thin. Her police report said she was 5’7″ and 123 lbs. Last night she looked more like 110 if that.

      • Really, I think that’s possibly a stretch, she looks much healthier on the recent episode of below deck. Kate’s face is what they cal in the medical field as sallow wth notable temporal wasting. Do you agree or is it just me? Hope she starts eating & stays off whatevr substances she may be using to help her cope. She most likely is scared of the outcome, but as tamra has mentioned she is no stranger to mugshots. @ any rate wish i wish her well & hope she gets some much needed help. Mayb Kate & Kelly Dodd can do the buddy rehab plan together & we can all see the end result of being healthy & stable.

      • No I meant on WWHL. On the actual show she looks much healthier.

  20. When I saw those results the first thing I thought was that it was rigged by someone. That is so full of baloney. I wanted to call LuAnn and say NO WE ARE NOT!!!!! In fact I have started thinking that I would like to see a Housewives from Hell reality show, and I know B would be the first one I would give a pitchfork to.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      I recall Jill Zarin complaining WWHL polls are fake. I don’t like her much but I totally believe it.

      • I bet it’s the truth. Even those presidential ones for DT and HC. I bet those were rigged so people would be outraged and afraid and all vote for Hillary. I remember Kyle saying that she hated those polls and thought they were mean.

  21. Oh P.S. CANNOT WAIT for Kim and Jeff to be on! That should be fun!!!!

  22. I texted my vote last night.

  23. Jane

    OK, does anyone believe betthenny would ask for charitable donations in lieu of gifts? She’d probably have a red and white wedding, with SG favors, and write it off as a business expense.

  24. Dracla Dunning

    What’s with Lu always being photographed in the makeup chair?

  25. Bugg

    Poll is BS. Tried to watch part 3 of the reunion and I turned it off because I cannot stomach this woman (B) anymore.

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