Protest Group Attempts To Attack Ryan Lochte On Stage At DWTS

RIO OLympics


Ryan Lochte agree to perform on Dancing With The Stars in an attempt to rehab his image after his disastrous decision in Rio during the Olympics.   Unfortunately during tonight’s premiere, his first dance was marred by protesters.

A group of at least six men were in the audience and during Ryan’s time with the judges the men began to stand up and jeer the Olympic gold medalist and his dance partner. As Bruno Tonioli, the first judge to comment,  was finishing up his notes on Ryan’s dance you could hear rumblings in the audience.  The editors of the live show quickly took the cameras off Ryan and Tom Bergeron and went to a split screen that showed a replay of his dance while Carrie Ann Inaba tried to carry on with her review.

In the audience the six men took off their shirts to reveal white undershirts with the word LOCHTE covered by the international symbol of a circle and a slash on top.

Carrie Ann attempted to continue with her comments while yelling excuse me and attempting to wave people of the stage. Out of sight of the camera, two of the men rushed the stage but were tackled before they could reach their target.


Tom Bergeron cut to commercial but returned very quickly to a shaken group of judges, as well as Lochte and his dance partner.

You can see the dance and the interaction in the video below followed by his scores.

The two protesters who stormed the stage were arrested .

Considering how strongly we felt about his behavior in these comments, what do you think of the actions of the protesters?


Just ignore the Lion etc in the room It was the only video of the full dance available at the time.


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54 responses to “Protest Group Attempts To Attack Ryan Lochte On Stage At DWTS

  1. nanaintn

    I’m not surprised that this happened. What does surprise me is that neither DWTS producers nor Lochte didn’t consider this possibility.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      Really. I think he’s a terrible person and I have no problem with a protest. He should be ashamed to show his face in public. But if they were actually going to jump on the guy? No no no.

  2. Lovie

    TT, afterwards Ryan held the right side of his head. Then, after commercial break, I felt I could see a small bump and red spot. Did anyone else notice this?

  3. I don’t understand why they have him on as a contestant on this show. He doesn’t want to make me watch. I will occasionally turn it on and watch a few minutes here and there during the season, but with him on, I really have no desire to now until he is gone. The protesters were very wrong to storm the stage. They could have sat there and booed him. That would have been fine.

    Anyway, protesting live shows most be the popular thing to do today. This morning I was watching CBS This Morning and the hosts were doing a live interview with Colin Powell at the new African American Museum of History and Culture on the Mall of America. During the interview you could hear a loud heckler screaming in the background that Colin Powell knows better as a black man and that he dropped bombs on Iraq.

    I’m surprised it took security so long to get him. It’s sad, also, that these days you just never know when one of these things will be violent.

  4. Shay

    When I read the headline, the first thing that I thought was, “Did people really attempt to attack him or is that what Lochte told his mom and Matt Lauer?”

  5. Coco

    I personally think Ryan Lochte should have laid low after embarrassing himself and the United States with his adolescent behavior in Rio. Does he really think anyone is going to vote for him on DWTS? I hope he’s the first celebrity voted off the show this season. I agree with limebrain, the protesters should have stayed in their seats and booed. They could have been tazed or, God forbid, shot.

    • Chloe

      Agree with you, Coco. I can’t imagine why DWTS thought it was a good idea to have him on. Maybe he was already contracted to be on. I hope he’s the first to go.

      • Miguel

        Mom aussi, Chloe!!!

      • Miguel

        Freaking autocorrect – me too (moi aussi), Chloe!!!

      • Meri

        A man who shamed himself and his country wants redemption and MONEY. He lost most of his sponsors so he is desperate for cash. I don’t want to watch him and think that the show is foolish for having him on. As for violent protests…I don’t agree or advocate this behavior. Signs would have sufficed.

  6. Jojo

    Has anyone actually seen the real information pertaining to what happened that night in rio? There were follow up reporters who actually went to the gas station and found nothing wrong and nothing looked new or replaced, other than a sign ripped from a wall. So while Ryan is an idiot (seriously did you see his reality show years ago?) the Brazilian government absolutely was in the wrong and did have guns pointed at the swimmers demanding money. People are acting like Ryan committed murder, I’d be scared too if foreign security guards held a gun to me and forced me to pay them large amounts of money. And I think it’s disgusting that our media has not told the truth and hung this man up to dry.

    • tamaratattles

      Thank God you are here to give us a first hand account of what happened that totally matches the lies Ryan told on national television! #Exonerated! You should totally give media interviews.

      • So well put, TT. The person to whom you are responding sounds a little like someone who reads only one news outlet each and every day to reinforce her opinions, regardless of her idiologiological beliefs. (No fights please, everyone! I come in peace!)

      • Miguel

        Roaring with laughter, TT!!!

  7. Nicole

    His feelings is “a little hurt” when Tom asked him what was he feeling after the protesters were caught. What an a**hole! What he did was despicable and embarrassing.

    • Maureen

      I was just coming here to write that. Awwww…poor Ryan’s feelings were hurt. USA’s feelings were hurt when you made an ass out of yourself. Douchebag.

  8. Jessica White

    Its obviously too soon for Ryan to try to rehab his image. The olympics just ended a couple weeks ago, all the fallout from his lying hasn’t even finished yet. He should have waited before jumping immediately onto a reality show.

  9. Jackson

    Give me a break… you have candidates who lie and continue to lie. So he lied too. You people are ready to hang him but you give this woman a total pass. Hahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahaha! You won’t give him a pass but you give a pass to a woman who lied to the FBI, who husband lied under oath and was impeached. As for Matt Lauer, what’s wrong Tamara? Not to you biased liking? Honey if you have a public blog, then learn to deal with the fact not everyone thinks like you.

    Amazing how weeks later you can’t let it go. But again, you will more than praise a person caught lying to the FBI for more serious matters….total free pass……jumpy claps to look cool at Sunday brunch.

    • LA_in_KY

      What are you freaking talking about? The topic is DWTS, not the election. What a Dick.

    • Rita Jones

      WOW! There are so many inaccuracies in that rant it’s a wonder your head didn’t explode while typing. Or maybe it did and you had to push your medical alert button. Anyhow your comparing apples and oranges in the basket of lies. DWTS is for people trying to revive their careers so he fits the mold!

    • Think you’re on the wrong blog dude. This site is about reality TV and D-list celebs. Might I suggest Fox News or Brietbart. Or perhaps you’d prefer MSNBC since you’re a troll. Go away.

  10. Tom Burgeron is really good at dealing with emergency situations on air without losing his cool and remaining professional.

    Like that time he was interviewing Marie Osmond after her dance when her eyes rolled back and she fainted hard.


  11. Barbara R

    Trump has encouraged an atmosphere of violence so deranged people think it is all right to physically attack those with whom they disagree. Ex: 2 Muslim mothers pushing baby strollers in Brooklyn, a Muslim woman shopping in Manhattan And now Ryan Lockte. What do you expect when you support a racist con man

    • Meri

      Political statement much? What does this have to do with any presidential candidate? Do you honestly believe that we never had violent protests before Donald Trump? How ridiculous to equate this with a political candidate. Trump can’t make decent people act violently and he didn’t have anything to do with what Lochte did. Save the political rhetoric for some other place where it’s appropriate. This is not a campaign site.

    • Karen

      No one was physically attacked. No one. It was in fact a peaceful protest in that regard.

  12. Meri

    I don’t think that violent protests are the fault of Trump. They have been taking place here for a long time. There is nothing political about what Lochte did. He is a fine example of a generation of self-absorbed, self-entitled people who continue to embarrass the USA.The show sacrificed dignity and decency for ratings (which I’m sure they got in spades) and will continue to get as long as Lochte is on the program. They literally featured him in their promos by announcing the cast with “AND Ryan Lochte. Why in the world would you want to enable a liar and a brainless moron who doesn’t have the intelligence to behave himself during a time when the world gets together peacefully? We celebrate the athletes and he shamed them. I blame the show as much as I do Lochte for thinking that he could just march in and dance his way to redemption for his juvenile, disgusting behavior. Shame on all of them.

    • Totally agree, Meri! I believe the reason the show “enabled a liar and a brainless moron” is the same reason Bravo casts casts women with the same traits; money and ratings. The reason we watch, IMO, is because we are interested in watching a train wreck. As TT stated watching Bethenny and Cowpie on WWHL, we are both “compelled and repelled” at the same time.

  13. Karen

    I think it was actuallu 4 women and 2 men protesting from what I’ve been reading this morning and yes the producers should have seen this coming given that his acts are still rather fresh in folks minds.

  14. Margaret Shepard

    Gesh a dancing show and we get political commentary. This is s uppossed to be a fun show. Ryan or no Ryan I watch it usually to check out 2 or 3 people. I was interested in seeing the Olympic gymnast, how Amber Rose would do and M. Henner. She looks fantastic for 64. Wow.

  15. Rita Jones

    They have a politician on this year. Rick Perry. Wonder why he signed on? Maybe because he missed his chance as a political star and instead became infamous for his “senior moment” “oops” Rant on him!

  16. Let’s see….. messing up a bathroom vs someone physically attempting to attack you at work. Yep that seems fair. I hope all you people saying he deserves this treatment would feel the same if someone went after Felon Teresa Guidice. She did defraud people for millions, where as Ryan messed up a bathroom.

    • MinnesotaFamily5

      And he made Americans look bad to the rest of the entire world. He did do that too.
      Violence is stupid but the pretty boy looked a bit shocked to see some vitriol coming his way! It was a look I enjoyed.

    • Karen

      Again, no one physically attacked anyone nor was any threat of violence implied.

  17. Jojo

    Hahaha no not a first hand account obviously. I’m just saying. . . Might want to know the actual truth (look up some actual well sourced articles) before hanging him to dry. He DID lie and he is not the smartest guy around that’s for sure. I just think people are blowing it way out of proportion. He is really good looking and as far as dancing with the stars I think he’ll add some entertainment value for sure. . . He’s bound to say some magnificently stupid things 😉

  18. K

    I was watching live & I couldn’t figure out what had happened. There was a lot of yelling & everyone seemed very shaken when they came back from commercial. I felt sorry for Ryan, almost…

    I think the producers paired him with Cheryl because she is a favorite professional dancer and hasn’t been on for a few seasons. Her fans will vote them through for a while.

  19. Jessica white

    Interesting, GMA has been promoting the heck out of DWTS but today, no mention of this story at all.

  20. tamaratattles

    The political idiots seemingly supporting their idiot by trashing the other, and especially the one who thinks they know my political beliefs are all in the WLS. As will be any future political idiots.

    I have a low enough opinion of some of you without having to hear about your horrific political leanings.

  21. CanadaCat

    I find it abhorrent that Ryan Lochte was even given a spot on DWTS, especially so soon after his debacle that backfired on his lying ass.

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