Exclusive #RHOA Filming Tea: All Signs Point To A Porsha Intervention

Marlo, Glamping in Gucci

Marlo, Glamping in Gucci

The RHOA are all done glamping and back home safely. So I feel comfortable revealing exactly where they went now. I didn’t want to be responsible for any crazies heading to the woods to find them.  Here is what TamaraTattles Sources have revealed about their adventure.  The RHOA went to Banning Mills. If you are one of my few Married At First Sight readers, this place is familiar to you.  Last season, if you recall, instead of wasting money on a trip to a winery or someplace romantic, they sent David and Ashley to Banning Mills for one final couples building activity.  It did not go well.

Bannings Mill is a whopping 45 minutes outside of Atlanta. It is most used as a corporate retreat and the focus is heavily on team building activities.  The women did not do any tent camping but they did stay in the treehouse rooms. You can see those in the first picture here.  They all crossed the long bridge to go to one treehouse room for the photo. The treehouse rooms are the nicest accommodations there, but they do sort of wiggle around and they are not in any way a luxury room.  Bannings Mill is really pretty and great for hiking, but these ladies spent most of their time doing scary activities that rely on trusting their team.


It doesn’t look like Cynthia is about that rope course.

The whole team building crap has been done to death.  Remember when they did this on Shahs of Sunset?   That did not go well.  The good news is that this was on the trip where they did the GG intervention.  That  didn’t go well either.

However, if they are following the formula, an intervention should occur before the team building crap happens. So there is hope they will intervene with Porsha here anyway.  They are all over Porsha’s violent outbursts.  Porsha likely has been told to get it together or she’s out. This also explains why it was a mandatory all cast event that caused Cynthia to lose a hosting gig.

If you think about it, they brought in a reformed THOT with past anger issues who has overcome her past issues to be successful as, well, she can afford to have really nice clothes somehow and that sound be enticing for Porsha. So I believe that there was an intervention with Porsha.  It probably did not go well. And then they all left her behind at the team building activity just like they did GG.

So, who do you guys think were the standout leaders in the ropes and ziplining courses? And who do you think freaked out and refused to participate?  Do you think the women got through to Porsha about her violent behavior?  Did they all leave as one big happy cast ready to go on an international trip?

And most importantly, did Porsha get anything out of this?


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28 responses to “Exclusive #RHOA Filming Tea: All Signs Point To A Porsha Intervention

  1. Johnny

    I don’t think we’ll see a reformed Porsha in any meaningful way (though I expect we’ll get sufficient lip service to keep her peach). She lacks the mental capacity for change. She is what she is – a poorly educated individual who lashes out when those with a quick wit get the better of her. A cheesy made-for-tv team-building weekend ain’t gonna change that!

    • Miguel

      Word to Johnny!!!

      • Minky

        Yep, Johnny’s right. It would take much more than a fun obstacle course at this camping place or a stern talking to from Marlo to reform Porsha. More like a training session with Pai Mei from Kill Bill. And even then she would mouth off to him. Look what happened to Elle Driver. Pai Mei would probably take much more than Porsha’s eye.

        And now that I think of it: Is Bravo trying to deliver some veiled message about Porsha & Phaedra. What I mean is, this Banning Mills place is basically a camp. And in HW language “camp” is a not so cute euphemism for “prison”. Is there some neurolinguistic shit going on here, or am I just reading too much into this?

    • Bored on a Wednesday

      Porsha seems to be rewarded for bad behavior. Unless she is punished somehow i don’t see her changing any time soon. My friend posted for TBT a clip of Porsha not wanting to enter the strip club because he then husband didn’t approve, now she looks like she works there.

  2. Tamara, I stopped watching RHOA several seasons ago but do keep up with all your posts. This sounds hopeful & much needed.

    Moreover, you are on fire today! The tea you are serving is piping hot! Thanks for all your hard work!

  3. Khirssy

    Bravo should cut their losses . If Nene can be replaced so can Porsha. She not that important to the cast. I guess Bravo wants this violent woman to kill someone so they can fire her smfh.

    • Sabrina

      Absolutely. And if Nene is expendable, aren’t they all?

      I see that Bravo loves this franchise for exactly what it delivers, which is compelling to one specific audience, based on the ratings, but if Nene can go, where is this group headed?
      I hope an intervention occurred and had some success, but seriously doubt it- and if Khirssy is as correct as I believe, and Porsha isn’t intelligent enough to learn and grow, she should go too.

      But I have trouble seeing who stays, and to accomplish what? When Kandi was building a music franchise that was one thing, adding Cynthia and Kenya, and maybe Tootie as black professionals, But now what? Most of the women seem lost to me. The violence and jail angles, plus Phaedra, are ugly additions and reason enough to shut the whole thing down, to me. Marla was another example of that. Sheree and these other women seem more of the lost group.

      TT, where does Atlanta go from here?

      Question, why did our avatars change, and may I have my old one back? I liked it much more- sorry to be picky.

      • tamaratattles

        I think WordPress updates may have caused new avatars. You can always go to gravatar (google it?) and set up your avatar with a picture of your choice.

    • Miguel

      Or film it for ratings, Khrissy 😉

  4. The only thing I can be sure of is that Phaedra’s fake eyelashes were adhered to her lids, and that’s she’s crooked.

  5. Lurker

    I’ve been zip lining there and had a blast. I wonder if the ladies are going to point out the paintings of slaves and confederate soldiers on the walls.

  6. Ms.Minnie

    I don’t believe the women got through to porsha, just like she hasn’t apologized to Kenya and hasn’t stopped sleeping with married and wealthy men to get what she wants. Change starts from the inside out and can’t be forced, you can’t change people but can only hope they make the best decisions in life.

    • Dracla Dunning

      So very true, Ms. Minnie and I sincerely doubt that Porsha wants to change. I think this intervention was a CYA move by Bravo in the event she does go ballistic in the future and someone gets really hurt. They can now show that they made an attempt at trying to fix the problem by fixing the players. All the players, not just Porsha. I also see this as a way of Bravo sending a message to the other cast members that they consider them a part of the problem and to clean up their acts as well.

  7. Margaret Shepard

    My older brother went to North side high school with Hosea Williams jr. He told me he was very nice and also very quiet. This was The civil rights leaders son. If that is Porshe’s father she sure does NOT take after him. Both men have passed away.

  8. Dan

    As long as Bravo keeps enabling the bad behavior, it will continue. Why one of her many victims won’t press charges is beyond me?

  9. Sherryberry

    None of the housewives can throw stones at Porsha they all have nasty attitudes. If they do not like r each why go out together. Will not watch this season I am done.

  10. LuLu

    Most ironic part is that during Porsha’s first season the cast tried to stage an intervention because they felt that Kordell was too controlling. And who can’t forget the infamous “Kordell is not perfect by far” speech. Now we finally get to see the source of Kordell’s frustration during his time on RHOA. She’s a liability point blank. He definitely dodged a bullet there.

  11. Shay

    They should have a show called Real Housewives Challenge (like Real World v. Road Rules). Sheree and Tamra can captain. Then they can fight Porsha and NeNe and The Morally Corrupt Faye Resnick on a rolling log in a river with big batons.
    I know, I’m a dreamer.

    • Minky

      Hahaha!!! Log rolling? Isn’t that what Porsha already does for a living? ☺️

      If Phaedra was around, that challenge would turn into that Agatha Christie story alternately titled “Ten Little Indians”/”And Then There Were None”. The killer in that book realizes that he’s a sadistic, sociopathic piece of shit, but he decides to do something good with it and punish people who have gone unpunished for being criminally cruel to other people themselves. I don’t think that Phaedra’s got that kind of self-awareness, but you know what I mean. I shudder to think.

  12. I do wish they would fire Porscha. I don’t completely believe that being poorly educated results in poor behavior. I have taught children with low mental capacity and met their parents. Most of these children lived in projects at poverty levels. Some kids were motivated, pleasant, thoughtful, and well-behaved and so were their parents.

    Porscha’s mother seems to have propagated this sense of entitlement that Porscha exhibits. After the incident on the boat with Cynthia, her mom readily believed Porscha’s recollection of the event as completely true. Porscha is incapable of taking any criticism from anyone, especially her own peers. From her violent behavior at the reunion to her beat down of her stylist at Phaedra’s Christmas party, she continually claims she was provoked and shows no remorse. She never seems to think she is responsible for her own behavior.

    My take is that an intervention may have actually made her angry may cause her to become more aggressive.

  13. LT

    Love,/hate her! Face it, most them are angry because she has other successful ventures and they’re still complaining and stuck on the show. She was targeted from day one when she showed her allegiance to her then hubby. That’s when they should have been concerned enough to intervene. Not after the damage has been done. FURTHERMORE, not one of them is without their own individual skeletons and contribute little or nothing to a real storyline. Just one thinking she’s better than the other and getting paid to share it. Not so shabby for a solid paycheck.

    Seems like she’s doing just fine in the Ricky Smiley show – hmmmm

    • Matzah60

      Wow. I don’t think any of the women on the show are jealous of Porscha. One of her co hosts on Dish Nation beat a woman on the head with a gun over VIP seats in an Atlanta club. It was pleaded to a misdemeanor. This co host also pleaded guilty to aggravated assault when she rushed a host at a club from behind with a bottle of booze that shattered in the woman’s face. This host served 3 years in prison for this and in a civil suit was ordered to pay victim over 6 million.

      Maybe Dish Nation is working for Porscha because she is in her element on her show.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      Riiiight, they’re all just “jealous”.

    • Shay

      What does LT stand for? Lieutenant Tard?

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