Big Brother Sunday Recap And Tuesday/Wednesday Eviction Discussion In Comments!

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By Lime Brain

Yay! Another Sunday night and we are FINALLY in the home stretch of this season of “I Don’t Care enough Who Wins.”

We start off the show with the slip and slide HOH comp of filling up a giant jar of butter. For more information on this comp, check out my last recap for the details.

Victor doesn’t want James to win this comp, in fact, none of the final four want him to win. Wait! BB shows us and earlier scene (45 hours before the eviction) of NiCorey talking about getting Victor out instead and scooping up James for their side. The Bastards!

Corey then talks to James the day after the eviction. He tells him he has to move forward and they have his back. James leaves and when Nicole comes in the Tokyo room, Corey tells her that they have James. When James comes back, James tells them that he’s had their backs from day 1.  (Now, I’ve heard rumors about James and Nicole having a pregame alliance, but he had one with Corey, also? This is ridiculous.)  Anyway, Victor and Paul are looking like they are toast.

Back to the HOH comp. This comp went by fast. It only took about an hour and a half.  Some of the highlights from it was Paul trying to go up and down the slip and slide. He mostly slipped. I’m wondering if he’s trying to throw it.

NiCorey are covering their bases. Corey is going for the big jar to fill while Nicole is going for the small one to get the big scooper.  Paul starts out filling the big jar, but then switches to the small one. James realizes that he is out of shape and can’t win it. But he won’t quit. He’s not going to go out of his way to win it, either. He knows he’s in the sweet spot of remaining house guests.



Paul is still falling down. A LOT! They really should give these house guests knee pads. There is asphalt underneath that Astroturf.  Paul decides to slide down his lane on his ass. He’s having better luck that way and not spilling as much butter. He thanks his mother for giving him his big ass. Would that be considered a back handed compliment?

Nicole finally gets the big scooper. Can she win? At the 52 minute mark, Corey’s jar is almost filled. Paul has finally filled his small jar, but he can’t get his ball out.  I heard him bitching on the feeds later on that it wasn’t fair. Victor replied that Corey was so far ahead that it didn’t matter.

Anyway, Corey won. Fuck.  Poor Victor is ecstatic that Corey won. Both he and Paul feel safe. Victor doesn’t notice that while he is celebrating Corey’s win with NiCorey, that they are dead silent when he mentions that all they need to do is win the veto to have things tied up. Poor trusting fool.

Meanwhile, James enters the London room. He’s mourning the loss of Natalie. We get to see old footage of him trying to patch things up with Natalie. I guess it went well. She left him her flip flops so he doesn’t get foot fungus. If she was still pissed at him, she be wishing worse things than foot fungus on him.

After the HOH reveal, Corey is discussing with Nicole who to nominate. He wants Victor gone, then Paul. Victor got his best friend out of the house and he is a competition beast. (Hey! What happened to wanting to beat the best at the end?) Nicole wants James’ word that he won’t use the veto. (Like James can win anything at this point.) Corey is not worried about James. He is making more sense than Nicole at this point with her flip flopping. Nicole feels guilty for stabbing Victor and Paul in the back and she is terrified of Paul’s reaction. (It was heard on the feeds that she was saying all this to give production footage for the show. (Who knows if she is lying about that?)


BB18 Nicole Corey

BB has blessed us with not one, but TWO montages of the adorable Nicole this week. The first is of Corey pouring salt in her mason jar of water. When she later goes to drink it, she spews it like a Tsunami all over him. I enjoyed that one.  The second is of Victor flirting like an 8 year old to get Nicole’s attention. I could have done without that one. Paul says winning Nicole’s heart is not a comp that Victor can win.

Back to NiCorey in the HOH room. They are waiting for James to come up there on his own. This will prove James loyalty to them. (Huh?) James passes the test. He came up to find out what the plan is. It’s to get out the big fish. James is only a minnow.

Finally, Paul begins to question Victor if NiCorey will fuck them over. He’s worried that James is going to be the one to back stab them. Vic is confident that they won’t. Loyalty is Victor’s Achilles heel. Bless him.

Paul decides to go up to the HOH room to see if the Final Four are still tight. They assure him it is. Paul volunteers to go up as a pawn with James. Paul doesn’t pick up that he is doing all the talking and NiCorey are dead quiet again. After he leaves, Nicole once again starts backpedaling. Corey is adamant about screwing over Victor and Paul with his nominations.

Now BB shows us a strange scene that I never heard discussed anywhere on the internet. BB sure seems to be keeping a lot of things hidden from the live feeders. Corey is alone at the kitchen table at night staring at the memory wall. It’s supposedly the night before the nomination ceremony. But who knows? The pictures are talking to him. I’m wondering if he’s sleep walking again or secretly studying for the face morph comp. Then Corey starts cleaning the kitchen, the floors, the stair case, etc. He’s going to town with the Mr. Clean. At the end he says “He’ll be proud of me.” (Who is he? Is Corey doing this out of guilt to appease Victor with a clean house for putting him up? No clue.)

Nomination time. The usual blurbs from everyone about what they are thinking. It’s already been said ten times in this show. The first nominee is Victor. Ok, one of the two are expected to go up. No big deal.  The second nominee is PAUL! Argh! Corey actually did it.  Damn!  I don’t want Victor going home! He and Paul are the only entertaining people in the house. If he goes home, we will be stuck with NiCorey in bed all day and a depressed James moping around the house. Who will Paul have to talk to?  I hate this.

Paul accepted the nominations but he’s not going to lie down and die, but Victor’s eyes looks like he wants to take that knife out of his back and stab Corey with it.

I wish he did.

What's not to love? :(

What’s not to love? :(

TT Here. HUGE APOLOGIES TO LIMEBRAIN for the delay in posting this. I had two housewives trips, and a million other posts that unfortunately take precedence over the good shows Big Brother, I am narcoleptic again, and I have a new business partnership going on with the site that has me having to fill out all sorts of forms and contracts that makes me very stabby. Believe me I would much rather have been chatting with you guys about Big Brother. 

And unlike most of you, I chose a boy and a girl at the beginning of the season,  Tiffany and Paul. I do this every season and they usually are the first ones gone.  But when they are not, they give me someone to root for at the end, and Paul is my pony. 

And I have some good news. Yesterday, the live eviction that we saw last night was on. SPOILER ALERT Stop reading if you don’t want to know. 

They had a regular audience for filming and Miss Cleo, a superfan on Twitter who lives nearby goes to as many of the live shows as possible.  Miss Cleo says that Victor gets evicted, (obviously) and Paul wins the HOH guaranteeing him final three. This means that he puts up two people and whoever wins the veto decides who is going home (because they will be the only voter.)

So you guys need to try to muster up a modicum of desire to root for my boy. Unless you want Nicorey or James to win in which case I will mock you endlessly and make your lives a living hell.

Good news for Victor fans, he will be eliminated tonight, which is the first night that AFP voting begins.  I will vote for Victor endlessly and so will lots of people because his sad eviction comes just before voting opens, if you guys will just TRY to send good juju to my boy.

Thank you and have a nice day.

And please make plenty of comments here during the show and tell Lime Brain how much we appreciate her. Writing a recap is a lot harder than she makes it look. And she has been doing two or three a week all season! 


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62 responses to “Big Brother Sunday Recap And Tuesday/Wednesday Eviction Discussion In Comments!

  1. Lisa

    If Victors’s out, I’m out. This has been the worst season ever. After being a fan of BB forever, I’m done. It’s just too disappointing to watch anymore. Really? James is still there? i can’t believe that. Did he even play at all? Corey and Nicole too annoying to talk about. I really hope America picks Victor to be their favorite and Paul wins! Don’t even care who wins 50k but Nicole is going to need it for therapy when Corey breaks her heart😖

  2. Holy shitballs! Paul won HOH?! There is a God!

  3. sherry

    YAY! Ohhh…don’t read my comment if you didn’t read TT’s spoiler alert. OHHH EMMMM GGEE!
    So excited that Paul won HOH!!! He has to team up with James. But who would they evict? Hum….Not sure. I know it depends on veto, but lets say Paul wins it. James picks. He would feel bad for nic and vote out corey. That way James still has Nic on his side!

  4. The good news is that before the feeds went down, Paul kept talking to James to reel him in. James was acting like he didn’t have a final 3 with Nicorey, and sure, I would be stupid not to align with you, bs.

    Why is this good news? Because I am praying that Paul puts up NiCorey! I don’t care who goes home out of the final 3. I just want to see some good feeds this week and with NiCorey on the block, it should guarantee them.

    • I pray for this scenario. But, I want Nicole out. She is no rookie but still hasn’t learned that the mantra is “Money, Dick, Power”…. In that order. Lol #Unreal

      • Christine Terrian

        Love This. Money, DICK Power…..Amen sister

      • Christine, thanks! But I can’t take credit for it… It’s from the show Unreal on Lifetime. If you haven’t seen it I highly recommend binging it. They just finished season two & if you have on demand or hulu (idk maybe on netflix). One of my fave shows! 😄

      • tamaratattles

        As a person who thinks women should never get tattoos. I so totally am getting that one if I am ever forced to as part of a Big Brother How Bad Do You Want It challenge.

    • amisteree

      Thank you Lime Brain!!! I love reading your posts. I AM SO EXCITED about PAUL!!!! I want to go out and buy a duck floatie to wear as a good-juju effort. I’m hoping Victor wins AFP, and Nicorey goes bye-bye.

  5. Christine Terrian

    Will you be recapping the new Live Feeds only season in the Fall?

  6. tamaratattles

    If you are Paul who do you take to the final two to win?

    NOT NICOLE. But does he know that the girls will probably vote for here especially after some production GILR POWER prodding? Paul has jury issues because, HE DID NOT EVEN BOTHER TO WATCH THE DAMN VIDEOS THEY GAVE HIM IN PRE SHOW SECLUSION.

    What would the votes be

    Paul v James

    Paul V Corey?

  7. tamaratattles

    IF Corey, who I am hearing has a father that is freinds with Robin and got him on the show, wins final HOH would he take Paul or James?

  8. tamaratattles

    I’m thinking a Paul Corey final two would be best for Paul because both of them have run their mouths about their wealth. James will play the poor single dad card. He might even fucking cry.

    • I think he should take James. Paulie hates James and has said that he can’t forgive James for stabbing him in the back. Z will vote the way Paulie does. Victor will vote for Paul. Bridgette will vote who played the game best and that would be Paul. That’s 4.

      James might have Day’s vote. Nicole’s vote because allegedly they have a prealliance to share the money. The same goes for Corey. Natalie’s a given. That’s 4, also.

      That leaves Michelle as the wild card.


      So let’s see if he takes Corey.

      Corey would have: Nicole and James (the alliance thing), Paulie and Z (he’s Coreys best friend.) So that’s 4

      Paul would have: Victor, I’m gonna guess Day, Michelle. That’s 3.

      That leaves Bridgette and Natalie as the wild cards.

      Hmmm…. thinking about it, he might actually be better off taking Corey.

      • And Nicole is to dangerous to take to the end. She would have Corey, James, Paulie, Z right off the bat. Day was admiring how she was controlling the house and might want a vet or a woman to win, and Bridgette would want a woman to win. So that’s 6 right there.

        Paul would only have Victor, Natalie and Michelle.

    • Cat

      I don’t really care, as long as Paul is in the final 2.

      I do like James, but think Corey is more interesting as a player.

  9. cheychey

    I know everyone hates him but I love James. Sometimes it’s good to just slide under the radar hey it worked for Derek. James has made a few friends if he went to the end against Nicole.

  10. One more thing I just remembered before the feeds went down.

    When James and the sitting ducks were in bed talking, Victor pretty much knew he was going to the jury house. When he gets there, he is supposed to keep an eye on Natalie and see if anything is going on with her and Paulie and report back to James. Lol!

  11. Happy gal

    I am now happy again !!! Paul won HOH and I have a reason to continue to watch BB because if not I just did not care

    I will vote as many times as I can for Victor to be Americas player

  12. Susan

    A few of the BB18 Comics are posted online. Da’Vonne (so cool!), Paul and Victor. Poor Michelle, it’s a big, crying face.

  13. tamaratattles

    You can tell based on what Nicole is wearing they did not expect Julie when she called them into the room.

    Also, I added a video above of Paul and James talking about beating Nicorey. I’m not convinced that James will work with Paul and not send out Nicole. If he wins veto he will send Corey home and still have James.

  14. Feeds are back!

    And, I think from the way NiCorey are talking, it sounds like James won veto!


  15. James just walked into room. Corey is asking who he is going to put up. So they can sleep.

    James says that Paul wants to speak to both of them first before he gives James an ultimatum. Lol!

    Corey says the decision is up to James.

    Dead silence. Now hemming and hawing.

  16. I think I’m wrong and Paul won the veto. Not that it matters, either way NiCorey DIDNT!

    James is trying to get NiCorey to pick which one should go home.

  17. James is grabbing his bedding and escaping the room.

    Nicole is disgusted that James suggested that. Comparing it to the hunger games and eating the berries. Its not right.

    Corey says it sounds like he’s making a deal with Paul not to use the veto. (You think?)

  18. Nicole says if James lets Paul decide for who to go, it will be Corey from the things Paul has said.

  19. James made the mistake of coming back into the room on the way to the DR and they are harassing him again.

    Nicole got him to finally admit that he is going to vote the way Paul wants and it is probably going to be Corey.

    James left and Nicole is harassing Corey now.

    Now she’s looking for her missing, lucky earring.

    BTW, Paul is already asleep up in the hoh room.

  20. Nicole keeps saying to Corey: I don’t know what to do. I feel so bad. I don’t want to let you go..

    Corey just wants silence right now.

  21. Corey just got called to the DR and James is up in the hoh room relaying the conversation he had with NiCorey.

  22. James, while talking to Paul, said that they BOTH want Corey gone.

    Paul knows he can rattle Nicole before the next comp.

  23. Paul sent James to get Nicole for him.

    Omg! Paul is playing both sides! Nicole and James. Paul is telling her everything James just told him. He’s telling her not to feel guilty about Corey. He has a final 2 along with his final 2 with Nicole! This boy is good!

    He’s telling Nicole he could take James but he doesn’t deserve to be in the final two. He respects Nicole, she was the only one that cried when Paul was on the block, etc etc. They just shook hands.

    Nicoles job is to keep an eye on Corey to make sure he doesn’t make a sweet deal with James and saves him.

    He’s telling her that he’s telling James that he’s taking him to final two but it’s all a lie. James has fucked him over and over in this game.

    Nicole went to get Corey to tell him that he’s going. She just came back and said he was crying and had to go back in the DR. Things like this wants her to give Corey her spot. (I don’t believe her.)

  24. Paul just lied to Nicole and said that Natalie made James promise you get NiCorey out.

    Nicole said she knew it! That he even wears her bracelet on his hat.

    James just said do you know how pissed I am that I’ve been having to keep this piece of shit safe.

    Paul is trash talking James now. He’s also telling her to turn on the waterworks to James and say how guilty she feels.

  25. Corey is in the hoh room with Paul now. Paul is telling him in a very nice way (jury vote in case he’s either James at the end) that Corey is leaving. He’s telling him that Corey is to much of a comp threat, etc.

    Paul is a great manipulator.

  26. Relaxin60

    Thank you limebrain for all the recaps and the up to dates! I really hated to see Victor leave, but, really happy about Paul! I am so glad he is making their life hell now. Victor really trusted them.

  27. This is something I am pondering.

    Last night before Paul talked to James or NiCorey, I’m under the belief that Paul didn’t want NiCorey to know which one would be going home, so it would screw with their heads and make them emotionally weaker at the comps.

    James talked to NiCorey and they grilled him til he basically said that Paul wanted Corey gone. He fucked up again.

    James went back and relayed the conversation back to Paul. Paul realizes that since NiCorey knows who is going home, they are going to strategize for the best way for Nicole to win, practise her speeches, study for the comps, etc, while Corey will be with the jury convincing them to vote for Nicole to win the game.

    Knowing this, what if Paul lied to NiCorey and is actually going to vote out Nicole instead? It would totally mess with their heads and Corey wouldn’t be in the mindset for the next comp.

    I’m thinking this because Paul doesn’t owe any loyalty to either one, Nicole is good at the endurance comps because of her build and she is better at the mental ones. Also, above in an earlier comment, I posted who Paul would have a better chance of beating in the final two, and I ended up with Corey as his best bet to take.

    This would be the best blindside this season if he does that and deserve the win!

  28. Mm in OC

    Nicole paul and corey would be stupid to take anyone else but james. They all have the stongest case to the jury. James will only be able to talk about his social game, but the others can slam his game play by calling out his unending focus on his shomance over the game.

    Ive been rooting for paul to win. Best player this season by far. I dont want nicory to win.

  29. tamaratattles

    James loses no matter who he is with. Paul loses unless he takes James. Nicole in final two wins either way.

  30. Happy gal

    Limebrain thank you so much for all ur recaps I come here all the time to read the recaps and strategy

  31. Happy gal

    Omg Paulie and Davon went at in the BB jury house !! I missed what that jackass Paulie said but is was something about davones daughter! And Z is sticking up for Paulie ! I am flabbergasted ! Z went back to that douche bag and turned her back on Davone !

  32. tamaratattles

    I just love Paul!

  33. lori

    This episode was the BEST! So proud of Paul. James is awful. With all that time in the house with pretty much nothing else to do he didn’t even study, KNOWING DAMN WELL that that would be the final veto comp. Beyond lame.

    I am having a heck of a time deciding who to vote for AFP. Obviously it’s between Paul and Victor. I think both deserve it do much for different reasons. If James wins AFP I will be so pissed. I see so many people saying that they will vote for him. What a bunch of idiots. Just like the saying goes… birds of a feather…

    Who are you guys going to vote for? TT, I’m gonna go out on a limb and say Paul for you.

    Oh, and that jury house! Zak is still being an ass. Sad really.

  34. tamaratattles

    Day, Michelle, Natalie and Bridgette all had on necklaces they made in jury house. They will likely be a voting block. There is an HOH comp right now, Pray for a Paul win!

  35. Cat

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for this recap, and comments! My sister is here this week, and refuses to watch the show.

  36. tamaratattles

    I think Paul has a good shot. They keep showing Day talking about how nicole is running the game. When they show the jury house they have them talk about everyone. Then the ones they play are red herrings, They haven’t shown anything they have to say about paul. This bodes well for Paul to have that girl block of four/ , I really thought the girls would vote for a femal e this season but they do really hate nicole.

  37. tamaratattles

    PAUL WON HOH PART ONE Advances to Part against winner of part 2!

  38. tamaratattles

    Paul is pissed at James because James claims he threw the comp to Paul. He didn’t. James doesn’t care who wins he thinks they are both taking him.

    Paul and Nicole both swear they are taking each other. But are they lying?

  39. tamaratattles

    Part two is mental. No way James beats Nicole.

  40. Okay call me cynical. I think that endurance HOH was meant for James to win (production). I also am thinking that sadly, theses Paul wins late in the game are only intended to give us hopefuls a reason to tune in. Seriously, who would even watch if it was just Nicorey & James?

    That said, I still believe in the Nic + James pre-game final 2 theory. I think Nic beats James & Paul next then votes to cut Paul. In this case, Nicole wins.

    I hate production. I am now going to puke like big Meech and cry. So sad this game has evolved to crap.

    • Well, James told Nicole that he was going to throw it to her.

      Just before feeds were cut this morning, Paul and Nicole were discussing it. They are pissed about it. They say that James knows that either one is going to take him and he is going to use the argument that he didn’t have to to anything to get to the final two or something like that.

      • timtoodles

        Who does James think he is kidding? He’s going to “throw it’ to the other person. Does he really think the other players or “America” as he would say believe that? AND he thinks he has a shot at AFP? AND he thinks he and Natalie might have a shot at a relationship? He should hook up with Sonja.

      • “He should hook up with Sonja”
        Omg LMAO! Thanks for this comic relief, tim! 😂

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