Below Deck: Trevor’s Limp Dick…Motions

Below deck Captain Lee


It’s time for another episode of Below Deck.  Last week y’all comments about Trevor, Senor Deckhand, were so disgustingly descriptive, I stopped reading them very early on. Hopefully, I’ll be able to read and comment some this week, although the site is super busy!  Let’s see if Trevor makes it through the episode, shall we?

We start with Kelley seeking advice from Captain Lee on what to do about Trevor. Kelley doesn’t seem to be very confident in dealing with Trevor. He sits down with Trevor and rather than simply addressing his behavior, he brings Nico and Lauren’s feelings into it.

Kate acts like she just loves beach picnics in order to try instill enthusiasm but we all know she really hates them and always stays on the boat after the first run of provisions.  Nico hates the beach setup too. Trevor decides to have a nice breakfast and not show up to help Nico at all. Eventually, he does show up. But instead he plays with sticks while Nico does all the work.  Trevor is sent back with Kate to wipe down the boat. Instead, he naps in the crew mess.

Once again, the female deckhand gets dragged into washing dishes for Ben.  Trevor is in lust with one of the girls.  She feels the same way about him. She manages to get him to get out of bed to some see her, This is trouble.  They play connect four. The yellow pieces are emojis. Et Tu, Connect Four?



Sierra was asleep in her uniform when CAPTAIN LEE had to radio her that someone wanted coffee. Oh Sierra, you are really trying for a seat next to Trevor. OMG it was Captain Lee who needed coffee. She put the entire sugar packet in the cup without opening it. He’s laughing at her now, but… Sierra told Kate that she overslept. Kate is super laid back so far. I don’t think she is aware of how bad she is yet,

Trevor does some ridiculous arm motion thing when the pull up the anchor. Captain Lee is not amused with his “limp dick motion.” Later Trevor is exhausted after helping dock the boat. And he’s snippy with Captain Lee.

The Instagram ladies manage to disembark without running into anything while using their phones.  They had a great time and leave a $15K tip.

While everyone else is working hard, Trevor is shopping for a new truck online. I should point out he is sitting at the table with the Captain and Ben acting like he has not a care in the world. Then he radios Lauren and Nico and tells them to get started swabbing down the deck. They were actually almost finished with that.

Kate calls radios Trevor to unclog a toilet. He tells he will be there when he is done (online shopping,) Kate is also annoyed by Sierras happy resting face, because only lunatics and Labradors have those. I hate to agree with Kate, but she does have a point there. Now that Kate is a lesbian, there are a low fewer arguments between Kate and Ben.

Kelley calls Trevor over the radio and tells him to come to the deck where he is. Trevor says, “I’m busy.” It just so happens the Captain is watching him.

It’s the first crew night out. Kelley flirts with Emily, Nico flirts with Sierra and so does Trevor. Trevor is guzzling Long Island tea. Trevor tells Sierra and Emily he wishes he could combine what he thinks are their best features into one girl. Because, drunk douchebag. He’s literally trying to blow his entire $1k on drinks. His dance moves are beyond sad and everyone is trying to get away from him. So they decide to go back to the boat and hopefully leave him there to work on his alcohol poisoning.  Sadly he goes back with them.

Somehow, Kelley gets roped into a conversation with Trevor where once again he has to tell him to stop raging on “his deckhands.”

Hot tub time! Trevor starts right off insulting Nico’s tattoos. Nico leaves the hot tub. Kelley orders Trevor to his quarters. Trevor hears everyone talking shit about him on the way to his quarters. Sadly Nico is rooming with Trevor. Kate tells Nico he can sleep in a guest room. Ben and Kelley have to order Trevor to bed again.

Next Week: Someone brings a stupid dog that needs special clothes and costume changes. Banjo says those dogs are an embarrassment to real dogs everywhere. Trevor does a shot with the guests and later gets falling down drunk again. Why doesn’t Captain Lee put a stop to this madness?











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34 responses to “Below Deck: Trevor’s Limp Dick…Motions

  1. Jaded

    I have a friend that does IT work from home and they company she works for requires it’s employees to take a class on how to deal with millenials. Watching Trevor I now understand why.

    • Jack

      Yes, because that is how we all act. Viva La Alcohol and Douchebaggery!!!

    • Lolita

      OMG. I just sat through a similar class TODAY. I won’t get into it per privacy issues and TT rules, but basically I have to change my ENTIRE way of thinking with this particular generation if I want to make money from them…sales…

    • Try teaching them at the college level! Was getting my grad degree about 2 years ago and had to teach a few classes here and there and wow. Wasn’t.even.ready for that! It’s a totally different attitude and way of thinking – I’m 39. Not saying it’s bad or good, but it’s different and pretty hard to get them motivated and on track (see Trevor – I had lots who’s 3 grandmothers died in one semester, etc.)

  2. DJFL

    It’s Kelly who is in lust with a guest, not Trevor.

  3. Sara

    I need to know what Sierra is taking to make her smile like that, the holidays are looming.

  4. I give Trevor two more episodes and then he is gone.

  5. LA_in_KY

    Sierra reminds me of Shannon Elizabeth’s character in the movie American Pie.

  6. therealdeb

    All i can say is ai would have leveled that little puke Trevor already. Kelly and Nico are showing awesome restraint in not killing him. He is an arrogant fucktard who needs to be pounded. Sorry, bad day… Sierra smiles so mush I want what she is taking, seriously. Lee was wonderful, his one liners crack me up.

    • CaptMorgan

      I know Trevor personally, I was his Captain on the 130′ that he speaks of. He is more retarded than depicted on the show. Showing him eating boogers was generous ! Although, his limp dick maneuver is an accepted technique to make the Captain aware of the angle and location of the anchor chain. That’s the only good thing to say about him!

      • Missy

        I enjoyed reading your experience and the fact that apparently everyone’s feelings here regarding Trevor are spot on. Please tell more!

  7. Babs0909

    I’m liking Kelly more than I thought I would. Nico and Lauren are cool, Googly-eye Trevor is this season’s Danny/Rocky/Dane/Andrew (a misfit for Ben to befriend), and the girls seem OK so far.
    Watching Ben’s food makes me so hungry for fish, vegetables, fancy sauces, yum. And hearing him stress over breakfast I find myself reciting what I’d ask of him: lox, fruit, eggs Benedict, don’t stress Ben, I’m not a big breakfast eater. As if I would ever get the chance!!!

  8. Observer2

    I’m really impressed with Kelly (so far) this season. He’s really showing a much more mature side of himself. Time will tell if he can keep it up.

    Is it me? Or is Captain Lee more tame this season? I really think he’s liking this boat – a lot! Maybe that’s what has him in such a good mood.

    Curious to see who Ben’s going to try to hook up with first.

  9. Erica

    Why Capt. Lee loves Kate – because she’s the type to send douche Trevor to unplug a toilet. That was fucking awesome. As an occasional property manager… what a fucking puking weakling asshole. (I almost called him a pussy – but that is an insult to pussies)

    But the BEST line – was that Lunatics and Labradors have the happy resting face.

    Our future family lab was born a week ago Saturday – and we’ve had labs and golden retrievers before. It is funny because its true!

  10. Skeeter

    TT you already know the answer to why doesn’t Captain Lee put a stop to Trevor’s drinking!!! Because, drunk douchebag!! LOL!

    I immediately thought Trevor was annoying, then I saw him pick his nose and eat it. I’m done! He needs to go, drunk douchebag or not. I didn’t see Captain Lee’s hands pushing a plane ticket towards anyone in the previews for the season. That makes me wonder if Trevor is on all season.

    • CaptMorgan

      I know what happens as I know Trevor. But what I’ll say is after the first episode the previews definitely showed a bearded, previously unseen crewmember in a quick shot. So…

  11. Mary

    We need more comments from Banjo! He made me LOL this week.
    Love Below Deck it is going to be an amazing season.

    • tamaratattles

      Banjo hates all of these shows, and he actually loves little yappy dogs, especially male ones. They are the perfect height for him. He is a big ole top who the twinky little guys love. The owners of these dogs are generally appalled by their dogs slutty behavior.

      He only likes TV is someone is whistling.

  12. T D

    Castaway Trevor and bring back Emile.

  13. Christi

    It’s too bad the crew didn’t get to see the clip of Trevor having a bedtime snack. I would have called him Booger the rest of the season.

  14. Roposhu

    Trevor gives me Brock Turner vibes.

  15. A2K

    Best line: “Just tell me, I don’t need that limp dick hand motion”. I love Captain Lee haha

    • Lolita

      It was PRICELESS@!!
      ..I want to have cocktails with Captain Lee. He is fabulous

    • Margarett

      So do I, A2K. My husband works on boats actually ships but called boats because men. I have listened to captain anecdotes for about 40 years. Captain Lee seems pretty typical. The main thing is the attitude. It’s that way because I say so and that’s the end of it!

      My favorite Captain Leeism is, “I’d rather drag my dick through 2 miles of broken beer bottles…”.

  16. Nico is such s cutie. He reminds me of Nick Jonas who could TOTALLY get it.

  17. PeachyKeen

    Think Capt. Lee has a ticket handy for Trevor soon..Next episode hope he gets assigned to doggy duty.

  18. Tulipa Narcissus Camille Bankhead

    Aside from Booger Bully, aka Trevor, I really like the entire vibe & the cast this season! Even though the first charter guests were sweet and kind, I’m not sure if they actually knew they were on a boat in paradise. Hopefully, the next character engages the cast more!

    • PeachyKeen

      I agree the first charter guests were more into their own posts? After watching the episode I am still not sure how these women became friends..If I was spending mega bucks on a cruise.. I would my friends with me..But guess most charter guests get a discount from bravo.. WHich brings to to the fact that Bravo has had repeated guests return… WHy?

  19. How does one get chosen for a discounted yacht vacation on Below Deck? I think they should have the cast of Southern Charm on one episode and I think Tamra Tattles should have one too!

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