WWHL: Caroline Manzo Says That Her Relationship With Dina Is Over and Done

Caroline Manzo


Andy has stopped posting pictures of the guests in time for bloggers to pull prior to air time. So now we get these fugly composites. One more irksome thing to add to the list about Andy. Wait, Sammy  from Jersey Shore is a bartending with some other girl and they both co-host Siggy’s relationship show? Oh. I see now. This explains why the extent of Siggy’s relationship advice is the old adage about marriage being like a car you have to keep filled with gas. It’s all starting to make sense now.

Well the stupid composite is huge and I am not worth my time to resize so I’m just going with a Caroline photo.  Of course Andy brings up the shade that Caroline threw at Teresa tonight.   Siggy covers her ears and makes a super annoying screeching sound after that. Andy basically has to tell her to stop.  Andy mentions that Amy Schumer paid Caroline a compliment in her new book.

The poll question tonight is whose side are you on, Teresa’s of Kathy and Rosie? Obviously, Caroline loves Kathy and Rosie and says they are good people and she hopes that Teresa will realize that sometimes people get upset and say things they don’t mean and she hopes Teresa grows up and mends fences.

Siggy Flicker

Siggy Flicker

Jesus, Siggy is making a terrible impression on her first WWHL.  After Caroline’s comment she says that she agrees that Kathy and Rosie or good people but Teresa is better. If that horseshit was not enough she goes on to say, “Sometimes what people don’t understands….” and then she goes on to describe the family dynamic to Caroline and Andy and the rest of us who have been watching it for the past eleventy billion years when she just showed up to the scene yesterday. She was the one asking around as to what was going on in the tabloids. Now she is the expert on why Teresa Giudice is a better person than Kathy Wakile? Go fuck yourself Siggy!  I hope when I press the button to hear the rest of this stupidity, Caroline Manzo explains a few things to you. Caroline says something about “the right reasons” that I didn’t understand. But I can assure you that Siggy is now off of Caroline’s Holiday Card list.

Andy asks Siggy about some of the housewives relationships. Is it okay for John and Dorinda to fight that much? Sure. Everyone fights. Is it okay for Luann to marry someone who two of her friends have dated? Absolutely, Warren Beatty dated half the world. Good for Luann. Go get married. Ignore the haters. What about Dolores being so attached to her ex-husband?  It’s a great situation for the kids. Caroline agrees with it all. So do I.

A caller asks about Caroline’s feelings on her friend, Dolores being friends with Teresa. She’s fine with it. She’s not possessive with her friends.

What is the hardest thing to be the new housewife? She says the hardest part is navigating the other girls relationships with each other. It’s hard for her because she likes everyone and they all have so much history.


Dina Manzo tweeted that Siggy Flicker gives good advice. No mention of Caroline. Andy asks if they are still good. Caroline says “No, It’s over.”  Oh this makes me sad. Caroline says, “Whaddagonnado? You can’t get blood out of a rock.” /sigh

Dina responds on Twitter, ” I’m sick w the flu for 7 days & not in the mood for this shit. I said one day I will snap and I might be about to. I was told NEVER to reach out/speak to her or her family again. Disinvited to holidays? But I’m the rock she’s trying to get blood out of? No reason to go there publicly. I was asked that same question on my press tour for my skincare & protected “family” by saying all is good.”

So I am thinking that if Dina didn’t want to start shit, she would not be tweeting at the show and not mentioning her sister at all. And I guess she read my mind, because then she tweeted, “Siggy was giving great relationship advice on the NY girls & I gave her a compliment. Andy or a caller would have asked the question anyway.” And I violated my own rule by tweeting her back.

Dina can’t possibly think that Siggy was “giving great relationship advice.” She was making her presence known.

Also, Danielle tweets in saying “Caroline, you didn’t allow anyone to be friends with me, but now?”

Caroline says, “Because Danielle Staub, thanks for watching by the way, but you and I didn’t have any kind of relationship so I don’t want to be around the people that are around you!”

Danielle tweeted incoherently again. But her timeline is a flurry of her retweeting people on her intellectual level and I gave up wading through it all.

Sneak peek at RHONJ shows The Gorgas and The Wakiles fighting about Teresa and Rosie going off on the Gorgas in defense of her sister.

Siggy declares none of the RHONJ are ever getting divorced. I giggled.

Caroline gets the usual question about whether or not she would ever do RHONJ again. Her standard answer is “Hell, no.” Tonight she sort of stammers around a bit and says, ” I can’t go back to what was.” It sounded to me like it would depend on who was on the show.  She clarifies, things would have to change, relationships would have to change, it would have to be a better place to be.

Both Caroline and Siggy agree that Teresa and Jacqueline will make up.

Andy asks Caroline what she thinks of this new Melissa and Teresa friendship. She says she hopes that they are both being genuine. She says she is not there in the mix anymore so she can’t say one way of another but she hopes it is genuine.

Siggy says, “It’s genuine! But who cares if it is or not?”

Andy says, “Well, the people watching the show…”

Siggy was just a hot mess of clueless tonight. She was in the presence of Caroline Manzo. She is a first season housewife who just said she didn’t know the history of the women. And yet she just keeps on rattling off stupid shit. She was a one woman Teresa fan club who just kept talking about what Teresa needs to be happy. Jesus Christ on a cracker, I hope this is enough to make her a one and done.

The Jackhole was the Miss America intros. They  played some and they were truly horrible. I totally forgot the show was on and would not have been able to watch it anyway. I love a good pageant but it seems I didn’t miss much.

The poll question results were 53%   said Kathy and Rosie. I was expecting a Teresa landslide. I think the Caroline fans brought some much-needed IQ points to the field of voters.


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75 responses to “WWHL: Caroline Manzo Says That Her Relationship With Dina Is Over and Done

  1. Swizzle

    There is something seriously wrong with Caroline. She’s such a bitter woman. What could her parents have possibly done to deserve being shut out by their daughter? I don’t hear stories of them being evil ogres. I just think Caroline is a bitter, angry woman. And, couldn’t she have at least tried a bit to look nice on TV? She looked like she just got odd her shift waitressing at the Olive Garden.

    • Sari

      Ugh, I’ll bite.

      I’m not a Caroline fan, per se, but her look was refreshing. While seeing a housewife who isn’t donning a sparkly gown, shoes that test balance and mobility, and a grotesquely altered face may come as a shock, Caroline is a beautiful woman. She kept it neat and simple in black.

    • tamaratattles

      Caroline and her family look happy to me. You haven’t heard anything about her parents or the family dynamic with her siblings, and yet you make up some bitter angry persona in your mind. Caroline is the happiest housewife out there and quit the show to get away from the drama. Andy begs her back every season, and she is perfectly happy with her own successful show. So why don’t you keep making up bullshit in your own head, and we will keep watching.

      • Sari

        ^^ Yaaaas

        The bitter/evil/angry woman bit confused me. I didn’t get that vibe.

        Caroline appeared unprepared (hurt?) to have a tweet from Dina read on air that didn’t acknowledge her presence on the show. The follow up question regarding the status of her relationship with Dina was answered in an unrehearsed way. No pagent smile. No glossing. Caroline has a matter-of-fact delivery.

        Side note Tamara, great tweet to Dina refuting her claim that the subject would have come up, and that she wasn’t trying to insert herself into the show.

      • Dexter

        That’s not fair because Caroline is no innocent flower. She orchestrated the Danielle situation. She controls Jackie. There was more to the Theresa battle than gee Theresa is annoying and her fight with her family is annoying and she is a convict. And it is more than fair game to question why she is estranged from her parents and her siblings. The source of discord in the Laurita family is no one other than Caroline herself.

      • Dexter

        I don’t mean she is the cause of discord necessarily. I meant the source of information that there is discord was Caroline.

      • beth

        @Dexter, Are you saying that Caroline is estranged from her parents and all of her siblings? I don’t recall hearing that before.

      • SLM

        I agree, TT, I never heard that she is estranged from her parents…did I miss something? Am I wrong? I always got the impression that Caroline is tough, but as someone else pointed out here, she has a long track record of opening up her home to family and friends…often to have them LIVE there…so, not seeing why so many are vilifying her. I also agree that Dina was clearly trying to passive-aggressive start shit with that tweet. If you are so all fire NOT wanting to get into it, why tweet in AT ALL? I can’t think for a minute she’s some fan of Siggy for crying out loud.

      • swizzle

        What I find fascinating about blogs and the comments are that you get to see the show almost from inside the head of another person. I obviously don’t like Caroline, so when I watch her, I see the worst. It’s the same for other people with other cast members — good and bad perspectives. I find that interesting. I don’t immediately assume that someone who sees things differently than me is wrong or bad. Reading other perspectives stretches my thinking, and I think that’s a good thing. I’m trying to make a conscious effort to see the perspective of others especially as I get older since it’s so easy to just surround yourself with like-minded people and just keep narrowing your perspective.

      • tamaratattles

        And yet, Swizzle, you act as though you are well versed in the ever changing family dynamics of a family with with siblings and the ever changing relationship with their parents that has been ongoing and changing for decades.

      • Tara

        TT, I love it when other sites show your tweets! You are so popular.
        It was in reference to your tweet to Dina.

    • Lanta

      I couldn’t agree more. And gosh, that was funny!

    • TheBeverleyHillsHaveEyes

      If Caroline was so bitter and angry then why is it HER doorstep that they all turn up on in their hour of need? That’s the real testament to who Caroline is. They aren’t turning up at Dina’s door that’s for sure. She has taken in Chris and Jaq, Dina and her daughter, her sister Fran and her many animals and gave them all a place to stay when they needed it over the years and each of them said it was the best time being there with that family. Dina in her first season spoke about how Caroline was the best sister and gave her refuge when everyone else was shunning her because she was newly divorced. If Caroline was the ogre then no one would go near her. Maybe she is just too genuine for reality TV – rather than trying to “look nice on TV” she is actually being real and the person they turn to when they need help – there’s a reason for that.

    • Ktina

      I cannot stand Caroline and her sanctimonious attitude. She knows nothing and has nothing except her emotionally stunted children and cheating husband. Did she not look in the mirror before the show?

      • AnaCapri

        This is how she comes across to me:
        holding in so much anger and bitterness.
        I do think that Al is a cheater-BIG time! I know I could be wrong about this, but I believe Dina must know about his cheating. She should not be involved in her adult children’s lives everyday. The whole making bath-bombs for Lauren to sell in her shops strikes me as odd.

      • SLM

        I thought her making things for Lauren’s shop was kind of sweet AnaCapri. I just saw it a different way.

      • tamaratattles

        Ana, it’s amazing how much you can project onto someone else just from watching a TV, show. I do think you are incredibly fat. BIG TIME! You type like a fat person. Like a fat person who doesn’t bathe. I’m sure your sister knows this about you.

      • Latina2014

        Tamara u forgot to end your response “drops the mic and walks away!” 😂

      • tamaratattles

        SLM, Did you see it in the way of a mother with an empty nest (when the cameras are not rolling) growing herb and flower gardens and making a small business out of drying them and making handmade soaps in her kitchen?

        Because apparently that make someone evil and bitter. But people like Bethenny and Teresa are worthy of fans supporting them and buying their swill and ghostwritten books.

        Perhaps you are just looking at it wrong because of my Koolaidy influence on your mind.

      • SLM

        I did see it in that way, TT. I also love when anyone makes anything handmade, and I kind of liked that she was making something FOR Lauren’s store…like maybe she sat in her garden and suddenly saw an opportunity to help her daughter with something handmade. I sort of don’t understand all the Caroline hate. I know she has a tough exterior, but I always thought there was something fragile on her inside – like someone used to offering help and love even to those who would later slap her in the face for it. Or maybe I’m projecting now? I just don’t know why so many seem to see something evil in her interest and support of her children. Just…I mean, it’s BAD to make something from scratch for your DAUGHTER’S business, only hoping it will help her and be a success FOR HER?? Because, again, I found it touching. I’m just baffled that anyone saw any I’ll intent in that 🤔

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      Not sure whose parents you’re talking about? Caroline’s? I haven’t heard anything about that but in general I find when adult children shut out their parents, it’s generally because the parents are abusive/dysfunctional and refuse to see it. Rarely is it for no reason. And the family dynamic with Chris, Caroline, Dina, and Jaqueline all up in the middle screams dysfunctional family to me.

    • kkbella

      She’s a bitter woman because she doesn’t look all jacked up with botox, fillers, and 25 different cosmetics, to go with the Jersey Look clothing from Poshhhhh? Shut it- she is more real, and honest than the rest of the franchises. Her sister is in ‘entitled la la land” and the rest of them are all trying to please the Jersey expectation of CLASSY.
      The fact that Dina and Theresa are role models to any one makes me wonder the depth of mentality or soul.

    • Microop

      God forbid an average looking woman who isn’t stupid enough to paralyze her face be allowed on television.

      • tamaratattles

        But don’t you think she should sew weave in her head and glue caterpillar eyelashes on and cook in Loubs? I mean come on….


      • swizzle

        There is a big range between the horrible overdone plastic we usually see from these HWs and the look Caroline had last night. I’d just love to see someone hit the right note there in the middle.

    • I agree, it’s hard to find something to like with Caroline. I’m glad she is no longer on New Jersey housewives. I tuned into her show once and found it unwatchable.

      • tamaratattles

        And yet, here you are, giving her show your full attention. Crazy, no?

      • Latina2014

        THANK YOU TT! I just heard my family lost a loved one late last nite and I’m “avoiding reality” today. I am sooo glad I am JUST reading your Manzo posts, love the family and show!! Your responses to these naysayers n haters have me laughing so hard, just what I need!! :)
        OMG they r really pushing your buttons!! Sorry not sotty I’m laughing!
        Thanks again!!!

  2. Passive aggressive Dina. If she’s so sick why tweet in? Wonder if this has something to do with the Brownstone owing taxes and Dina’s divorce settlement. Might of put the Brownstone in a bind IMO.

    Siggy is an ass and barking up the wrong tree with Teresa. Just because she wrote a book she’s automatically a relationship expert?

    Refreshing to see an intelligent housewife (Caroline).

    • tamaratattles


      She tweeted in from her deathbed because Siggy is such a brilliant relationship expert she just had to let her know!

      Well, that or for the same reasons Danielle did. Attempting to keep her name out there using Caroline as the vehicle.

      BUt probably because of Siggy’s brilliant commentary.


    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      Gawd Siggy is just a loudmouth know it all. She really grates on my nerves.

  3. Rach

    I can see why Dina is upset. Sorry not and never been a fan of Caroline or the Manzos. It’s sad to see that Caroline and Dina are not on speaking terms though. As Caroline kept on repeating to Teresa and Joe Gorga “it’s not fair on the parents”

  4. Madashell

    Talk about another hypocrite! ! !!!!!#### There goes Caroline Manzo telling Teresa to grow up….and here she’s not speaking to Dina!
    I never liked Bethanny or Caroline- two hateful peas in a pod!

    • tamaratattles

      Are you on drugs? Caroline is the polar opposite of Bethenny.

      • Erica

        I’m a B fan and a Caroline fan and I agree with this statement. Bethenny would benefit from Caroline taking her under her wing.

      • Sara

        Bethenny is way too arrogant to take advice from someone who has been married for decades and has three happy children.

      • Dexter

        Caroline is very insular. If you are not her husband or child it’s open season on you should you ever displease her. And if she decides she is coming after you she is as deranged and dedicated as Bethenny. Maybe they are not identical twins but they are the same as in first being represented as salt of the earth good guys but later revealed as completely intolerant and critical of anything not of their own truth. Caroline not putting up with none sense or drama is Bethenny not putting up with hypocracy and Nrandi Glannnville being a truth cannon.

      • Madashell

        Slow clap for Dexter!

      • tamaratattles

        Slow clap does seem fitting for Dexter. She’s definitely not very quick, I can see how you two would get along.

  5. Lisa j

    Love Carolyn because she is REAL and has owned her issues with Dina while trying to stop others from following down that same path, I’d love to see her back on Jersey! Siggy has a voice that makes me long for nails on a chalkboard or a cat in heat, she’s too much. There’s something off with her that I just can’t put my finger on yet. Danielle just go. I wouldn’t want a violent criminal around my family or friends either. Dina and her Nameste, insert eye roll, not buying it for a second.

  6. Betty

    Can’t stand “zen”(boring) Dina or Siggy. they are both clueless. Nobody since the popularity of the 70’s show Maude does anybody think constantly telling people you’re Jewish and have a “tell it like it is”, attitude is funny. Over it. Boring. Even her kids can’t stand her talking

  7. Twilly

    Dina was most definitely looking for attentiom/to promote her skin care line/get under Caroline’s skin. Too obvious.

  8. GillianFirst

    Spot on recap Tamara! I like that WWHL has been pairing odd housewife match ups lately.

    Does anyone remember why Dina and Caroline stopped talking?

  9. 25

    I think it’s key to remember that Dina & Caroline were married to brothers who are business partners. Their relationship dynamic involves 2 entire families and a business, so it’s very unfair for anyone to place all the blame on Caroline.

    I like Dina, but I’m confused about her tweet as well. I thought she always told Andy that she can’t bear to watch RHONJ or the Manzo show or anything with her family?

    • Billie_bee

      I agree entirely 25. My uncles are married to two sisters. One set got a divorce, they had a business, and totally fuckery ensued. Meanwhile the divorce was ages ago, they are both on second marriages, and there is still bad blood all around.

    • Miguel

      Thanks for that reminder about Dina & her TV- viewing, 25 😉

    • SJ

      I thought When Dina left RHONJ the first time, she expected Caroline to leave also. Caroline wanted to stay around to help her immediate family with their projects and Dina was very angry.

  10. Margaret Shepard

    Did anyone recall that Ashley, Jacqueline’s daughter tweeted, Dina is a great aunt ? Also she just had a baby , so I wonder why Andy did not ask Caroline about that. I am wondering if now there is some beef with Caroline and Jaq. Idk.

    • Erica

      When did she tweet that about Dina? certainly not since the baby was born… she’s only tweeted about the Manzos (Caroline’s branch).

      I don’t think Ashlee has ever given up her relationships with Albie, Chris, or Lauren.

      • tamaratattles

        Ashlee hasn’t but Dina pulled some stunts about Lauren’s wedding. I think she skipped the wedding, or didn’t speak to anyone at the wedding? And then there was something about her at the reception at the Brownstone, Lauren’s dad runs the Brownstone with his brother Tom who was married to Dina. I think something happened with Dina and Tom that was disruptive or something after Lauren’s wedding that pissed off Caroline. From what I am hearing now is Dina and Caroline exchanged words either at the reception or at some point afterward.
        Caroline and Dina have been on again and off again for years. Caroline has taken Dina in at least twice. Tom and Dinas maritial problems have been at the issue of family drama for Caroline’s family for years because both Alberts side and Caroline’s side were affected by the divorce which was not nearly as amicable as Dina tried to make it appear.

        Caroline tends to retreat and protect her brood and then soften and attempt to reconcile with Dina. Then Dina does something else stupid. Dina is the youngest and the parents often but not always side with her.

        This is the gist of what I have heard, but my memory is bad and the details are likely slightly different but it’s something along these lines. And that is just a piece of it. there are six other Laurita siblings each with their own drama.

  11. Does Bernie Kerik count as a celebrity? He was the police commissioner of NYC during 9/11. He was convicted on corruption charges years later.

  12. sunshine mls

    caroline is one of my favorite housewives and i almost wish she would come back to rhonj. i was surprised when dina said that caroline was not speaking with her parents. i wonder if they took dinas side in whatever the problems are?

    • tamaratattles

      The parents of the eight children appear to take sides a lot. And even they don’t agree on which side to take. One Christmas, one parent celebrated with one faction and one with the other. There are deep grievances in this family. The sibling alliances shift too. Caroline and Dina used to be on the same team, but then the dynamic changes.

      • SLM

        I never realized the parents got involved in all this strife with the kids. That all sounds like a mess. I feel bad. I don’t like when families are like this. Not judging, because I don’t know the intricacies of their dynamics, I just wish for their sakes it wasn’t like this.

  13. Microop

    I like both of them although admittedly I’m a bigger Dina fan. However, Dina was meddling. I really hope they can eventually fix it.

  14. Denise

    I’ve always thought that Caroline was a bitter, mean woman. To me, she’s a bully. It’s a good thing she has her own show (which I don’t watch) so she can be with her loser sons and blase husband.

    • tamaratattles

      Why on earth do you think anyone gives a shit about your opinion if you don’t even watch the show or know what the fuck you are talking about? Why are you here trolling so hard about a show you don’t watch? SEEK HELP.

  15. I thought sweet Caroline looked totally ticked off last night. She did not want to be there. Not a Ziggy fan at all. I don’t watch NJ and she is making me glad I don’t. I wouldn’t really waste to much time listening to her advice. Reminds me of matchmaker Patty only on relationships. I do like Caroline and I think anytime family splits it is a sad thing. I hope in the future something good happens.

  16. Siggy acted like she was giving an audition for her own show – totally phony with politically correct replies that didn’t ring true. I thought I would really like her but so far I’m not warming up to her at all. Caroline looked worn out and depressed. She was barely participating compared to Siggy, and looked like she’d rather be washing dishes or scrubbing floors than be sitting there with Andy. She used to be so feisty and took a lot more care with her appearance, although it’s a refreshing change to see a Housewife who’s not frozen by Botox. Anyway, I don’t think things are well with Caroline – hope everything’s OK.

  17. Beerandy

    Am I the only one annoyed with how Siggy calls her kids, husband, and ex by their first and last names?

  18. Dandy Lion

    I love Caroline. She’s real, loyal and family oriented. She refused to stay with the phonies and ended up in a better place w her own show.

  19. Jaded

    So is this family still thick as thieves or are we dumb and ignorant of them being done with each other?

  20. I hate Caroline, you love her. I love Bethenny, you hate her. I can live with both those things. But being told my IQ is low because I support Teresa over Caroline could be the last straw!

    • tamaratattles

      I’m good with that. I also think you are rather misogynistic if that helps push you over the edge.

      • cammierari

        HA! And you know this because we’re such close besties? Judging poorly the people who read and support your blog, share your posts on FB, and click on your ads is a pretty bad business model, but I don’t have a $10 word for it.

      • tamaratattles

        No I know this because there is something fundamentally off with women who celebrate other women like Bethenny who eviscerate, investigate,torment and publically ridicule their castmates. There is a lack of intellect around people who idolize criminals and are happy for thieves and felons when they successfully commit crimes and benefit form that theft.

        There are more places for those mental defects and intellectually challenged people all over the Internet than for those who stand for something.

        My business model includes not welcoming those people on this site and strongly encouraging to go elsewhere. I’m good with that. I also believe it sets me apart from those who value page views over the integrity of their site,

        No amount of support of this site is going to make me want to keep such people commenting here. I believe I make that clear in my comments to them. And yet, they continue to feel as though they have some sort of God given right to comment here without me daring to point out their glaring, misogynistic, stupid thought processes.

      • None of that describes me. I am not celebrating anyone, least of all Bethenny. I just like her better than most of the HW’s. I wasn’t any happier for Teresa than you are for Caroline and her life of crime. I may have compassion for her and her situation, but certainly don’t idolize the woman or celebrate her crimes.
        Your business model includes doing and saying whatever you want, whenever you want no matter how rude or ignorant it may be, to people like me who have done nothing to insult you except to respectfully disagree with your assessment of a reality show character. I thought you were an actual decent person under all the insulting BS you say to people who come here. Thanks for setting me straight.

  21. Caroline is so real. I’ve always admired her relationship with her kids, her devotion to Al, and the fact she loves herself enough to keep her honest face and body. She is beautiful to me. Sad that she and Dina are still at odds.

  22. Katherine 2.0

    I go back and forth on Caro, as I do with most of these women, but I don’t get the angst over her physical appearance here. Just watched, and from comments here was expecting her to be serving up some Mama June. But she looked fine to me. She would look silly with long fake tresses, glittery dress and 10 pounds of makeup.

  23. lori

    I’m not the biggest Caroline fan, and I would never watch her show, if for no other reason than her children get on my nerves, but I must say, it was nice to see her on wwhl last night. It’s very strange, but seeing her made me feel good. Maybe because we see so few wholesome people now a days, especially on Bravo. At first her appearance surprised me, but then I liked it. I liked that she is who she is, and is genuinely comfortable in her own skin. It was refreshing. I still think that she has been a bully at times, and I hate to say it, but Danielle was dead on with her tweet. Caroline got a bit flustered trying to answer it for a reason. Because she did do that, and now she just said that she doesn’t. Anyway, it was nice to see her. How odd that is for me. Lol

  24. Jen

    People can have opinions on it all they want, but trust me, when there are long-running and deeply rooted conflicts between siblings, parents get involved. Even when they try not to or claim they don’t, they do. I’m not talking about some minor argument or quick fight either, I’m talking about issues where siblings can’t be in the same room as each other for decades. This creates a whole other bag of issues in a family. The fact that Caroline is on bad terms with her parents because of her issues with Dina does not mean Caroline is a heartless monster…people are so quick to think all family dynamics are easy or simple!

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